Tips for eye care with allergies and contact lens

Eye allergies are caused due to severe exposure of eyes to sunlight, air pollution, cosmetics, contact lens, dust mites, animal (pet) dander, irritating materials, perfumes, certain medicines, feathers, smoke, chlorine, or any infections caused due to pollen grains, from trees, grasses, seeds, weeds, spores. Thereby leads to redness in eyes, itching, watering of eyes, swollen eyes, and blurred vision. Sometimes the area around the eye becomes scaly, irritated and cause pain due to secretions of the eye. Nowadays dust, air pollution is common factors for allergies. These can be controlled by following the tips which we discuss now.

Wash the face very frequently

Washing the eyes removes if any allergens stick over the skin or eyes. This helps eyelashes to wash away the allergen so fast by which the redness or itching is controlled. Rinse the eyes completely with water that also ejects the allergen out. When you are irritated, frequently wash the eyes leave them free. Later, treat them carefully. Over rubbing of eyes is to be prohibited during infection.

Cold compress

It’s helpful in the cases of itching and swelling conditions. Cold compresses with the refrigerated towel or soft, clean cloth gives much relief from swelling.

Eye drops

Eye drops are mostly used as per the doctor prescription if and only if the situation is mild.

Avoid roaming out

During the conditions of any eye infections staying at home is best in order to avoid serious effects.

Storage of contact lens

Keep in mind while using the contact lens, whether they are placed at cleaned and disinfected cases. Avoid cleaning normally with water. Always fresh cleaning solution is used. Avoid replacing the lens of your choice without a doctor’s prescription.

Avoid exposure to allergens

Allergens like dust from air conditioned room, pet animals, carpets, pollution, furniture. Also avoid using the eye drops bottle after 1 month when it’s opened. Avoid using artificial eye drops because they may also contain some of allergens so check out its expiry.

Usage of sunglasses and hat

Make a habit of using glasses and a hat when you always go out. They protect from the sun and also the dust. Working on the computer for a long time also cause redness to eyes.

Avoid the eye makeup

As the eyes are more sensitive they can easily be affected by a small change over them. Wearing the eye make has to be minimized or should be avoided because the chemicals present in it also can cause some allergies too.

Usage of daily disposable contact lens

Make use of lens only if they are clean and tidy. Store them in fresh solution. Daily disposable lens prevents from allergens attack.

Allergen trapper for furnace at home

As we know air contains many allergens trapper helps from reaching home, although the air purifier at home filter the air enters the home. This helps from allergens attack.

Prolong use of the lens

Usage of the lens over the day and night leads to serious problems for the eyes. The dust clogged on the lens may cause infections too. So avoid them during free times.

Poor quality lens

Nowadays the quality appears in the market are not so good enough for the eyes use them. Always check the expiry, quality and use them before using for eyes.

Allergy from prescribed medicines

Sometimes the allergies occur due the   medications such as eye drops given at an over the counter are ineffective and can cause symptoms too. So check over and confirm from the doctor and go for the anti allergens.

Water and salt

These are used to treat painful and itchy eyes at home. This removes the dirt present in the eyes. Boil the mixture of the pure water and 1 teaspoon of salt until salt gets dissolved completely. Allow it to cool and used for washing eyes for more times. This gives relief from irritation and inflamed eyes.

Green tea bags

Rinse the tea bags in cold water and apply it over eyes for about 15-20 minutes. It helps with inflammation and gives relief.

Rose water treatment

Whenever you feel so tired, cleaning eyes with rose water gives you relief from itchy eyes and gives glowing eyes apart from the freshness. Rose water is also used as eye drops too.

These are some good tips to be followed in order to avoid allergies that occur normally or by using contact lens. This can be easily applied in our daily life too.