Carrot halwa / Gajar ka halwa with milk recipe

Carrot halwa or gajara ka halwa is one of popular Indian traditional desserts. Whatever the occasion may be this sweet carrot halwa is prepared. Fresh carrots, milk and sugar gives this sweet more taste. Carrot halwa is evergreen Indian dessert made all over india during festive season or in happy occasions. Since it will take less time for preparation people give preference to cook this at their kitchen. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this tasty gajar halwa which is low in calories.

Eating of carrot halwa provides a plenty of vitamin A that gives good vision and glowing skin. People follow so many variations for preparing gajar halwa like including fresh milk or almond milk or condensed milk or milk maid and some also prepare carrot halwa in microwave. While preparing you smell the sweet fragrance of ghee. There is no age limit of eating this sweet gajar halwa, everyone can eat. For dressing this dessert you can add fried cashew nuts and pista.

You can find carrot halwa almost every place in india. While eating this sweet gajar halwa you can observe the carrot grate and cashew nuts under your teeth. By biting this you can get sweet juice in the mouth. Milk is the primary ingredient that adds more taste to the dessert. Gajar halwa is store in refrigerator for a week. Here I have presented step by step process of hot to prepare gajar ka halwa or carrot halwa at home. Enjoy preparing this sweet at home with how to make Gajar halwa or carrot halwa recipe.

Carrot halwa / Gajar ka halwa with milk recipe

Gajar ka halwa with milk recipe1

Preparation time: 10mins

Cooking time: 15mins

Serving: 4


Gajar ka halwa with milk recipe ingredients

  • Carrot – 8 (3 cups carrot grate)
  • Ghee – ½ cup
  • Sugar – 1 ½ cup
  • Boiled Milk – 2 cups
  • Cardamom seeds – 4
  • Cashew nuts – 15

How to Make

Step 1: Wash the carrot and start peeling the carrots with the peeler.

start peeling the carrots

Step 2: Now take a grater and grate the carrots nicely. Keep the carrot grate a side.

grater and grate the carrots

Step 3: Take cardamom seeds and 1tbsp of sugar into a small jar.

Step 4: Now grind them well to a fine powder. Keep this also a side.

Step 5: Now take a thick bottom pan on stove. Give a light flame.

Step 6: Add ½ tbsp of cashew nuts into the hot ghee.

Step 7: Fry little the cashew nuts and collect them into a plate.

Step 8: In the same pan add carrot grate and fry it for 5 mins till the raw smell goes out.

pan add carrot grate

raw smell goes out.

Step 9: Now add the boiled milk to the carrot grate.

boiled milk

Step 10: Cook the carrot grate in the milk till the milk disappears.

carrot grate

Step 11: Don’t forget to stir frequently.

Step 12: After milk disappears add sugar. Mix it well.

disappears add sugar

Step 13: Sugar will start melting within 5 mins. Now immediately add ghee.

Sugar will start melting

Step 14: Mix it well. Cook it for 5 mins. You can observe the ghee melting and floating on the carrot.

Step 15: The carrot mixture becomes strong. Now add the cardamom and sugar powder which we grinded before.

carrot mixture becomes strong

Step 16: Mix it well and collect the carrot halwa into a bowl.

Step 17: Decorate the halwa with fried cashew nuts and serve it.

halwa with fried cashew

Tasty sweet carrot halwa is ready.

Consuming of Carrot a day is having lot of health benefits like prevents cancer, reduces risk of lung cancer and improves vision. Carrots can be stored in refrigerator for a week so eat at least a carrot per a day. Eating of carrots raw or steamed gives most of the nutritional values. So prepare tasty dishes with carrot and be healthy.