How to look stylish in school uniform

You can look stylish even in a school uniform. All you need to do is to implement some uniqueness in your uniform and looks while keeping in mind the dress code of your school. First of all, get one thing clear that to look stylish in your school dress you do not actually need to break the school rules; because if you do, it will just look like you are trying hard to appear special, which is not something really wanted. So, stay within the codes of your school and implement only those changes that are permitted by your school. Read on to know the secrets of looking stylish in school uniform,

Wear proper school uniform in a proper way

Yes, this is the first thing that you need for looking stylish in school dress. Unless your school uniform is in the best condition it will only make you look clumsy. Do the following to make your school uniform look best on you

Get your uniform tailored

A proper fitting is a must in order to look good in that dress. So, it is best suggested that you opt for a tailored uniform instead of a ready made one. Even if you get it directly stitched from the market, take it to a tailor and instruct to alter it according to your size and shape. A tailored uniform can actually give you the right fit as well as the best look.

Also keep in mind the material of the uniform. Different clothing materials give different kind of looks. So, you need to pick a good quality material to ensure that it has a unique look, unless the material is already specified by your school.

Never try to opt for a shade deeper or a shade lighter uniform color just because it will make you look different or suits well for you. Buy the same shades as noted by your school code; just take care about the material and the fit.

Always ensure that your school uniform is clean and well pressed before you put them on.

Get the right shoes

Most of the schools maintain a code about the shoes as well. So, if your school has a code about it too, you actually cannot go beyond. Just keep in mind that your school shoes are in the best condition, well maintained and clean.

In case your school does not have a strict code for shoes you can opt for stylish tennis shoes or sneakers. They look just perfect with school uniform. Always pick a white, black or blue color school shoe, because they go well with any kind of dress color. A pink or green shoe can actually make it look odd when paired with a blue school uniform. So, keep that in mind.

In case, your school has just codes about the shoe color and not the shoe type, keep the above tips in mind while purchasing your shoes, and do not opt for anything flashy, or opt for high heel ones, rather buy shoes that are of good quality.

Socks are usually compulsory with shoes in every school and in fact they make it more comfortable to wear the shoe for the whole day. One easy way to look stylish is to fold down your socks till your ankle. Also ensure that it is clean and not smelly.

Get those beautiful hairs

Keep your hairs clean and nourished

The first code to look stylish in your school uniform is to have clean and well hydrated hairs. If your hairs are dirty, dry or brittle they will surely hamper your look. So, clean your hairs with a proper cleanser.Condition hairs properly and ensure that they are well kempt.

Get proper hairstyle

The right hairstyle can make you look highly stylish even in a school uniform. So, get the hairstyle that suits with the shape of your face and other features. Visiting a professional hairstylist can be a really good option to get the hairstyle that will suit you most and make you appear stylish in any dress.

Try highlighting

If your school does not have restrictions, you can also try out highlighting strands of your hairs. This can give you a very stylish look. However, stay away from the bright colors, like red and pink and opt for the deeper tones or just bleached highlights to ensure that you get the right look.

Use hair accessories

You can also use some hair to accessorize to get a more stylish look, if that is not barred by your school. A stylish clip, a few colorful pins, a satin ribbon can make all the difference. However, always keep in mind that you should not use accessories that are too colorful or flashy because that might make you look funny instead of stylish.

Get beautiful skin

A beautiful skin can make you look stylish in every dress. So you should take care to get a flawless skin. At this age your skin is naturally beautiful and it does not need any much care other than proper cleaning and moisturizing to stay that way. Clean your face with a mild cleanser or a homemade cleanser twice a day and moisturize it properly after cleansing. You can also try out exfoliating, but only once in a week and with a homemade or very mild scrubbing product.

If you have few pimples you can use some effective home treatments to clear them. If you have severe acne, consult a dermatologist to cure the condition.

Take care of your hands and legs as well. Clean, exfoliate and moisturize them regularly. Waxing your hands and legs can give them an instantly smooth feel and can be very helpful to get a stylish look.

Wear some stylish accessories

Accessories can give you the desired stylish look even in your school uniform. Wear studs or clasps of interesting designs on your ears. Just make it a point to not to wear anything that bling or looks very gorgeous. You can also put on a cool pendant, if that is permitted by your school. The other stylish accessory that you can wear to style up your total look is a stylish watch. Just ensure that it is not something very flashy.

Use a stylish school bag

Well, this is a point where no school most probably has a code. So, you can pick a school bag that is stylish and actually makes a special style statement. Keep in mind that you are not looking for a flashy bag, but one that has the right look.

Maintain the best self-hygiene

You can never look stylish in any dress unless you maintain the best self-hygiene. Bathe daily with a proper cleanser, maintain proper oral hygiene.  Ensure that you do not smell of sweat or food at any time. Use a deodorant if needed.

Take care of your nails

Dirty and brittle nails are not surely going to make you look stylish. So, ensure that your nails are well cleaned and trimmed. Do not opt for very long nails, but go for medium length and coat them with a natural nail lacquer, if your school does not permit the use of colorful nail colors.

The right makeup

Makeup can be surely helpful for looking stylish in school. However, you have to keep in mind that you should not go overboard or it will make you look out of place. Stick to only a few products and do never opt for layering. Choose those products that give you the benefits of many things in the same item. You can easily opt for a BB cream with sunscreen and moisturizing properties to get all the three benefits at one go.

Eye makeup

You can use a thin line of Kajal on your eyelids to look stylish in your school dress. Curling your eyelashes is another thing that can make you look beautiful without giving that artificial look. Stay away from eye shadows.

Lip makeup

Just ensure that your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized. Use a natural color lip balm instead of a gloss. No need to line your lips and all. That will make you look out of the place.

The right attitude

Your attitude and how you present yourself has a very important role to play in your total appearance. So, to appear stylish adopt the right attitude and get the right walk, that can help you look and feel more confident.

Jewelers on school uniform for girls

You can wear light strands of pearls or any costume jewelers around your neck. This will make you look momentarily behind your shirt and tie them well to look fantastic.  Neckties are a common variety to style your uniform. This crossover tie can add a traditional look to your school uniform. A floppy bow tie is adorable. This will give a tall Murano glass band that has a plastic rhinestone hearts glass fiction and can range a ring with a great stuff. The diamante initial rings spell out with across your hand.

Decorate your uniform with accessories

The non regulation of a coat up to knee length is belted or nipped at the waist. You can start collecting brooches with lots of different variety stylish accessories. Try to avoid badges, but snap up with an interesting school pin. This helps to get out of a crest.

  • Trendy accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. You can also check out with a knit beret at the time of shopping. This an oversized knit hats or tea cozy hats. This color can complement the rest of your school attire.
  • Try something new with a vintage silk scarf on your head to cover a bad hair day.
  • You should switch with a generic shoe laces with a pair that can make you smile.
  • Replace a pair of ankle boots with Mary Janes or crazy sneakers to turn boring look.

Daily beauty care tips

  • You should regularly manicure the nails to keep your fingers look beautiful.
  • Cover your books with a marionette, museum fine arts, paper chase.
  • Try paper craft stickers to your books to look different.
  • Style your hair with lovely pins, headbands, clips or any variety of hair accessories.
  • Wear a different look with a jacket that can flatter your body and complement your uniform.
  • You can add a pop color to your uniform with a bright colored jacket.
  • Write down your name or favorite number stitched on the back of the jacket to look something different.

So keep the above points in mind and you are sure to make the right style statement even in your school uniform.