How to find the perfect hairstyle ideas for curly hair with oval face

Individuals with oval shape face does not have to get a second though about the dress they wear or the haircut they make as almost all types of hairstyles goes with their image. If you have curly hair, most of the curly hair styles will absolutely be fine on your face cutting.  Yet there are many fascinating styles that will suit you really well. You can go with bangs, layered as well as parting. You can now choose the best among the list of hair styles deemed for individuals with an oval face shape. Since oval face shape is symmetrical from all sides, there is nothing left in the face which should be enhanced. Thus, any hairstyle would suit.

Hairstyles for curly hair with oval face 

Side parting hairstyleSide parting

If you have medium or long curly hair, making a side parting in one side and allowing locks to fall from one side of the hair will be perfect. If middle parting is done on an individual with oval shape face with curly hair, there is an illusionary effect that your face appears longer. But, if you can do side parting, a perfect oval shape will be acquired.

Layered hairstyle

Layered hairstyle

Though layer cut goes best with straight hair, these days’ people with curly hair are also adopting. Belief me,  it suits really well with individuals with oval shape and curly hair.  Whether you want to get a short layer or long, both can be adjusted in oval shaped face.

Side swept bangs hairstyle

Side swept bangs

Ladies having an oval shape face with wavy hair can consider the side swept hairstyle. You can also try this with curly hair, but for that you would require the hair iron that can make your hair little wavy but not totally straight. You can also use hair serums for a while in order to get the natural look.

Shaggy wavy hairstyle

Shaggy wavy hairstyle

You can now have a different mood about your attire, the shaggy wavy hairstyle will be appropriate. This will give you a dreamy look with a careless finish. Even you can dress up very casually with this shaggy hairstyle on your oval shape face.

Short wavy bob hairstyle

Short wavy bob

Another popular hairstyle that was always having a great appearance among the public is none other than the short wavy bob.  You must have seen your favorite Hollywood artists adopting this hairstyle.  This can be tried on your face as well as you have an oval shape face.

Shoulder length cut with front bang hairstyle

Shoulder length cut with front bangIf you have curly hair, the best way of adopting this hair style will be application of heat at first and dealing with the entire procedure of hairstyles. This hairstyle looks really great with all types of haircut, especially when you are wearing a casual attire to hang out with your friends.

Long straight cut with middle part hairstyle

Long straight cut with middle part

Sometimes people with curly hair cut also like to have a tall finish to their face. If you too fall in this category go to the middle part and keep your hair as it is falling from two sides of your head, such as from the forehead and the cheeks.

Curly hair with back pin

Curly hair with back pin

You have to take hairs from two sides of your hair and make braids with both the strands of hair one after another. Once the braid is formed, take both the braids from two sides and place it at the back, making a long braid in a horizontal which joins both at the Centre. Place a very attractive pin in the middle as well.

Curly hair with horizontal braid hairstyle

Curly hair with horizontal braid

You can also take some hair from the top and sides of your head and take it back by pinning them in one place. This will make you look attractive when you are attending a party of an occasion. You can also place a very attractive hairpin at the back where you have pinned it.

Twisted curly hair with bow hairstyle

Twisted curly hair with bow

Whether you have very short hair or a mid length hair, go for a twisted hairstyle to create a dramatic finish to your image. You can also place a bow after twisting your hair and forming a lump over it. Go for this hairstyle and you will enjoy load.

Rope like a twist on curly hair

Rope like twist on curly hair

Another wonderful twisting hairstyle appears as a rope. From two sides you have to take bunch of hair that should be twisted in a rotary basis till the time it gets into the rope like appearance.  Thereafter, you tie the both forming a club at the back.

African braided Updos hairstyle

African braided Updos

This hairstyle is very popular among the Africans that makes braids taking very steeper hair from the top till bottom making a very neat finish. The long braids so formed will be placed at the top of the head to for an African Updos. You can place a small hair pin or a flower in one corner to make it look attractive.

Front French palate

Front French palate


Getting an extraordinary finish is easy over your hair when you have a curly hair and have adopted the French palate.  If you have an oval face shape, you can show your forehead by creating the French plate at one side of your hair which will make your face look fuller. You can make this at one side of your hair or both the sides making an extraordinary look.

Fashion curved bangs hairstyle for oval face shape


The bang hairstyle is a great and best choice for oval face shape. Try this because the hairstyles can change the face shape. The hairstyles can shorten the face length by covering them with hairstyles. These aren’t blunt and are instead as they curve on the sides. So, add a frame around the eyes. The sleekness has been just like a blow drying hair. This hairstyle adds a pea size amount of smoothen just like a fashion of Italy hairstyle as a pure design of pure water drops. Simply comb your hair and leave the front bang on the forehead. This hairstyle covers the forehead. Leave side straight long hair open and remaining on the back. Hair ends are curled and side fringes are shaped as ‘S’ on both sides.

Trendy curly short hair with short bangs to try for oval face shape


Try this hairstyle that best suits for you’re instead of trying hairstyles that not suits for your face shape. The different fashion and trendy hairstyle that best suits for your face shape with bob cut hairstyle. If you have a bob cut with curly hair then you can try this hairstyle. Simply, comb your hair and form front fringe to cover the forehead. The remaining curly hair is brushed and left zig-zag which gives a gorgeous look. The hairstyle looks unique and also turns everyone’s attention at you when in a party. Slight make up with this hairstyle looks beautiful. You should remember that bangs are just an option can be wavy, curlies, and kinkies for an oval face shape.

Straight wavy hairstyle for oval face shape

Straight wavy hairstyle for oval face shape


The straight & wavy hairstyle with wavy hair falls is best for oval face shape. The images shows the edge layers as the way to spotlight specific areas of the face. So, cut the layers to the cheeks, lips, or chin, that may depend on the feature. So, if you may want to highlight the hairstyle, then you can try this creative way to cut that can have layers that are around the face. Form the pairing bangs with a length that can hit at the collarbone. Swept bang instead that can create a crisscrossing angle and make you look more beautiful with your loved cheekbones.

Short hairstyles with bangs for oval face shape

1. 8bf46642353cc267724a663fef98d397 Curly bangs are amazing features to shine your hair. The layered haircut or curly bangs hairstyle with side swept bangs. Curly and kinky bangs have a tendency to shrink that need to often be heat styled. This can maintain the look. Heat styling is unhealthy for your locks and is the best way to stay away from daily use. This bangs may be an option for wavy, curly and kinkies. This is best for oval face that is something to show off. This covers your forehead that should shine.

Curly hair in brown color

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 07: Singer/musician Shania Twain arrives at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 7, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

The curly hair tends to be the right now that is good and natural for your face. This adds a layoff to those flat irons. Thus, it this makes your hair natural. This works for your face shape. This is better to cut your curly hair too short. The brown colored hair color with curls and side swept bangs are good looking. This hairstyle is best for any outings.

Long beach wavy hairstyle

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 13: Brooklyn Decker visits Fox And Friends at FOX Studios on February 13, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

The wavy light brown hair best suits for oval face with fair skin tone. This long wavy hairstyle is the best and perfect hairstyle with a classic look. This is not too long, which is super long hair that is not always a great choice for oval faces. This makes the face appear longer. This can mix wavy and long hairstyle with low curls.

Two colored curly hair for oval face

4. curly-hairstyles-for-oval-shape-faces

The two colored hair color has an oval face, which is having a curly look. This is nicely blessed in the locks of department that can unsure this to your face shape. This can assess your face shape and has some characteristics of all the face shapes. Thus, this curly hairstyle gives an elegant look. Try this hairstyle for a natural and has an amazing look to look beautiful.