Latest best stylish hairstyle ideas to try for half saree

Half sarees are a traditional style of wearing sarees, which has been re-incorporated at present. It had been widely popular in South India and was referred as Langa Voni in Telugu, Langa Davani in Kannada and Pavadai Daavani in Tamil. In English, we call it a half lehenga, half saree or two-piece saree. It looks like a saree but the pallu is detached. So you tuck it in on one side, while you pleat it like a saree and put it across the shoulder. In this article, we will go through some lovely half saree designs and see which hairstyles you can match with them. These hairstyles are latest styles which come with a touch of traditions.

Bouffant with straight hair for half saree


Women have loved the comeback of bouffant hairdos, and they are trying their best to experiment with it. This is a lovely hairstyle which makes your hair look fuller and beautiful. In the picture below, we see a lovely half saree with a blend of white, pink and yellow. The lady has a bouffant hair and pinned it up at the back. The hair has been straightened well and let down from one of her shoulders. Choose a side that is more comfortable for you to manage.

Middle partition with twisted hairstyle for half saree


A blend of green and red never goes out of style, be it Eastern of Western clothes. We see a bright combination in the half saree, which undoubtedly suits the wearer. Her hair has been straightened for the first half while the tips have been curled. Part your hair from the middle and then make the twists. You simply need to take similar sections of both sides of your hair and then twist it and pin at the back. The rest of the hair will flow down. Curl up the tips for the final touch.

Middle parted hair with puff and braid hairstyle

Middle parted hair with puff and braid

We see a pretty South Indian lady in the picture below, as she stars in a lovely purple and green half saree. South Indians have always preferred braids over other hairstyles, and this one is just an enhancement! Part your hair from the middle and make slight puffs on the sides. This will give your hair a lift and make it look voluminized. Pin up well and then make a braid. For the final touch, you can also choose to add a garland of mogra to beautify the style, to make it authentic and also to smell well.

Crown bouffant with bun hairstyle


Bun hairstyles are pretty common for sarees, half sarees and lehenga cholis. Most people do not realize that even buns can come with numerous ways of enhancement. In this picture below, we see a lady in pink and cream half saree. She has a nicely straightened hair and let the front portion fall by the forehead. The hair after this partition is back-brushed for a neat bouffant. Pin up the puffed hairdo properly and then proceed to the next step. Make a neat bun and add some mogra flowers or accessories to it.

Middle parted hair with puff and curls hairstyle


We see a lovely half saree design in the picture below. The combination of red and yellow is bright and appealing for important occasions. This hairstyle lets you have a touch of puff and curls together! Part your hair from the middle and then twist the sides to lift them up. Pin them neatly and then add the mang-tika or mang-chain. For the rest of the hair, let it remain wavy in the first half while the second half is nicely curled up. This might vary according to the length of your hair and your preference. Make sure that the tips are curls at least.

Loose twisted hairdo with flower hairstyle


This hairstyle looks very traditional, but suits the attire we see below. A blend of black and red in a cotton half saree could probably call for such a hairdo. The lady’s hair has been brushed from the side and then twisted the tips. Unlike a regular braid where three sections of hair are required, this hairstyle will need two sections only. Twist it all through and also let it loose. The thinner side of the partition will have the flower pinned up, while the thicker side will have the twist let down.

Side parted hair with back-brushed twists


This is quite an uncommon hairstyle for a saree, because most of us like to have our hair falling in front. You can try this unique style especially if you have a glamorous saree and you want to keep your hair off your face. Part your hair from the side and then back-brush the thinner side. Pin it properly and then back-brush the thicker side. Add a slight lift on this side and twist up if needed. Pin this side well too, and let the rest of the hair stay open.

Twists curls with open hair hairstyle


In this picture below, we see a lovely half saree design which makes the lady look alluring. The hairstyle needs minimal help, but will still make the look shine out! Part your hair from the side and add volume by brushing back and forth with your comb. Let the first quarter of your hair remain straight, while the rest of it is curls in slight twists. Curl to the external side of the hair and not to the internal side. This will make the hair look fuller and gives you an amazing style to carry.

Fish-tail braid hairstyle for half saree


This is a latest style of braiding which has gained quite appreciation among women. You will have to take help of a hairstylist who knows who to have this done properly. This hairstyle gives your regular braid a break and adds some newness in your look. While braids are very common for sarees and lehenga, experimenting with braids have also taken a new toll in women. You can also accessorize it with flowers or jewelry.

Neat bun with mang-chains hairstyle


Bun hairstyles are nothing new for sarees, but in the picture below, we get to see that even bun hairdos could look good with them. If you make a neat and regular bun, add some jewelry to it, you might get a perfect hairdo to suit you new half saree design. We see a lovely golden, black and white combination for a half saree which has been matched with a neatly tied bun hairdo. What enhances the hairstyle is the heavy chained mang-tika.

Mid parted open hair for half saree


Latest fashion trendy half saree with green and pink combination looks beautiful. The combination is rare and a full sleeve looks pretty. With this half saree the loose open hairstyle is perfect and it gives a tradition look. Mid part your hair and pin the front hair at the middle. Slightly puff your middle hair and pin the front two side’s hair. Leave the remaining hair open. Place some part of hair on shoulder and remaining on back.  This hairstyle is cute and easy to style your hair. Try this hairstyle for more compliments and make you look beautiful with traditional look.

Fashion stylish hairstyle for simple plain half saree


The half saree is in yellow and rose pink color which is amazing. Sleeveless blouse with this half saree make you look bright and bold. Style your hair that perfectly suits to this half saree. Comb your hair and side swept your hair to left shoulder. Simple curls on the shoulder are pretty cute. This hairstyle is simple to wear and you can try it in less time. This hairstyle is easy to wear on any occasion. This gives a traditional look for wedding, mehandi, or any festival occasion also make you look cute. This hairstyle with simple jewelry looks like a trending. As the lehenga has heavy border in gold color and is grand to wear on any function or party too.

Outstanding top up hair bun hairstyle on half saree

red colour designer handmade new style lehenga saree 2013 for reception and functions

The half saree is in bright merron color and is designed with silver and green combination. This dark color heavy half saree looks pretty cute. Try this hairstyle to look beautiful on this half saree. Simple sides swept fron hair with mid portion and decorate with a mang tikka. Leave the remaining hair and tie them like a border bun at rich side. Prepare a wide lower side bun with rolls. Decorate with simple jewelry makes you look gorgeous. So, try this simple quick easy hairstyle on any occasion. This hairstyle makes you to turn everyone’s attention at you.