Hairstyle to compliment your saree in engagement

You must be looking out for the best hairstyle on the day of your engagement which will again give you an attractive look along with your attire and other wedding accessories. You should be the center of attraction and thus, people must glue at you and make you look attractive in all ways. There are varieties of ways through which you can easily get a very attractive look. Hairstyle is an important element which will definitely add great value to your dignity. The hair stylist is here with a variety of hairstyles from where you can choose the best one for your special occasion.

Hairstyle ideas for engagement saree

Bun hairstyle for engagement

1. Indian-Bun-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair-On-Engagement

The tight and lower back bun hairstyle looks beautiful with natural flowers. Back brush your hair and prepare a soft back low bun on a traditional wear to look good. The hairstyle is then decorated with beautiful flowers, on the side of the bun. This adds more beauty with trendy jewelry and dress. Thus, style your hair for a traditional party.

Engagement traditional wear with stylish hairstyle

2. shilpa-ahuja

Wedding is the most beautiful part of every woman’s life. That’s the reason every woman wants to be beautiful on her wedding and engagement day. Style your hair to look unique. The updo bun hairstyle on an engagement gown makes her look trendy and fashion. This stylish, trendy outfit looks awesome with this hairstyle. Decorate the hairstyle with a hairpin at the center of the hair.

Bridal hairstyle for engagement

3. indian-bridal-hairstyles-for-engagement-11-06-2014-09-57-016

The bridal hairstyle makes you look stylish and trendy for her engagement. The manga tikka on this stylish hairstyle that the hair strand with a side swept bang looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle with simple matching jewelry for traditional outfit attracts the viewers. Try this stylish look with a beautiful Mehandi design and unique hairstyle.

Indian open hairstyle for long hair

4. Indian-Open-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair-On-Engagement

The best side swept bangs with a bouncy hair at back to support the pallu is good. Try this stylish hairstyle for engagement. The remaining hair left on shoulder. The lower hair is rolled and twisted which looks like a fish braid. Style your hair with a hair pin flower. This makes her look trendy. The simple jewelry and manga tikka with a traditional outfit is awesome.

Stylish side bangs loose hair with flowers

5. indian-bridal-hairstyles-for-engagement-11-06-2014-10-02-055

The hairstyle looks beautiful with natural white flowers. Prepare a side swept bang and leave the remaining hair back. Take a part of hair and place them on one shoulder. The hairs are with lowered curls. Decorate with fashion, jewelry and manga tikka. A white flower on the other side adds more beauty to your hairstyle. The pink colored saree with green border and stylish fashion, hairstyle and jewelry looks awesome and turns everyone’s looks at you.

Messy hair with braid hairstyle for saree

Messy hair with braid

Look at this hairstyle adopted by the lady in red saree. She looks beautiful with her presentation which also includes the lovely hairstyle that has a very attractive messy look at the front hair portion and a braid with the rest of the long hair that is taken in one side.

Front bump hairstyle 

Front bump hairstyle

A bump in the front portion of the hair has become a fashion today. Some ladies make it by teasing their hairs whereas others use Bumpits to support their hair and form a front Bumps. Look at the lady looking great with the front bump hairstyle. You can also adopt this hairstyle for your engagement.

Braided bun with flowers hairstyle for engagement saree

Braided bun with flowers

Ladies with south Indian origin has a custom putting flowers over their hair in almost all special occasions. Even in this engagement party she will look stunning with flowers over her hair. The lady is looking really dynamic after making a long straight braid and overlapping it in a spiral way to form a bun. If you have less hair use a false hair.

Back pinned hair in front curls hairstyle for traditional outfit

Back pinned hair with front curl

You can also take some portions of hair from your front, comb it and tie it in the back by leaving the rest of your hair open wide. Take two strands of hair from either side and use a curling iron to create curls. This is a simple hairstyle that will look amazing during your engagement.

Simple untied hair with waves hairstyle for saree

Simple untied hair with waves

Look at the lady in pink and blue keeping her hair open wide with big curls at the tips of her hair. The lady originally does not have totally straight hair, but the hairstyles you created make her look lovely. This particular hair style will look really amazing for a lady who has extraordinarily beautiful hair.

Modern style hair for engagement saree

Muslim style hair for engagement

There are times when you can get inspired by the women with the Muslim religion. You can see the beautiful woman adopting the very simple hairstyle with a pallu placed at the back of her hair. The lady probably has created a bun at the back which is covered by the cloth.

Messy hairstyle with rolled hairstyle for engagement saree

Messy hairstyle with rolled hair

An attractive messy hair is created with the hair strands placed at various locations. You need to twist your hair and make a base over your hair. The hair strands from various portions must be accumulated and placed at the back. The rest of the hair must be made curl with rollers.

Side part with neat bump hairstyle for engagement

Side part with neat bump

The side parting is done and the thick portion of the hair is taken and made a bump. The hair which is lengthier is created with braid hairstyle. Some beautiful pink hair is used to make it look attractive. You must try this an extraordinary style for your engagement party. Try this today and see the difference.

Retro bulges with straight waves hairstyle for saree

Retro bulge with straight waves

Look at the lady with the bump hairstyle which looks really amazing with a light color pre wedding dress. The simple yet attractive hairstyle adds value to her looks, especially when small curls are adopted at the back. This will really make here the center of attraction at the engagement party.

Spiral bun hairstyle for traditional outfit

Spiral bun hairstyle

The image above gives an overview of the hairstyle adopted by the lady for her engagement ceremony. After making a heat tie at the front portion of the hair, the lady has created a bun with the rest of the hair that is made spiral with a hot iron. A bun is created with those hairs and beautiful white rose is placed at the left side of the hair.

Side fringe hairstyle with up bun hairstyle on saree


The simple hairstyle with side up bun hairstyle with fringe makes you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your hair. The light gold color satin cloth plain saree with sleeves is simply beautiful. The pallu swept to the right with different hairstyle makes you look something different. Try this different saree draping style to give a different look. Side swept your hair and leave, fringe hair on two sides. Remaining hair tied to form a bun. This hairstyle with simple long big pendent necklace and matching earrings are perfect for this saree and hairstyle.

Mid parted two bangs rolled and low back bun hairstyle

sonam hair 5

The orange colored saree with red border and full sleeve looks beautiful. Take front half part of your hair and mid part it. Mid parted your and tie a bang rolled and pinned back the ear. Similarly, do on the other side. Brush back the remaining hair and tie a tight lower back bun. Decorate the bun with natural flowers rolled around the bun. This hairstyle with simple accessories gives a beautiful look. Try this hairstyle for engagement to have a different look. You can also use some simple hair accessories to decorate your hairstyle or else simply leave it as a simple one. Wear this hairstyle on any occasion of a festival, wedding, engagement, and party which give a traditional look.

Side swept long wavy free hair on saree for engagement

kajal blue art silk saree

The simple hairstyle that best suits for heart shaped oval face shape. This simple hairstyle is easy to try and can wear when you are in a rush. Try this simple hairstyle on engagement with printed pattu saree. The saree in peacock blue color with this hairstyle gives a beautiful look. This simple hairstyle which the hair is side swept and left freely with one side. Leave the wavy long hair on shoulder to have a good look. Try this hairstyle with the shoulder length hairstyle. Simply wear this hairstyle when you don’t find time to have it which can add more beauty with simple jewelry.