How to look stylish in college uniform

There are many colleges that maintain a strict dress code. So,after completing your school you might again need to wear uniform to your college. So, if you had planned to wear all those stylish dresses to your college now, you might need to keep them aside only for occasions and casual days. However, you can look stylish even in college uniform. You really need not to make your dressing boring only because you need to wear a uniform to your college. Just follow these simple easy steps and you can look more stylish even in your college uniform.

Get your uniform right

Get your uniform tailored to be fit

This is the first and most important point to look stylish even in a college uniform. Do not opt for a ready-made uniform, buy the material and ensure that the dress is stitched according to your body shape and size. Spend on a good quality material, because quality is something that always shows.

While putting on your uniform always make it a point to ensure that it is clean and in the best condition to wear. A threadbare, dirty uniform can never give you a stylish look. So taking care of your uniform is important.

Wear the right shoes that match your college uniform

Well, even if your college has a uniform, it is most expected that you do not have a shoe code. So you can put on just any shoe that goes well with your uniform and also make you feel comfortable and confident. Putting on high heels can be a great boost for looking stylish even in your uniform, but they are not actually comfortable enough to wear for the whole day. So, get into a shoe that is stylish, matches with your uniform and is comfortable as well. Stylish sneakers, canvases and even stylish belle shoes can be your best choice for college.

Add a scarf on college uniform to look stylish

Adding a stylish scarf on the neck can actually give you a very stylish look even in your uniform. Select a scarf that goes well with your dress and does not look odd as a whole.

Accessorize it to look trendy

One of the coolest ways to get a stylish look in college uniform is to put on some accessories. Pick some earrings that look stylish and trendy. A pendant that is not too long or too short can also be a nice item to wear to college. Opt for stylish bangles and keep on trying out new things. Another accessory that is quite compulsory for college is the wristwatch. Do not opt for the boring metal watches; rather, spend on some cool ones that look stylish and trendy on your hand. Also make it a point to carry a stylish bag to your college.

Groom yourself for college uniform

Get the right hairstyle

This is something really important. If you are willing to look stylish in your college uniform make sure that you have a trendy and stylish hairstyle that also suits with the shape of your face and other facial features. Getting the right hairstyle can give a big boost to your overall appearance. So, spend on a professional hair stylist to get the right hairstyle.

Highlighting your hairs is the other thing that can make a lot of difference in your total appearance. So, try out coloring and highlighting your hairs and you can actually go on experimenting till the line it suits your looks.

Also ensure that your hairs are clean and are not dry or brittle; because no matter how cool a hairstyle you have got, it will not look good unless your hairs look healthy and are kempt.

You can use different types of hair accessories to look more stylish. Starting from different types of clips and pins to hair bands and ribbons, there are a lot of varieties and you can try out all of them on different days to add freshness to your looks.

Experimenting with your hairstyle can also be a good option. Do not wear your hairs in the same fashion always, try out new things, but keep in mind that they should look good on you.

Get a perfect skin

If you are trying to look stylish even in your college uniform, having a perfect and healthy skin can surely help. At this age, you have naturally beautiful skin; all you have to do is to take care of it in the best way so that it stays the way it is. Wash your face at least twice a day with a light facial cleanser, tone your skin with a natural toner, like rose water and moisturize it at regular intervals depending on your skin type. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times in a week.

If you have acne, you can opt for home remedies; but if it is severe, consulting a dermatologist is best suggested. The other skin problem that you might have at this age is dark circles. Use a home treatment like a potato or cucumber to remove those dirk circles completely and to get that fresh look.

Taking care of only the skin of your face is not sufficient. You need to take care of the skin of your hands and legs as well look stylish. Clean, exfoliate and moisturize the skin of your hands, legs and neck regularly. Also wax your hands and legs at regular intervals to ensure that they are really smooth and soft to touch.

Shaping and maintaining your eyebrows in the right way is important to get that stylish look. Decide the right shape of eyebrow according to the shape of your face and always make it a point that they are well maintained.

Get the perfect body

To look perfectly stylish in your school uniform having a well-toned figure is a must. Take up a healthy lifestyle and include proper nutritious food in proper quantity in your daily diet along with daily exercises and active sports to get that toned body which looks beautiful in any dress, be it the most unflattering college uniform or a beautiful party wear.

Maintain proper self-hygiene

If you smell of sweat or you have yellow teeth or a bad breath, no matter how beautiful you look otherwise, you can never appear stylish. So, always make it a point to maintain the best self-hygiene. Maintain the best oral hygiene and use a deodorant.

Take care of your nails

Stylish people do not only ensure that their face appears beautiful, but they also ensure that all the body has a style to it. Taking care of your nails and keeping them clean are the very basic. You can opt for regular manicure and pedicure to maintain them in the best way. Wearing an attractive nail color or a nail art can also make you look pretty stylish in college.

Wear the right makeup

Wearing makeup in the right way can actually make you appear very stylish even in a college uniform, but always make it a point that you do not go overboard with makeup, because in that case it will give you an artificial look which will not make you look stylish but made up.

Face touch ups

Just use a concealer for covering any spot on your face and a light foundation to give coverage. If you are not using a foundation with SPF, make sure that you wear a sunscreen underneath. You can also use a light stroke of a natural color blush to give your skin a healthy glow, but you should abstain from layering it up. Just a light touch will do.

How to make your eyes look bigger with kajal, liner, and mascara

Wearing a thin line of Kajal or liner can make your eyes appear bigger and more prominent, which can add heavily to your overall looks. However, do not opt for cat eye or any other party style of eye makeup. You can highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a white eye pencil to make your eyes look bigger. Instead of using mascara on your eyelashes opt for curling them up. Do not go for a detailed eye makeup; however, you can use a light tint of single natural color of eyeshadow on your eyelids, so that it looks natural.

Lips for a natural look

Ensure that your lips are exfoliated and moisturized. You can wear a lip gloss or a natural color lipstick. Make sure that it does not appear too bold. Stay away from colors like red, deep chocolate to ensure that you land up in a natural look that makes you look stylish and not made up.

Get the right attitude

The key to look stylish even in college uniform is to adopt the most stylish attitudes. Have a pleasant personality, get a confident walk and always walk with your head held high. Carrying yourself in the right way is very important to look stylish, and if you can do that, appearing stylish in college uniform is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Comfortably cool to get a stylish look

The Ponte pants are best to get a perfect base with any comfortable for a stylish look. You should pair with a utilitarian jacket and a chambray shirt. Try the patterned scarf for a layered look. This will get through the day to protect from high temperature. If you want, you can also add a warm coat which is sometimes chilly out and can shed layers with a warm environment.

Best college uniform essentials to add for wardrobe

The best essential wardrobe essentials can gather up with a favorite item is the best way to look beautiful. The items that can add a more trendy fashion look to you is with this stylish outfit. Select the best ones that best suits for your body shape and skin tone which is very important to look beautiful. Try this beautiful looking outfit to be more special and can add more attention at you.

Statement accessories that add attention

Trendy look can be attained with these styling hacks for the lazy girls. These statement accessories add punch to any outfit with scarves. So, scarves and bid necklaces work better with a spice up and make you look stylish. The best spice look can be added by styling scarf’s in different styles on your outfits. Like a fantastic coat and boots are best that can add a beautiful look with a tied stylish scarf. You can simply throw away scarves with the knits, unwashed jeans, and a pair of knee boots and can be dressed in a couple of minutes to rush to college.

Make up is the most important for every girl

Every girl wants to be better and brighter to attain all eyes towards her. The best way is simply maintaining proper selected suitable outfits with makeup. To look pretty quickly, you need to pinch, light lipstick, concealer, and mascara. This is the plus advantage to be more beautiful.