Indian stylish hairstyles for wedding/marriage function

The bride and the groom should surely be the most extravagantly dressed up duo on their wedding day, but that doesn’t leave us with the excuse of not dressing up well to attend it! In this article, we will go through some lovely hairstyle ideas which you can try when you are attending an Indian wedding. The clothes that we usually wear for weddings, for example saree, lehenga choli and suits are going to suit these hairstyle ideas. You simply need to choose them according to face shape and complexity. Have a look and gear up for the next wedding you’d attend!

Middle-parted hair with half-down curls hairstyle

Middle-parted hair with half-down

This is a lovely hairstyle which gets better with the thickness of your hair. Part your hair from the middle and wave it for the first quarter of your hair, depending on the length of it. Waving the hair will make it look curved from the sides and it will lift them up too. This adds fullness and lustrous to this zone, and you simply need a mang-tika for the finishing. The rest of the hair has to be curled and on the outer side. Let the section on the right fall down the shoulder and the other section stay at the back.

Side-swept bouffant with curls for wedding

Side-swept bouffant with curls

Isn’t this picture just mesmerizing? You should surely try out this hairdo if you have sharp facial features. The hair has been side-swept and then puffed at the side. The bouffant adds beauty when it is further accompanied by the curls behind. Pin up the bouffant well and make sure that it looks curvy and not pointed like the straight hair bouffant. After this, have your hair nicely curled up from top to the tip. Let it flow down from the fuller side of your bouffant.

Bouffant with half-down curls in wedding function

Bouffant with half-down curls

This is a lovely hairstyle which makes your hair look stylish and neat. Has your hair straightened for the first half. Section out your hair in three divisions, which lets you make the bouffant in the middle. You have to divide the sides equally and let the puff look fuller. Let the hair at the hair stay straight for the first half, while you curl up the rest of it and up to the tips. This is neat and keeps hair off your face!

Side-swept lift with curls hairstyle with traditional outfit

Side-swept lift with curls

When you have strong and lustrous hair, you can easily do this style and make yourself look extraordinary! Part your hair from the side. The thickest section should be brushed in such a way that it looks fuller and falls in front. The mang-tika is nicely flaunted while the chain gets hidden inside this section of the hair.  Let the quarter of the hair stay curved while you curl up the rest. Flaunt the fuller section in front and let the thinner section stay at the back.

Bouffant with side braid and curls hairstyle to try in wedding

Bouffant with side braid and curls

Part your hair from the side and leave a front section to tuck behind the ear. Now take all the strands to make a proper bouffant. Pin up below the crown zone. Now section one part of the hair in front and make a braid. Pin up the braid at the back as you see in the picture below. The rest of the hair is curled up to the tips. It looks beautiful and will enhance your look no matter what attire you choose!

Side-part with wavy hair for wedding

Side-part with wavy hair

If you have medium-length hair and you can’t choose curls, you can surely opt for this hairdo. Part your hair from the middle and section out the front zone. Back-brush the rest of the hair and pin it up below the crown zone for keeping it intact. Now let the fuller side of the section fall down from the shoulder and let the other section stay at the back. The mang-tika in the middle adds to the beauty and you have to agree that the saree is too beautiful to overlook!

Natural and messy curls hairstyles in weddings

Natural and messy curls

Sometimes messy hairstyles looks way to beautiful than all the styling that we do. In the picture below, we have one such example. If you have straight hair naturally, go for slight curls to get this hairstyle for yourself. If you have curly or wavy hair, keep it simple and real! Sometimes, when you choose subtle and real styles, you look much more beautiful and you surprise people with your simplicity. Part your hair from the middle or from the side and let the curls fall down prettily. When you combine a messy hairdo with subtle prints, you are sure to rock with the contrasting effect of your style!

Back-brushed bun hairdo with locks hairstyles

Back-brushed bun hairdo with locks

Buns are common for wedding events. Be it sarees or lehenga cholis, buns never fail the Indian women. The hairstyle in the picture below shows us a back-brushed bun which needed little effort to create. You just have you make sure that your hair is nicely untangled and shine. Back-brush the hair and make a loose bun. Chalk out sections from both the sides so that you flaunt the locks in front. Add a mang-tika in the middle to section out a back-brush hairdo for the initial zone. Make sure the bun is loosely tied to for perfect effect.

Messy lifts at the crown zone with curls hairstyle

Messy lift at the crown zone with curls

This is yet another hairdo to show you how messy curls can look. Part your hair from the side to section out the front zone. Back brush the rest of the hair and comb it untidily, for the messy look. Give a slight lift at the back and pin up that zone. Let the rest of the hair be curled to the tips. Flaunt your style by bringing them in front and by letting them flow down the shoulders.

Middle-sectioned hair with bun hairstyle on saree

Middle-sectioned hair with bun

This is a neat bun hairdo which will make you look classy. Part your hair from the middle, but only for the front section. Add lift to them by twisting them. These twists are then pinned up on the side. Now take the rest of the hair to create a small bouffant at the crown. Pin up the zone nicely and then make a bun. Add flowers or jewelry to enhance the look.

Top latest Indian bridal wedding hairstyle to try


This hairstyle best suits for your long hair. It’s a latest fashion trend to have the best hairstyle for wedding. Comb your hair and side swept front section of your hair with a side fringe and leave them open on the other side. Simply wear a mang tikka a cross partitioned hair. Side swept long wavy hair on your shoulder. Remaining hair is left open. Decorate with a mang tikka and heavy earrings. Have a grand jewelry on saree or any half saree or lehenga choli. This hairstyle best suits on any traditional outfit. This hairstyle also makes everyone’s attention at you.

Indian bridal wedding hairstyles for short hair on wedding function


Most of the braids prefer to have a long strand braid hairstyle decorated with flowers. If you want to try a new one and look different from others, then you can go for this short hairstyle. The wedding brides have to cover their head with dupatta. Thus, you can wear with a bridal accessory like maang tika, Martha patti, jhommer borla, juda pin, and choti decorations with flowers. These very important to be beautiful on your wedding traditional outfit. Try this different high hair up do to be unique and turn everyone’s attention.

French updo hairstyle to try for a different look on the wedding


The French updo hairstyle for Indian wedding makes your sleek and has a stylish look. Try this eye catching bridal hairstyle for Indian weddings during reception or any cocktail functions. A bun always turns a huge bridal attention as it is unique and has a favoring ethnic look. Hair buns may vary from the ballerina to delicate or intricate braided and twisted styles. Messy high French bun has a vogue that can continue and is styled to look fabulous at the wedding.

Fully decorated or dressed up bun with a long braid strand full of hair accessories


You just roll up your hair to form a braid and the usual run of the mull up do hairstyle. This hairstyle looks like a blowout semi pin up that might impress and provide your hair is long and thick. So, start off by blow drying the hair and is enough volume that can part horizontally. So, grab the upper part of the hair and style it up. The other part of hair is flowing down at the back to give a traditional look. Now, enhance them with a floral or a jeweled accent piece or simply with crystal or fancy bows. So, impress them with your stylish hairstyle.