How to dress stylish to the office

Every office has a dress code and you cannot really ruin your reputation trying to ditch it. However, you can dress stylish to office even after maintaining all those dress codes; and if you are really interested to know how, here is the answer. Just read on to know how you can dress stylish to office,

Wear tailored clothes

The first step to make your office wear stylish is to wear tailored clothes. Instruct your tailor to strictly stick to the office cuts and not to go for anything flowy. You can surely buy the branded ones from the store, but only after ensuring that they are a perfect fit for your size and figure. Your dress needs to be an exact fit with your body and also something that highlights your best features. So, pick office dresses keeping these factors in mind.

Pick the right color

To make your office dress look stylish on you picking the right color is also important. It is not that you only have to wear black and navy and grey to the office, there are many off-colors like burgundy, olive, plum, bluish slate that can be appropriate to wear even to the most conservative offices. So, pick colors that are unusual and looks great on you.

Pair it up with a jacket

You can always pair up your office dress with a jacket, just keep in mind that your jacket looks formal enough for the office. You can either wear well fit jackets on the top of your office dress or going for an oversized jacket can also be a nice option to look stylish instantly. You can even wear a short sleeve jacket on a long sleeve dress to get a stylish look; only keep in mind that you do not pick something too gorgeous that can make you look out of the place.

Go for prints over solids

Solids are surely one of the most worn patterns for offices, but even the prints can go fine. Pair up a solid top with a printed bottom wear to make it appear stylish and yet official. However, always stay away from those colorful floral prints; they are not for office. You can opt for small geometrical prints in natural muted colors to wear for office. This will not only make you look different but will also make you more stylish.

Opt for pin-stripe trousers

Pin stripe rousers make an ideal and stylish office wear. They also make one appear taller which can add a lot to the personality of the person. Pair pinstripe trousers with a solid shirt and jacket to look most stylish in your office wear.

Layer it up

Layering your clothes gives you an instant stylish look. So, while dressing for office, try out layering. Ensure that the clothes you put underneath are well fitted so that they do not make you look fat. While layering also stick to official designs and clothes, just add up on the layers.

Show off printed blouse under a solid shirt

This style can actually give you a stylish look instantly. Wear a long sleeved printed blouse and layer it up with a short sleeved solid shirt. The hands of the printed blouse should remain visible. This style can be a bit bold but if you can carry it well it can actually help you to look most stylish in your office.

Opt for folded sleeves

This is a very basic and classic way to dress stylish to your office. Instead of wearing a short sleeve shirt or tops opt for a long sleeved one and then fold the sleeve to quarter. This is a classic style which still holds its appeal and can never fail to show its charm on you.

Try out different patterns of stripes

Stripes can actually make one look stylish when worm in the right way. Experiment with different types of stripes when dressing for office, and always make it a point to pair up the stripes with a solid bottom or upper wear.

Wear that high-waisted bottoms

High waisted bottoms are back in style and if you maintain a perfect figure, what can be better than a high waisted bottom wear paired with a shirt for office. Typically opt for full or quarter sleeve tops or shirts with high-waisted bottom wear when dressing for office.

Try out different neck styles

The general office code is to not to put on anything with a deep neck; but even without going deep, you can experiment a lot with the necks of your office attire. Opt for high neck tops along with the round necks. The boat neck ones paired with a formal cut can also give you a stylish office look.

Pair it up with an open shoe

The normal office shoes are actually boring. You can easily replace them for dark or white colored, open and lacy shoes with a heel size in which you are most comfortable.