Top best women haircuts & hairstyle ideas for square faces

Ladies with square shaped face has a broader forehead as well as wider jaw line, rather they have a symmetrical angular facial structure all over their face. Though the face cut is not totally round, it is also not too long in appearance. The haircut must be framed in such a way that the corner of your forehead as well as the jaw line gets covered.  You can now get variety of hair cuts that will suit individuals with square cut face. Let us explore some of the interesting haircuts and think of getting one after another after completion of each hairstyle adoption.

Hairstyles for square face shape female 

A Sheared – Short tapered cut

A Sheared – Short tapered cut

If you have a square face shape, even the short hair cut will look really good. This style will lift your face up with the rising hair pointing at the top. This sheared hair cut is ideal to create an illusion and make the face look longer which is really essential in case of ladies with square shaped face. Rather, they will get a rectangular image of their square face shape. 

Off center part hairstyle

Off center part hairstyle

If you have a square face, you can easily create an illusion over your face, with creating an off centre part. All you have to do is make a mark over your hair from the front just beyond the forehead where it is neither at the centre nor at the side. Rather, you can choose a position to draw a line which is between the centre and side. This will create an illusionary effect of creating a round face shape instead of a square.

A low Chignon hairstyle

A low Chignon hairstyle


If you have a square face shape and tie your hair at the back, a low Chignon will be the hairstyle that you can adopt. This is how you can relax with your hairstyle where there will be no absolute disturbance through the small irritated hairs. Here also you can view the off centered part and few strands of hair pulled out of the temple area. This wonderful combination will help to balance the look of square face.

A cut below the collarbone hairstyle

A cut below the collarbone

Even if you are having a square face, a cut below the collarbone will be an ideal combination. You have to create a layer that will be folded inwards, which will help making the frames right. Since the ladies with square faced feature has wide cheekbones and broad jaw line, the rounded bang look will suit them well.

Rounded Fringe hairstyle

Rounded Fringe

A lady with square face shape can easily adopt the hairstyle named as rounded fringe as it works really well to cover the odd corners of a lady having a square shaped face. Since all fringes are not similar, you have to make sure that the outside corner of the fringe is an inch to inch, as well as it is half longer than the bangs that are placed at the centre.  This haircut is really suitable in providing a framing effect and it also draws the attention of the viewers inward. The wider face will become soft and amiable with this hairstyle.

Side swept style hairstyle


The side swept style must be really common to people trying variety of hairstyles. These are the hairstyles that suits individual with varied facial tone and structure. The square shaped face is one among such facial structure where the side swept style suites. This is a very easy hairstyle which you can easily create at home on your own.

The Lob haircut

The Lob

The long bob is another interesting hairstyle that will suit ladies with square cut face. Here you can see two hand strands hanging down covering the cheekbones. Since ladies with square shaped face have a wider cheek bone, covering it with the hair will make them look great. This hairstyle will cover your broader jaw line as well as wider forehead. You can easily get a sleek look of your face through this attractive hairstyle.

Long layers hairstyle

Long layers

Ladies with square shaped face can easily suite with long layers provided the layers are of appropriate length. Since you have a square shaped face, the first layer must start from the area where your chin is associated. This will create an impression that your jaw line is not that broad. The bangs of the layer will easily cover your longer jaw line. Your face will automatically appear narrower.

Side swept fringe with floral decoration

Side swept fringe with floral decoration


If you want to make your face look different with a princess look, the side swept hairstyle with floral decoration at the top will be an ideal way. This is one of the hallow braid trend adopted by many ladies who wish to get a crowned up look at the top. You can try this on your wedding day with a very beautiful wedding gown.

Layers with blunt ends

Layers with blunt ends

Layers have got a variety of designs that goes with hairstyles of different individuals as per their facial shape. This layer cut with blunt end is also one of the wonderful hair styles that can be adopted by the ladies with square shaped face. Here also the lawyer will start right from the chin and jaw line, but at the end of the hair there will be a total blunt cut.  The blunt ends are really perfect for ladies with square shaped face. You can adopt this hairstyle if the previous ones are no more attractive.

Best looking Voluminous bob cut hairstyle for square face shape


If you have flatter haircut, then you can try this hairstyle to look beautiful. This is a cute and awesomely angular celebrity which is beautiful in her bob cut hairstyle. If you have bob hair cut, then simply have side swept. If not, you should pin the long or mid length hair. The flattering illusion with her long hair is pinned under. This hairstyle gives her the same effect as the cut. The soft & loose waves around the face have a diffusing effect. So, try this hairstyle that best suit for you. This hairstyle makes you look confident and give an elegant look. Try this hairstyle to look more beautiful with simple makeup and blue earrings.

Simple, low Chignon hairstyle for square face shape


The hairstyle with square face shape is the best and ready to wear your hair back. This hairstyle is relaxed and low chignon with a slightly off center part. Try this combination of the above hairstyles that can counteract to the square face. The pieces that are framing will be a takeaway with any width and distract from any harsh line. This hairstyle best suits for square face. Try this simple, easy and quick hairstyle for any occasion. It’s also good in the summer to protect from heat. Comb your hair and brush your hair to fall on the forehead. Cover forehead with front fringe and leave ear locks. The ear locks covers the cheeks that are wider. Simply prepare a bun with the remaining hair. Decorate the bun with beautiful hair accessories.

Trendy updos for square face shape hairstyle

Feb 27, 2005; Hollywood, CA, USA; OSCARS 2005: Actress SALMA HAYEK arriving at the 77tth Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Lisa OConnor/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2005 by Lisa OConnor

The simple hair updo hairstyle best suits for your face shape. So, try this different hairstyle to look more beautiful on the occasion. This hairstyle is a great choice for a special occasion. This can get started and apply this hairstyle with the straightening cream to hair. The cream makes your hair to be straight and then blow dry hair to it with a paddle brush. After that part your hair directly and the down the middle going for about two inches that can turn from your forehead back. This Hairspray is to keep these portions to the side. Simply tease the section of your hair at the crown, and leave a top layer that can place over the teased. The remaining hair is pulled back and forms a messy ponytail right at the crown of your head by excluding the parted section hair. Secure the bun with elastic. Wrap the hair around the base and pin it. Finish, it with a Hairspray that give more shine and hold the bun in place.

Stylish medium layered dirt blonde hairstyle


The square face is equal in all directions and is actually equal to work with as it comes to find the right hair cut. The best haircut that best suits for square face shaped is pixie cut and bobby haircut. Try the hairstyle to add more beauty. This is instead to show off the excellent bone structure. Try this choppy piece lob that can soften the strong chin. This also helps to reveal the high cheek bones. The hairstyle is best suited for any occasion and daily.

Side braid hairstyle for square face


A square face shape with side braid hairstyle looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle for a romantic look. Simply, pull your hair to one side and tie a loose French braid. This best suits for teenage girls and is good for long hair. This face shape with a stunning hairstyle of the dark colored velvety dress looks awesome.  The gray colored hair with side French braid looks beautiful.

Arch cut angled bob haircut


The long straight hair with an angled bob haircut looks beautiful for square face shape. The hairstyle with a bit little severe look has a stylish look that can tool a long angled cut. So, it is better to have an angled hair cut with long pieces in front. This will gradually get shorter toward the back. Thus the elongate wide face shape has a beautiful look.

Simple graduated layers haircut


The light golden hair color with graduate layers haircut best suited for square face shape. This helps to soften the strong jaw line. So, it is better to have hairstylist which can work better for office. This means that you should hide behind your hair, which is the best way to showcase to your face. This gives amazing look without any accentuating.

Honey brown waves hairstyle


This hairstyle with light brown and black hair color looks beautiful. The medium length hair color is an excellent way to get a square face shape. Simply, side part your hair with a temple and long bangs that falls to the other temple. The haircut is easy and is the best way to get a beautiful look. The haircut is incredible with a flattering and is an easy way to maintain the perfect hairstyle for your face shape.