Hair care

After straightening hair how to keep it straight

Hair straightening is one of the most popular hairstyle these days. It is adopted by young girls as well as by many older women also. Straightening is done for all three types of hair – straight, curly and wavy.  Straightening is done with certain chemicals and artificial hair styling products which are prone to affect the health of the hair. Usually hair straightening is done with flat irons which are not a very easy task, but looking after the hair after straightening them requires proper knowledge and proper methods.

Ways to keep hair straight after getting them straightened

Dry hair

Hair should be dry before straightening unless the straightening appliance requires wet hair. Flat irons must be used after blow drying the hair. Blow drying the hair section by section helps to retain the straightening for a longer time.  Thus, you must try to keep your hair dry.

Professional Flat Irons

These have the capability to spread heat evenly all over the hair during the straightening process. Hair straightened in this manner has a better chance to last for longer period. They are not very expensive and can be easily used to get the desired style.

Avoid Moisture

Humidity and moisture after straightening the hair can make the straight hair wavy. Hence the moisture must be avoided. Straight hair style will last for a much longer time without redoing it, if moisture and water can be avoided.

Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo cleans the hair and gets rid of the excess oil and residue without the use of water. So it is beneficial in retaining the straightened hair for a longer period after being straightened by flat irons or other straightening appliances.

Tips for post hair straighteninghair  care

It is not very difficult to keep the hair straight after straightening them by following a few tips. These tips will depend on the method adopted to straighten the hair. Hair straightened with a flat iron or blow iron will immediately become wavy and curly after being exposed to moisture or humidity.

Hair Care after Theo-Straightening

Theo- Straightening method is a Japanese traditional method to straighten hair. It is done by using flat irons by which the hair becomes completely straight. Hair straightening done by Theo-straightening method will require conditioning of the hair daily. The hair straightened by this method can be reverted back by simply using a moisturizer rich shampoo.

Hair Care after Hydroxide Method

Hydroxide Method is the oldest and rough method done by the use of sodium hydroxide which is very alkaline.  They can   be harmful to the skin and hair and cause serious damage both. This method is mostly adopted for that is tightly curled.  In most cases the straightening done by this method is irreversible.  There are hardly any precautions that can be adopted on straight hair after using this method.

Hair Care after Thermal Reconstruction Method

The Thermal reconstruction method is adopted in the salons by professional stylists. The hair becomes dry very fast after straightening them with this method. Hence the recommended shampoos and conditioners by the hair stylist must be used in order to take care of the hair.

Basic hair care tips for straightened hair

It must be remembered that special care is required after straightening the hair. The hair loses their natural texture and become rough and dry by using the methods to straighten hair. Natural remedies to prevent the hair from getting brittle and dry must be adopted. There are chances of residue remaining on the straitened hair after shampoo, hence thorough rinsing with water is a must after shampooing the hair. Daily hair care must be done using a leave –in- conditioner. Remember to use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair.

A proper study of the hair care after straightening must be done before getting the hair straightener. Things that damage the hair and make them unhealthy must be avoided. Straightening by certain methods is permanent, but the regrowth of hair will be similar to the original texture. In the normal course straightened hair can remain the same for about three months if regular proper care is taken. The hair straightening treatment by any method needs to be repeated from time to time.

Tips on how to make your hair stay straight all day

Straight hair is a big task to achieve than to keep your hair sleek all the day long. Follow these tips to get straight hair throughout the day with the elements.

  • You have to maintain the best choice of shampoo and conditioning products that create straight or sleek hair. This is inexpensive and helps to give straight hair. Make sure to comb the hair to pass the conditioner into your hair while in the shower, just before you rinse it out. This helps to get rid of tangles and gives straightness.
  • You should not rub your hair after a shower as it is better to pat and squeeze your hair dry with a towel. Stop ruffling or rubbing your hair dry that leads to frizzy hair.
  • Apply some straightening gel, mousse, relaxing cream, or conditioner on wet hair after shower. It is better to choose anti-frizz product that contains silicone and helps to seal in your hair’s natural moisture.

Best home remedies to get straight hair

Milk spray is perfect to get straight hair

Simply, fill your spray bottle with 1/3 of the milk. Spray the milk on your hair. Leave it for about 20 minutes by covering them with a shower cap. While spraying, you should make sure that every layer is coated. Before spraying, comb your hair and avoid brushing after the shower, which causes split ends. Shampoo and condition your hair.

Egg, milk and honey mixture to your hair

The egg is the best way to get silky and smooth long hair. Take 1 egg into 2 cups of milk. Mix them well and coat your hair with this mixture. Leave it for about 10 minutes. After that, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and leave it for 30 minutes. If you like, you can also add a tablespoon of honey into the mixture. Shampoo and condition your hair.

Condition your hair with almond oil

Almond oil is best to get soft and conditioned hair. Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond oil into your conditioner and shake well to combine. Apply this conditioner and almond oil mixture to your hair. Leave it for about two hours and rinse it off with water. You can also use castor oil or soybean oil instead of almond oil. Repeat it once a month for straight hair.

Lemon juice and coconut milk to get longstanding straight hair

This mixture helps to stay straight hair for longer hours. Squeeze fresh lemon juice and add a cup of coconut milk into it. Mix them well and keep it in refrigerator. You can notice a creamy layer formed on the top of the mixture. Coat your hair with this mixture and squeeze out the excess. Simply, wrap your hair with a wet warm towel and leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse your hair with shampoo an condition your hair.