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Homemade baby cereal recipes (6 – 12months) – Healthy, nutritious, fresh and easy baby cereals for rice feeding babies

Homemade baby cereal recipes

Have you decided to start feeding your baby with cereals? Are you in search of best cereal recipes for your growing baby? Do you want nutritious, healthy and easy digestible cereals for your baby? Is your baby hitting to 6th month? How to prepare baby rice cereals at home?

How to make helps the mothers to prepare healthy baby cereals or solids for food eating babies at home. Most mothers prefer rice as their baby’s first cereal because it is so nutritious and easy to digest. After 6 months the milk which is giving to the baby is not sufficient so giving cereals is the best idea to fill your baby stomach and allow them to gain nutrients. As the baby grows start introducing cereals such as bajra, suji, jowar, sabudaana and ragi.

Giving the baby the homemade cereals stays the baby out from any infections and gives a good health. Baby tries to start sitting at 6th month so this is the time to feed the baby with proteins and nutritious food.

Why to choose the cereals?

  • Till 6th month the baby is preferred to feed with mother’s milk. But after 6th month the milk only is not sufficient to the baby they feel hungrier. So cereals are introduced and preferred to give to baby.
  • Feeding the baby after 6th month with only milk does allow the baby to grow healthy. They need much nutritious food than the milk.
  • Introducing cereal can increase iron levels in babies.
  • It is a tradition to feed babies rice cereals to 6 – 12 months of baby age.
  • Rice cereal is suggested as a first food because from 6th month babies need a rich source of iron. Rice was thought to be a low allergen and is secure with iron.

Rice, toor dal and Soamp cereal recipe

Rice, toor dal and Soamp cereal recipeIngredients

ingredients cerals

  • Rice
  • Toor dal
  • Soamp or Ajwain / carom seeds

How to make

  • Take a thick bottom pan on stove.
  • Give a light flame.
  • Pan gets hot now add toor dal to it.

toor dal to it.

  • Fry the toor dal till they become golden brown in shade.
  • Collect it into a bowl and keep a side.
  • In the same pan add rice.
  • Fry the rice till light gold color.

gold color

  • Collect this also into separate bowl.
  • As the same add soamp or Ajwain in the pan.

Ajwain in the pan

  • Fry it till it becomes brown in color.
  • Collect this also into separate bowl.
  • Let all these ingredients get cool for 10 minutes.
  • Take fresh dry jar add fried toor dal to it.

dry jar add fried toor dal

  • Grind it into fine powder. Test the powder with hand you should not find any granule like substances in the powder.
  • Collect it into a bowl.
  • In the same jar add fried rice and grind it into powder.

add fried rice and grind it

  • Collect this also into a separate bowl.
  • Same way add fried soamp or ajwain into the jar and grind it to a smooth powder.

soamp or ajwain into the jar

  • Collect it into a separate bowl.

Note: Now store all this separately in three small jars. Use the fresh, clean and dry jar to store these powders. Let’s see how to prepare the cereals with these powders. Is it the time to feed your baby? Then start following the below steps, within 5 minutes you can get ready to feed your lovely kid with this cereals. Here you go with procedure

Step 1: Take a bowl on stove. Add 1 cup of water to it.

Step 2: Light a low flame. Start boiling the water.

Start boiling the water


Step 3: While boiling the water add 1 tbsp of toordal powder.

Step 4: Allow it to boil along with water for 2 minutes.

Step 5: Now add 2tbsp of rice powder into it. Cook this also for 2 minutes.

Step 6: Add 1 pinch of salt to it.

1 pinch of salt


Step 7: You can observe the mixture forming into a loose paste.

mixture forming


Step 8: Now turnoff the flame.

Step 9: Add a pinch of soap powder or ajwain powder and mix this paste with spoon.

Step 10: Tasty cereal is ready to eat now. Feed your 6-12 months baby with this protein solid food.

Rice & curd Cereal (6-12) months

Curd is one of the easy digestible and best foods for babies. As we know that curd consists of lot of health benefits. Giving the baby rice & curd cereal would cool stomach of the baby. If the child gets diarrhea then this cereal is best food you can give with curd. Curd will restore the lost bacteria. Bottle feeding babies will be having less calcium so feeding that babies with rice & curd cereal is most important food. Give this rice & curd cereal once in a day for 6-12 months babies. Feed the baby with this cereal in the evening time before 6:00pm.

Rice & curd Cereal (6-12) months


  • Rice powder
  • Water
  • Fresh curd
  • 1 pinch salt

How to make

Step 1: Take a small bowl and add 1 tea cup of water to it.

Step 2: Keep it on stove and allow it to boil.

Step 3: While water getting boil add 2tbsp rice powder which we made.

Step 4: Add 1 pinch of salt and boil it for 5 minutes till it forms sticky.

Step 5: Turn off the flame and let it get cool.

Step 6: Add required curd to that paste and mix it well.

Give this healthy rice & curd cereal to your baby.

Cereal feeding timings

  • Feed this cereal two to three times a day.
  • Best times to feed cereal to baby are: Afternoon: before 2:00pm, Evening: Before 7:00 pm.
  • Don’t feed the cereal to baby after 7:00 because it may cause indigestion to the baby.