Best simple trendy Indian hairstyles to try for party & functions

Functions and events in India are never ending. We have so many festivals and occasions, and there is so much of the styling we need to think about! The unity among people along with the cosmopolitan outlook, make us eager to try new looks. This alternatively brings along new hairstyle ideas. In this article, we will go through some hairstyle ideas which are apt for Indian functions. These will give you a nice conception of what hairstyles you can try with Indian attires. Also keep your face shape and hair length in mind while opting for any. These will help you look the best!

Side-parted straight hair on saree

Side-parted straight hair

Straight hairstyles are one of the best hairstyles when you have a lot of activities to do. They keep your hair silky and manageable, even when it’s open. You are free from tight Bobby pins and you can dance with ease! In the hairstyle below, we see a lady in a two-colored gorgeous saree. She has straightened her hair and given in an inner curl at the tips. She then parted the hair from the side and let the heavier side fall down the shoulder. Pin up the thinner division or let it fall on the back.

Side-parted permed hair with gorgeous look

Side-parted permed hair

The messier your hair is, the sexier you look! This is the reason why ladies love the messy hairdos. Also, when they pair it up with subtle attire, it gives a contrast to what they have worn and how they have styled their hair. Perm your hair with an Instyler, leave gaps in the middle, rather than having it very minutely permed. This way you will get the hairdo as you see in the picture below. Part your hair from the side and let the strands fall from both sides of your shoulders.

Stylish middle-parted hair with waves hairstyle

Middle-parted hair with waves

This hairstyle includes highlights, which are optional for you. Although, it surely increases the grace of your hair and makes you look better. Part you hair from the middle and use an istyler to wave it. Indian girls are usually born with waves, which is why giving it a finishing would be easier for you. If you have straight hair, you would have to have is slightly waved up and not curled. If your hair is cut in layers, the strands would nicely fall and the steps will be visible.

Fashion side-parted side-swept hair with curls hairstyle

Side-parted side-swept hair with curls

The side-swept hairstyles keep our hair off the face and give us more options to style the hair at the back.  Part your hair from the side and then side-sweep it on the fuller side. Pin it up and get the hair ready for curling up. Use your Instyler to have it styled and let it flow at the back. Add a mang-tika for accessorizing the hairdo, so that the forehead zone doesn’t look empty.

Middle parted hair with the crown bouffant traditional outfit

Middle parted hair with crown bouffant

This is a lovely hairstyle which can suits Indian attire gracefully. Has your hair straightened to start with the procedure. Part your hair from the middle and make adequate space for the mang-tika. Back-brush the next portion and make a slight bouffant. Pin it up well to make the puff intact. Now curl your hair half-way to the tips. This makes your style, complete, but giving it an essence of numerous hairstyles put together. This also keeps your hair off the face and makes the style look fuller and attractive.

Middle-parted with side pins hairstyle for traditional wear

Middle-parted with side pins

This is followed by one the leading lady’s of Bollywood today! She slays away with the style and adds charm to every event she attends. The hairstyle needs to have straightened hair initially. Have it parted from the middle and then take sections of strands from the front and pin it up at the back. You can make twists or braids and then pin it up for more enhancement. Curve up the tips with a slight wave to make the style complete. This doesn’t let the hair have a sharp finish, unlike the complete straight ones.

Pony-tail type attachment with curls for traditional function

Pony-tail type attachment with curls

This is a very stylish hairstyle which looks unique as well. Let you hair stay straightened. Comb the front zone back and forth to make the strands fuller. Part it from one side and locks the strands behind your ears. Now take the rest of your hair and pin it below the crown zone. Create a slight puff to get that lift. In this zone, the strands of the hair is brought together and tied with a clip or with pins. Let the rest of the hair be curled, which will make every layer flaunt the curved tips.

Side-parted curled hair with jewelry and hair accessories

Side-parted curled hair with jewelry

Hair accessories are not uncommon to use. They add charm to our hairdo and make ordinary styles look lovely. In this picture below, we see a lovely twisted-curl hair style. The hair has been parted from the side, and the fuller side is left to fall down the shoulder. The thinner section is pinned with the jewel and then let down from the other side of the shoulder. The Instyler hasn’t only been used to curl the hair, but it has also given a twist which makes the hair look wriggled.

Middle-parted hair with half-down curls hairstyle for function

Middle-parted hair with half-down curls

If you want to keep it simple yet stylish, try out something like this! Part your hair from the middle and have is straight for 1/4th section of your hair and from the roots. Let the rest of the hair be curled up. The layers or steps in your hair will divide the curled sections and make you look even better. Add a mang-tika to many the style a little more interesting. Let the hair flow from both sides of the shoulder.

Fringes with curves and straights tips hairstyles


Fringes with curves and straights tips

A lot of Indian women carry this hairdo with casual wear. If you have to style separately, it means that it is something unique for you. Well, this might need a slight fringe which should be managed by the initial layers of your hair. The fringes are curved and they look curled to the inside. The long strands at the back of your hair are straightened to the tips. The all the layers be curled with a slight curve towards the inside.

Rose side updo bun hairstyle for functions


This hairstyle looks simple and is easy to wear on any occasion with the saree and traditional outfit. This sophisticated bun gives a look for a rosebud that is simply superb. The updo itself is more attractive and adding floral clip makes you give another dimension altogether. This is a very good option for the brides that has not ever to cover their head. So, try this simple hairstyle for functions to turn an audience’s eye on you.

Simple & straight hairstyle for functions


Are you’re confused on what to wear to a suddenly planned function? Here we give some tips to lavish in function. You can style your hair with a beautiful dress. Mid part your hair for mang tikka. Simple open hair and side swept them on your left shoulder. Wear heavy earrings made with natural flowers and bangles with flowers. The dress with pink kurthi and orange, yellow mixed step lehenga model kurthi looks beautiful with yellow flowers decorated as earrings and bangles.

Adorable Pakistani hairstyles for functions


It’s an adorable hairstyle with soft hairs. The top best hairstyles with soft hair with front fringe. Part your hair into two section front parts is side swept and left open as a fringe. The remaining hair is again parted into two. The middle hair is made into a puff and side’s hair and back hair are tied in a bun like a flower. Leave the hair ends with low curls. This hairstyle with western wear looks good and that can turn everybody’s eyes at you.

Fashion trendy & fully curly hairstyle

Lacha-Amazing-Indian-Party-Dresses-For-Wedding-2015-4 (1)

This hairstyle best suits for the people who have curly hair. Lose open curly hair on a traditional long kurthi gives a gorgeous look. The long kurthi with lemon yellow and pink combination looks fabulous. Simply open your hair with curls. Side swept on left shoulder to have a wavy look. The other side is left free to the back. Full sleeve with long wavy open hair makes all looks at you. This hairstyle turns everyone’s attention towards you.

Top trending flaunting hairstyles with saree


The side fringe haircut with soft and smooth hair make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle with side swept bang and low curly hair on shoulder looks beautiful. The hairstyle with medium length hair on one side shoulder looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle for saree on any occasion with simple jewelry.  The blouse design looks most trends with knot around the neck.

Fancy stylish rolled side bang hairstyle


The hairstyle with rolled and soft hair looks pretty cute. The side swept puff like bangs and rolled hair on the shoulder looks beautiful. The hairstyle with pink designed salwar kameez looks awesome for parties. The hairstyle with a traditional outfit is best suited for any party. Try this hairstyle to look trendy and fashion. This will turn everyone’s attention at a party.

Free wide swept bang hairstyle on shoulder


The wide swept side bangs over the cheeks and fringe haircut make you look stylish. The crown like front section hair and puff hair with a loose wide open hair looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for salwar kameez to a party. Try this stylish party hairstyle for traditional occasion. The simple jewelry and bangles with collar neck designed dress looks beautiful.

Fashion mid part hairstyle for party


The loose open straight hair on shoulders looks beautiful. The hairstyle with side swept bang on shoulders looks beautiful. The stylish hairstyle with earlocks upto shoulders is trendy. The hairstyle with simple accessories for fancy dress looks beautiful. The thin hair with long hair length can try this hairstyle to look cute and beautiful.

Curly side swept bang hairstyle for the party


The curly puff bang hairstyle looks cute. The side swept two layered bangs with low curls looks pretty with a western wear. The hairstyle covers the one side of the face and low curls on one shoulder looks simple and cute. Try this hairstyle with dark brown hair color turn attention at you.

Side swept plait hairstyle with fringe haircut


The hairstyle with side swept and plait hairstyle looks pretty simple. The puff front look with fringe haircut plaits looks stylish. Try this hairstyle with a trendy look on different parties are best in traditional wear. The hairstyle with collar neck salwar kameez in multicolored design and full sleeves best suits with slim fit.