12 fashion combos that work wonders and makes you look more fashion

Mix and match your favorite fashion trends smartly without becoming a victim of fashion faux pas, says Purvaja Sawant

Fashion has come a long way from the time when sporting two contrasting trends together was akin to committing a sartorial crime! Today, mixing and experimenting with two or more seemingly opposite styles can open up your wardrobe to dozens of new options.

While there are no fixed rules when it comes to merging different patterns, prints, silhouettes, or colours, you want to make sure that when you do so, you highlight the USP of each trend, even if it means thinking out of the box and straddling the fashion fence! With a little confidence and a few smart choices, you can transcend your fashion sense to a whole new level.

Patiala & pumps

Nowadays it became more fashion in teenagers. If fusion fashion is your calling take a cue from a leading designer’s collection and add a western touch to your traditional Patiala Salwar, by teaming it with a short jacket kurti and pumps in pastel shades! It is comfortable to wear and preferred as it makes you look beautiful.

Gold & nude

By this, you can’t go wrong with this combination. Because it is rarely used Pick any shade of nude for your dress and detail it with dainty metallic gold embroidery or embellishments to create a glamorous cocktail dress.

Sports luxe & color blocking

If loud prints and patterns aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it. Wear smart colour-blocked sports staples instead, to bring out the best of the sports luxe trend.

Peter pan collar & polka dots

A Peter Pan collar on a polka dot dress is a classic combination the world over. But combine these two hugely popular trends by sporting a polka dot Peter Pan collar on a plain dress. Femininity personified!

Leaf print & petal skirt

If you want your wardrobe to have a nature-inspired outfit, choose a blouse with a leaf print and team it with a girlie petal skirt. But instead of using the usual shades of green, opt for a monochrome palette which suits you best.

Dress & shorts

Loose, long shorts over a drop-waist dress sounds like a tricky mix-and-match look to pull off but it can make a drab dress look quirky. Do away with accessories for this one. So dress up in a neat manner that makes you look good.

Floral & military

While wearing a ditzy floral print dress, think out of the box and add an androgynous touch, by carrying a khaki bag. Alternatively, you can wear a well-fitted military jacket. It protects you from cold also.

Sheer & applique

Strategically-placed cutwork appliques on a solid-coloured sheer fabric can enhance any dull-looking outfit. The applique can be knit, woven, or printed. Make sure the garment is semi-transparent and in the same colour as the applique.

Ombre & peplum

This unique peplum dress was a winner on the ramp, which makes all to look at that peplum. Especially because of the ombre scheme, this is a subtle alternative to colour-blocking.

Handkerchief hem & sheer

If you are looking for an asymmetrical sillhouette? Find a dress with a handkerchief hemline in a sheer fabric. This combo is not for pear-shaped women.

Long jacket & playsuit

Designers gave jackets a twist by combining long jackets with playsuits and shorts. You can do the same by opting for sheer fabrics, with embroidery or applique for your jacket. Wear along the dress style.

Tribal print & neon

Make a tribal prints eye-catching by wearing them in vibrant neon hues of yellow, indigo, orange, pink and electric blue, instead of dull earthy tones, you need to give a nostalgic yet contemporary touch to your ensemble.