Mehndi Designs

Beautiful Bengali mehandi design

Henna or Mehndi are is a very common tradition of decorating the hands and feet with beautiful mehndi designs for women and girls inthe Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and In Arabic Countries like Saudi Arab, Kuwait, and Dubai.   Mehndi is not a real Bengali tradition but most Bengali brides like to get their hands decorated with mehndi designs and it has become a popular tradition amongst Bengali community as well.

Mehandi or henna is a sign of beautiful occasion or any festival. Mehandi design has become a temporary tattoo and that makes beautiful looking hands and legs. They can be created with own creativity and talent. There are many remarkable mehandi artists in the world.

The wedding is most important in every one’s life where people enjoy everything. It is an important bid day in every woman’s life and she tries to get her best look on her wedding day. She wishes to make the day very special and memorable for her lifelong. The traditions, customs, may change from one another.

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On the wedding day Bengali bride loves to adorn their hands with mehandi designs which is not originally a Bengali marriage tradition, but incorporated from other Indian communities, especially from the North Indian and Central Indian marriages.

Bridal mehandi designs bear in mind as usually ornate and intricate. It can be done on the bride’s palm extending upwards slightly and even backside of the palm. It became very popular in Bengali marriages that as soon as a Bengali girl’s marriage is settled, she starts collecting the best Mehandi designs for her wedding.

Rangoli designRangoli mehandi design

Here you can see a floral design that small flower is followed by full hand flower design. Then followed some curves that show diamond and semi circles. It is somewhat like the bracelet design also. Then the squares are drawn and filled with small flowers. After that the curves and leaf shape like circles are drawn. Fingers are also filled with small squares and circles.

Amazing creative mehandi designAmazing-creative-mehandi-design

It is an amazing mehandi design with peacock design. Two peacocks facing in opposite directions are drawn in two arms and followed the figure with semicircles, dots, and curves. The peacocks are followed by mango shaped design and extended with circles. Then again mango shaped curves facing each other is drawn on two hands. Then semi circle shapes and filled with small squares. And then closing with the dots.

Peacock and floral mehandi designPeacock-and-floral-mehandi-design

The design looks beautiful highlighting the peacocks and flowers. Two opposite faced peacocks are decorated with semicircular curves and circles. Then V shaped curves on both hands look together and half leaf shaped design filled with Small square. Cross shaped curves and circles that look beautiful. Bottom of the design is a big flower with leaves. Figures are decorated with semi-circles and cap.

Traditional mehandi designTraditional-mehandi-design

The traditional mehandi design is that because of the kalusha located at the center of the arm with one hand. Followed with some semi circles and small circles up to the top of the fingers. On top of the kalusha you can notice a half square with small squares inside it. A peacock is drawn on top of it and some mango shaped design followed with semi circle and a small peacock. The entire design looks somewhat different on the other hand with a small change that in place of kalush a flower is drawn and curves and semi circles.

Beautiful bridal mehandi design


A beautiful bridal mehandi design with elaborate floral motifs. It’s a gorgeous bridal mehandi design inspired by temple carvings and sculptures. On the two hands you can notice big flowers at the center of arm backside and curves with small lines. Then one hand, if filled with small flowers flowing the leaves with the change in flower size. On the other hands some curves with dots and followed by flowers and leaves.

Simple and easy mehandi designSimple-and-easy-mehandi-design

The design is simple and easy to draw. It can be varied for two hands. One hand is filled with all curves, dots, floral, half circles. On the arm there is a big leave shaped design and somewhat peacock shaped design can be seen. On the other hands the arm is filled with half circle with dots and lines. It is followed by mango shaped lines and filled squares. Fingers are also filled with small squares and half curves with floral type design.

Floral Bengali mehndi design

Floral Bengali mehndi designBengali girls love to apply mehndi designs on the back of the hands.There are floral designs made in a slanting style on the side of the hand. The design moves in intrinsic pattern from the wrist to the fingers. The back of the fingers are also decorated with a simple zigzag pattern.

Full hand Bengali Mehndi design

Full hand Bengali Mehndi design1Another beautiful design the full hand of the bride is a pattern that adorns the hand from the elbow to the fingers. The design is in traditional Arabic style peacock, circles and zigzag lines. Both hands are decorated with different patterns giving a similar fully decorated look of the back of the hand. The fingers and thumb are fully covered with mehndi in the traditional Rajasthani style. The decoration of the backside of the hand only is the latest trend in fashion which is well adapted by Bengali brides.

Circle pattern Bengali Mehndi design
Full hand Bengali Mehndi design

The brides also like to decorate their hands with traditional Guajarati style mehndi design.
It includes a circle on the middle of the palm with fine intrinsic patterns on both sides covering the upper part of the arm and the fingers. The thumb and fingers are carefully adorned with fine lines in floral pattern.

Non traditional Bengali Mehndi design

Non traditional Bengali Mehndi design

Bengali brides at times opt for non-traditional designs which provide a unique look to their hand. Some of these designs start from the wrist and move in continuity in a flowing manner right up to the tips of the fingers. Mostly the design comprises of circles, paisley and leaves in a horizontal manner. The bold parts are filled with fine intrinsic lines and dots.

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