How to prevent hair loss before it starts?

Hair loss is a wide spread problem in todays’ society; and in order to fight it in the right way being cautious even before the symptoms starts to show is only wise. Prevention is always better than cure, and in fact when you can prevent hair loss even before it starts, waiting for it to show proves, does not really make sense. Once you have started to experience hair loss, it becomes more difficult to check it and to help the hair to get back to its previous healthy condition; hence preventing the triggering of hair loss is certainly the easiest and most effective way to enjoy healthy scalp and hairs.

To prevent your hair to reach that condition when it starts to fall, follow the few things mentioned next in this article and you are most expected to prevent hair fall even before it shows a sign, unless your hair loss is genetical, which needs medical assistance for prevention.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

Just like your skin and your nails, your hairs are also affected by your general health. So, if you are cautious about not to trigger hair fall, following a healthy lifestyle is a must.  The first thing you need to have a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet.

The right diet to prevent hair loss before it starts

In most of the cases hair loss is triggered due to nutritional deficiencies in the body. We might be eating a lot in a day but we rarely eat the right things that can actually nourish the body, which leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can cause serious hair fall. So, to prevent hair fall before it starts always ensure to take the right diet and you are most expected to not to suffer from hair fall issues.

Include adequate amount of natural sources of protein in your diet. Apart from chicken, fish and poultry you can also get high quality protein from tofu, soya beans, lentils, peas and kale. So, include these items in proper quantity in your regular diet.

The vital minerals needed for the health of your scalp and the growth of your hairs include Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and Selenium. Chickpeas and wheat germs are some of the best sources of naturally occurring Zinc. Whole grains, leafy green vegetables, beans, green bananas and egg yolks are the richest natural sources of Iron. Spinach, Cashews, lentils and almonds are high in natural magnesium content and for selenium including Brazil nuts, shrimps and fishes like tuna and halibut in your diet can be highly effective.

Omega-3-fatty acids are the other nutrients that nourish the cell membranes of the scalp and also the hair shafts. Including natural sources of Omega-3-fatty acids like flax seeds, walnut, kale, tuna, and salmon in your diet can ensure that your body gets enough Omega-3-fatty acids to ensure the best health of your hairs. Also include lots of fruits in your diet that can supply vitamin A and Vitamin C to the body.

Stay active

Staying active can be very helpful to stay healthy. Include at least 20 minutes of daily exercise 5 days a week in your routine, or take up an active sport like swimming, soccer, basketball or tennis. Running, jogging or cycling can also be helpful.

Stay away from cigarettes and the sun

Smoking and heavy exposure to sun both can work as major contributors to trigger hair loss. So, quit smoking and make it a point to stay away from prolonged exposure to the sunlight. If you cannot help but to spend long hours under the scorching sun on a daily basis, start using a scarf or a hat or an umbrella to protect your hairs from being damaged by the harmful sun rays.

Avoid things that are bad for you hairs

One of the most effective ways to prevent hair loss even before it starts is to stop doing the things that are bad for your hairs. We all develop several practices that are actually unhealthy for our hairs. Read on and you will know what you need to stop to avoid triggering hair fall,

  • Heat, colors and chemical treatments actually harm your hairs and if you continue using them without taking proper precautions or measures, they are sure to cause hair fall today or tomorrow.
  • Do not opt for a hairstyle that puts pressure on the hairs. This can damage not only the hair shafts but also the hair roots. So, always ensure to get a hairstyle that is not unhealthy for your hairs.
  • Make it a point to not to towel your hairs roughly when they are wet. When the hair roots are wet they naturally become weaker and heavy toweling can damage the shafts and the roots. So, be gentle and let your wet hairs dry out naturally than blow drying them every time.
  • Use a proper hair brush with round tips. Never opt for a comb or a brush that has sharp teeth, because they can harm your scalp severely. Always keep your hair brush clean and whenever you comb your hairs be gentle, ensure that there is no pulling or tugging.
  • Do not use too hot or too cold water for washing your hairs. It can damage the hairs severely triggering hair fall.

Keep your scalp and hairs clean to prevent hair loss before it starts

This is really obvious. You need to keep your scalp and hairs completely clean always to ensure that there is no reason of hair fall. Washing your hairs with a mild cleanser at regular intervals is a must to ensure that your scalp and hairs are free from dirt and debris.

Scalp infection, like dandruff or other fungal infections can work as a primary cause of hair loss and keeping your scalp clean is surely the best way to ensure that your scalp condition is healthy. Even if you are not prone to have dandruffs frequently, use some homemade anti dandruff treatments at least twice a month during summer and once a week during winter as a precaution.

Follow home treatments to ensure healthy hair

Following some home treatments can be very effective to ensure that your scalp and hairs are healthy, always. These treatments do not have any side effects and they can work as the best prevention to stop hair fall before it starts.

Amla and Shikaki: Soak some Amla and Shikaki in two cups of water overnight. In the morning boil the mixture for 10 minutes and then make a smooth paste by crushing the Amla and Shikaki with the water. Apply this pack onto your scalp and hairs. Leave on for 40 minutes, without letting the pack get dry and then wash off with plenty of water. The Vitamin C of Amla can be very effective to ensure the best health of your scalp and hairs, while shikakai will fill the moisture needs of you hairs.

Jojoba flowers: Collect some jojoba flowers or leaves and make a smooth paste with them. Apply this pack on to your scalp and hairs, leave on for 30-40 minutes without letting the pack get dry and then wash off with plenty of water. This pack can work as a best preventive measure for any hair problems.

Fenugreek seeds with neem leaves: Soak some fenugreek seeds and 10-15 neem leaves in fresh water over night. In the morning make a paste with them and apply the pack onto your scalp and hairs. Wash off with water after 30-40 minutes. Fenugreek seeds can rejuvenate the hair follicles and neem leaves can be the best precaution against any kind of scalp infection.

Oil massage: Oil massage can be a great precaution to ensure that you do not suffer from hair loss. You can use oils like almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil for massaging your scalp and hairs. Always massage your scalp lightly with your fingertips without putting much pressure.  Leave the oil on for the night and then wash off in the morning with a mild hair cleanser to get the best results. Oil massage can ensure better blood circulation in the scalp and can provide the required moisture to the hairs, thus preventing hair fall.

Egg and banana: This hair pack can ensure that your hairs are not starved of moisture or nutrients. Mix the white of an egg with a smashed banana and apply this pack onto your hairs. Leave on for 40-50 minutes covering your head with a shower cap. Wash off with a mild hair cleanser.

Beautiful Bengali mehandi design

Henna or Mehndi are is a very common tradition of decorating the hands and feet with beautiful mehndi designs for women and girls inthe Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and In Arabic Countries like Saudi Arab, Kuwait, and Dubai.   Mehndi is not a real Bengali tradition but most Bengali brides like to get their hands decorated with mehndi designs and it has become a popular tradition amongst Bengali community as well.

Mehandi or henna is a sign of beautiful occasion or any festival. Mehandi design has become a temporary tattoo and that makes beautiful looking hands and legs. They can be created with own creativity and talent. There are many remarkable mehandi artists in the world.

The wedding is most important in every one’s life where people enjoy everything. It is an important bid day in every woman’s life and she tries to get her best look on her wedding day. She wishes to make the day very special and memorable for her lifelong. The traditions, customs, may change from one another.

Hindi version ]

On the wedding day Bengali bride loves to adorn their hands with mehandi designs which is not originally a Bengali marriage tradition, but incorporated from other Indian communities, especially from the North Indian and Central Indian marriages.

Bridal mehandi designs bear in mind as usually ornate and intricate. It can be done on the bride’s palm extending upwards slightly and even backside of the palm. It became very popular in Bengali marriages that as soon as a Bengali girl’s marriage is settled, she starts collecting the best Mehandi designs for her wedding.

Rangoli designRangoli mehandi design

Here you can see a floral design that small flower is followed by full hand flower design. Then followed some curves that show diamond and semi circles. It is somewhat like the bracelet design also. Then the squares are drawn and filled with small flowers. After that the curves and leaf shape like circles are drawn. Fingers are also filled with small squares and circles.

Amazing creative mehandi designAmazing-creative-mehandi-design

It is an amazing mehandi design with peacock design. Two peacocks facing in opposite directions are drawn in two arms and followed the figure with semicircles, dots, and curves. The peacocks are followed by mango shaped design and extended with circles. Then again mango shaped curves facing each other is drawn on two hands. Then semi circle shapes and filled with small squares. And then closing with the dots.

Peacock and floral mehandi designPeacock-and-floral-mehandi-design

The design looks beautiful highlighting the peacocks and flowers. Two opposite faced peacocks are decorated with semicircular curves and circles. Then V shaped curves on both hands look together and half leaf shaped design filled with Small square. Cross shaped curves and circles that look beautiful. Bottom of the design is a big flower with leaves. Figures are decorated with semi-circles and cap.

Traditional mehandi designTraditional-mehandi-design

The traditional mehandi design is that because of the kalusha located at the center of the arm with one hand. Followed with some semi circles and small circles up to the top of the fingers. On top of the kalusha you can notice a half square with small squares inside it. A peacock is drawn on top of it and some mango shaped design followed with semi circle and a small peacock. The entire design looks somewhat different on the other hand with a small change that in place of kalush a flower is drawn and curves and semi circles.

Beautiful bridal mehandi design


A beautiful bridal mehandi design with elaborate floral motifs. It’s a gorgeous bridal mehandi design inspired by temple carvings and sculptures. On the two hands you can notice big flowers at the center of arm backside and curves with small lines. Then one hand, if filled with small flowers flowing the leaves with the change in flower size. On the other hands some curves with dots and followed by flowers and leaves.

Simple and easy mehandi designSimple-and-easy-mehandi-design

The design is simple and easy to draw. It can be varied for two hands. One hand is filled with all curves, dots, floral, half circles. On the arm there is a big leave shaped design and somewhat peacock shaped design can be seen. On the other hands the arm is filled with half circle with dots and lines. It is followed by mango shaped lines and filled squares. Fingers are also filled with small squares and half curves with floral type design.

Floral Bengali mehndi design

Floral Bengali mehndi designBengali girls love to apply mehndi designs on the back of the hands.There are floral designs made in a slanting style on the side of the hand. The design moves in intrinsic pattern from the wrist to the fingers. The back of the fingers are also decorated with a simple zigzag pattern.

Full hand Bengali Mehndi design

Full hand Bengali Mehndi design1Another beautiful design the full hand of the bride is a pattern that adorns the hand from the elbow to the fingers. The design is in traditional Arabic style peacock, circles and zigzag lines. Both hands are decorated with different patterns giving a similar fully decorated look of the back of the hand. The fingers and thumb are fully covered with mehndi in the traditional Rajasthani style. The decoration of the backside of the hand only is the latest trend in fashion which is well adapted by Bengali brides.

Circle pattern Bengali Mehndi design
Full hand Bengali Mehndi design

The brides also like to decorate their hands with traditional Guajarati style mehndi design.
It includes a circle on the middle of the palm with fine intrinsic patterns on both sides covering the upper part of the arm and the fingers. The thumb and fingers are carefully adorned with fine lines in floral pattern.

Non traditional Bengali Mehndi design

Non traditional Bengali Mehndi design

Bengali brides at times opt for non-traditional designs which provide a unique look to their hand. Some of these designs start from the wrist and move in continuity in a flowing manner right up to the tips of the fingers. Mostly the design comprises of circles, paisley and leaves in a horizontal manner. The bold parts are filled with fine intrinsic lines and dots.

Hindi version ]

Different types of mehendi designs

Applying of mehndi is a beautifultradition in Asian countries on different occasions. It is applied on festivals like teej, karva chauth,Eid, and wedding ceremonies.  There are different types of mehndi typed  which have their own design and reveal their beauty  on the hands and feet of the women of those countries like  Pakistani mehndi, Indo Arabic mehndi, Mughlai mehndi, Gujrat mehndi etc.

Now-a-days we have seen many beautiful but simple mehendi designs for all age of girls and women, basically latest mehendi design especially for creating happiness in girls and women. Because they make many type of design and increasing her beauty.

Hindi version ]

There are so many girls and women’s in world who are crazy for mehendi and several others are expert in making new design in hand, feet or arm. In the world top four mehendi designs are much famous in all over world like they are Arabic mehendi design, Indian mehendi design, African mehendi designs and Pakistani mehendi design.

These types of easy mehendi styles are best suited as well as perfect for wedding ceremony features, official occasions as well as celebrations. These types of latest mehendi design tend to be with regard to both of your hands as well as perfect for all ages for ladies. Females believe that mehendi is really a short term skin icon. Females used mehendi on the fingers as well as fit. It is extremely well known within Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh along with other Arabic nations.

Mehendi styles tend to be applied to fingers as well as feet in essential wedding ceremony celebration. There are numerous popular as well as skilled henna musicians who are able to use gorgeous as well as spectacular mehendi styles upon fingers as well as feet.

Web is stuffed with a large number of Pakistani mehendi design is very stylish. These types of mehendi styles happen to be selected based on the flavor associated with Pakistani young ladies. All of the mehendi styles tend to be easy however gorgeous as well as distinctive.

Types of Mehendi

According to different cultural background mehendi can be divided into several types. Most famous types of mehendi designs are Pakistani Arabic, Indian and African. Designs from these diverse regions can easily be differentiated. Here are their individual features that will help you in identifying the type of design.

Pakistani mehendi designs

Pakistani mehendi designs are a merger of complex versions of Arabic and Indian mehendi designs. These designs are also much detailed and are worn by brides on mehendi, wedding. Even children wear simple version of these mehendi designs on Eid festival.

Indian mehendi designs

Indian mehendi are the most popular designs that are very diverse. They range from simple designs to complex. Simple designs have a big dot or a figure in back of hand or in the center of palm. Figure tips are also covered by henna. This design is very easy and can easily be mastered by armatures. After some practice this design won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. Moving towards complex mehendi patterns we see highly details and fine designs. Such designs are sketched on important occasions like wedding, nikka etc. Such designs are hard to master and they can take hours just to finish one hands design. Mostly such mehendi designs are worn by Indian brides.

Arabic mehendi designsArabic design

Compared with the complex Indian mehendi designs, Arabic designs are much simpler. Arabic designs mostly consist of leaves, veins, flowers etc. These designs are perfect candidate if you want to extend the design from hand to arm or from foot to leg.

Another distinguishing feature of Arabic designs is that the shapes are not filled, they are just outlines. These designs also partially cover your hands or feet. These designs consume less amount of mehendi and are easily dried which means that you don’t have to wait!

African mehendi designs

Just like the Arabic counterparts these mehendi designs are also not filled. These designs are simple geometric shapes, consisting on lines, square and dots. The space between the lines is not as much as that of Arabic designs. These designs cover your hands, arms like a dine mesh.

Indo – Arabic mehendi designsIndo-Arabic-Mehendi-Designs

The bold Arabic style is outline that is filled in with delicate. The traditional Indian patterns and shapes can be drawn in which as you can re-modify them. That is the most sought after style for Indian weddings.

Floral mehendi designsFloral-mehandi-design

Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature. These floral patterns can be used in any type of design with shading, filling etc. Floral patterns added with glitters and shimmers are perfect for a bridal and also for girls on special events. They can be simply carried casually with new designs and professionals with good skills. You can have different patterns and you can choose any one of them that better suits for your occasion.

Bangle style mehendi designBangel-type-mehandi-design

This type of style is made in bangle style. That round and round gives a beautiful look to your hands as well as legs. This style make you not to be tensed in selection of bangles. As it is shown in mehendi design only. So, here is a beautiful design with different color and makes you look beautiful and color full hands.

Maroccan mehendi designsModern-Moroccan-mehandi-design

Moroccan henna designs of the Middle East are more geometric in nature. The unlike flowery patterns make them look with beautiful mehendi designs. This is another type of design were most of the people prefer to have it as it shows simple, easy to drap your cone. It looks more beautiful for low wrist length.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs



It Comprise of complicated patterns with peacocks, flowers and several curves and curls in between without leaving much clear space. They are mostly done in fine lines covering the hands from the tips of the fingers to the elbows and the design on the feet extending from the toes to the knees. 

Glitter Mehndi



This is the combinations of Indian and Arabic designs. They are bold designs with outlines filled with delicate patterns and different shapes. The designs are accentuated with sparkles. It has becomes the latest trend in the mehndi designs. The outlines of the design are studded with colourful stones of different colours.

Mughlai Mehndi designs



Here the designs are very neat and detailed. They have a distinctive style where every curl and dot is made prominent. Mughlai is the oldest and most traditional form of designs. It contains floral and geometric designs which are spread over the hands with some open spaces. Normally they extend from the tips of the finger to wrist in a slanting pattern comprising of flowers, leaves and petal filled with intrinsic   lines and dots.

Bridal Mehndi Design

Bridal Mehndi Design

These are mostly filled with number of different motifs, flowers and other patterns the top to the bottom.They start from the tips of the fingers and extent up to the half of the arms with different patterns in a flowing manner. The different lines, curves and dots add beauty to the pattern. Brides in India and Asian countries love have this style of mehndi.

Multi Coloured Mehndi Design



The Mehndi designs in several colurs which look fashionable and are in trend in the modern times.  They are made in a shaded style with different colours and studded with small stones to enhance the beauty of the pattern.

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Whey protein? Is it safe? What are the side effects? How to use it?

What is whey protein and what are its uses?

Whey protein is the by- product of cheese separated from whey which is a liquid material left over when milk is coagulated. It is available in the market in the form of dietary supplement.  It is used as a medicine in alternative medicine fields. The protein is separated from the whey through membrane filtration. It is the source of protein that helps in increasing the nutrient properties of the diet. Whey protein is used as a dietary supplement to enhance athletic performance, replacing baby’s formulas as milk and supplying the requirements of milk to people who are intolerant to milk. This protein is used to prevent allergies, asthma, high cholesterol; weight loss and weight gain both

Whey protein helps infants in their early months 3- 12 months from developing red itchy skin. These children have less chances of developing allergies as compared to babies who take normal milk. Other skin diseases like psoriasis can also be controlled by taking whey protein as a dietary supplement.  It helps to decrease weight loss in people suffering from HIV and AIDs

Whey protein helps to increase muscle strength and reduce fat mass.  The best results can be achieved by consuming whey one hour before or after conducting workouts. Whey is filling and reduces hunger which in turn helps to reduce weight. It helps in losing body fat.

Several studies have revealed that whey protein is helpful in fighting prostate and colon cancer. But the inclusion of whey protein in the diet must be done only after proper advice from medical professionals.

Whey protein also helps to cope up with stress and depressed feelings. Regular intake of whey protein helps to decrease the symptoms of depression and helped the individual to be in a better mood.

Is whey protein safe?

Whey protein is found to be safe for most adults and children when the required dose is taken by mouth. Sometimes when high doses are given it can cause some problems like diarrhoea, excessive thirst, and lack of appetite, bloating of the stomach, muscle cramps, headache and tiredness.

Pregnant and feeding mothers may be at a risk to take this protein. It is better to avoid the use during this period to be safe. People who are allergic to cow’s milk can also be allergic to whey protein as the properties are similar in both. Overdose of whey protein or when it is combined with carbohydrates it can lead to certain dangerous problems 

Side effects of Whey protein

Weight gain

When whey protein is taken for lean muscles it can come with added sugars when combined with carbohydrates which are added fats as well. There can be excessive eating while taking whey because it may not be enough to satisfy hunger when taken as a diet supplement. There are also some whey protein supplements which are labelled as “gainers”and are used by body builders to increase their muscle strengths. These supplements can have extra carbohydrates to help the lean body to build fat. The e side effect of gaining weight can be avoided by not taking more meals after taking whey protein as a diet supplement. Always be careful in noting the label of the whey protein supplement.

Kidney Stones

it has been observed that whey protein can develop kidney stones but there is no scientific evidence to it. There are chances of the condition of kidney stones becoming worse in persons who already have kidney stones, if excessive doses of whey protein are given. Kidney stones can be avoided by taking large quantity of fibre diet along with whey protein. This will help to prevent the extra deposits which may lead to kidney stones. People who are prone to kidney stones must take balanced whey protein and eat a balanced diet along with whey protein.

Digestive Problems

the lactose content in whey protein can give digestive problems to persons who are intolerant to lactose. These people should take whey protein concentrate which is prepared after removing the lactose content.   People who are intolerant to other milk powders are likely to be sensitive to whey protein as well. These people should avoid whey protein and take the other forms of protein powders like rice protein, soy protein or hemp protein which are 100% lactose free. Whey protein on its own is difficult to digest. It can develop problems like flatulence, bloating, gas trouble, and indigestion. In such cases protein with more fibre content must be chosen


Another possible side effect of whey protein can be development of gout in persons who have a family history of gout or who already have gout before starting the use of whey protein. In such cases less concentrated whey protein must be taken and the dosage must be properly consulted with a medical professional to avoid the risks of gout.

Osteoporosis or bone loss

This can be caused by excessive use of whey protein.Excessive use of proteins can release acidic products in the body which are not tolerable in the body. The body tries to neutralise this effect with the help of calcium from the bones. This in turn will lead to loss of calcium from the bones and slowly develop the problem of Osteoporosis

Liver problems

Whey protein powder is found to have negative effect on liver function. There as a risk of liver damage due to the urea nitrogenous products in protein.  There are some heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium and mercury in protein powders which can damage the liver

Acne and pimples

Whey protein supplements are concentrated forms of protein and other nutrients which can have an adverse effect on the skin. It can lead to deposit of toxins which can develop acne. Access production of oil in the oil glands can also lead to acne. Outbursts of acne can be prevented by taking whey protein supplements with vegetables and vegetable juices because the phytochemicals in the juices are helpful in getting rid of the toxins and free radicals from the body.

How to use whey protein?

Whey protein can be can be made into shakes and smoothies by adding fruits and fruit juices. Whey protein powder can be blended with banana, peaches, mango, pears, milk, coconut milk to alter the flavour and nutrient content according to one’s preference.  Ice cubes can be added to protein shake to thicken and cool it.  Fruits can be frozen and then taken with the protein shake. Ice cubes can be made from milk and added to the shakes.   The flavour of whey protein shakes can be enhanced by adding ingredientslike honey, cinnamon, yogurt, dry fruits chocolate vanilla or strawberry powders

Whey protein powder can be added to the breakfast oatmeal cereal along with peanut butter. It is the best way to take whey protein for body building. It is advisable to take whey protein 30 minutes before exercise and workout as the muscle fibres will be broken down and the deposited carbohydrates will be dissolved. Whey protein taken before workouts will provide more energy. Whey protein taken after exercising will help in strengthening the muscles as the protein synthesis increases during exercise.

Ideal for breakfast

Whey protein can also be taken with the last meal of the day the powder can simply be sprinkled over the food of the last meal. This will help to elevate the amino acid level while sleeping and will help in strengthening the muscles. Alternatively protein drink can be taken before going to bed. This will prevent the natural protein breakdown during sleep and increase the synthesis of muscle protein.

Encourages weight loss

Whey protein need to be included with low calorie diet  to encourage weightloss.  The meals should not be replaced with whey protein  but whey protein is recommended as a supplement to diet as it will reduce hunger and reduce the normal diet which will lead to weight loss. Fruits like berries  and other fruits with high fiber and low sugar must be added in the whey protein shakes taken for weight loss. Honey, syrups and other sugar contents must be avoiided to sweeten the shakes for taste. Protein shake taken before the meals will satisfy the hunger  and reduce the desire to eat more during the meals. This can also reduce the blood glucose and help in improving the insulin level.

How to avoid hair loss due to hard water?

If you are experiencing unexplained hair loss, hard water might be a reason. Hard water is typically defined as water containing minerals such as iron, calcium, copper and magnesium in higher amount. These minerals are not good for the hairs and they can actually make hairs, dry frizzy and weak at the roots, triggering hair fall.

To put it more scientifically, the minerals, are positively charged ions, whereas our hairs are negatively charged.  So, when you wash or rinse your hairs with hard water, the positively charged minerals get attached with the negatively charged hair strands. With time, this buildup can weaken the hair shafts as well as the hair roots, and can also make it difficult for any conditioner or oil to reach the hairs from outside.

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So, if your area has hard water supply and you are experiencing hair loss without any noticeable reasons, the water can be surely a cause. However, the best thing here is that, avoiding hair loss due to hard water is simple. All you need to do is to ensure that you soften the water before using it onto your hairs. If you stop using hard water on your hairs and continue with proper hair care and moisturizing, the hair condition can be quickly reversed, controlling the hair fall.

Soften the water before washing or rinsing your hairs with it

  • Water softener machines are now easy available and they do not even cost much. So, installing a water softener machine in your home or apartment is surely the easiest solution to avoid hair loss due to hard water.
  • If you are not planning to install a water softener, you can opt for a much easier solution, that is, a shower or tap filter. High quality shower and tap filters are available in the market; and these filters can reduce the amount of minerals present in the tap water considerably, saving your hairs from the ill effects of hard water.
  • Another way of softening the hard water is to add some alum to it. Alum is a chelating agent which reacts with the minerals of the water and stores them in the form of sediment at the bottom of the bucket. Separate a bucket of water from the tap water and add 2 tablespoons of alum in it. Let the water stand for 25 minutes and then either you can sieve the water for separating the white particles, minerals and the remaining alum, or just use the water from the top without stirring the bottom of the bucket.

Use proper shampoo and conditioner that can fight the effects of hard water

  • There are some particular types of hair products that are formulated to negate the effects of hard water on the hairs. These products are usually available in the market under tags like, chelating or clarifying shampoo. These cleansers remove any buildup from your hairs, but are quite harsh on your hairs too. So, keep their use to minimum.
  • Using a deep conditioner like Argan oil or olive oil before washing your hairs can be an effective way to reduce any harmful effect of hard water on your hairs. These oils provide a protective covering on your hair strands which helps to reduce the amount of mineral buildup.

You can also employ any of the following natural remedies to avoid hair loss due to hard water.

  • Rinse your hairs with Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV can be actually effective to remove any mineral buildup from your hairs and scalp. It also balances the natural pH of the scalp and hairs, promoting healthier and shinier hairs. Mix one part ACV with one part plain water and spray this mixture onto your scalp and hairs. Massage the scalp and the hairs lightly with this solution and let it set for 5 minutes before washing off with filtered water. This can be a really effective and easy way to avoid hair loss due to hard water.
  • Use a Lemon rinse: Just like ACV, lemon can also be effective to remove the buildup from your hairs and scalp. Add a whole lemon in a mug of water and rinse your hair and scalp with this water after you have completed washing your hairs. Alternatively, you can also use the mixture to massage your hairs and scalp and then wash off after 5 minutes.
  • Use baking soda to wash your scalp and hairs: Baking soda is a natural clarifying agent and it can clear up any buildup from the scalp and hairs. So, if your area has hard water supply, make it a point to use baking soda for washing your hairs at least once in 15 days. Make a smooth paste by mixing baking soda with water and use this paste to rub your scalp and hairs. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and then wash off with plenty of water.

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Fashion trends for college going girls – How to dress up for college in India

Youth is the most energetic, enthusiastic and fashion loving category of any country’s population. They like to try out the latest fashion trends, styles, music and of course the shoes. College fashion has been  merely about dressing up just another day. A fashion trend has the perfect variety available for youngsters, a collection that is not only inspired by their moods and trends, but is also a glamorous as their dreams and hobbies. Move aside plain Jane, as it’s time to welcome the most stylish outfits and accessories. Here, you can see how to dress up for college in India.

Here we have clothing tips for college going girls. College life is stressful and you are going to want to be comfortable more often than you’ll want to be stylish. With several students across the city are making their closets more vibrant by sporting trendy outfits, the trend of presenting yourself well seems to be the high point. The norms on how students dress differ from campus to campus.

Hindi tips on how to dress up for college in India]

Some college campuses are more “Abercrombie” than others. We know that you are preparing for the first day in college by updating your wardrobe with stylish outfits. In most cases, though, there’s not going to be nearly as much pressure to fit in with the latest fashions as there was in high schools.

But picking outfits that don’t grab unwanted attention must top your list! With several dress codes being imposed, it is important to stay stylish yet abide by the rules of the college. Choose what kinds of clothes should you bring to college? We have some practical fashion tips.

College going girls  is deeply interested in  the modern trends and  latest fashion in the way they carry themselves, the accessories they carry and the shoes they wear. They are interested in getting rid of the old fashioned clothes and shoes and want to develop a new wardrobe that is in latest trend. Here are a few tips for the modern college going girls.

Bring comfortable clothes

You may be the type who doesn’t mind a little discomfort in the name of fashion, and that’s fine. Dress codes are really a tough one to abide by. But there will be days when because clothes are a must, like during finals or the day after a nasty breakup, so make sure you have them on hand. As youngsters you would love to sport funky tee shirts and western casuals for college. Think T-shirts, sweats and cozy jeans. Also, bring comfortable things to sleep in that won’t embarrass you in front of your roommate. Kurtis is very much in for college wear. You can pair them with colorful leggings and the right accessories to go with.

Wear comfortable walking shoes

Unless you enjoy being miserable, this is mandatory. Platform shoes, particularly the trend of wearing outlandish styles, were popular fashion trends on the disco scene among men and women. Ladies, please don’t walk around campus in high heeled pumps. This isn’t the city – it’s a college campus, and you’re going to be constantly constant. You should try for formal or simple shoes in weekdays. Save the cute heels for the weekend.

Bring low maintenance clothes

Time is at a premium in college. If it needs hand washing, don’t bring it. Maintain the clothes according to change in fabric as they may damage due to careless washing. If it needs ironing, don’t bring it.

Bring weather appropriate clothes

Here are some suggestions for winter warm clothe that are great for the campus. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking around campus all the time, so if your school is in a cold climate, bring a heavy coat, scarf, gloves and waterproof boots. You need to wear whatever you need to keep warm even if it messes up your outfit. If whomever it is you’re trying to impress likes you less with hat hair, this isn’t someone worthy of your attention.

Bring weekend clothes

Go ahead and bring the cute stuff. You’ll probably want to save it for the weekends, though. So be dressed in something special than normal days which makes you look simple and beautiful.

Don’t come to class half naked

This may be appreciated by some of the male students, but this is not the way to be taken seriously in the classroom. Come to class looking a little more professional. One can look most attractive and fashionable with the very simple style threats. Even outside the classroom, if you wear a navel baring shirt, wear baggy pants. If you wear a micro mini skirt, pair it with a big sweater.

Bring clothes you can layer

You’re going to be coming in from the cold into overheated classrooms, and in from the heat into classrooms fit for a polar bear. While being in college and the semester is nearing then what you are running for and nothing can suit you better than a satchel.


The very first and the one trend which a college girl should consider following religiously is the handbags designs and styles. Handbags may do the magic the dressing sense does matter, because without the right dressing sense and right colors.


The latest trend of shoes in the current year is stylish pumps, heels and pointed shoes. You can also go for the formal shoes with some wear as college goers will never go for something which is formal from the head to foot. For both girls and boys stylish shoes are very well available in the market.

Stylish College Bags  

College bags are an important item in the college accessories. Bags are the symbol of the person’s taste and style. The latest trendy bags are the cross body bags, shoulder bags and knitted bags in bright, bold and neutral colors with attractive details on them.

Trendy wrist watches

 The most suitable wrist watches in 2015 for college goers include strap wrist watches, jewellery, watches, bold dial watches and bracelet watches! Bold and striking floral prints and patterns are in fashion for college going girls.


Jeans is the most popular stuff among college students Jean jackets are also in fashion for college goers. They look decent and gorgeous. Tight fitting jeans with narrow bottoms are back in fashion. Lycra leggings in fancy prints are the best option among the college goer girls.


These leggings can be full length or ¾ length ones. Knee length Capri pants made from denim are the latest fad among college goers. These can be worn with trendy shirts or t- shirts with quotes.

Striking bright color

Similarly, clothes in striking bright colors are in great demand this year. Tunics which look like frocks and have large, colorful prints are in vogue. Ethnic wear like Salwar Kameej or Churidar kurta are still admired.

College goers must remember that fashion can be followed, but one must be comfortable in those clothes and the style must suit their physique. Do not follow fashion blindly!

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Homemade tips to get rid of dark skin around nails

Darkness around the nails is usually a result of biting the nails and due to excess production of skin pigment. It has been found that darkness around the nails can also be caused by deficiency of Vitamin B6 and B12 in the body.  There is no permanent cure for this problem, but it can be minimized by including foods containing vitamin B 6 and B 12 which are found in poultry and fish or by taking supplements of this medicine.

Nails can be designed in many ways as you spend more time in decorating your nails. The skin around your nails look dark and can make your polished nails do not look beautiful. Many people bite their nails when they are nervous or upset. Some have the habit of bite the skin around your nails. Homemade tips help to get rid of dark skin around nails.

This is caused due to extreme dry weather and biting nails. The two things make you skin around nails look unpleasant. They can have unconsciously bitten the skin that surrounds their nails. Dark skin is due to the increased production of melanin in your body or skin pigment.

Darkness around the nails is due to excess production of the skin pigment –melanin.  In normal conditions melanin protects the skin from tanning by the ultra violet rays of the sun.

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Home remedies for dark skin around your nails

  1. Take a bowl filled with water up to 4 inches deep. Dip your hands for about 5 minutes. It can soften the skin. After that, take out your hands from the water and pat dry with a towel.
  2. Take a manicure scissors and cut the extra skin around your nails. Notice that the extra skin will be white in color compared to the skin of your other fingers. This gives a soothing sensation. It is better to use warm water and always make sure to have scissors that work properly and are clean.
  3. Let it dry completely. The skin near your fingers is no longer moist to go to the next step. Apply best moisturizer to your hands to make them soft. A good moisturizer will deeply moisturize the skin, which is sensitive. Apply some cream on the cuticles and under your nails to make them soft. Always use an alcohol and fragrance free cream as fragrance contains alcohol that is usually dehydrated.
  4. After that, apply a cream, wear gloves on both hands and keep them on till the morning. Then you can notice great looking hands as well as no dry skin near to your nails. It is better to apply a moisturizer on your hands during the day. Repeat this every night to get beautiful looking and lighten skin on hands.
  5. Be hygienic and healthy cuticle that are intact and can prevent your nail from any form of infections.
  6. Carefully file your nails with a nail file that is special attention towards the corners, smoothing them so that they do not injure the skin around the nails.
  7. Apply olive oil or some special cuticle oil for dry skin around your nails.
  8. Here is a homemade moisturizer with egg white and lemon. Take an egg white mixed with a few drops of lime as a moisturizing cream. It helps to reduce dead skin and cellulite.

In the same way the beauty remedy also works better for your toenails that are required to rub more moisturizer. Wear a cotton socks instead of glows and the remaining procedure is similar. It will protect your skin in the future that it helps to produce despite your cuticle being fine. To prevent biting your nails, soak the nails in the lemon juice on every morning. It causes some sour taste so you automatically make you hate the taste.

The ungroomed and unhealthy cuticle looks ragged with the causes of discomfort. It can be avoided by paying attention towards regularly by maintaining and spending some time everyday for grooming your hands and toe nails.

Apply cuticle oil once or twice a day to help them heal. Use olive oil to cure it. To make your nails beautiful, healthy and clear, treat them with cuticle cream and keep on moisturizing them all the day long.

Homemade tips to get rid of the darkness around the nails

  • A good manure and pedicure done at home with natural ingredients are helpful to solve this problem.
  • Exfoliation of the skin with sugar and lemon juice can be done to get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells around the nails. Scrub the fingers with a mixture of sugar and lemon juice for five to ten minutes. Simple lemon half can also be rubbed on the darkened areas around the fingers.
  • Pumice stone is helpful in exfoliating the skin around the nails.
  • Soaking of hands and feet in warm water in which soda, rose water and glycerine has been added is also a good remedy to lighten dark skin around the nails.
  • Gram flour, raw milk and lemon juice pack help in getting rid of the tan and in making the skin tone lighter. Apply the paste around the nails and leave it for some time before washing it off.
  • Almond oil can be massaged on the fingers and left for a few minutes. It is a good moisturizer which helps in softening the skin, making it smooth and lighter in tone by removing the pigmentation.
  • A massage with milk crème along with a capsule of Vitamin E is a good remedy to moisturize the skin and lighten the color of the skin.


Daily scrubbing of the nails with a brush helps to remove the dead skin cells, which in turn can help to get rid of the darkness around the nails. The area surrounding the nails can also be scrubbed with lemon juice and sugar or lemon juice and salt. Lemon itself is also very effective to lighten the tone of the skin around the nails.

Milk and Milk cream

Milk cream is also a perfect home remedy to get rid of darkness around the nails. Massage the area with fresh milk cream for about 10 minutes. Then rub a slice of lemon on it and finally rinse it with cold water. Alternate slices of bread can be soaked in milk and applied on the dark skin around the nails.


Buttermilk is natural bleach, which helps to lighten dark skin around the nails. A few drops of lemon juice can also be added to the buttermilk before applying it on the dark parts around the nails.  Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. This can be a wonderful home tips to get rid of darkness around nails.

Pedicure and Manicure

A good pedicure and manicure done at home can be a good solution to remove darkness around the nails. This is the process of soaking the hands and feet in warm water to which salt, baking soda and soap has been added.  The next step in to cleanse the feet and hands by scrubbing them with a brush. Use the pumice stone to scrape off the dead skin cells. Moisturize the hands and feet by massaging them with olive oil.

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Advantages of wearing helmet

Helmets are considered as an essential safety gear for protection from head injury. Wearing a helmet while you are riding a bike might not be very comfortable, but it is obviously the most secured way to ride a two wheeler. Wearing a helmet can give you many riding advantages and it can actually make your riding experience more splendid. If you think your helmet is bothering you while riding, you should opt for a good quality lightweight helmet, but should not decide to go without it. First we will discuss on how does a helmet work? And then we will take a look at the advantages of wearing helmet.

How does a helmet work?

A helmet has a fiberglass outer cover which acts as the shell and expanded polystyrene made inner lining which offers cushioning. When the helmet is struck with something hard the inner lining absorbs the shock keeping the skull intact. In case of direct impact on the outer shell, it acts like a buffer, dissipating the energy, reducing the impact on the brain.

Protection from head injury

In India number of two-wheelers is increasing 20 times faster than its rate of population growth and with the increased number of two wheelers on the road the rate of Road Traffic Accidents is also increasing rapidly. According to studies, In India, 90% of the head injury cases admitted to the hospitals on a daily basis, are caused due to Road Traffic Accidents and at least three young two wheeler riders dies in every 10 minutes due to head injury. Most interestingly, studies show that severe head injuries can occur even while riding at low speed, such as 10-15 kmph.  The risk of death due to head injury is 2-5 times more for riders not wearing a helmet; hence a helmet is something you cannot really compromise with.

In case of two wheeler accidents head injury is the primary cause of death amongst the riders, and by wearing a good quality helmet in proper way you can rigorously mitigate the risk of getting a head injury even if you happen to get involved in a nasty accident.

Helmet reduces the wind noise

While riding a two wheeler in speed the wind noise can be really bothering for the ears even if the weather is not windy. The more is your speed the wind noise gets that much louder and can be really disturbing while riding on the highways. In case there is wind it can even become difficult to ride a two wheeler without a proper helmet. Keeping your ears covered from noise of wind make it possible to listen to the surroundings better, which can be helpful to avoid an accident.

Helmet can give you a clearer vision

Helmets with visor can be effective to give you a clearer vision on road. High quality helmets with a visor can cut down the glare from reaching your eyes, which can be very comfortable for your eyes, as well as can be effective to have a clear vision on road. It can help you to see right through even if the high beam lights of other vehicles going in the opposite direction shines on your eyes. A clearer vision on road certainly reduces the risk of road accident.

Helmet protects your face from harsh weather

Helmet is a covering that protects not only your head but also your whole face. If there is rain or the weather is chilling, helmet can protect your face from getting wind or rain bites. It keeps the rain and freezing weather out enabling you to ride your two- wheeler in comfort without losing your concentration. A good quality helmet can also give your skin and eyes physical coverage from the harmful UV A and UV B rays of the sun. So, if you are cautious about your skin getting tanned or wrinkled due to sun exposure, using a helmet every time you ride out in the sun is a must.

Helmet protects your head and face from flying objects and dirt

Heavy flying objects, such as, gravels, rocks or twigs can be highly damaging when encountered on your face while riding in speed. These flying objects cannot only injure your skin but can also harm your eyes, damaging your vision. With the increased rate of particulate pollution in the air there is always a chance that some dirt or dust will get into your eyes while riding a two wheeler without a helmet. This can not only damage your eyes, but can also make it difficult for you to concentrate on the road, leading to accidents. Wearing a helmet ensures that no flying objects, dirt or dust can get into your eyes and you are able to concentrate fully on the road reducing the risk of accident.

Top anti hair falls shampoos in India

Most men and women in the modern times are concerned over the problem of hair thinning due to hair loss. Hair fall can be due to age, pregnancy, stress, nutritional deficiency and environmental hazards. There are several products in the Indian market which are very effective for hair fall. You can now choose one among the hair fall shampoos for your convenience

Many of us suffer from hair fall or related problems at some point of our life. It leads to thinning of hair, which is really very embarrassing. There are a wide range of anti-hair fall shampoos in the market to counter the problem of hair fall, which is more common among men rather than in a woman.

Most of us adopt homemade remedies, but it is not possible for busy schedules to fit in some extra time in their schedules. Therefore, a lot of anti hair fall shampoos are launched in the market to solve this problem. Our hair is an important part of our appearance and keeping it well groomed has always been a priority. Some of these include natural ingredients to help you get back the lost strength and keep your hair fresh.

Reasons for hair fall

The main reasons for hair fall are stress, age, nutritional deficiency, environmental factors, pregnancy and genetic factors.

  • Ailments and diseases like thyroid, typhoid, cancer etc.
  • Usage of outdated hair products and unhygienic hair conditions.
  • Exposure to chemicals and excessive use of hair colors and dyes.
  • Lice and fungal infections in the hair and scalp.
  • Usage of outdated hair products and reaction to chlorinated water in the swimming pool.

The best anti hair fall shampoos in India that will not only prevent hair fall but will also nourish the hair making them more beautiful and healthy.

L’Oreal fall repair 3x anti hair falls shampoo

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This shampoo control hair fall problem as it is rich in Arginine which helps in the micro circulation in the scalp. Another active ingredient in this shampoo is an amino acid which is a nourishing agent and helps in promoting over-all health of your hair. It helps in controlling hair fall and rebuilding the damaged hair structure. This provides 3 times more protection against hair fall, works effectively on split ends, improves hair quality and imparts shine to dull hair. This shampoo also nourishes your hairs smoothly and makes them soft and beautiful. Daily usage helps in preventing hair loss completely and in making your hairs smooth and trouble free from the roots to the tips.

Pantene hair fall shampoo

Pantene hair fall shampoo

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Pantene is a wonder product of Proctor & Gamble to take care of the overall beauty of your hair. Pantene anti hair fall shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Pro-V Science formula to help reduce hair fall. It is very effective against various problems of hair and scalp. It is an internationally trusted brand with millions of satisfied customers.

Pantene shampoo includes Pro-Vitamin B5, which nourishes the scalp and reduces the rate of hair fall. Pantene goes deep into your scalp to the hair follicles to repair them from within. It makes your hair soft and keeps it healthy and strong by protecting it from pollution. It also removes dandruff from the hair and problems such as itching, dryness and irritation of the scalp. This shampoo is very effective for all hair types.

Sunsilk hair fall shampoo

Sunsilk hair fall shampoo

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Sunsilk hair fall shampoo includes the unique soya vitamin complex which prevents premature hair fall and break. The shampoo is effective in controlling hair fall by making them stronger from the roots. It nourishes your hair from roots to tips making it soft and healthy. It combats split ends and dryness of the scalp. Though it does not give much later, it cleanses your hair from the root.

Dove hair therapy shampoo

Dove hair therapy shampoo

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A proven formula by Dove is guaranteed to reduce your hair fall with continued usage. This shampoo strengthens and nourishes strands from the roots to help control hair fall. It has a micro moisture serum which helps strengthen the hair follicles and thus reducing hair fall. The sweet aroma and the micro moisture serum strengthen hair follicles reduce hair fall and maintain its luster. It contains Trichozole active with Ginseng and soy protein that reduce damage at the roots and help lock your hair firmly in place, so have the freedom from hair fall. Dove damage therapy shampoo claims to reduce hair fall in 2-3 weeks and makes hair softer and smoother.

Head & shoulders

Head & shoulders

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Head & shoulders are one of the best sorts after shampoo for hair fall problem. It is the shampoo that you are looking for if dry scalp and the resultant dandruff are your bone of contention. This shampoo is enriched with Hydra Zinc Technology that is very effective against hair fall. This shampoo is very effective in fighting against hair fall by making your hair and scalp clean gently. It is absolute to have flakes of your dry scalp falling off on your shoulder. It prevents hair fall by making their roots strong and treats scalp gently, making it more healthy and clean. It provides a permanent solution to itching, dryness, dandruff, flakes, and irritation problems.

Advantages of wearing sunglasses

If you have been thinking that sunglasses are just an accessory that you put on only to add oomph to your appearance, you are actually devaluing the true benefits of wearing a sunglass. Wearing a sunglass was not something very common in India even till the last decade. However, with time we can see more and more people are taking up the habit of using a sunglass; but in most of the cases the reason of wearing the sunglass is related to beauty and appearance.  A proper sunglass can certainly add a lot to your looks, but it has a lot of other advantages as well, that score nothing less than appearing beautiful. Read on to know the advantages of wearing a sunglass and if you do not use it regularly even till now, why you should start using it religiously from today itself

Sunglass saves your eyes from Cataracts

According to the latest researches, one of the primary reasons of cataract is long-term exposure to the UV rays of the sun. As per the reports of the World Health Organization, in the world around 900,000 people have been blinded by cataract, a condition which causes cloudiness of the lens of the eyesand it can be triggered due to UV exposure. You can save your eyes from this severe condition by simply putting on sunglass every time you walk out into the sun.

Wearing sunglass reduces the problems of Dry-eye

In this era of computers and smart gadgets Dry-eye is becoming a common eye problem for many. Along with that, exposure of the eye to the environmental factors, like heavy wind and sun can exaggerate the problems and the symptoms associated with it. By wearing sunglass you ensure that heavy wind is not able to strike your eyes directly and the eyes are covered from the direct sun rays as well, thus reducing the problems related to dry-eye.

Sunglass protects your eyes from macular degeneration

UV light of the sun can damage the macula luteaof the eyes with prolonged exposure. Macula lutea is the region of the eyewhere the light-sensing cells are present. Damage to this area of the eye can lead to blurriness and even complete loss of vision over time. Sunglass helps to protect your eyes from this deadly condition by giving them an added layer of coverage.

Sunglass for saving your eyes from photokeratitis

Photokeratitis is the medical name used for sunburn of the eye. It is a temporary condition and usually heals within 48 hours without any extra medication. However, the condition is painful and it can hinder the normal life of a person. In addition to that, repeated photokeratitis can trigger other sever eye problems. So, wear sunglass and save your eyes from getting sun burned.

Sunglass ensures that you do not get Pinguecula

Pinguecula is another eye condition where an eye growth is formed on the white part of the eye. This condition is generally painless but when untreated it can grow into pterygium and cause vision disturbances. This condition can occur in both children and grownups and might need a minor surgery for correction. This condition is triggered by exposure to the UV rays, particularly in drier climates. Wearing a sunglass every time you step out to the sun can be the best and easiest solution to stay protected from this eye condition.

Sunglass also helps to reduce the effects of jet lag

According to a latest study, when you limit the exposure of the UV rays to your eyes during a cross continental flight, the effects of jet lag can be highly reduced. It does not cure the problem completely, but has been found to be effective in reducing the severity of the problem. However, the point still needs more researches and works are ongoing.

Sunglass keeps your eyes covered from dirt and dust

If you live in a city area, it is most expected that there is high level of environmental pollution in your surrounding environment. Sunglasses cover your eyes, and protect them from the dirt and dust flying in the air. It can also be effective to keep certain airborne bacteria away from infecting your eyes.

Sunglass protects you from getting skin cancer on the eyelid

Around 10% of all the skin cancers are found on the eyelids, which is primarily triggered by the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. By using sunglass religiously you can heavily reduce the chance of getting skin cancer in the eye area.

Sunglass gives you better vision

Many high quality sunglasses come with glare protection, which can not only make your eyes feel relaxed but also ensures that unwanted scattered lights or glare does not reach your eyes to blur your vision. This ensures a clearer and more prominent vision.

So, now as you know all the health benefits of wearing sunglasses, now let us take a look at the beauty benefits of it. There are more beauty benefits of wearing sunglasses than you can think of. Read on,

Sunglass prevents dark circles

Dark circles around the eyes are a serious problem for many men and women. Lack of rest and heredity are surely the primary causes of dark circles, but exposure to the sun is another important reason of dark circles.  Sun rays not only harm your eyes, but it also affects the delicate skin of the eye region. Wearing sun protection factor on your skin can surely help to save the delicate skin of the area from sun exposure to some extent, but when it comes to coverage against sun, nothing can be better than a physical protection. So, even if you use sunscreen, ensure to put on those sunglasses to ensure that the sun rays do not worsen your dark circles.

Sunglass protects your skin from getting wrinkles

Are not the wrinkles the worst beauty worries of your life? If they are, never again forget to carry your sunglass with you while going out in the sun. When you are not wearing a sunglass, your eyes will naturally squint due to the exposure to the light and the squinting of the eyes is one of the primary reasons of getting wrinkles not only around the eyes but also on the foreheads. So, if you are really cautious about your skin, make it a point to always wear sunglasses whenever you step out into the sun.

Sunglass makes you look more stylish

Well, so finally we have reached the point which needs no explanations. A proper sunglass that matches with your face can add heavily to your overall appearance and personality. So, just never miss the chance to look more stylish with your sunglass on.

Note: To get all the best benefits of wearing sunglass it is essential that you use a good quality branded sunglass that can actually give your eyes the full protection.

Advantages of wearing bra

Bra is a commonly worn undergarment by the girls and ladies. It is primarily worn with the objective to support the breast tissues so that they do not sag.  Wearing bra has its benefits. However, some recent studies on the topic has highlighted on some interesting facts related with wearing a bra. We will take a look on that as well, but first let us start with the advantages of wearing bra.


Breasts are made of adipose tissues and they have no muscles. So wearing a bra can provide effective support to the breasts. Which on the other hand can be helpful to reduce breast sagging. Sagging of breasts can even cause a downward pull to the skin of neck and chin; hence providing support to the breasts can be effective to ensure that your skin is not stressed continuously.

Proper posture

Wearing bra can be very helpful to get the right posture. Having a good posture is important for overall health and wellbeing. By wearing proper bra one can easily improve her posture and mitigate the ill effects of a drooping pose. Maintaining a proper posture is more important particularly during the growing period and hence for the girls below 18, wearing a bra seems to be a wise thing to do. For women with larger bust size not wearing a bra can even cause back pain, which can damage the normal posture.

The right figure

The bust line plays an important role in the total figure and appearance of a woman. By wearing a bra one can easily make her figure appear more pronounced and attractive. It becomes even more effective for women with larger bust line as the brassiere helps to keep the breasts in position making one look slimmer and toned. Wearing the right kind of bra can also be helpful for women with smaller breast size, who wish to have a bigger bust line, because bra can be helpful to give the illusion of a larger breast size.


Wearing a proper brassiere can actually be more comfortable for women. It stops the slapping of breasts with the body and also restricts the formation of sweat under the breasts, which can be very uncomfortable otherwise, and can even cause fungal infection on the skin. During exercises and heavy physical work wearing a bra can actually add to the comfort and ease of movement. So, comfort is surely one primary advantage of wearing a bra.

The look factor

Brassieres are now available in different interesting designs, colors, patterns and with laces, frills and all the things that a woman is sure to like. So, if you are using bra you can actually indulge yourself into all these. They just make another garment that adds beauty to your wardrobe.


As reported by many women, they feel more confident when they are wearing a bra. However, this might be a result of long habit, but according to some studies, using a bra can make one feel more comfortable and confident in her day to day work.

Now having said about the benefits of wearing a bra, let us take a look at what the latest researches on the topic are saying. According to a study performed by Dr.StaffordBroumand who is a working plastic surgeon at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, in younger women, not wearing a bra can improve the growth of the breasts and can also add to the lift of the breasts. As explained by the study, in younger women not wearing a bra can increase the production of collagen and also the natural elasticity of the breasts, which can improve the lift of developing breasts. The tension caused to the ligaments and connective tissues due to not wearing a bra can be actually beneficial for preventing breast sagging in growing girls.

On the other hand, the same research points out that the effects of not wearing a bra are not the same in case of older and pregnant women, because in older women the amount of collagen in the breasts is already less and the supportive tissues are already weaker compared to the younger girls. So, a bra can provide the support needed by the busts that has been lost due to age, helping the breasts to retain their proper shape and to prevent drooping.

Benefits of multani mitti face packs for beautiful and clear skin

Multani Mitti which is also called as fuller’s earth is a very friendly skin care product. It looks like regular mud but has numerous benefits for skin and hair care. Multani Mitti is an excellent cleansing component with highly absorbent qualities. It is rich in minerals which help to attain a natural flawless skin. It leaves the skin oil free and moisturized with the help of the nutrients it contains. . It gives a glowing skin and can be applied on all types of skin.

Fuller’s earth is clay that is believed to have been originated from Multan. This clay which looks just like mud, if used on the skin, can yield unbelievable results in providing beautiful skin. The best part about a multani mitti face pack is that it is one of the most inexpensive and easily available solutions for improving your skin texture. Multani mitti face pack is easy to make and absolutely clutter free.

Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is clay that basically contains hydrous aluminum silicates. It is hugely renounced for a recovering skill opposite acne and blemishes. It is really abounding in magnesium chloride that helps to revoke acne. It is an herbal and natural home remedy to get flawless looking skin. It has healing properties for the skin and is absolutely safe to use with no side effects. It is used to treat different skin problems like pimples and blackheads to pigmentation and tanning.

You can use multani mitti as a cleanser, toner and many importantly as multani mitti facial packs. Many skin treatments make use of multani mitti to treat common skin problems.


Multani mitti face pack deep cleanses and removes all the dirt from the pores and allows your skin to breathe. Your skin is exposed to innumerable pollutants, dirt and sweat throughout the day. If you do not clean all this after you get back to home, they get deposited in the pores of your skin and clod them. Your skin is all set to glow the next morning when you apply multani mitti face pack.


Multani mitti face pack can also be used to scrub your face and get rid of these black and white heads. Scrubbing is necessary to make your skin texture soft and remove the dust that sticks to your skin as there are black and white heads which don’t go so easily. Wait for 3-4 minutes of scrubbing in circular motions that helps your skin to look dirt free, fresh and remove blackheads from the root.


To reduce blemishes use, Multani mitti with the combination of turmeric, sandalwood powder and tomato juice. These mixtures apply to the face and leave for 10 minutes and then wash off.

You may also use potato to reduce blemishes. Potatoes are also great for blemishes. Grate a whole potato and extract its juice. Do not throw away the gratings. First wet your face and scrub it with the potato gratings. Next, mix the potato juice with 1 tbsp of multani mitti and make a fine paste. Apply this paste all over your face and let it dry. You can also use some potato grating on your eyes to remove dark circles. Wash off and wipe dry. Continued use will help you get rid of blemishes.

Quick facial

No more parlours and no more chemical based creams. Multani mitti face pack for skin whitening is a trusted way of a quick facial. Multani mitti face pack can give you the right facial in a matter of ten minutes. It removes blemishes and dead skin from your face to improve skin texture and give you the facial you need.

Removes dead cells

Apply multani mitti face pack on your face and leave it for about 10 minutes every day can help you remove dead cells, thereby making space for the new ones. This makes sure that your skin stays the way it is, natural and fresh. This is because your skin generates new cells each day. These cells help you to look beautiful and keep your face blemish free. But, if you do not wash or scrub your face daily, there are chances that your skin texture might become uneven.

Regulates sebaceous gland

The sebaceous glands are responsible for the secretion of skin oils called sebum which adds lubrication to your skin. People tend to have oily skin when sebum is secreted in excess quantities and when secreted less than needed, dry skin tends to develop. Multani mitti for oily skin and for dry skin isn’t different. But using multani mitti face mask, benefits both types of skin for sure. It regulates the functioning of the sebaceous gland and protects your skin from becoming too oily or too dry.

Fights acne

The properties of the clay help your skin to get rid of these pollutants and free the clogged pores. Acne is caused majorly due to clogging of pores and inflammation due to sun. This acne then leaves permanent damage on your skin and starts multiplying owing to pollution. The best alternative to medications for acne is using the multani mitti face mask. This prevents acne and keeps your skin glowing.


Most of the scars are caused to severe acne. The medicinal properties in multani mitti face pack not only remove acne scars but also lighten the scars and visibly reduce them.

Lightens skin tone

Your skin is sensitive and gets tanned due to the sun. Multani mitti is used for skin whitening has been trusted since decades. It helps to reduce pigmentation and tan and makes your skin tone lighter. So, no more shying away from the sun!

Removes wrinkles and lines

Your skin may develop wrinkles and fine lines when it grows age usually. But massaging it regularly and starting at an early age can prevent your skin from getting wrinkled early. Multani mitti face pack is one of the best ingredients for taking good care of your skin against wrinkles and lines. Massage regularly for best results.

Tightens the skin

When you leave your skin, it unattended for a long time and your skin starts to loosen up. You need to just massage regularly with multani mitti face pack that helps your skin against sagging or puffing.

Mutani mitti for skin and health

Physique wash

A cooling and recovering physique wash that 1 crater oatmeal powder, 1 crater neem powder, ¼ crater white chandan powder, 1 ladle of amba haldi powder, kala chana powder, multani mitti, milk. Mix all these ingredients in a bottle to make a good physique rinse for bland use.


Multani mitti acts as a bleaching agent. Multani mitti for face is advantageous to reanimate skin irritations and offers balmy outcome on a skin.

Healthy skin

Multani mitti contains healthy nutrients and gives healthy oils to a skin. Mix it with any other façade and we are set to glow. It helps your skin in many ways like abating pore sizes, stealing blackheads and whiteheads, vanishing freckles, balmy sunburns, clarification skin, improving complexion, shortening acne and blemishes and creation your skin glow.

Mix multani mitti with besan turmeric for satisfactory and healthy skin. Cleanse your skin thoroughly; request a skinny covering of this pap on your body, face, throat, chest and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. You can use this diagnosis each day instead of soap.

Blood circulation

Multani mitti pap on any part of a physique helps in improving correct blood circulation. This creates Multani mitti for intense skin an ideal solution.

Warm and cold compresses

You can possibly use it as a comfortable or cold restrict to provide problems of menstrual cramps, flesh pain, sunburn, insect bites and burns.

For a comfortable compress, brew it with lukewarm water and apply.

For a cold compress, brew it with cold water and apply.

Heat relief

Mix to form pap of fuller’s earth done with water. Apply on a whole physique to ease an effect of prohibited feverishness and sunburns. Avoid regulating on chest areas as a high cooling skill can emanate respiratory problems.


Multani mitti is a higher cleaning representative that helps in interesting and discolouring stains of greases, oils, waxes and blood on skin or clothes. This is always found in soaking detergents for soaking greasy clothing.

Benefits of Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti for cleaning  An excellent cleansing mask can be made with multani mitti. It cleans the surface of the skin and cleans from the deeper areas also. It cleans all the impurities from the pores and helps in removing accumulated dead skin cells.

Multani Mitti for scrubbing Multani mitti can be used for scrubbing purpose. It helps in giving a glowing skin after scrubbing. The scrub can be made with roughly grounded almonds or walnuts and mixed with multani mitti and some sugar granules. Scrub the face with this mixture and then wash it off with water.

Multani Mitti for acne and pimples A pack made out of multani mitti and Neem leaves paste helps to get rid of pimple and acne problems. Scars left from pimples can be lightened by adding lemon juice to the paste. The blemishes and acne marks can also be bleached with this pack made from multani mitti.

Multani Mitti for Toning Multani mitti serves as a skin toner and skin tightened.

Multani Mitti for oily skin Multani Mitti is an ideal agent for oily skin. The dust and impurities collected on the oily skin blocks the pores and can cause eruptions. Multani mitti has the power to absorb the oil from the skin and leave it silky and smooth.

Multani Mitti for dry skin Women with dry skin can make a pack of multani mitti by adding milk and almond paste to it.

Best bridal mehandi designs for legs

Mehandi designs for feet makes your legs look beautiful on the wedding day. Along with hands, arms, elbows, and legs are also covered with Mehandi designs on that day. The designs on the feet can either be completely coordinated with the design on the hands or can be completely different from the hand. Ankles feet are filled with traditional designs with a pair of toe rings to get bridal look. A great mehandi design on her feet, ankle, hands, and arms the whole look together along with the rest of the makeup, jewelry, and ensemble. Use can use different types of cone to style your design like black, red, brown. You can also use different color glitter in a floral design ornamented with beautiful crafted henna leaves.

Mehndi is a temporary henna tattoo and it looks as great on hands as well as on feet. There are several variations in the designs of mehndi. It can be simple and plain or it can be made extremely complicated and elaborate. The mehndi   design on the legs begins    from the toesand stretch up to the knees. Applying of mehndi   on hands and feet is considered to be auspicious in Indian and Pakistani culture. It is applied on several occasions of weddings, festivalsand some religious ceremonies.

Abstract design covering the toeAbstract-design-covering-toe

The bridal mehndi design is a combination of many small and simple Arabic and Indian mehandi designs. It has been put together in a systematic way. It gives a notice that the alternate use of the two mangos on the top of the leg. It gives a drastic change where it is paisley throughout.

Traditional and modern mehandi designTraditional-and-modern-mehandi-design

Intricate floral design is perfect for brides as well as bridesmaids. The flower on the feet makes it appear as if the girl is wearing red and maroon big flowers. Flaunt your feet in tones of red and maroon in this mehndi design to get traditional look and it is modern too. They are beautifully decorated with the black cone which gives the most attracting look.

Artistic mehandi designArtistic-Mehandi-Design

An artistic design on upper part of your foot and complementing patterns on your fingers. This design is good to be put on every occasion when you want to adorn your feet beautifully as well as want to keep it simple too. It is a simple Arabic Mehandi design with the same pattern that gives variations in its size. The flowers and design are completely decorated with the accessories. Thus, it gives a sense of coherence for legs. It is completely the deftness of the artist’s talent in drawing of the flower design on the fingers and toes too.

Traditional peacock mehandi designTraditional peacock mehandi design

The beautiful tradition, Arabic mehndi pattern which perfectly suits for every bride. The beauty of this mehendi pattern lies in its extensive detailing throughout. A uniqueness of this design is that the main mehandi pattern with peacocks on your feet and floral design on the legs. This is a design of double peacock. It is easy on the eyes, but high on taste. The curves in this mehendi pattern are drawn perfectly. It looks simple and it requires a steady hand to get the angle of the curve right.

Floral design on legsFlora-design-on-legs

This is a unique leg mehendi design that is sweet. It matches on your saree that it is a perfect design. This bracelet like floral henna design is very different from the others. Though the floral design is simple, the stripes and the detailing on them around the flowers gives this design a very dressy and a grand look. This mehendi design is also has a tribal feel with beautiful flowers and peacock design. This gives a sense of uniformity. It is perfect when worn with a floral ensemble with matching jewelry.

Arabic leg mehandi designArabic-leg-mehandi-design

This design looks beautiful and different because of the shape of the border that outlines the main design comprising of flowers and paisleys. The red nail polish perfectly complements the feet and the design itself. It has been patterned throughout the feet and the legs, including the toes. It has an intelligent use of pattern and space with the simple and sweet leg mehendi design.

Flora, peacock, square mehandi designFlora, peacock, square mehandi design

Here is a beautiful design which gives a different look. This is simple, but amazingly beautiful leg mehndi design. It stands out because it follows the natural curves of the foot and whose outlines are also curved in shape. The mehndi design on the foot looks like Payal on the front and filled with different pattern flowers alternatively. The leg is bordered with diamond shaped filled with flowers and below that it looks like a bracelet which looks more attracting. The upper part if made into a peacock style where it has a different look.

Full leg mehandi design



This elaboratepatternis made of well shaded flowers and leaves running on the side of the entire leg. The black portion of the mehndi stands out against the lighter shade of your skin. The shading also addsdepth to the image. It makes the petals looks more realistic. This design is a little intricate and requires morepatience andtime.

Crown mehandi design



Gujarati mehndi designs are elaborate and intricately detailed. They are mostly opted during weddings because they give an ornamental look. A design like this looks adorns the bride’s foot. The patterns and lines give the appearance of an elaborate anklet adorning the feet. The design extends from the toes to the upper part of the legs with leaves and traditional patterns.

Full leg traditional mehandi design




This is another beautiful mehndi design for leg which is perfect for a bride. It has distinct weave patterns on the feet which fill the complete area without creating a clutter on the foot. It is a mix of traditional and modern patterns of mehndi. The design contains a large number of intricate details which make this design look ornamental and decorative.

Simple mehandi design



This is a simple floral design with shadings. It is suitable foranyone irrespective of age and occasion. The floral stretch along the foot and motifs on the toes give a sophisticated and trendy look to the feet.

Round or circle mehandi design



This one is also a very beautiful mehndi design with very fine details in the front portion of the feet and the toes. But the middle section of the feet is left open and very less design is done in this part. The design is a great combination of modern techniques and traditional patterns.

How to dress stylish in college

College is a place where we all want to appear special and stylish. It is a special time in our lives that do not come back again. So, if you are looking out for ways about how to dress stylish in college here are few tips for you. Wearing the most expensive dresses can surely make you look stylish, but you can make that stylish tag your own even if you do not spend so much on your clothes. In reality, it is more important how you wear your dress and carry yourself than what you wear. So, always keep in mind that it is not the dress but how you wear it that matters most.

Wear tailored dresses

Wearing tailored dresses can actually help you a lot to look stylish. Tailored dresses are stitched according to your size and body shape and hence they fit you well, giving you a perfect look. Wearing a dress that is not a perfect fit can never make you look stylish. While tailoring your dress make it a point that it highlights your best features and hides the not so good ones. So, if you have some extra fat in the waist region, instruct the tailor to ensure that the dress highlights the bust line and not the middle part of the body.

Opt for unique designs

Another benefit of opting for tailored dresses is that it enables you to implement your unique styles in what you wear. You can easily add ribbons, buttons or a unique neck design to your tailored dress to ensure that it looks most stylish on you. Believe us, if you can add unique specialties to your dresses, they can make you look more stylish even than those branded clothes. So, think of new ideas and implement them in your dresses to make them really unique.

Ensure that your dress is clean and in proper condition

This is a must pre-requisite to dress stylish to college. Your clothes, no matter what you are wearing should be clean, pressed and in proper condition to wear. Un-cleaned and not so well maintained clothing can never make you look stylish even if they are from expensive brands. Also ensure that your clothes smell well.

Put on a jacket

This is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure that your dress looks stylish in college. No matter what you are wearing today, a simple pair of jeans and tops, a salwar suit, a long skirt, a small dress or whatever, just put on a jacket over it. You do not even need to look out for a matching color, just opt for any color and design that you prefer. However, the trick is, you should not button it up and let it be on you casually. You can opt for a simple denim jacket, a leather one or even a cotton hand designed one according to your likings. The colors of the jacket can be anything, just ensure it suits you.

Stick to the classics

To dress stylish to your college you need not to go with the trends always. Stay close to the classics and you will look effortlessly stylish. You can always follow the trends once in a while, but it is the classics that makes you most comfortable. So, pick the classic dresses like jeans and a T-shirt, a salwar suit or a skirt or whatever that makes you feel comfortable and confident and wear it with style.

Put on a scarf

A scarf is a simple thing which when worn in the right way can actually make the difference. Collect scarfs in different colors, materials and designs and use them with your dress to make yourself look effortlessly stylish. You can use both short and long scarfs and wear them in different styles.

Go for layering

Layering is something that can give you a stylish look with ease. Whatever is your outfit, consider layering. If you are wearing a crop top follow it with a jacket. If you are putting a shirt on, wear a body hugging T-shirt underneath and leave the buttons of the shirt open. Always ensure that the clothes that you are wearing inside are well fitted and the layering is not actually making you look fat.

Adopt the half-tucked in style

If you are wearing jeans or any trouser, consider tucking in only the front of the T-shirt, top, sweater or whatever you are putting on. The half-tucked in style gives a casual look and it simply increases your style quotient instantly. This style trick can actually make you get the stylish tag in college without doing anything much.

Consider folding up the sleeves

If you are wearing a full sleeved shirt or salwar, consider folding up the sleeves to quarter. You can always opt for long sleeved clothes and fold up the sleeves to look stylish. In fact you can use the same for your trousers or that loose jeans as well. Folding up the lower lose part of the trouser for a few inches can give you a stylish look instantly.

Wear a belt on your waist

If you are wearing a loose dress, consider tucking it in with a belt at the waist. Opt for wider belts and the ones without much bling. You should wear these belts over your dress and they can help you look not only stylish but also taller and well-toned by highlighting your waist area.

Accessorize your dress

This is another way to dress stylish to college. Add a broche, a chain a beautiful pin or any other accessory that gives a bling, on your dress. Pin it or stitch it up according to requirement. Keep in mind that you are attaching it at the right place of the dress and it should not come off on its own.

Wear the right shoe

A high heel shoe can actually make you appear stylish in college, but if it is not very comfortable for you, it is of no use. So, put on a pair of shoe that looks stylish but is comfortable to wear on for the whole day. You can easily opt for those stylish flip flops with just any dress to look gorgeous. The ankle length leather or canvas shoes can also go well with dresses that show your legs.

How to dress stylish to the office

Every office has a dress code and you cannot really ruin your reputation trying to ditch it. However, you can dress stylish to office even after maintaining all those dress codes; and if you are really interested to know how, here is the answer. Just read on to know how you can dress stylish to office,

Wear tailored clothes

The first step to make your office wear stylish is to wear tailored clothes. Instruct your tailor to strictly stick to the office cuts and not to go for anything flowy. You can surely buy the branded ones from the store, but only after ensuring that they are a perfect fit for your size and figure. Your dress needs to be an exact fit with your body and also something that highlights your best features. So, pick office dresses keeping these factors in mind.

Pick the right color

To make your office dress look stylish on you picking the right color is also important. It is not that you only have to wear black and navy and grey to the office, there are many off-colors like burgundy, olive, plum, bluish slate that can be appropriate to wear even to the most conservative offices. So, pick colors that are unusual and looks great on you.

Pair it up with a jacket

You can always pair up your office dress with a jacket, just keep in mind that your jacket looks formal enough for the office. You can either wear well fit jackets on the top of your office dress or going for an oversized jacket can also be a nice option to look stylish instantly. You can even wear a short sleeve jacket on a long sleeve dress to get a stylish look; only keep in mind that you do not pick something too gorgeous that can make you look out of the place.

Go for prints over solids

Solids are surely one of the most worn patterns for offices, but even the prints can go fine. Pair up a solid top with a printed bottom wear to make it appear stylish and yet official. However, always stay away from those colorful floral prints; they are not for office. You can opt for small geometrical prints in natural muted colors to wear for office. This will not only make you look different but will also make you more stylish.

Opt for pin-stripe trousers

Pin stripe rousers make an ideal and stylish office wear. They also make one appear taller which can add a lot to the personality of the person. Pair pinstripe trousers with a solid shirt and jacket to look most stylish in your office wear.

Layer it up

Layering your clothes gives you an instant stylish look. So, while dressing for office, try out layering. Ensure that the clothes you put underneath are well fitted so that they do not make you look fat. While layering also stick to official designs and clothes, just add up on the layers.

Show off printed blouse under a solid shirt

This style can actually give you a stylish look instantly. Wear a long sleeved printed blouse and layer it up with a short sleeved solid shirt. The hands of the printed blouse should remain visible. This style can be a bit bold but if you can carry it well it can actually help you to look most stylish in your office.

Opt for folded sleeves

This is a very basic and classic way to dress stylish to your office. Instead of wearing a short sleeve shirt or tops opt for a long sleeved one and then fold the sleeve to quarter. This is a classic style which still holds its appeal and can never fail to show its charm on you.

Try out different patterns of stripes

Stripes can actually make one look stylish when worm in the right way. Experiment with different types of stripes when dressing for office, and always make it a point to pair up the stripes with a solid bottom or upper wear.

Wear that high-waisted bottoms

High waisted bottoms are back in style and if you maintain a perfect figure, what can be better than a high waisted bottom wear paired with a shirt for office. Typically opt for full or quarter sleeve tops or shirts with high-waisted bottom wear when dressing for office.

Try out different neck styles

The general office code is to not to put on anything with a deep neck; but even without going deep, you can experiment a lot with the necks of your office attire. Opt for high neck tops along with the round necks. The boat neck ones paired with a formal cut can also give you a stylish office look.

Pair it up with an open shoe

The normal office shoes are actually boring. You can easily replace them for dark or white colored, open and lacy shoes with a heel size in which you are most comfortable.

Home remedies to remove spectacle marks on the nose

Spectacle marks are formed on the nose of people who have to use spectacles on regular basis. Small indents are formed and the skin becomes dark on the parts where the nose pads of the spectacles touch the skin. The friction of the skin with the spectacle pads cause hyperpigmentation. If the frame of the spectacles is too tight or ill-fitting on the nose, a small indent can be formed on the nose.

People wearing spectacles continuously will ideally develop spectacle marks on the face as the rubber bud or fiber holding the nose put pressure on it and tends to become a mark if individual wear this on a continuous fashion. This is the reason why most of the people do not like to wear spectacles for a long time. But, if they don’t wear it, this can easily lead to increase in power in their eyes. Thus, the best way will be to avail some simple home remedies to cure the mark over the nose due to continuous wear of spectacles.

People can vouchsafe for the fact that wearing spectacles for any length of time can lead to the development of a permanent scar on the surface of the nose. Regular usage of eyeglasses on the nose will come in contact with the skin. There is nothing to wear spectacles and it is impossible to remove the scars on your nose that bear evidence to your habit. That it leads to scars on nose due to hyper pigmentation of the skin. Instead of that, some are using contact lenses. It is better to choose less weight, eye glasses and extra soft nose pads.

There are plenty of natural cleanser packs that are available in the market that is safe for the skin. Clean your face twice or thrice daily to remove all the impurities like dead skin cells. After that it is essential to apply a moisturizer to avoid skin getting dry and the pigmentation problem increases.

Tips to remove scars from your nose

Promote healing

If you are continually wearing spectacles, then your skin will damage and causes scarring on the nose. Cleanse your skin and keep the area free from bacteria and infection. Cleanse your nose surface at least twice daily to remove dirt.

Proper moisturizing

A scar causes tissues, which require regular moisturizing regime to make it soft and the skin. Use a non-oily proper moisturizing cream twice daily in the area regularly.

Natural bleaching

Bleaching the scar area make it appear as an extension of your regular skin surface that makes your skin soft.

Apply toner

Proper toning of the skin deal with nose scars. The toner helps your skin area stronger and more elastic.

Natural remedies for spectacle marks

Potato or tomato

Take a fresh potato or tomato and slice them. Rub any one of the slices on the affected area. Repeat it on regular basis. It helps to clear the spectacle scars within a few days.


Take some honey, milk, and oat. Mix them well and apply the paste on your affected region. Let it moisturize the area and reduce the spectacle marks. This helps to reduce the scars.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix equal quantities of water and apple cider vinegar. Massage your nose with this solution. It helps to fade out the dark marks that are caused due to wearing glasses.

Orange peel

Take some dried orange peel and grind them into powder. Mix some milk in the powder and prepare a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your scars and let it dry. This helps to clear the pigmented marks.

Almond oil

Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E. Take some almond oil and regularly massage your nose with it to get away the dark marks.


Take a cucumber and cut it into slices. Rub cucumber slice on the affected area. Squeeze the juice of cucumber. Add potato and tomato juice into it. Mix them well. Apply this mixture on your nose with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it till dry. Rinse them off with cold water to get rid of darkness on the nose.

Lemon juice

Take a fresh lemon juice and extract juice from it. Mix few drops of water into it. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and apply it on the affected are on the nose. Repeat it daily. This is the best home remedy to get rid of spectacle marks on the nose.

Aloe vera

Extract aloe vera gel from the leaf. Apply it on the scars and let it dry for some time. It helps to remove black marks.

Rose water

Rose water acts a toner that will help to remove the tan. Mix vinegar in rose water and apply on the pigmentation. Let the marks disappear and have good appearance.

Precaution you have to take

  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and dryness skin.
  • Thick lenses or heavy frame can cause pigmented marks on your nose. So it is better to wear light weight glasses.
  • Use a skin moisturizer on the affected skin.
  • Wash your glasses with an antibacterial soap. Bacteria build – up on glasses that can cause redness and pigmentation of the skin.

Home remedies to remove spectacle marks on nose

Fresh strawberry juice

In most of the places strawberries are readily available either in the fruit market or super markets. Just take half a strawberry, peel it and make a juice of it. Apply it over your nose on both the sides where you can see marks. This will help removing facial scars and mark easily.

Oats and milk

As we all know that oats is very healthy for our health, keeping oat at our kitchen has become very common. You can now make a pack with hot milk and oat and let it cool down. Apply this over your nose and see the difference.

Olive oil

A healthy home would always keep olive oil at kitchen for cooking purpose. Take few drops of olive oil from the bottle in the kitchen and apply it over your nose where you have mark. Allow it to stay overnight and wash away.

Sea salt with lavender oil

You can also make a wonderful scrubber with lavender oil and a pinch of salt. Combine it and apply over the portion where you have the trouble of spectacle mark. Slowly rub it and act as a scrubber. The natural exfoliate with remove dark spot easily.

Home Remedies for Spectacle Marks

There are several ways to get rid of these spectacle marks. Some home remedies can lighten these marks and also clear them completely in the course of time. Some of the most effectivenatural ingredientsto clear spectacle marks are honey, apple cider vinegar, almond oil, lemon juice, rosewater and milk.

Tomato and Cucumber Paste

Tomato and cucumber contain number of natural acids which have the power to clear the dirt from the upper layer of the skin and soothe the skin in a natural manner. Make a paste of tomato and cucumber and apply it on the nose. Leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off with old water.

Almond Milk and Rose Water

These two natural ingredients help to get an even skin tone and a fair complexion. This liquid can be prepared by soaking almonds in water overnight. In the morning crush and grind the almonds with some rose water.  Apply the liquid on the sides of the nose before wearing the spectacles.

Diet and Water

Besides all remedies one needs to take a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetableswhich will help to keep the skin nourished and healthy and prevent marks. Dehydrated skin becomes dry and can be easily damaged.  One must consume plenty of water to keep the skin moist and hydrated. Water will also help to flush out the toxins from the skin.

How to prepare a henna hair pack at home

Henna is an outstanding herb that can be utilized to condition and color your hair. All women and young girls love to have silky hair. Henna has great properties and is very beneficial for hair. If used daily can make wonders to your hair. Henna is the beauty secret for long, dark, and healthy hair. Use henna for hair growth.

Henna is a transparent dye that coats the hair shaft, binding with the keratin. It conditions the hair, giving it shine and body, in addition to a rich red color. Because it is a transparent dye, it will not change the color of your hair, only coat it with color. If you are dyeing your hair to cover the gray hairs will come out a bright, almost pink orange.

Applying henna on the hair is a treatment, which provides two in one benefit. It helps to condition your hair naturally and at the same time adds beautiful color to your hair.

Henna which is popularly known as mehndi in the South Asian countries has been used in hair care since ages. It is a leaf that is dried and grounded into powder form to be used for hair health.

Hindi henna for hair growth ]

Henna hair pack

  • Take a pure quality herbal henna
  • Required amount of water
  • Half lemon juice or 3 tablespoons of curd
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 tablespoon instant coffee powder
  • 2 tablespoon tea powder
  • 1 cup beetroot juice
  • Mix herbal powder

Herbal powder can be prepared by using 1 tablespoon of Manjistha powder + 1 tablespoon of Bhringraj+3 tablespoon of Amla powder+1 tablespoon of shikakai powder. Soak the above ingredients overnight.

Preparation method

Firstly, select a good brand of herbal henna. Make sure that the henna should be olive green in color and smell nice. Take vessel put water and tea leaves. Ensure you keep the vessel on low flame. Once the water starts boiling, switch off the gas, and keep this mixture aside to cool down. Strain the water and discard the tea leaves and let it come to room temperature. Take an iron vessel than adds tea water to it. Henna will depend upon the length of your hair.

Add henna and mix it with your finger tips or spoon. Keep mixing until there are no lumps. Now add the instant coffee powder. Mix herbal powder and as per given in the ingredients above. Mix everything with a spoon.

Keep this mixture soaked overnight or you can use in 6 hours. Henna needs to get soaked properly, then only will give good color to your hair. It’s better if you use iron vessel because it help in oxidizing and give deep, rich color and tint to your hair.

Add egg white to that mixture and mix it well, it is optional. Now add either curd/lime juice to the mixture to enhance the color. Lime helps in giving highlights to grey hair. It is better to use curd instead of lime juice because it may grey your hair.

Apply oil to your hair for about 1 hour before applying henna. You can cover your head with a hot damp cloth after you apply henna to enrich henna color. Also apply a little oil to your forehead and skin areas near your scalp. This will help your skin not to get dried up once henna is dried on your head.

Leave this henna pack for about 2-3 hours. First rinse your hair properly and try to remove the henna with plain water. Now you can use a mild shampoo and wash your hair gently. Then use a conditioner for colored hair. Pat dried towel on your head and rub it gently else your hair might break.

Tips on henna

  • Henna can make your hair brittle and dry so keep oiling your hair. You can also apply oil before application of henna.
  • Its better you don’t use any soap or shampoo after applying henna. You can rinse your hair with plain water and use a good conditioner to remove tangles if any.
  • It also protects the hair from sun damage and damage from styling with hot irons and blow dryers.
  • You can straight away apply the henna pack to your hair. Also note henna color will darken on your hair the next day post application.

Benefits of henna

Henna helps to repair the roots of the hair by nourishing them with some natural properties which are close to proteins… It adds shine and lustrous to the hair. Henna is also used as a temporary dye for colouring grey hair and in helping the common hair problems of itching and dandruff in the scalp. It has cooling and conditioning effect on the scalp that helps to get rid of dryness of the hair.

Cooling effect: If you apply regularly henna to your hair your head will stay cool. It’s great to apply during summers and has got great antiseptic properties.

Helps in hair growth: Henna has natural properties which will promote new hair growth and make your hair strong, healthy, wealthy, and complete.

Hair problems and dandruff: Henna helps in control of dandruff, irritation of scalp and itching to head. Once you use it daily, you will realize henna benefits on your hair

Grey hair: Regular application of henna will completely cover your grey hair and will curb graying to a larger extent.

Ways to prepare henna hair pack

  • Henna and freshly brewed black tea along with lemon juice is a good conditioner and is also used to give colour to the hair. This pack is prepared by soaking henna overnight in water or in freshly brewed black tea. Drops of lemon juice and some essential oil can be added to this mixture before applying the paste on the hair and scalp. Leave it for an hour before washing it off with lukewarm water.
  • Henna and mustard oil can be used to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth. Boil leaves of henna in mustard oil and leave it to cool. Strain the leaves and use the oil to massage the head. Lemon juice and curd can also be added to the oil before massaging.
  • Henna and fenugreek seeds used as a mask can cure several hair problems like itching, dandruff and dryness. This mask can be prepared by soaking fenugreek seeds overnight. Grind them in the morning and mix with henna powder and mustard oil. Apply this paste on the head and leave it to dry for about half an hour. Then wash the hair using a mild shampoo.

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Best night creams for fairness in India – Best skin whitening night creams

If you wake up dull and gloomy in the morning, you might need some homework for the night before! Night creams come with some exclusive ingredients which day creams do not. Here, you can see the best night cream for fairness in India. You can see the best whitening night cream in India. This is the prime reason why people stress of having two different creams for two separate times of the day. Night creams are beneficial for a lot of reasons and the prime factor is that it gets adequate time to seep into your skin and make its ingredients work. We have listed down some of the best whitening night creams which will not only maintain a healthier face but will also let you have a fairer and fresher look every morning.

Best night creams for fairness in India

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Laser Overnight Treatment Cream, 50ml

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Laser Overnight

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This cream includes Pro-Vanish active whitening technology along with 3 active ingredients of Vitamin B3, BHA and Procystein. All of these are blended together to give you a brightened skin tone. Specifically, Vitamin B3 helps in hampers the production or transfer of melanin, Procystin neutralizes the free radicals and helps you have the natural cellular repairing activities. Improve your skin’s condition and boost newer cells to form.

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Night Cream, 40g

Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Night Cream

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This is going to solve your dull morning face problem eternally! This is a new complete night care cream from Garnier and the results are going to leave you amazed. The cream works like a magic potion, and with regular application you shoo away all your skin problems. Apply it every night for seeing a glowing up face the next morning.

Olay Natural White 7 in One Night Cream (50g)

Olay Natural White 7 in One Night Cream

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Olay has been doing wonders by providing creams for all ages. This is a 7 in one night cream, which is not only going to help you brighten your face, but also maintaining a healthier look throughout, which is spot free and model-like.

Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Night Essence Skin Cream Moisturizer, 50g

Olay White Radiance Advanced Whitening Night Essence Skin Cream Moisturizer

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This cream leaves effects of a magic wand while you are fast asleep! The cream in applied on the exterior, but it brings brightness from within. Revitalize, work and nourish your skin for bringing back the lost fairness. The cream has a Vitamin B3 and C, along with mulberry extracts which removes dark spots and evens out skin. Give your skin a smoother texture and whiten it with time.

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream – 50g

Oriflame Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream

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This night cream hydrates your skin and improves the texture. It contains patented antioxidants, Lingon 50:50 which protects your skin from stress and keeps it active. It also has Rumex, oxygen and SPF 15, and the formulation is specially adapted for normal skin. Keep applying every night and retain moisture. Also keep protected from sun tanning and pollution.

Olay Natural White 7 In One Fairness Night Skin Cream SPF 24, 50gm

Olay Natural White 7 In One Fairness Night Skin Cream SPF 24

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This Olay cream has been formulated with triple nutrient system which treats your skin with the contents of Vitamins B3, pro-B5 & E. All of these help you regain your lost glow. Apply this night cream, which has been powered with glycerin and prevents dark spots and blemishes. You will wake up to, a fairer you, every morning and they will be effects of natural ingredients with no corresponding side effects.

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream Oily Skin 50ml

Optimals White Oxygen Boost Night Cream Oily Skin

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This night cream has oxygen boost which repairs the skin’s cell and whitens the complex. The cream also benefits you with an oil absorbing powder which sucks up the excess oil and makes the surface look non-greasy. Have your skin moisturized while the skin is soft and non-oily. Experience a fresher feeling each morning and also a visibly lighter tone.

Ponds Flawless White Night Cream, 50g

Ponds Flawless White Night Cream

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This night treatment cream is known as a re-brightening treatment! The creams help you repair skin damage and it actively works while you are off to sleep. Unveil a lighter skin tone which is reduced of blemishes and dark spots. It is quite effective in removing spots which also result in a brighter and cleaner looking skin.

Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Smoothing Brightening Night Cream 50ml/1.7oz

Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent Smoothing Brightening Night Cream

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This is for all Asian skin and contains Trans-Luminescent Complex for brightening skin tone. The cream creates “micro-mirrors” on skin due to such complex and intensely moisturizes overnight. It is unique due to the Indian Kino which boosts up a desquamation throughout the night. This process promotes cell regeneration and due to the lemon extract you also reveal a clearer, smoother and fairer skin. Experience the goodness of a dermatologically tested cream, which is non-cosmetic in nature.

Oriflame Optimals White Night Cream

Oriflame is a popular beauty brand with a variety of products. This product is specially formulated with night cream ingredients, and it also has whitening properties due to the liquorice extracts. Give your skin an improved shine with the regular application of this cream. The cream keeps your face stay hydrated all through the night and develops an even tone.

Fade Out White Original Moisturizing Cream, 50g

Fade Out White Original Moisturising Cream

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This is a British product, which includes active natural ingredients, for giving you a distinguished look within a month! This cream will restore your youthful and beautiful skin, which is brightened. This cream is suitable for all types of skin.

o3+ Dermal Zone Night Repair Cream – 50g (3 inch ), White

o3+ Dermal Zone Night Repair Cream

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O3+ presents to you a white colored night cream which repairs your skin while you are off to sleep! The cream has been dermatologically approved and has botanical extracts and vitamins.

Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream, 50ml

Vichy Bi-White Med Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream

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With stressful work regime, we tend to neglect our skin problems. Some of the common problems like hyper pigmentation, excess oil, dryness or dullness are common issues which need intensive care. Vichy is one of the leads in skin care products and they have presented such an effective cream to get you back your natural face glow. The formula works fast and leaves you with a radiant complex from the very initial applications.

L’Oreal Revitalift White Anti-Wrinkle + Anti-Spot Night Cream 50Ml

 L'Oreal Revitalift White Anti-Wrinkle

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This is an amazing anti-wrinkle cream which also reduces your spots and brightens your skin. The cream is non-oily and yet leaves your face with a silky essence. Unveil the silky texture of your skin and feel the power of Pro-Retinol, which reduces the signs of aging. Promote cell renewal from the skin’s external part and sense the epidermis thicken overnight! The cream intensely hydrates your skin and hinders melanin formation.

White System Whitening Repair Night Care 50ml/1.6oz

White System Whitening Repair Night Care

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This is a rejuvenating night cream, which whitens your skin with regular application. The cream includes Pentapeptide which repairs your skin and improves the cellular level. The cream has been formulated with Hypopigmentaline which hinders melanin production and reduces discoloration. Help your face reduce dark spots and optimize the energy of the cell environment with additional cellular water. This cream has also been made with special Time Control System, which rewinds the aging process and unveils a younger looking skin.

Herbage Herbal Herba Overnight Cream, White, 50 Gms

Herbage Herbal Herba Overnight Cream, White

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This cream intensely nourishes your face and is added to the goodness of sweet almond oil, oatmeal, lavender extract and shea butter. It soothes nighttime itchiness and lets you have a softer skin. With regular application, you will feel your skin to be more moisturized and see a brightened glow.

For optimal effectiveness, massage cream on your skin and stroke upward. Let it soak in and feel the difference in the morning

Faces Firming Night Cream Karanja Oil & Organic White Tea 30ml/1oz

Faces Firming Night Cream Karanja Oil & Organic White Tea

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This is a firming cream, which revitalizes your skin overnight! The cream includes active ingredients of Karanja Oil which refines the texture. It is also infused with organic and fair trade white tea, which works like the shield against the free radicals and maintains healthier skin. You finally have Hyaluronic Acid which boosts the moisture level and reduces fine lines and wrinkling. Discover a younger you which is also blessed with a fairer complexion.

Carita Ideal White Creme De Nuit Cristalline – 50Ml/1.69Oz

Carita Ideal White Creme De Nuit Cristalline

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This night cream leaves optimum nourishment. The rich texture melts into the skin and repairs harshness. It is also known to boost cell renewal which revitalizes your skin tone. Unveil silkier face, which is fresh and supple.

Sacred Lotus Gold Leaf Night Cream

Sacred Lotus Gold Leaf Night Cream

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Help yourself repair and restore younger looking skin. This night cream has revitalizes your face after a tiring day under the sun and pollutions. It has been created with natural ingredients and it helps you brighten your skin tone.

Natural home remedies to get rid of tan around your chin

Dark skin patches around the mouth are a result of too much of pigmentation which may be caused by factors like hormonal changes, lifestyle changes and over exposure to the sun. These darkpatches around the lips look unattractive and makes one conscious of it.  This problem normally develops in winter or monsoon season. There are several sunscreens lotions and creams to remove this tanning but these remedies are often not very effective.

There can be dark skin patches around the mouth due to too much of pigmentation which may be cause by several factors like hormonal changes and over exposure to the sun. The dark patch around the lips look unattractive and one is constantly conscious of it. There are several home remedies to get rid of it.

Most of the people are facing this problem during monsoon and winter season. Dark skin discoloration around mouth is due to increase in pigmentation of the skin. The change is due to hormonal changes and lifestyle that make the skin darker around the mouth. The dead skin cells cause dry skin and skin discoloration. It makes your face unattractive. The skin around the mouth is somewhat darker than the rest of the face. Homemade tips make discoloration of skin around mouth.

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Home remedies for dark chin that around the mouth

Salt face packs

Take some salt and mix it with essential oil in a small bowl. Add a teaspoon of honey and blend it to get a smooth texture. Add lemon juice and blend it with spoon. The mixture is used as a scrub. Gently scrub in a circular motion on the dark skin. Repeat it twice a week to remove tan from the face.

Lemon and honey pack

Lemon and honey are effective in removing sun tan from face. Mix equal proportions of honey and lemon. Apply it directly on the tanned skin. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with water using a mild soap. It fights against sun tan and particularly on the day you are exposed to sun rays for long hours.

Egg facial

Break 2 eggs and separate egg white and yolk. Take egg white and add honey, lemon juice with equal proportions to form a thick paste. Cleanse it off with a face and a mild face wash. Or you can use raw milk as a cleanser. Pat it dry and spread it over the affected area. Leave it till dry and wash it off with water to remove the tan.

Milk, lemon pack

Mix three tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of lemon in a bowl. Stir them together and let it dissolve together to form a thick creamy paste. Apply it on tanned part and leave it for about 15 – 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with water and let it dry.

Lemon and glycerin pack

Take some glycerin and lemon with equal proportions. Mix them well and apply this mixture on the affected area. Let it dry and wash it off with water. Pat it dry and apply night cream to remove sun tan and get supple skin.

Gram flour face pack

Take some gram flour or besan. Mix it with required amount of water and rub it all over your skin. Wash it off with water to get fairer skin. It is a great home remedy for sun tan of oily skin.

Aloe vera gel

Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area and leave it for about 15 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. It gives a fairer and smoother skin.

Sandalwood, turmeric pack

Sandalwood and turmeric are great ingredients for treating sun tan. Mix them well together with equal proportions and add some rose water into it. Apply this paste on tanned area and leave it for about 30 minutes. Dry it off and wash it with cold water.

Cucumber and lemon juice

Prepare a mixture of cucumber and lime juice. Mix them well and apply it over the mouth. Leave it over 20 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.

Gram flour, turmeric powder, and yogurt

Prepare a mixture of gram flour turmeric powder and half a cup of curd. Mix them well to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected area and let it dry for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water.

Potato juice

Potatoes are best whitening agent. Rub sliced potato on dry and dark skin around the mouth. Leave till it dry completely. Then wash it off with water. Repeat it for about 15 days to get results.

Almond oil

It helps to get fair skin. Apply some almond oil or almond paste on the dark area around the mouth. Leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water.

Dry green pea’s powder

This powder makes wonder to dark and dry skin. Take 2 tablespoons of dry green peas, few drops of lemon juice, pinch of turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and add milk or curd. Prepare a thick paste with the above ingredients. Apply this paste on dry and dark skin around mouth. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Then wash it off with normal water. Repeat it daily to avoid tanning and pimples.

Oatmeal an oatmeal mask helps to keep the dark areas around the chin clean and reduce pigmentation. The mask is prepared by mixing oatmeal, tomato juice and curds. This paste can be safely applied on the affected part and washed off after 15 minutes.

Milk cream Milk cream helps to moisturise the dry skin which is more prone to dark spots. This paste can be made by mixing a pinch of turmeric powder with some milk cream. This paste can be washed from the face after 10 minutes or it can be left overnight and then washed with cold water.

Egg yolk, honey and lemon juice helps to get rid of acne marks as well marks of pigmentation around the mouth. Apply this paste on the dark spots and leave it to dry completely.

Orange peel and yogurt make a perfect scrub to lighten the dark spots around the chi by scrubbing off the dead skin cells and improving circulation of the blood in that area. Apply a thick mixture of orange peel and yogurt on the spots and keep scrubbing for some time… Leave it on for a few seconds and then wash it off with cold water.

Tomato juice Tomato juice contains lycopene which has skin lightening properties. This juice will help in reduce the discoloration around the mouth effectively. Tomato juice is also helpful in lightening the colour of the sun tan skin.

Rose water and glycerine a mixture of glycerine and rose helps to remove the darkness around the mouth caused by dryness. This mixture can be applied on the affected area and left overnight before washing.

Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon face pack is found to be helpful in getting rid of tan around the chin. Mix honey and lemon juice and apply it on the dark patches around the chin. Leave it to dry for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. Lemon and honey help to bleach, soothe and moisturize the skin.

Tomato, lemon juice and yogurt

Tomato, lemon juice and yogurt face pack can be used regularly to remove tan from the skin around the chin. Mix together tomato pulp, yogurt and lemon juice and apply it on the tanned areas. Leave it for about half an hour and then rinse it with water.

Papaya and milk for removing suntan

Papaya and milk are two wonder ingredients to for remove suntan. Mix mashed papaya and milk to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the skin around the chin and leave it to dry. Then wash it off with cold water.

Seeds and Oils

A combination of seeds and oils help to remove the dirt and clean the outer layer of the skin by exfoliating the dead skin cells. This remedy is a simple remedy done by applying a combination of sesame seed oil, olive oil and almond oil on the face. After 15 minutes the scrub besan on the face and wash it with water.

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Best homemade face pack with pomegranate

Pomegranate is loaded with antioxidants and has high levels of Vitamin A, E and C.  It is found to be effective in delaying premature ageing.  Pomegranate makes the skin smooth, soft, and glowing. It has the properties that can solve number of skin problems like wrinkles, age spots and acne marks. It also lightens and brightens the skin tone.Pomegranate is used in making many cosmetic products like cleansers, moisturisers and masks.

Pomegranate is a well known fruit that is full of nutritional value. It is a great source of vitamin K, B, C and rich in fiber. It can protect the cells against the harmful free radicals in the body. It contains anti-oxidant property. The fruit is helpful for glowing skin and has a great medicinal property like flower, leaves, fruit, oil, rind, bark, root and the juice.

Pomegranate can purify the blood. It can improve the texture of the skin. The peel of pomegranate can be used as an effective face pack of different skin types. This can vanishes fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, leaving skin fair and radiant.

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Homemade pomegranate face packs

Oily skin

Take the peels of pomegranate and cut them into small pieces. Allow it to dry. When it gets completely dried, grind them to get a smooth powder and store it in an airtight container for further usage. Take some powder and mix lemon juice and rose water into it. Mix them well and apply them on your face and neck. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash them off with lukewarm water. Wash it off with clean cold water and pat it dry.

Dry skin

Gently wash your face with warm water. Mix pomegranate peel powder with honey and milk. Mix them well and apply this smooth paste on your face and neck. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Then wash it off with water. Pat it dry and apply a moisturizer.

Normal skin

Take some pomegranate peel powder and mix it with fuller’s earth and rose water. Mix them well and apply this paste on your face and relax as well. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Then wash it off with water as it gives cooling effect.

Radiant skin

Take 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder in a glass bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of raw honey into it. Mix them well and also add fresh pomegranate juice in it. Mix all the ingredients well and it gives you a fine smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face before going to bed. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water. Pat it dry.

You can also use the same facial mask on your face with the help of fingertips. Gentle massage it for about 2 – 3 minutes. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. Then apply rose water and moisturizer to your face that suits you best.

Combination skin

Take 1 teaspoon of pomegranate juice, 2 – 3 drops of almond oil, 1 teaspoon of rice flour. Prepare pomegranate juice from one pomegranate. Take 1 teaspoon of pomegranate juice and add almond oil and rice flour into it. Mix them well and apply it on your face. Leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Pomegranate and honey face pack

Prepare a paste by mixing few pomegranate seeds and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix them well and apply it on your face and neck. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Then wash it off with water. Repeat it for 2 – 3 times a week for best results.

Pomegranate and cocoa face pack

Cocoa is rich in antioxidant and has the same benefits of skin as pomegranate. Mix them well. Blend few pomegranate seeds into a paste and add them in cocoa powder. Prepare a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck. Leave it for some time, then wash it off with water.

Pomegranate and green tea face pack

Both green tea and pomegranate can rejuvenate your skin, brighten up the skin tone. Prepare a mixture of pomegranate in a blender. Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt, some green tea and 1 tablespoon of pomegranate paste. Mix them well and also add 1 tablespoon of honey to it. Apply them on your face and neck. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Then wash it off with water.

Pomegranate and lemon face pack

Take some freshly prepared pomegranate paste, add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply it on your face and neck with cotton. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Then rinse it off with water to remove tan and get refreshed glowing skin.

Pomegranate and yogurt face pack

This face pack helps to soften your skin and also brighten the glow. Prepare a paste of few pomegranate seeds. Add 1 tablespoon of yogurt to it. Mix them well and apply it on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then wash it off with water.

Pomegranate and oatmeal mask

This mask is prepared by cutting off the crown of the fruit and splitting it into four parts without separating it. Leave it in a bowl of cold water to become soft Roll out the juice sacs with the fingers. Strain and keep back the seeds. Make a smooth paste with these seeds and oatmeal in the blender. Add some honey and buttermilk in this paste. Mix well and apply the mask on the face. Leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Pomegranate Peel Face Pack

The skin of pomegranate is said to be more beneficial for the skin than the seeds itself. The skin is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C and E which help to reduce the sagging skin and wrinkles. It helps in purifying the blood and in improving the skin tone by nourishing the skin.

The pack is prepared by mixing pomegranate peel powder with honey and lemon juice into a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the face and leave it to dry on the face for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Pomegranate peel and besan face pack

This is an ideal pack for dry skin. It is made with pomegranate peel, milk crème and besan.  It can be made with dry pomegranate peel powder or the peels can be grated and crushed. Add besan and milk cream to it and make a smooth paste of creamy consistency. Apply this paste on the face and leave it for 20 minutes before washing it off.

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Multani mitti for hair care

Multani mitti is a natural ingredient as Betonite. It has the capacity to help in removing the impurities from the skin without producing any side effects to the skin. It is typical to get long and strong hair in these days due to highly polluted world. It can fight against all hair problems. It is best, natural beauty ingredient that can be used commonly to treat all kind of skin problems like acne, oily skin, pimples, blemishes etc.

Multani mitti is natural clay that is mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, and water. It has great cleansing and oil absorbing properties that will help you to get rid of a number of hair issues.  It works better for hair also to get rid of split ends, oily hair, dry hair, dandruff. It acts as a cleansing agent that does not cause any damage to the hair.

Multani ‘mitti’ is also known as fuller’s earth is a type of mud containing silica, iron oxide and alumina which makes it a good hair care agent.Several types of hair masks are prepared using multani mitti or fuller’s earth with other natural ingredients to get rid of oily hair, split ends and dandruff.

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Benefits for hair

  • Multani mitti strengthens the hair from the roots.
  • It helps in proper blood circulation in the skin from where the hair grows.
  • It works as a wonderful hair conditioner when used alone, but it can be used with many other ingredients to help in different problems of the hair like split ends, dandruff, acne etc.
  • It helps in removing toxins from the hair and scalp easily and has the properties to absorb excess oil from oily hair.
  • It is mild in nature, hence has no side effects or harms the skin in any way.
  • Multani mitti prevents hair fall by nourishing the roots and keeping the hair follicles safe.
  • Multani mitti is a good hair conditioner and helps to get rid of dandruff, acne and other skin problems of the scalp.

Natural hair packs with Multani mitti

Multani mitti for dry hair

Multani mitti have natural moisture of your hair, honey, and yogurt. Yogurt helps to put a stop of frequent hair fall. It keeps your scalp dandruff free and makes your hair glossy. Take 4 teaspoons of Multani mitti, 2 teaspoons of honey, ½ cup of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl and apply it all over your hair and scalp. Repeat it twice a week to your dry hair soft and silky.

Multani mitti pack for hair loss problems

Use this hair wash that will reduce your hair fall significantly and will get excellent result in one month. It is also known to stimulate the hair roots and promotes your hair growth. Take 4 tablespoons of Multani mitti, 2 tablespoons of curd, 1 tablespoon of black pepper powder. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and blend them together. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes. Then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Mutlani mitti pack for split ends

Take 4 tablespoons of Multani mitti, 2 tablespoons of curd. Before applying this pack massage it gently with olive oil and leave it overnight. You just dip a towel in hot or lukewarm water and wrap up your oiled hair with it. Place the curd in a medium sized bowl and add Multani mitti into it. Keep the bowl aside and leave it for about an hour. Unwrap your hair and wash it with soaked Multani mitti. Wash it off with water. Make sure that you can use this hair wash for at least once a week. It can reduce your split ends within 3-4 weeks.

Multani mitti pack for oily hair

This gives you healthy and gorgeous hair. Take 2 tablespoons of Multani mitti, 2 tablespoons of reetha powder, 1 small bowl full of water. Take Multani mitti in a bowl and soak for 3 consecutive hours. Add reetha powder to it and keep it aside for another 40 minutes. Then wash it off your hair with this pack. It will keep your scalp from roots and clean your hair after sometime.

Multani mitti hair packs for dandruff control

Take 4 tablespoons of Multani mitti, 2 tablespoons of orange peel powder, and water. Mix Multani mitti and orange peel powder in a bowl and add required amount of water into it to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your hair and scalp. Then wash it off with water. Repeat it twice a week to get dandruff free tresses.

Multani mitti pack for straight hair

Take 1 cup of Multani mitti. Add 5 teaspoons of rice flour and one egg white. Mix them well together and add a little water to form a thick paste. Apply this pack on your scalp and hair. Take a wide comb and comb your hair for about 2 – 3 times and apply this pack. Massage your hair with oil at night and use this pack next day. Apply this hair pack that combines your hair to keep it straight. Then leave the hair pack till dry completely and take around 40 minutes. Then wash it off with water. Take half cup of milk in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. Comb your hair 4 -5 times. Then milk penetrates your hair for about 15 – 20 minutes. After that shampoo and condition your hair that makes your hair straight, silky, and bouncy.

Hair packs with Multani Mitti

Multani mitti and milk mask—this is the most effective hair mask which is prepared by mixing multani mitti with milk or water into a smooth paste. Massage olive oil in the hair and scalp and then apply the paste made with multani mitti. Leave it to dry completely and then wash it with water.

Multani Mitti and fenugreek mask is an ideal hair mask for dandruff. This mask is prepared by soaking fenugreek seeds overnight in water and then grinding the seeds into a paste in the morning. Mix multani mitti and lemon juice to the paste and apply on the hair and scalp. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse it clean with water.

Multani miti and Aloe Vera gel packis found to be very effective for hair loss and growth. This pack can be prepared by mixing multani mitti with fresh aloe Vera gel and lemon juice. Mix the three ingredients and apply on the scalp. Wash with a mild shampoo after is completely dry.

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How to look beautiful & attractive to your crush

Well if you have a crush, it is most expected that you will be ready to go that extra mile to look more beautiful and attractive to him. In fact it is not a great deal to appear attractive to your crush, all you need to do is to take some extra care to ensure that you look your best and do the things that he is sure to like in you. Here is a guide on how to do that.

Look good

First of all, girls make one thing clear in your mind that you need not to be beautiful to appear attractive to your crush. Looking your best is all that you need to do. The first thing to look attractive is to get that right appearance. Read on to know more,

Pick the right dress

The right dress can make you look your best. So, pick a dress that highlights your best features. If you have a curvaceous body, opt for dresses that flatter your curves and hides the extra fat. Dress according to the shape of your body to look your best. If you have a bottom heavy figure, opt for black and other dark cloth colors for the lower part, and combine it with a light colored blouse. Top heavy women, should opt for deep colored tops and pair it with lighter shades of bottom wear to look their best. Also ensure to wear a dress that fits you perfectly.

You can pick literally any color of dress that suits you. Many studies suggest that men have been found to have special attraction for the red color. However, it can always vary from person to person. So, chose a dress color that looks best on you and if you look good in it, no matter if your crush already love that color or not, he will like you in it.

The perfect hairstyle

To look beautiful to your crush you actually need not to have a very tidy and neat hairstyle. In fact, most of the men do not like or do not notice very complicated hairstyles; so better be simple. Either opt for an open, messy hairstyle if that suits your look and the dress you have picked otherwise you can also opt for a high rise simple bun if that suits you. There are no need of using a setting spray or anything like that; just let your locks flow in its own way. However, always ensure that your hairs are soft and heathy, because unhealthy, dry and damaged hairs will not help you to look good.

The right makeup

To look more beautiful makeup can be your best friend. However, it is important that you use it with caution. No man will like it if you appear like you have painted a face over your own face. For impressing your crush always take the minimalist way and ensure that you look naturally beautiful, unless you are going out on a special occasion. For this, do not take layers of makeup rather complete it with only a few products. A light touch of blush can be appropriate to give your skin a healthy glow.

  • Eyes: To impress your crush you need not to opt for a heavy and detailed eye makeup every day. You only need to take care so that your eyes appear naturally brighter and pronounced. To achieve this look, use a white liner at the inner corners of your eyes, which will brighten up the eyes; and line the upper eyelid with a thin black liner. Do not opt for cat eye style, because it will again make you look artificial. Do not forget to curl your eyelashes and add mascara to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. And one last thing, ensure that your eyebrows are well shaped and clean, so that your eye area appears bright.
  • Lips: Your lip makeup should be as natural as possible, unless there is a special occasion. Ensure that your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized and then add an appropriate shade of lipstick or lip gloss to make your lips appear naturally plump and soft. Pick a lip color that suits your skin tone and also goes with the season. Opting for peach and nude tones that suits your skin color is always a good option. Many studies say that men like women more in red lipstick, but it is not true in every case; particularly when the color does not go well with the overall appearance of the person. So, pick the color which suits you, not the one he might like.

The right shoes and accessories

Well, men like women with long limbs. So wearing a high-heel shoe can surely be the right option. It can also help you to get a confident walk, which a man is sure to appreciate. However, only opt for a heel length that is comfortable for you; otherwise, it can make your walk really funny. Pick accessories that are simple yet classy and truly adds to your looks to appear your best.

Get a healthy body

It is not only your crush who admires a fit body. So, if you are trying to get more attention from your crush, go the extra mile to get a fit body that adds to your overall personality and appearance. You can simply adopt a healthy food habit, along with regular exercise regime in your lifestyle to get that healthy body and to enjoy more attention from every one including your crush.

The magic of softness

You can add tremendously to your appearance by making your skin look soft, healthy and flawless. Make it a point to exfoliate the skin of your hands, legs and neck area regularly. Also wax your hands and legs and moisturize the skin properly to get soft skin. Naturally beautiful and soft skin can add a lot to your overall appearance and it can be highly effective to make you appear more attractive to your crush.

Smell right

To appear most attractive wear a feminine perfume that does not smell too strong but leaves a lasting presence on the mind. Too strong perfume is not preferred by most of the men; so opt for floral or musk scents that smell fresh.

Get the right attitude

To look attractive and beautiful to your crush, getting the right attitude is a must. You should be polite and appear confident about yourself. Confidence is something that is always enjoyed by men, and confident women are cherished always. Men prefer women who enjoy themselves, so do not keep yourself within a shell to appear “good” to him; enjoy yourself and be original. However, ensure that you do not behave too bold just to make it look that you are enjoying.

Do not avoid him

If you think that you avoiding your crush is going to get his attention for you; you might not be right. Ignorance is something that men never prefer, particularly from a woman. So, simply greet him with a smile when you meet him and have a few words that show your best side, but do not stick with him for too long. Initiate discussions on recent topics and while discussing pay genuine attention to his words. Look directly to his eyes, men feel really good about women who pay attention to their words. Also, do not opt for any negative discussion; let it be a happy talk for all.

How to look beautiful & attractive to your boyfriend

Well, first of all know that you already look beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend; if not, then, it might be the right time to cut him loose. Beauty does not only depend on how you actually look, rather it also resides heavily on the feelings of the man looking at you; and if he is your man, he will always find you beautiful and attractive. So, do not really get panicky about how to make yourself more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend, because it is when women get overly cautious they do the wrong things. Just check out the next few things every time you plan to meet your boyfriend and be sure that he will find you the most attractive.

The pre-preparations

Be clean and fresh

Cleanliness is surely the first thing that not only your boyfriend but even your colleagues notice in you. As your boyfriend is permitted to get closer, so if you are not clean enough there is maximum chances that he will notice, and it is sure to put him off. To be clean, you really need not to spend 1 hour in the bath daily, just ensure that you take enough time to clean yourself. If you are going to meet your boyfriend in the evening, take a short bath before you start to get ready. It can help you to feel fresh and clean adding so much to your beauty.

Have soft skin

It has been noted that many men, find soft skin of women really attractive. So, if you are trying to look more beautiful to your boyfriend taking some extra care for that soft skin can surely do the trick. Here we are talking about not only the skin of your face but also the skin of your hands and neck. Get into a regular cleaning-toning-moisturizing routine and always make it a point to exfoliate regularly, because that can really help you to get a softer skin.

Get clean hairs

Your boyfriend will not surely like it if you have uncleaned, sticky hairs. In fact no one likes it. So, make it a point to wash your hairs and give them the right amount of care so that they are soft and look good. Soft and well maintained hairs can always add a lot to your natural looks and hence give your best to get those clean and healthy locks.

Wax your hands and legs

Yes, many men find the hairs on the hands and legs of women a big turn off. So, if you are really willing to make yourself appear more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend make sure that you have properly waxed hands and legs; that are well moisturized and feel soft to touch.

Groom your eyebrows properly

Men do not usually prefer bushy eyebrows; neither the too thin ones. So, make it a point to check that your eyebrows are well groomed before you meet him. However, boys do not really tend to look at things too precisely, like women do, so it does not matter if you have a few small hairs left here and there, but as a whole your eyebrows should appear clean and tidy.

Wear a light perfume

Men like feminine perfume unless they are too strong. So, wear a light perfume that smells fresh.

Light makeup is the right makeup

Many women find it confusing to decide the right type of makeup that their boyfriend will like or if they even notice the makeup that they put on with so much time and patience.  Actually doing makeup in the right way can make you look more beautiful not only to your boyfriend but to everyone. However, the trick to make it perfect is to take up makeup without showing it off; which means you should look natural as a whole and not like an artificial doll because you have done your makeup. Your boyfriend is bound to observe it if you look more beautiful and stylish, but a huge load of makeup can be a real turn off for him. So, try to keep it simple and natural. If you are not going out with him on a special occasion try to look as natural as you always do. Here are some tips on how to do the right makeup to look more beautiful to your boyfriend,

  • Use minimum layers of makeup. A light foundation and a loose powder should be sufficient for the base makeup.
  • Using a natural shade of blush on your cheeks can also be a good idea; because it will make your skin look healthy.
  • Line your eyes properly, with liner or Kajal but better not to opt for those cat eyes unless you are going out on a party.
  • Curl your eyelashes with a heated curler than using mascara. It will make you look more natural.
  • Wear a natural color lipstick or lip gloss and ensure that your lips are properly exfoliated and hydrated.

Get the right hairstyle

You really need not to visit a hairstylist or spend long hours in front of mirror styling your hairs before going out to meet your boyfriend. Style your hairs in a natural way that suits your overall looks and also makes you feel comfortable instead of stiff. Do not use a setter; just make sure that your hairs are naturally shiny and soft. He might like it actually more if a few traces come over your face at times, so do not opt for a too tight or formal hairstyle.

Those flattering clothes

Most of the girls spend the maximum time deciding on what to wear. Keep in mind that it is not the dress that you wear which is important, rather it is the way the dress make you look that matters. No matter what you choose to pick, a normal jeans and tops, or a simple saree, or a salwar suit, if you are looking your best in it; it is the best dress for you. Here are some tips for choosing the right dress,

  • Make sure that your dress highlights your best features and hides the not so good parts. So, if you have a heavy bottom, look for clothes that highlight your upper body more than the lower body. A combination of light colored top with a dark colored bottom can be ideal for bottom heavy women; and it is the opposite for the top heavy girls.
  • Always wear clothes that are a right fit with your size. Wearing clothes that are bigger or smaller can never make you look good.
  • Ensure that you are feeling comfortable in the dress you have picked to wear. Because being comfortable has a lot to do with feeling confident; and unless you are feeling confident in a particular dress, you will not be able to carry yourself in the best way, which is really important to look attractive to your boyfriend.

Accessorize it

Your boyfriend is most probable to love those accessories on you; but do not overdo it or you will look like a hippie, which your boyfriend might not like at all. Put on some nice earrings, bracelets. You can also opt for a cute necklace. You can experiment with your accessories which can make you look pleasantly different at different times. Just take care that you do not go overboard.

Get the right attitude

This is the most important part of looking more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend. You actually need to have the right attitude that your boyfriend is sure to like and it will naturally make you more attractive to him. Work on the next tips if you do not already follow them,

Be confident

Being confident about your own self is very important to look attractive to anyone. So, opt for everything that can help you to feel more confident. When you believe that you are looking beautiful, automatically you feel more confident. Walk confidently and behave confidently, it can help you a lot in every aspect of life.

Be positive

This is another thing that can make you more beautiful and attractive to your boyfriend. Being pessimistic does not really help in life in anyway; rather being optimistic and positive can help not only you but also the other people around you. If you are positive, you can encourage your boyfriend and that can actually help your relationship.

Do not criticize

Criticizing is something that most of the men do not like. Do not criticize other women or compare yourself with them and try to highlight your own good natures in front of your boyfriend. Instead of helping you, this can be harmful for your relationship and can make you less attractive to him.

Be intelligent and smile

Every human being is sure to appreciate intelligence. You need not to solve out a 12 standard math problem in front of your boyfriend to make him know how intelligent you are, just make your words and acts wise. And yes, always smile and let him know that you care.

How to look beautiful and attractive at party

Looking beautiful and looking attractive is not the same thing. Though beauty surely contributes to one’s attractiveness there are many other factors that make a person attractive. Even if you are not very beautiful you can be extremely attractive and that is the essence of attractiveness. Always keep in mind that beauty is a relative aspect which varies extensively from society to society because there are no specific standards for measuring beauty and it often depends on the eyes and tastes of the onlookers. So, always it is a better option to depend on your own likings to get that perfect party look than thinking about what the others will like.

In this article we will tell you about some ways that you should follow to look more beautiful in a party and also to carry that beauty in the right way so that it can make you attractive. So, read on to know these secrets,

Get the right look

First of all, your look should be according to the occasion and the time of the party. If you are going out for a wedding party, you can opt for a gorgeous look, but that might be overkill if you are opting for a day time birthday bash. Always pick your dress, makeup and accessories according to the occasion you are going to attend and the weather; so that you are comfortable and can enjoy the party as well apart from looking beautiful and attractive.

The right makeup: Yes, makeup surely has a lot to do in looking beautiful. If you are new to it, and you have a big occasion ahead, we suggest you to opt for a professional artist because makeup is something that can make you look perfect or can make you look like a clown. So, taking a risk on a big occasion is never suggested. Keep one thing in mind, that the makeup which looks most natural is the one that makes you look most beautiful. A good makeup should be something that will make you look beautiful without showing the makeup.

The first step to get the right makeup is to get the right skin. Even minimum makeup can be enough for a party look if your skin is naturally beautiful and believe us it is not something difficult to attain if you are ready to take the extra care. Here are a few tips to help you get that perfect makeup for a party,

  • Clean, scrub and moisturize your skin before you start with the makeup
  • Use a makeup base to keep your makeup in place for long
  • Avoid using any makeup in much quantity. Go minimalistic and lather up only if you need
  • Always take the best care to blend in your foundation and whatever makeup you apply in the most perfect way
  • Try to get that naturally perfect look instead of that made up look
  • Always groom your eyebrows properly because they can make a real difference in the way you look
  • Opt for an eye makeup that suits the time of the party and also your dress. You can use falsies or more coats of mascara to give your eyelashes that perfect look.
  • If you have opted for a heavy eye makeup, keep your lip color to light. In case you have done a light eye makeup you can go with a bright pout. Having high makeup on both your eyes and lips is a strict no, even for evening wedding parties, because that is sure to make you look overly made up and plastic.
  • Take care that every part of your body, that will remain exposed, including your face, neck, hands, back and legs, should have the same skin tone. Slathering up foundation only on your face, and leaving your neck all ripped off will make you look awkward.

Other aspects of self-grooming to look beautiful in a party

It is not only your face that makes you look beautiful and attractive; it is your whole appearance that makes the final call. So concentrate on your legs and hands as well. Ensure that they are waxed and well cleaned. Your nails should be cleaned and well maintained. Use a nail paint of matching or contrasting color with your party dress and also ensure that your feet appear their best. You should not have yellow teeth or a bad breadth and use a perfume that smells really feminine but not very strong.

The right hairstyle

Opt for a hairstyle that suits with your looks, dress and the occasion. Ensure that your hairs are not limp or smelly. They should be well cleaned, hydrate and should appear well-groomed. You might use a setting spray to make them more manageable.

The right dress

Well, now if you ask me which one is more important to look beautiful in a party; the right makeup or the right dress? I will surely tell you that it is your looks which can make even a normal dress appear exclusive on you. So, the dress is obviously the second important thing for a party. Here are some tips to help you pick the right dress that can make you look beautiful,

  • Pick a dress that highlights your best features. Which means, if you do not have a very slim waist, do not opt for a dress that makes the waist line prominent; rather opt for one that takes the attention and highlights the bust line or your shoulders.
  • Selecting the right color of the dress is also important. You should choose the color according to the time of the party and the season. Picking a dress considering these two factors might not be easy always, but if you succeeded you are sure to make the best out of it.
  • Never opt for a dress that is not a good fit for your size. This can ruin your whole look and make you appear ridiculous instead of beautiful and attractive. Keep in mind you can never look beautiful in a dress in which you are not very comfortable and confident.

The right accessories

Accessories make the other important item that contributes to your overall appearance. Always pick accessories according to your dress and makeup for the party; and if you are confused, opt for pearls, which go for any occasion and with any dress. Put on accessories that not only look good but also make you look good. The right shoes are also very important. Pick one that makes you look smart but does not make you feel uncomfortable. High heels can give you the perfect walk that can make you look attractive in a party, but if you are not comfortable with them, better you skip them for short heeled ones; because unless you are habituated with using high heels you run the risk of making yourself a fool in the party by tripping over.

If you are able to follow the above tips in the right way, you are most expected to look beautiful in the party. However, if you are aiming not only to look beautiful but also to look attractive there are a few more things that you need to take care of, in addition to the above.

Carry yourself in the right way

This is the most important thing to look attractive in a party. You should be able to carry yourself most elegantly to appear really attractive not only to the people of the opposite sex but also to the people of your own sex. To carry yourself rightly, you need to have that perfect and confident walk. To make people find you as attractive, first you have to find yourself as attractive. If you are confident enough to carry yourself with the right modesty and grace in the party, you are sure to appear not only attractive but un-resistible to all.

Be well behaved and mysterious

How you behave has a lot to do in making you attractive. Being polite and well behaved is the key to be the center of attraction. Pay attention to every speaker and communicate with everyone in the party with the same interest. You should not decide to pour your heart out to someone or all in the party, rather behave a bit mysterious and listen more than saying. This is something that everybody is bound to like and can make you really attractive to everyone.

Laugh and be yourself

You really need not to be tight lipped to look attractive in a party. Rather be completely natural and yourself. A plastic smile might be appropriate at some occasions, but being extremely artificial actually shows. So, pay genuine interest to the ongoing conversations, participate in discussions and make your point as well, without forcing others to pick it. Keep in mind that beauty with a brain is the most attractive thing in this world.

How to look beautiful at school

It is not really very tough to look beautiful at school. You need not to spend hours standing in front of mirror before going to the school just to look your best for the whole day. At this age, you are naturally beautiful, because age has not started to show its effects on your skin or hairs yet; so just a little extra care can give you that perfect look in school. Here are some tips that will help you to know about how you can look your best and most beautiful at school without looking out of the place.

Wear a clean and well pressed dress

Well, this is surely the first step to look beautiful at school. If your school dress is soiled, uncleaned or not neatly pressed it is sure to affect your overall appearance. So, always make it a point to only wear well cleaned and pressed school dresses. Also ensure, that you dress should not give out any foul smell. Maintain at least a couple of them and wash them regularly to keep them in the best condition always.

Take care of your shoes and socks

Shoes and socks make the other part of your school uniform that has some important things to say about your overall appearance. You should wear only a school shoe to your school and not some high heels or flats. Heels and gorgeous looking shoes can make you look beautiful when you are going out to a party or just to hang around with friends, but they can never give you the right school going look.  Also ensure that the shoes and socks are in the best condition and they are well cleaned and non-smelly.

Get a fit and healthy body through exercise and sports activity

If you are trying to look beautiful at school, it is important that you have a fit and healthy body. If you are too fat or unfit you are sure to not to make the best impression. However, at this age, do never opt for crash dieting for losing extra fat, because it can hinder your growth. Ensure to have sufficient nutritious diet and take up a light exercise regime like running, jogging, aerobics, dancing or yoga to stay fit. At this age, also stay away from any weight training, which can stop your growth. Taking up a sports activity like swimming can also be very helpful to maintain fit and healthy body at this age which will make you look naturally beautiful.

Get the right hairstyle for your school

A messy hairstyle is not appropriate for school. You need to look tidy and clean in every aspect to appear beautiful at school. Keep your hairs clean by washing them with a proper cleanser at regular intervals. Also use some conditioner to keep the hairs hydrated. Coloring your hairs might not be a very good option for school going girls. Ponytails and plaits are the most suited hairstyles for schools. If you have front bangs try to arrange them neatly so that they do not come up over your face always. Use a ribbon in case it is a part of your school uniform otherwise use clips and bands of only black color to keep your hairs in place.

Get beautiful skin naturally

At this age your skin must be beautiful on its own and all you need to do is to keep it clean and hydrated to ensure that it stays that way. Use a mild and natural cleanser to wash your face 1-2 times a day depending on the pollution in the area you live in and move around. You really need not to tone your skin with a toner during this age. If you are keen to use one, opt for nothing other than pure rose water. Scrubbing your skin at this age should be done only once a week and with a very mild scrub. Also keep your skin well moisturized by using a moisturizing lotion or cream at least twice a day after cleaning your face and never forget to put on sunscreen when you are going out in the sun. The above tips can help you to get skin that looks naturally beautiful even in school for the whole day. The three skin problems school going girls might have at this age include, acne, dark circles and un-even skin tone. Here are the ways to deal with them naturally.

Take care of acne

If you have pimples on your face, it is best suggested to opt for some natural homemade treatments to cure them and keep your face clean always to avert formation of more pimples. You can also consult a dermatologist to cure the acne completely.

Control the dark circles

Students often get dark circles around their eyes due to pressure of study. So, take extra care to control the dark circles. At this age you need not to opt for any cosmetic dark circle removal creams, rather use a pack of potato juice regularly on the eye area before going to the bed at night. This natural treatment can reduce your dark circles quickly and effectively on regular use.

Get an even skin tone: Keep your skin clean and use moisturizer and sunscreen at regular intervals. You can also use a fuller’s earth and green coconut water pack to even out the skin tone.

Preparing your skin to look beautiful all day at school

  • While getting ready for school in the morning, first wash your face with clean water and then use a sunscreen to ensure that your skin is well protected and moisturized. Let the sunscreen set in for a few minutes before you apply anything next.
  • You do not really need to opt for foundation or makeup to look beautiful at school. If you are keen to even out the skin tone, you can opt for a BB cream, which will take care of the moisturizing need of your skin and will also give an even coverage.
  • Opting for a BB cream that comes with SPF can be helpful to make the process simpler.
  • If you have acne marks on your skin that are not hidden by the BB cream, you might opt for a concealer. However, always keep in mind that you should not go overboard.

Do you need eye makeup?

Heavy eye makeup is a strict no for schools, unless there is some special occasions that need you to take the makeup. To the most, you can use a thin line of kajal to make your eyes appear brighter. Do not use mascara or eyeshadow while dressing for school. They will make you look out of the place.

Prepare your lips

Using a lipstick for school is not something suggested. However, you need to keep your lips moisturized and for that purpose you can use a lip gloss of natural shade. You can also use products that keeps your lips moisturized but do not add any shine to them. Do not lick your lips very often and it will continue to stay moisturized.

Maintain the best oral hygiene

If you want to look beautiful at school, you actually need to take care of your oral health. If you have yellow teeth, it can ruin your whole look within a minute. So, clean your teeth and mouth properly and ensure to follow the right oral hygiene so that you do not have a bad breadth. In case you have a setting problem of teeth or a chipped tooth, consult a dentist for help.

Groom your nails

Having long nails painted with some exciting color is not a good idea for school going girls. Keep your nails short and clean. You might opt to apply a light coat of a natural nail color on your nails to make them appear naturally shiny.

Wear minimal accessory

It is best to not to wear any accessory to school apart from studs or clasps on your ears. Studs of solid metal or pearl can be appropriate for schools and they can make you look beautiful naturally.

Beware of body order

This is another thing that the school going girls need to take care of to look their best at schools. A beautiful appearance and personality can be ruined due to body odorand as school going girls go through different hormonal changes in the body, hence body odor is not very uncommon. To control body order, make it a point to clean your underarms daily and try to keep the area dry. You can also use a deodorant that controls the odor but does not have a strong smell before going to the school.

Homemade aloe vera face packs for dry, oily, glowing skin

Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural ingredient that is really wonderful for your skin tone. It keeps your skin healthy, fresh and glowing. The gel like substance inside the Aloe Vera leave is of a great use whenever you are in the process of get a healthy skin tone without any wrinkles, patches and fine lines. You must have observed variety of products that has Aloe Vera as the main ingredient. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, Aloe Vera face packs with other homemade ingredients will be ideal.

Aloe vera gel is the extract of the aloe vera plant and is also known as the ‘plant of immortality’. Aloe vera is nontoxic plants store enough water in its leaves to survive in the harsh conditions of African regions where there is low rainfall and dry winds. Aloe vera is excellent for your skin and hair, but is also contains vitamins, minerals and many other active compounds. It may be used as it is or used as a constituent in creams. Most of the cosmetic products available in the market contain this gel.

If you are looking for some natural remedies to get your beautiful and radiant skin back here is a solution to try aloe vera facial packs. It is great for every skin type which is having medicinal values. It is used for reducing inflammation and pain and also to treat cuts, wounds, insect bites, eczema, sunburns etc. When you cut the leaves from the plant, take the leaves in the middle of the plant as it contains more gel.

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Aloe vera is considered to be the best Ayurvedic medicines for both health as well as skin. Aloe vera gel prevents your skin from sun damage, swelling and acne. If applied regularly, your skin pores open up and this brightens your complexion. For a shiny and glowing complexion, try these aloe vera face packs.

Aloe vera is synonymous with “miracle” in some cultures and has numerous skin, health and hair benefits. It is used in ingredient in foods and energy drinks. It has high nutritional values.

Nutritional value

Aloe vera contains 75 nutrients, 20 minerals like copper, iron, sodium,calcium, zinc, potassium, chromium, magnesium and manganese, 12 vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, 18 amino acids and 200 active enzymes. As these nutrients have tremendous healing power for both external and internal ailments. It also contains folic acid and Niacin. This exotic plant further contains many beneficial compounds like polysaccharides, mannans, anthraquinones and lectins.

Dry skin

Aloe vera is a good moisturizer and makes your skin look fresh and rejuvenated. This face pack will help dry and aged skin achieve its optimal level of moisture, leaving it soft and supple.

Mix 1 teaspoon of aloe vera and 1 teaspoon of cottage cheese and then add cucumber slices, some dates from which the seed have been removed and a little lemon juice and mix all the ingredients well. Apply this paste on your face and neck and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash the face with cold water and then with lukewarm water. Again, wash with cold water. It is very effective for dry skin and makes it hydrated and fresh.

Sensitive skin

Blend juice from cucumber, aloe vera and yogurt and make it into a fine paste. Add a few drops of rose oil to this paste. You can also add any other essential oils instead of rose oil to the paste. Apply this mixture on your face and let it leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water. It removed dirt, oil and other impurities that deposit on your face and the pores of the skin and makes your face fresh and clean.

Pigmentation marks

This face pack is excellent for reducing the appearance of unwanted blemishes and pigmentation marks on your skin, including age spots and zit marks as well as burns and other wounds. Take aloe vera gel and rose water, extract gel and mix it with rose water. Apply this to the face and leave it for about 20 minutes. Massage gently into the face for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Face scrub

Aloe vera scrub removes dead skin and makes your skin smooth and glowing. Mix cucumber slices to aloe vera gel and mix them well and make a paste. Now add oatmeal to the paste and mix well. Apply this mixture on your face and massage your face in circular motions. Leave the scrub on the face for about 10 minutes and then wash off with water. It will make your skin look fresh and rejuvenated.

Remove Tan

Aloe vera is excellent for helping to remove an unwanted tan. This can be of special use for those living in hot and sunny climates where skin tanning is inevitable. Mix lemon juice and aloe vera gel and then apply onto the affected area. Let the paste stay for roughly 10-15 minutes and then wash off. You can also use cotton to apply the paste to your skin.

Oily skin

Aloe vera face mask is great for helping to control oily skin and prevent the occurrence of spots and acne scars. Boil the aloe vera leaf in the water and then grind to form a paste. Mix this paste with honey and apply to the face. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water. You should feel your pores that will tighten and the oil on your face reduced.

Fairer skin

Aloe vera is the best herbal face pack that is suitable for all skin types. You can maintain the fairness and glowing skin by using aloe vera. Mix aloe vera extract with rose water and apply a thick coat over the face and around your eyes. Gently massage for 2-3 minutes to cleanse out dead skin. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse with a facial cleanser or cold water. Repeat it once a week for best results.


Aloe vera is widely used for keeping acne and pimples away and imparts a blemish free skin. As it has a high level of purity and accuracy that why it is highly demanded. Boil aloe vera leaves in water for a few minutes and grind it and make it into a paste. Mix honey to this paste and apply this mixture on your face. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. Repeat it once in a week and you will get a clear skin without any blemishes.

Acne scars

Aloe vera is used to exceptional skin cleanser. It helps you to get rid of pimples as well as acne pores. Boil aloe vera stick in the water for some time. Grind into a watery paste and add honey into that paste. Stir the honey until it dissolves in hot water. Apply this solution on your face or on acne or pimple pores. Leave it until it dry as it may take 15 minutes and wash it gently with cold water.

Mature and dry skin

Applying aloe vera gel to your face regularly will help to diminish the lines and wrinkles associated with ageing and loss of elasticity in the skin. This is due to the simple fact that aloe vera consists of both vitamin c and E, which are known to be vital for healthy skin and also help to improve natural firmness and leaving your skin soft, supple and hydrated.

You may also use the mixture of aloe vera gel and crushed almonds to form a paste. Apply this on face and neck. Leave it for about 15 minutes before you wash it off.

Aloe vera features

  • It protects from harmful rays and pollution
  • It improves blood circulation and flow to the affected or injured area
  • Useful in any types of skins to cure from the allergies, rashes and dermatitis
  • Aloe vera gel contains properties and substances which are highly beneficial in decreasing itching, swelling
  • It has the ability to increase tissue features from the cellular level and regenerate superior tissue.
  • It is multipurpose gel for skin and hair care
  • It helps in reducing pimples and acne scars
  • It can improve the dullness and complexion of the skin
  • It has the ability to increase tissue features from the cellular level and regenerate superior tissue.

Homemade Aloe Vera face packs 

Turmeric and Aloe Vera

If you want to get a natural glow over your skin, nothing is better than the combination of Aloe Vera and turmeric. For this, you would require a pinch of turmeric, milk- 1 teaspoon, few drops of rose water and Aloe Vera gel. Mix them all in a container and blend it properly with the help of a blender. Now apply this glowing pack over your face and neck. Wash it away after 20 minutes.

Mango fruit and Aloe Vera

Our skin becomes unattractive and filled with wrinkles due to remains of toxins inside our skin layer. This is a wonderful Aloe Vera detox face pack that will remove toxins from your skin and make you look healthy. You need to cut few slices of mango fruit and pour a spoon of Aloe Vera Gel. Blend it and apply over your face.

Cottage cheese and Aloe Vera

If you have dry skin, combination of cottage cheese and Aloe Vera will form a wonderful face pack. Take a spoon of cottage cheese and same quantity of Aloe Vera gel. Now combine both with few drops of water. Once the paste is formed apply over your skin to treat your dry skin.

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Beauty benefits of honey

Women always tend to search for that perfect beauty potion that can give them an even, flawless complexion along with a natural healthy glow. If you are also looking for a magic potion that can do this for you, you actually need not to browse through the rack in the cosmetic stores; you most probably already have it in your home. Honey is a substance that combines a number of natural elements that can work to provide extreme beauty benefits not only to the skin but also to the hairs. Honey has high content of flavonoids and anti-oxidants. It is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial in nature. Honey can be used in different ways to get that perfect skin and hairs. In this article you will know about all the beauty benefits of honey and how you can use it to get the best effects.

Honey as a natural skin cleanser and exfoliator

Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties and it can work as a great exfoliator by absorbing the skin impurities. Check the next formulation to know how to use it as a cleanser and exfoliator

Honey with fuller’s earth: Mix 1 spoon of honey with 2 spoons of fuller’s earth to make a thick paste. Scrub your face with this pack and then wash off with plain water. This pack can clean and exfoliate your skin from deep within without harming it in anyway and it is suitable for all the skin types.

Honey with red lentils (masoor dal): Grind 1 tablespoon red lentils in a grinder and mix with it 2 spoons of honey. Scrub your face and skin with this mixture and wash off after 2 minutes. If you are using it as a body scrubber leave the lentils a bit more granular and for face scrub make the paste smooth.

Honey as a lip scrub

There is no scrubber in the market that is specialized for scrubbing your soft lips. No worry, you can make one with honey right at your home. Mix 1 spoon of honey with 1/2 spoon of coffee and scrub your lips with it and you will get perfectly smooth, well hydrated and pink lips with continuous use.

Honey as a skin toner

Honey has all the natural ingredients to give your skin the effects of toning. Toning makes a vital part in skin care regime because it helps to keep the skin supple and elastic. Here is the process to use honey as a natural skin toner,

Honey with green tea: Prepare a concoction of green tea leaves. Mix the green tea and honey in 3:1 percentage to reduce the stickiness of honey. Use this preparation as a natural skin toner. Both green tea and honey have antiaging properties and this toner can do the best for your skin that any artificial toner can hardly do.

Honey with rosewater: Simply mix 1 spoon of honey with rose water in 3:1 percentage and use this mixture on your skin as a natural toner to get naturally glowing and toned skin.

Honey as a complete anti-aging solution

Skin aging is a problem that can affect ones’ confidence pretty badly. There are many anti-aging products available in the market, but many of us are not very keen to use them on the very first sign of aging. Honey is a rich source of natural anti-oxidants that can fight the early signs of aging with great efficiency. Try out the next honey pack for twice a week and you are sure to see the fine lines gone within a month.

Honey with egg: This is a very simple formulation. All you have to do is to mix the white of an egg with 1 tablespoon of honey. If you do not like the smell you can add a few drops of any essential oil. Mix the ingredients well and apply the pack evenly in an upward direction with a brush. Let it get 70% dry naturally and refrain from any facial movement in this span. Once it has dried out wash off with plain water and pat dry.

Honey as a moisturizer

Honey has skin soothing and hydrating properties. It can work effectively as a natural moisturizer helping your skin to stay supple and moisturized even during the harsh winters.

Honey and only honey: Take 1 tablespoon of honey and apply it onto your skin and let it set for 30 minutes before washing off with water.

Honey with sour curd: Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of sour curd and apply this past to your face. Let it set for 20-30 minutes and wash off with plain water. You will get instantly glowing and rejuvenated skin.

Honey as an acne treatment

Honey has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which can be very effective to fight acne. Apply raw honey onto the acne directly in a thin layer and let it be there for as long as you can. If your acne is caused due to bacterial infection or clogged pores it is most expected to give results with regular use.

Honey for a clear complexion

Honey is a natural bleaching agent and can be effective to provide a clear and even complexion. You can also use honey on the knees and elbows to lighten the dark skin with regular use. Here are a few honey treatments that can be effective for this purpose,

Honey with Papaya: Take 2 papaya cubes, smash them well and mix with 1tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture to your face and live on for 30 minutes. Wash off with plenty of water. Regular use of this pack can be effective to get lighter and even skin tone naturally.

Honey with coconut oil: This treatment is ideal for lightening the dark skin around the elbows and knees. You can also try out this treatment if you have dark knuckles on hands. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and massage the area thoroughly with this mixture for 10 minutes. Then leave it on for another 30 minutes and finally wipe off lightly with a wet piece of cotton.

Honey for scars

Manuka honey has been found to be able to facilitate the collagen regeneration process of the skin. So, applying the honey directly on to the scars can help them to fade and erase with time.

Honey for cleaner and stronger nails

Honey can also be used effectively to get clean and strong nails. Mix honey with Apple Cider Vinegar in 1:1 proportion.  Rub in this sticky mixture to your nails for 5 minutes. Then let it set for another 10 minutes and wash off with water. This pack will loosen the extra cuticles and will also keep your nails moisturized and clean.

Honey for dark circles

Honey can fade dark circles with regular use. Massage some honey onto the dark circles daily before going to bed. Wash off with plenty of water in the morning. Your dark circles are expected to fade with time. You can also mix the honey with few drops of coconut oil and apply.

Honey as a hair conditioner

Honey has excellent moisturizing properties which can hydrate and soften the hairs. Honey can make hairs looking naturally healthy and it can also cure split ends. Here is an effective hair conditioning recipe of honey

Honey with banana: Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 well-smashed banana. Apply this pack to your hairs and scalp. Leave on for 1 hour without letting the pack get dry and finally wash off with plenty of water. Your hair will become soft and more manageable from the first use.

Honey for scalp itching

Honey has anti-bacterial and skin soothing properties. In addition to that it has slightly acidic nature and hence can be very helpful to cure scalp itching and irritation. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 spoon of ACV and 1 tablespoon of water. Rub in this mixture to your scalp. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash off with plenty of water.

Honey for hair lightening

For the natural bleaching property of honey it can be used for lightening hair color. You can either apply raw honey directly to the section of hairs that you want to bleach and leave on for 3-4 hours or overnight before washing off.

Honey for hair removal

You can remove unwanted hairs on your body easily by preparing a homemade waxing cream with honey. Mix honey with brown sugar in 1:3 proportion and microwave it to make a sticky paste. Add few drops of lemon juice in it and microwave again for 3 minutes. Use this cream for removing hairs.

Choosing saree according to the body type & color of a woman

If you are going to choose a sari for yourself, it is important to select particular fabric and color that goes with her body shape and complexion of women.  Sari being one of the attractive outfits of the ladies must be draped in a proper way in order to view well. Sari can easily hide all the flaws of your body if chosen the right fabric and color. Let us find out some interesting tips with regards to complexion and body structure of a lady.

A right choice and carefully draped saree can hide all imperfections of a woman’s silhouette while highlighting her best features or assets. Follow some tips to chose and draping a saree for your personality to enhance your natural beauty. An ideal saree for any woman is the one that lightens her skin tone. Wearing a saree according to your body weight, shape and structure matters really a lot to bring out the grace. Wearing saree can hide your flaws and make you look beautiful when you choose right saree.

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Saree for tall women

Saree for Tall Women

  • If you then tall choose a saree with bold colors, large prints and broad & heavy borders.
  • Saree with large prints also good to make you look shorter.
  • Cotton saree, raw silk saree and pure silk saree are also ideal.
  • Sheer sarees with net & lace work and embellished with heavy border gives taller and slim women gorgeous and sexier look.
  • Heavy borders in contrast, are quite trendy nowadays.
  • Tall and slim women have more option to choose from saris.

Saree for short womenSaree for Short Women

  • Select a saree for short women that creates an apparition of length.
  • Saree with light colors, short borders and vertical prints is a great choice.
  • Light colors, prints in vertical designs and with short or no borders will make you look tall.
  • Try to avoid sarees with large border will make you look short.
  • Chiffon, georgette, shimmer, and silk sarees are ideal for short women.

Saree for overweight women

  • Any kind of light weight sarees like georgette sarees, chiffon sarees, crepe sarees are best.
  • Heavy Mysore silk saree is a good option for you.
  • Try to choose dark colors and prints that will give you slim and beautiful look.
  • Sarees without border will make you look bulky and fleshy.
  • Wear sarees that are made from cotton mixed with other fabrics like cotton, silk sarees, they will also give you a slimmer look.

Sarees for slim and skinny women

Sarees for slim and skinny women

  • Slim women should choose heavier sarees that they should try sarees made from heavy fabrics like heavy cotton sarees, heavy silk sarees, heavy brocade sarees, heavy designer saree etc.
  • Embroided sarees with heavy zari and other work well for women having more beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Printed sarees that are attractive, large prints and beautiful designs can give a cool look to slim ladies.
  • Slim ladies can try heavily embellished lehenga style saris, tissue sarees, organza sarees, tussar sarees and Kancheepuram silk sarees.
  • Try to avoid chiffon, georgette and crepe sarees. Try light color saree like white, off-white or any other light shades.

Saree for short and slim women

Saree for short and slim women

  • Silk sarees with thin border can add height and volume that are best for short and slim women.

Short height and dark color women

Short height and dark color women

  • Sarees that are dark colors sarees like dark pink, gray, black, maroon, green or contrast colors like white, off white.
  • Saree in plain opaque black or white color.

Saris for voluptuous busty women

Saris for voluptuous busty women

  • Chiffons, georgettes, and silk saris are the best outfit for voluptuous busty women to show their natural voluptuous and curvaceous body figure beautifully.
  • Sarees not only accentuate the curves of a woman that will give them gorgeous and enticing look.

Choose sarees according to complexion of women

Fair complexion and pale color women

Fair complexion and pale color women

  • Bright colored sarees will make them look more beautiful for off white, light pink, white, yellow, peach etc.
  • Fair complexion women with any fabric and color of saree.

Dark or tan or dusky color women

  • Try sarees in a dark color like dark pink, dark purple, maroon, green or completely contrast colors like white and off white.
  • You can choose any different colors because dark color, women look beautiful and sexy in any outfit.
  • Dusky women always look more appealing than fair color women.
  • Dark skin tone women should wear less jewelry as possible to make sure that their makeup is fine tune with the color of a saree and other accessories.
  • Light color sarees with small floral prints with simple accessories will also do well.

Tips of choosing right sari for women

Sari for apple shaped women

Sari for apple shaped women

You must have viewed women with variety of body shape and features who wear sari of different designs and fabrics. Now, if you have an apple shaped body such that if a larger torso is visible, choice of garment should be little different. In such a case, you must wear embroidered sari to suit your body type. This will give you an impression that you have torso of flattened shape.

Thin body women

Thin body women

If you are among that category of women who are thin in appearance, go for cotton sari. Other than cotton there are fabrics such as tussor which will give you a fluffy appearance. Thus, these categories of sari will be appropriate for thin women. Ladies with thin body must avoid chiffon saris as that will make them look much skinnier.

Hour glass shape

Hour glass shape

There is another category of body among women which is named as hour glass shape. If you belong to such a category of individual, go for fabrics such as chiffon, net as well as designer collection as these categories will very well suit the figure of women who have hour glass shape body.

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Natural home remedy for chubby cheeks

Beauty is the most significant part of every woman’s life and will take care of herself is evident. Every girl likes to have chubby cheeks to impress others. It is reflected through her face, thus making it vital for her to preserve her beauty. Your cheeks have a huge impact on how you look. Women prefer natural ways to acquire this beauty as the face is the most attractive feature in a woman’s body. They create a youthful appearance; high cheekbones that are considered attractive by many and saggy cheeks that are often a sign of aging. Keep your face looking beautiful bright and healthy.

Cheeks have a very significant on one’s looks e.g. chubby cheeks reveal youthfullook and saggy cheeks show the sign of aging. Chubby cheeks show a healthy look. Chubby cheeks are often mistaken with fat cheeks. It actually means that the skin of the cheeks is tones and looks plump and tight.

Home remedies for chubby cheeks

Carrot, apple, and lemon juice pack

Take 3 slices of carrot, 3 pieces of apple, ½ cup of lemon juice. Mix them well and drink this juice in the morning. This gives your chubby cheeks naturally.


Fenugreek can help you to get chubby cheeks. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that combat free radical damage and helps to promote smooth and healthy skin. Prepare a mixture of 1 tablespoon of fenugreek powder with the required amount of water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your cheeks and massage gently. Leave it for about 10 minutes. Then rinse it off with water. You can also massage your cheeks with fenugreek oil for 1 – 2 times daily.

Sugar and butter

Take sugar and butter that helps to reach chubby cheeks. Mix some sugar with butter and apply them on your cheeks daily in the morning. Leave it for some time till dry. Cleanse your face that will make your skin soft and healthy.

Rose water and glycerin

Rose water and glycerin are a great way to get chubby cheeks. They have skin benefitting and moisturizing properties. It can nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. Mix equal amounts of rose water and glycerin. Rub it over your cheeks before you are going to bed. Leave it overnight and in the next morning, rinse it off with warm water. Repeat it daily to get chubby cheeks.

Oats, cheese, milk, and honey

Take 1 teaspoon of oats, 2 pieces of cheese, 1 cup of milk, 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix them well and drink it with orange juice. This gives your chubby cheeks.


Honey is the best remedy to get chubby cheeks. It helps the skin to retain moisture and so looks healthier and plumper. It contains antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage. Prepare a paste with 1 teaspoon of honey and papaya paste. Apply this paste on your cheeks and leave it for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Follow this every morning. You can also add 1 tablespoon of raw honey to a glass of warm water. Drink it once daily to get chubby cheeks.


Take an apple and mash it into smooth paste. Apply this paste on your cheeks. Gently massage your cheeks with this paste. It will make your cheek chubby.


Milk is good for chubby cheeks. It can moisturize your skin and makes your skin appear fuller. Massage your cheeks with cold milk in upward circular motions for about 5 minutes. Leave it for about 5 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water. Repeat it once in a day. Drink 1 – 2 glasses of skim or low fat milk daily.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has natural skin tightening properties that help to get rid of sagging cheeks. Apply aloe vera gel regularly on your cheeks that can enhance your skin and make it look more healthy and fresh. It promotes skin elasticity. Massage your cheeks with aloe vera gel using in circular motions for about 10 minutes. Allow it to sit for another 10 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water. Repeat it twice daily.

Precautions you need to take

  • Intake olive oil to your food and that will make your cheeks brighter.
  • Try to avoid more usage of turmeric in your food.
  • Eat pista, badam, and cashew nut daily.
  • Drink an ample amount of water a day to keep your body well hydrated.
  • Apply some sunscreen lotion to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Facial Yoga—helps to pull up the sagged skin of the cheeks. It also helps in producing collagen and elastin which are required to keep the skin firm. Facial yoga can be performed by placing the forefingers under the apex of the cheekbones. Then make outward circles in the depression of the cheeks. Then place the forefingers on the side of the nose, just above the lips and performoutward circles with the fingertips. Lastly put the forefingers on the hinges of the jaw and make upward circles. Repeat the whole process 2-3 times a day.

Blow Balloons—Cheek muscles can be toned by blowing balloons with the mouth.Hold in the puffed position and then relax. Repeat the exercise 5-6 times during the day.

Pinch the cheeks –The simplest way to get chubby cheeks over a period of time is to regularly pinch the cheeks up, down and on both the sides

Moisturize Your Cheeks—the cheeks can be moisturised with crème or lotion immediately after a bath and before going to sleep. It can also be done with any essential oil like olive, coconut or almond oil.

Olive Oil is found to be a good remedy to get chubby cheeks. The best way is to take one spoon of extra virgin oil daily and massage the cheek with warm olive oil twice a day. It maintains the health of the skin and keeps it free from wrinkles and fine lines.

Honey and papaya- make a good pack for chubby cheeks. Make a paste of ripe papaya slices and mix honey in it. Apply it on the face and leave it for 10 minutes before washing it with lukewarm water.

Home remedies to reduce anxiety

Everyone gets nervous or anxious from time to time when speaking in public, for instance, or when going through financial difficulty. For some people, however, anxiety becomes so frequent, or so forceful, that it begins to take over their lives. There are simple home remedies that can be used to get rid of this matter.

Foods rich in magnesium

Spices, nuts, cereals, cocoa and vegetables are rich sources of magnesium. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach are also rich in magnesium since they contain chlorophyll. Intake of foods rich in magnesium helps in reducing stress. Because Magnesium helps in relaxation of muscles and promotes widening the blood vessels thus the blood circulation to the brain improves. Foods like spinach, avocados, chocolate, pumpkin seeds, barley, etc, are found to be rich source of magnesium has proven to be very beneficial during anxiety and panic attacks.

Numerous pharmaceutical preparations of magnesium, as well as magnesium dietary supplements are also available.

Omega -3

Omega – 3 fatty acids can ease anxiety symptoms. This lifts your mood by lowering levels of stress chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol in the body. Foods such as caned fatty fish, such as tuna and salmon, walnuts, and flax seed are the great sources of omega -3 fatty acids. Try to get 1 -3 grams of omega – 3s a day.

Foods rich in selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral, which is found most abundantly in Brazil nuts, tuna, swordfish, oysters and sunflower seeds. Studies have shown an association between low levels of selenium and an increased incidence of anxiety, depression, mood swings and fatigue. By its ability to regulate mood disorders, it has been found to be most useful in preventing anxiety during pregnancy, post partum anxiety and anxiety associated with alcohol abuse. So intake of foods rich in Selenium is useful to reduce anxiety and depression.


Add l-lysine to your diet. It has amino acid that builds blocks of your brains chemical messengers and is called as neurotransmitters. L-lysine supplements had reduced symptoms of anxiety and reduced levels of stress hormones. Mostly L-lysine is found in foods like meat, beans, fish, and is also sold as an oral supplement.

Green tea

Besides being rich in powerful anti-oxidants, green tea also serves as a very good source of L-theanine, an amino acid known for its unique anxiety reducing and mood enhancing properties. It promotes relaxation and boosts the production of GABA that helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It also improves memory, focus and mental alertness, without causing drowsiness thus, acting as a good replacement for caffeinated drinks. Drinking a cup of Green tea on morning and evening will keep you relaxed and thus put an end to anxiety and also drinking of green tea has lot other health benefits and this keeps you fresh all the day.

Natural sunlight

Natural sunlight is the best and easy remedy for anxiety. It also increases your Vitamin –D levels and decreases the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Take a short 15 minute break that helps your mind stress free. In addition to it, an outdoor activity also benefits you better. Japanese found that people walked through a forest for about 20 minutes had lower stress hormone levels after their walk that is comparable in an urban area. Try to look for parks to get rid of stress.


No wonder that everybody keeps talking about the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast usually contains some eggs, no matter if they’re boiled, scrambled or sunny side up. Eggs are nature’s top source of choline. Low levels of choline are associated with increased anxiety. Stop skipping breakfast and wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning so you can provide your body with the nutrients it needs to stay away from anxiety. Include eggs in your diet plan.

Bath with Epsom salt

This remedy also works better. A soothing hot water bath with Epsom salt is always calming and raises your body heat. It may also help you regulate mood and anxiety. The magnesium sulfate in the Epsom salt gives calm anxiety and lower blood pressure. If you want you also add lavender or vanilla essential oils to your bathwater. This helps to reap the benefits of calming scents.

Lavender oil

Among all essential oils, lavender has proven to have the most effective results when it comes to maintaining anxiety. The fantastic part is that not only the oil helps, but also the scent of lavender. Studies show that the aroma has a very calming effect on the brain. A good aroma can calm down your tensions thus acts in reducing your anxiety.


Blue berries and peaches are rich in nutrients that helps to get relieve from stress. It also has a calming effect.

Chamomile tea

All most all tea is one of the best home remedies for battling anxiety. Numerous varieties of tea are great for relaxing, but chamomile seems to be the best one you can enjoy. It is because there are two chemicals such as apigenin and luteolin in Chamomile which can promote relaxation. For people who tend to become anxious, specialists recommend to consume two to three cups of chamomile tea a day to relax you. If you do not fancy drinking tea, you can take chamomile supplements to feel better.


Oats increases serotonin production. Oats are rich in fiber that helps to prevent blood sugar spikes which affect mood.

Vitamin B

Foods that are rich in Vitamin B are avocados, milk, eggs, and meat. They help to prevent anxiety.

Dark chocolate

Supported by many clinical trials, dark chocolate (rich in cocoa) has been termed as the new anti-anxiety drug. An ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day, for two weeks has been found to cure emotional stress by drastically reducing the levels of stress hormones. It is also enriched with magnesium that is known for reducing sluggishness and mood swings. However, one should avoid extensively processed, sugar and fat laden chocolates. So take as many dark chocolates to stay away from anxiety and stress. And there’s one more benefit of eating dark chocolate because it’s one of the trade secret behind our Bollywood actress’ shining and glowing skin.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine boosts your energy, but makes you anxious. Try to reduce a cup a day and notice the difference that decreases in your anxiety symptoms. Try to drink with less caffeine. Instead, go for green tea which has more health benefits. High caffeine that are present in your diet are chocolate, tea, soda, and medications.

Despite incorporating the above mentioned remedies in your diet, if you continue to experience panic attacks for a month or two, you should consider switching to the traditional treatments for anxiety like anti-anxiety medications, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc.

Getting rid of anxiety disorders isn’t the same as taking out the trash. If you take your trash out to the curb, it’s gone forever, and won’t come back. But when you try to dispose of chronic anxiety, you often find that this task is more like the child’s game, “Whack a Mole”, than it’s like taking out the trash. Each time you hit a mole, more moles pop up. Every effort that you make to fight against anxiety, invites more of it.

So you need to be able to work smart, not hard, to overcome anxiety disorders.