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Best helpful home remedies for headaches – Home remedies to relieve tension

Headache caused in the area of head, brows along with severe nausea is migraine. Migraine is a genetic thing. Someone who has migraine usually gets headache not less than four times a month in general. Migraine headache lasts for hours together and will have severe nausea. Some only nauseate, for some, a series of vomitings happen. Migraine attack begins as a mild ache and then increases later. The head becomes heavy, temples seem to vibrate when you touch them. A very serious problem, one just cannot do anything when this migraine headache starts. I have migraine problem, it began when I started working in the night shifts, I do not get the relief until I throw up. After a while, advised by the elders at home, I started taking home remedies which are helpful and the frequency of the headaches have reduced. Today, let us see all the home remedies that come to our rescue.

Home remedies for Migraine headache relief

Eat more nuts to be free from headache

The better way to decrease headache is by eating nuts. This helps to increase a toss back of some almonds. Everyday tensions is the common type of headaches. So, almonds helps and works as a natural home remedy to be healthy. This also helps to relieve pain that contains something called salicin, which is an agent that has counter killers. Try to eat a handful or two of wholesome nuts that can feel the ache to start to set in. People who have migraine can go for almonds, which can have a trigger food.

Lavender oil to treat headaches

Lavender oil is great in fragrance, but it is great home remedy for alleviating headaches. Take some lavender essential oil that helps to soothe headache. Smell some lavender oil to relieve from headache. Take a few drops of tissue and inhale it. Alternatively, add 2 drops of lavender oil in two cups of boiling water. Inhale its steam. Another process is by mixing two or three drops in a tablespoon of almond oil or olive oil. Massage the mixture on your forehead. This helps to relieve from headache.

Cloves for migraine headache

Cloves are best to ease out a throbbing headache. This helps to relieve from cooling and can relieve with pain. Take a few cloves and crush them, gently cloves in a sachet or clean handkerchief. Inhale the smell of crushed cloves whenever you have a headache. This goes well to relieve from pain. Alternatively, take 2 drops of clove oil and add a tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix them well and add sea salt. Gently massage it on your forehead and temples with it.

Drink plenty of water to relieve from headache

Drink more water to keep you hydrated. As coffee and sugary drinks keeps you dehydrated. Mostly, drink enough amount of water that helps to relieve from headache pain and its symptoms. This is a simple home remedy that keep you feel full, energized and headache free. The fruits and veggies that are rich in water keeps you hydrated. It’s better to add nutritious fruits and veggies to your diet to stay hydrated throughout the day. Increase cucumbers, celery, radishes, green peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, spinach, watermelon, grapefruit, strawberries and cantaloupe.

Peppermint best home remedy

The aroma of menthol eases the nausea.

  • Crush peppermint, apply it to the forehead and temples.
  • You can also apply peppermint oil, this is available in the market.

Top natural tip with fish oil

Omega 3 Fatty acids present in some type of fish are a good remedy to get relief.

Fish oil is available in the markets too.

  • You can add a spoonful of oil into the orange juice and consumer it.
  • You can also take the capsule orally, follow the dosage properly.

Cayenne to prevent headache

Cayenne contains capacin which works by reducing inflammation and in turn allows proper blood flow. Overall, it reduces headache.

  • Mix half spoon of cayenne powder in about a tumbler of water, moist the cotton swab and put it inside the nostril. You will experience a burning sensation and heat. Once the effect reduces, you may take out the cotton swab and also see that the headache reduces.

Feverfew for migraine headache

Feverfew is a plant, helps in easing the pressure in the blood vessels.

  • Dry the flowers of feverfew plant. Make powder and add to less than 500ml of water, boil it. Keep it for a few minutes and drink half cup.

Apple cider vinegar to cure health issues

ACV comes in handy in almost all problems pertaining to ear, nose throat and headaches.

  • Add a quarter cup of ACV to boiled water. Take the steam. Steam inhalation works very well and gives relief.

Cold treatment to relieve from headache

  • Cold treatment is nothing but, placing a bag of ice or frozen peas on the forehead and relax. Make sure you choose a place where it is calm and avoid the noises around. It is better to keep your room with dim lights.
  • Alternatively, you can also treat with hot water.

Sitting postures best yoga tip for headache

It is essential to keep ourselves seated comfortably in our chairs. We sit for long hours in our respective offices. Nobody restricts us to stand up and move while at work. Sit upright, place your hands properly on the keyboard, adjust your chair so that your hands reach the keyboard and mouse comfortably.

Ginger natural herb to prevent nausea

Ginger is considered to be an age old remedy. Chewing ginger eases nausea.

  • Make some ginger tea. Just adding crushed ginger to your tea helps ease the nausea and gradually lower migraine pain.
  • Take a medium sized ginger, mince it, add it to water and boil it on low flame. It boils down and you get the aroma of ginger, turn off the flame.

Strain it, and take this water while it is hot. I am mentioning this particularly because you can inhale the steam while you are drinking this solution. A Few also have motion sickness and allergic to noises. When you are travelling, keep a piece of ginger or any citrus fruit handy. I have travel sickness, I try and smell lemons and chew ginger and feel better. However, I get relief after I throw up big time. Avoid coffee, alcohol as its effect lasts longer and you might have a hangover for sure. You are the best judge to actually check what suits you when you have a migraine attack. Hence, always keep a tab of the foods that are good and that are allergic to us. Some foods may aggravate the nausea, so you have to be careful to avoid when you have a mild headache.

Cinnamon spice for forehead pain

Cinnamon can do wonders and is a miracle spice that helps to work effectively to prevent headaches. This is best used to treat health problems. Take cinnamon stick and grind it into fine powder. Add cinnamon powder to some water and prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on forehead and leave it for about 30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. This helps to treat migraine headache.

Drink caffeine helps to prevent migraine headache

Caffeine helps to prevent headaches that can double edged sword. Caffeine is used to restrict blood vessels that cause migraine headache. It can reduce the pain and gives instant relief from headache. Sometime it acts as a counter pain medicine that can treat headaches for some people.

Exercise good for health

Exercise is the best remedy for migraine. This helps to prevent migraines with some physical activities. Exercise is the effective way to reduce migraine headache pain and is a quick home remedy. Most of the people who are suffering from migraine headache use medicines that has side effects. Whereas it gives exercise doesn’t have any side effects and gives quick relief from pain. Daily exercise helps to reduce tension and stress triggers migraine. Exercise also triggers to release endorphins that act as a mild sedative.

Basil leaves to reduce migraine pain

Basil is very strong and good for health and skin problems. Basil leaves are used in beauty care for natural glowing skin. Daily eats some fresh basil leaves that helps to relieve from health problems such as cold, throat infections, skin problems, etc. Basil is a strong scented herb that helps to use for natural headache treatment. This has many analgesic benefits. The basil leaves oil helps in muscle to be relaxed. This helps to get rid of headaches and cause to reduce from tension and tight muscles.

Take 3 to 4 fresh basil leaves and immerse them in a cup of boiling water. Let it simmer for some time. Strain the solution and add a little amount of honey to it. Drink this tea slowly to reduce headache. If you don’t like it, you can also chew some fresh basil leaves or simply inhale the stem after boiling fresh basil in a vessel of boiling water.