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Home remedies for dry and damaged hair – How to manage dry with ease

One of the worst things someone hates when it come to their look is dreary, undesirable dry hair, which fade away the glow of the face. Hairs dry up when the hair starts to lose moisture, thus gets weakened and starts to appear dull. It can be due to some wholesome insufficiencies or unnecessarily washing of hair, hair getting introduced to the chlorinated water and even continuous usage of warm styling methods can make the hair rough and even dry. When it comes to taking care of hair it is better to use good brands of shampoo and conditioners. Few home remedies can also help you in getting smooth and shiny hair in just few days or weeks.

Top home remedies for dry, dull and damaged hair

Yogurt to manage dry hair with ease

Yogurt is best to treat dry and frizzy hair. This acts as a deep conditioning and helps to treat your hair. Use yogurt and eggs as a good diet due to health benefits. This is a high inexpensive protein and helps to treat your dry hair. Yogurt is high in lactic acid and fats. This helps to cleanse your hair and scalp. Thus, the moisture in it forgets the protein that makes your hair rejuvenate. Take 2 – 4 tablespoons of yogurt. Apply it on your hair and scalp. Gently massage into the scalp. Leave it for about 20 – 30 minutes. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo. This keeps you hydrated with hair mask. You may also add 1 egg white into yogurt. Apply it on your hair. Repeat it once a week for every 2 -3 weeks.

Honey and olive to prevent damaged hair

Honey and olive oil are the best combination of hair and scalp. This makes your hair silky, smooth and shiny. Take equal parts of honey and olive oil in a small bowl. Mix them well and apply this on your hair and scalp. Cover the hair with a warm and damp towel. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

Fenugreek to get rid of dry hair

Fenugreek is the best herbal remedy for dry hair. This helps to treat various diseases due to its medicinal properties. The dull and dry hair gets rejuvenated with fenugreek seeds that are rich in nicotinic acid, potassium, amino acids, protein, Vitamin C, diosgenin and oestrogen. Fenugreek seeds are rich in lecithin in fenugreek seeds that has emollient and hydrate your hair. This results in healthy and strong hair. Fenugreek seeds help to get rid of dandruff and are less natural due to dry hair. Take 2 – 4 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and 1 – 2 tablespoons of yogurt. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning, grind them well. Add yogurt into it and apply this smooth paste for hair. Leave it half an hour and rinse it off with mild shampoo. Repeat it once a week for every 3 – 4 weeks.

Apple cider vinegar hair mask for frizzy hair

Apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment and is expensive in treating dry and frizzy hair. Take some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and dip a cotton swab in it. Apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave it for about 5 – 10 minutes. Rinse them off with water. You can also use diluted apple cider vinegar. Mix apple cider vinegar with warm water in equal proportions and apply it after shampooing your hair. Mix them well and use this mixture to rinse your hair. This helps to manage your hair properly.

Olive oil massage to recover dry hair

Olive oil can be considered as the most prominent home remedy for the hair dryness and roughness. The olive oil comprises of vitamin E as well as cancer preventing agent help in recovering dry hair it also moisturizes the inner skin and external layer and your hair too. Olive oil is utilized as a hot oil hair treatment to reinforce and add sparkle and restore moisture to the dry hair.

Put enough olive oil, which is enough for applying to the hair and then warm it in the microwave or gas. Then apply warm oil altogether on scalp and hair shafts. Massage scalp tenderly for almost 10 to 15 minutes. Cover the hair with warm towel and leave it overnight or even for 30 minutes. Then clean it with shampoo and conditioner which is best suited for your hair. Try this once a week for better and positive results.

Mayonnaise treatment for dry and damaged hair

Mayonnaise is one of the magnificent elements that help in the treatment of dry hair at home. It comprises of many loads of protein that will help in getting the delicate and sparkling look.

Apportion one measure of full-fat mayonnaise. Apply a thick layer of it on marginally soggy hair and scalp.

Take an appropriate part of mayonnaise and then apply that thick layer marginally on hair and scalp. Rub the mayonnaise on your scalp and then work through your hair to the closest. Cover your hair with shower cap for almost 60 minutes. Wash it off after 60 minutes with warm water an appropriate shampoo which suits you. Repeat this once in a week.

Eggs to get rid of rough hair

Eggs are best when it comes to get rid of dry and rough hair. A decent mixture of protein and lecithin, eggs help in fortifying and repairing of rough and dry hair by moisturizing them and giving the sparkle to them.

Whip an egg white altogether alongside with warm water. Apply the blend to your moist hair and scalp and massage with your fingertips in a roundabout movement for about 20 to 30 minutes, then cleanses your hair with cool water. Do this more than once per week.

Home remedy for dry hair with avocado

Avocado comprises of fats, different vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E, different types of protein and mineral which helps in moisturizing hair. Avocado adds moisture to the dry hair and reinforces them.

Squash one ready, peeled avocado. Blend it with wheat-germ oil and jojoba oil to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste on naturally washed hair, from the roots to the closures. Cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it on for 60 minutes and after that cleanse your hair with warm water. Take after this cure a few times per week.

Bananas treatment for dry and damaged hair

Bananas are another important or else essential in treating dry and rough hair. Banana comprise of potassium and moisturizing content which contrasts with hair and enhances the versatility of hair.

Take one overripe banana and spread it on hair from roots to tips. Leave it for almost 60 minutes and after 1 hour wash it off with Luke warm water. Try this once a week for best result.


Blend overripe banana, add almond oil and honey. Apply this hair cover on your hair completely. Leave it on for 30 minutes and after that wash it off the water. Take after this cure once week to appreciate smooth and gleaming hair.  Try this cure once a week for appreciating smooth and gleaming hair.

Beautifully smooth and sparkling hair is now not a dream. No expensive treatment or cosmetics, few home remedies and you have perfect attractive hair as you will get rid of dry and rough hair.