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Home remedies to protect your skin from summer tan

The bright beam of sun can expand generation of melanin in body, which can cause the sun tanned skin. It’s very difficult for skin to get back to normal one when it gets sun tanned. To avoid skin tanning there are many methods like covering face with scarf, using sun screen lotion etc. There are many cosmetics and medication easily available in market to get rid of sun tanned skin but they may even cause some side effects, so to ignore that side effects you may use few home remedies. Here you can see, how to protect your skin from summer sun tan on skin and top best homemade face packs to remove sun tan.

Natural home remedies for summer tan on the skin

Aloe Vera gel to protect from summer tan

Aloe vera if connected to the skin is one of best remedies for skin. It aides purity to the skin and help in nourishing the skin

Apply crisp aloe vera gel on the influenced skin territories when you are about to go to bed. Thenin the morning, wash the skin completely.

Potato to get rid of summer tan

Potato is brilliant remedy as it is rich in vitamins, which can helps in calming the sunburn.

Peel the skin off a few medium-sized potatoes, cut them into pieces and place them in a blender to make paste of it. Then apply the paste liberally everywhere throughout the influenced skin zone. Give it a chance to dry for about few minutes and then afterward wash it off with icy water.

Gram flour pack to reduce summer tan

One of the most extremely important for summer tan is gram flour because it will uproot dead skin cells and will help you look youthful. You can even utilize the gram flour powder by making paste and apply it on face.

Mix the gram flour in water and rub it everywhere throughout the influenced skin territory. Wait for almost few minutes prior to washing if off with water. Do this twice every week for a couple of months.

Cucumber face pack to remove sun tan

Cucumber is the best face pack that helps to get rid of sun tan. Cucumber has best cooling effect and helps to soothe the skin. This eliminates suntan. Thus, the feel too harsh is by sun rays and also helps to damage your skin severely. Try some mint or cucumber mask to remove sun tan. Cucumber is rich in Vitamin C that helps to keep your skin well moisturized. Apply some cucumber mask helps to cool down by keeping them to normal freezer and helps to notice the change. Take two tablespoons of fresh cucumber juice and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Add a pinch of turmeric and mix them well. Apply this to the affected skin. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with water. Gently rub some fresh cut slices of cucumber to your skin.

Milk to treat summer sun tan

Milk or milk cream can likewise be utilized in treatment of sun tanned skin.

Put a little measure of milk and add little amount of turmeric and some lemon juice. Apply this arrangement on the influenced territories and permit it to dry totally then after few minutes wash it off with water.

OR Take saffron in milk cream overnight. In the morning, blend it well and apply it on the influenced skin regions. This will help your composition and make your skin shine.

Sandalwood pack to get a glowing skin

Sandal wood can be considered best when it comes to skin issues. It is one of the main ingredients when it comes to treatment of sun tan as it has calming and shining properties. It gives skin a shiny lustre.

Blend equal measures of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder. Add some rose water to make a thick paste. Apply the glue on the influenced territories and abandon it on for few minutes and then wash it offusing chilly water. Do this twice per week.


Blend sandalwood powder with coconut oil and almond oil to make a glue to apply on the influenced zones.

Almond to protect from summer tan

A paste produced using almonds will purify, scour and help your skin tone.

Drench five to six almonds in water overnight. In the morning,blend the almonds with some milk to make a paste. As you are about to sleep, apply this paste on the influenced zones and abandon it on overnight. In the morning, wash it off with icy water. Do this every day for the initial 15 days and after that repeat it twice per week.

Try this home remedies when you get discoloration due to summer tan as it’s easy and all items are easily available at home it is better to use home remedies rather than inviting side effects with use of medications and cosmetics.

Papaya and honey face pack for suntan

Papaya and honey pack helps to remove sun tan from the face by using a helpful enzyme called papain that present in it. The enzyme has potent for skin lightening and properties that helps to remove sun tan and reduces the visibility of scars and blemishes. Thus, the other enzyme which is known for skin renewal, exfoliation and restoration. Honey for chapped lips helps to moisturize and soften the skin. Take half cup of ripe papaya pulp and mash them well. Add a tablespoon of honey to it. Mix them well and apply it to clean face and leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off with water.

Lemon, tomato and yogurt face pack to remove summer tan

Lemon tea is the best treatment for weight loss. This has a natural bleaching property that helps to improve the skin. This can do wonder and helps to remove dark spots. Thus, the skin pigmentation is good for sun tan. Tomato juice is the best natural toner that helps to shrink and open the pores that helps to reduce oiliness of the skin. Yogurt helps in moisturizing the skin and can nourish your skin tone. Mix 2 tablespoons of tomato pulp, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of yogurt in a small bowl. Mix them well and apply this on your face. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. Tomato juice is the best way and helps to treat sensation of itchiness upon regular application.