Beauty Care

Winter beauty care, skin care, hair care & makeup tips

Winter is the coldest and yet the most beautiful season of the year in some places. Winter should come with a weather advisory that rough beauty conditions ahead.  Winter is the time when the days are short and nights become very long. But cold weather also hits harder as you get older, when the production of skin’s natural moisturizers dips with age. It is also the time when most of us enjoy a holiday traveling with family and friends or just curling up in bed with a favorite book and a piping hot cuppa! Your skin becomes rough and flaky while your hair feels dry and loses its shine. Perhaps some people won’t agree with this, because winter is also the time that aggravates medical conditions like arthritis and the freezing winter wind can turn our skin and hair dry, and render the scalp itchy.

These simple cold weather beauty tricks will help your skin smooth, your hair shiny, and your makeup looking fresh well past the springtime start date.

Winter skin care tips

You can maintain a healthy skin tone by cleaning and exfoliating your skin regularly. Most of us have experienced extreme dryness in our skin no matter how much we take care of it during the winter season. Use a good exfoliating gel that has minute granules enriched with vitamin E. Here we have some skin care tips that will make our skin feel soft and supple during winter season.

Argan oil massage in winter for skin care

Argan oil can do miracle serum. This is better and comes to repair dry and damaged or chapped skin. This oil gets absorbed into your skin or hair easily. This helps to maintain your natural moisture. Apply some Argan oil all over your skin during the night. Make sure to be clean and dirt free before applying this oil. Put on heavy socks to sleep. This makes you wake up and even your roughest spots may become soft and make moisturized.

Use cleanser to re-examine to get hydrated skin

The weather gets cooler with the recommended making off switch from an exfoliating cleanser. This makes your skin milder and is no excessive with a drying agent. Thus, use a serum to swap it for the lotion or cream that is textured with and helps to nourish you with a hydrated skin.

Superb hydrating hand mask for soft skin

Your hands look dry and your skin gets folded due to dehydration and cool weather. Here, is a DIY mask that keeps your hands and nails super healthy. Soak your hands in warm milk and apply a mask of olive oil and egg mixture. Apply it and leave it for some time. Rinse it off. You can also use exfoliating scrub that is made with olive oil and salt.

Eat right food for skin care in winter

Eat right food that includes foods rich in omega – 3 fatty acids. This is essential and important to keep your skin hydrated. Eat more tuna, kale, salmon and spinach. Thus, the skin care experts and cosmetic dermatologists recommend avoiding caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates your skin. Winter rolls are around and it is better to go for herbal tea instead of coffee.

Add strawberries and honey into your diet

The best and tasty snack in the winter is strawberry with honey. This is a skin lifesaver during the winter. This acts as a great home remedy to keep you hydrated. Take three strawberries and are mashing them with a tablespoon of honey. Apply it on your dehydrated skin. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water. This helps to glow your skin naturally.

Use moisturizer to get smooth skin during winter

Since the skin on your face is more sensitive, use an oil-based moisturizer, rather than a water-based moisturizer so that the oil forms a protective layer on the skin and retains moisture on your face.

Exfoliate your skin for glowing skin

Exfoliate your skin once a week. It will help you get rid of the old dead cells and your skin will become fresh. You can use scrubs available in the market or use homemade ones.

Body oil massage for dry skin in winter

Moisturize your skin several times in a day. Use various body oils or body lotion products containing avocado oil, primrose oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, mineral oil or glycerin daily to reduce the dryness on your skin.

Water to get hydrated skin in winter

Drinking water helps your skin stay young and wrinkle free. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day during winter season.

Diet for fairer skin during winter

Add hot soups, herbal tea etc., to your daily diet. Add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet. Green leafy vegetables like methi and seasonal fruits like oranges are good options during winters.

Sunscreen to get rid of damaged skin

Winter sun can also damage your skin, so put on some sunscreen to your face and hands while going out during winter. You can use moisturizers that combine sun protection. Apply sunscreen before leaving the house.

Avoid hot showers in winter

Having a hot bath during winter season do feel great, but the intense heat of a hot bath or shower can lead to loss of moisture in our skin. Lukewarm water is much better for a bath during winter.

Winter hair care tips

Due to the bitter, dry freezing cold wind during winter season most of us find it difficult to manage the frizzy, and dry texture of the hair.

Avocado treatment for hair care in winter

Avocado is the best fruit to promote healthy hair. It is better to crush down the leftover fruits into a hydrating hair mask. This gives a hydrating skin with a healthy and glowing skin. This is the best home remedy for good health and healthy hair with glowing skin.

Tea tree oil treatment for winter hair care

Tea tree oil is the most invigorate roots that fight against dry skin and dandruff. Aloe vera gel treatment is also best with the scalp that heals and rejuvenates your hair moisturized. Thus, there are no worries on which hair care products you choose. Be sure to rinse your hair strands with cold water after taking your usual shower. This is crucial for fighting frizz.

Dandruff treatment in winter

Dandruff is quite common during the winter season due to dryness in the scalp. To avoid this try hot oil and lemon therapy at least once a week to get rid of dandruff.

Oil massage for scalp and hair care

Treat your hair with a nice oil massage; olive oil, coconut oil or whatever you prefer. You should heat the oil before applying it. Do this twice or at least once a week to keep your hair moisturized. Warm two teaspoons of olive oil and massage it into your scalp. It will keep your scalp healthy; your hair will be shiny and free of breakage and frizz.

Avoid washing your hair frequently

Use lukewarm and not hot water to wash your hair. Condition your hair every time after shampooing.

Luke warm water to get rid of split ends

During the winter season wash your hair with lukewarm water as hot water leaves your hair frizzy and static.

Conditioners to treat dry hair

A deep conditioning to your hair once in a while are probably best during the winter season. Avoid blow drying. If possible, let the hair dry naturally.

Use scarves to get smooth and silky hair in winter

Cover your hair every time you go out. Use silk scarves instead of the woolen ones as they lead to hair every time after shampooing.

How to avoid split ends in winter

Split ends in hair may also be due to dry weather. Too much exposure to cold wind results in hair breakage. Trim the split ends, which are common problems during winters as the hair becomes dry. Cover your head when you go out to protect your hair from the dry winter wind. Make sure to use a serum or a hair cream after a head bath to smoothen and bring shine to your hair.

Hairstyle to try in winter

You can try French braid, fish tail braid, side ponytail, high pony tail and various other hair styles. Most of us like leaving our hair loose, but it’s better to tie them into a ponytail or braid them during the winters. Braids are in trend now.

Water adds moisture to your hair

Drink plenty of water and eat more fresh salads to provide nourishment for your scalp and promote hair growth. This is one tip that we should follow not for a particular season, but throughout the year as it helps moisturize the skin from within.

Winter makeup tips

Every woman looks forward to making her look beautiful, even during the cold winter season. It is a popular belief among women that applying too much make-up can cause acne and pigmentation. Though applying a product that does not suit the skin does lead to breakouts, but that’s not too often. Choose makeup colors that are suitable for the winter season as well as your skin type. Here are some makeup tips for a glam look during winter season.

Dry skin: Skin type is most important during the winter season. If you have a dry skin, use a suitable lotion and apply all over your face gently before you apply makeup. Whereas for oily skin you just need to apply a little bit of it.

Moisturizer: Apply your moisturizer when your face is slightly moist. This helps in locking the moisturizer better and keeps your face refreshed for a long time.

Foundation: Use a creamy liquid foundation that matches your skin tone and apply over your face for a smooth look. After applying the foundation, apply some powder on your face to get the flawless appearance.

Warmer eye: Choose a warmer eye shadow shade like browns or grays and apply to the upper part of your eyelid to make your eyes look more striking.

Natural therapies: Natural yogurt is one of the best natural therapies for a blemish free, smooth and clear complexion. Use it on your face for 20 minutes and rinse it off.

Blusher: Use a blusher that will add a little color on your face so you don’t look too pale.

Black mascara: Use black mascara and apply on your eyelashes.

Nose appearance: To make your nose appear smaller and sharper, apply a matte Bronzing powder on the sides of your nose and then add highlighter or shimmery powder on the bridge of your nose for a sculpted effect.

Lipliner: Continuing with lips, line your whole lips with a lip liner and then blot it. Go over your lips again with the liner and then apply your lipstick. Apply lipstick or a colorless lip-gloss on your lips for a smooth and moist look. This will ensure your lips have more color for a lot longer than just applying a lipstick.

Light makeup: Try to apply makeup in natural light for a day time look. It helps in making sure you don’t step out of the house.