Hairstyles for different faces |Tips on how to style for face types

Various hairstyles are adopted by people with varied types of face shapes as it is really important to adopt the right hairstyle for the right face. The fashion industry and the hair stylists have adopted variations of hairstyles with their innovative attempt which are getting materialized on individuals having different face and shapes. Before choosing the hairstyle to be adopted, it is very important to define your face shape and fit the hairstyle according to the type of face. Just selecting a hairstyle randomly and putting in on you can be dangerous. Whether you have round face or square, the perfect hairstyle must be on your platter. Let us have a look at some of the hairstyle ideas for different faces.

Hair style for round face

A deep side part Asymmetrical hairstyle

A deep side part Asymmetrical hairstyle

If you have a round face, that means you are symmetrical from all sides’ right from the forehead, jaw line as well as cheeks. Thus, an asymmetrical hairstyle will go really well with this particular face. Along with the asymmetrical cut, you can get a wonderful look.

Long layers

Long layers

Long layers are one of the perfect cut when you are considering the hairstyle for the round face shape. Ladies with round face shape can go well when they adopt the central part hairstyle along with the long layered hairstyle. But it is important to prevent the short layers from frizzing as this can make your round face rounder.

A pony tail

A pony tail

If you want to get a clean and clear look on your face, a sleek ponytail will be an absolutely great combination. Try not to make the hair too bouncy as this will create much more volume with the look. The hair style is recommended even for a formal meeting.

Hairstyles for square face

Thinned out Bob

Thinned out Bob

You can now get a creative thinned out bob that is ideal of hitting around the cheeks. This will be a very soft, sophisticated and tapered bob that can make a square face look much more beautiful. A great texture will be added to your face with this hairstyle.

Tousled shag

Tousled shag

You can also create wonderful shag on your hair when you have an oval shaped face. You can use a serum or styling cream to do this. Try this and be stylish.

Hairstyle for heart shaped face

Bouncing bob

Bouncy bob

There are many ladies who have adopted heart shaped face by birth. Even for them an ideal hairstyle must be adopted for creating a fashion statement. The hairstyle named as bouncy bob will be one of the attractive hairstyle.

Layered waves

Layered waves

If you have heart shaped face and straight hair that goes down the shoulder length, the hairstyle named as layered waves can be easily adopted. The top portion of the hair will be little bulged out and the end portion will create a bounce out.

Sculpting waves

Sculpting waves

Another hairstyle that can be adopted by all those who have got a little longer face is the sculpting waves. You can also punch this hairstyle with the side swept bangs to make it look much more attractive. You can try this to hide your narrow forehead.

Cheeky pixie

Cheeky pixie

This is another type of hairstyle that can be adopted by ladies with many facial types. The square shaped face is one among them that will make them look really attractive. You can also get a wet hair look with the help of the styling product. You can also blow dry hairs with the help of your fingers. A perfect definition and looks can be defined right now.

Hairstyle for Oblong face

Wavy hairstyle

Wavy hairstyle

Since Oblong shape face is among the longer variety of face, a wave will create an illusion that it is roundish. This is such a hairstyle that is ideal in creating the width to the face. If you already have curly hair, creating straight hair with straighter is not advisable.

Hairstyle with fringes

Hairstyle with fringes

The fringes on your face can be really commendable, especially when you are having heart shaped hair. This is one of the creative hairstyles that is adopted by the ladies in the oblong shape face. The face shape is constructed in such a way that the individual will have a large forehead. Thus, the fringes will easily cover the broad forehead.

Hairstyle for Oval face

Blunt Bangs Blunt Bangs

The oval shape face is one of the perfect face shapes that are suitable for almost all the hairstyles. You can make this little trendy by cutting the hair vertically just above the brow. This hair style can break up the length and create a wonderful illusionary effect.

Bob with side bangs

Bob with side bangsAnother great hairstyle for people with an oval shaped face is bob haircut with side bangs. To this erotic side bangs, you can get a breakup on your long face and also help create softness to it.  Pea size drop along with the bang will be much more attractive.

Edgy short cut

Edgy short cut

This is a little different variety of hairstyles that is adopted by ladies who can create a bold makeover of their face. If you have become too tired of your long hair, this edgy short cut will be a great collection for you.

Hairstyle for tall face

Shoulder length hair

Shoulder length hair

If you have a tall face type, the shoulder length hair will be an ideal collection. These will easily suit your face as the jaw line that used to look too steeper can now get extension over the side. You must have seen this hairstyle over many of your actresses face.

Long bob with a wave

Long bob with wave

It is really important to create an illusionary effect that your face looks a bit rounder and dominant with the hairstyle you choose for log shape face. The length of the bob should be just below your jaw line so that the bone structure can be easily displayed. The bob with shorter angle will be really an ideal collection of the individual with a long face.

Hairstyles for triangular face shape

Short hairstyle with triangular face shape


The short hairstyle with the perfect hair, thus make you look beautiful. The hairstyle for triangular face shape looks like a balanced and proportional. The heavy top layers will allow hairs that are rounded and fuller above the ears. This has no bangs and will make the face shape appear longer. This hairstyle will bring attention towards the forehead and has away from the jaw line. This hairstyle best suits for triangular face shape

Hairstyle with medium length hair

Elon-Salon_148 (1)

The hairstyle is common and is very nice for the shape which suits our models and is triangular in shape to a tee. The hair from the sides fall softly onto and away from the jaw line. This will creates and cover in the right places. The side swept bangs work well that can create diagonal direction and is drawing attention everyone eyes at you. The zig zag hair part creates some height and can build the length into the look. This will cover rounded face shape frames and has the very rare face nicely that looks beautiful.

Long softy hairstyle for triangular face shape


The long soft wavy hairstyle best suits for triangular face shape. The soft wave with natural curls, soft waves appears and is nicely due to the layering. The mid part helps to divide the face into two long narrow portions. This can create the illusion of length. The hairstyle with this shape will work as a straight and is curly texture. This hairstyle best suits for you and make you look beautiful.

Hairstyles for diamond face shape

Best short hairstyle for diamond face shape


The hairstyle best suits for diamond face shape and helps to shorten the length of our model’s face. This diamond face shape will need a side part that helps to make the face appear and is wider by creating the illusion of one larger shape. This hairstyle is eye focusing because the sides are soft and wispy. The curve into a round shape works with any other texture.

Long and straight bangs hairstyle



The best and superb hairstyle that suits for diamond face shape. The hair bangs are so long that hides her eyes. This is the best way to use instead to bring them out. Thus, what they do bring out are her cheekbones and chin, but not in the best way. Thus, if she pushed them off her face, we would be able to appreciate the prettiness as it is very cute and attracts every one’s attention with a unique and different look.

Bardot bangs hairstyle for diamond face shape


The Bardot bangs are the variant unique hairstyle. The variation in the center parted bangs are observed in this hairstyle. This Bardot-esque fringe is fuller on the sides and is softly with the parts in the middle. This can be seen on how the tapering on the sides. This helps to hide her narrow forehead. This exposed that the forehead and can ensure her small face that isn’t overwhelmed by the hair.

Side swept bangs hairstyle


The side swept bangs hairstyle are best to get wearing with another version of the side bangs. This is better to accept the fuller, shorter and sweep over one eye. Thus, you should bring out the eyes even more, while the bare part of the forehead is still elongates the face. Thus, you need to notice on how to side part isn’t that far off to the side. You can even experiment to find the best spot that where your hair is likely to stay put. Thus, you need to know and try this stylish hairstyle that may take more beautiful attention at you with a gorgeous dress.

Tousled waves hairstyle


You can try this hairstyle that can add more soft and wavy hair look. The hairstyle looks soft and even the angles are along with the adding volume to thin or fine hair. Thus, it is better to get an excellent post that can drive you on how to learn more with this stylish hairstyle for wavy hair. The stylish and trendy look hairstyle in golden hair color looks awesome for fairer skin tone.