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Besan atta / Gram flour curry and chutney for breakfast – How to make best side dishes for breakfast in 15 minutes

In Indian cooking besan or gram flour is a very popular ingredient used in making of various dishes. Gram flour or besan atta or senagapindi is obtained from Bengal gram or chana dal. Grinding of these spices gives the nutty flavor of besan atta or gram flour. Gram flour is usually yellow in color and having an earthy flavor. If you want to make any savory dishes or sweets this gram flour plays major role in giving a perfect outfit of the dish.

Compared with wheat flour, besan gram flour consists of rich carbohydrates, nutrients, manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and foliate. After seeing all these health benefits i thought not to miss these healthy dishes prepared by besan or gram flour. Using of gram flour or senagapindi you can quickly make any snack items. It won’t take much time to prepare the tasty dishes.

You can find this besan atta or gram flour in every grocery list. So here we are introducing two special items that are easy and cooked within 15 minutes. Besan atta onion curry & Bombay chutney with gram flour / besan atta are prepared using the besan atta or gram flour as side dishes for a breakfast. Look at the recipes and start preparing at home. How to make wishes you to have a healthy breakfast.

Besan atta onion curry


Besan atta onion curry is the best side dish for chapathis and pooris. Making of this curry is so simple and easy. After tasting the curry sure your guest will ask you for a recipe. It is completely homemade recipe. Check out the ingredients and start preparing this besan atta onion curry within 15 minutes and serve hot with pooris and chapathis.

  • Besan atta / gram flour – 4tbsp
  • Onions – 4
  • Poppy seeds – 2tbsp
  • Green chili – 2
  • Salt (required)
  • Oil – 2tbsp
  • Curry leaves
  • Water – 1glass

Step 1: Take besan atta / gram flour in a bowl.

Step 2: Mix the flour with water slowly by avoiding lumps.

Step 3: It will form as a light liquid. Keep this aside.

Step 4: Take the onions on cutting pad. Peel of the onions.


Step 5: Start cutting the onions into thin straight slices.

Step 6: Chop the green chilies also.

Step 7: Keep a vessel on the stove with oil. Heat it in low flame.

Step 8: After oil getting hot, add poppy seeds.



Step 9: Let the seeds get a pop. It should become a light brown shade.

Step 10: Now add onions and green chilies to it.

Step 11: Fry them for 5 minutes.

Step 12: Add curry leaves to it.



Step 13: Now, pour the gram flour, liquid which we kept aside in the bowl.

Step 14: Mix the mixture completely. Add salt to the liquid.

Step 15: Boil this till the liquid becomes stronger and form as a gravy. If required, add red chili powder if you want to spiciness.



Step 16: Turn off the flame and serve it into a bowl.

Serve this as a side dish for Chapathis or Pooris.

Bombay chutney with gram flour / besan atta


Till now I did not taste the chutney with besan atta. After hearing the name of the recipe I thought of practicing it at home. Years back those who sell Tiffin’s on the road used to prepare this chutney it seems. Today my mom prepared at home and served us as a side dish for hot idly. It sounds good. Why can’t you try? Start preparing Bombay chutney with gram flour or besan atta at home.


  • Besan atta / senagapindi / gram flour – 1cup
  • Water – 3cups
  • Tamarind juice – 2tbsp
  • Green chili – 3
  • Coriander leaves – 4tbsp
  • Salt (required)
  • Red chili powder (required)
  • Poppy seeds – 1tbsp
  • Curry leaves – 1tbsp
  • Oil – 2tbsp

Step 1: Take besan atta / gram flour in a vessel.

Step 2: Mix the flour with water slowly by avoiding lumps.

Step 3: It will form as a light liquid.


Step 4: Now keep this vessel on the stove. Light a low flame and start stirring the liquid slowly.

Step 5: Now add the tamarind juice into the liquid.

Step 6: Add green chili and salt to it.

Step 7: Allow the liquid stronger. Now turn off the flame.


Step 8: Now add red chili powder (1/2 tbsp) to the liquid.

Step 9: Keep separate pan on the stove, add oil to it. Heat the oil on low flame.

Step 10: Add poppy seeds into the oil. You can observe the seeds start becoming yellow in the shade.

Step 11: Now add curry leaves and coriander leaves to it. Turn off the flame.


Step 12: Pour this mixture into the liquid vessel.

Step 13: Mix well and now tasty Bombay chutney is ready to eat now.


Serve this pickle in hot idly along with ghee. This is very famous in West Godavari district. They use as a side dish for idly.