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Home remedies for skin polishing

Women are very much secured about their looks, especially when it comes to skin, they become more possessive about it. Clear and delicate skin are what they need. Sound and perfect skin are all you need to look excellent.

For a healthy skin and look attractive skin polishing is one of most best indicator for skin wellbeing. The skin has issues due to anxiety, absence of rest, poor sustenance and even sometimes contamination, harm from sun bright beams, even smoking and drinking the liquor is one of the problems too.

There are many cosmetics and medications available in giving you a clear, polished and a sparkling skin. Many times you can’t depend greatly on chemicals, there are times where we have to use home remedies too for skin issues as our skin is highly sensitive part of the body and microbes can easily make their home on it. Here we share few home remedies for all individuals who need a polished skin, as they are easily available at home and are most helpful remedy.


Lemons are one of the best home remedy for clear skin. The citrus extract in lemons helps the skin clear and replaces the dead skin.

You should apply new pressed lemon juice to your whole face and neck. Leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off with warm water. After this, rub cucumber cuts on your skin and massage it. You should try this for almost every day of the week.


Turmeric can be considered as best antiseptic for skin issues as it minimize scarring and polish skin and even different imprints on the skin.

Blend one tablespoon of turmeric powder with enough lemon juice to make a paste of it. Apply the paste to your face and neck. Leave it on until the paste dries totally. At that point wash it off with warm water. You should take after this cure a few times each week and will polish your skin.


Honey can be taken as extraordinary cream and has antibacterial properties too which avoid contamination.

You should apply honey specifically on your skin. Give it a chance to dry actually and after that wash it off with a little warm water. The water content in honey will profoundly saturate the skin, making it delicate and supple. Try this once for a day.


Blend milk and honey. Then take gram flour and blend it in well. Then apply it everywhere all over. Abandon it on for a few minutes and after that wash it off with warm water. Utilize this face cover once per week to appreciate brilliant and clear skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many advantages for skin diseases. It not only battles against microbes, but also has many antibacterial properties too. It has antiseptic properties and help in mending scars and polishes the skin too.

Remove the gel from an aloe vera leaf. Apply the gel all over utilizing a cotton ball. Let it dry for a few minutes, and afterward flush it off with warm water. Try this solution for almost a week to get positive results.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is essential to have clear and polished skin. It has gentle cleansing property  as well as help in fighting with pimples, inflammation of the skin, etc.

You should mix the baking soda and water or lemon juice to make a paste. Rinse your face and utilize the paste to delicately peel the skin. At last flush your face with warm water and pat it dry with a towel. Take after this cure a few times each week.


On the other hand, blend one teaspoon each of Baking Soda and Honey. Apply this blend on moist skin and massage delicately for only one moment. Then wash it off with water. At last, sprinkle some icy water all over skin Take after this cure once every week.

If you tired of your dry skin, then you should try this home remedy to get polished skin, yet more beautiful and attractive without any medication and cosmetics that everyone gets jealous of it. So, stay sweet and beautiful by trying this!

Coconut oil Skin polish

The anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal properties of coconut oil suit the human body excellently. Take two cups of coconut oil, half cup of almond oil, few drops of lavender oil and one cup of cornmeal. Warm the coconut oil first. Mix the almond oil and cornmeal with your hands in a separate vessel till it mixes well, add lavender oil and mix. Now, add the coconut oil to this mixture and mix well. Keep it aside for an hour. Then use it.

Sugar-Apple Scrub polish

Apples work as exfoliating agents, and a great source of Vitamins A and C which are good for the skin. Sugar crystals help in removing the cells that cause dullness to the skin. Take 4 tablespoons of brown sugar, 3 teaspoons of sugar granules, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder,  take 2 tablespoons of apple puree, mix all these ingredients, sounds like a delicious snack right, yes a snack for your skin. Before applying this polish, take a hot shower so that the pores are open. Now coat yourself with this polish, ensure to take extra care while polishing your knees and elbows as these areas are harder and need an extra layer of the polish. Stay for a while and take a bath and pat your skin dry. Apply a good moisturizer. Avoid the wounded and broken areas on your skin. Polishing certainly makes your body glow and feels softer. Be careful while applying, not to slip this mixture, it contains oil and will be slippery.You must gently apply this coat, do not rub with pressure. For better results, polish your body once in a month. It is very easy to prepare and has the least of ingredients. All you need is a little patience.

Sea salt and olive oil

Sea salt is an excellent scrub for skin polishing as it removes the dead skin cells. Olive oil draws out impurities, moisturizes your skin and helps your skin maintain a healthy balance with natural oils. It helps to keep your skin polish. Take 4 tablespoons of sea salt, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and half teaspoon of lavender oil which is not mandatory. Take a hot bath to open up skin pores and mix all the ingredients mentioned above. Mix them well and apply them to your damp skin. Gently massage in circular motions. Use a pumice stone on exceptionally rough areas like elbows, knees, and heels. Then, wash your body with fresh water and dry your skin. Apply a good moisturizer.

Brown sugar and jojoba oil

Sugar has natural exfoliating agent. It gently exfoliates the layer of dead skin cells. Jojoba oil has natural moisturizing property and encourages new cell to grow. This also makes your skin polish as you need. Take 1 cup of brown sugar, ½ cup jojoba oil, 1 tablespoon of orange oil, 5 vitamin E capsules. Mix them well to form a thick, smooth paste. Take a hot bath to open up the skin pores. Apply this paste on your damped skin. Gently massage in a circular direction to exfoliate dead skin cells, but don’t be too harsh to your skin. Then, wash the entire body and pat dry with a soft clean towel. Apply a good moisturizer to glow your skin.

Sugar, flower petals, and olive oil  

This remedy helps to make your skin polishing. Take 1 cup of granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 1/8 cup of dried rose petals, 1/8 cup of lavender flowers, 1 tablespoon of honey, and ½ teaspoon of lavender essential oil. Mix them well to form a thick,  smooth paste. Take a hot bath to open skin pores. Apply this paste on your skin and gentle massage your skin in circular motions of the entire body. Pay a special attention towards rough areas like elbows, heels, and knees. Wash your entire body and dry your skin with a clean soft towel. Finally, apply a good moisturizer.