Highlights and lowlights for medium hair

Hair highlights look absolutely gorgeous on any one, but the real beauty of highlights come out when you pair it up with proper lowlights. It is only a proper combination of highlights and lowlights that can add a new definition to your hairs making them appear more voluminous and vibrant. Medium length hair is often preferred by women due to the ease of maintenance and the variations possible in hairstyles. So, if you have medium hair length and you are planning to add a fresh touch to your overall look, going for highlights and lowlights on your hairs can actually be a cool idea. Here we have presented a bunch of hair highlights and lowlights ideas for medium hairs that you can use as a guide to pick the one that suits you best,

Caramel highlights with brown lowlights for medium hair

Caramel highlights

Caramel hair highlights make a popular and trendy choice. The best thing about caramel highlights is that the color comes in multiple shades and you can easily match it up with deep to subtle low lights to get the right look. Here the caramel highlights have been nicely added with brown and black lowlights to give the total hair color more definition and a unique look.

Blonde highlights with brown lowlights for medium hair

Blonde highlights with brown

If you want to make the highlights and lowlights more prominent on your hairs opting for brown lowlights along with blonde highlights can look actually gorgeous. Here the highlights and low lights have been used in a streaky pattern to make the total highlighting more prominent. It does not look natural in any way even though it uses the brown lowlights, but can certainly add a fresh touch to your overall look.

Medium length hair with blonde highlights and dark lowlights

Medium length hair with blonde highlights

If you have medium length hairs and you love curls on them go with this blonde highlight and brown lowlight hair coloring. Here the blonde highlights have been nicely paired with brown lowlights on both the sides of the locks giving the curls a more defined look. This highlighting and lowlighting can be ideal for winter-fall and if you are just planning to get a fresh look for a special occasion in that case too it can go really well.

Blonde caramel brown highlights with chestnut lowlights

Blonde caramel brown highlights

Here you can see a perfect combination of caramel brown and blonde highlights along with chestnut lowlights. The blonde highlights look more prominent as they are immediately followed by caramel brown which finally ends at chestnut lowlights. This highlighting and lowlighting is achieved through customized balayage technique and hence looks more towards naturally sun-kissed hairs.

Blonde and caramel highlights with brown lowlights

Blonde and caramel highlights

A perfect mix of blonde and caramel highlights can give your hairs a natural looking graduated shade. The addition of the brown lowlights followed after the caramel highlights makes the total highlighting more prominent and gives a vibrant look to the hair style. This is an ideal highlighting and lowlighting choice for medium length hairs.

Cherry ombre highlights with natural black lowlights for medium hair length

Cherry ombre highlights

If you have natural black hairs you can use the natural color of your hairs as perfect lowlights against other darker highlights and this highlighting/lowlighting is a perfect example of that. Here the cherry ombre highlights look more prominent due to the presence of the natural black lowlights just against them. This one can be a perfect hair highlight for winter.

Silver highlights with black lowlights

Silver highlights

When you are planning to get something really different on your hairs silver highlights with black lowlights can make a good choice. Here the silver highlights at the upper part are streaky and they become well -spread as they reach the ends.  The highlights are more prominent on the locks framing the face.

Caramel-chestnut highlights and brown lowlights on blonde hairs

Caramel-chestnut highlights and brown lowlights

To get this hairstyle, caramel, chestnut and brown highlights have been used in an interesting way on the natural blonde hairs. This highlighting and low lighting technique can add a total new definition to your hairs as well as to your overall looks. This hair highlighting and lowlighting idea can be just perfect for any occasions and also for usual days.

Blonde highlights with chestnut brown lowlights for medium hair lengths

Blonde highlights with chestnut brown lowlights

This is a perfect hair highlighting for summers. Here the blonde highlights have been nicely accentuated by the addition of the chestnut brown lowlights. The point to note here is that, here the lowlights are present mostly at the upper part of the head and not on the lower section of the hairs.

Streaky blonde highlight with lowlights for medium hair lengths

Streaky blonde highlight with lowlights

Blonde highlights are just perfect for summers and by pairing them up with streaky brown and chocolate lowlights you can get just the perfect look to make the heads turn. This type of highlights and lowlights when done perfectly can actually give you a fresh and different look that is sure to get you many compliments.

Medium length hairs with caramel highlights and brown lowlights

Medium length hairs

This is another perfect example of how creatively caramel highlights can be used with darker lowlights to get different looks. In this highlighting/lowlighting technique the colors have been used in a fashion that gives the hairs more a natural sun-kissed look than streaky hair color. Get this hairstyle to rock in the summers.

Subtle caramel highlights on natural dark lowlights

Subtle caramel highlights

Even just a slight touch of caramel highlights on your naturally dark hairs can give a perfect highlighting/lowlighting effect. Here you can see the caramel highlights have been used in a subtle way primarily towards the middle section of the hair length to get a natural looking yet stunning hair style.

Ombre curl highlights with natural black lowlights

Ombre curl highlights with natural black lowlights

Here the caramel highlights concentrate mostly towards the lower section and the subtle use of the highlight against the natural black lowlight adds more definition and volume to the overall look. The streaky use of caramel highlights in a more subtle way gives this hair highlighting a completely different touch that is perfect for the summers. If you have medium length black hairs and you are planning to add a fresh touch to your looks without going too bold, this highlighting style can be ideal for you.

Golden and caramel highlights with deep black low lights

Golden and caramel highlights

Add a bold touch to your overall look with this vibrant hair highlighting/lowlighting style. Here the golden highlights have been used along with the dark black low lights. Use of caramel highlights towards the back section adds more definition to the total look. This hair highlighting style can be ideal to give your look a boost of colors.

Caramel balayage highlights on medium dark brown hairs

Caramel balayage highlights on medium dark brown hairs

This caramel highlight with medium dark brown natural lowlights looks completely natural and sun-kissed particularly due to the use of the balayage technique to get the hairstyle. Here the caramel highlights graduate naturally to mix with the dark brown lowlights and add more definition to the curls. This highlighting/lowlighting is ideal for summer days.

Strawberry blonde highlights with brown lowlights

Strawberry blonde highlights with brown lowlights

Use of graduating shades of colors on the hairs ranging from lighter tones to the deeper ones can give the total hairs a complete new and fresh look that is sure to be cherished. The blonde highlights on the strawberry hair color looks gorgeous and perfect for the summers or winter.

Streaky caramel highlights with red and brown lowlights for medium hairs

Streaky caramel highlights

Highlights get their best look only when they are properly paired with the lowlights. Here the total highlighting and lowlighting has been done in a streaky fashion. The caramel highlights have been followed by red and brown lowlights to add a new definition to the look. This hair highlighting/ lowlighting being streaky in its style suits most on the straightened hairs and can be ideal for any parties or special occasion.

Blonde highlights with black and red lowlights

Blond highlights, red lowlights I want to do this to my hair agian

This chunky blonde highlight looks quite gorgeous particularly because of the use of black and red lowlights at both the sides of the blonde highlights. Here the blonde highlights starts right from near the roots and becomes subtle as it approaches the end. The red lowlights just beside the black adds a complete new dimension to the overall appearance. This highlighting/lowlighting can be a good option for the college goers.

Golden face framing highlights with black lowlights

SANTA MONICA, CA - FEBRUARY 25: Actress Kate Beckinsale arrives at the 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 25, 2012 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Golden highlights can look absolutely gorgeous with black lowlights. Here the highlights mostly concentrate on the lower part of the hairs and on the locks framing the face. The perfect use of highlights and lowlights not only adds more volume and definition to the curls but also offers a lot of vibrancy to the overall hairstyle.

Red highlights for medium length hair

1. 4-medium-length-hairstyle-with-dye-highlights-8

You can try this red highlights and get a charming look. This is very easy hair color idea that can also be done at home. This is just need to buy a red hair color from the market applies and on some strands of hairs. This follows the instructions that are is to wash your hair. They are ready to have a fabulous look. The hairstyle looks beautiful with a wide swept front bang. The front hair is twisted and is pinned back with loose hair.

Inspired peacock dark hair color for medium hair

2. 3-medium-length-hairstyle-with-dye-highlights-6

These are the best hair color ideas that you want to get a funky or a chic girl look. This makes you look rock on the dance floor at a party or at a festival. So, try this different stylish look with peacock hair color gives an apparent look. Thus, the hairstyle with this hair color of side swept mid part straight hair looks good. This is good and is something that make you look bold and dare as a peacock. This is the best inspired dark hair color which is unique.

Dark brown hair with blonde highlights

3. Hair-Highlight-Ideas

The hair highlights ideas are well tilled the time of the hairstyle have been developed by the fashion hairstyle experts. This is for the people who prefer loose open hairstyles. So, it is better to choose the best one for them with extreme options. The hairstyle is beautiful and is classy hairstyle that is dark brown hair with blonde and red highlights. This is the latest trendy hair highlights that are most popular with teenagers.

Dark brown hair color with highlights

4. Brown-Hair-Color-With-Highlights

Dark brown hair red highlights are referred to as a change in person’s hair color. This is either dark or light hair color that one some strands of hair in various sizes. This is the best and the latest modern form of hair dying and is the biggest strength of the fashion lover that just moved to wear this hairstyle on the head. This is to get a perfect for them. Thus, the fashion experts have worn that the hairstyle is to get attracted to the people with the celebrities that has tried on their heads and have a better response from the audience.

Simple daily office appropriate hairstyles you can do in less time

Getting ready for office doesn’t give us the liberty to take a lot of time. We have to choose what to wear and how to set our hair, while the clock keeps alarming us about how late we get! In this article, we have listed some of the commonly done hairstyles that we usually follow, and that they could be incorporated for your office look. Since we have done these hairstyles some time or the other, they wouldn’t take up more time than new ones would. These will also give you varieties to choose from and help you look stylish every day.

Simple hairstyle to get ready to office quickly

Short hair bob hairstyle

Short hair bob

Official hairstyles can have all lengths of hair. It doesn’t really matter if you have short hair. In fact, short hairstyles are more suited with official look. In the picture below we see a short bob cut, which has been perfectly matched with those geeky glasses. Her hair is silky and smooth, and the fringes fall in front. She has side-swept the hair to make the bob cut get prominence. When this hair grows a little longer, it will look like the perfect bob.

Side-parted hair with waves

Side-parted hair with waves

When you have medium length hair, you can try out easy hairstyles like this. The lady in the picture has parted her hair slightly beside the mid-zone. This makes her hair have a little more of the sectioning on her right than on her left. The hair falls straight down and up to her shoulders. She lets the hair fall straight and uses a curling iron to get the waves in her tips.

French braid hairstyle to get into office quickly

French Braid

One of the stylish and easy hairstyles would be follow the French braid. French braids have different types, but in here, we concentrate mostly on ‘sagar choti’ which we usually follow in India. This is a stylish way to reverse an ordinary braid to make it look a little complicated and stylish. It has got a certain amount of life before the mid-scalp zone, which adds some puff and makes the hair look fuller. Follow this hairstyle and keep your hair manageable all day.

Waved hair with curled tips

Waved hair with curled tips


By looking at the picture below you might have already noticed that it is a commonly followed hairdo. It is easy and made more manageable by the bobby pin attached. Has your hair straightened with a convex shape to make it look slightly curved to the interior side. Make the partition from one side and let the hair flow in front. Use the curling iron to have the last 2-3 inches of your hair curled. Finally, add a bobby pin on the heavier side of the section so that it doesn’t fall on your face.

Simple ponytail hairstyle to get ready to office

Simple ponytail hairstyle to get ready to office


Ponytails happen to be the easiest hacks that you can follow for official look. The longer the hair is, the more stylish you can make it look. In the picture below, we see a lady with a quarter of her hair straightened, followed by a wavy effect and then finally curled up for the rest of it. This is definitely one option than you can choose for when you feel that your ponytail it just too simple. Back-brush the hair and then pin it up before the crown area, this locks up the shorted strands in front. Follow it up with the ponytail and style it how you like.

Asymmetrical long bob hairstyle

Asymmetrical Long Bob

When you have medium-length hair, you make it look like a bob by following this hairstyle. The lady looks lovely in this hairstyle and the geeky glasses adds some more charm to it. Her hair is straightened and parted from one side. The heavier section has been made to fall in front, while the thinner section has been twisted and pinned up at the back. The thinner section also has the hair set behind the shoulders, giving a contrasting effect to the opposite side. This also creates two separate lengths of two separate sides which justifies the bob.

Sectioned front with side twist

Sectioned front with side twist

We do follow this hairstyle for occasions, so why not try it out for office? This keeps our hair manageable and makes us look stylish too. Has your hair half up to straighten and half down curled. Part it from one side and then let the heavier section fall as it is. Use the opposite side for creating a twist or a braid and then pin it. Back-brush the rest of the hair and let it fall on the back. Your curled tips will be the final bit of attraction.

Quick braids hairstyle for the office


Braids are easy to do and even easier to manage. You can follow this stylish hairdo which we have always followed in India. This looks lovelier with more length and can be diversified due to the varieties. So, all you need to do is spare some time and make create. In the picture below, we see a regular braid which has been made and let down from one side of the shoulder. These can be further styled into French plaits, fishtail braids, etc.

Topknot hairstyle for office

Top knot

Topknots are easy hairstyles which can be followed. If you tie this hairdo like a ballet bun, i.e., by using a hairband, and then you might just take a few seconds to have it done easily. A ballet bun looks prim and proper and can suit most official wears if you choose them wisely. It can something very different than what you usually do, so make sure you know what to exactly wear with them. This hairstyle will keep your hair manageable and also protect from sun exposure if you have to go out for meetings.

Medium-length straight hair

Medium-length straight hair

Medium-length hair gives us reasons to fuss about tying the hair up. Bun hairstyle can’t be properly created and you don’t have to tie braid and ponytails to make the length shorter. Trying out something as easy as this can surely make it look manageable and healthy. Have your hair nicely straightened and add some shine. Part it from the middle and let it flow from both the sides and up to your shoulder.

Simple & classic pony hairstyle idea for office

2 You don’t find time to style your hair in a busy schedule. If you are in rush with an office meeting. Simply have a classic pony hairstyle that gives a unique and attracting look at you. Simple ponytail hairstyle with formal wear is best to try. In your busy scheduled life, you can try this simple pony hairstyle that gives an elegant look at your office. This hairstyle best suit for longer hair length and that makes you look stylish for the office. A classic, simple ponytail is a great way to keep your hair neat and clean. Maintain a stylish look to your hair with these fashionable ponytails. Comb your hair with a side swept that can hang over one shoulder.

Try braided bangs half up hairstyle for office

Try braided bangs half up hairstyle for office


This hairstyle looks something different from regular hairstyles. If you have semi-curl, medium length hair, then you can try this hairstyle. Try this different hairstyles on weekends to your office to surprise your colleagues.  This hairstyle is simple growing out your bangs. Try this chic way to finally get them off your forehead. Try this different braid hairstyle that can add a special touch to the traditional half up style. This will stand out on weekends at the office with a unique different look.

Curly hair with half up do works best for office


Textured half up do hairstyle works best if you have curly shoulder length long hair. Try this hairstyle by applying curl enhancing gel to damp your hair. Let the curls dry naturally to get the perfect hairstyle look. Pull the top half of your hair back just like a half up ponytail. It is easy to wear and takes less time to try this hairstyle which looks good for an office. Secure your hair with a work appropriate clip and then fingers to rough up the pinned section to add more texture to your hairstyle.

Headband bouffant hairstyle for office


The hairstyle best suits for office. The hair accessory such as headband with a bouffant hairstyle and short hairstyle looks beautiful. The hairstyle best suits for a professional look. This hairstyle with a trendy, stylish dress make you look gorgeous. This looks like a retro bouffant. This is not necessary to tease and hairspray, along with it. This headband is to fake out and rock your office.

Side swept bangs hairstyle to get ready to office with less time


The side swept bangs with ponytail hairstyle best suits for medium length hair. This hairstyle makes you look stylish and are better to wear those who have shoulder length thick straight hair. Start with your hair by applying it with a lightweight shine serum to dry hair. Crown your head with a section out of a circle about 4 inches in a diameter that is lightly back comb and is underside with your brush. Have 2 -3 strokes down the shaft of your hair give you all the lift you need. Now, create a side part and leave it about two inches of face framing hair that is hanging on that side out as you loosely brush hair back neatly and mid height ponytail.  Secure them with an elastic band that matches your hair color that won’t slip out. If you have loose hair behind your ear, then secures them with bobby pins that are hanging at the front section of hair.

Short bob haircut with beautiful hair


The short bob haircuts with smooth layers that make you look cool and are luscious. This is created on many face shapes. It is effortless to style and maintain. It sleek longer, applies a bit hairspray to look smooth and stylish hairstyle. The simple bob haircut with straight hair makes you get ready soon and rush into the office quickly. The golden brown hair color with this stylish look gives a professional and elegant look. This hairstyle best suits for official meetings.

Steps to hide a hair/bobby pin with beautiful hairstyles

In the modern times many changes have taken place in the way a Bobby pin is to be used, it is used in several new innovative ways, either to hide something, or secure some hair or to make different types of hair styles. Ideas of hairstyles with bobby pins. Stylish hairstyles with bobby pins. How to hide hair or a bobby pin to style your hair?

Hair pins are one of the beauty tools with endless uses. Hairstyle varies from person to person. Using a hairpin is a technique to make your hairstyle look beautiful. Select the hairstyle that best suits your face. Hairpin helps to tighten your hairstyle. Take hair pin and aim the open end of the pin against the direction that your hair has pulled to tie a ponytail. Then, rotate the pin, so that the open end of the pin is facing in the same direction as the hair. After that, push the pin towards your head to secure it. Then the pin will pull your hair tighter and cannot be identified. In this way, you can hide the hairpin to tighten your hair. Go on repeating the steps until you hairstyle gets completed.

  • Bobby or hairpins used to flip the Bobby pin over so that the wavy side is against your head. If you have a hard time to keep your hair in place, try flipping the Bobby pin over.
  • Try to flip the pin as the straight side is slicker and won’t grip as well as the wavy.
  • Spray dry shampoo or texture on the Bobby pin before insertion to prevent slippage.
  • Tie the ends of your braid into a knot, and then slide a Bobby pin up into the knot to secure it.
  • Secure the end of a braid with a hidden Bobby pin to make your hairstyle look more chic. This is done by tying the ends of the braid into a knot. Then slide a Bobby pin upward into the knot to secure it. That way you can see a braid with no unsightly hair ties.
  • Insert a Bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face in the opposite direction of the section you are pinning back. If one Bobby pin is not strong enough, then try to use a larger one or reinforce it with a second pin.
  • Tie a ponytail and insert 2 – 3 Bobby pins halfway inside the elastic and facing down toward your head. This makes your ponytail fluff and flips it over for a fuller look that won’t sag or droop.
  • Use a goody spin pin instead of several Bobby pins to secure your style.

Tips to hack your hairstyle with Bobby pins

Bobby pins can do more for your hair than ever.

  • Use the right side when you put in a Bobby pin. Because the wavy side is facing down and the straight side up. This will ensure a better grip.
  • Try a triangle with two cross sections of your hair over one another in the neck of your head. Slide a Bobby pin horizontally over the crossed section. Then slide two Bobby pins diagonally up on the left and right side to make a triangle.
  • Stealthy hair pulls back by twisting the hair back and slip a Bobby pin into the center. The hair will hide the pin, and you will have an elegant curl hold in the hair back from the side of your face.
  • Instant bob for long hair will rock for a day. You just give your hair some finger waves. Then tuck the ends of your hair up and under the top sections and pin them in for an instant bob.
  • Bangs gone with style by braiding your crown and tucking your bangs into it. Secure with a Bobby pin.
  • You can use Bobby pins to have different hairstyles. Bobby pin can also be used to decorate your nails.

Easy hairstyle in seconds with Bobby pins

Tease the crown of your head with a teasing comb. After that, grab a section of hair between your hairline and the crown of your head. Secure it with a Bobby pin or more. Then grab a tiny section of hair from the front right side of your head. Again, wrap it behind your head and secure it with a Bobby pin. Repeat on the other side, and continue these steps until you pull back three to four sections on each side. Place pins every time. It is an easy half-up updo hairstyle.

Braid with Bobby pin hairstyle

Braid with bobby pin Fix tiny braids with a concealed Bobby pin. This is the modern way to use the Bobby pin. It is used here to fix a small braid at the back of the head.  Braid small strands of hair and take it back and make it secure with a Bobby pin

Side twist hairstyle

Side twist

Twist a part of the hair, and slip the Bobby pin underneath to pin back the strands taken at the back from the front. Push the pin on the opposite side of the strand that is being pinned back. More than one pin or a larger pin can be used if the strands are not secure with one pin.

If your hair has a lot of shorter layers that stick out of your braid, tuck them in with pretty pins.

Pin Curl Twist hairstyle with Bobby pins

Pin Curl Twist

It is a hairstyle in which the shorter layers of hair coming out of the braid are fixed back with a pin. It is a quick hairstyle which can be done on medium or long hair.

This style is made by fixing a two inch section of hair with two Bobby pins. Take the strand of hair from the left side and take it back to the crown of the hair. Twist the pony twice and take it to the back and fix it with pins. Do the same for the right side. Then connect the two twists with Bobby pins. This will leave a bunch at the back of the neck, which can be rolled into a coil.

Half-Up Half-Down haristyle

Half-Up Half-Down

It is an easy hairstyle which can be suitable for any type of hair.  This style is made by taking a section of hair from one ear to the opposite side. Take another section of the opposite ear and secure it over the previous section. Continue the same way until there are four to five strands of hair crisscrossing each other and secured well with Bobby pins.

Straight long frizzy hair turned to bob cut hairstyle with Bobby pins

14-long-bob You should style your hair according to your face shape. If your hair is curly then you need to wish it for straight hair. Simply, using hairpins, you can have straight hair. If your hair is long and are not contemplating a chop. Then don’t have the guts to go through with it, try this trick to have a faux bob with the help of a few Bobby pins. Try this hairstyle to look something different which gives a better look. Just comb your hair and mid part it. Brush them smoothly and fold the hair end to form a simple, straight bob hair style. Secure the end hair fold with Bobby pins from inside. So, that the Bobby pins not appears on outside and also makes your hairstyle look beautiful. Make sure to secure the pins properly not loosen your hair.

Simple wrapped long straight ponytail hairstyle


The hairstyle looks simple and easy to try. This hairstyle best suit when you are rushed for any work. Bobby pins helps to style your hair in many ways.  Instant hairstyle gives a traditional look. Tie a tight ponytail and take a section of hair from it. Then, wrap it around the elastic and secure it tightly with a Bobby pin. This is just like a base of your ponytail and looks somewhat different. This hairstyle is best suitable for long straight hair. Try this simple, elegant looking hairstyle on any occasion gives a pretty good look. This hairstyle on any western wear is simply superb.

High top centered ponytail hairstyle with a wrapped hair


The hairstyle that is favorite for kids is long ponytail. It will be routine and is boring if you have a normal ponytail. So, let’s try this different ponytail that makes your little one look different from everyday life. This will take five minutes and is pretty hairstyle.  Comb your hair and remove any tangles. Swept your hair to form a ponytail, which would be slightly higher than the center of the back or middle of the head. Use Hairspray to get smooth style before brushing your hair smooth down any loose hairs. Wrap the ponytail using elastic. Make sure to tie it tightly and against the head by dividing them into two half’s. Pull each of them in opposite directions. Pull your hair at the crown up and forwards, slightly loosen it from the elastic. It will add volume to your back comb the hair. Divide them and try a ponytail into two halves and curl each half towards each other with a curling iron. Take a part of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band to hide it. Secure the end of the hair underneath the ponytail and move your hair pin upwards to hide it.

Front French braid hairstyle with bobby pins


This hairstyle best suits and can begin with sectioning off part of the hair along your hairline. The simple French braid is simple and easy. But, make sure to pull in all front pieces to keep hair out of your face. You can reach slightly past by using one or two bobby pins to secure the braid behind the ear. The pins are facing the back of your head. Just, leave some hair fall over the end of the end of the braid to hide the pins.

Triangle shape with 3 bobby pin hairstyle


Pick three beautiful looking decorative bobby pins. Take two small sections of hair from front of your face and pull them back. Secure the each section with one bobby pin at an upward angle to create two sides of your triangle. Add the third pin straight across the bottom connecting your triangle. This is difficult to and is at the back of your head. Make your fingers can easily feel the shape of a triangle and be able to close in the gaps.

Mini victory rolls with 4 bobby pins


Start grabbing the front section on one side of your hair and twist them towards back. Push it forward slightly for some volume out of your roll. Place one bobby pin parallel to ground that is facing back to your head. Take second bobby pin to anchor the first by pinning them across the first bobby pin with an opening face to the top of your head. Secure the roll and repeat on the other side.

 Stylish hairstyles with painted pins


Here, you can most beautiful, stylish hair pins used to style your hair. The painted bobby pins add a beautiful look to your hair. This hairstyle makes to look good and is more beautiful. The bobby pins are interesting with different styles and are simple painted with nail polish. You can prepare designed stylish hairstyle with your own art. Try something new and open out with your own talent in art at your holiday’s time.

Beautiful curly hairstyles for saree

Sarees are attires for women, which reflect the Indian tradition and culture. It is believed that Indian women look their best in sarees and even today, all the traditional events, Pujas and weddings call in the demand for wearing these. In this article, we have listed some of the best hairstyles that you can carry with sarees. Now that the wedding season is here, you should take some tips and ideas to see which type of hairstyle will suit you with your preferred saree. This article mainly includes hairstyles which would have curls and waves.

Side-Parted Braided Hairdo hairstyle

Side-Parted Braided Hairdo hairstyle

Braids are the curly form of your hairdo. In the picture below, we see a beautiful lady in a cream and pink saree. She has thick and lovely hair, which she has parted from one side. The crown area has a thick braid which falls on the left and then the rest of the braid is done below. What makes curly hairstyles best, or that they can be a little messy and yet look beautiful. The strands of her tips are curly and hair the layers are also out of the braid. Thus, the entire makes her look elegant and natural.

Hair lift with criss-cross curls hairstyle for a traditional look

Hair lift with criss-cross curls hairstyle for a traditional look

This is a pretty hairstyle which you can carry for special occasions. The hair is back-brushed and lifted to make a puff. The strands are then used to make the criss-cross hairdo, and then the curls fall just below. Once you are done the criss-cross hairdo, which is possible by pulling your hair from the sides to the middle, you will see that the strands of the middle are flying open. For the finishing you are have curl up the outermost zone of the strands and the tips of the longer ones.

Hair pinned at the back with open curls hairstyle

Hair pinned at the back with open curls hairstyle

This hairstyle looks similar to the 2nd hairstyle we have posted, but it the results will differ quite as much. This one has been pinned entirely, as it has been back-brushed and no fringes fall in front. There are sleeker criss-crosses done and they have been neatly pinned up. The rest of the hair last is left open, has been nicely curled.

Side-parted open hair with curled tips


The lady is carrying a pretty pink, white and black saree, which has been nicely matched with her hairdo. She has parted her hair from the middle and made a small puff in the front. This puffed area overlaps the hair on the left side and then it has been pinned up. The rest of the hair has been combed to fall down the left shoulder. The tips have been curled to give the finishing touch.

Front parted hairstyle with curls on saree


This is a subtle look which will grab people’s attention. This hairdo will make you look very elegant provided you choose the perfect saree. Very gorgeous sarees will not match it while the singular colors with heavy borders and minute detailing in the middle would be just perfect. The hair has been parted from the middle and pinned on two sides. The rest of it has been left open and nicely curled.

Hair pinned on one side and left open hairstyle


You don’t need to work very hard with this hairstyle. Simply have your hair shampooed and set this style. Part the hair from one side and puff it up at the side. It just needs to get that left with the proper pinning process. The hair falls open at the back and it stays natural. If you tend to have wavy or curly hair, let it fall as it is, but if you want to curl it up a little more use your curlers or Instyler.

Messy hair bun hairstyle


Bun hairstyles are very common for saree, but we haven’t added them here as they are mostly straightened and set. This picture gives you another style which is exclusively for the curly hair. Back brush your hair either entirely or keep a division in the middle. Curls up and the tips and make the bun. This will give your bun a curled end and to sort it perfectly, you can use these flowery pins.

Front parted hairstyle with hair lift


This is also simlar to the 5th hairstyle we have posted, but this has a lift at the side. This is because they have been parted and pinned in such a way, that both the sides get a slight puff. The rest of the hair has been left open. If you want to curl up the back you can definitely try that out to simply let it stay wavy and messy.

Puffed hair with wave layers haistyle


This hairstyle will need the front portion to be left open. At the back of your hair needs to be straightened and puffed. So you have to lift it and pin it up well. The strands which will fall down your shoulders need the waviness. So slightly have the tips curled up and give yourself this neat hairdo. This hairstyle will keep your hair manageable and free.

Simple braided hairstyle on saree


Braids never fail with sarees. If you have thick and lustrous hair, or you want to add some hair extensions, you can definitely try out this neat braided hairdo. The lady is pure silk saree has beautifully matched her vermilion and greenish print with a simple braid. The hair has been parted from the middle and pinned at the sides. The braid is like you casually have it done. You can also choose to have your hair lifted at the back to give a slight puff. Braided hairdo suit most saree hairstyles, thus there is hardly any failure.

Neat Bun with curly side-lifts hairstyle


When your bun hairdo is neither straight nor messy, it is certainly classy! This is an example of one such hairdo which you can try out with a neat saree print. This is subtle style which will make you look elegant and graceful. The hair has been parted from the side and has been lifted on both the sides for a slight puff. The rest of the hair has been used to make a neat bun. Match it with light colors and nice prints.

Simple curly fringe hairstyle for traditional outfit

Simple curly fringe hairstyle for traditional outfit

The celebrity in this hairstyle attracted audience. Girls who have curly hair look beautiful. But, taking care of them is complicated to the normal straight or semi curly hair. Girls with chubby cheeks and curly hair are beautiful with loose open hair. Try this hairstyle which makes you look beautiful for any occasion. If you have straight hair, then curl and roll your hair completely to form a curly hair. Brush your hair and pin them with curl strands with brown and black hair. This hairstyle best suits for shoulder length hairs. The additional accessories with light makeup give an impressive look on occasion.

Side swept curly hair with the long wavy hairstyle

Side swept curly hair with the long wavy hairstyle

The long wavy, curly open hairs on peach, green color with full sleeves gives an attracting look. Simply, have them alike and side swept to form a fringe. Leave your hair open and are curled at one shoulder. Leave the side swept curly hair on the shoulder and remaining on the back. This hairstyle best suits of long hair. This hairstyle adds more volume to your hair. Try this hairstyle with simple jewelry and long earrings make you look beautiful.

Side low curly bun hairstyle on saree for any occasion

Side low curly bun hairstyle on saree for any occasion

The curly hair that is slightly tied up bun paired with a black saree gives a trendy look. Try this hairstyle with roll bun hairstyle. Simply roll your hair and side swept to left. Tie big bun hairstyles with side and pin it tightly. This simple, elegant hairstyle gives more additional look with earring and beautiful necklaces. So, try this hairstyle for any party and turn an attractive look from the audience. This gives an additional with the decoration of hair accessories, or any natural flowers around the bun.

Top braid front puff bangs around the hair as a crown

Top braid front puff bangs around the hair as a crown

This hairstyle makes you look traditional and best suits during the summer. This hairstyle helps to protect from heat in summer. Simple crown braid hairstyle is beautiful with bright colored saree. Designer gold color blouse with bright blue color gives a beautiful look. Brush your hair back and prepare a front puff with the front sections hair and pin them tightly. Similarly braid the remaining hair to form a crown puffy look around your head. This gives a beautiful look with the traditional outfit like saree.

Natural curls hairstyle for saree

Natural curls hairstyle for saree

Last but not the least, you can never miss out on any really natural hairdo, which doesn’t need much styling and is simply pretty. This lady has matched her bright saree with her wavy hair open. You can simply part your hair front one side and let your tresses fall down from the shoulder. This will make you look natural and are more important that make you look how you usually do. Sometimes keeping it simple is the key to beauty.

Side swept wavy and low curly hairstyle

Side swept wavy and low curly hairstyle

The half wavy and half curly hairstyle best suits for round face shape. The hairs in sarees make her look beautiful. The hairdo is neatly done with accessories such as a choker on the neck and ear studs. This makes her look beautiful. The side swept puff with low curls on shoulders looks gorgeous. This hairstyle adds volume to your normal hairstyle and is wavy in a pattern that fits the bill.

Side swept long hairstyle with curls

Side swept long hairstyle with curls

The best stylish hairstyle on fancy saree is best to be taught and is a fashion statement with good looking. The stylish hairstyle attracts women towards them with a colorful look. This is the best way to color; print and a fashionable blouse make her look more attracting. This is the best hairstyle with a labor and is draped stylishly. The fancy saree with a trendy look have evermore been in range.

 Side bang with soft low curly hairstyle on saree

Side bang with soft low curly hairstyle on saree

The side bang hairstyle with straight hair and low curls looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle to look more beautiful. The hairstyle makes you look stylish and is more attracting for any occasion. The hairstyle looks good on saree up to shoulder with stylish earrings and simple makeup. The trendy three layered necklace with green stones round the neck looks beautiful on designer blouse and saree.

Beautiful curly hairstyle on saree

Beautiful curly hairstyle on saree

The curly hair with side swept up to the shoulders in saree looks awesome. Try this stylish hairstyle for a more beautiful look. The hairstyle is trendy and is exiting with a stylish look. So, it is better to try a trendy hairstyle with long earrings and a big bindh on the face looks beautiful. The hairstyle looks stylish and is more beautiful for any occasions.

Straight hairstyle with low curls on saree

Straight hairstyle with low curls on saree

The long side swept straight hairstyle looks stylish on saree. This hairstyle makes you look gorgeous with pink color saree. So, try this trendy look with long earrings looks gorgeous. This stylish hairstyle is more beautiful with a trendy look. It is better to try a straight hairstyle with curls looks stylish and is trendier.

Top best hairstyle according to face shapes

Hairstyles on a face are like putting a frame around a picture.  The most important aim of the hairstyle is to minimize the non-pleasing features of the face and to promote the positive ones. It is a general rule that that on the whole the face should give an oval look which is the most pleasing and perfect shape those appeals to the human eye.  In order to achieve these long faces need to be shortened and wide faces need to look longer. The factors that need to be considered in deciding on a hairstyle are the texture of the hair, features and the shape of the face.

Hairstyles can be different that mean different things to a variety people. No matter how the hair is cut and both long and short enough for you to style it many different ways. We have rounded up different styles to get you a creative hair juices flowing. Different medium or long haircuts that you can mix and match to suit your facial features, style and personality.

How to determine your face shape

Women say that the face shape is only a round face. But there are some other six basic face shapes. Here, you can easily find the exact face shape of your actual face shape. This is by just pulling your hair back away from your face. Then, have a good looking face in the mirror. You have to find that what’s the widest part of your face either the forehead or jaw? This is either the cheekbones which are the widest and are looking at your chin which points to your round or square. So, now picture the imaginary line that is going around your face shape.

Following are the six different face shapes with distinct characteristics.

Oval face shape: The oval face looks that the face length of your face is long. Half times its width and forehead is just slightly wider than your chin length.

Square face shape: The prominent jaw line and square chin give a square face shape. The forehead and jaw line are approximately of the same width.

Heart face shape: The forehead and cheekbones are the wide face shapes which are with a narrow jaw and pointy chin.

Diamond face shape: The best way to make your forehead is that the jaw line is narrow and can give your cheekbones with a widest part of your face.

Round face shape: The prominent cheeks are wider in length and can make your face look equally at chin and forehead.

Oblong face shape: Oblong face shape is often confused with an oval, and this shape is slightly longer but not as wide. For this face shape you can see a pointy chin.

Facial shapes and hairstyles

Oval face shape

The oval face is longer that it is wide and its forehead is slightly wider than the jaw. Many haircuts and styles suit an oval face shape. The best styles to go for are the ones that have layers at the height of your best features such as cheekbones, lips or chin. You can have flattering cuts as they suits you best. Short layers at the top of the head should be avoided as they make the face look longer. The best hair cuts that best suits you are blunt bangs, central part, bob with side bangs, edgy short cut. Try to avoid cuts that are almost every style will flatter.

Oval shape

Oval faces are similar to round faces, but are a little elongated. The chin and forehead are of the same width and the cheekbones are slightly wider. Any type of haircut will suit an oval shaped face. French twist or side swept bangs will flatter the features of this face.

The top knot twisted tightly in the middle of the head looks good. First tie a tight ponytail and twist them up with a topknot. The stylish hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. Try this hairstyle for parties. This is the best stylish and different hairstyle to look beautiful.

Round face shape

Round type has a round chin and adds height on top of the head. Cut the bulk from the sides of your face to give it an oval look. One length haircut or blunt cuts on short hair should be avoided. Hair width needs to be minimized on the sides and are around the ears by keeping them flat at those points. Hair styles that fall right below the shin and have layers from the top down elongate the face.

Round face shape

Round facial characteristics are smoothly curved lines and a round chin. The chin and forehead are wide and the cheekbones are wide. This round face call for a long layered hair cut that falls just below the chin or edgy layer cut or fringe bangs that fall on the shoulders. The suitable hairstyle on these features is curled and waves with thick side bangs. Blunt cuts and one length cuts must be avoided.

Heart face shape

The heart shape is widest at the temples and narrowest at the jaw line with a small and delicate. It is pointed chin. Hairstyle for this shape need to add width at the jaw line. Short hair with top layers, long, side swept bangs, longer hair can try long, wavy layers will suit for this face shape. Harsh copy layers or blunt cut bangs do not suit for heart shaped face.

Heart face shape

Heart shaped faces have a pointy chin and a wide forehead. Cheekbones are the same width or sometimes slightly wider. Side swept bangs one short, fast cuts will suit a heart shaped face. Pushed back up do will add volume to the top of the head and will also help in flatter in the features on the face.

Diamond face shape

Widest the forehead, but narrow at the forehead and chin. Unflattering hair styles, best suited for diamond shaped face. Hairstyles for a diamond face are softened, fringe, low side parting, a sweep of hair brushed across the forehead, width to the face and make it look shorter. This type of fuse is found rarely. Asymmetric haircuts look good. Adding hair volume with curly or wavy style also suits best.


This hairstyle best suits for oblong face shape. This hairstyle can add volume to thin or fine hair. This is an excellent hairstyle that can drive you for wavy hair. The brown streaks of fringe wavy haircut best suits for oblong face shape. The hair on shoulders with mid part makes you look stylish and are good. This gives a beautiful look in a black color dress.

Rectangular face shape

The rectangular face shape is like long and narrow face shape with a square. It adds width with a fringe on the forehead that style a side part to soften the square in the face. Short or extremely long haircuts make the face look longer while chin-length bobs and haircuts add width to the face. The long and narrow facial shape makes you look with this hairstyle more stylish. Add the width to add the curls and waves. Short layers lend volume to the top further elongating the face then balancing it.

Square face shape

Facial shapes have a square jaw line. This type of face needs a hairstyle that lends length and roundness to it. Layered hair around the jaw line softens a bit while wispy hair takes the attention away from the square of the face. A layered haircut, short, blunt cut bangs, chin length bobs spiky cuts, or long, sleek styles with top down layers starting at the jaw line are the best suited for square faces.

Square shape

Square faces have a wide, angular jaw, wide cheekbones, and a broad forehead. This facial shape requires sleek cuts with graduated layers that start from the jaw line, angled cuts with long hair in the front.  Hairstyles with curls will be suitable. A small ponytail or bun with hair pulled at the back will be suit the shape of the face. One length cuts and blunt cuts will highlight the jaw.

Pear face shape

It is a narrow forehead and wide jaw line with a round chin. Your hair should appear wide and full at the top. Bob haircut for heart shaped face is quite simple to pick up. Wear brushed away from the face and up toward the ears. Down from the ears, the hair should fall along the chin to soften. Create a volume around the forehead with a partial bang. Chin length, curls around the temples, sides, and around the ears will suit for this face type. The best hairstyles are heavy straight bangs, heavy rounded bangs, long, soft bangs, side parted curtain bangs, side swept bangs. The mentioned hairstyles best suit for pear shaped face.Facial-shapes-and-hairstyles

A great hairstyle that can lift years off your look and make you feel for completely reinvigorated. As the foundation for any haircut, the shape of your face determines. This can emphasize your eyes, lips, and cheekbones. The haircuts and layering techniques are shown, that is finely tuned to your face shape. Your face shape that can be truly the best that can bring more life and vitality to your face. This different hairstyle according to face shape, makes you look naturally.

Long or oblong face shape

Long or oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. Long face shape has the same width of forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The jawline is probably round in shape. Your face looks longer than as it is wide and has a straight cheek line. The most flattering haircut for long face shape is shoulder length hairstyle. This is the perfect length and is very popular. The very best way is to get bangs. This is because bangs make your face appear shorter and can cover up a particularly large forehead. You can also with blunt bangs to long, side sweep bangs. Bob haircuts should be avoided out.

The right hairstyle that best suits for your face shape model is to have bangs that are to shorten the overall length of the face. This layer helps to add body and bounce the creating needed width. The shapes that will work straight or curly textures are best for long face shape.


The sleek straight layered haircut is best for oblong face shapes with oval ones. The more the hair length is and a pointy chin. To style this hairstyle, you should avoid drawing attention to the chin. That’s the reason why long layers that start below the chin are ideal.

Best quick hairstyle ideas for dry/frizzy hair

Different hair styles are depicted for people with various hair tones and hairstyles. If you have frizzy hair, the hairstyle that you need to adopt won’t be similar to that of individuals who have an oily tone of hair. Since the frizzy hair becomes a total mess with blowing air, the main objectives of an individual will be the step how to tame it. You can use a smoothing shampoo along with the flat iron with ceramic finish that will keep your hair well moisturized and shiny without making it too dry. The even anti frizz gel can be applied over your hair in order to make it tame and less frizzed. Let us look at some of the hairstyle in which ladies with frizz hair would look great.

Hairstyle ideas for dry hair

Messy curls hairstyle


Since your hair is already a mess when wind blow from either side, you don’t have to take much trouble in order to create a messy look on it. A little curl with a curling iron or roller manually can easily create this hairstyle. This will give a great bounce with the soft tendrils from either side.

Wavy bob with texture hairstyle for dry hair


Other wonderful hair style ideas for ladies with the frizzy hair will be the textured wavy bob. This is a wonderful hairstyle with will easily add great bounce. The hairstyle will look much more attractive, if you apply Volumizing mousse on it. This will create a flattering look on your face without much maintenance.

Beehive updo hairstyle for parties


A beehive Updo is another appropriate hairstyle that can be adopted by the ladies who have frizzy and dry hair. You can adopt this style with both traditional and western attire. You must have seen the actresses in the Hindi films during 60’s adopting the beehive style. This makes the lady raise in height and attractive in looks

Oversized bun at the top hairstyle for wedding


This hairstyle will take you away from the impression that you have dry or frizzy hair. The neat oversized bun placed right at the top gives a different look with the image. In order to create a high set, particular texture will be required. Just air dry your damp hair and adopts this hairstyle and enjoy the look.

Tousled ponytail hairstyle for office


If you want to get a neat look over your frizzy and dry hair, tousled pony tail will be a hairstyle you can think about adopting. This will give a spectacular view to your image even if you wish to stay very simple at home or your neighborhood. This hairstyle can be wonderful even if you are at the office or willing to attend your classes.

Messy fishtail braid hairstyle


You can now enjoy various hairstyles even if your hair tone is dry and not very attractive. Here your entire hair will be totally a mess with a bulging look and the hair that carried the length complies with the braid style. This will add a requisite volume to your hair making you look fuller in appearance.

Classic Afro haristyle


You must have seen people from Africa and their hairstyle. Most of them has a coarse, curly hair. Thus, they also need to think about the hairstyle that suits them. If you have dry and frizzy hair, then the classic Afro hairstyle can also be adopted. For this you have to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and once it is dried, you can adopt this hairstyle.

Natural long curls hairstyle for frizzy hair


If you have a long and curly hair, this particular hair style will be a wonder. The dry hair people who have accomplished maximum of frizzes have experienced the pleasure. You can also get a bouncy look with natural coarse curls all over your hair.  You can also put a hair band at the front portion of your head, provided you wish to stay away from the front hair falling down.

Side pony tail hairstyle


You can also look really stylish with the side ponytail hairstyle. The messy straight hair goes well with this hairstyle as you don’t have to comb your hair several times in order to get the spectacular look.

Puff ponytail hairstyle


Stylish hairstyle that can be adopted on straight hair are many, but, if your hair is dry, the hair stylist won’t dare to experiment with too many hairstyles. The puff ponytail is another exclusive hairstyle that you can adopt on dry and frizzy hair. The front portion will be bulging and pony tail will be adopted over the rest of the hair.

Braided bun hairstyle for occasions


Even after the messy hair you can adopt a braided bun hairstyle. All you have to do is make two braids from the either sides of your hair and bring both at the back forming a U shaped figure and then make a spiral touch to get a bun. If you want to adopt this hairstyle for your party, make it in neat hair by using a comb and apply hair fluid and serum.

Twisted inticate hairstyle


You can get a stylish edge over the hair strands once the hairstyle named the twisted intricate is adopted. Even the messiness over the hair will give a soft touch to your face with this particular hairstyle.  You can try out a long and attractive ear piece with the help of this hairstyle.

Braided Chignon hairstyle


Even in this type of hairstyle you can get a messy essence which is backed with the full fringe.  The front portion of the forehead has long vertical hair covered with small hairs. It looks really attractive on the youngster. If you have dry and frizzy hair, getting wonderful style will be a wonderful.

Golden spiral curls


If you have black hair, go for a golden touch with a blonde hair color. The spiral curled edges looks really spectacular when your frizzy and dry hair.  You can attend a party or an occasion with the help of this particular hairstyle. You can now get a different look with this particular hairstyle that people have been long awaiting for a grand look.

Tousled Topsider hairstyle for frizzy hair


The hairstyle gives a classic look of a breeze for those gals. This hairstyle makes you look naturally curly hair. This hairstyle adds it’s up and out of your way. This doesn’t allow for any frizz to happen right around your face. If you have dry hair and have curly hair then try this hairstyle. The curlier your natural hair is, the better the hairstyle looks like. If you like the look which is as shown in the picture and is styled as French braiding the front section of your hair. Then, secure it with the remaining hair up into a French twist. For a simple approach to secure your hair back in a high ponytail. This will leave out some curly pieces around your ears and hairline. This hairstyle is good in summer to get out of excess heat too.

Latest fashion best hairstyle for thick curly, frizzy hair


Short hairstyles for thick curly, frizzy hair with a blonde hairstyle idea are here. This hairstyle idea for a beautiful frizzy hair. Try this hairstyle if your hair is dry and frizzy hair. The short hairstyle best suits for curly, frizzy hair. This hairstyle covers the forehead and cheeks. Bob cut hairstyle with dry hair. Simply curl your hair if your hair is straight. Blonde hairstyle is the best way to treat dry hair.

Style your hair with short blonde hairstyle


This hairstyle is common to see with frizzy and dry hair. There are many hairstyles that make a woman look more beautiful. Try this short blonde hairstyle that would be so obvious. If women take care of their hairs that they know their hairs are their assets. The blonde hairstyle is short cutting that is more preferable. You can try this some beautiful hairstyle ideas to style your hair and look beautiful. Short blonde hairstyle makes women look firmer and simpler. This hairstyle makes you look more confident. Blonde hairstyles are brave in color such as light brown gold. These colors make you look beautiful and are greater as well.

Long curly hair locks with golden hair color


The long curly rolled hair with golden hair color looks beautiful. The side swept fringe haircut. The cute hairstyle looks good for a party with a frizzy hair. The long rolled hairstyle is easy to style your hair with gold locks on shoulders look beautiful. This is the best way to style your hair with a stylish look. The long gold hair locks covers the forehead apart and make you look gorgeous.

Long bouncy frizzy hair with brown hair color


The bouncy hair color with curls and rolled hair looks good. The best layered haircut with frizzy hair looks gorgeous. The long rolled frizzy hair is good with a stylish look. The hairstyle is best suited for square face shape. This haircut is thick, curly hair that makes you look stylish. The brown hair on shoulders looks good.

Black curled rolled frizzy hairstyle for the party


The dark colored hair with a stylish look make you look beautiful. Try this stylish dark black hair color looks awesome for parties. Simply rolled side swept hair with a side part hair. One side of the hair brushed back and is pinned. These stylish hairs look beautiful and are good with a better haircut that perfect with the face shape.

Pixie curly haircut with golden hair color


The pixie haircut with a short stylish hair looks good and is better to look good. This stylish hairstyle is good for daily office. This hairstyle looks professionally without any frizzy look. Try this haircut to cover frizzy hair and is beautiful with an amazing look. The hairstyle is simple and is cute with the most delightful look.

Short curly hair cut ideas


The short haircut that is best suitable for your look is that with short curls. The hairstyle looks better and is with a curl look. This stylish hairstyle looks good for any occasion. The golden brown hair color with a fringe rolled hair strand on face and side swept bangs are good looking. Try this stylish hair that makes you look good.

How to look stylish in school uniform

You can look stylish even in a school uniform. All you need to do is to implement some uniqueness in your uniform and looks while keeping in mind the dress code of your school. First of all, get one thing clear that to look stylish in your school dress you do not actually need to break the school rules; because if you do, it will just look like you are trying hard to appear special, which is not something really wanted. So, stay within the codes of your school and implement only those changes that are permitted by your school. Read on to know the secrets of looking stylish in school uniform,

Wear proper school uniform in a proper way

Yes, this is the first thing that you need for looking stylish in school dress. Unless your school uniform is in the best condition it will only make you look clumsy. Do the following to make your school uniform look best on you

Get your uniform tailored

A proper fitting is a must in order to look good in that dress. So, it is best suggested that you opt for a tailored uniform instead of a ready made one. Even if you get it directly stitched from the market, take it to a tailor and instruct to alter it according to your size and shape. A tailored uniform can actually give you the right fit as well as the best look.

Also keep in mind the material of the uniform. Different clothing materials give different kind of looks. So, you need to pick a good quality material to ensure that it has a unique look, unless the material is already specified by your school.

Never try to opt for a shade deeper or a shade lighter uniform color just because it will make you look different or suits well for you. Buy the same shades as noted by your school code; just take care about the material and the fit.

Always ensure that your school uniform is clean and well pressed before you put them on.

Get the right shoes

Most of the schools maintain a code about the shoes as well. So, if your school has a code about it too, you actually cannot go beyond. Just keep in mind that your school shoes are in the best condition, well maintained and clean.

In case your school does not have a strict code for shoes you can opt for stylish tennis shoes or sneakers. They look just perfect with school uniform. Always pick a white, black or blue color school shoe, because they go well with any kind of dress color. A pink or green shoe can actually make it look odd when paired with a blue school uniform. So, keep that in mind.

In case, your school has just codes about the shoe color and not the shoe type, keep the above tips in mind while purchasing your shoes, and do not opt for anything flashy, or opt for high heel ones, rather buy shoes that are of good quality.

Socks are usually compulsory with shoes in every school and in fact they make it more comfortable to wear the shoe for the whole day. One easy way to look stylish is to fold down your socks till your ankle. Also ensure that it is clean and not smelly.

Get those beautiful hairs

Keep your hairs clean and nourished

The first code to look stylish in your school uniform is to have clean and well hydrated hairs. If your hairs are dirty, dry or brittle they will surely hamper your look. So, clean your hairs with a proper cleanser.Condition hairs properly and ensure that they are well kempt.

Get proper hairstyle

The right hairstyle can make you look highly stylish even in a school uniform. So, get the hairstyle that suits with the shape of your face and other features. Visiting a professional hairstylist can be a really good option to get the hairstyle that will suit you most and make you appear stylish in any dress.

Try highlighting

If your school does not have restrictions, you can also try out highlighting strands of your hairs. This can give you a very stylish look. However, stay away from the bright colors, like red and pink and opt for the deeper tones or just bleached highlights to ensure that you get the right look.

Use hair accessories

You can also use some hair to accessorize to get a more stylish look, if that is not barred by your school. A stylish clip, a few colorful pins, a satin ribbon can make all the difference. However, always keep in mind that you should not use accessories that are too colorful or flashy because that might make you look funny instead of stylish.

Get beautiful skin

A beautiful skin can make you look stylish in every dress. So you should take care to get a flawless skin. At this age your skin is naturally beautiful and it does not need any much care other than proper cleaning and moisturizing to stay that way. Clean your face with a mild cleanser or a homemade cleanser twice a day and moisturize it properly after cleansing. You can also try out exfoliating, but only once in a week and with a homemade or very mild scrubbing product.

If you have few pimples you can use some effective home treatments to clear them. If you have severe acne, consult a dermatologist to cure the condition.

Take care of your hands and legs as well. Clean, exfoliate and moisturize them regularly. Waxing your hands and legs can give them an instantly smooth feel and can be very helpful to get a stylish look.

Wear some stylish accessories

Accessories can give you the desired stylish look even in your school uniform. Wear studs or clasps of interesting designs on your ears. Just make it a point to not to wear anything that bling or looks very gorgeous. You can also put on a cool pendant, if that is permitted by your school. The other stylish accessory that you can wear to style up your total look is a stylish watch. Just ensure that it is not something very flashy.

Use a stylish school bag

Well, this is a point where no school most probably has a code. So, you can pick a school bag that is stylish and actually makes a special style statement. Keep in mind that you are not looking for a flashy bag, but one that has the right look.

Maintain the best self-hygiene

You can never look stylish in any dress unless you maintain the best self-hygiene. Bathe daily with a proper cleanser, maintain proper oral hygiene.  Ensure that you do not smell of sweat or food at any time. Use a deodorant if needed.

Take care of your nails

Dirty and brittle nails are not surely going to make you look stylish. So, ensure that your nails are well cleaned and trimmed. Do not opt for very long nails, but go for medium length and coat them with a natural nail lacquer, if your school does not permit the use of colorful nail colors.

The right makeup

Makeup can be surely helpful for looking stylish in school. However, you have to keep in mind that you should not go overboard or it will make you look out of place. Stick to only a few products and do never opt for layering. Choose those products that give you the benefits of many things in the same item. You can easily opt for a BB cream with sunscreen and moisturizing properties to get all the three benefits at one go.

Eye makeup

You can use a thin line of Kajal on your eyelids to look stylish in your school dress. Curling your eyelashes is another thing that can make you look beautiful without giving that artificial look. Stay away from eye shadows.

Lip makeup

Just ensure that your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized. Use a natural color lip balm instead of a gloss. No need to line your lips and all. That will make you look out of the place.

The right attitude

Your attitude and how you present yourself has a very important role to play in your total appearance. So, to appear stylish adopt the right attitude and get the right walk, that can help you look and feel more confident.

Jewelers on school uniform for girls

You can wear light strands of pearls or any costume jewelers around your neck. This will make you look momentarily behind your shirt and tie them well to look fantastic.  Neckties are a common variety to style your uniform. This crossover tie can add a traditional look to your school uniform. A floppy bow tie is adorable. This will give a tall Murano glass band that has a plastic rhinestone hearts glass fiction and can range a ring with a great stuff. The diamante initial rings spell out with across your hand.

Decorate your uniform with accessories

The non regulation of a coat up to knee length is belted or nipped at the waist. You can start collecting brooches with lots of different variety stylish accessories. Try to avoid badges, but snap up with an interesting school pin. This helps to get out of a crest.

  • Trendy accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. You can also check out with a knit beret at the time of shopping. This an oversized knit hats or tea cozy hats. This color can complement the rest of your school attire.
  • Try something new with a vintage silk scarf on your head to cover a bad hair day.
  • You should switch with a generic shoe laces with a pair that can make you smile.
  • Replace a pair of ankle boots with Mary Janes or crazy sneakers to turn boring look.

Daily beauty care tips

  • You should regularly manicure the nails to keep your fingers look beautiful.
  • Cover your books with a marionette, museum fine arts, paper chase.
  • Try paper craft stickers to your books to look different.
  • Style your hair with lovely pins, headbands, clips or any variety of hair accessories.
  • Wear a different look with a jacket that can flatter your body and complement your uniform.
  • You can add a pop color to your uniform with a bright colored jacket.
  • Write down your name or favorite number stitched on the back of the jacket to look something different.

So keep the above points in mind and you are sure to make the right style statement even in your school uniform.

Top best women haircuts & hairstyle ideas for square faces

Ladies with square shaped face has a broader forehead as well as wider jaw line, rather they have a symmetrical angular facial structure all over their face. Though the face cut is not totally round, it is also not too long in appearance. The haircut must be framed in such a way that the corner of your forehead as well as the jaw line gets covered.  You can now get variety of hair cuts that will suit individuals with square cut face. Let us explore some of the interesting haircuts and think of getting one after another after completion of each hairstyle adoption.

Hairstyles for square face shape female 

A Sheared – Short tapered cut

A Sheared – Short tapered cut

If you have a square face shape, even the short hair cut will look really good. This style will lift your face up with the rising hair pointing at the top. This sheared hair cut is ideal to create an illusion and make the face look longer which is really essential in case of ladies with square shaped face. Rather, they will get a rectangular image of their square face shape. 

Off center part hairstyle

Off center part hairstyle

If you have a square face, you can easily create an illusion over your face, with creating an off centre part. All you have to do is make a mark over your hair from the front just beyond the forehead where it is neither at the centre nor at the side. Rather, you can choose a position to draw a line which is between the centre and side. This will create an illusionary effect of creating a round face shape instead of a square.

A low Chignon hairstyle

A low Chignon hairstyle


If you have a square face shape and tie your hair at the back, a low Chignon will be the hairstyle that you can adopt. This is how you can relax with your hairstyle where there will be no absolute disturbance through the small irritated hairs. Here also you can view the off centered part and few strands of hair pulled out of the temple area. This wonderful combination will help to balance the look of square face.

A cut below the collarbone hairstyle

A cut below the collarbone

Even if you are having a square face, a cut below the collarbone will be an ideal combination. You have to create a layer that will be folded inwards, which will help making the frames right. Since the ladies with square faced feature has wide cheekbones and broad jaw line, the rounded bang look will suit them well.

Rounded Fringe hairstyle

Rounded Fringe

A lady with square face shape can easily adopt the hairstyle named as rounded fringe as it works really well to cover the odd corners of a lady having a square shaped face. Since all fringes are not similar, you have to make sure that the outside corner of the fringe is an inch to inch, as well as it is half longer than the bangs that are placed at the centre.  This haircut is really suitable in providing a framing effect and it also draws the attention of the viewers inward. The wider face will become soft and amiable with this hairstyle.

Side swept style hairstyle


The side swept style must be really common to people trying variety of hairstyles. These are the hairstyles that suits individual with varied facial tone and structure. The square shaped face is one among such facial structure where the side swept style suites. This is a very easy hairstyle which you can easily create at home on your own.

The Lob haircut

The Lob

The long bob is another interesting hairstyle that will suit ladies with square cut face. Here you can see two hand strands hanging down covering the cheekbones. Since ladies with square shaped face have a wider cheek bone, covering it with the hair will make them look great. This hairstyle will cover your broader jaw line as well as wider forehead. You can easily get a sleek look of your face through this attractive hairstyle.

Long layers hairstyle

Long layers

Ladies with square shaped face can easily suite with long layers provided the layers are of appropriate length. Since you have a square shaped face, the first layer must start from the area where your chin is associated. This will create an impression that your jaw line is not that broad. The bangs of the layer will easily cover your longer jaw line. Your face will automatically appear narrower.

Side swept fringe with floral decoration

Side swept fringe with floral decoration


If you want to make your face look different with a princess look, the side swept hairstyle with floral decoration at the top will be an ideal way. This is one of the hallow braid trend adopted by many ladies who wish to get a crowned up look at the top. You can try this on your wedding day with a very beautiful wedding gown.

Layers with blunt ends

Layers with blunt ends

Layers have got a variety of designs that goes with hairstyles of different individuals as per their facial shape. This layer cut with blunt end is also one of the wonderful hair styles that can be adopted by the ladies with square shaped face. Here also the lawyer will start right from the chin and jaw line, but at the end of the hair there will be a total blunt cut.  The blunt ends are really perfect for ladies with square shaped face. You can adopt this hairstyle if the previous ones are no more attractive.

Best looking Voluminous bob cut hairstyle for square face shape


If you have flatter haircut, then you can try this hairstyle to look beautiful. This is a cute and awesomely angular celebrity which is beautiful in her bob cut hairstyle. If you have bob hair cut, then simply have side swept. If not, you should pin the long or mid length hair. The flattering illusion with her long hair is pinned under. This hairstyle gives her the same effect as the cut. The soft & loose waves around the face have a diffusing effect. So, try this hairstyle that best suit for you. This hairstyle makes you look confident and give an elegant look. Try this hairstyle to look more beautiful with simple makeup and blue earrings.

Simple, low Chignon hairstyle for square face shape


The hairstyle with square face shape is the best and ready to wear your hair back. This hairstyle is relaxed and low chignon with a slightly off center part. Try this combination of the above hairstyles that can counteract to the square face. The pieces that are framing will be a takeaway with any width and distract from any harsh line. This hairstyle best suits for square face. Try this simple, easy and quick hairstyle for any occasion. It’s also good in the summer to protect from heat. Comb your hair and brush your hair to fall on the forehead. Cover forehead with front fringe and leave ear locks. The ear locks covers the cheeks that are wider. Simply prepare a bun with the remaining hair. Decorate the bun with beautiful hair accessories.

Trendy updos for square face shape hairstyle

Feb 27, 2005; Hollywood, CA, USA; OSCARS 2005: Actress SALMA HAYEK arriving at the 77tth Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Lisa OConnor/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2005 by Lisa OConnor

The simple hair updo hairstyle best suits for your face shape. So, try this different hairstyle to look more beautiful on the occasion. This hairstyle is a great choice for a special occasion. This can get started and apply this hairstyle with the straightening cream to hair. The cream makes your hair to be straight and then blow dry hair to it with a paddle brush. After that part your hair directly and the down the middle going for about two inches that can turn from your forehead back. This Hairspray is to keep these portions to the side. Simply tease the section of your hair at the crown, and leave a top layer that can place over the teased. The remaining hair is pulled back and forms a messy ponytail right at the crown of your head by excluding the parted section hair. Secure the bun with elastic. Wrap the hair around the base and pin it. Finish, it with a Hairspray that give more shine and hold the bun in place.

Stylish medium layered dirt blonde hairstyle


The square face is equal in all directions and is actually equal to work with as it comes to find the right hair cut. The best haircut that best suits for square face shaped is pixie cut and bobby haircut. Try the hairstyle to add more beauty. This is instead to show off the excellent bone structure. Try this choppy piece lob that can soften the strong chin. This also helps to reveal the high cheek bones. The hairstyle is best suited for any occasion and daily.

Side braid hairstyle for square face


A square face shape with side braid hairstyle looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle for a romantic look. Simply, pull your hair to one side and tie a loose French braid. This best suits for teenage girls and is good for long hair. This face shape with a stunning hairstyle of the dark colored velvety dress looks awesome.  The gray colored hair with side French braid looks beautiful.

Arch cut angled bob haircut


The long straight hair with an angled bob haircut looks beautiful for square face shape. The hairstyle with a bit little severe look has a stylish look that can tool a long angled cut. So, it is better to have an angled hair cut with long pieces in front. This will gradually get shorter toward the back. Thus the elongate wide face shape has a beautiful look.

Simple graduated layers haircut


The light golden hair color with graduate layers haircut best suited for square face shape. This helps to soften the strong jaw line. So, it is better to have hairstylist which can work better for office. This means that you should hide behind your hair, which is the best way to showcase to your face. This gives amazing look without any accentuating.

Honey brown waves hairstyle


This hairstyle with light brown and black hair color looks beautiful. The medium length hair color is an excellent way to get a square face shape. Simply, side part your hair with a temple and long bangs that falls to the other temple. The haircut is easy and is the best way to get a beautiful look. The haircut is incredible with a flattering and is an easy way to maintain the perfect hairstyle for your face shape.

Awesome stylish Indian hairstyle for heart shaped faces

Heart shaped faces are longer than their width, although their width is wide too. The forehead and jawline have a similar width and the chin is quite pointed. Your cheek line and sides of face taper the jawline. The forehead is quite prominent and round towards the hairline. For hairstyles, you will have to either flaunt your forehead or the sides of your cheeks.

In this article, we will follow some Indian hairstyles which are commonly followed among us. These can either be incorporated with casual wear or for important events. These will help you know which styles suit your face shape and let you look the best.

Straight hair down from one shoulder simple hairstyle

Straight hair down from one shoulder

Straight hairstyles are one of the easiest hairstyles to follow and manage. It not only widens the width of your hair to the maximum but also make it look lustrous. In the picture below, we see a model with a perfect heart-shaped face. She has got her hair straightened and then parted it from one side. The division is not quite away from the middle, but the thicker side is more stressed on. Comb your hair to the thicker side and let the strands fall down that side of the shoulder. If you have a hair cut it layers, it will create a V-shape which looks nice like the picture below.

Side-brush waves for heart shaped face hairstyle

Side-brush waves

This is another style which all of us usually follow, or have followed at least once or twice. Few might you have noticed that your heart-shaped face does suit this style well. When you have long and lustrous hair, you try to create more and more styles and tend to not realize which one actually suits your face. Well, this one is not quite different that the one we saw above. The one difference is that the hair isn’t straight, but has waves. This one also has been brushed back from one side, and let down on from the fuller side of the division.

Middle-parted hair with a ponytail hairstyle

Middle-parted hair with ponytail

This is a nice hairstyle which can be followed quite easily. You have to make sure that flaunting your forehead and your cheek, lets you look good at first. This is because heart-shaped faces are asked to flaunt either of these. Then again, there are buns and braids which you might want to do, and for them you would have to brush your hair in the back. Have your hair straightened and add shine to it. Part it from the middle and tie a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Middle-parted hair with half down curls

Middle-parted hair with half down curls

This is a lovely hairdo which will make you flaunt your facial features really well. Has your hair straightened for the first half. Part it from the middle so that you can continue the style and get the exact look with every step of styling. Use your Instyler to create wriggled curls with adequate spaces. Make sure that the hair, it’s not absolutely curled up. The curls will go half down or differ in the length of your hair.

Side-partition with wavy layers hairstyle

Side-partition with wavy layers

Although this hairstyle is similar to the second one we saw in the article, it has some minute differences to make them look separate. First of all, this hairstyle will need a proper division. The thinner section will be brushed and fall back. The thickest section will fall down the shoulder. With the layered hairstyle you have to make waves with your Instyler. This will make your hair look fuller and get a lift with every layer. This is quite an attractive hairdo which has to be paired with lovely Indian wear for making you look outstanding!

Side-parted section with bouffant and bun Indian hairstyle

Side-parted section with bouffant and bun

Straighten your hair to start with this look. Has your hair parted from a side and let it go extreme and not near the middle area. Push it behind your ears and then carry on. Make a bouffant after back-brushing the hair. After pinning up the bouffant, make the bun and accessorize it if you want. In the picture, we see a garland attached to the lower side of the bun. Add the tika on the side, even if you don’t add the mang-tika.

Half down waves with curls for long Indian hairstyle

Half down waves with curls

We love to flaunt hairstyles where we can keep our hair open. It not only makes it manageable, but also frees us from the tightness of Bobby pins. This hairstyle is another stylish option which you can try over other strenuous hairstyles. Part your hair from the middle and have it straightened half up. This will not have a straighter at the end, due to the wave which you need to add later. Have your haired curled up half down, and the curls should fall to the exterior side.

Middle-parted hair with messy braid Indian hairstyle

Middle-parted hair with messy braid

Braiding is a hairstyle which we follow traditionally. At our present time, we have started experimenting with different styles of braiding. You can surely opt for this style you see below. It covers your forehead only from the side, and makes the heart-shaped facial features look more prominent. Part your hair from the middle and then make a side braid. Tie it like a regular one, but loosely. If you have steps cut, some strands are meant to fall out and give you the messy effect. Take some more strands out on the opposite side of braid, to add the locks.

Middle parted open hair for office hairstyle

Middle parted open hair

Indian hair is blessed with natural waves which gives a natural style and doesn’t have to make us put a lot of effort. This hairstyle is quite easy and good to be carried for casual occasions. Part your hair from the middle and let the hair fall in front from both the sides. Has it styled if your hair doesn’t look like this naturally. It will simply need slight waves and you’re sorted! In addition to some highlighted strands you might enhance the look a little more!

Side-parted hair with a bun hairstyle

Side-parted hair

This is a nice hairstyle to try when you want to opt for buns. This hides a part of your forehead and flaunts the rest of your facial features. Section your hair from the side and let is flowing in front so that it hides the forehead and gets nice exposure. Brush the rest of the hair back and then make a bun. Add mang-tika at the thinner side of the sectioning for the final touch of the style.

Side swept curly bangs for heart shaped face


A heart shaped face with soft curls gives a special attraction. The hairstyle that perfectly suits to the heart shaped face is side swept curly bangs. Comb your hair and side swept the bangs that are narrow at the top of the head. This makes you look emphasize the eyes and cheekbones that’s better to have a different look. The fringe or tendrils of a part of hair will help soften angles to the bottom of the face. Apply a thermal protection and curl on the second day with a large barrel iron. Then divide your hair into four sections such as top, back, and to both sides. Tie ponytail to the back and pin curls from the ponytail up that is rounded at the base of the ponytail. Slightly back comb your top section hair. You just point he top section back. Leave some pieces out and loosely pull the curls from the side back and secure them with pins. Secure with Hairspray.

Best hairstyle with bangs

Best-Bangs-Hairstyles-4 (1)

The face shape is heart shaped that is rather wider forehead and having a narrower chin. People with this face shape can opt for long fringes. You can also bang haircut that you should try which is not be wide. Partition your hair into two in the middle of the head. This will look beautiful. Open your hair and leave some of the hair on right shoulder. Hair with semi curl and fringe makes you look gorgeous. This hairstyle makes you look elegant. Try this hairstyle to officiate that makes you look professional.

Try wavy, curly bangs hairstyles


Try this hairstyle with some waves or curls. It looks fashion and makes you look bold. Try this simple hairstyle with curls and some waves. This will add some wavy hairstyle around the face. You can just make your face appear longer that is advisable for you. You can go for any kind of bangs other than poker straight hair. Straight hair looks simple, if you want to try for a different look, and then try this some wavy curly hairstyle. If you have natural straight hair, then bangs will add more width and can shorten the face. To have a different simple and professional look you can try this side swept wavy low curly hairstyle.

Side swept loose straight hairstyle


The loose long hairstyle with straight hair gives an amazing look. Side swept bang hairstyle with eyelids can make you look unique. The hairstyle turns everyone’s attention to you. This hairstyle looks good for any occasion. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The hairstyle with long straight hair make you look with makeup.

Best stylish hairstyle with front small tied bangs


The hairstyle with curly light golden brown hair looks beautiful. The hairstyle with braided small knots at front over the forehead looks trendy. This hairstyle for any occasion turns attention. The curly, wavy hairstyle with two braided little braids looks at both sides and is tied with elastic bands. The curly, wavy hairstyle on shoulders looks beautiful.

Side loose front braided hairstyle


The gray hair color with side braided plait hairstyle looks beautiful. The hairstyle with loose open hair make you look good. The stylish hairstyle with low curls is gorgeous. Gray hair color with fringe haircut is simply superb with low curls. The curly and rolled hair on the shoulder with a sleeveless dress gives a stylish look.

French braided side swept hairstyle with long hair


The french braid plait which is pinned back of the ear looks awesome. The hairstyle with long straight hair looks good. Style your hair with side swept braided hair pinned back. Remaining hair is left open with the stylish hair. Thus, the hairstyle looks beautiful on full long sleeves.

Side bangs open hairstyle


The golden hair color with side bang hairstyle looks beautiful. Style your hair with bangs and are pinned back hair pins. This stylish hairstyle looks beautiful with long left hair on shoulders. The hairstyle looks beautiful with left over side bang hairstyle looks stylish and trendy. This hairstyle is good for heart shaped face.

Loose wavy hairstyle with side bounce


The hairstyle with shoulder length hair looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle with waves and are kept wide open with attention. This hairstyle looks harsh, but turns attention on strong jaw. This gives a stylish hairstyle with bangs and is wide open with rollers from the mid length. This mid length hair ends with that and can be achieved with the same bounciness.

Simple quick hairstyles for office with fashionable & trendy look

Setting you look for office is much different than getting dressed up for any other event. From casual wear to party looks, there are a lot of choices that we have in terms of the clothes that we were. This somehow narrows down when our official clothes, as formals have variations within some limited category of shirts, skirts, trousers, etc. If you already have a routine and set of style that you carry to office, it is time that you experiment some hairstyles. These styles are not only going to make you look good but also make you look different each day. So, even if you have the same set of clothes or same types of clothes to wear, you can change your hairstyle and diversify your look.

French Roll

French Roll

This is one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles which look quite interesting. It is a more of a hairstyle hack when you’re getting late. Best if you have straight hair naturally as the style gets prominence henceforth! Has your hair nicely rolled to the side, from the tips to the nape of the hair. Tuck it and pin it loosely. This might have some strands coming out of the back, but wouldn’t disrupt on the face. This is good for making an impression in an interview.

Bouffant ponytail

Bouffant ponytail

Ponytails are common and easy for an office look, but adding in some more style might change it absolutely. Try out this bouffant ponytail hairdo to spice up you look a little more. Has your hair straightened entirely. Part it from one side and then make a bouffant around the crown zone. The rest of the hair that fall below will be used to create a ponytail. You can have it tied to your hair itself like it is in the picture below, or use a band to tie.

Twisted hair ponytail

Twisted hair ponytail

This is another way to make a ponytail. It looks like a braided style, although it isn’t. Hair has been sectioned into parts to intertwine to make the twists. The hairstyle will not need much of an effort and look quite interesting to people around. Criss-cross your sectioned hair to get this look. Have it properly tied so that the hair doesn’t open. Also, don’t have it tightly tied as that can damage the hair.

Braided bob

Braided bob

Of course you can follow a regular bob if you have medium-length hair, but that happens to be one of the commonly follow hairdo. Take 5 minutes of your time to style your hair even when their length is short. Part your hair from the one side. The heavier side of the partition will section out the front zone for creating a braid. Make the braid and pin it to that side like a slant. This way you block strands to fall in front and disrupt your work. The thinner side of sectioning can flow as it is. Comb the rest of the hair on the braided side to fall in front.

Messy top knot

Messy top knot

The ballet top knot happens to be easy and followed commonly, but you can take out some more time to mess with it! Try out a messy top knot instead of the regular one to add more style. Your official look has to be prim and proper, so why not have some messy hairdo to contrast it? Follow the top knot like the regular ones and not tied a band. This will be possible if you have long hair only. Have it slightly waved within Instyler if you have straight hair. This will bring out the messy part even better.

Messy bun hairstyle for office

Messy bun

After the messy top knot, it is time to discuss the messy bun hairdos which can be followed as well. Bun hairstyles lock in most of our hair, but they are the best when you can’t spare much on managing lengthy locks. Use a curling iron to wave up your hair and then make a bun above the nape of your neck. Tie it loosely so that strands in front can come out and make the messy look more appropriate.

Front sectioned hair and bouffant

Front sectioned hair and bouffant

This is another stylish hairstyle which you can try for office. You have to get your hair straightened initially and then wave it up while giving the final touch. Section out 2 inches from the front of your scalp and then part it from the side. The rest of your hair will be back-brushed. Lift it up below the crown zone to make a small bouffant. Pin it up well so that it stays intact. Let the rest of the hair fall from the sides. Have it slightly curled to give the natural effect.

Medium-length hair with waves

Medium-length hair with waves

If you have middle-long hair and natural waves, this isn’t quite difficult for you. For the curly or straight haired beauty, you might have to try curling iron to change the look of the hair. When you have steps in your medium cut hair, you are bound to have fringes for the front. This can be best flaunted after you have styled the wavy look. This hairdo will look extremely stylish but will have your hair falling in front. Use some clips to lift the fringes and tie them up if needed.

Middle-sectioned twist

Middle-sectioned twist

This is quite a unique style to incorporate for office. Has your hair parted in three sections, keeping the sides fuller and a small breadth for the mid-zone. Has this section of your hair brushed and held at the top. Not make twists with it by wrapping it around. Use pins to pin it up at the back. Let the rest of the hair fall low from both the sides of the shoulders.

Back pinned hair with curls

Back pinned hair with curls

Styling your hair and placing it wholly at the back, makes it look quite alluring and keeps your work easy going! You can try this out with medium to long hair. Depends on the length of your hair, have it half up, straightened and then half down curled. Part it from the middle and then take out two sections from both the sides, and also right from the front. Take them below the crown zone and pin it up. Try to add a lift in this zone to make the hair have a puff. Let the rest of the hair fall down in curls and give you two types of hair type in one hairstyle.

Try this long classic side ponytail to your office


Long classic side ponytail looks simple and is easy to wear. So, create a different look with this particular unique hairstyle. You can try this hairstyle while going to the office. This side ponytail rests on one shoulder which gives a classic look. You can get understand with this universal flattering hairstyle. Comb your hair and braid on two sides twisted like a bun around the ponytail. These long, sleek, and brunette strands are formed with a chic style that gives features that has no extra frills. This is except for that the braided section is wrapped around the ponytail. This hairstyle takes less time to have and is easy to wear. You can try this on any western, jeans, traditional dressing as it looks good on any type of dressing style.

Braided bun hairstyle gives a cool look to the office


Braided bun hairstyle is very simple not yet with a cute hairdo. So, make sure to have a simple bun at first by tying up your hair in a ponytail. After tying ponytail, divide them into two sections and make it as a braid out of each one. Then, roll it to left side braid over the rubber band. This is simple and which is earlier used for making your ponytail. And, now repeat this on the same to the right braid. Tie those using bobby pins to secure it. But, make sure that it should not be too tight. Then, you cute, simple hairdo is ready to have a special look in your office. This hairstyle best suit during summer as all the hair tied up, you don’t feel irritation caused due to sweating while working.

Updo hairstyle for medium length hairstyle


The hairstyle looks different and simple to have it. This hairstyle best suits to your office and gives a unique look on any traditional wear. Simple up does the bun hairstyle is the best style your hair to have a different look. Comb your hair and style them into a high ponytail. This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair. Tie a simple ponytail and then take their ends tucked inward by slowly moving your hair band down. This tucked upward hairstyle looks pretty simple and good. Pin your hair ends to hide and fix the hair ends not to flattering way. Use a big pin to cover the hole where you upward tucked your hair.

Curly hairstyle ideas for natural look


The long curly hair with light golden brown hair color looks beautiful. The hairstyle with golden curls and flowing hair has no wonders. This blowout hair is with curly long hair and has streaks along the dark and light brown hair color combination. The golden curly hair with natural, easy, and breezy hair looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle for a beautiful look. Mostly the natural curls look beautiful and most of the straight hair people try to curl their hair to look special and beautiful.

Simple, quick curly hair for office


The quick, stylish hairstyle is good with bouncy curly hair. The easy way to get curly hair within 5 minutes is here. Follow these simple steps for curly hair in less time. Tight ponytail and curling styling iron tools is best way to get styling curly hair. Hairspray finally looks elegant and is good for official meetings.

Side swept low curly golden brown hair


The curly hairstyle idea ends with a lazy short haircut. This looks good with a bouncy hair. So, some few curly hairstyles with a bottom mid length haircut look beautiful. If you felt that your hairstyle looks boring, then try this hairstyle for a different look. This best suits for office and turns unique attraction.

Fashion hair with blonde highlights


The fringe haircut, which covers both sides of the face looks good. This is a layered haircut with choppy hairstyle looks pretty simple and cute. This is one of the most iconic hairstyle of all time. This haircut is the most iconic hairstyle with time. This is the best hairstyle that best suits for round face.

Best hairstyle for frizzy hair


The breezy and flaky hairstyle in winter is an autumn. This is a transitory hairstyle that makes you wait with bated breath. This is going to change with the season. The top bun hairstyle with a perfect outfit looks beautiful. The hairstyle is unpredictable in woolens is a cute, trendy fashion outfit with a classic look. This is good and is smart that looks trendy and is autumn fashion. Try this stylish hairstyle for office parties to feel smart.

Stylish best hairstyle for curly hair with round face

Round face is such a shape that makes an individual flaunts beauty. The curly hair over round face also looks really attractive as the innovative hair styles have been adopted by ladies with all age groups.  Whether you go to a party or a hangout session with your friends, getting absolutely different hairstyles will be commendable. Some ladies cannot think of getting a different hairstyle with their curly hair and round face as they hardly have any idea. This is the time to speak to the hair stylist who has a clean idea about the right hairstyle that matches with your face and hair. This article will also speak about some of the interesting hairstyles for people with curly hair and round face.

Hair style for curly hair with round face 

Medium curl with short hair

Medium curl with short hair

It is quite easy to maintain short hair as combing part is not very tedious as that of the people with long hair. The short curly hair on round face really creates a natural beauty on the face without much need of maintaining and combing it vigorously. You can put a hair band if you think some hairs are falling over your eyes.

Long locks and dropping back hairstyle

Long locks and dropping back hairstyleA long hairstyle that is just below your shoulder will be ideal for all those who have long hair and curly type. The round face shape works well over here as it brings out the fullness of the hair. This is a spectacular look that helps you stay attractive for a long time. But you need to keep your forehead free of bangs.

Ponytail with a ball  hairstylePony tail with a ball

If you tie a pony tail at the back of your hair where the length of your hair touches your shoulder, it is obvious that you can get a ball like appearance right at the back. The curly hair type works really well with your objective in creating a ball at the back of your hair.

Short bob hairstyle

Short bob hairstyle

You must have seen bob hairstyle on most of the ladies, especially the elderly lady crossing 40 years of age. Today, the youth having round face and curly hair also keeps bob hairstyle. Even you can try this hairstyle if you want a change in your boring hair.

Side pony with side bang

Side pony with side bang

If you have absolutely curly hair, just take the total hair on one side and tie it up with a rubber band. Also leave some hair standing over one side of your face where you have one side of your forehead. Let the hair bangs fall over your cheeks and enjoy your look.

Tailor swift

Tailor swift

With the evolution of hairstyles tailor swift has become really famous. Even with the evolution of new techniques in hairstyles people has adopted this particular hairstyle especially when they have a round face and curly hair.

Half down wedding hairstyle

Half down wedding hairstyle

Are thinking about the hairstyle to be adopted on the most special day of your life? The half down wedding hairstyle will be a perfect resolution for ladies willing to look beautiful on their wedding day. Try this and become the center of attraction.

Short curls with stylish clip hairstyle

Short curls with stylish clip

You can also put a stylish clip on one side of your hair on the wedding day when you have curly short hair. Even if you have a round face, this hairstyle will go really well. Try this today and surprise your groom on the wedding day. This is the simple, but attractive hairstyle.

Front braid hairstyle

Front braid hairstyle

Another very different hairstyle that is adopted by many ladies is the front braid. This hairstyle makes the lady look very neat and attractive right from the front view. The single braid will easily make an overlap with the formation of a bun. You can even leave your rest of the hair open.

Back ring hairstyle

Back ring hairstyle

A rare but interesting hairstyle adopted by many ladies is right shape hair strands tied in such a way at the back that it will appear as an absolute ring. This hairstyle can be adopted by ladies who are having a medium curl hairstyle. You can attend parties and wedding occasion with this hairstyle.

Top bun hairstyle

Top bun hairstyle

Creating bun with curly hair will be easier than those of the straight hair as tiding the hair to form a bun becomes really easy when you have curly hair as each hair holds one another creating an interlock.

Low bun hairstyle

Low bun

A very simple hairstyle that can be adopted by many ladies is none other than a low bun. You can easily become an image in the limelight with your curly hair and low bun. Set a beautiful hair clip on the bun that you had formed over your hair.

Long braid at the back

Long braid at the back

If you have curly hair and the length longer than that of your shoulder, simple braid at the back of your head will be a fashion as well. This hairstyle has been really popular with females who used to follow traditional attire. But today this hairstyle has become so popular that people of all classes are adopting in now and then without a second thought. The popularity of this style is increasing not only in India but outside the nation. If you have a round face, this braid hairstyle will fit you perfectly as this complements your roundish look ideally.

Flipped frock hairstyle idea for round face shape


If you have short hair with a round face, then you can try this short, bouncy around the face. This is a great option for showing off your beautiful features. This hairstyle can break up a face shape that is too circular. You can start with dry hair that is deeply to one side by using a brush to smooth it out. You can use a medium sized curling iron to flip the ends up. Spray the light hold for finishing spray. The shirt layers around the face are really a help that can break up and can face shape that looks too circular. The medium, short, and long hair can work better for round face shape. This is too pretty to subtle and highlights that another great way to draw attention to the right places.

Best trendy hairstyle with a line bob of side parting


Side parting lines, bob hairstyle, make you look beautiful with round face. This hairstyle is below the chin length and A- line with her bob haircut. This can be easily styled with her hair and can serve a perfect framing for her face. The light messy waves hairstyle makes you look casually effortlessly. This is best and can feel well with a modern hairstyle. Try this hairstyle that best suit for you.

Round face hairstyle with mixed length layers


Round face is a good reason with along the angling layers. This hairstyle will make your round face look shorter. Style your hair with loose and face framing layers with the first ones that can begin slightly past the chin. This will add waves by wrapping sections of the hair. Wrap the sections around a one and a quarter inch barrel curling iron, and then feather it away from the face. So, brush through curls with a bristle brush and your hairstyle is ready. You can also comb and tease with the same brush for a volume and shine that hair. Try this hairstyle for round face to look more beautiful.

Side bangs curly hairstyle for round face


Curls look great with a woman to cover large foreheads. They are framed to get a beautiful face and turns attention away from your hairline. This helps to get tricky with curls that can cover your forehead. A side bangs hairstyle with wispy fringe draw the attention downwards. This will cover the forehead at the same time. This makes your hairstyle look perfect with the ladies that they want their foreheads to look less prominent. This looks mysterious and trendy.

Trendy curly hairstyle for round faces


Curly hair style for round face manages a challenging task with an individual curl pattern. This is porosity with width and so on. This can add a formula to your face shape and have a unique set of cater to your haircut too. Round faces are mostly with full of edges and cheeks at the jaw lines that tend you look puffy.

Pretty charming curly hairstyle for round face


The lovely hairstyle that is best and most charming with curls. The medium length hair with curls and side fringe make you look stylish and charming. Try this hairstyle for parties and special occasions to turn attention. The long dark tresses on the shoulder in a stylish perm of silken strands are brilliant to touch for a beautiful look.

Most stylish haircut for round face with curly hair


This is the best and quick haircut, which is easily put to tart. It is well spunk for appearance. This is one of the frames of mind that are along with your living. So, today’s modern brief looks better. This is to be able with fluctuating your thing and having a dollop connected with carbamide peroxide gel. So, curl your hair cut with a brimming curl.

Metallic curly hairstyle for round face shape


The full curly bouncy hairstyle for round face looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle with metallic hair color for fair skin tone. The hairstyle looks pretty for parties. The hairstyle is best for younger women with curly hair strands. This is better with a wonder look and is stylish with different look.

Find right hairstyle according to your face shape – Perfect style

Your haircut is a great way according to your face shape to express your personality. A good haircut can project an image of yourself that you want to convey to the world. This makes you feel good and confident and will ensure you that you will present the best of yourself to the world.

No matter your face shape – round, oval, square, heart or long, there will be haircuts that look best on you. A few aren’t flattering to your face shape. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to help us when we have no idea where to look. These tips are to get it all boils down to our face shape. Once we have figured out what our face shape is. It is so much easier to find out what cuts and styles can flatter, making our search much less traumatic.

You have to follow these three steps to find your best hairstyle that best suits you.

  • First finding out your face shape
  • Find out which style suits that face shape
  • Finally trying them out virtually before making the plunge.

How to find your face shape?

People have different face shapes, that is what makes us recognize each other, and what a wonderful thing that is. Here, we have tips to determine your face shape that is all important face shapes.

  • Pull your hair away from your face. Grab a tube of lipstick and stand in front of a mirror.
  • You need to trace the outline of your face with the helps of lipstick on the mirror.
  • Lastly, step back and examine the shape you have drawn and match it to the diagram.

Do you want to know the face shape you have?

You can determine the face shape by following certain tips.

  • Forehead: You should measure across your face. That’s face from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch.
  • Cheekbones: You can measure across your cheekbones. Start and end at the pointiest part just below the outer corner of each eye.
  • Jaw line: You have to measure from the top of your chin to below your ear. That at the point at which your angles upwards. You should multiply the number by two to get your jaw line measurement.
  • Face length: You can now measure from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

How to find the perfect cut for your face shape

Oval: oval face shape looks that the face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones. The forehead is greater than the jaw line. The angle of the jaw is more rounded rather than sharp.

Square: The face length, cheekbones, forehead, and jaw line are similar. The angle of the jaw is sharper rather than rounded.

Rectangle: Rectangle face shape looks as the face length is the greatest measurement. Thus, cheekbones, forehead, and jaw line are similar in size.

Round: Round face shape looks as the cheekbones and face length are with similar measurements. They are larger than the forehead and jaw line. The angle of the jaw is soft and is less defined.

Diamond: Diamond face shape, length is large compared to other face shapes. The cheekbones and forehead are in descending order which has the smallest jaw line. The chin is simply as pointed.

Heart: The forehead measures greater than the cheekbones and jaw line.  Similarly, the chin is pointed.

Triangular: Jaw line is greater than cheekbones, which measure larger than forehead.

A quick note on the mirror – it’s better to have a full length mirror that you can stand in front, where you can see your face shape properly. Now, there is an easily available hand held mirrors that might be too small to properly gauge your face shape. Here, you have more details for each face shape, thus to get more information about it:

Round face shape

The round shape of the face can be very good to try different hairstyles. In which, you may have a round face if your hair and jaw line is rounded, face is almost as wide as it is long. This is widest at your cheekbones. The most important thing about this type of face is that you must use hairstyles that give hair volume.

A large volume of hair can make your head look even larger. This is the reason for what you are trying to avoid. Hairstyles that suit this kind of face are the ones that are thin on the sides to visually minimize your face with hairs. Longer hair is always a better choice, but also a short haircut can really be good.


Side swept bang loose hairstyle are best for round face shape. Comb and side swept your hair to form bang. Leave the wavy hair on one shoulder and remaining on the back.

Square face shape

You may have a square face if your forehead is the narrowest part of your face. And, the biggest problem is square shaped face is your expressed lower jaw. You want to hide the jaw with a proper selection of right hairstyle that suits to your face shape.
Ideal hair is one that lightly falls on your face. Either it can be short or medium length, But, it must be done correctly.


The bob hairstyles with side swept bang looks good for square face shape. This is the short layered bob haircut with side bang cover your forehead and side fringe to cover cheeks which make you look good.

Heart face shape

You have a heart-shaped face, if you have a wide forehead and a pointed narrow chin. This face shape has an extremely narrow chin, you need to choose a hairstyle that will visually widen the chin. A fringe haircut goes all the way across is not for you. It’ll draw more attention to this part of your face. Beware of short hairstyles that enhance your upper face. So, instead of long, feathered or layered bangs, swept to one side, and go all the way down to your chin. This will help to balance the forehead and the jaw line.


Heart shaped face hairstyle is as shown in image with free loose straight hair up to the shoulders. Side swept your hairstyle and your hair into two that is up to the shoulder. Brush your straight hair and leave them free and open. This hairstyle covers your side part face that makes you look beautiful.

Triangular face shape

If you have a triangular face shape, the goal is to increase your forehead that shows there is a reduction in the lower part of the face. So you should avoid hairstyles that emphasize the lower part of the face. So, it is better to look for a short haircut. Layered hairstyle is best for the triangular face shape. This face shape woman has to avoid shorter and bob cut hairstyle as this will make all the looks to your chin area.


The open fringe hairstyle best suits for triangular face shape. Fringe layer hairstyle with long shoulder length hairstyle, make you look more beautiful.

Long or oblong face shape

The oblong face shape looks long and is wide. It has straight cheek line and are as shown in below image. The oblong face shape woman can try hairstyles such as bob cuts, straight across bangs, and layered styles. You can try this hairstyle with short, medium, or long hair can try that can add beauty to your face. You can style your short hair with long top layers. Thus, it is best and can add wedge that has graduated bob cuts.

Straight across bangs are as a side parts that works best. You can try layered hairstyle with medium and long lengths that can add a wave and curly textures. You should avoid hairstyles like a crown on top which will make you look like to lengthen your face. Avoid middle part and wispy chin length hairstyle. So, that you should choose the hairstyles that can add width to your face. Avoid trying wispy chin length hairstyles as  and when they won’t be added width through the sides and should be avoided.


Mid part wavy layered hairstyle which can best suits for long face shape. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face and along with mid part. So, the remaining hair left open with wavy on the shoulder. Leave remaining on back from the other side.

Oval face shape

The oval face shape is quite grateful shape if your face is ever so slightly longer than it is wide, your face is widest at its cheekbones and your jaw line is softly rounded. You can try any hairstyle and you can have a great look. You might have an oval face Got a good idea for your face shape? As the oval face is considered one of the most beautiful, do not choose hairstyles that cover your face. Highlight your face and eyes so the hairstyle looks even better.


The side swept bun parted with loose hair for oval face shape. Long hairstyle for oval face shape with side swept bang with layers and wavy style. Pin your hair to back of the ear on the other side and leave the hair open.

Diamond face shape

Diamond face has a narrow chin with wider cheek bones and can shorten the overall face length. You should try hairstyles that can add width to your chin area. The chin length bob cuts and wispy hairstyle up to shoulders look good for your face shape. Tuck hairstyles also work better for your cheeks. Bang hairstyles make you look with a short face instead of long faces.

Avoid hairstyles such as tight up do, short height, hairstyles with bangs as these make you look the neck and chin area. Also avoid middle part hairstyles that can add length, which you should be avoided.


Simple curled hairstyle is mid parted and left them open. Simply curl your hair and side swept bang with layer suits best for diamond face shape. Try this hairstyle for any occasion which makes you look beautiful.

Tips and tricks on how to make your small eyes look bigger

Big, bright eyes are the most attractive qualities for every woman. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Here we have makeup tricks to make eyes look bigger by adding some light shimmer around the eyelids and dark eye shadow around the socket and some lines close to lash-line. It makes your eyes look bigger instantly. The lighter color acts as a highlight to create an open appearance to the eye. Here, you have tips on how to make your small eyes look bigger with makeup.

Big eyes appear youthful, wide awake and healthy. We aren’t all born with over sized peepers though, and that’s where some artful makeup tricks come into play. You can make your eyes look bigger and as beautiful as possible.

Tips to make your eyes look bigger

Keep your eyebrows manicured

You would be amazed with manicured brows that can transform your face. Your brows can easily make or break your look. The best way to look wide opened eyes without any makeup is to keep the brows thick and full. Darken your brow with brown pencil or an eye shadow with an angled brush. The arch and areas that seem empty can be filled beautiful.

Curl up lashes

Move the curler half way up the length of your lashes and repeat, this ensures a natural curl. Choose a quality eyelash curler or else you can use some hot air from a hair dryer on the curler before curling the lashes. Be careful not to heat it up too much as it can damage your lashes or else you might hurt your eye. The extra padding from the curler will make it harder for you to accidentally break any hair follicles.

Lengthen your eye lashes

Apply mascara to pull the eye up, not down. Now you need to curl them up and sweep a coat or two of your choosing mascara vertically. Apply mascara directly to the ends of your lashes in an upward direction. Wait for a few seconds and continue to apply mascara to the base of the lashes using quick right-to-left streaks. In this way you can coat the lashes from the roots till the tips by wiggling the brush around and then pulling it up.

Apply a thick liner in the middle of the eye

A thicker line right in the middle of the eye followed by fading out into thinner lines, which is a great way to make the eye look bigger.

Use colored smoke

Apply shades like orange, blue, green or pink on the entire lid. Add some black only in the outer corners and blend, the eyes suddenly look full of life!

Highlighting eye

Use reflective pigments along the inner corner of the eyes and the contour of the brow bones is going to highlight the eyes even further. So, after applying the eye shadow, apply the shimmer pigments onto the center of the lid, i.e., on the eyeball. The light bounces off the eye and looks super sparkly!

Use two different shades to add dimension to your eyes

Two different eye shadow shades from the same color family creates instant dimension on your lids. Use a lighter color on the higher points of the eyes like the center of your lid or all over the eye lid or even in the inner corners. Then, blend the darker color at the outer corner.

Make blending or apply dark shade

After applying light shimmery shadow all over the lid. Add a darker shade in the outer corner as a contour shade and take it up until the crease by extending your brush strokes up towards the contour of the brow bone to illuminate the cave just a wee bit more.

Apply more mascara to your eyes

To create a lifting effect for your lids, apply double on mascara coats along your top lashes. Use wands with angled bristles. So catch every hair on and run the brush through every corner. Likely apply mascara on the lower lashes so that the eyes look more awake.

Apply light shades of Kajal

Wear shades like white, beige and peach as Kajal for eyes to look more open and give a slip to black. As a liner use color like black, brown or blue and haze it out with a tip towards the crease to emphasize the hood of the eye.

False lashes

Eyelashes are truly one of the best bets to open up the eyes! Fake lashes feel a bit heavy just in the beginning, but once you get used to it, you won’t feel a thing! You should practice them when at home and then wear them for a couple of hours outside and see how it feels.

Add some soft shadows on the lower lash line

Another trick to give the impression of bigger eyes, which are to sweep warm-colored eye shadow shades along the lower lashes. Using a color that is a few shades darker than your skin tone is perfect. This will naturally make your eyes look wider.

Only contour the eye when in a hurry

Sometimes when you are in a rush to go somewhere, quickly picks a dark brown matte shadow and blend it on the outer corner of the eyes and take it up to the crease. This trick creates the look of having large eyes without using a lot of makeup! You may also use the same color you would use to contour your face, would also work on the eyes!

Use light colors on the eyelid

Using light colors on the lids to draw attention to the shape of your eyes would be a great choice. Use light and shimmery colors on the lid will really give you a brighter look.

Wear a bright lip

Big, bold and bright lips can bring all the attention from the eyes! This can sometimes be a little tricky, when your under eyes are not concealed very well. Apply the bright color with two layers of mascara and you are good to go.

Tips to make your small eyes look bigger

  • Choose the right lighter shadow that makes your eyes look bigger. Thus, the darker shadows can make the eyes look smaller. Light colored eye shadow and eyelids can match your skin tone. The choice of eye shadow color should be a bit lighter than your skin tone. This little shimmer light eyeshadow color such as beige, light shimmer or pale pink, peach are some good to for smaller eyes to look bigger.
  • You should avoid glittering and sparkling eye shadows that make your eyes look smaller.
  • It is recommended to use a dark liner as all the way around your eyes. This is especially at your waterline that can make them look smaller.
  • Take some silver or any lighter shadow highlighter powder and apply it under your eyebrows exactly on your brow bone. This gives a natural look. Apply highlighter powder to both inner corners of your eyes that are around the tear ducts. This is to smudge and blend with the highlighter that is well along the upper and lower innermost corners, exactly near the tear ducts.
  • The soft nude or white liner are best to your waterline. This helps to open up your eyes and can make them look larger.
  • The make with dark Smokey eye doesn’t suit for small eyes. Dark colors and dark eyeshadows make your eyes look smaller. So, use two eyeshadow colors that to be a light eyeshadow and a dark one.
  • Style your lashes to look as a big and curled lashes which are key steps to look beautiful.
  • Choose the best eyeshadow color that are 2 – 3 shades which are darker than your skin tone. So, apply the eyeshadow which is outermost corner and is below the lower lash line.
  • Apply white eyeliner on the entire waterline. If it doesn’t suit to your complexion, then it is better to go for pale pink, beige, champagne eyeliner on top of your white eyeliner.
  • Women who have smaller eyes should not outline the lower lash line entirely. This is from innermost corner to the outermost rim of the eye, with dark eyeliners or Kajal.

How to choose nail polish to suit your skin tone

Nail Polish color trends change each season. Just because a shade is ‘on trend’ – doesn’t mean it suits everyone. Different nail polish colors flatter different skin tones, varying from light to black. Many things can influence your choice of nail color: the seasons, trends and your mood. Some say that lipstick shades that look great on your lips will also be the right color for your fingernails. That method, however, doesn’t work for colors like neon greens, yellows and blues!

One of the most popular tips on choosing the right nail paint shade according to your skin tone is matching it exactly with your skin tone/ complexion. The easiest way to make sure the nail paint adds to your beauty is by matching it to your skin tone. But while it is very important that your nail paint complements your skin tone, it is equally important that you decide on the colors keeping in mind the occasion and what you are wearing.

Trends keep changing and if you want to keep up with the hottest trends, make sure that you invest in your nail color wisely. Even seasons play a vital role. For instance, softer shades are more acceptable in summers while in winters, deeper shades reign!

Nail polish for sallow skin tone 

Sallow skin is further restricted. This type of skin tone tans easily and has a yellow undertone. You can wear most colors, but the bright shades will suit your golden complexion best. Bright shades of pink, blue and purple are recommended for a sallow skin tone. Also include in your preferences light brown and chocolate. This skin tone allows you to sport a maximum number of shades that exist in the world of nail paints. They can carry off almost every color with ease. Bright and vibrant colours like pink, yellow, orange and blues, look amazing on them. Metallic colors like gold, silver enhance the neutrality of this skin tone. Tanned skin is complimented by shades with a yellow undertone; if you follow this principle, you won’t go wrong. Nail arts look best at this complexion as different colors blend easily with the skin.

Those with a pale complexion are generally the ones with very fair skin. Such a complexion can carry off all the lighter shades very well. So, pastel colors look amazing on a pale skin tone. You can apply light pastel shades for a classy and sophisticated look, whereas shades of red and purple can be applied if you are looking for a glamorous look. Avoid golden nail polish, if you have sallow skin.

How to choose nail polish for medium skin tone

Medium skin tones should look for nail polishes that are inclined towards the metallic.

If you have a medium skin tone; some of the shades that you may want to opt to include bright shades of pink, blue and orange. Also look for metallic nail polish shades of light blue and silver. Medium skin tone can get away with almost anything; however peachy and beige like tones look best.

If possible, avoid red, navy blue and darker purple nail polish; these colours will have the effect of washing out the medium skin tone. It is also recommend semi-sheer tones to compliment medium skin tones.

Nail polish that suit for darker skin tone

People with darker skin tone, might choose maroons, dark greens and reds. These shades tend to look the best. Choose a chocolate brown shade that isn’t too dark as this is one of your best colours. Dark skin will look flat and dull if your color choice is too light so you are recommended to plums, purples, burgundy reds and deep cherries. Darker skin tones can carry off any rich and dark shade easily, except dark   brown, as it will merge with the skin complexion.

Avoid too bright shades. Also avoid silver, white and orange nail polishes. These colours will dull the darker skin tone, and make it look aged.

Nail polish color best suits for fair skin tone

Women with light or fair skin tone appear to be the luckiest since they can apply most colors to their nails. They can wear, usually, whatever is ‘in’. It’s worth noting that those with fair skin are advised to stick to nail colors that have a blue base; because they complement a light complexion without overpowering or making it appears pasty.  It often burns easily, has freckles and a blue undertone to their skin tone.

However, some specific nail polish colors are more preferable for fairer skin tone, i.e., red, light/medium pink, pastels, plums.

Fair skin tone is usually considered as a blessing. Like women with whitish complexion, those with fair skin can also carry off most of the colours effortlessly. The best shades that flatter a fair skin tone are shades of pink, light purple, medium red and most shades of blue.

Yellow-based, bright reds or orange-reds nail polishes overpower a fair complexion and make it look overly pale.

Skin tone Color family Shades of choice Shade to avoid
Pale Blue-based Pastel pinks, blues, peach, beige Dark blue, black, neon
Fair Blue-based or yellow-based Beige, white, silver Black, green, orange, gold
Tan Blue-based and yellow based Light blue, pinks and purple, light brown, chocolate brown Gold and silver
Medium Yellow based Peach, gold, brown, silver Dark purple, navy blue, bronze
Dark Yellow based or brown based Deep purples, yellow-based reds, dark greens, black Orange, yellow, pastels, gold and silver, neon

Top best nail color for fair skin

Red color: The classic red and blue under stone colors to remind a best moment that best suits for fair skin tones. They are certain seductive nature color to make your hands look beautiful. This gives a sophisticated look without the flash and a balance of rich red and light.

Green: Green colored nail polish when you have a fairer complexion is slightly scary. The deep forest green on the other hand is perfectly absolutely flattering. This can choose the one that appears with darker, more matte appeal.

Metallic: The sleek and shimmery metallic nail colors are more refined with pewter and do not have a flashy as silver. This cooler color can do wonders with lighter complexions. A gorgeous rose colored and gold coloring gives warmer undertones that best suit the skin for a natural beautiful hands and feet.

Blue: A royal navy blue is best for fair skin that is capable to bring out the true blue without appearing frostbitten. A bright sky color is fresh, springy and utterly pretty against dainty fingernails.

Best nail color for dark skin

Red: Red hues are not too dark and not too light. This has the ability to dress up any outfit with a touch of sophistication, on the dark skin in an instant.

Green: Go enigmatic which is perfectly and are looking for this shade. It’s a pale, muted jade that you’re looking for and can create the better. The lovely contrast and looks are best for anything but are boring. This is because of the dark skin with color hues.

Neutral: Neutral nude shades on the darker skin looks better. This color fits all. Chocolaty shades work well and make good with a deep tone look even lovelier.

Berries: Berries are best with a particular amazing color for darker skin tones. This gives a luxurious effect that has other skin colors which are unable to achieve. Try this different skin tones for different looks.

Blue: Any shade in blue will work better for darker skin tones. It is better to opt for lighter or darker skin that can still manage and create a splendid result. The peacock color with specific light color makes your rather intriguing with a choice and can bring a touch of mystique to your masquerade. This is worth while trying with a colored woman and best for a bronze skinned woman. The shimmering blue colored looks good with glinting stars at the dainty finger, which are dancing the night away.

Best simple trendy Indian hairstyles to try for party & functions

Functions and events in India are never ending. We have so many festivals and occasions, and there is so much of the styling we need to think about! The unity among people along with the cosmopolitan outlook, make us eager to try new looks. This alternatively brings along new hairstyle ideas. In this article, we will go through some hairstyle ideas which are apt for Indian functions. These will give you a nice conception of what hairstyles you can try with Indian attires. Also keep your face shape and hair length in mind while opting for any. These will help you look the best!

Side-parted straight hair on saree

Side-parted straight hair

Straight hairstyles are one of the best hairstyles when you have a lot of activities to do. They keep your hair silky and manageable, even when it’s open. You are free from tight Bobby pins and you can dance with ease! In the hairstyle below, we see a lady in a two-colored gorgeous saree. She has straightened her hair and given in an inner curl at the tips. She then parted the hair from the side and let the heavier side fall down the shoulder. Pin up the thinner division or let it fall on the back.

Side-parted permed hair with gorgeous look

Side-parted permed hair

The messier your hair is, the sexier you look! This is the reason why ladies love the messy hairdos. Also, when they pair it up with subtle attire, it gives a contrast to what they have worn and how they have styled their hair. Perm your hair with an Instyler, leave gaps in the middle, rather than having it very minutely permed. This way you will get the hairdo as you see in the picture below. Part your hair from the side and let the strands fall from both sides of your shoulders.

Stylish middle-parted hair with waves hairstyle

Middle-parted hair with waves

This hairstyle includes highlights, which are optional for you. Although, it surely increases the grace of your hair and makes you look better. Part you hair from the middle and use an istyler to wave it. Indian girls are usually born with waves, which is why giving it a finishing would be easier for you. If you have straight hair, you would have to have is slightly waved up and not curled. If your hair is cut in layers, the strands would nicely fall and the steps will be visible.

Fashion side-parted side-swept hair with curls hairstyle

Side-parted side-swept hair with curls

The side-swept hairstyles keep our hair off the face and give us more options to style the hair at the back.  Part your hair from the side and then side-sweep it on the fuller side. Pin it up and get the hair ready for curling up. Use your Instyler to have it styled and let it flow at the back. Add a mang-tika for accessorizing the hairdo, so that the forehead zone doesn’t look empty.

Middle parted hair with the crown bouffant traditional outfit

Middle parted hair with crown bouffant

This is a lovely hairstyle which can suits Indian attire gracefully. Has your hair straightened to start with the procedure. Part your hair from the middle and make adequate space for the mang-tika. Back-brush the next portion and make a slight bouffant. Pin it up well to make the puff intact. Now curl your hair half-way to the tips. This makes your style, complete, but giving it an essence of numerous hairstyles put together. This also keeps your hair off the face and makes the style look fuller and attractive.

Middle-parted with side pins hairstyle for traditional wear

Middle-parted with side pins

This is followed by one the leading lady’s of Bollywood today! She slays away with the style and adds charm to every event she attends. The hairstyle needs to have straightened hair initially. Have it parted from the middle and then take sections of strands from the front and pin it up at the back. You can make twists or braids and then pin it up for more enhancement. Curve up the tips with a slight wave to make the style complete. This doesn’t let the hair have a sharp finish, unlike the complete straight ones.

Pony-tail type attachment with curls for traditional function

Pony-tail type attachment with curls

This is a very stylish hairstyle which looks unique as well. Let you hair stay straightened. Comb the front zone back and forth to make the strands fuller. Part it from one side and locks the strands behind your ears. Now take the rest of your hair and pin it below the crown zone. Create a slight puff to get that lift. In this zone, the strands of the hair is brought together and tied with a clip or with pins. Let the rest of the hair be curled, which will make every layer flaunt the curved tips.

Side-parted curled hair with jewelry and hair accessories

Side-parted curled hair with jewelry

Hair accessories are not uncommon to use. They add charm to our hairdo and make ordinary styles look lovely. In this picture below, we see a lovely twisted-curl hair style. The hair has been parted from the side, and the fuller side is left to fall down the shoulder. The thinner section is pinned with the jewel and then let down from the other side of the shoulder. The Instyler hasn’t only been used to curl the hair, but it has also given a twist which makes the hair look wriggled.

Middle-parted hair with half-down curls hairstyle for function

Middle-parted hair with half-down curls

If you want to keep it simple yet stylish, try out something like this! Part your hair from the middle and have is straight for 1/4th section of your hair and from the roots. Let the rest of the hair be curled up. The layers or steps in your hair will divide the curled sections and make you look even better. Add a mang-tika to many the style a little more interesting. Let the hair flow from both sides of the shoulder.

Fringes with curves and straights tips hairstyles


Fringes with curves and straights tips

A lot of Indian women carry this hairdo with casual wear. If you have to style separately, it means that it is something unique for you. Well, this might need a slight fringe which should be managed by the initial layers of your hair. The fringes are curved and they look curled to the inside. The long strands at the back of your hair are straightened to the tips. The all the layers be curled with a slight curve towards the inside.

Rose side updo bun hairstyle for functions


This hairstyle looks simple and is easy to wear on any occasion with the saree and traditional outfit. This sophisticated bun gives a look for a rosebud that is simply superb. The updo itself is more attractive and adding floral clip makes you give another dimension altogether. This is a very good option for the brides that has not ever to cover their head. So, try this simple hairstyle for functions to turn an audience’s eye on you.

Simple & straight hairstyle for functions


Are you’re confused on what to wear to a suddenly planned function? Here we give some tips to lavish in function. You can style your hair with a beautiful dress. Mid part your hair for mang tikka. Simple open hair and side swept them on your left shoulder. Wear heavy earrings made with natural flowers and bangles with flowers. The dress with pink kurthi and orange, yellow mixed step lehenga model kurthi looks beautiful with yellow flowers decorated as earrings and bangles.

Adorable Pakistani hairstyles for functions


It’s an adorable hairstyle with soft hairs. The top best hairstyles with soft hair with front fringe. Part your hair into two section front parts is side swept and left open as a fringe. The remaining hair is again parted into two. The middle hair is made into a puff and side’s hair and back hair are tied in a bun like a flower. Leave the hair ends with low curls. This hairstyle with western wear looks good and that can turn everybody’s eyes at you.

Fashion trendy & fully curly hairstyle

Lacha-Amazing-Indian-Party-Dresses-For-Wedding-2015-4 (1)

This hairstyle best suits for the people who have curly hair. Lose open curly hair on a traditional long kurthi gives a gorgeous look. The long kurthi with lemon yellow and pink combination looks fabulous. Simply open your hair with curls. Side swept on left shoulder to have a wavy look. The other side is left free to the back. Full sleeve with long wavy open hair makes all looks at you. This hairstyle turns everyone’s attention towards you.

Top trending flaunting hairstyles with saree


The side fringe haircut with soft and smooth hair make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle with side swept bang and low curly hair on shoulder looks beautiful. The hairstyle with medium length hair on one side shoulder looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle for saree on any occasion with simple jewelry.  The blouse design looks most trends with knot around the neck.

Fancy stylish rolled side bang hairstyle


The hairstyle with rolled and soft hair looks pretty cute. The side swept puff like bangs and rolled hair on the shoulder looks beautiful. The hairstyle with pink designed salwar kameez looks awesome for parties. The hairstyle with a traditional outfit is best suited for any party. Try this hairstyle to look trendy and fashion. This will turn everyone’s attention at a party.

Free wide swept bang hairstyle on shoulder


The wide swept side bangs over the cheeks and fringe haircut make you look stylish. The crown like front section hair and puff hair with a loose wide open hair looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for salwar kameez to a party. Try this stylish party hairstyle for traditional occasion. The simple jewelry and bangles with collar neck designed dress looks beautiful.

Fashion mid part hairstyle for party


The loose open straight hair on shoulders looks beautiful. The hairstyle with side swept bang on shoulders looks beautiful. The stylish hairstyle with earlocks upto shoulders is trendy. The hairstyle with simple accessories for fancy dress looks beautiful. The thin hair with long hair length can try this hairstyle to look cute and beautiful.

Curly side swept bang hairstyle for the party


The curly puff bang hairstyle looks cute. The side swept two layered bangs with low curls looks pretty with a western wear. The hairstyle covers the one side of the face and low curls on one shoulder looks simple and cute. Try this hairstyle with dark brown hair color turn attention at you.

Side swept plait hairstyle with fringe haircut


The hairstyle with side swept and plait hairstyle looks pretty simple. The puff front look with fringe haircut plaits looks stylish. Try this hairstyle with a trendy look on different parties are best in traditional wear. The hairstyle with collar neck salwar kameez in multicolored design and full sleeves best suits with slim fit.

Amazing party hairstyles on saree

Women prefer having long hair with sarees, although not having long hair shouldn’t stop them from not wearing sarees. In this article, we will go through some medium-length hairstyles which will suit with sarees. If you have been disheartened thinking about how you’d style your hair, these are a few examples to help you. These will also prevent you from using extensions. Scroll down and check out some trendy hairstyles for parties!

Side-swept messy curls party hairstyle


Messy hairstyles are so on! The best one you can choose is surely the curls. When you have medium-length hair, you don’t need to worry about tangling as much as long haired women do. Messy curls can surely be one option that you try for yourself because it gives a subtle look a different touch. The lady is wearing a very stylish saree. Prints like this would suit this hairdo, along with pure silk or cotton sarees with aren’t very shimmery. The hair has been parted from the middle and then side swept. This makes the curls prominent and gives you the desired style.

Side-pinned hair do easy hairstyle

Side-pinned hairdo

Side-pinned hairstyles are apt for women who like to keep hair off their face. If you have responsibilities in a party and you don’t want any hindrances, choosing a hairstyle like this will let you hair stay manageable. This hairstyle can be followed with straight to wavy hair. Have your hair parted from the side, and then pin it up on the heavier section of the division. You can also make a twist to make the pinning up look more attractive. Let the rest of the hair remain open. You can have it curled at the tips too.

Back-brushed hair with curls for the party

Back-brushed hair

This is a lovely hairstyle for a party, which will suit your saree and also let you dance with ease! The hair has to be back-brushed and pinned up below the crown zone. You can also add a slight lift it makes the hair look fuller. The rest of the hair below should be curled up in different sections. When you section out your hair, it looks more curled than having them done at once. This will make your hair lovely from the back, while you don’t have strands falling in front of your face too.

Messy and clipped bun hairstyle

Messy and clipped bun

The basic idea about doing a bun hairstyle is to have long hair for the swirls you create. Well, the good news is that bun hairstyles can also be done with medium-length hair. You just need a hair clip to clip it up like you see in the picture below. The lady has messy and curly hair which makes her look sexy with the saree. Her hair is shoulder length and she has parted it from one side. The hair has been swirled and clipped up, while there are locks brought out for a little more enhancement.

Medium hairstyle like a wavy curls for any occasion

Wavy curls

This hairstyle is in-between the process of curling your hair from wavy hairdo. Your hair is already in waves and you just curled it up a little more to get the desired effect. The lady in the picture below has shoulder-length hair, which has been parted from the side. The length of the hair has been divided into two sections for curling. This hairstyle will not require extensive curling which makes the hair absolutely curled up. It leaves your hair with a midway effect and looks slightly messy too.

Loosely tied ponytail with medium hair for a party

Loosely tied ponytail

Although ponytails aren’t the first preferences of a hairstyle to match with a saree, you can have it loosely tied and led down from one side of your shoulder. In the picture below, we see a loosely tied ponytail paired with a red silk saree. Part your hair from the side or from the middle and brush it to make a ponytail. Tie it at the nape of your neck and let it fall loose. Now, drop it down from one side of your shoulder for getting the exact look. This is easy to style and easier to manage!

Bun with accessories, hairstyle for a party

Bun with accessories

Medium-length hair cannot be tied into a bun with the hair itself. In such cases, using fancy hair accessories is just best hacks for you. Have your hair permed or let it stay wavy. Don’t have it straightened or curled. Brush your hair to the back and only curl up the tips. The curly tips when accumulated to create a bun-like shape it gives you a messy look which is actually adorable like we see in the picture below. Has it pinned with a nice hair accessory so that the bun doesn’t loosen or open.

Straight hair parted from the side and pinned

Straight hair parted from the side and pinned

Straightening up your medium-length hair gives you the maximum amount of length you can ask for. In other words, when your hair is absolutely straight, it looks lengthier than how it is when curled, waved or permed. This is a nice idea to suit a party saree. Have your hair straightened and then part it from the middle. Take some section from the thinner side of the partition and then twist it further down. Has it pinned up so that it doesn’t fall on your face. This makes you flaunt your earrings better and the rest of the hair remains as it is.

Side-parted hair with curled tips hairstyles

Side-parted hair with curled tips

This is another hairstyle design which can go with sarees. If you have straight hair, have it waved up from the first half. If your hair is wavy naturally then just have it nicely combed. The tips of your hair are entirely curled. Part your hair from the middle and let the heavier side fall down from the shoulder. The other side remains at the back.

Back-brushed hair with curled tips

Back-brushed hair with curled tips

This hairstyle is slightly different from the one we saw above. This one too has a side partition, but that is only for the front section of her hair. This creates enough space for the locks you’d like to have in front. The rest of the hair is back-brushed and then curled from midway to the tips. This is quite an interesting style as you have a mixture of wavy hair and curls, on the other hand, your hair is parted from the front and again lifted towards the crown zone. Match it up with a lovely party wear saree and you’re sorted!

Hair updo bun hairstyle for medium hair for a party


Most of the girls prefer to have a cute easy hairstyle that makes them look gorgeous. Try something different hairstyles like messy braids, updos, and try latest new hairstyle ideas. All of you look for easy & quick hairstyles to get ready in few minutes. Try this beautiful pinned half updo hairstyle. This hairstyle looks pretty and is easy to wear. You can wear this hairstyle for any holiday party and people with having medium length hair can try this hairstyle. For this hairstyle the hair should be half straight and half curly. Part the hair into two sections. Front small section can be fringed on both sides like an ear lock with curls. Separate your two sections and is decorated with a hair band. Prepare a top, puff on the middle of the head and pin the side layers lower the puff. Leave the remaining hair open with curl and rolled in. One side hair is opened left at shoulder and remaining on the back.

Top bun hairstyle to try on any occasion

Party hairstyles 1

Try an easy bun hairstyle with medium length hair. Try this bun hairstyle for a sexy look. First partition your hair into three sections such as front two sections and back one section. Tie a tight ponytail with back hair. Side swept your hair front hair on two sides and curls them using a heating iron roller. Leave ear locks as a fringe on both sides. Prepare a small puff in the middle by loosening the tied ponytail. Curl the ends of the ponytail and roll them to form a bun with the pony hair. Take the front section fringe hairs and layer them one by one and are pinned at bun. Pin all the curly front fringe hair in a bun by forming a wavy layer look. Leave small fringes or small ear locks on both the sides. Now, your hairstyle is ready and upon practicing the hairstyle will be perfect.

Quick & easy puff open hairstyle for a party


Try this easy, quick hairstyle for a party. This takes a few minutes to style your hair with a different look. Simply part your hair into three sections and prepare two front puffs side by side with mid parted. Pin them on the back and the remaining hair is left open. Leave a part of your hair on both the shoulders. This hairstyle takes less time and gives a cute beautiful look.

Stunning hairstyle in western wear


The hairstyle trend is with a side swept wavy hair. This goes well with traditional attire. She has rocked with a trendy stunning hairstyle for an award function. The mid part hair with low curly hair up to shoulders looks stylish and trendy. Try this stylish hairstyle for parties and for any occasions. The left over free hair on shoulders with low curls looks beautiful.

Side swept puff bang with straight, wavy hairstyle


The side swept puffy bang hairstyle with medium length hair looks good. The hairstyle with dark brown hair color attracts with the traditional attire. The side swept bang with the trendy hairstyle falling on shoulder with low curls covers the face of one side looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle for parties with a unique look.

Low bun with ear locks and bangs


The front section of the hair is side swept with a puff bang. The bangs are pinned with ear locks on both sides. Back brush the remaining hair and prepare a low bun. Try this stylish hairstyle with traditional wear for any occasion. The low bun can be decorated with stylish hairstyle. This hairstyle with wavy ear lock hair strands on the face looks beautiful.

Trendy cute purple wedding fancy sari with bun hairstyle


The curly pressed hairstyle with side swept bun loose hair. The hair is side swept with a bang and brushed to a side with loose bun. Securely pin the bun with loose hair strand at low. The hairstyle is decorated with a matching flowered hair pin. This adds more attraction to your hairstyle. Try this hairstyle for parties.

Side swept bang with curly hairstyle with a big flower

Sarees for parties www.She9.blogspot.com (8)

The hairstyle with medium length curly hair looks beautiful. Slightly mid part your hair of the front section and form a bang that covers aside forehead. Pin the bang securely and brush the hair back. Leave wide open curly, wavy hair on shoulders. Decorate with a big flower with saree matching color to the side of the bang. This flower adds more beauty to the hairstyle.

Wide bun hairstyle with side swept bang


The front part of the hair is slightly side swept and all the hair is brushed back. Secure the bang with hair pins. Prepare a rolled hair bun that is wide swept at back and is low near the neck. Secure the bun with rolled hair with curled hair strands.

Steps on how to apply lipstick

Most of the women love to apply lipstick to create attention they deserve. Many different kinds of lipstick are associated with stylish makeup looks. Here, you can have many ways to learn about applying lipstick and make the process smoother. Lipstick makes you the most popular beautiful look. Applying lipstick can make you look and feel a million bucks.

Lipstick can brighten your face and adds polish to your pretty look. The best way to apply lipstick is by choosing a suitable lipstick shade. It enhances the beauty of your lips and gives your makeup with a finishing touch. Here, you can see steps on how to apply lips stick?

Choosing right lipstick shades

Choose a lipstick that best suits your skin tone. Select the perfect shade of lipstick that best suits for your skin tone which come along through trial and error. Pale skin must use light shade. Choose glossy lipsticks for those who have dark skin. The better you apply will give the most natural look with your lipstick. You can try lipstick shades such as golden brown, cheery red or nude pink shade.

Exfoliate your lips 

Applying lipstick looks like a simple task. But, most oftenly you can notice that the women apply with poorly shaped or smudged lip contour. The first, foremost thing is to exfoliate your lips with natural home remedies. Clean all dead skin from your lips with homemade tips, leaving new skin cells to grow in their place. The exfoliating process keeps your lips soft and subtle. Gently, scrub your lips with sugar and honey mixture. Repeat this process twice a week to get soft lips.

Lip balm for soft lips

Make sure that the lips are soft and then apply a thin coat of lip balm of your choice. Moisturize your lips to keep them dry and cracked. It is better to keep your body always hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fluids. It is better to keep applying lip balm on your lips to get soft and smooth lips. This makes sure to gently wipe off any excess lip balm. So, leave the lip balm on your lips for about 10 minutes as it gets absorbed and then blot it off any excess with a tissue.

Lip liner for lip outerline

Fill your lips with lip liner as and when the lips are lined. Lay the foundation for the lipstick and apply it on top. Simply turn the liner onto its side and color in the rest of the lip within an outline. Hold the pencil on its side and use light, feathering strokes for best results.

Apply lipstick using brush

Apply lipstick using a lip brush to put on the lipstick, instead of applying it directly from the tube. You should use the lipstick from the tube as color lays on the top surface of the lips. Using a brush allows the color to really get into the lip. This process helps the lipstick to stay longer.

Be careful while applying lipstick and make sure don’t cross borders that may stain the skin around your lips. Start your bottom lip and then rub the top on into it. Make sure there is enough color on the top if not, apply again as well as do the bottom again and repeat it.

Concealer to clean extra lipstick

Concealer helps to clean up around the lips and give them a clean edge. So, it is better to wipe off your lip brush really well to remove the lipstick and use a best concealer to clean up the edges.

Lip gloss for shining lips

Apply a little amount of lip gloss on top of your lipstick to give extra shine. Some glosses at the center of your bottom lip. Then, it smack your lips together for attention. It spread the gloss across your lips.

Tips for applying lipstick

There are some tips and corrective techniques for lip shapes. So here you can follow them up.

Full lip: Use a natural lip liner to draw inside your natural lip line. This gives a look like thinner.

Thin lips: Use a lip liner and draw slightly outside your upper and lower lips. This will make your lips appear fuller.

Drooping corners: Use your lip liner to build up the corners of the upper lip slightly.

Bow lips: This type of lips is to soften the peaks of the upper lip. So it is better to use a lip liner to draw a softer curve.


  • Lipstick will last longer if you fill in your lips with the liner first. Try to use a nude liner.
  • Lip gloss is to wear off fast with the liner that something to stick to lips.
  • Never use a dark liner with light lipstick.
  • Blot with the back of your hand or tissue to remove any excess color that is evenly out the texture.
  • Make sure that lipstick marks are there on your teeth as it looks very unprofessional.

Tips on how to apply lipstick according to your lip shape

Matte color lipstick is very thick tones that make your lips fleshy. They are mostly used in night which gives elegance and sophisticated effect. Pearly colored lipstick adds volume to the thin lips and adds volume to your thin lips which gives a brighter touch. Translucent color is for wet effect that can add shine to your lips.


Choose a clearer lip liner pencil instead of a darker one. You can delineate the contour of the lips with it. Choose the lip liner shade that is similar to the lipstick shade. Apply lipstick from the center outwards. Just, put some golden glow or highlighter at the center of the lip. So, that we can lighten them up easily.

Broad lips with lipstick

The broad lips are to be filled with a pencil mark at the contour of the lips as inside the edges which make them smaller. It is better to choose a makeup with brown tones and not with the red tones. It is not so important to add more shine.

Apply lipstick to narrow lips

The objective of the equalizer is that their thickness of lips. For this, you have to apply lip liner irregularly to get a perfect shape. You need to take thicker or thinner on one side of the lip and is recommended to apply it. A light tone of thinner lip and a dark, dull one of the thicker side are applied for proper results.

Descendant corners lips

This type of lips looks as a sadness. This is to avoid curving with an upper lip arch. So, apply a tiny bit of lipstick to the lip corners. Try these tips while applying lipstick, thus results best to look beautiful.

New Indian stylish hairstyles for heart shaped face

God has uniquely created all of us, which make us look different even though when we have the same features. Our face shapes differ that can change according to the size, shape and color. Some of the most common face shapes are oval, round and long. They are further deciphered into shapes like square, diamond and heart. We will go through some of the heart shaped faces with Indian hairstyles. Heart shaped faces look like a heart, as they face shape looks sharp and smooth jaw, while their cheeks looks curved just as we see in a heart shape. There is some hairstyle picture below that will give you some ideas. These are best to choose and suit a hairstyle that will go with the heart shaped face.

Side curves to straight long hair do hairstyle

Side curves to straight long hairdo

The pointy chin as shown in above can be gracefully flaunted by covering curved hair on both the sides. This draws the attention on your face.  The hairstyle makes you look cute. Side part your hair from the side and have it straightened. The hair that falls around your face zone has been curved with a curling comb or a curler. Make sure that it doesn’t become absolutely curled – it just needs the wave. Now, you can leave the rest of the hair as it has to keep it open.

Side braid hairstyle for heart shaped face

Side braid

Indians love braids and it is one of the most commonly used hairstyles for all occasions and regular times. You should part your hair from the front section and a side part thus, and slight lift on both the sides. For this, you can opt for side twists which you can lift and pin it up. Simply, braid the rest of the hair and then let it fall on the side. Let slight locks fall in the front of your face and do not empty out the zone for pretty look. The forehead becomes a ‘flaunty’ feature for the heart shaped face. You can try and have it empty or have a small mang-tika across the separation line.

Side-brushed straight hairstyle for heart shaped face

Side-brushed straight hair

In the picture below we see a pretty lady with a perfect heart shaped face. Here the hair is entirely straightened, but she has a side-brushed it and let it fall on the fuller side of the partition. In order to follow this hairstyle, you don’t need much of tips and tricks, but you simply need to match your attire with straight hair. Once, your hair is straight, you have to part your hair from the side and then back-brush it. The entire hair falling from that side and match some heavy earrings to let flaunt the opposite ear.

Neatly back-brushed bun hairstyle for heart shaped face

Neatly back-brushed bun

Bun hairstyles have been common for Indians over the years. But, lately there have been numerous enhancements. Well, if you have a heart shaped face, then certainly you have a lovely face features. Heart shaped faces boast of their prominent forehead and chin. The curved cheeks are the final touches which are hardly and can give you the need to extravagant hairdos. We see a lady with neatly back-brushed and tied bun in the picture. You can surely try this out with some authentic and subtle sarees.

Middle parted and lifted bun hairstyle for saree

Middle parted and lifted bun

This hairstyle starts off like the side braided hairdo we saw above. Mostly, the only difference is that it is a bun out here while that one had a lovely side braid. Part your hair from the middle for manga tikka and give the side with a slight lift. Make a bun at the back of your hair according to your own suitably. This is due to the beauty of the forehead, we tend to keep hair off it, and let long strands fall as locks on the sides. Add a light mang-tika to dress up the middle portion.

Side bouffant with curls hairstyle for saree

Side bouffant with curls

Bouffants have gained immense popularity over time. Even celebrities have looked back at the retro styles as it is  incorporated with bouffants in their own way. In the picture below, we see a side bouffant, which has been at first side brushed and then lifted for the hairdo. The fuller side of the bouffant then flaunts lovely curls for the lower part of the hair. With this you have to do the bouffant, which needs straight hair for it, you will then have to curl up the rest of the hair to make this hairstyle look cute. Make sure it falls to the heavier side of the bouffant.

Side bouffant with bun for heart shaped face hairstyle

Side bouffant with bun

Bouffants let you flaunt your forehead and gives your hair a separate attention. We see a lovely lady in a kanjeevaram silk saree. She has parted her hair from the side and are then made a side bouffant. Although, the puff isn’t very big, it makes the hair look fuller and neat. You should make a bun with the rest of the hair. Choose any of the bun hairstyles or keep it neatly tied. Make sure that the bun hairdo which doesn’t disrupt the look.

Side parted hair, pinned and then curled hairstyle

Side parted hair

Since keeping hair off the face is one of the first criteria for such face shape, this hairstyle gets quite an appreciation. Thus, it is letting the hair flaunt well too. You have to straighten your hair at first and then start the process. You should part your hair from the side and then back-brush the fuller side. Pin it up like you see in the picture or give it a slight light. Let the rest of the hair fall down one shoulder and fall out infront. Curl up the 1/4th zone of your hair. So, keep the above portion straight. This may vary according to the length of your hair.

Middle part with open curls hairstyle

Middle part with open curls

Part your hair from the middle and have it curled up. The curls look much pretty with the wavering type and are not entirely curled. This makes the look messy and sexy! On the other hand, your hair looks natural with this hairstyle and  are appealing. You can pair it up with a manga-tikka like you see in the picture. This stylish hairstyle best suit for both lehengas and sarees.

Crown bouffant with twisted hair for heart shaped face

Crown bouffant with twisted hair

This is another pretty hairstyle which you can try out with your long hair. With this hairstyle the forehead is slightly covered and is side parted. Make a crown bouffant, which is slightly lifted and are neatly brushed and pinned up. Then the rest of the left open as hair fall down from one shoulder and it curled up in twists. This hairstyle will flaunt your face shape and features. Thus, the hairstyle helps to leave you endless opportunities for accessories.

Loose open hair with straight, wavy hairstyle on saree


The hairstyle for heart shaped face is typical to find and try this loose hairstyle that best suits to you. Try this hairstyle which is simple and easy to wear. Simply brush your hair and side swept your front hair. Simply, comb your hair and leave open with wavy long hair on the shoulder. Remaining hair on the back to have a simple and beautiful look.  This hairstyle on black color saree gives an outstanding look. Black saree with pink border looks more beautiful. Try this hairstyle on a party or festival occasion. Try this hairstyle to have a gorgeous look. This special hairstyle and saree can be worn on any special occasions such as wedding, party etc.

Latest heart shaped face, hair trends fashion


This hairstyle is the latest hair fashion trend that matches with a heart shaped face. This is simply ideal to try and make your hairstyle look beautiful. This hairstyle best suit for heart shaped face as the hair covers the forehead, which is likely to broaden. This hairstyle can be modified with new hair trends easily. Simply, partition your mid hair and side swept both the sides with curls that are at lower hair. So, leave the lower hair and fringes that looks as ear locks on the front and also covers your part of the face. Simply, side swept your hair on both sides that leaves the hair on the shoulders. The hairstyle is simple and semi-curled that gives an elegant look. Try this hairstyle for wedding parties or any other occasion with saree or traditional outfit. Hairstyle with simple make up makes you look beautiful.

Stylish heart shaped face, hair trends for women


The heart shaped face looks as a broad forehead, tall cheek bones, and pointed chin. The short haircut, bob haircut, front hair and pointy chin that gives them to look beautiful. Along with them, they can also try trendy fashion hairstyles that make you look more beautiful in curly hair. This hairstyle covers up your forehead and is likely to be broadening. Try this for a different look with this modify hairstyle. Select a new hair trend hairstyle that is certainly going to appear fresher. Simply, brush your hair with a side swept bang which covers your forehead. Leave the hair open and straight waves on shoulders. Fringe and bangs cover the broad forehead which gives a beautiful look.

Short hairstyle with curly hair


The curly bob haircut that best suits for your heart shaped face. The short hair with curl locks looks pretty cute for a party. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The short curly, wavy hairstyles for this face shape looks stylish and unique. This will add attention and make you look trendy and beautiful. The side fringe curly hairstyle with curls.

Mid parted straight wavy hairstyle up to shoulders


The mid parted straight wavy hairstyle with shoulder length medium hair looks beautiful. The mid parted hairstyle with short wavelength looks pretty cute. The side swept bangs with mid part hair over pinkish cheeks looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for outings and parties. The medium length hair with a perfect face shape, make you look gorgeous.

Fringe hairstyle falling on shoulders


The side swept bang hairstyles looks beautiful with straight long hair. The straight hair with long trendy hairstyle looks beautiful with slight make up. The hairstyle best suits for you with fringe haircut. The front hair with the front oval haircut that to as fringe haircut looks beautiful. This hairstyle with stylish, trendy hair looks trendy and fashion.

Mid part wavy fashion, hairstyle with medium length hair


The hairstyle with shoulder length hair looks trendy and fashion. The hairstyle best suits for you with loose wide open wavy hair. Try this trendy fashion, hairstyle with a strong jaw line looks special. The hairstyle of western wears looks stylish. The hairstyle is just being the trendy look with beauty. This gives a youthful, loose wave that keeps your face with attracting hairstyle.

Top best different bun hairstyles for traditional saree

Buns can give you the right softness and ethnic look with sarees. The best thing about buns is that you can have beautiful buns with any hair length. Even if you have short hairs you can easily opt for hair extensions or falsies to get the bun of your choice without much hassle. There can be several types of variations in buns and you can pick any according to your choice and your facial features to look best. This article will include some simple hair bun ideas that you can easily pair up with sarees. The complicated buns might look really pretty, but believe us even the simple buns can add class to your overall appearance. So, check out this collection of best simple hair buns that you can pair up with sarees,

Simple back bun with bun net and floral decorations

Simple back bun with bun net and floral decorations

This easy back bun hairstyle can be the best pick for girls who are always late to get dressed for the party. This hairstyle looks absolutely classy with sarees and yet takes only minimum time to be done. You do not even need to use a lot of bobby pins or hair spray to keep the bun in place. Comb your hairs, collect them at the back of your head and make a simple bun with your hands at the nape of the neck. Now, cover the bun with a bun net and add some pretty floral hair accessories to it as shown in the figure.

Rope braid bun

Rope braid bun

Rope braid buns can look beautiful with sarees and it is also very simple to get. To get this hairstyle comb all your hairs back and tie them tightly at the base with a band. Now tie a rope or a thin silk ribbon at the base and let the ends of the ribbon flow lose for the whole length of the hairs. Part the hairs of the ponytail into two sections, each section with one end of the ribbon. Now twist the hairs with the rope and finally twist both the sections together to make the bun. Fix it with bobby pins. Here the bun has been placed right on the nape of the neck you can also place it a bit high if you wish.

Low rolled bun

Low rolled bun

This bun looks absolutely classy and when paired with a silk saree it can give you the perfect ethnic look for any occasion. You might think that this bun is ideal only for very long hairs, but in reality this rolled bun can be done even with the hairs of medium length. To get this hairstyle first all the hairs are collected at the back of the head and a puff is created. The hairs are then tied with a band at the base and divided into five sections. Now you need to comb each of these sections and roll them into stick in the middle with bobby pins. Do the same for each of the hair sections and finally add a juda pin in the middle of the bun. The addition of the gajra is optional, but it can be ideal for weddings.

Side ball bun

Side ball bun

This side ball bun sits just above the neck but not high enough and has been placed on one side of the head to make it visible from the front too which can add heavily to the softness of the look. To get this hairstyle, comb your hairs and collect them to one side of the head and secure the base tightly with a band. Now make the ball, bun and secure it properly with bobby pins so that it does not slip down.

Bun with crown braid

Bun with crown braid

This is another easy hairstyle that can look very classy with a saree. To get this hairstyle first take bunches of hairs from the sides of the head, twist them a little near the ears and pin together at the back. Now make the braid on the crown with three bunches of hairs and continue till you cover the whole front part. Check out that here the braid is pretty loose and sits flatly on the crown. Finally, you need to make the bun with all the hairs on the back. Note that here the bun is present at the back of the head and not on the nape of the neck. Leave a few locks loose at the front to get a soft look.

Simple hand bun

Simple hand bun

This one is a perfect example of a simple tight hand bun that sits mostly at the back of the head and not on the neck. To get this hairstyle, comb all your hairs on the back of your head and then hold them in a bunch a bit higher from the neck. Now, hold the base part with one hand and encircle the rest of the length of the hairs around it. Finally, you need to push the rolled section up through the middle and set it with bobby pins. This hand bun is really simple to get and it can look perfect with sarees. You can also leave untied locks on the front with this hairstyle.

Doughnut bun

Doughnut bun

Doughnut buns might look really difficult to get, but they are actually one of the easiest variants of buns. The other special thing about these buns is that, you can easily get a big doughnut bun even if you have medium length hairs. To get this hairstyle comb all your hairs on the back of your head and then make a ponytail. You will need a round shaped sponge of the color of your hair for making the bun. Place this sponge encircling the band that is holding the ponytail and pin it. Now you need to take sections of hairs from the ponytail and cover the sponge upside down. If you have longer hairs you will need to pass a single bunch of hairs more times through the sponge. Once you have covered the sponge you need to set the hairs with bobby pins.

Chignon bun

Chignon bun

A low chignon bun placed at the nape of the neck can look very pretty with any type of saree and it can give the ideal look for any occasion. Chignon buns are simple to get and takes minimum time to complete. Take bunches of hair strands from the sides and tie them together at the back of your head. Now comb the hairs at the back and tie the end with a band leaving 1/3rd part free at the end. Pass the hairs through the hair band you have created at the back of the head and secure with bobby pins. You can also complete the bun by dividing the hairs into two sections.

Extreme side bun

Extreme side bun

Side buns look nice with saree and an extreme side bun can give you a trendy look. To get an extreme side bun collect all your hairs on one side of your head and keep in mind that here you will be placing the bun right in your ear. Make a tight bun, but let it hang a bit to land right on the side of the ear. Set with bobby pins, and if needed, with a setting spray. This hairstyle can be ideal for girls with a broad forehead.

Half braided high bun

Half braided high bun

Half braided high buns can look fascinating with saree bringing out the diva in you. To get a high half braided bun as shown in the picture you need to collect all your hairs at the top back section of your head and then make a high ponytail with a thick band of the color of your hairs. You need to braid only the lower 1/3rd part your hairs and leave the above sections loose. Now make a knot around the hair band and then encircle it with the remaining length of the hairs. Set with bobby pins. This hairstyle might not be the best option for girls with broader forehead.

Side braid bun

Side braid bun

The side braid bun of this picture might look really difficult to get, but in reality it is as simple as any other hairstyle mentioned above. To get this hairstyle you have to start doing the braid right from one side of your head and continue doing it till the other side. You will be placing the bun low and hence end the braid right at the place where you need to have the bun. Tie the end of the braid with a band. Now you can make a doughnut bun with the ends of the braid or you can also opt for a rolled bun or hand bun as per your choice.

High bun hairstyle for saree


High bun is also known as a chignon, which is useful when you have flaunted to your shoulders and neck.  You can wear a huge neck piece blouse or strapless blouse that gives a beautiful attraction with high bun hairstyle. This hairstyle looks simple and will give you a part of hair from the middle of the head. Comb your hair and pull back hair by rolling it into a bun. Now, pin it with a high and tight head that is almost closest to the center of your head. This gives a simple amazing look to your face. This high bun hairstyle can be used to give a traditional look for any occasion.

Best side partitioned puff bun hairstyle for saree to give a traditional look


Side partitioned puff bun hairstyle is a best suited for saree. This looks elegant and has a tedious look that requires neatness. Side partitions your hair from the front head. After that, make a bun with the rest of the hair with a little puff. Use a little dab of gel or hairspray that is used to set the front hair smoothly. This type of hairstyle requires some help that is nonetheless which looks awesome when done. Side partitioned puff bun hairstyle gives a traditional look. It is used to give a gorgeous look.

Beautiful low twisted bun hairstyles


A low twisted bun hairstyle for saree is simple and easy. This is just similar to that of a high bun. But the thing is in this we twist the bun at low. You just tie all your hair in the middle of the head and near the nape of the neck. Part your hair and twist them sides that bring them back and pin them to lower on the both sides. Tie your hair tightly, so that the bun can stand for more time. You can also use hairspray to smooth and longstanding bun. Now, just after roll your hair with a bun and pin it up. This makes you appear to the slightly messy that would still look great.

Trendy, classic bun hairstyle with hair accessories


The classy and gorgeous hairstyle can add more beauty to your dress with different hair accessories. The gorgeous hair pulled back bun hairstyle looks traditional. Thus, the hairstyle is decorated with hair chains which give a unique pattern of jeweler. This will put a bride on spot with special attraction. Try this stylish hairstyle for the wedding to drape pallu over it.

Low bun and crown look hairstyle for wedding

2. Christian-bridal-hairstyles-3

This is a simple top notch hairstyle with an elegant bun looks like a crown. This will achieve the best stylish modern hairstyle for wedding. This is more elegant with a well tiara or crown accessory. The hairstyle can turn into locks which are at the bottom and also gives a very regal look. The hairstyle with top bun which is perfect with a crafted hairstyle is good looking and has a placement of your accessory.

Traditional crown with a bun hairstyle

3. Madhuri-Dixit-in-Designers-Outfits

The trendy, modern, stylish hairstyle looks pretty simple and cute. Try this different crown bun hairstyle for parties and wedding. The hairstyle best suits for traditional designer saree with jewelry. The hairstyle with makeup and the heavy plaited necklace looks good. The bun hairstyle on saree for the traditional look is the exact choice with crown puff and back bun.

Messy bun hairstyle with hair flower accessories

4. Messy-Bun-Hairstyles

The messy bun hairstyle looks great with turns and waves. Simply, twist or just make waves which are preliminary from the midpoint of your hair. The higher half straight hair looks great on traditional wear. This lock with pins and ornaments.  Keep it unpremeditated with a chic style. These curly bangs with a brow and on the sides, that gives a bang on the sides.

Fishtail braided bun hairstyle to compliment your saree


Fishtail braided bun hairstyle that can compliment to your saree. The hairstyle with braid bun looks beautiful. The braided bun hairstyle looks gorgeous. The hairstyle with saree occasions with meetings and celebrations. The popular hairstyle for saree with a definite try out. These hairstyles for saree with perfectly according to your face shape.

Top best hairstyles to try for oval face shape on saree

Oval faces have a slight width around the cheekbone. The jawline is slightly rounded yet edgy. Your hairline happens to be wider than your lower face. Oval faces resemble the look of an inverted egg. The face shape is slight like heart shape and slight oval. In this article, we will go through some hairstyles which will suit your face with sarees. If you have not been following the hairstyles which are apt you, it is time you should pay a little more heed to what makes you look better. These hairstyles would work like nice tips and tricks for your next occasion.

Middle parted hair with a bun

Middle parted hair with bun

Since buns are commonly followed hairstyles with sarees, we started off with one of the easiest and common hairstyles which you should try. In the picture below, we see a model wearing a subtle saree along with the subtlest hairstyle possible! Even if it doesn’t look very stylish for you, you can definitely improvise. Now you know which is the easiest hair bun for your face shape. Have you nicely entire straightened and part it from the middle. Make a neat bun and you’re done!

Side-brushed messy curls

Side-brushed messy curls

Subtle prints with messy hairdo could be contrasting and appealing. Go for an all curly and messy hairdo, which is brushed on the side to make is manageable and stylish. Use an in styled to curl up all your hair and part it from the middle. Let all the hair fall down from the thinner section of the partition. While your hair is messy, by keeping it on one side you can carry it better. This will also grab more attention of your clothing and facial features.

Half up straight and half down waves

Half up straight and half down waves

These easy hairstyles are brightened with highlights. This is surely an easy hairdo which matches your oval face shape. Have your hair nicely washed and then straight it for the first half. Have the rest of it curled up and then part the hair from the middle. Let the one side of the partition fall down from the shoulder and the rest fall back. This is not just easy to follow, but also face your face gets more prominence. Add the best of makeup and shine through your event!

Natural hair with half down curls

Natural hair with half down curls

The lady’s picture we have below carries the most natural hair that we are all blessed it. It looks slightly messy and wavy half up, and that is how most of our hair is. She has blended the black hair with light brown highlights and then had this portion nicely curled up. If you too have two colors on your hair, you can try out this style. You can follow it even if you don’t. Have it parted from the one side and let it fall in front of the thicker section.

Side-parted side bun

Side-parted side bun

This is another type of bun which will let people focus more of your face. The hairstyle adds charm to your look and doesn’t let the bun hide at the back. Have your hair sectioned in front by parting from one side. Let the locks fall on the thin side of the section, while the rest is brushed for the creating the bun. Curl up your hair half down so that you can create a messy side bun. Brush all the hair towards the heavier side of the sectioning, and then make a neat bun at the nape of your neck.

Straight hair slightly waved

Straight hair slightly waved

The lady in the picture below has enhanced her straightened hair to look slightly waved up. Part your hair from the front section, to let the locks fall on your face. The heavier side of the section should flaunt the locks while the rest of the hair is brushed back. Make a small puff and it up around the crown zone. Let the rest of the hair fall straight down. Have this part stightly waved, to make the hair look natural.

Side braid

Side braid saree

A slightly uplifted hairdo, which is followed by the traditional side braid, is all you probably need with an even more traditional outfit. Have all your hair nicely straightened to get the exact effect. Now brush all your hair to the back and pin up below the crown zone. Add a minute light, but do not make a bouffant. Continue with a side braid and let it fall on the side. All some flowers if you want the South Indian look.

Beehive bun

Beehive bun

If you have never opted for a bold hairdo with a saree, you can try something really different and style yourself. This is called a beehive bun and has to be done with expert help. This hairdo will let your face get all the attention it desired, while the hairstyle will be like the icing on the cake. Pair it with a lovely saree to make yourself look better!

Middle-parted messy hair braid


This is another braided style which has been paired up with a denim saree. These sarees are really cool and trendy. If you haven’t bought one, you can opt for one. Have your hair styled in messy waves to give a contrasting effect to the saree. Have it parted from the middle and then make a regular braid. Let some locks fall down to make it a little better.

Straight haired Ponytail

Straight haired Ponytail

Ponytails are never the first choice with a saree, but here you go – this example explains that you can be that different and rock your look. To follow this hairdo, you have to have your hair straightened all the way. Brush the hair back and then make a regular ponytail. This hairstyle will help you flaunt your face and your attire like no other. You might also be complimented for having chosen such an unexpected hairdo with your look.

Mid length layers for oval face having side swept bangs with saree


Mid length layers with side swept bangs is a hair cut with internal layers. This hairstyle has a stylized look that keeps the top layers long and ones beneath it a tad shorter. This hair style takes less time and also adds more volume to your hair, if you have thin hair. This hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. It is best suitable for someone whose hair falls flat. The sharp and chopper layers help to maintain the shape and lift the hair.

Layered wavy hairstyles for oval face shape


Long wavy hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. This hairstyle best suits and gives a fresh look. You can simply wear this hairstyle in less time. The hairstyle gives a unique and trendy look to Indian hairstyles. Try this new hairstyle on saree for any occasion which makes you look gorgeous. Simple light curly hairstyle also gives a better look. For oval face shapes, they can wear wavy, layered, straight, ponytail or clip light curls are best hairstyles.

Pulled back slick hairstyle for traditional wear


Pulled back hairstyle is best suited for the people who has wider temple. This hairstyle can be wearer with a hairline that is maintained up to the cheekbones. This can be tapered down to a pointed chin. It has prominent headgear with side swept fringes and has off center parting that any bride can wear on the wedding, Mehandi, and party. It simply looks like a textured bob. The long hair is pulled back and puff on front with two side fringes. This hairstyle gives a high volume of hair look just like a crown. Comb and divide into two sections from the middle of head and a short layer ending at the cheeks.

Long layers hairstyle for oval face shape on saree


Long layers hairstyle best suit for oval face shape which gives a traditional look. This hairstyle looks gorgeous and can be used on any occasion. It also gives an Indian bride look with tons of compliments. It is simple to wear and can try on wedding occasion with less time. Simply comb your hair and part from the middle and have layered some section of your hair.

Fancy hairstyle with fringe haircut


Stylish hairstyle with a fringe haircut for oval face with dark hair color looks good. The hairstyle with mid part hair fringe haircut on the shoulders is beautiful. This is the best hairstyle for sarees to look beautiful. Try this hairstyle on saree for outing and parties. This hairstyle with long earring looks gorgeous.

Trendy side swept bang loose hairstyle


The loose wide open hairstyle with a fringe haircut like hair strands looks beautiful. The hairstyle is side swept bang looks beautiful with large earrings. The hairstyle with bouncy hair on shoulders looks good. The hairstyle with wavy rolled stylish hairstyle is beautiful.

Mid part side bangs with back bun


The long faces with a round Bindis are apt with the mid part hairstyle. The opt for Bindis with a decorative motifs looks gorgeous. This hairstyle is better at planning to wear a saree for the party. The side bangs with back bun hairstyle on traditional wear styles. This hairstyle on saree with jewelry looks gorgeous.

Stylish hairstyle with a puff ponytail


The hairstyle with a front puff hair looks good. The puff hairstyle with a tight ponytail looks gorgeous. The hairstyle adds complementary look with a designer blouse and blue color plain saree. The hairstyle looks beautiful with a heavy designed saree on the oval face looks beautiful.

Side sept banged with bun hairstyle on pattu saree

Sania Mirza Photos in Blue & Gold Kanjeevaram Saree

The bun hairstyle with side swept bang looks beautiful in pattu saree. The hairstyle with heavy jewelry make you look beautiful. The hairstyle with large earrings and neck tight necklace are best for Indian pattu saree. The hairstyle looks beautiful with a stylish hairstyle that make you look good. The hairstyle with this pattu saree is beautiful.

Front puff plait hairstyle

Best-Different-Hairstyles-For-Saree4Front puff hair with plait like a fishtail hairstyle looks beautiful. The hairstyle looks beautiful in black color fancy saree. The hairstyle with Fishtail and tied elastic bang hairstyle looks beautiful. Tie the elastic band with twisted hair to cover elastic bang. This is a stylish hairstyle looks beautiful.

Newest Indian stylish hairstyle for wedding/marriage function

A wedding is a special event which happens once in our lives. There are two families involved and they put in their best to make it memorable for their children and themselves. The wedding attire for both bride and groom ought to be special and exclusive. What needs to be matched henceforth is their hairstyle and accessories. In this article, we bring to you, the latest Indian bridal hairstyles, and these are slightly uncommon than what people have followed regularly or traditionally. Since the wedding season is already at its peak, you might help yourself or your fellow mates to take some tips from this article!

Formal Updo and Bun hairstyle


Buns aren’t uncommon for weddings. Many times, we might have to put an aanchal over, which is why we prefer a simple hairstyle which is manageable too. None-the-less, buns are usually accompanied with a lot of jewelry or flowers. If you go with the modern trend, you would let your hair puff up over the crown zone and then make a bun. This bun hairdo comes with a small piece of jewelry which boasts of simplicity and elegance. Make sure your hair is puffed and not neatly back-brushed, as that may make the look a little too casual.

Heavenly curls with twists and flowers hairstyle


Indian hairstyles are pretty popular with hair-to-hair styles, and the best examples are braids, which we regularly follow. This picture below, gives us a neat and beautiful hair-to-hair, hairstyle which has been turned into a heavenly bun. The hair has been first curled up, intertwined, from sections of strands to other sections and then pinned up. Flowers aren’t uncommon for wedding hairstyles, but this one has roses pluck to the one side. This gives a retro touch with a modern hairdo.

Elegant side-down hairdo hairstyle


We see an elegant side-down hairdo in this picture below, which can wonderfully replace the regular braided hairstyles. We see the lady in a lovely lehenga choli, with which she has a necklace and veil paired up. Since the veil has an earring with it, it is pinned at the side and doesn’t have a common mang-tika. So you can simply curl your hair from mid-length to the tips, back brush the strands and let the rest of it fall down from one side of your shoulder. The smaller strands on the top can be side-brushed and kept off the face.

Loose Spiral Braid hairstyle on traditional outfit


Straight braids have been popular for weddings while side braids are much in trend now. What comes along with side braids are some styles which you can opt among them. For instance, you can make a fish tail side braid, French braid styles or also choose a loose spiral side-braid. In the picture below, we see a lovely North Indian bride in a shimmery pink suit. She has parted her hair from the middle and then tied a loose braid. The braid has been pinned with floral accessories so that it doesn’t become messy. The hairstyle is followed to the tips and falls down from one shoulder.

Bouffant hairdo with long strands haristyle


If you don’t want your bridal hairdo to be very tight and compact, you can have it replaced with this hairstyle. Bouffant hairdos were a very common retro hairstyle but they are again being followed for occasions like weddings. You have to puff up your crown area like you see in the image below and then pin it up to fasten the lift. Let the strands of the rest of your hair, fall from both the sides and the back, like it would naturally do. You can also have it curled, but don’t have it absolutely straightened. Add a mang-tika to give it a little glaze.

Voluminous lift with straight hair style


Hair puffs are quite in trends and so you need to choose which one you’d like to go with. Unlike the previous hairstyle which has a little higher lift with curls falling below, this hairstyle goes half straight down and the strands are then curled up. This puff has been created in a slightly lower zone than the one we saw above. This gives a more subtle lift, but makes the hair look thicker. The front of the hair has been parted from the middle and then the puff continues. This area also gives you the space for mang-tika or a even mang-tika chain. Has your hair straightened midway after which you make curls till the tips!

Curly down do with middle part hairstyle


Indian beauties look beautiful with their curls. They have wavy to curly hair naturally and due to regular braiding, their hair tends to get curlier with time. Why not keep it stylish and simple with midway straight and then curl up the rest of your hair? In the image below, we see a lovely model in a shimmery white lehenga choli. She has parted her hair from the middle and has curled it up midway to the tips. Her hair has been gorgeously paired with a pendant and has been attached like a mang-tika.

Criss-cross straight hair style to try for wedding


If you have a side mang-tika, you will preferably want to part your hair from the sides as well. Straight hairdos can be enhanced for your bridal hairstyle. In here, you first have your hair straightened properly and then you can have then criss-crossed in the front of crown zone. There are no visible partitions, although it has been set from the sides. You can have straight hair paired with any wedding attire, but just make sure that you have mang-tikas to make it look more interesting.

Coiled curls hairstyle for wedding

Bridal Hair & Make-up: Rouge Artistry (Photography by S Surani Photography) - 10

These coiled curls are being loved by bridal hair stylists since they make the styles look complicated and sexy! You can try out this half up and down hairdo if your stylist is ready to take up the challenge or has done these styles before. The half up portion has your hair straightened and puffed up, while the rest of it has been curled and falls to one side of your shoulders. It makes your hair look lustrous and trendy. You can also pair it up with hair accessories which make the other side balanced.

Side parted waves with curls hairstyle


If you want your hair to be without too many Bobby pins and if you want to have it set loose, you can try styling it up in such a way, that it can stay easy and open. In the hairstyle below, we see that the lady has lustrous black hair and she has parted it to the side. She has added a mang-tikka which accessorizes the look. The first half of her hair has been waved in a convex shape and has then been curled up in sections. This makes your hair looks lovely while it feels relaxed!

Two puff side bangs with a long braid plait hairstyle

Bridal-Hairstyle-2015-idea-Mehndi-hairstyle-designs-bridesmaid-hairstyle-2015-for-Mehndi-function-fashionmaxi.com-1 (1)

This hairstyle is different and is mostly on wedding ceremonies about fashion.  The wedding accessories give a latest fashion trend. The hair designers are latest trend, especially for wedding. So, high quality and unique designs are here to get an idea to style your hair. Most stylish bridal hairstyle for modern girl and women nowadays is important. This hairstyle idea gives an excellent source to style your hair for the wedding. All the bridal hairstyle design will add more fashion trend on her wedding day. Mid party your hair and prepare puffy bangs on both sides like a head band. Decorate with the mang tikka of made with a natural flower. Puff the mid part of hair and pin it back. Braid the remaining hair with long plait. Decorate plait with natural flowers of lily and jasmine. Decorate bangs with flowers to hands.

Long braid plait with ear locks and two bangs

1-traditional-braided-bridal-hairstyle (1)

Mid parted your hair and prepare two sides bangs. Braid the hair and roll them like a bun. Tie long braid plait and decorate it with pearl chains. Roll them on the long braid plait. Place a big mang tikka in the middle of hair and have additional jewelry. This braid is tight, neat and thick to hear. Place hair accessories to braid with long hair. This hairstyle best suits for long hair. Try this hairstyle on any traditional functions or wedding. Bright color saree with jewelry is attractive in function. This hairstyle with bright color gives more beauty. This thick long braid decorated with flower garlands and pearls or golden accessories with a traditional hairstyle variety for the Indian style wedding. This hairstyle best suits with round face, oval and triangle face shape.

Stylish Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair with flower


The stylish hairstyle best suits for long hair. This hairstyle best suits and especially decorate your hair with flowers.  This hairstyle looks beautiful and can try on receptionist in Indian wedding ceremonies and other family occasions. Gujarati bridals are decorated with their hairstyle. Indian women & young girls can try with this type of hairstyle for any occasion. Mid part your hair and side bangs like a hair band. Puff it in the middle part and tie tight braid. Decorate your hairstyle with flowers.

Curly layered front puffy crown hairstyle

1. stylish-bridals-brides-dulhan-hairstyle-new-fashion-best-hair-cuts-for-wedding-7

The front puff hairstyle with curly layered hair on shoulders looks beautiful. The crown puffy hairstyle with layered curly hair adds beauty to any traditional outfit. The front puff is secured with hair pins with lower curls and bouncy hairstyle best suits for medium length hair. Try this hairstyle on wedding and parties that can turn everyone’s attention at you with beautiful flower hair pins decorated with hair.

Top curly bouncy bun hairstyle for lehenga traditional wear

2. Stylish-indian-Bridal-Lahenga

The hairstyle with lehenga choli best suits for wedding and other traditional occasions. Take a front section hair and side swept bang with that hair. Tie the remaining hair on the top of the head. Make a bouncy flower hair on top of the bun with curls. This hairstyle with two hair color shades looks beautiful. The front hair bang with dark black hair color and top bouncy flowered bun with dark brown hair color looks gorgeous on lehenga choli.

Side swept twisted hair strands hairstyle

3. new-indian-wedding-hairstyle

The side swept bang on the front section decorated with manga tikka which looks beautiful and falls the beads as a bindhi. The remaining hair is side swept by forming the layered hair strands, which are then twisted and rolled like a bun on the mid of the head and the remaining hair strands are twisted and secure them with pins. The hair is left on the shoulder with curly rolled hair to look beautiful.

Mid parted straight long hair

4. Indian-Wedding-Hairstyles-With-Headpieces

The hair is mid parted and is decorated with the manga tikka with four large flowers one by one with small stars side by side. This gives a beautiful look to simple hairstyle. This will suit for long straight hair. Try this hairstyle with eyelashes, makeup, and dark colored lipstick to look beautiful.

Low bun with top puff hairstyle5. strand_of_silk_-_indian_weddings_-_stunning_indian_wedding_hairstyles_we_love_-_classic_bun

The hairstyle best suits for round face shape. Mid part the front section hair and prepare a top puff. Then tie the remaining hair to form a ponytail. Twist the ponytail to form a big bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and cover it with bun band. Decorate the bun with a big flower pin to cover the twisting gap. Secure and decorate the hairstyle with hair pins.

Trending South Indian bride hairstyle ideas for wedding

A woman with a considerably thick, dark black and waist-touching braid in India, is most probably a South Indian! They have soft curls naturally and love maintaining their long tresses with coconut oil. South Indian weddings are very traditional and conservative, but women have started experimenting with their bridal look even if there are no alterations for the rituals. Braids still remain their typical style statement, but there are a few more styles according to the recent trend. In this article, we will go through some of the latest hairstyles, which are now being preferred by South Indian women for their bridal look.

Flowered bun with jeweled braid hairstyle


Buns and braids are the most common for South Indian brides. They are neither in trend nor out of trend. This is simply because they never go out of trend! In the picture below, we see a South Indian bride flaunting her hairdo. She has tied a neat bun with her natural hair and then put a garland around. This has been pinned up with braided hair extension, and that has been jeweled from start to tip. A combination of jewelry for hair is what most of them don’t miss out on for their bridal hairdo.

Center parted hair with a bun


South Indian hair has a natural perm which people usually follow when they need to dress up like them. If you already have such hair, this hairdo won’t be much of a task for you. Part your hair from the middle and make a loose bun which falls at the nape of your neck. You will be able to add mang-tika or mang-tika chains. The jewelry part is absolutely on your convenience and approved. This hairdo is easy and manageable which is why you can have it accessorized in the best way possible.

Spiral bun with flowers bridal hairstyle for wedding


Mogra flowers are used for South Indian women excessively. People sell these flowers in South Indian regions because there is a huge craze for garlands, and they are worn irrespective of special occasions. In the picture below, we see a lady in a neatly tied bun. She has curled hair from midway to tip, so that it is easier to create the spiral bun. She then added two layers of flowers. At first, the garland of Mogra surrounded the bun, and it is followed by another set of flower for the lower portion of the bun.

Back-brushed hair with side ponytail hairstyle


Well, this is quite an unusual hairdo for a South Indian bride. None-the-less, you’d have to agree that she is looking different than what you’d expect her to. She has back-brushed her hair and has given it a slight puff. This puff has been pinned up below the crown zone and the rest of the hair has been tied into a lower-leveled ponytail. The hair has been let to fall from one side of the shoulder and the tips are curled up to give her a nicer look. The mang-tika is flaunted on the forehead, whereas the chain is lost amidst her puff.

High puff with bun hairstyle on saree

Buns are surely common as mentioned below, thus if you’re sticking to the tradition you can might as well play with the trend too. In the picture below, we see puffed hair, which has been lifted like the retro look. This lifts your puff more than how much we naturally do and makes the hair look fuller. The hair has been back-brushed and accumulated in a crown zone where pinning up is easy and you can have the maximum lift. The hair, which falls at the back can be made into a regular bun which is accessorized with mogra flowers.

Side-brushed hair with curls hairstyle

This is another style which is much in trend and makes you flaunt your hair. The lady is looking lovely in her Kanchipuram saree and she has jewelry like the brides usually do. Her hairdo on the contrary, gives a different style since it has been nicely side-brushed without a partition. She takes all her hair to the heavier side and then has it nicely curled up. The hair has been pinned up with flowers midway and the strands are left to fall down from one shoulder. The locks which fall on the opposite side is the best finishing to offer!

Straight hair with puff hairstyle on saree

Quite uncommon to see, but it’d be lovely to try – straight hairdo for a South Indian bride which also includes a traditional Mogra garland. This hairstyle is also quick to do and easy to manage. Has your hair straightened well and then start off with the process. The puff in the crown zone should be nicely pinned up, which will be followed by the garland. This too has to be properly attached to the hairdo. The rest of the hair is left open, and it falls half at the back and half down the right shoulder.

Side parted hair with a bun bridal hairstyle

If buns and braids are your only option, you simply have to enhance within them and bring in exclusivity. In the picture below, we see a South Indian bride, who has parted the front of her hair from the side. The mang-tika remains to be in the middle and it also hides the chain on the fuller side of the partition. The rest of her hair has been used to form a bun. You can choose any spiral bun, neatly pinned up bun or have it nicely filled in with flowers.

Side brushed hair with a bun hairstyle for wedding

This is yet another style to try with your bun hairdo. In this style you do not have to back-brush your hair or have it parted from the middle. The hairstyle calls in for a side brushed look. At first, you take some of the hair in the front and brush it to the side. Pin it up to make it look like a small puff, but it shouldn’t point like the straight ones do, it should look bent and be pinned up to the side. The rest of the hair can be side-brushed into a messy or spiral bun.

Side bun hairdo hairstyle

The most traditional and conservative families like to go all white in their weddings. White is anyway a preferred color for both males and females in South India. In this picture below, we see a lovely hairdo which makes us realize that bun hairstyles can come up with the most exclusive style. The lady’s hair has been nicely side-brushed and the bun has been created on that very side itself. It will make the hairdo pile up and feels heavier to the side, while the bun has a better flaunt than the other ones. This is surely one unique style to try and should be accompanied by jewelry and flowers.

Side puff long wavy hair of braid in Lehenga choli for a South Indian wedding


The grand designer lehenga choli for an Indian bride looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle for Indian wedding to with curly, wavy medium hair. Side swept hair with soft, bright black color hair. Prepare a low puff with the centered hair. Pin the front hair tightly and leave the remaining hair on the shoulder. The hair is left open with a wavy type. Fashion jewelry and accessories give a beautiful look. Wear mang tikka on the middle of the head and this hairstyle best suit for oval face shape. Try this simple, quick hairstyle for a wedding to have a unique look. This hairstyle turns everyone’s attention at you.

High top bun with ear locks braid hairstyle on lehenga choli


The top bun hairstyle with white color duppata gives amazing look to your hairstyle. Try this hairstyle on your wedding day to have a beautiful look. Simply, brush your hair and side swept the front hair to form a puff. Leave ear locks on your cheeks. Tie tight top bun with the hair. This hairstyle best suits for long hair and decorate it with hair pins. Tie mang tikka and pearl chains tied at back. Two layer pearl chains on forehead with curl hair and ear locks adds more beautiful in your face. Earrings with red pendent and heavy makes it more beautiful. The necklace gives a beautiful look. Red color with white duppata gives a gorgeous look.

Simple bridal hairstyle with puff in the middle on saree


The simple normal regular hairstyle is as usual. Just a small modification in it makes fashion and gives a different look to your hairstyle. Side swept your hair soft and to both sides. Mid part it and prepare a mid puff and pin it. Tie a long braid plait and decorate it with red natural flowers. This hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. Decorate this hairstyle with mang tikka and tie the chain linked with mang tikka with beads to back of the ear. Braid the hairstyle tightly and decorate with hair colors.

Indian bridal wedding hairstyle in pattu saree

1. Braided-Indian-Birdal-Wedding-Hairstyles-5

Long braided palate hairstyle is a tradition in Indian as well as in Pakistan to style your hair for the wedding. This hairstyle is a following trend in fashion with brides on her special day. Indian brides usually wear this hairstyle on Sangeet or Mehandi event. Many of the Indian girls wear a braided updo bun hairstyle for the wedding Barat ceremony. This hairstyle best suits for medium and long length hair.

Cute bridal hairstyles for long hair

2. Cute-Kerala-Bridal-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair

The big bun hairstyle for long hair on wedding day adds more beauty. Try this stylish, trendy, fashion, hairstyle in Mehandi, reception, or any other occasion which turns the attention at you. The long hair is simply brushed back and made to form a big bun at back. The bun is formed with a bouncy hair at front and is decorated with manga tikka. The hairstyle with jewelry adds more beauty to the bride on her wedding.

Side swept wavy low curly hair

3. indian-bridal-Popular-wedding-hairstyles-2015-16-11

The side swept open hairstyle with wavy curly hair is beautiful. The hairstyle best suits for you with fully heavily decorated jewelry give a beautiful look. The soft brushed hair with a bun to support the pallu at her wedding looks gorgeous in red colored classic traditional wedding dress.  The classic lehenga choli with this stylish hairstyle and jewelry adds more beauty to the bride on her wedding day.

Mid part long palate braid hairstyle for wedding

4. south-indian-bride-5503a0894e9c3

The hairstyle with long palate braid at her wedding day make you look beautiful. The hairstyle is completely decorated with full of natural flowers and best suits for Muslim bride.  The hairstyle is decorated with traditional jewelry, accessories which add a beautiful look with heavy designer saree in weddings.

Assamese bridal Indian wedding hairstyle

5. Assamese-India-Bridal-Hairstyles-2015-For-Wedding

The Assamese bridal wedding is decorated with most of the head and hair accessories with different things. The hairstyle is completely decorated with chains, clips, flowers, and hair jhomars. This enhanced the personality of the beauty which has a valuable hairstyle classic look for a wedding. The hairstyle with a big bun on the back and a long palate braid decorated with white flowers.

How to get water marble nail art with beautiful designs

Water marble nail art design is nothing but designs of different colored nail polishes on nails with water. You can whip out a shocking color nail varnish by applying them over white tips only to look beautiful. Water marble nail art design of manicure is the latest nail art loved by most of the teenagers. Creating a water marble design on your nails is a long lasting and looks awesome. The different stylish nail art designs give a cool look at your nails. Nowadays nails are decorated with accessories to give a celeb look. The painting, nail art is simple with the brush which seems to be boring, always, but able to do it with water is much more entertaining. You can see some artificial nail stickers that are available in the market, which doesn’t give you a natural look. Simply try this water marble nail art design that you can get the natural and beautiful look on any occasion with a traditional costume.

Ingredients that you need to have to marble your nails

  • 4 -5 varieties of colored nail polishes for unique look with perfect combinations
  • A cup filled with water to dip your nails
  • Toothpick to design a perfect design with matching nail polish colors
  • Scotch tape to avoid unnecessary coloring on the skin instead of nails
  • Clear nail polish for finishing to give a shining look and for longstanding
  • Nail polish remover to remove previous nail polish
  • Cotton swabs to clean excess color on the skin
  • Cotton balls to clean nail polish around the nails

Procedure for water marble nail art

Now, you can start with a glass of water at room temperature. Add drops of good quality nail varnish. Perfect matching nail polish colors alternatively will give a more beautiful look. Add any color you want. Take a toothpick and make a design. Dip your finger carefully and quickly as the nail art design can move away quickly through the nail art design. As your finger is in the cup, remove the excess varnish drifting on the water with an ear or a cotton bud. Perfect cleaning will make a huge mess. You should remember to cover your skin around your nail with sticky tape to avoid excess colors. Finally, this gives you a beautiful nail art design on your fingers. Add a teensy weensy amount of glue on the back, then stuck on a toothpick. A perfect design can be attained upon practice. The nail art design can actually come out with a pretty darn awesome look on hands. Sticky tape is a mission.

How to do water marble nail art designs at home easily

Step 1: Clean your nails wisely as if you have any nail polish left over on your nails. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and remove all prior nail polish to get clear nails and are ready for new nail art designs.

Step 2: Fill a cup of water at room temperature.

Step 3: Make small pieces of tape and cover your entire fingers. Make sure to showing out on only nails. To prevent having to do a major cleanup. This is for after the marbling covers the skin around each nail with tape which reduces your time to clean up.

Step 4: You can either pick a variety of colors for a rainbow like look. First, you should select your desired nail polish. Make sure that the bottle consists of enough amount of nail polish or not. You need to have the color drip off into the cup.

Step 5: Take desired second colored nail polish and repeat the same process as done with the first nail polish. If you are new to marbling. Then you should carefully paint your nails a lighter color for just trials which can establish a good base and give something solid to which the polish can adhere.

Step 6: Repeat with the same process with the other nail polish colors you have chosen until you have a puddle of layered colors on the water. Repeat the process with its 4 – 5 quickly because the polishes are left in the water for too long that they will dry out.

Step 7: Now, swirl to a desired marbled pattern design into the polish by using a toothpick. Blend the colors gently to give a rainbow look. Finally, you can attain the polish that looks swirled together, which will be enough to design your nails. Take your taped up a finger and dip the nail into the swirl. Just leave it for 5 – 10 seconds and slowly remove the finger out.

Step 8: Dip it slightly into the water so that each nail hit the surface. Let this nail polish design set before moving to the next step. Then you can observe a pattern transfer onto your nail.

Step 9: Make sure that your nails are totally dry, and are gently left off the tape. Remove the tape from your finger and clean it.

Step 10: Now, take a cotton swab and then soak it in nail polish remover. Remove the excess polish from the finger. Clean up the excess residue of nail polish around your finger with a cotton swab dipped in remover.

Step 11: Put and clear nail polish coat to the top and you should make sure that the design won’t scratch off. This is very most important to note and step to put on the top coat. The final coat gives your newly marbled nails a good coat. This shows your digits off chip free with beautiful design on your nails.

Step 12: Repeat the process for each nail as it is a tedious and time consuming process. But it’s worth as a result.

Stylish water marble nail art at home

1. 8d71b4cd129ea5cb7022e610b6181abd

Today trendy fashion is about matching nail polish whatever the color of the dress may be. The stylish different colored and multicolored nail polish on nails make turns everyone’s attention at you with a unique look. You can also try water marble nail art at home with some necessary ingredients. Try this stylish pink color shade flower nail art on your nails.

Flower shape marble design on nails

2. 7b1c891ac7b390ba546b14ac77f80b23

The flower and heart shaped marble nail art with different colored nail polish to make your hands look beautiful. The dress colored matching bangles with similar colored water marble nail art is unique with different colored nail polish shades. Try these shades on your nails to look beautiful. The flower petal shape with dark and lighter nail polish shades for nails is simply beautiful. The top clear nail polish coat on the design looks good with perfect finishing.

Wavy marble nail art with different colored shades

3. 126f272f77d2c736108d1c871519bc6c

The water wavy nail art with pink, white and red shades looks awesome. This water marble nail art is simple by drawing circles in the water with multiple colors. This nail art looks like waves, flower petals and rainbows. This makes you look beautiful with a stylish look. This color best suit for any skin tone and looks stylish and trendy.

Abstract patterned water marble nail art

4. b45f27fcd935c9292865ffebd274514a

This is an awesome and best looking water marble nail art. The design looks like an abstract pattern just on the top of a black base polish. The patterns with different colored shaped on the nails add more beauty to your hands. This water marble nail art with beautiful Mehandi design looks interesting for any occasion with traditional dressing.

Heart and flower shaped water marble nail art design

5. 860c000428dde42556d46e9f25d99074

The water marble nail art design best suits for fair skin tone and even dark skin based on your nail polish color combinations. This heart and flower shaped marble nail art design with white and red nail polish looks awesome. Try this trendy nail art design for a wedding or any Valentine’s Day part, an outing with your loved ones, and wedding days to turn an attention at you. This water marble nail art design seems to be stylish and very beautiful.

Indian women’s traditional attire/clothing

Fashion is most common used word nowadays, which is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body piercing or furniture. Trying new trendy fashion styles are followed by most of the women to be beautiful. Fashion is an habitual trend in the style that can add more beauty. Fashion includes a person dresses, prevailing styles styles in behavior that shows more attention. Fashions and clothing are constantly changing day-by-day that can differ from place to place. It depends on some factors that include age, geography and climate.

The fashion fact is that each and every state of the country has its own distinct traditional clothing. Fashion for both men and women doesn’t makes no different in Indian culture and is very unique compared to others. Women’s clothing in India varies widely than other countries according to their to local culture, religion and climate.

India is a country with diversifies customs and cultures that impacts most of the people to follow their traditional wear dressing. People with different traditions live in India with the difference in dressing too. The traces of Indians being fashionable which is found from the ancients of Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilizations as an ancient tradition. The change in the Indian dressing occurred due to the Independence globalization witnessed in Indian industry.

The Indian peoples culture, religion, dialect and attire are as diverse as the landscape of this vast country. India doesn’t have one dress due to the diversity which can be called as the National Dress of the country.

In the northern part of India the dressing style is Salwar Kameez, which is dominant among women. In the West India the traditional dress to be followed is Lehenga choli in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Southern Indian follows saree or sari as an Indian traditional dress.

Styles of Indian fashion are with sarees and Salwar-Kameez, which has been changed with different styling trend follower by the people. Different styles of blouses like Katori style, halter-neck, back button blouses, high neck blouses, puffed sleeve blouses, etc. These blouse trending designs have become the hot favorite among women mostly nowadays. The average lengths of the blouses have decreased compared to olden days.

Indian clothing is colorful and free flowing. This style reflects the country’s cultural and ethnic diversity. They are designed to be comfortable in the sweltering heat at the time of the Indian summer. The majority of Indian fashion and clothing history for perfect Indian style is by Hindu traditions  to look classic. But, there is an increase in younger Indians that make them to the globalized fashion world for cross-cultural styles.

In Urban India, the Salwar Kameez and the Churidar Kameez are most common dress traditions for women. The saree is worn on formal occasions by most of the Indian women. Men wear kurtas and pajamas, or a Sherwani for formal wear in Indian tradition. Jeans, T-shirts, Capris, Bermudas and which are some various kinds of casual clothing that can be worn by the teenager and the young at heart, who are the trendsetters of fashion in India.

The most of the Indian tradition for women are Salwar Kameez, Kurta, saree,  and Ghaghara Choli (Lehenga).

Top best Indian traditional costume is saree

The sari is the traditional garment of an Indian woman to look beautiful. Saree is a long piece of un-stitched piece of cloth or a strip of cloth. This may vary from five to nine yards (or 47 by 216 inches) in length. Saree can be worn in different styles to look different and stylish. A sari is worn over a petticoat which makes you look fit and perfect. The short-sleeved midriff-baring blouse with saree looks beautiful.

Sari is the most popular dresses worn by Indian women to look trendy and fashion. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind is when one thinks of a typical Indian woman wearing a sari.

Two of the borders define the edges of the length of the sari which are used to drape saree perfectly. The third comprises the end piece of the other two borders and is more complex.  This end piece is the part of the sari that is draped over the shoulder and left hand over the back or front, which is known popularly as the Pallu or Anchal.

Sari Style Tips for heavy weight women

  • Choose the right fabrics that suits to your personality and drape the saree in the right manner.
  • You can look far slimmer than your actual body size in saree. Light fabric is best such as georgette, chiffon, crepe, Italian silk and such other lightweight materials.
  • Shorter women should stay away from sarees with borders. This is because as they make you look shorter. Dark colors are best for the women who are shorter.
  • Stiff materials like cotton and organza adds more volume to your body and make you look beautiful. Cotton, silk sarees will suit for heavy weight women. They can also try for a traditional heavy cotton saree.
  • Properly iron the cotton sarees, tissue or any starched material before draping. This will make them look firmly press the pleats with hands while draping.

Sari style tips for slim women

  • Heavy & fluffy fabrics such as brocade sarees, silk sarees, cotton sarees, Organza will suit for slim women are best.
  • Choose the light colored sarees that are particularly pastel shade. This will suit your body type to look classic.
  • If you are tall, then you can wear synthetic sarees, you need to go for bold and big prints as they make you look beautiful.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is the top best second most common outfit worn by Indian women. Women love wearing different dresses for different occasions and mostly on wedding parties. A Salwar is a baggy pajama with pleats which gets narrow at the ankles and are held together with a drawstring around the waist. Salwar can be worn with loose Kurta called the Kameez. This is usually worn with the Salwar Kameez. Indian women all over the country prefer the Salwar Kameez mostly. This is because of the comfort and ease of movement that it offers without any maintenance.

The Salwar Kameez fashion has been flaunted by women since many centuries, which is not new to India.

The corridor is a version of Salwar, which is loosely up to the knees. This best fit with the calf which is below for that and can make you look beautiful. Usually a long quote is that to go below the knees, and is worn with the corridor.

Indian Suit / Salwar Kameez / Churidaar Style Tips

  • If your height is averaging between 5’3” -5’5”, then the ideal length of your Kameez is 47-52inches. This is the best way as it will be longer length Kameez, which are not only fashion, but also have a tendency to make one look tall and slim.
  • Fabrics like net, tissue and organza best suits for heavier appeal. Whereas fabrics like crepe, chiffon, silk and georgette for flattering appeal.
  • Try to avoid puffed sleeves or Bandh gala if you have broad shoulders. You should choose for semi sleeves, usually about 4-5inches, if you have flabby or big arms.
  • Tie the sewer around your naval area. This helps you to pull in your stomach and make you look with a flat tummy.
  • Avoid stiff or starched clothes which make you look bigger.
  • Fair skin people, soft pastels to midtone colors such as peach, lilac, pink, greens, blues, etc., works better. These colors will make you look great with outfits.
  • Dark skinned should opt for darker shades. This is because as they will blend in and not stand out!
  • Washing and ironing your Salwar Kameez with care. As expensive Salwar Kameez should be dry cleaned and do not go for normal wash.

Ghaghra / Lehenga Choli

A Ghaghra or a lehenga is a long pleated skirt. This can be worn with a couple of short fitted blouse that shows off the midriff and an odhni (dupatta). It’s just like a long umbrella skirt which should be tied real tight and can be loosened up by usage (it usually tends to loosen up) right below the belly button. This is usually embroidered or has a thick border at the bottom,  mirror work or dazzling embroidery that comes in vibrant colors.

Lehengas are extremely popular among Indian brides. This is for many years and now again the trend is coming back with this lehenga preferred wedding attire. Lehenga choli is a favorite among most of the women for weddings and can be worn by brides. Nowadays lehengas will be available in various cuts in the market and online with multiple designs, colors and styles that best suits for every body shape. Bridal women look graceful and elegant in lehenga choli. It can be tailor made or bought straight out of a boutique to look beautiful. You will get a wide range of Indian Lehengas in an extensive collection of styles and patterns.

 Lehenga Style Tips

  • Fish Cut: Fish cut style is fitted till the knee and then flares out at the bottom. This style fits well on the hips and is recommended for women with a curvaceous or an hourglass figure.
  • Straight Cut: This style is straight from waist to hem. The coat resembles a wrap around skirt, which creates a slimming effect. This is most suitable for almost all body types to look beautiful.
  • Flared: This is most suitable for slimmer bodies. The flared style has a large border and lots of pleats near the waist and adds volume to your dress.
  • A-line: This style resembles for an alphabet A, here the skirt flares from the waist to the hem. Since it has a little flare as it sits well on thin, as well as pear shaped bodies to look fit.
  • Panel Length: This style is comprised of a number of panels which can be sewn together by creating a slimming effect.

    Kurta is best fashion trendy style

    Kurta is nothing by a long loose shirt. A kurta is a simple long shirt that falls below the waist and are up to the knees. In olden days it is worn by men, but nowadays it has become a unisex dress for both women and men. This is a daily casual wear for office wear and can be accompanied by a dupatta. The kurta with salwar pants, which are wide at the thighs and narrower at the ankles for a perfect combination. The chudidhar pants are normally narrow throughout the leg, but leggings or jeggings or jeans are different from it.


    Sharara is another Indian traditional woman dressing style

    The sharara is nothing but a simple replacement of gharara. This is nothing but a loose pleated embroidered trouser for women, which make you look unique and simple. Try this different dressing style to bring back the ancient tradition. This is because the sharara dressing style is followed by most of the Nawabs in Lucknow traditional attire. This came from them and is simple looks as salwar kameez. This sharara can be worn commonly with a long kameez and a dupatta which gives a traditional look.


How to choose an Indian wedding dress style for your body shape

A wedding is an every woman’s dream to look more beautiful with different accessories and dress. There are countless styles and colorful wedding dresses for the bride to choose to look gorgeous. How to know which dress style perfectly matches for your wedding is best for you? Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals which are important for women to be beautiful on the special wedding day. Once a wedding is fixed, it continues for at least three to four days at a stretch to decide what to wear and how to style you?  There are the engagement, Sangeet, haldi, wedding and reception parties, for which you have to plan your dressing. Therefore, the bride requires her wedding collection to be a fast and unique one. Even if ‘lehenga’ are truly the ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose it to wear it on her engagement as well according to their rituals.

The ultimate wedding dress for Indian brides might choose lehenga to wear for engagement which make the bride look beautiful which makes you different from others. Choose a modern mermaid cut, embroidered satin lehenga choli for ring ceremony that can turn everyone’s attention at you. You can opt for a more heavily embroided lehenga choli with jewelry for the very special D-day. The bride on her wedding day can look pretty in an embroidered saree or a designer Salwar Kameez for Haldi or Sangeet. Colors play an important role while choosing a lehenga as there are a wide range of colors available today. While selecting the color of the dress or a saree, first you should know your body shape and skin tone, as they are important in choosing your dress color.

We are here to help you choose that ideal bridal wear that is fashionable as well as traditional. Choose the right Indian style for your body shape.

How to choose best bridal wedding dress according to your body shape

Pear shaped body wedding dress selection

If you have a pear body shape which looks slightly smaller upper body and a heavier bottom with the well defined waistline. You will have a heavier body shape from your waist below, so, your immediate action is to work on your upper body and tone down the heavier bottom.

You can try with a beautiful V neck top and a short blouse to accentuate your killer waist or opt for a rushed top to create the illusion of a bigger bust. Lehenga skirt should not be mermaid, A shape would be more flattering for you. Heavy lehenga is to compliment a pear shape figure. So, make sure to wear a heavily designed lehenga choli to look gorgeous at your wedding. 

Apple shaped women in wedding dresses

An apple shaped woman is one with ample bosom and a slightly slimmer but less defined waistline. It is important to know your body shape to select the dress that best suits for you. You will have to work on your lower body as it is heavy. So, by adding more volume to the lehenga that helps to make you look slimmer. If you have an apple shape, then you can go for softer fabrics such as chiffon and a style that compliments your body. Those are just like an Anarkali or Sharara style which make you to cover the body shape and adds gorgeous look. These styles draw attention away from a larger upper body.  A great look for apple shapes is with the right choice of fabric and dress type to attain beauty.

Best wedding bridal dress for hourglass shape

The women who have hour glass is lucky as any dress suits for them. You don’t need any guide because anything will look good on you and can select your loved dresses. For this shape a number of styles work well, such as lehengas with short tops that helps to cover the waist. Make a note that Anarkali dress best suits with a tight material at the midsection that can accentuate the figure and also saree make them look really good. But, try to avoid banarsi saree as they make you look as a crusty tea towel. Avoid mermaid style lehengas which accentuate larger hips/bum and gives an odd look. All you need is a dress that enhanced your natural asset. 

Petite shaped wedding dress

A petite body shaped women should wear an outfit that creates height. As they appear smaller. A lehenga choli can show the midriff that would create too much horizontal negative space and does not look good. They can go for an outfit that is fairly light. It is better to choose an outfit without too much heavy material or material draped over you.

You have a tiny but feminine frame that looks pretty cute. You should consider yourself lucky this is because you can try different wedding dress according to your choices. But, you should avoid heavy debates as they make you look thinner. A great look for petite girls is a shareware, chore dar and Anarkali suit with long sleeves which suits you best to look perfect. This can focus on the vertical outfits. Avoid heavy debates and focus on vertical shapes and U or V necklines which make you look heavy and thinner.

An athletic body shape with perfect wedding bridal look

The athletic body shape is also known as rectangular body shape You look fit and slim in this body shape. The best and perfect wedding dress look can improve your volume and textures in your lehenga choli that can add beauty. An A-line lehenga with full flare is best for your body shape. A traditional lehenga with lots of pretty pleats or a layered skirt which can add flares out beautifully at the bottom. This is the ideal selection for your special wedding day. A bridal wedding saree with heavy designed work is also perfect. Wearing your saree or lehenga that can make you look slim and thin.

Inverted triangle shaped body for bride

The body shape is in the form of a cone, which exactly opposite to that of the pear shape body. Most of the women with inverted triangle shape have heavier top and a lighter bottom with broad shoulders. The perfect dressing for them in a wedding is lehenga with a wide flair that to with the detailing at the bottom which helps to balance the body shape. Try to avoid wearing heavy choli which make you look bulky. Choose simple choli’s and go with the lehenga to look beautiful.

The inverted triangle shaped body can go for A –line Kurta or lehenga which has a cropped jacket. This will suit as it can provide an angular structure which is just underneath the chest. It also has a wide hemline with a bottom which make your waist look smaller. Try to avoid stiff fabrics and go for Patiala salwar’s and chudidhar draws everyone’s attention at you.

1. inverted traingel

Wedding dress for ruler shaped body

The ruler shaped body can also be known as straight body shape, which has an upper and lower torso equally. Is the width is of an average bust with an undefined waist, a flat buttock and a slender legs too for women who has straight body shape. They can choose to wear a straight cut lehenga which can resemble a wrap around the skirt. This makes you feel like a princess with the addition of a lot of flounce for your lehenga choli. It is better to select the choli with a neckline that falls below the collarbone which gives an elongated look.

2. ruler shaped body for bridal dress

How to look stylish in college uniform

There are many colleges that maintain a strict dress code. So,after completing your school you might again need to wear uniform to your college. So, if you had planned to wear all those stylish dresses to your college now, you might need to keep them aside only for occasions and casual days. However, you can look stylish even in college uniform. You really need not to make your dressing boring only because you need to wear a uniform to your college. Just follow these simple easy steps and you can look more stylish even in your college uniform.

Get your uniform right

Get your uniform tailored to be fit

This is the first and most important point to look stylish even in a college uniform. Do not opt for a ready-made uniform, buy the material and ensure that the dress is stitched according to your body shape and size. Spend on a good quality material, because quality is something that always shows.

While putting on your uniform always make it a point to ensure that it is clean and in the best condition to wear. A threadbare, dirty uniform can never give you a stylish look. So taking care of your uniform is important.

Wear the right shoes that match your college uniform

Well, even if your college has a uniform, it is most expected that you do not have a shoe code. So you can put on just any shoe that goes well with your uniform and also make you feel comfortable and confident. Putting on high heels can be a great boost for looking stylish even in your uniform, but they are not actually comfortable enough to wear for the whole day. So, get into a shoe that is stylish, matches with your uniform and is comfortable as well. Stylish sneakers, canvases and even stylish belle shoes can be your best choice for college.

Add a scarf on college uniform to look stylish

Adding a stylish scarf on the neck can actually give you a very stylish look even in your uniform. Select a scarf that goes well with your dress and does not look odd as a whole.

Accessorize it to look trendy

One of the coolest ways to get a stylish look in college uniform is to put on some accessories. Pick some earrings that look stylish and trendy. A pendant that is not too long or too short can also be a nice item to wear to college. Opt for stylish bangles and keep on trying out new things. Another accessory that is quite compulsory for college is the wristwatch. Do not opt for the boring metal watches; rather, spend on some cool ones that look stylish and trendy on your hand. Also make it a point to carry a stylish bag to your college.

Groom yourself for college uniform

Get the right hairstyle

This is something really important. If you are willing to look stylish in your college uniform make sure that you have a trendy and stylish hairstyle that also suits with the shape of your face and other facial features. Getting the right hairstyle can give a big boost to your overall appearance. So, spend on a professional hair stylist to get the right hairstyle.

Highlighting your hairs is the other thing that can make a lot of difference in your total appearance. So, try out coloring and highlighting your hairs and you can actually go on experimenting till the line it suits your looks.

Also ensure that your hairs are clean and are not dry or brittle; because no matter how cool a hairstyle you have got, it will not look good unless your hairs look healthy and are kempt.

You can use different types of hair accessories to look more stylish. Starting from different types of clips and pins to hair bands and ribbons, there are a lot of varieties and you can try out all of them on different days to add freshness to your looks.

Experimenting with your hairstyle can also be a good option. Do not wear your hairs in the same fashion always, try out new things, but keep in mind that they should look good on you.

Get a perfect skin

If you are trying to look stylish even in your college uniform, having a perfect and healthy skin can surely help. At this age, you have naturally beautiful skin; all you have to do is to take care of it in the best way so that it stays the way it is. Wash your face at least twice a day with a light facial cleanser, tone your skin with a natural toner, like rose water and moisturize it at regular intervals depending on your skin type. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times in a week.

If you have acne, you can opt for home remedies; but if it is severe, consulting a dermatologist is best suggested. The other skin problem that you might have at this age is dark circles. Use a home treatment like a potato or cucumber to remove those dirk circles completely and to get that fresh look.

Taking care of only the skin of your face is not sufficient. You need to take care of the skin of your hands and legs as well look stylish. Clean, exfoliate and moisturize the skin of your hands, legs and neck regularly. Also wax your hands and legs at regular intervals to ensure that they are really smooth and soft to touch.

Shaping and maintaining your eyebrows in the right way is important to get that stylish look. Decide the right shape of eyebrow according to the shape of your face and always make it a point that they are well maintained.

Get the perfect body

To look perfectly stylish in your school uniform having a well-toned figure is a must. Take up a healthy lifestyle and include proper nutritious food in proper quantity in your daily diet along with daily exercises and active sports to get that toned body which looks beautiful in any dress, be it the most unflattering college uniform or a beautiful party wear.

Maintain proper self-hygiene

If you smell of sweat or you have yellow teeth or a bad breath, no matter how beautiful you look otherwise, you can never appear stylish. So, always make it a point to maintain the best self-hygiene. Maintain the best oral hygiene and use a deodorant.

Take care of your nails

Stylish people do not only ensure that their face appears beautiful, but they also ensure that all the body has a style to it. Taking care of your nails and keeping them clean are the very basic. You can opt for regular manicure and pedicure to maintain them in the best way. Wearing an attractive nail color or a nail art can also make you look pretty stylish in college.

Wear the right makeup

Wearing makeup in the right way can actually make you appear very stylish even in a college uniform, but always make it a point that you do not go overboard with makeup, because in that case it will give you an artificial look which will not make you look stylish but made up.

Face touch ups

Just use a concealer for covering any spot on your face and a light foundation to give coverage. If you are not using a foundation with SPF, make sure that you wear a sunscreen underneath. You can also use a light stroke of a natural color blush to give your skin a healthy glow, but you should abstain from layering it up. Just a light touch will do.

How to make your eyes look bigger with kajal, liner, and mascara

Wearing a thin line of Kajal or liner can make your eyes appear bigger and more prominent, which can add heavily to your overall looks. However, do not opt for cat eye or any other party style of eye makeup. You can highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a white eye pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Instead of using mascara on your eyelashes opt for curling them up. Do not go for a detailed eye makeup; however, you can use a light tint of single natural color of eyeshadow on your eyelids, so that it looks natural.

Lips for a natural look

Ensure that your lips are exfoliated and moisturized. You can wear a lip gloss or a natural color lipstick. Make sure that it does not appear too bold. Stay away from colors like red, deep chocolate to ensure that you land up in a natural look that makes you look stylish and not made up.

Get the right attitude

The key to look stylish even in college uniform is to adopt the most stylish attitudes. Have a pleasant personality, get a confident walk and always walk with your head held high. Carrying yourself in the right way is very important to look stylish, and if you can do that, appearing stylish in college uniform is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Comfortably cool to get a stylish look

The Ponte pants are best to get a perfect base with any comfortable for a stylish look. You should pair with a utilitarian jacket and a chambray shirt. Try the patterned scarf for a layered look. This will get through the day to protect from high temperature. If you want, you can also add a warm coat which is sometimes chilly out and can shed layers with a warm environment.

Best college uniform essentials to add for wardrobe

The best essential wardrobe essentials can gather up with a favorite item is the best way to look beautiful. The items that can add a more trendy fashion look to you is with this stylish outfit. Select the best ones that best suits for your body shape and skin tone which is very important to look beautiful. Try this beautiful looking outfit to be more special and can add more attention at you.

Statement accessories that add attention

Trendy look can be attained with these styling hacks for the lazy girls. These statement accessories add punch to any outfit with scarves. So, scarves and bid necklaces work better with a spice up and make you look stylish. The best spice look can be added by styling scarf’s in different styles on your outfits. Like a fantastic coat and boots are best that can add a beautiful look with a tied stylish scarf. You can simply throw away scarves with the knits, unwashed jeans, and a pair of knee boots and can be dressed in a couple of minutes to rush to college.

Make up is the most important for every girl

Every girl wants to be better and brighter to attain all eyes towards her. The best way is simply maintaining proper selected suitable outfits with makeup. To look pretty quickly, you need to pinch, light lipstick, concealer, and mascara. This is the plus advantage to be more beautiful.

Style tips for overweight women

Are you always obsessed about your flat tummy popping out of the dress when you sit? If you are always cursing yourself because you are overweight, stop now! You could look as stylish and appealing without your weight coming in the way.

Well, it’s a very common problem that most women face today to look beautiful and slim. Reducing tummy takes some time, but should the present look go on a toss? You can reduce them with exercises and certain diet control. No, you should need it to be not as we have a few tips that make fashion for fat very smart. Here are some tips that can guide you through the right wardrobe.

A great pencil skirt to look slimmer

The reason why we suggest pencil skirts is because it tucks bumps of flesh, making the lower half slimmer. Whether it’s for work or an evening out, a pencil skirt is refined, yet classic, and complements all shapes. The stretchable skirts in blacks give a good shape to the body and don’t look too tight or clingy. You may also liven up the classic pencil skirt by going for a dramatic color. It is comfortable, long and goes well with any type of top.

A cool blazer can add style to an outfit

A blazer can be used to add a stylish layer to any outfit for office meeting and wedding parties. This is a piece that can carry you from the office to after work engagements. This makes you look professional and elegant. Try a current style, like a boyfriend cut, or stick with a classic for a more polished look. Add blazer to your outfit to look slim and fit with a unique identity attraction.

Lycra tops for flabby skin

Lycra is the best material to conceal the flabby skin. Wearing light or dark colored Lycra tops like blossom style, colored horizontal stripped tops hide the belly region, arms and even bust magically. The way you dress reflects the way to look, so try to choose the clothes that make you look slim and better.

A wide belt for outfits

A great belt can add an element of interest and stylish, comfortable to any outfit. Try incorporating a brightly colored one into your everyday skirt-and-blouse office combo to be comfortable with loose clothes. A thicker belt is to support your outfits with a beautiful look. This can that of inches and can make your waist will help emphasize your curves in the best way possible.

High waisted briefs

One of the main advantages of wearing high waisted briefs is that it tones the tummy and abdominal region, giving it an even shape to look fit. You should take care of your tummy fat and this can be reduced by daily exercises and a change in diet. The buttocks are also taken care and thus wearing a tight fit jean doesn’t bother the body much.

Latest trendy style with jeggings 

Jeggings are light, non transparent and good talkers. The elastic property of the fabric pulls the skin behind giving it a perfect shape. They are similar to leggings with a change in cloth and fitness. Always choose a slightly loose fit jeggings so that the lower half looks even. This fashion for fat is the most comfortable as most Indian women of today prefer wearing cotton Kurta and jeggings.

A shift dress style makes you look slim

A shift dress will skim your curves in the most flattering way, and don’t be afraid of color! It’s true that wearing all black will streamline your silhouette, but you can get the same effect with any solid color.

Accessories which suits you best

Wearing a thin beaded belt, layered beaded neck piece, thin and long stoles and mall bags add to the slim look. Wearing these accessories will draw the eyes towards them without much effort.

A pair of jeans that really fit

Jeans are a closet staple that every woman should own. It’s better to have one pair that fits you perfectly than several that you aren’t completely happy with. Dedicate an afternoon to tryon jeans and finding your perfect fit; it’s totally worth it!

Tips while selecting trousers

Select trousers that do not have two big pockets. Prefer slim jeans and flared pants. Choosing dark colored trousers hides the tires and fat belly without any hint.

Fashion tips on combining outfits

While matching clothes, our fashion tips for fat would be wearing a long floral top with short tapering skirts or a comfortable fit dark colored trouser. Nowadays the trendy fashion and styles to be followed by the combining outfits is by floral tops and comfortable bottoms. They are the best and light tummy tuck dresses.

Don’t wear too tight clothes

The worst way in trying to be fit is the clothes those are too small and tight. Avoid this way of wearing a smaller size clothes as they make you look thinner and also makes you look bigger. The small and tight clothing has a big body that can exaggerate your weight with a clothing to be fit and can forget about the body size. This means that you can start trying the plus size women’s clothing to look stylish.

Try to wear dark colors on the heavy bits

The color is the important fact on how you look. So, try dark colors that can recede and make you look advance with a dark color on heavy parts with those parts that looks smaller. This is the way you wear different colors such as dark navy, brown, black, gray, burgundy pants, and brighter/lighter tops. Make sure to wear dark colored tops and light colored bottoms.

Do go for the too baggy clothes

The baggy clothes make you look fat, so avoid them as they are too loose and doesn’t work for you. This comes to be a fashion for the overweight women that are really big to pay attention to you. This is very common for which to be heavy and walking around in a tent.

Clothes can skim your body

Some of the clothes need to skim your body and doesn’t have mattered according to your body shape and size. The best choice of clothing for oversize is by preferring trendy plus size women’s clothing with more sophisticated plus size women’s clothing. It is important to style women when it comes to look fabulous.

A fashion designer brand which offers sizes 14 to 30, one can find out the “Do’s and Don’ts” while dressing up:


  • Soft fabrics such as jersey, cotton, flannel or cashmere
  • Narrow V-necklines
  • Figure-hugging shirts and blouses
  • Pencil skirts with a high waistline
  • Low-cut and single-breasted jackets
  • Straight-cut, wide trousers
  • Shift dresses and dresses with an asymmetric cut


  • Shiny fabrics such as satin, as well as thick materials such as velvet
  • Horizontal Stripes and halter neck tops
  • Empire style
  • Playful details such as ruffles or flounces in the bust area
  • Skinny jeans & special tip for accessories
  • Double-breasted jackets and coats
  • Loosely draped scarves can skillfully conceal a large chest.
  • But be careful with accessories like brooches and short necklaces – they can make an ample bosom look even bigger.

Balayage hairstyle ideas for long dark hair

If you have long and dark hairs you just cannot miss the charm of getting the balayage hairstyle. Balayage does not essentially require you to put on a lot of colors on your hairs, and hence if you do not want to use a lot of color, you can simply opt for a subtle balayge hairstyle. The best thing about balayge is that, it gives natural sun kissed appearance to your hairs that can look good on any one irrespective of their age or other physical features.

Adding balayage highlights to your long and dark hairs is sure to add more definition and a fresh look to your overall appearance. So, if you have not yet got the balayage hairstyle or you are looking out to try something different this time, here is a collection of ideas of balayage hairstyles for long and dark hairs. Pick any from the lot according to your choice and do not miss to experiment with your hairstyle.

Balayage hairstyle idea #1 for long, dark hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #1 for long

This one is a perfect example of how beautiful balayage highlighting can look on long dark hairs. Here a light chocolate shade has been used on the whole length of the hairs in a very natural way to give the hairs a completely different look. The color highlights the layers and ads to the beauty of the hairs. You can get this hairstyle to add more glamour to your looks.

Balayage hairstyle idea #2 for long and dark hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #2

Get the touch of blonde on your dark black hairs and be ready to welcome the summer. Here the light shade has been heavily used on the lower 1/3rd part of the hairs and the deeper shade of the color is present in a subtle fashion on the upper part. You can get this hairstyle for a completely different and fresh look.

Balayage hairstyle idea #3 for dark, long hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #3

It is really difficult to say “no” to the calling of this beautiful balayage hairstyle which looks just perfect on the long dark hairs. Here the caramel shade has been used on the lower 2/3rd part of the hairs and looks absolutely gorgeous yet natural. The combination of subtle and deep shades of the color has given this hairstyle a complete new dimension.

Balayage hairstyle idea #4 for dark and long hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #4

The right use of the caramel shade on dark long hairs can actually look pretty and if you are ready to add some curls to the ends, then it is sure to make you look like a princess. Here you can see how the caramel color has been used with different intensity for highlighting the curls without giving them a complete artificial look.

Balayage hairstyle idea #5 for dark, long and beautiful hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #5

This one is a perfect example of blonde balayage on dark long hairs. Here the lower part of the hairs have been painted to blonde while the shade is quite subtle and works as a highlight in the upper part of the hairs. This balayage hairstyle does not look very natural but no doubt it looks glamorous.

Balayage hairstyle idea #6 for dark, long hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #6

Curl accentuating caramel balayage can actually add a complete fresh look and a lot of definition to your hairstyle. Here the caramel highlights have been used for highlighting the curls and can be ideal to get a trendy look. This is also a perfect hairstyle for summers.

Balayage hairstyle idea #7 for long and dark hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #7

If you think that red will not suit on your black hairs, think again. Here you see a perfect balayage highlighting done with red and brown. The highlights look absolutely natural and they add a complete different look to the overall hairstyle. This balayage hairstyle actually makes your hairs look more voluminous and can be ideal for winter-fall.

Unique balayage hairstyle idea #8 for dark, curly long hairs

Unique balayage hairstyle idea #8

If you have naturally wavy, dark hairs, this balayage highlighting can be perfect for you. The blonde highlighting has been used here more in a peek-a-boo fashion to get a naturally beautiful and gorgeous look. It highlights the curls perfectly and can be ideal for any occasion or even without any occasion.

Balayage hairstyle idea #9 for dark andstraight long hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #9

This brunette balayage has been done keeping the straight nature of the hairs in mind. Here the lightest shade has been used more towards the sides. Highlighting few particular tufts of hairs at the middle section completes the overall look. This balayage hairstyle looks absolutely natural and can be suitable for women of any age.

Subtle balayage hairstyle idea #10 for dark light curls

Subtle balayage hairstyle idea #10

Subtle balayage highlighting can look most gorgeous on dark long hairs. This dark brunette balayge highlight enhances the curls on the hairs and adds more definition to the overall appearance. Here the use of the highlight is subtle and yet it makes the hairs look absolutely gorgeous. This balayage hairstyle can be perfect for any season.

Balayage hairstyle idea #11 for dark curly locks

Balayage hairstyle idea #11

If you have curly hairs or you just love curls, this balayage hairstyle can be your best inspiration. Here the blonde balayage has been done more on the sides of the hairs and the middle section has been left more towards the natural shade of the hairs. The highlight looks sun-kissed and it can be ideal for the summer.

Balayage hairstyle idea #12 for dark and naturally wavy hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #12

The best thing about the balayage hairstyle is that it can be seamlessly blended with your natural hair color. If you have dark or even brown hairs, highlights with caramel, chocolate or brown can actually add a fresh touch to your hairs without looking anything artificial. This one is a perfect example of seamless subtle balayage that only enhances the look of long dark hairs without attracting eyes only to the highlights.

Balayage hairstyle idea #13 for dark and long hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #13

Red balayage can add a very cool and attractive tone to dark hairs. Here you can see the red color has been used more towards the length of the curls and it does not only enhance the curls but also adds to the overall appearance. This type of cherry balayage can look ideal on girls with a fair complexion and black hairs.

Balayage hairstyle idea #14 for dark and long hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #14

Adding blonde streaks on your naturally dark hairs can give them a total new definition and if you have curls in your hairs, then the blonde highlight can accentuate them in the best way. Here different shades of the blonde color have been used in a gradient fashion to get the look. The highlights at places look streaky but they are well balanced through gradation.

Balayage hairstyle idea #15 for dark wavy hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #15

This one is a perfect example of curl enhancing balayage. Here the highlights start right from the lower part of the head and becomes more prominent as the curls reach the ends. The color has been used in a highly customized fashion to get the look. This one can be an ideal hairstyle for winter-fall or summer.

Balayage hairstyle idea #16 for dark long hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #16

Blonde balayage is in trend and when you add the blonde shade on dark hairs it actually brings out a beautiful look. Here the blonde balayage highlighting has been done in a streaky fashion on multiple hair bunches but the perfect use of color gradation has given the hairstyle a natural touch. Here the highlights are most prominent on the locks near the face.

Balayage hairstyle idea #17 for dark, long hairs with wave

Balayage hairstyle idea #17 for dark

Caramel balayage looks absolutely natural on dark hairs. Here the caramel color has been used all over the length of the hairs, but the highlights become more prominent towards the end. The use of the color on the upper section of hairs in a subtle fashion has given this hairstyle a natural look, while the use of the highlight on the lower section have enhanced the curls perfectly.

Balayage hairstyle idea #18 for dark &long layered hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #18

Balayage highlighting can perfectly enhance the layers in your hairs. Here the blonde and brown balayage done on the dark hair color looks glamorous and different. The use of the lightest blonde shade at the upper part in a streaky fashion and then blending it up with a darker shade has given this hairstyle a unique look that is sure to be cherished.

Balayage hairstyle idea #19 for long&black hairs

Balayage hairstyle idea #19

If you are looking out for a perfect balayage hairstyle to add color to the pale fall-winter season, this one can surely make your best pick. Here the red color has been used in a very artistic way to get the right look. This hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous and can actually make all the heads turn.

Fashion style: Best trendy & easy hairstyle ideas for Anarkali suit

Anarkali style dresses are quite popular today with their wide circumference of cloth surrounding around the body with a gown like appearance. Ladies of all ages are now wearing this Anarkali cut Salwar and Kameez as it reminds us the days of Mughal rulers. The concept is the same only certain alternation with the designing is done to fit the present trend. Now, when you have purchased ample of Anarkali dresses, it is the time for you to think of a hairstyle that will suit you with this particular attire. There are varieties of hairstyles that can easily suit with the Anarkali hairstyle.

Hindi version ]

Hairstyle ideas for Anarkali dresses

Simple & neat bun hairstyle



Since you will be wearing a gorgeous dress, keeping your hair simply won’t be a problem at all. You can make a simple bun with your long or medium length hair by making either middle or side parting of your hair. You can also apply an attractive hair clip over the bun to make it look attractive. You must also wear a very attractive big earring to make yourself look attractive.

Ponytail hairstyle for Anarkali

Pony tail

A simple pony tail also will go really well if you are wearing a gorgeous Anarkali dress. Anarkali dresses are available in different fabrics and variety. If you want to wear very simple ones, the same can also be one of your fashion garments as being simple is a fashion today. A simple pony tail also goes well with the simple Anarkali dress.

Middle parted open hair 

Middle parted open hair

You can easily keep your hair open when you are wearing the Anarkali dress as it is also one of the wonderful hairstyle that will go with your Anarkali dress. The middle parted hair with a silky finish and layer cut will go well with the wider collection of anarkali dress.

Side bun for Anarkali suit

Side bun

You can also try out an abstract hairstyle such as side bun with the beautiful Anarkali dress that you have in your new Diwali collection. You can easily do this hairstyle right at home just by combing your hair with back brush and bringing hair on the left side and taking the total hair strand to make a bun.

Long wavy hairstyle for Anarkali suits

Long wavy hair

You can even keep your hair fall down without tiding it at all. If you have wavy hair type, then you will be the perfect person to make this hairstyle. Even if you have straight hair, the hair irons will be the most important tool that will help you look gorgeous with wavy hair.

Side pony hairstyle

Side pony

You can also try out lovely side pony tail by keeping the strand of hair inside the pony tail. The stylish look will be reflected with the gorgeous Anarkali dress you are going to wear in the wedding occasion. You can also tie a very gorgeous hair chip over the hair strand with which you have made the pony tail.

Messy bun hairstyle

Messy bun

Messy hairstyles have become really popular today as people are willfully adopting the messy look. With the traditional variety of Anarkali dress, you can even try out the messy bun. You must have seen this hairstyle on some of your favorite actresses, but getting this on your hair is also not at all a problem.

Side braid hairstyle

Side braid

Braid is one of the traditional hairstyle that suits, ladies who are willing to wear the traditional wear. The fashion world too has adopted this side braid hair style and thus it is reflected on people in the society. You can absolutely look like a princess at Mughals times if you can apply the side braid hairstyle with the Anarkali dress.

Pinned hairstyle

Pinned hair

You can now back brush your hair and put two pins in both the sides, keeping the rest hair open wide. With this hairstyle you can either part your hair from the middle or from a particular side. This pinned hairstyle looks very simple, but is really very gorgeous with your Anarkali collection of dresses.

Side swept hairstyle

Side swept hair

Another very common hairstyle adopted by the ladies is the side swept variation. If you are doing this yourself, you won’t be able to put more effort while constructing this particular hairstyle. Just take a comb and make a mark in one corner of your head side. Thereafter make a side parting view and stay attractive with Anarkali dress.

Loose Updo hairstyle

Loose Updo

If you are willing to get recognized with your traditional attire, a loose updo is a wonderful collection that needs to be adopted. The Anarkali cut  Salwar is also one of the wonderful collection of traditional dresses that has been among the valuable wardrobe collection of the ladies. You can get an amazing look if you can make a little curl over the sides and make a bun. Now take it up and tuck it with some pins, leaving some hair. This will form a loose updo.

Pouf updo hairstylePouf updo

This is another wonderful collection of hairstyle that can go well with your Anarkali dress. For this hairstyle you need to use a Volumizing shampoo and make it slightly curl once your hair is dry. Now back comb your hair and make a pouf.  The rest of the hair should be hold up as well to make a tight bun.

Layer cut with curl haristyle

Layer cut with curl This hairstyle will suit well if an individual has medium length hair. The hairstylist will make a layered cut at first and then use the hair styling tools to curl it and create waves. This is a wonderful hairstyle which looks really good if you are planning to wear Anarkali dress. Get this hairstyle and become the one in the limelight.

Straight layer haristyle

Straight layer

If you have straight hair and you don’t want to do excessive styling, the straight layer cut will be a great combination that can help you look gorgeous in the Anarkali style dress that you are wearing. Even if you have done permanent straightening of your hair, this long layer hairstyle will be a wonder. Go ahead with a beautiful collection of jewelry that marches with your Anarkali dress.

Mid part simple semi curly and wavy hairstyle for medium hair


The maroon colored net georgette Anarkali with free loose wavy hairstyle looks gorgeous. Try this wavy, curly hairstyle when you are out for an occasion. This hairstyle best suits for traditional wear. Simply mid part your hair and leave the hair loose wavy layers. Decorate with a mang tikka with matching earrings makes you look beautiful. Of course the loose hairstyles gives more attraction on any dress and try this hairstyle for Anarkali dress to have a traditional look in wedding, parties, and functions. Simple makeup and matching jewelry add a more beautiful look to your.

Front puff hairstyle on Anarkali dress


The hairstyle is best for long and graceful hairs. The time to spend on creative hairstyle is now at you. There are many hairstyles available to try according to face shape. This hairstyle makes you look unique and is exceptional than others. The hairstyle will change your looks. Try a different hairstyle that are eye catching and go for something new. The hairstyle best suits for her with simple modish appearance. Shilpa Shetty in this dress has a different look with trendy hairstyle. Comb your hair and then prepare a front puff which is more fashion nowadays. Pin the puffed hair tightly in the middle of the head and leave the remaining hair. You can try this hairstyle for better compliments.

Free flow hairstyle with side swept


The free flow designer heavily embroiders sleeves and yolk makes you look gorgeous. The rich got a work for Anarkali suit and adds instant glamor to yours. Try this free and loose hairstyle on any traditional occasion. The matching embroidery with perfect outfit gives an outstanding look with loose hair. Comb your hair and side swept criss cross hair on one shoulder. Leave the hair naturally flow. This hairstyle makes you look and add more beauty with earrings. You should try this hairstyle, if you have long straight hair. The simple criss crossed side swept straight loose hair add a more beautiful look to a heavily designed embroider Anarkali dress.

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How to choose best saree for your body type?

Many of you will confuse in choosing saree that best suits you. Here you have the tips on how to choose a perfect sari?

Saris are best outfits for women, the best things about the saree is that they are suitable for all occasions like wedding, party, function or any other event. The right choice not only can hide any flaws in your body, but also increases your beauty and make you look like a queen.

The saree that best suits you can increase the personality and beauty manifold. Choose the right saree according to the body type you have.

The traditional Indian dress sari is one of the best outfits for an Indian woman. It is suitable for all occasion’s workplaces, travelling, wedding, and party or any other event. The problem lies in choosing the right type of sari for the right occasion and the best type that would suit the body type of the woman.

Tips to choose a perfect saree for you to make you look more beautiful and gorgeous

Saree draping style

  • Draping a saree will also decide you how you will look.
  • Draping saree in some particular way you can look taller, short, slim, fat and strange.
  • Drape your saree properly, otherwise it looks untidy, clumsy, and can make a woman appear fat of what you are wearing.
  • Plates should be neatly tucked.

Fabric used in saree

  • The fabric used to make a saree will also decide how you look.
  • Fabric made saree suits a particular category of women.
  • Stiff cotton saris give a heavy look that are not suitable for overweight women.

Prints on the saree

  • Women avoid big and large prints as they look large and gaudy.
  • Try to avoid large prints for short women.
  • Small floral and leafy prints are evergreen and every woman can wear such sarees.

Border of the saree

  • The border of a saree plays an important role base upon your personality.
  • Saree with no border or shorter border advice to you. Shorter border if your height is short.
  • You should wear sarees with broad border if you are tall.

Color of the saree

  • Overweight women can go for dark colors.
  • It similarly works for dresses also that dark colors make a plus size woman look slim and beautiful.

Embroidery work, zari work, stone work, heavy work

  • If you are slim then you can go for heavy work that will be best for you. If you are overweight and fatty then go for light work that is suitable for you.
  • Embroidery work can make you look fat and strange.

Designs of the blouse

  • Designer blouse can make you look more beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous.
  • Latest trendy blouses can make you look gorgeous.
  • There are beautiful designs with blouses like sleeveless blouses, short sleeves, short neck, deep neck, deep back, and backless blouses.
  • Consider blouse length, various sexy neck and back designs depending on how much you want to expose your front and back.
  • Embroidery, sequins, stonework can make a blouse very attractive and give women a rich look.
  • Select a blouse for you that should suit your personality.
  • You can buy a contrast blouse instead of a matching color blouse.

Matching accessories for saris

  • Accessories like purse, bag, clips, earrings, bangles, etc., should match with the sari and should not look odd.

Choose saris according to the occasion and time of the day

Wedding party

  • For wedding party and functions you can wear sarees with the rich look and work.
  • South Indian silk sarees like Kancheepuram silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Sambhalpuri silk sarees, and Banarsi sarees are best for wedding and party.
  • Not only wedding but you can wear during any festival. They are quite costly but look rich and make you look gorgeous, beautiful.

Day time event

  • For daytime event or party or function avoid dark colors except black color, otherwise you look overdressed.
  • Light color sarees are the best option for women with light green, light yellow, cream color, peach, light blue.
  • A white saree with some designs and beautiful prints can do wonders.
  • Avoid saree with heavy embroidery and zari work that it may give you look odd. Avoid them in daytime.
  • Lace work is better for daytime function and party.

Evening and night function

  • For evening and night function like wedding party and other functions the saree with the rich look and heavy embroidery and zari work is suitable.
  • Silk sarees like Banarasi silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, Kancheepuram silk sarees gives a rich look for women and perfect for wedding party.

Travelling and outing purpose

  • Light weight and synthetic sarees are better for travelling and outing that can be manageable and comfortable.
  • Saree with light colors, light embroidery, and small prints are ok, but avoid dark colors, large prints, and heavy embroidery & zari work.

Festival occasions

  • Designer sarees are good for festival occasions.
  • Indian silk sarees are perfect to wear during any festival. Like Banarasi sarees, south Indian silk sarees like from Mysore and Kancheepuram. They give a traditional and rich.

Office purpose

  • Light color sarees like light pink, green, peach, blue, cream, off white, and white sarees with light prints and embroidery work that are suitable for office going.

Saree according to the body type

Saree for Tall Women

Saree for Tall Women

Tall women should wear saris with large prints in bold colors and heavy borders. The ideal choice of saris for tall women is cotton, raw silk and pure silk saris. Tall and slim ladies have more option to make a choice for saris.

Saree for Short Women

Saree for Short Women

Women with short height should wear light color sarees with narrow borders or no borders and preferably vertical prints.Ideal choice of sarees for shorter ladies is chiffon, georgette and silk sarees.

Saree for Overweight Women

Saree for Overweight Women

Obese women must choose georgette, chiffon and crepe sarees.  Printed dark color sarees are best for overweight women. Get a personalized look with the sari draped.

Saree for Thin Women

Saree for Thin Women

Ladies with thin physique must go for a tissue, cotton and other fluffy sarees. They must avoid chiffon and net sarees. Printed sarees with large prints give a decent look to thin ladies. White, off-white and light colour are the best choice.

Saree for Hour Glass Women

Saree for Hour Glass Women

Women with the hourglass figure have a wider choice for sarees. They can choose any type of sari according to their weight and complexion. You must choose the appropriate costume and be the one among the fashion statement.

Saree for Apple Shaped Women

Saree for Apple Shaped Women

Women with the upper body bulkier than the legs must choose embroidered saris. Check out the picture and you see the beautiful lady with the apple shaped body look.

Sarees for pear shaped body women

1. pear body shaped women

The pear shaped body looks as a heavier bottom than the upper body part. Try to choose fabrics such as chiffon and georgette, which can balance the upper and lower body parts. Avoid mermaid cuts, which can add unnecessary attention to your lower part. Drape your saree in the seedha Pallu type that can make your body look proportionate. Choose the best bold and brightly colored saree that best suits for you. The sarees that best suits for this body shape are with beautiful borders, small prints, and embroidery work.

Saree for Voluptuous or plump shape women

2. Plum shaped women

The Voluptuous shape women can go for georgette, chiffon and net fabrics which are best for them. This king of saree will help you to snugly wrap around the body and highlights your curves. The dark colors and heavy sarees best suits for you. You should not choose to stiff sarees, opt for embroider and beadwork sarees. These sarees will be good fall, which makes you look slimmer. Try full sleeve as they can effectively hide your flab, and blouses with criss-cross strings hold together.

Sarees for short and slim women

3. Short and slim women

The sarees for short and slim women can try with a thin border. They should avoid big prints with heavy borders. This sarees make you look tall. So, it is better to choose a medium sized prints that will look great for your body shape.

Sarees for tall and slim women

4. Tall and slim women

Tall and silm women look good in heavy border sarees. It is better to opt for big bold prints with a variety of colors and can tend to divert the attention from your height. Try heavy border saree with different blouse designs to look stylish and beautiful. These saree make them look gorgeous.