Trending South Indian bride hairstyle ideas for wedding

A woman with a considerably thick, dark black and waist-touching braid in India, is most probably a South Indian! They have soft curls naturally and love maintaining their long tresses with coconut oil. South Indian weddings are very traditional and conservative, but women have started experimenting with their bridal look even if there are no alterations for the rituals. Braids still remain their typical style statement, but there are a few more styles according to the recent trend. In this article, we will go through some of the latest hairstyles, which are now being preferred by South Indian women for their bridal look.

Flowered bun with jeweled braid hairstyle


Buns and braids are the most common for South Indian brides. They are neither in trend nor out of trend. This is simply because they never go out of trend! In the picture below, we see a South Indian bride flaunting her hairdo. She has tied a neat bun with her natural hair and then put a garland around. This has been pinned up with braided hair extension, and that has been jeweled from start to tip. A combination of jewelry for hair is what most of them don’t miss out on for their bridal hairdo.

Center parted hair with a bun


South Indian hair has a natural perm which people usually follow when they need to dress up like them. If you already have such hair, this hairdo won’t be much of a task for you. Part your hair from the middle and make a loose bun which falls at the nape of your neck. You will be able to add mang-tika or mang-tika chains. The jewelry part is absolutely on your convenience and approved. This hairdo is easy and manageable which is why you can have it accessorized in the best way possible.

Spiral bun with flowers bridal hairstyle for wedding


Mogra flowers are used for South Indian women excessively. People sell these flowers in South Indian regions because there is a huge craze for garlands, and they are worn irrespective of special occasions. In the picture below, we see a lady in a neatly tied bun. She has curled hair from midway to tip, so that it is easier to create the spiral bun. She then added two layers of flowers. At first, the garland of Mogra surrounded the bun, and it is followed by another set of flower for the lower portion of the bun.

Back-brushed hair with side ponytail hairstyle


Well, this is quite an unusual hairdo for a South Indian bride. None-the-less, you’d have to agree that she is looking different than what you’d expect her to. She has back-brushed her hair and has given it a slight puff. This puff has been pinned up below the crown zone and the rest of the hair has been tied into a lower-leveled ponytail. The hair has been let to fall from one side of the shoulder and the tips are curled up to give her a nicer look. The mang-tika is flaunted on the forehead, whereas the chain is lost amidst her puff.

High puff with bun hairstyle on saree

Buns are surely common as mentioned below, thus if you’re sticking to the tradition you can might as well play with the trend too. In the picture below, we see puffed hair, which has been lifted like the retro look. This lifts your puff more than how much we naturally do and makes the hair look fuller. The hair has been back-brushed and accumulated in a crown zone where pinning up is easy and you can have the maximum lift. The hair, which falls at the back can be made into a regular bun which is accessorized with mogra flowers.

Side-brushed hair with curls hairstyle

This is another style which is much in trend and makes you flaunt your hair. The lady is looking lovely in her Kanchipuram saree and she has jewelry like the brides usually do. Her hairdo on the contrary, gives a different style since it has been nicely side-brushed without a partition. She takes all her hair to the heavier side and then has it nicely curled up. The hair has been pinned up with flowers midway and the strands are left to fall down from one shoulder. The locks which fall on the opposite side is the best finishing to offer!

Straight hair with puff hairstyle on saree

Quite uncommon to see, but it’d be lovely to try – straight hairdo for a South Indian bride which also includes a traditional Mogra garland. This hairstyle is also quick to do and easy to manage. Has your hair straightened well and then start off with the process. The puff in the crown zone should be nicely pinned up, which will be followed by the garland. This too has to be properly attached to the hairdo. The rest of the hair is left open, and it falls half at the back and half down the right shoulder.

Side parted hair with a bun bridal hairstyle

If buns and braids are your only option, you simply have to enhance within them and bring in exclusivity. In the picture below, we see a South Indian bride, who has parted the front of her hair from the side. The mang-tika remains to be in the middle and it also hides the chain on the fuller side of the partition. The rest of her hair has been used to form a bun. You can choose any spiral bun, neatly pinned up bun or have it nicely filled in with flowers.

Side brushed hair with a bun hairstyle for wedding

This is yet another style to try with your bun hairdo. In this style you do not have to back-brush your hair or have it parted from the middle. The hairstyle calls in for a side brushed look. At first, you take some of the hair in the front and brush it to the side. Pin it up to make it look like a small puff, but it shouldn’t point like the straight ones do, it should look bent and be pinned up to the side. The rest of the hair can be side-brushed into a messy or spiral bun.

Side bun hairdo hairstyle

The most traditional and conservative families like to go all white in their weddings. White is anyway a preferred color for both males and females in South India. In this picture below, we see a lovely hairdo which makes us realize that bun hairstyles can come up with the most exclusive style. The lady’s hair has been nicely side-brushed and the bun has been created on that very side itself. It will make the hairdo pile up and feels heavier to the side, while the bun has a better flaunt than the other ones. This is surely one unique style to try and should be accompanied by jewelry and flowers.

Side puff long wavy hair of braid in Lehenga choli for a South Indian wedding


The grand designer lehenga choli for an Indian bride looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle for Indian wedding to with curly, wavy medium hair. Side swept hair with soft, bright black color hair. Prepare a low puff with the centered hair. Pin the front hair tightly and leave the remaining hair on the shoulder. The hair is left open with a wavy type. Fashion jewelry and accessories give a beautiful look. Wear mang tikka on the middle of the head and this hairstyle best suit for oval face shape. Try this simple, quick hairstyle for a wedding to have a unique look. This hairstyle turns everyone’s attention at you.

High top bun with ear locks braid hairstyle on lehenga choli


The top bun hairstyle with white color duppata gives amazing look to your hairstyle. Try this hairstyle on your wedding day to have a beautiful look. Simply, brush your hair and side swept the front hair to form a puff. Leave ear locks on your cheeks. Tie tight top bun with the hair. This hairstyle best suits for long hair and decorate it with hair pins. Tie mang tikka and pearl chains tied at back. Two layer pearl chains on forehead with curl hair and ear locks adds more beautiful in your face. Earrings with red pendent and heavy makes it more beautiful. The necklace gives a beautiful look. Red color with white duppata gives a gorgeous look.

Simple bridal hairstyle with puff in the middle on saree


The simple normal regular hairstyle is as usual. Just a small modification in it makes fashion and gives a different look to your hairstyle. Side swept your hair soft and to both sides. Mid part it and prepare a mid puff and pin it. Tie a long braid plait and decorate it with red natural flowers. This hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. Decorate this hairstyle with mang tikka and tie the chain linked with mang tikka with beads to back of the ear. Braid the hairstyle tightly and decorate with hair colors.

Indian bridal wedding hairstyle in pattu saree

1. Braided-Indian-Birdal-Wedding-Hairstyles-5

Long braided palate hairstyle is a tradition in Indian as well as in Pakistan to style your hair for the wedding. This hairstyle is a following trend in fashion with brides on her special day. Indian brides usually wear this hairstyle on Sangeet or Mehandi event. Many of the Indian girls wear a braided updo bun hairstyle for the wedding Barat ceremony. This hairstyle best suits for medium and long length hair.

Cute bridal hairstyles for long hair

2. Cute-Kerala-Bridal-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair

The big bun hairstyle for long hair on wedding day adds more beauty. Try this stylish, trendy, fashion, hairstyle in Mehandi, reception, or any other occasion which turns the attention at you. The long hair is simply brushed back and made to form a big bun at back. The bun is formed with a bouncy hair at front and is decorated with manga tikka. The hairstyle with jewelry adds more beauty to the bride on her wedding.

Side swept wavy low curly hair

3. indian-bridal-Popular-wedding-hairstyles-2015-16-11

The side swept open hairstyle with wavy curly hair is beautiful. The hairstyle best suits for you with fully heavily decorated jewelry give a beautiful look. The soft brushed hair with a bun to support the pallu at her wedding looks gorgeous in red colored classic traditional wedding dress.  The classic lehenga choli with this stylish hairstyle and jewelry adds more beauty to the bride on her wedding day.

Mid part long palate braid hairstyle for wedding

4. south-indian-bride-5503a0894e9c3

The hairstyle with long palate braid at her wedding day make you look beautiful. The hairstyle is completely decorated with full of natural flowers and best suits for Muslim bride.  The hairstyle is decorated with traditional jewelry, accessories which add a beautiful look with heavy designer saree in weddings.

Assamese bridal Indian wedding hairstyle

5. Assamese-India-Bridal-Hairstyles-2015-For-Wedding

The Assamese bridal wedding is decorated with most of the head and hair accessories with different things. The hairstyle is completely decorated with chains, clips, flowers, and hair jhomars. This enhanced the personality of the beauty which has a valuable hairstyle classic look for a wedding. The hairstyle with a big bun on the back and a long palate braid decorated with white flowers.