Gorgeous sizzling Indian hairstyles for round faces on traditional saree

Round faces are pretty having the same length and width. This is what makes your face look circular. The forehead and jaw line have almost the same width, while the chin rounds up without angles and hard lines. Your forehead is round around the hairline and that gives you the basis to choose some nice hairstyles for yourself. In this article, we will see some hairstyles which you can follow with sarees. These are exclusively for round-shaped faces, and on following these you might look much more fashionable and stylish. Matching your hairdo with face is one of the primary conditions to prevent a fashion disaster.

Indian hairstyles for sarees round face

Deconstructed Pixie Hairdo short hairstyle for saree

Deconstructed Pixie Hairdo

If you already have short hair or you couldn’t dare to attempt, this picture and style will assure you that you can go for something as wild as that. This style is super sexy and sporting! All your hair is on the top and it enhances your facial features really well. The easiest part is that you don’t need to put much effort to make a deconstructed hairdo. What is even more surprising is that you can follow this hairdo with more attire and absolutely rock the look.

Straight hair with side-part on saree for round face

Straight hair with side-part

Has your hair nicely straightened from root to tips. Put it from one side and then take the heavier section and brush it at the side. Tuck it into the smaller strands behind the ears and let the longer ones flow behind. Take the hair from the thin section and let it flow down in front. This makes your facial feature grab more attraction than what it would have been while let the heavier section flow in front. You can also flaunt your accessories a little better.

Side parted hair bun hairstyle for round face

Side parted hair bun saree

Round faces need hairstyles which let some hair fall in front. Even when you are making a bun, you wouldn’t be advised to have it entire back-brushed and then tied. Section your hair from the front and put it from one side. Has it straightened and let it fall like fringes. After this you can back-brush the rest of your hair and then make a regular bun hairstyle. Pair this hairstyle with any kind of saree and you will do justice to your look.

Flowered bun with middle-parted hair traditional Indian hairstyle

Flowered bun with middle-parted hair

In the picture below we see a lady in a South Indian saree along with a South Indian hairdo. As buns and braids are common for women in South India, you have to try out hairstyles which will make your face look better. Try out this example, which you see in the picture below. Has your hair parted from the middle and then tie a regular bun. Let some locks fall out in front to not make the forehead look absolutely plain. Add flowers at the back and let them flow through both sides of your shoulders. This hairstyle will let your face look attractive and also add some charm.

Indian hairstyles for round face with Messy curls

Messy curls

We have discovered one of the easiest and quickest hacks to make messy curls. Make two regular braids and then use a straightened to run it through. This will style the hair in a curly manner and let you have these exact curls. After opening the hair they are prone to look messy and that adds to the style quotient. You can also curl the hair like you usually do. Just make sure that you have the messy waves. Part your hair from one side and then let the thinner side of sectioning have it flown down. This hairdo also grabs attention on your facial features.

Half up straight and half down curls for round face

Half up straight and half down curls

This is another hairstyle which we commonly follow. If you have followed this hairstyle but had it flown differently, here is the catch – the hair should equally flow down from both sides of the shoulder, so that the round shape of your face gets its due attention. Have your hair straightened and slightly wave for the first half of the hair. Have the rest of it curled, but keep the gap between every curl. Lastly, have your hair parted from the middle and not from the side. Those rectangular frames might be just right to subtle up your saree style.

Middle-parted hair with side braid traditional saree

Side-braid with jewelry

Hairstyles which hide and flaunt your face the best the way possible should be added to the round-shaped beauties. This hairdo is one such example for the half up style. The half down hairdo continues with a braid which is commonly done by our Indian women and suit best with sarees. Has your hair parted from the middle and use a hair spray to add fullness to the front section. Divide and place them nicely and then back-brush the rest of the hair to create the braid. Has it flown down from one side to flaunt it better.

Wavy curls with stylish accessory Indian hairstyle

Wavy curls with stylish accessory

Sometimes our hair accessories are used to enhance the style and sometimes they are used to set the style. In the picture below, we see the second option and the hairdo in here has been set according to this pendant-like main chain. Has your hair straightened for the first quarter and then follow the rest of it in waves. Put it from one side and let the heavier side fall in front and down the shoulders. The thinner sectioning should have the hair flaunted at the back. Now place the accessory over the head and press it and the side of the forehead. This might give a slight lift and make your face look more appealing.

Indian back-brushed bouffant and bun hairstyle for saree

Back-brushed bouffant and bun

Although we would not ask you to make a tightly tied and back-brushed hair bun, this style would be something different for a change. This hairstyle has a slightly done up bouffant, which falls in the mid-scalp zone. This would be a nice idea if at all you want to create a back-brushed bun. So have it slightly lifted up and tie the bun up. You can also leave some bangs out from both the sides.

Slight puffed hair with open strands hairstyle for round face

Slight puffed hair with open strands

This is another hairstyle that you can try and it is relatively easy to follow. Has your hair nicely straightened to avoid the messy look. Section out the front zone and let it flow in front. Now take three divisions from mid-scalp to the crown shone. The middle portion should be maximized and shall have a slight puff nice pinned up. Let the rest of the hair fall from the sides while the front section makes fringes or locks at the side.

Best bun hairstyle for traditional occasions on saree


The best hairstyle that best suits for saree is the important to be unique on any occasion. So, it is better to have styling hair to have a different look with a neat bun at the back. Simple and easy hairstyle with less time on saree. Try this bun hairstyle for the traditional occasion to get it on any occasion. Simply do this for the traditional look on any weeding, mehnadi, and gather parties. So, gave a simple bun with a left side part in front parted fringe. Bun with the remaining hair on back. Decorate it with a flower that perfectly matches to hairstyle. This simple bun hairstyle gives a traditional look on saree.

Simple & straight loose hair with middle partition


This hairstyle is another type with simple mid partition of the head. It looks good on any chiffon sarees. Sometimes simple sarees with a beautiful hairstyle gives a gorgeous look. So, brush your hair properly with a gloss spray gives and fits properly with a natural look. Simple comb your hair and mid parting your hair with puff. Side swept on both sides and left them on your shoulders. Simple wavy hairstyle gives a beautiful look. This hairstyle with simple jeweler and designer blouse looks rich. This fits for round face people and gives an elegant look. Simply wear this hairstyle that is properly brushed along with a gloss spray that fits to your face shape.

Simple one side swept loose long hair on saree


This type of hairstyle gives an elegant look for the woman who has a round face.  Simple, try this nothing beats with the glamorous look that is beautiful of the bong diva. It is a traditional wear hairstyle on any festival occasions. The saree draping in different ways with this lose long wavy hair adds glamor and beauty to you. Maintain proper hair care is important for long and thick hair. In this hairstyle, the hair looks thick and side swept on shoulder completely. Comb your hair on one side and lose your complete hair on side swept left with this white and golden color saree.