Advantages of wearing bra

Bra is a commonly worn undergarment by the girls and ladies. It is primarily worn with the objective to support the breast tissues so that they do not sag.  Wearing bra has its benefits. However, some recent studies on the topic has highlighted on some interesting facts related with wearing a bra. We will take a look on that as well, but first let us start with the advantages of wearing bra.


Breasts are made of adipose tissues and they have no muscles. So wearing a bra can provide effective support to the breasts. Which on the other hand can be helpful to reduce breast sagging. Sagging of breasts can even cause a downward pull to the skin of neck and chin; hence providing support to the breasts can be effective to ensure that your skin is not stressed continuously.

Proper posture

Wearing bra can be very helpful to get the right posture. Having a good posture is important for overall health and wellbeing. By wearing proper bra one can easily improve her posture and mitigate the ill effects of a drooping pose. Maintaining a proper posture is more important particularly during the growing period and hence for the girls below 18, wearing a bra seems to be a wise thing to do. For women with larger bust size not wearing a bra can even cause back pain, which can damage the normal posture.

The right figure

The bust line plays an important role in the total figure and appearance of a woman. By wearing a bra one can easily make her figure appear more pronounced and attractive. It becomes even more effective for women with larger bust line as the brassiere helps to keep the breasts in position making one look slimmer and toned. Wearing the right kind of bra can also be helpful for women with smaller breast size, who wish to have a bigger bust line, because bra can be helpful to give the illusion of a larger breast size.


Wearing a proper brassiere can actually be more comfortable for women. It stops the slapping of breasts with the body and also restricts the formation of sweat under the breasts, which can be very uncomfortable otherwise, and can even cause fungal infection on the skin. During exercises and heavy physical work wearing a bra can actually add to the comfort and ease of movement. So, comfort is surely one primary advantage of wearing a bra.

The look factor

Brassieres are now available in different interesting designs, colors, patterns and with laces, frills and all the things that a woman is sure to like. So, if you are using bra you can actually indulge yourself into all these. They just make another garment that adds beauty to your wardrobe.


As reported by many women, they feel more confident when they are wearing a bra. However, this might be a result of long habit, but according to some studies, using a bra can make one feel more comfortable and confident in her day to day work.

Now having said about the benefits of wearing a bra, let us take a look at what the latest researches on the topic are saying. According to a study performed by Dr.StaffordBroumand who is a working plastic surgeon at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, in younger women, not wearing a bra can improve the growth of the breasts and can also add to the lift of the breasts. As explained by the study, in younger women not wearing a bra can increase the production of collagen and also the natural elasticity of the breasts, which can improve the lift of developing breasts. The tension caused to the ligaments and connective tissues due to not wearing a bra can be actually beneficial for preventing breast sagging in growing girls.

On the other hand, the same research points out that the effects of not wearing a bra are not the same in case of older and pregnant women, because in older women the amount of collagen in the breasts is already less and the supportive tissues are already weaker compared to the younger girls. So, a bra can provide the support needed by the busts that has been lost due to age, helping the breasts to retain their proper shape and to prevent drooping.