Amazing party hairstyles on saree

Women prefer having long hair with sarees, although not having long hair shouldn’t stop them from not wearing sarees. In this article, we will go through some medium-length hairstyles which will suit with sarees. If you have been disheartened thinking about how you’d style your hair, these are a few examples to help you. These will also prevent you from using extensions. Scroll down and check out some trendy hairstyles for parties!

Side-swept messy curls party hairstyle


Messy hairstyles are so on! The best one you can choose is surely the curls. When you have medium-length hair, you don’t need to worry about tangling as much as long haired women do. Messy curls can surely be one option that you try for yourself because it gives a subtle look a different touch. The lady is wearing a very stylish saree. Prints like this would suit this hairdo, along with pure silk or cotton sarees with aren’t very shimmery. The hair has been parted from the middle and then side swept. This makes the curls prominent and gives you the desired style.

Side-pinned hair do easy hairstyle

Side-pinned hairdo

Side-pinned hairstyles are apt for women who like to keep hair off their face. If you have responsibilities in a party and you don’t want any hindrances, choosing a hairstyle like this will let you hair stay manageable. This hairstyle can be followed with straight to wavy hair. Have your hair parted from the side, and then pin it up on the heavier section of the division. You can also make a twist to make the pinning up look more attractive. Let the rest of the hair remain open. You can have it curled at the tips too.

Back-brushed hair with curls for the party

Back-brushed hair

This is a lovely hairstyle for a party, which will suit your saree and also let you dance with ease! The hair has to be back-brushed and pinned up below the crown zone. You can also add a slight lift it makes the hair look fuller. The rest of the hair below should be curled up in different sections. When you section out your hair, it looks more curled than having them done at once. This will make your hair lovely from the back, while you don’t have strands falling in front of your face too.

Messy and clipped bun hairstyle

Messy and clipped bun

The basic idea about doing a bun hairstyle is to have long hair for the swirls you create. Well, the good news is that bun hairstyles can also be done with medium-length hair. You just need a hair clip to clip it up like you see in the picture below. The lady has messy and curly hair which makes her look sexy with the saree. Her hair is shoulder length and she has parted it from one side. The hair has been swirled and clipped up, while there are locks brought out for a little more enhancement.

Medium hairstyle like a wavy curls for any occasion

Wavy curls

This hairstyle is in-between the process of curling your hair from wavy hairdo. Your hair is already in waves and you just curled it up a little more to get the desired effect. The lady in the picture below has shoulder-length hair, which has been parted from the side. The length of the hair has been divided into two sections for curling. This hairstyle will not require extensive curling which makes the hair absolutely curled up. It leaves your hair with a midway effect and looks slightly messy too.

Loosely tied ponytail with medium hair for a party

Loosely tied ponytail

Although ponytails aren’t the first preferences of a hairstyle to match with a saree, you can have it loosely tied and led down from one side of your shoulder. In the picture below, we see a loosely tied ponytail paired with a red silk saree. Part your hair from the side or from the middle and brush it to make a ponytail. Tie it at the nape of your neck and let it fall loose. Now, drop it down from one side of your shoulder for getting the exact look. This is easy to style and easier to manage!

Bun with accessories, hairstyle for a party

Bun with accessories

Medium-length hair cannot be tied into a bun with the hair itself. In such cases, using fancy hair accessories is just best hacks for you. Have your hair permed or let it stay wavy. Don’t have it straightened or curled. Brush your hair to the back and only curl up the tips. The curly tips when accumulated to create a bun-like shape it gives you a messy look which is actually adorable like we see in the picture below. Has it pinned with a nice hair accessory so that the bun doesn’t loosen or open.

Straight hair parted from the side and pinned

Straight hair parted from the side and pinned

Straightening up your medium-length hair gives you the maximum amount of length you can ask for. In other words, when your hair is absolutely straight, it looks lengthier than how it is when curled, waved or permed. This is a nice idea to suit a party saree. Have your hair straightened and then part it from the middle. Take some section from the thinner side of the partition and then twist it further down. Has it pinned up so that it doesn’t fall on your face. This makes you flaunt your earrings better and the rest of the hair remains as it is.

Side-parted hair with curled tips hairstyles

Side-parted hair with curled tips

This is another hairstyle design which can go with sarees. If you have straight hair, have it waved up from the first half. If your hair is wavy naturally then just have it nicely combed. The tips of your hair are entirely curled. Part your hair from the middle and let the heavier side fall down from the shoulder. The other side remains at the back.

Back-brushed hair with curled tips

Back-brushed hair with curled tips

This hairstyle is slightly different from the one we saw above. This one too has a side partition, but that is only for the front section of her hair. This creates enough space for the locks you’d like to have in front. The rest of the hair is back-brushed and then curled from midway to the tips. This is quite an interesting style as you have a mixture of wavy hair and curls, on the other hand, your hair is parted from the front and again lifted towards the crown zone. Match it up with a lovely party wear saree and you’re sorted!

Hair updo bun hairstyle for medium hair for a party


Most of the girls prefer to have a cute easy hairstyle that makes them look gorgeous. Try something different hairstyles like messy braids, updos, and try latest new hairstyle ideas. All of you look for easy & quick hairstyles to get ready in few minutes. Try this beautiful pinned half updo hairstyle. This hairstyle looks pretty and is easy to wear. You can wear this hairstyle for any holiday party and people with having medium length hair can try this hairstyle. For this hairstyle the hair should be half straight and half curly. Part the hair into two sections. Front small section can be fringed on both sides like an ear lock with curls. Separate your two sections and is decorated with a hair band. Prepare a top, puff on the middle of the head and pin the side layers lower the puff. Leave the remaining hair open with curl and rolled in. One side hair is opened left at shoulder and remaining on the back.

Top bun hairstyle to try on any occasion

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Try an easy bun hairstyle with medium length hair. Try this bun hairstyle for a sexy look. First partition your hair into three sections such as front two sections and back one section. Tie a tight ponytail with back hair. Side swept your hair front hair on two sides and curls them using a heating iron roller. Leave ear locks as a fringe on both sides. Prepare a small puff in the middle by loosening the tied ponytail. Curl the ends of the ponytail and roll them to form a bun with the pony hair. Take the front section fringe hairs and layer them one by one and are pinned at bun. Pin all the curly front fringe hair in a bun by forming a wavy layer look. Leave small fringes or small ear locks on both the sides. Now, your hairstyle is ready and upon practicing the hairstyle will be perfect.

Quick & easy puff open hairstyle for a party


Try this easy, quick hairstyle for a party. This takes a few minutes to style your hair with a different look. Simply part your hair into three sections and prepare two front puffs side by side with mid parted. Pin them on the back and the remaining hair is left open. Leave a part of your hair on both the shoulders. This hairstyle takes less time and gives a cute beautiful look.

Stunning hairstyle in western wear


The hairstyle trend is with a side swept wavy hair. This goes well with traditional attire. She has rocked with a trendy stunning hairstyle for an award function. The mid part hair with low curly hair up to shoulders looks stylish and trendy. Try this stylish hairstyle for parties and for any occasions. The left over free hair on shoulders with low curls looks beautiful.

Side swept puff bang with straight, wavy hairstyle


The side swept puffy bang hairstyle with medium length hair looks good. The hairstyle with dark brown hair color attracts with the traditional attire. The side swept bang with the trendy hairstyle falling on shoulder with low curls covers the face of one side looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle for parties with a unique look.

Low bun with ear locks and bangs


The front section of the hair is side swept with a puff bang. The bangs are pinned with ear locks on both sides. Back brush the remaining hair and prepare a low bun. Try this stylish hairstyle with traditional wear for any occasion. The low bun can be decorated with stylish hairstyle. This hairstyle with wavy ear lock hair strands on the face looks beautiful.

Trendy cute purple wedding fancy sari with bun hairstyle


The curly pressed hairstyle with side swept bun loose hair. The hair is side swept with a bang and brushed to a side with loose bun. Securely pin the bun with loose hair strand at low. The hairstyle is decorated with a matching flowered hair pin. This adds more attraction to your hairstyle. Try this hairstyle for parties.

Side swept bang with curly hairstyle with a big flower

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The hairstyle with medium length curly hair looks beautiful. Slightly mid part your hair of the front section and form a bang that covers aside forehead. Pin the bang securely and brush the hair back. Leave wide open curly, wavy hair on shoulders. Decorate with a big flower with saree matching color to the side of the bang. This flower adds more beauty to the hairstyle.

Wide bun hairstyle with side swept bang


The front part of the hair is slightly side swept and all the hair is brushed back. Secure the bang with hair pins. Prepare a rolled hair bun that is wide swept at back and is low near the neck. Secure the bun with rolled hair with curled hair strands.