Newest Indian stylish hairstyle for wedding/marriage function

A wedding is a special event which happens once in our lives. There are two families involved and they put in their best to make it memorable for their children and themselves. The wedding attire for both bride and groom ought to be special and exclusive. What needs to be matched henceforth is their hairstyle and accessories. In this article, we bring to you, the latest Indian bridal hairstyles, and these are slightly uncommon than what people have followed regularly or traditionally. Since the wedding season is already at its peak, you might help yourself or your fellow mates to take some tips from this article!

Formal Updo and Bun hairstyle


Buns aren’t uncommon for weddings. Many times, we might have to put an aanchal over, which is why we prefer a simple hairstyle which is manageable too. None-the-less, buns are usually accompanied with a lot of jewelry or flowers. If you go with the modern trend, you would let your hair puff up over the crown zone and then make a bun. This bun hairdo comes with a small piece of jewelry which boasts of simplicity and elegance. Make sure your hair is puffed and not neatly back-brushed, as that may make the look a little too casual.

Heavenly curls with twists and flowers hairstyle


Indian hairstyles are pretty popular with hair-to-hair styles, and the best examples are braids, which we regularly follow. This picture below, gives us a neat and beautiful hair-to-hair, hairstyle which has been turned into a heavenly bun. The hair has been first curled up, intertwined, from sections of strands to other sections and then pinned up. Flowers aren’t uncommon for wedding hairstyles, but this one has roses pluck to the one side. This gives a retro touch with a modern hairdo.

Elegant side-down hairdo hairstyle


We see an elegant side-down hairdo in this picture below, which can wonderfully replace the regular braided hairstyles. We see the lady in a lovely lehenga choli, with which she has a necklace and veil paired up. Since the veil has an earring with it, it is pinned at the side and doesn’t have a common mang-tika. So you can simply curl your hair from mid-length to the tips, back brush the strands and let the rest of it fall down from one side of your shoulder. The smaller strands on the top can be side-brushed and kept off the face.

Loose Spiral Braid hairstyle on traditional outfit


Straight braids have been popular for weddings while side braids are much in trend now. What comes along with side braids are some styles which you can opt among them. For instance, you can make a fish tail side braid, French braid styles or also choose a loose spiral side-braid. In the picture below, we see a lovely North Indian bride in a shimmery pink suit. She has parted her hair from the middle and then tied a loose braid. The braid has been pinned with floral accessories so that it doesn’t become messy. The hairstyle is followed to the tips and falls down from one shoulder.

Bouffant hairdo with long strands haristyle


If you don’t want your bridal hairdo to be very tight and compact, you can have it replaced with this hairstyle. Bouffant hairdos were a very common retro hairstyle but they are again being followed for occasions like weddings. You have to puff up your crown area like you see in the image below and then pin it up to fasten the lift. Let the strands of the rest of your hair, fall from both the sides and the back, like it would naturally do. You can also have it curled, but don’t have it absolutely straightened. Add a mang-tika to give it a little glaze.

Voluminous lift with straight hair style


Hair puffs are quite in trends and so you need to choose which one you’d like to go with. Unlike the previous hairstyle which has a little higher lift with curls falling below, this hairstyle goes half straight down and the strands are then curled up. This puff has been created in a slightly lower zone than the one we saw above. This gives a more subtle lift, but makes the hair look thicker. The front of the hair has been parted from the middle and then the puff continues. This area also gives you the space for mang-tika or a even mang-tika chain. Has your hair straightened midway after which you make curls till the tips!

Curly down do with middle part hairstyle


Indian beauties look beautiful with their curls. They have wavy to curly hair naturally and due to regular braiding, their hair tends to get curlier with time. Why not keep it stylish and simple with midway straight and then curl up the rest of your hair? In the image below, we see a lovely model in a shimmery white lehenga choli. She has parted her hair from the middle and has curled it up midway to the tips. Her hair has been gorgeously paired with a pendant and has been attached like a mang-tika.

Criss-cross straight hair style to try for wedding


If you have a side mang-tika, you will preferably want to part your hair from the sides as well. Straight hairdos can be enhanced for your bridal hairstyle. In here, you first have your hair straightened properly and then you can have then criss-crossed in the front of crown zone. There are no visible partitions, although it has been set from the sides. You can have straight hair paired with any wedding attire, but just make sure that you have mang-tikas to make it look more interesting.

Coiled curls hairstyle for wedding

Bridal Hair & Make-up: Rouge Artistry (Photography by S Surani Photography) - 10

These coiled curls are being loved by bridal hair stylists since they make the styles look complicated and sexy! You can try out this half up and down hairdo if your stylist is ready to take up the challenge or has done these styles before. The half up portion has your hair straightened and puffed up, while the rest of it has been curled and falls to one side of your shoulders. It makes your hair look lustrous and trendy. You can also pair it up with hair accessories which make the other side balanced.

Side parted waves with curls hairstyle


If you want your hair to be without too many Bobby pins and if you want to have it set loose, you can try styling it up in such a way, that it can stay easy and open. In the hairstyle below, we see that the lady has lustrous black hair and she has parted it to the side. She has added a mang-tikka which accessorizes the look. The first half of her hair has been waved in a convex shape and has then been curled up in sections. This makes your hair looks lovely while it feels relaxed!

Two puff side bangs with a long braid plait hairstyle (1)

This hairstyle is different and is mostly on wedding ceremonies about fashion.  The wedding accessories give a latest fashion trend. The hair designers are latest trend, especially for wedding. So, high quality and unique designs are here to get an idea to style your hair. Most stylish bridal hairstyle for modern girl and women nowadays is important. This hairstyle idea gives an excellent source to style your hair for the wedding. All the bridal hairstyle design will add more fashion trend on her wedding day. Mid party your hair and prepare puffy bangs on both sides like a head band. Decorate with the mang tikka of made with a natural flower. Puff the mid part of hair and pin it back. Braid the remaining hair with long plait. Decorate plait with natural flowers of lily and jasmine. Decorate bangs with flowers to hands.

Long braid plait with ear locks and two bangs

1-traditional-braided-bridal-hairstyle (1)

Mid parted your hair and prepare two sides bangs. Braid the hair and roll them like a bun. Tie long braid plait and decorate it with pearl chains. Roll them on the long braid plait. Place a big mang tikka in the middle of hair and have additional jewelry. This braid is tight, neat and thick to hear. Place hair accessories to braid with long hair. This hairstyle best suits for long hair. Try this hairstyle on any traditional functions or wedding. Bright color saree with jewelry is attractive in function. This hairstyle with bright color gives more beauty. This thick long braid decorated with flower garlands and pearls or golden accessories with a traditional hairstyle variety for the Indian style wedding. This hairstyle best suits with round face, oval and triangle face shape.

Stylish Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair with flower


The stylish hairstyle best suits for long hair. This hairstyle best suits and especially decorate your hair with flowers.  This hairstyle looks beautiful and can try on receptionist in Indian wedding ceremonies and other family occasions. Gujarati bridals are decorated with their hairstyle. Indian women & young girls can try with this type of hairstyle for any occasion. Mid part your hair and side bangs like a hair band. Puff it in the middle part and tie tight braid. Decorate your hairstyle with flowers.

Curly layered front puffy crown hairstyle

1. stylish-bridals-brides-dulhan-hairstyle-new-fashion-best-hair-cuts-for-wedding-7

The front puff hairstyle with curly layered hair on shoulders looks beautiful. The crown puffy hairstyle with layered curly hair adds beauty to any traditional outfit. The front puff is secured with hair pins with lower curls and bouncy hairstyle best suits for medium length hair. Try this hairstyle on wedding and parties that can turn everyone’s attention at you with beautiful flower hair pins decorated with hair.

Top curly bouncy bun hairstyle for lehenga traditional wear

2. Stylish-indian-Bridal-Lahenga

The hairstyle with lehenga choli best suits for wedding and other traditional occasions. Take a front section hair and side swept bang with that hair. Tie the remaining hair on the top of the head. Make a bouncy flower hair on top of the bun with curls. This hairstyle with two hair color shades looks beautiful. The front hair bang with dark black hair color and top bouncy flowered bun with dark brown hair color looks gorgeous on lehenga choli.

Side swept twisted hair strands hairstyle

3. new-indian-wedding-hairstyle

The side swept bang on the front section decorated with manga tikka which looks beautiful and falls the beads as a bindhi. The remaining hair is side swept by forming the layered hair strands, which are then twisted and rolled like a bun on the mid of the head and the remaining hair strands are twisted and secure them with pins. The hair is left on the shoulder with curly rolled hair to look beautiful.

Mid parted straight long hair

4. Indian-Wedding-Hairstyles-With-Headpieces

The hair is mid parted and is decorated with the manga tikka with four large flowers one by one with small stars side by side. This gives a beautiful look to simple hairstyle. This will suit for long straight hair. Try this hairstyle with eyelashes, makeup, and dark colored lipstick to look beautiful.

Low bun with top puff hairstyle5. strand_of_silk_-_indian_weddings_-_stunning_indian_wedding_hairstyles_we_love_-_classic_bun

The hairstyle best suits for round face shape. Mid part the front section hair and prepare a top puff. Then tie the remaining hair to form a ponytail. Twist the ponytail to form a big bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins and cover it with bun band. Decorate the bun with a big flower pin to cover the twisting gap. Secure and decorate the hairstyle with hair pins.