The 20 weirdest celeb beauty secrets – Celebrity beauty tips

We’ve tried everything when it comes to our beauty routines. And we do mean everything from a Clarisonic for your lips to a blush made out of beets. There is no secret that celebrities go to great lengths to look. For better or worse, many of these trials have come from the celebs we search for beauty and style inspire. While some of these tips may seem a little strange, we can’t argue with the results.

1. Wash your face with apple cider vinegar – Scarlett Johansson’s

Scarlett Johansson’s use to go face wash is actually a pretty logical with all-natural option. It works like a toner for the oily and breakout-prone, and it restores your skin’s pH balance for a glowing complexion.


2. Curl your eyelashes with a spoon – Miranda Kerr

In our rush to get to that weekend away, we’ve definitely been guilty of forgetting a few essentials. Luckily, Miranda Kerr has taught us that in a pinch, a spoon can serve as a makeshift eyelash curler.

3. Mix eye cream into your cover up – Lauren Conrad

As the reigning queen of summer style, LC knows we’re all about going lighter when it comes to our beauty regiment as the weather warms. She mixes some eye cream into her cover up for sheerer coverage + extra moisture.

4. Mix foundation into your body lotion – Christina Hendricks

Foundation is used to look bright. On the converse, some occasions call for a little more coverage. Big events or a lot of photos mean a need to banish unsightly bruises or scrapes. Christina Hendricks swears by this trick.

5. Whip up an avocado hair mask – Denise Richards

We’ve envied Denise Richards gorgeous tresses for longer than we’d care to remember. Turns out her secret was in our fridge all along.

6. A Mayo one does wonders, too – Zoë Saldana

If it’s good enough for Zoë Saldana’s mama, it’s good enough for us.

7. Splurge on a bee venom facial – Duchess Kate

We love that Duchess Kate aims for fashions us commoners can afford, but obvi her big day called for something special. And that something special was bee venom. We’re jotting that down in case we ever marry a prince.

8. Remove glitter with scotch tape – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga definitely gets our glitter woes. Bey saved our nails, and now Gaga is saving our face.

9. Use preparation H to get rid of wrinkles – Congeniality

Miss Congeniality throwback! And Prep H is our new fave pageant beauty secret. 

10. Brace yourself with an ice facial – Kate Hudson

Even Kate Hudson has those mornings when she looks tired and a bit blah. Her solution? Dunking her face in ice water. It might take some courage, but it helps restore blood circulation for rosy cheeks.

11. Mist your face with milk – Cindy Crawford

This age-defying goddess’s beauty secret is another one hiding in the fridge. Cindy Crawford mists her face with milk throughout the day for hydration and a boost of lactic acid.

12. Banish cellulite with coffee grounds – Halle Berry

We’re no strangers to DIY-ing our own scrubs. It turns out neither is Halle Berry.

13. Brush your hair with a loofah – Gwyneth

Well, we’ve used a brush on our bodies, so a loofah on our hair isn’t too far of a stretch. If Gwyneth swears it fights frizz, we believe her.

14. Rinse your hair with beer – Catherine Zeta-Jone

The secret to Catherine Zeta-Jone’s shiny locks is your fave cold one. Bonus? It’ll brighten up your highlights.

15. Take a placenta pill as a part of your post-natal regimen –  Betty Draper

Admittedly, this might not be for everyone, but it worked for Betty Draper. Benefits include aiding in postpartum depression and breast milk production and helping replenishing nutrients lost during the pregnancy. 186514367jf00022-chloe-los

16. Try oil pulling – Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley is one of our fave all-natural goddesses. She practices the ancient Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling, which both cleans your teeth and detoxifies you.

17. Keep your face fresh with aquaphor – Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu protects her mug with Aquaphor when shooting in cold temps. She also swears by acupuncture as preventative medicine.

18. Remove your makeup with vaseline – Rach

We hate that most commercial skin care products are too harsh for sensitive skin. Rach uses vaseline, which removes makeup without drying your delicate eyes.

19. Put neosporin + visine on a pimple – Cameron

We get the purpose of antibiotic Neosporin on a popped pimple, but Cameron insists it’s the combo that really does the trick.

20. Wash your face with grape seed oil – Emma Stone

Oil cleansing works because like dissolves like (chemistry, anyone?). It’s also great for smooth, moisturized skin, as Emma Stone well knows.