Top best stylish hairstyles ideas to try for traditional half saree

Half sarees are the latest style of a wearing a saree. It is a mixture of lehenga and sarees, because it is stitched similarly to lehenga choli but looks like a saree. Half saree brings in two different kinds of prints and colors in a single saree, which makes the design look very attractive. When we are ready to follow the trend of a half sarees, we shouldn’t miss out on the hairstyles that would probably suit with them. In this article, we have listed down some of the best half saree styles and hairstyles, which will help you choose your attire and also match the hairdo you would like to opt with it!

Back-brushed front bouffant with half down curls

Back-brushed front bouffant with half down curls

Bouffants are back in trend and they make remarkable hairdos.  They are especially demanded when you need styles to keep your hair off your hair. In the picture below, we see a back-brushed hairdo which has been created into a bouffant in the topmost area of the scalp. This gives the lift in the front zone and lets the rest of the hair free for another style. Let the front half be straightened to create this perfectly and then you can follow it up with curls, and carry up to the tips.

Middle-parted hair with waves for traditional half saree


When you can wear and carry off such a beautiful looking half saree, you need a minimal hairdo to do with! In the picture below, the lady has parted her hair from the middle for the first two inches of her scalp. The rest of the hair has been back-brushed and pinned up. The hair, which falls in front will be waved and brushed to the back of the ears. You can grab maximum attention to your attire and make your facial features look more alluring with this hairdo.

Side-parted messy hair for half saree

Side-parted messy hair

We see a beautiful half saree in the picture below, which has been blended with two serene colors of peach and turquoise. Messy hairdos with subtle and sober colors always make the look unique and eye-catchy! Comb your hair and part it from aside. Section out a little and then back-brush the rest of the hair to one side. Let the heavier side flaunt messy curls, while the thinner side has the hair at the back.

Side lifts with middle partition to traditional outfit

Side lifts with middle partition

This is another hairstyle which will let people grab your attire and your facial features! It is also a masterpiece to be not left unnoticed. Part your hair from the middle and give both the sides a lift. Lifts create small puffs and make the hair look fuller. Back-brush the rest of the hair and then have it curled up half down. If you have heavy earrings like we see in the picture below, you can keep your hair at the back or flaunt them down your shoulders.

Middle-parted hair with a ponytail hairstyle

Middle parted hair with ponytail

Sometimes our hairstyles differ with the prints we choose. If you opt for a subtle print like the picture below, you might also choose simple hairstyles which go with it. This matches your look and makes you look different from that of gorgeous clothes. Have your hair straightened and then part it from the middle. Make a ponytail and let it fall on the back.

Side-brushed hair with waves hairstyle for half saree


This is a nice hairstyle if you plan to keep your hair open. It isn’t absolutely straightened and it is curled up as well. This hairstyle lets you have subtle waves which are flaunted with the way it has been brushed. Have your hair slightly straightened to get the look of it. Side-brush the hair without any division. Curl up the tips of your hair at every layer or at alternative layers according to the length of the hair.

Side-brushed hair with a messy bun hairstyle

Side-brushed hair with messy bun

Let your hair get lifted with hair spray and combing, after which you can brush it to the side and get this look. Assemble all the hair at the back and then make a nice bun. The bun hairdo we see here has been created with hair-styling skills. The tips of the hair are rolled in sections and pushed upwards. It is then tied up. The bun also is more dominated on one side. You can also see hair accessory in the middle.

Side-brushed and pinned hair with curls on half saree

Side-brushed and pinned hair with curls

This is a quite a nice hairstyle which can be tried with a bright half saree. The hair has been brushed to one side without sectioning. The front strands of the hair has been taken in the back and then pinned up. This creates a slight lift and makes the hair look good. The rest of the hair below has been curl up to the right (external side) and they fall down in waves. They aren’t absolute curls which make the style look sexy and more attractive.

Permed hair parted from the middle hairstyle

Permed hair parted from the middle

Just like curls and waves, perms are also becoming popular for us. They oomph, our style a little more and give a different definition to messy hair! You have to use an Instyler for perming your hair. Have it nicely brushed at first and then go for styling. If you want to make it a little messy, you can do some untidy combing thereafter. Part the hair from the middle and leave it open.

Hair bun with lengthy locks hairstyle ideas for half saree

Hair bun with lengthy locks

When you wear such a lovely saree, you would definitely want to pair it up with some bun hairdos and not go for open hair styles. You would also want to flaunt some locks in front, if not anything else. Section your hair for the first two inches to part it from the side. Back-brush the rest of the hair and then make a bouffant. Pin it up well and vary the lift according to your preference. From the front you have to section out lengthy strands to fall in front. Use an Instyler to curl them up and get this exact look. Add minimal accessories so that the hairdo gets its due attention.

Festive and Desi hairstyle for half saree


This hairstyle is perfect for festival celebrations. Hairstyle looks traditional and can wear them on any wedding, and Mehandi occasions. Nowadays, most of the teenagers are interested to wear designer lehenga choli with simply jewelry. Try this type of hairstyle to have a simple beautiful look. Comb your hair and side partition on your right. Fringe parted hair had a front puff on your right. Bring all your hair to braid tightly to form a long braid tail. Tie at the end and decorate with a natural flower. Most of the celebrities these color combination as it looks gorgeous with light makeup and simple jewelry. The hairstyle is decorated with red rose which looks beautiful and is a perfect combination for the half saree.

Simple mid partitioned low curl hairstyle for half saree


The color combination of half saree is perfect. If you wear a stylish hairstyle for this half saree, then you look beautiful. Heavy work designer blouse with simple half saree and is bordered with cold and black combination looks gorgeous. Simply comb your hair and slightly mid part your hair. Comb your left parted hair to left shoulder and remaining hair in the back. Make some low curls that make you look gorgeous. This hair style looks stylish and simple to try it. Light makes with simple jewelry gives a gorgeous look.

Side frilled loose hairstyle on half saree


Half saree with simple accessories and jewelry looks beautiful. The half saree is in pink and green contrast colors gives a beautiful look. A Blouse design that suits with lays for only half saree. Mid part your hair and prepare a side frilled with some front part section. Twist the front section hair and pin it back of the ear. Repeat the same on other side. Leave the loose hair on left shoulder. If you want, you can also wear manga tikka on mid parts to give a gorgeous look. Simple jewelry with bangles and a designer blouse with print makes you look beautiful.