Fashion style: Best trendy & easy hairstyle ideas for Anarkali suit

Anarkali style dresses are quite popular today with their wide circumference of cloth surrounding around the body with a gown like appearance. Ladies of all ages are now wearing this Anarkali cut Salwar and Kameez as it reminds us the days of Mughal rulers. The concept is the same only certain alternation with the designing is done to fit the present trend. Now, when you have purchased ample of Anarkali dresses, it is the time for you to think of a hairstyle that will suit you with this particular attire. There are varieties of hairstyles that can easily suit with the Anarkali hairstyle.

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Hairstyle ideas for Anarkali dresses

Simple & neat bun hairstyle



Since you will be wearing a gorgeous dress, keeping your hair simply won’t be a problem at all. You can make a simple bun with your long or medium length hair by making either middle or side parting of your hair. You can also apply an attractive hair clip over the bun to make it look attractive. You must also wear a very attractive big earring to make yourself look attractive.

Ponytail hairstyle for Anarkali

Pony tail

A simple pony tail also will go really well if you are wearing a gorgeous Anarkali dress. Anarkali dresses are available in different fabrics and variety. If you want to wear very simple ones, the same can also be one of your fashion garments as being simple is a fashion today. A simple pony tail also goes well with the simple Anarkali dress.

Middle parted open hair 

Middle parted open hair

You can easily keep your hair open when you are wearing the Anarkali dress as it is also one of the wonderful hairstyle that will go with your Anarkali dress. The middle parted hair with a silky finish and layer cut will go well with the wider collection of anarkali dress.

Side bun for Anarkali suit

Side bun

You can also try out an abstract hairstyle such as side bun with the beautiful Anarkali dress that you have in your new Diwali collection. You can easily do this hairstyle right at home just by combing your hair with back brush and bringing hair on the left side and taking the total hair strand to make a bun.

Long wavy hairstyle for Anarkali suits

Long wavy hair

You can even keep your hair fall down without tiding it at all. If you have wavy hair type, then you will be the perfect person to make this hairstyle. Even if you have straight hair, the hair irons will be the most important tool that will help you look gorgeous with wavy hair.

Side pony hairstyle

Side pony

You can also try out lovely side pony tail by keeping the strand of hair inside the pony tail. The stylish look will be reflected with the gorgeous Anarkali dress you are going to wear in the wedding occasion. You can also tie a very gorgeous hair chip over the hair strand with which you have made the pony tail.

Messy bun hairstyle

Messy bun

Messy hairstyles have become really popular today as people are willfully adopting the messy look. With the traditional variety of Anarkali dress, you can even try out the messy bun. You must have seen this hairstyle on some of your favorite actresses, but getting this on your hair is also not at all a problem.

Side braid hairstyle

Side braid

Braid is one of the traditional hairstyle that suits, ladies who are willing to wear the traditional wear. The fashion world too has adopted this side braid hair style and thus it is reflected on people in the society. You can absolutely look like a princess at Mughals times if you can apply the side braid hairstyle with the Anarkali dress.

Pinned hairstyle

Pinned hair

You can now back brush your hair and put two pins in both the sides, keeping the rest hair open wide. With this hairstyle you can either part your hair from the middle or from a particular side. This pinned hairstyle looks very simple, but is really very gorgeous with your Anarkali collection of dresses.

Side swept hairstyle

Side swept hair

Another very common hairstyle adopted by the ladies is the side swept variation. If you are doing this yourself, you won’t be able to put more effort while constructing this particular hairstyle. Just take a comb and make a mark in one corner of your head side. Thereafter make a side parting view and stay attractive with Anarkali dress.

Loose Updo hairstyle

Loose Updo

If you are willing to get recognized with your traditional attire, a loose updo is a wonderful collection that needs to be adopted. The Anarkali cut  Salwar is also one of the wonderful collection of traditional dresses that has been among the valuable wardrobe collection of the ladies. You can get an amazing look if you can make a little curl over the sides and make a bun. Now take it up and tuck it with some pins, leaving some hair. This will form a loose updo.

Pouf updo hairstylePouf updo

This is another wonderful collection of hairstyle that can go well with your Anarkali dress. For this hairstyle you need to use a Volumizing shampoo and make it slightly curl once your hair is dry. Now back comb your hair and make a pouf.  The rest of the hair should be hold up as well to make a tight bun.

Layer cut with curl haristyle

Layer cut with curl This hairstyle will suit well if an individual has medium length hair. The hairstylist will make a layered cut at first and then use the hair styling tools to curl it and create waves. This is a wonderful hairstyle which looks really good if you are planning to wear Anarkali dress. Get this hairstyle and become the one in the limelight.

Straight layer haristyle

Straight layer

If you have straight hair and you don’t want to do excessive styling, the straight layer cut will be a great combination that can help you look gorgeous in the Anarkali style dress that you are wearing. Even if you have done permanent straightening of your hair, this long layer hairstyle will be a wonder. Go ahead with a beautiful collection of jewelry that marches with your Anarkali dress.

Mid part simple semi curly and wavy hairstyle for medium hair


The maroon colored net georgette Anarkali with free loose wavy hairstyle looks gorgeous. Try this wavy, curly hairstyle when you are out for an occasion. This hairstyle best suits for traditional wear. Simply mid part your hair and leave the hair loose wavy layers. Decorate with a mang tikka with matching earrings makes you look beautiful. Of course the loose hairstyles gives more attraction on any dress and try this hairstyle for Anarkali dress to have a traditional look in wedding, parties, and functions. Simple makeup and matching jewelry add a more beautiful look to your.

Front puff hairstyle on Anarkali dress


The hairstyle is best for long and graceful hairs. The time to spend on creative hairstyle is now at you. There are many hairstyles available to try according to face shape. This hairstyle makes you look unique and is exceptional than others. The hairstyle will change your looks. Try a different hairstyle that are eye catching and go for something new. The hairstyle best suits for her with simple modish appearance. Shilpa Shetty in this dress has a different look with trendy hairstyle. Comb your hair and then prepare a front puff which is more fashion nowadays. Pin the puffed hair tightly in the middle of the head and leave the remaining hair. You can try this hairstyle for better compliments.

Free flow hairstyle with side swept


The free flow designer heavily embroiders sleeves and yolk makes you look gorgeous. The rich got a work for Anarkali suit and adds instant glamor to yours. Try this free and loose hairstyle on any traditional occasion. The matching embroidery with perfect outfit gives an outstanding look with loose hair. Comb your hair and side swept criss cross hair on one shoulder. Leave the hair naturally flow. This hairstyle makes you look and add more beauty with earrings. You should try this hairstyle, if you have long straight hair. The simple criss crossed side swept straight loose hair add a more beautiful look to a heavily designed embroider Anarkali dress.

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