Eye care tips for you and your family

As we know eyes play an important role in our body and in our daily works. To have good eye care is very important. Many of the diseases are genetic. Make sure about the family eye history, whether to pay an attention to any hereditary eye related problems by the doctor. If they are known prior, preventive measures can be taken in order to avoid serious risks later. By following some tips we can protect ourselves and our family from eye problems. If computer is being often used aside you and your family members. So, it’s better to follow some of these tips.

Minimize the time spent on computers/electronic devices with you and your family

Decrease the time spent on televisions, mobile phone android games, video games, and computers. Make sure that by taking a break for every 30-60 minutes of work or playing a game. At least make a habit of seeing other objects for 3-5 minutes during play as intervals. This helps in reducing stress on the eyes. To maintain some distance from the monitor of the computer. This allows complete blinking thereby reducing symptoms of dryness and eye fatigue.

Make the family and yourself to increase the time spent on outdoor/indoor games

Make a habit of playing more indoor games such as chess, cricket, ball games, caroms etc., so that they can increase their physical fitness and also can improve eye concentration.

You and your family members make a habit of taking the breaks while playing or using computers or sewing

Make a habit of taking short, frequent breaks rather than longer less frequent breaks. During breaks, sprinkle water on your face by closing your eyes. This gives relaxing effect and helps you feel refreshed.

Dietary habits to be followed by you and your family

Fruits and vegetables

A balanced diet is necessary for the healthy family, so make sure that the diet containing lots of green vegetables like spinach, carrots, beet-root and yellow fruits, including mango and papaya which are rich in carotene (A precursor of Vitamin A), milk, egg, which helps in development and also increase longevity of eyes as well.


This protects the eyes from free radicals, which are released from our body. Antioxidant substances include Vitamin A, B, C, beta-carotene, selenium, lycopene and lutein and can be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, some meats, poultry and fish. This prevents cataract and age-related eye diseases.

Eye care habits

You need to implement an adequate lighting while studying, or doing any work. Especially during the times of reading allow the children to hold the book about 30-40 cms away. Check the monitor screen is at least 50-60 cms far away while using computer. Avoid seeing TV very close to it. Reading or playing during journey also cause strain to the eyes so avoid it. Make sure that a sleep of 8 hours is must for a growing eyes and body.


If already had a glasses, no need or else use glasses of good quality in order to protect from increasing sight but only after the doctor prescribed. Keep your prescriptions of glasses up to date. Keep a practice of wearing safety glasses in case of fireworks or any hazardous work with you and your family.

Doctor visits

A regular check up on you and your family is necessary by the ophthalmologists. Make a habit of checking the children before going school for near and farsightedness and also even the adults in the family should check about cataracts, vision problems, glaucoma, and other eye problems with aging eyes.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is very prone to getting cataracts, optic nerve damage, and macular degeneration. Sometimes it may lead to damage of vision, voice box and finally cause damage to brain nerves. So avoiding smoking is mandatory if anyone has a habit of smoking in your family.

Household’s cleanliness

Keeping the household things clean is mandatory because unhygienic conditions lead to bacterial growth. Make a habit of washing the hands before touching eyes of the children. As bacteria are infectious to eyes, keep them clean while makeup the eyes or using a lens.

Regular blood pressure checkup

The adults in the family should take care about checking the B.P regularly. Even at home this can do and should keep it normal by the dietary supplements rather going with drugs.

These tips are generally followed at home in order to prevent from serious effects. This helps the family not to be infected by any hereditary diseases.