Best stylish hairstyle & haircut ideas for curly hair square face

If you have a square faced shape, it means you have symmetrical faces with the wide forehead and broader jaw line. The hairstyle that you have to adopt for the square face shape should ideally cover the side of foreheads and the jaw line. The two corners of the forehead and jaw line must be covered in such a way that you get a roundish or oval shape face. Each face type has its pros and cons based on which the hair style must be adopted. Similarly, square shape is also such a face shape that is good for specific types of hair cut but is not suitable for other types of haircut as well. Let us have a look at a list of hairstyle that suites lady with square face with curly hair.

Hair style for curly hair square face

A simple ponytail hairstyle

A simple ponytail hairstyle

You can now tie up a pony tail right at the back, leaving some strands of hair that falls from two sides of forehead that will create a squeeze of your face. The fullness of the face can also be depicted with the help of this particular hairstyle on the square faced shape.

Messy bob hairstyleMessy bob

Look how attractive the lady is looking with the bob hairstyle with curly hair tone. The wet look absolutely looks well with the lady having a square face shape. You can easily attend any party or an informal gathering with this hairstyle with a very light makeup over the face.

Mid length messy layers hairstyle

Mid length messy layer

If you have a curly hair with square face shape that too is cut till the shoulder, the messy layer cut will be a wonderful consideration. You don’t have to use a comb in order to create this hairstyle; rather this messy look can be created just by using your hand.

Curly pixie haircut

Curly pixie haircut

Another great hairstyle that goes with the image of ladies with square shaped face is none other than the hairstyle named as curly pixie.  The short and small curls fall over your forehead, making it look really attractive. His hairstyle also goes with ladies who have crossed 50 years of age.

Perfect bang haircut

Perfect bang haircut

The square cut face looks really good with the bangs on the face that has certain length starting from the chin till the back of the body. You must make the bang tapered on the sides in order to make it perfect. The smallest hair on the forehead hits the brow and places below the ban as well.

Short layers hairstyle

Short layers

The short layers that are created on curly hair style with square face look really interesting. This will create a perfect bounce on your hair and the width of the hairstyle complements your face shape. This will make your face look little taller in appearance and be really amazing when you are out with zeal. There must be great flair on your face shape with this haircut.

Blunt cut with side clip hairstyle

Blunt cut with side clip

The curliest hair can also create a blunt cut with the combination of square shaped face. If you have a short curly hair and wish to make a different appearance, getting a blunt cut and placing a pin at the side of the hair will be amazing in looks. This will suit you in any of your wedding occasions.

Curly formal hairstyle

Curly formal hairstyle

The lady with blonde hair must look really amazing with the curly formal hairstyle. This hairstyle also looks good with the ladies having square face cut. Whether you are a teenager or an elderly lady crossing 50 years of age this short curly formal hairstyle suites you really well.

An up do with long curls

An updo with long curls

Up do hairstyles always go with your formal attire, especially when you are willing to get a sober look in a formal party. Few hair strands would fall out from the other side of your hair from the front portion as well as the sides so that the square face shape does not look odd.

Medium wavy formal cut hairstyle

Medium wavy formal cut

The lady with square face shape looks really attractive when the wavy hair complements with the formal look. Even if you have coarse curly hair, you can easily transform the same into the wavy hair. This can be done by your popular hair styling tool.

Medium curly casual hairstyle

Medium curly casual

The hairstyle depicted in the picture depicts a casual look. Ladies in the square shaped face look really attractive with this hairstyle along with the casual attire. This can also be a hairstyle for your party that you have arranged casually with your friends. Try it today and enjoy a different look.

Long wavy formal hairstyle

Long wavy formal

You can now get a spectacular look with your long wavy formal hair style when you have a square face shape. This hair style can be much more attractive if you use a flat hair iron to make the top portion of your hair flat and the rest of the hair that falls down in a wavy variation.

Long curls with bangs hairstyle

Long curls with bangs

If you are a squared shaped face lady with very small curls, try to keep it as it is without trying for any alterations. You can make a side swept which will make the hair fall over your cheeks from both the sides.  This will not make your square face look very square, rather it will create a spectacular view of your face from every angle.

Curly side ponytail hairstyle


This is the best gorgeous hairstyle for square face shape. Try this romantic side updo hairstyle that best suits to your face shape. With the hair secured on one side of the head, that is behind the ear. You should curl your hair and leave them to fall over the shoulder. This hairstyle can create a sophisticated look. Try this updo hairstyle that can dampen it. The scrunch curly hair with mousse is just before securing it to the side and it can add volume at the crown.

Curly hair bob cut hairstyle for square face shape

Curly hair bob cut hairstyle for square face shape

If you have curly hair with natural hair color of brown, then you can try this hairstyle. This is simple and easy to wear. Try this quick hairstyle to add a more beautiful look to your. The best for square face shapes is to keep the bulk away from the jaw line. Go with a mid length hair that can fall below the chin. If not, then cut in lots of rounded layers. The hairstyle touches the top portion of the face.

“Graduated layers that graze the cheekbones do a stunning job of adding softness to the face,” says Guido. Most of the curly hair with air dry blow drying those few front, layered pieces with a smooth hair can enhance softness into your facial features. The hairstyle with longer bangs can count on a side swept style that can add lightness as well. So, try this longer side bangs that should ideally hit between the eye and cheekbone that can bring the emphasis to your eyes.

Ponytail with a choppy bang


You can try this gorgeous hairstyle for a casual look. The pony tail and eyebrow skimming with choppy bangs make you look beautiful. Heavy bangs can accentuate your jaw line. But, you should make sure that you get them rounded at the edge that can soften your look. This hairstyle draws an attention to your eyes. So, make sure that your makeup is immaculate. This hairstyle best suits to square face shape as the faces are about equal and in length that can be width, with defined corners and prominent cheekbones.