Hairstyles with lehenga choli – Best lehenga hairstyles

Lehenga and choli are two clothing materials, which are stitched in the authentic way, as originated in India. They are common in the states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Sindh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Uttarkhand. It is also common in Punjab, Nepal and South Indian states, and they also have different names like Ghagra Choli or Langa Voni. These are traditional attires which boast of our customs and culture. These are richly designed, stitched and embroidered, and they are apt for weddings, pujas and other cultural events. In this article, we have selected some of the most commonly worn lehenga choli designs and they will give you the idea of what sort of hairstyle you can choose with these. Go through the hairstyles and see which one would suit your face shape as well.

Side-Parted Lifts with Curls


This is a lovely fluorescent pink lehenga which has been paired with a red choli. It has golden stitches all over, enhancing the entire look of it. The hair has been parted from the side and lifted on both the sides. To do this, she has pinned it up and has curled the rest of the hair which falls down from one shoulder. This keeps your hair off your face and more manageable.

Side-parted French Braid


This is a French braid hairdo which falls down from the left side of your shoulders. The hair has been parted from one side and the maximum of it fall to the left. You can choose your own French braid hairstyle, and just make sure that the left side gets the lift. Ha it pinned up properly and then continue with the braid before the tips. The hairstyle looks messy due to the layered hair-cut, and that is what makes it more attractive to look at.

Bun hairstyles


We see two pretty ladies in lehenga choli and they are carrying two different types of bun hairstyles. The first lady has her hair parted from the side and has nicely tucked it behind the ears and pinned it up. The other lady has a side part too, but she makes a lift and pins it up. You can try either of the styles and then curl up the tips of the hair. Make a bun and let the curly tips flaunt!

Front-parted hair with curls


The lady looks very expressive and elegant in the picture below. She is wearing a lovely off-white embroidered lehenga choli and has left her hair open. The hair has been parted from the middle and then straightened till the medium-length. After that, the hair has been neatly curled and let loose. She takes the maximum amount of her hair and lets it fall off from her left shoulder. Adding the ‘tikli’ to the hair enhances the hairdo.

Side-parted twisted hairdo


Although this isn’t as twisted as the African American women have, this hairstyle will still have to make you work quite hard! The lady here is carrying a beautiful feather-light lehenga and she has a perfect hairstyle matched with it. The hair has been parted from the side and falls majorly from her right shoulder. She has made tiny curls which makes the entire hair look curled up and messy. You would definitely need some help to have this done, but the results are going to be just worth the effort!

Straight hair with front-part


When you get something as exclusive as a floral printed lehenga choli, you should also choose something unique for the hairdo. This model looks very different by keeping her long hair straightened. She has left it open and has made a front-part. The hair has been tucked behind the ears and it doesn’t even have much styling done. If you are looking for something really out-of-the-box, but you are still keen on wearing a lehenga, this is how quirky you can make your look! Finally, you can also pair up a pair of shades and make you look absolutely outstanding!

Side Lifts with Messy Waves


Messy hairstyles are just so! After the perfectly straight and perfectly curled hairdos, women are keen on keeping their hair open and messy. The hair has been parted from the middle and puffed up. Pin it up neatly, since the rest of the hair is going to be messy and wavy. You can also have it permed with an instyler, as that too gives you a similar look. Have the puffed hair pinned up well and then start off with the messy waves. Leave it open and shine out!

Messy open hair with front-part


Yes, that’s the thing about messy hair! They make you look super sensuous and sassy. The cropped silver choli with a dark pink embroidered lehenga, had to be paired with a bold hairstyle. Perm your hair and let it go messy and open. Part your hair from the middle and then let it fall from one of your shoulders. For the finishing touch, you should also add a nice ‘tikli’ because that will complete the look.

Side-parted Braid with flowers

This is similar to the 2nd hairstyle we saw above, but it doesn’t include a French braid. This makes your work a little easier, while you don’t even have to let it be absolutely plain. You can add those lovely flowers and make the enhancement! Simply part your hair from the side and start off with the braiding process. Don’t bother, if you have layers and there are strands coming out from the tied portions. You can also add some hair extensions t make the hair longer. Choose your favorite flowers with your attire and then add them to the braid.

Front-parted ponytail


While the rest of people in the party are going to make hair buns and curled hairstyles, you can try something as different as this. This is yet another differently designed lehenga choli, which makes the urge to carry and even more different hairdo. The lady has kept her hair straightened and parted it from the middle. She has made a regular ponytail and then let it flow from the left side.

Side-lifted straight hairdo


This is another hairstyle which you can do with your straightened hair. Simply have it parted from one side and then take the front portion of the heavier side. Curl up with a comb and make a lift. Pin it up properly so that the puff is set. The rest of the hair falls straight down. Let it fall from the left shoulder and also on the back.

Front-parted hair with lifts


The lady looks happy and lovely in the picture, and so do the attire and the hairstyle that she is carrying. Her pretty pink lehenga choli has been matched with a front-parted hair do. She has made two lifts on both the sides equally and pinned it up properly. The rest of the hair falls down from the shoulders and they are heavily curled. There is a ‘tikli’ in the front-parted portion and that is making the hairdo look better.

Back-brushed hair curly strands at a side


When we have heavy clothes to carry and there is so much to do, we like to keep our hair neatly pinned and off our hair. Sometimes we also let people take more attention on what we’re wearing than how we have styled the hair! Back-brush your hair and then take it to one side. Curl up the tips of your layer cut so that they are straight in the middle and curl at the tips. Pin it up at the back of your crown and also on the side. Add some lovely earrings to flaunt!

Side-parted hair with hair curled in portions


This is a pretty hairstyle which will make you look extremely cute and adorable. Part your hair from the side and left the fuller side has locks coming in the front. Back-brush the locks to the side so that they are off from the face. Now take the hair in portions and have it curled. This will make the entire hairdo look curled up, but because it will be in portions, it will have significant differences from having only the tips curled up.

Side-parted with floral accessories


This is a very pretty lehenga choli design which has been paired up with an even more beautiful hairdo. The hair is wavy all through and it has been parted from one side. The fuller side has it fallen from the shoulders of the same side, while the thinner side has hair pinned up with a blue floral accessory. This also lets people have the perfect look of your entire attire!

Messy French braid for lehenga choli


The traditional and best outfit with Anarkali, half saree, saree, and Lehenga on the occasions such as festivals, weeding, Mehandi, and gathering parties. This is the best hairstyle offset outfit with traditional hairstyles can be wearer at any occasion with Lehenga and beautiful jewelry. Girls with frizzy hair have the traditional look that can sane and is trendy at the same time that can add volume to your thin hair. This hairstyle best suit to a small frame and adds hair volume to the girls who has less hair.

Messy French braid is tied by starting it with a front of your head. After that grad an each section from the sides. And also a grad from middle to braid them just like a regular French braid. The braid section looks and is picked to the closest section that make it look neat. But, make sure to pick a little more spaced out that is thinner than the strands over the head. So that your head reaches to the nape of your neck, that can either fishtail your braid or normal it. You can just braid it regularly that if you have the time and the hair length to look beautiful.

Side swept loose hair for weeding designer lehenga


Lehenga is best seen in many of the parties and meetings that look beautiful with suitable hairstyle. Nowadays loose hair is very common and likes everyone. So, side swept lehenga designer lehenga is the best hairstyle collection for weeding and mehandi traditional wear party. This hairstyle makes you look gorgeous. Comb your hair and slowly comb them on left side completely. You just leave your hair as it is with side swept. This gives a beautiful look and is suitable for any face shape. The luxurious lehenga chili with side, wept here is wonderful with simple jewelry.

Top best hair style with top bun on lehenga choli


Hairstyles are the one which attracts people with more attention. The best hairstyle that suits you best is the most stylists with your dress. The hairstyles that best suits to your face are the best choice to make your look perfectly. The different hairstyles that best suits is a good option to experiment and try something new. The top knot is easy and simple for a glamorous hairstyle. This best suits and is a fashion model that has contemporary for Indian brides and you can try them with different hairstyles. This is convenient to wear and if you want, you can place pallu over your top knot easily.