Top best hairstyles to try for oval face shape on saree

Oval faces have a slight width around the cheekbone. The jawline is slightly rounded yet edgy. Your hairline happens to be wider than your lower face. Oval faces resemble the look of an inverted egg. The face shape is slight like heart shape and slight oval. In this article, we will go through some hairstyles which will suit your face with sarees. If you have not been following the hairstyles which are apt you, it is time you should pay a little more heed to what makes you look better. These hairstyles would work like nice tips and tricks for your next occasion.

Middle parted hair with a bun

Middle parted hair with bun

Since buns are commonly followed hairstyles with sarees, we started off with one of the easiest and common hairstyles which you should try. In the picture below, we see a model wearing a subtle saree along with the subtlest hairstyle possible! Even if it doesn’t look very stylish for you, you can definitely improvise. Now you know which is the easiest hair bun for your face shape. Have you nicely entire straightened and part it from the middle. Make a neat bun and you’re done!

Side-brushed messy curls

Side-brushed messy curls

Subtle prints with messy hairdo could be contrasting and appealing. Go for an all curly and messy hairdo, which is brushed on the side to make is manageable and stylish. Use an in styled to curl up all your hair and part it from the middle. Let all the hair fall down from the thinner section of the partition. While your hair is messy, by keeping it on one side you can carry it better. This will also grab more attention of your clothing and facial features.

Half up straight and half down waves

Half up straight and half down waves

These easy hairstyles are brightened with highlights. This is surely an easy hairdo which matches your oval face shape. Have your hair nicely washed and then straight it for the first half. Have the rest of it curled up and then part the hair from the middle. Let the one side of the partition fall down from the shoulder and the rest fall back. This is not just easy to follow, but also face your face gets more prominence. Add the best of makeup and shine through your event!

Natural hair with half down curls

Natural hair with half down curls

The lady’s picture we have below carries the most natural hair that we are all blessed it. It looks slightly messy and wavy half up, and that is how most of our hair is. She has blended the black hair with light brown highlights and then had this portion nicely curled up. If you too have two colors on your hair, you can try out this style. You can follow it even if you don’t. Have it parted from the one side and let it fall in front of the thicker section.

Side-parted side bun

Side-parted side bun

This is another type of bun which will let people focus more of your face. The hairstyle adds charm to your look and doesn’t let the bun hide at the back. Have your hair sectioned in front by parting from one side. Let the locks fall on the thin side of the section, while the rest is brushed for the creating the bun. Curl up your hair half down so that you can create a messy side bun. Brush all the hair towards the heavier side of the sectioning, and then make a neat bun at the nape of your neck.

Straight hair slightly waved

Straight hair slightly waved

The lady in the picture below has enhanced her straightened hair to look slightly waved up. Part your hair from the front section, to let the locks fall on your face. The heavier side of the section should flaunt the locks while the rest of the hair is brushed back. Make a small puff and it up around the crown zone. Let the rest of the hair fall straight down. Have this part stightly waved, to make the hair look natural.

Side braid

Side braid saree

A slightly uplifted hairdo, which is followed by the traditional side braid, is all you probably need with an even more traditional outfit. Have all your hair nicely straightened to get the exact effect. Now brush all your hair to the back and pin up below the crown zone. Add a minute light, but do not make a bouffant. Continue with a side braid and let it fall on the side. All some flowers if you want the South Indian look.

Beehive bun

Beehive bun

If you have never opted for a bold hairdo with a saree, you can try something really different and style yourself. This is called a beehive bun and has to be done with expert help. This hairdo will let your face get all the attention it desired, while the hairstyle will be like the icing on the cake. Pair it with a lovely saree to make yourself look better!

Middle-parted messy hair braid


This is another braided style which has been paired up with a denim saree. These sarees are really cool and trendy. If you haven’t bought one, you can opt for one. Have your hair styled in messy waves to give a contrasting effect to the saree. Have it parted from the middle and then make a regular braid. Let some locks fall down to make it a little better.

Straight haired Ponytail

Straight haired Ponytail

Ponytails are never the first choice with a saree, but here you go – this example explains that you can be that different and rock your look. To follow this hairdo, you have to have your hair straightened all the way. Brush the hair back and then make a regular ponytail. This hairstyle will help you flaunt your face and your attire like no other. You might also be complimented for having chosen such an unexpected hairdo with your look.

Mid length layers for oval face having side swept bangs with saree


Mid length layers with side swept bangs is a hair cut with internal layers. This hairstyle has a stylized look that keeps the top layers long and ones beneath it a tad shorter. This hair style takes less time and also adds more volume to your hair, if you have thin hair. This hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. It is best suitable for someone whose hair falls flat. The sharp and chopper layers help to maintain the shape and lift the hair.

Layered wavy hairstyles for oval face shape


Long wavy hairstyle best suits for oval face shape. This hairstyle best suits and gives a fresh look. You can simply wear this hairstyle in less time. The hairstyle gives a unique and trendy look to Indian hairstyles. Try this new hairstyle on saree for any occasion which makes you look gorgeous. Simple light curly hairstyle also gives a better look. For oval face shapes, they can wear wavy, layered, straight, ponytail or clip light curls are best hairstyles.

Pulled back slick hairstyle for traditional wear


Pulled back hairstyle is best suited for the people who has wider temple. This hairstyle can be wearer with a hairline that is maintained up to the cheekbones. This can be tapered down to a pointed chin. It has prominent headgear with side swept fringes and has off center parting that any bride can wear on the wedding, Mehandi, and party. It simply looks like a textured bob. The long hair is pulled back and puff on front with two side fringes. This hairstyle gives a high volume of hair look just like a crown. Comb and divide into two sections from the middle of head and a short layer ending at the cheeks.

Long layers hairstyle for oval face shape on saree


Long layers hairstyle best suit for oval face shape which gives a traditional look. This hairstyle looks gorgeous and can be used on any occasion. It also gives an Indian bride look with tons of compliments. It is simple to wear and can try on wedding occasion with less time. Simply comb your hair and part from the middle and have layered some section of your hair.

Fancy hairstyle with fringe haircut


Stylish hairstyle with a fringe haircut for oval face with dark hair color looks good. The hairstyle with mid part hair fringe haircut on the shoulders is beautiful. This is the best hairstyle for sarees to look beautiful. Try this hairstyle on saree for outing and parties. This hairstyle with long earring looks gorgeous.

Trendy side swept bang loose hairstyle


The loose wide open hairstyle with a fringe haircut like hair strands looks beautiful. The hairstyle is side swept bang looks beautiful with large earrings. The hairstyle with bouncy hair on shoulders looks good. The hairstyle with wavy rolled stylish hairstyle is beautiful.

Mid part side bangs with back bun


The long faces with a round Bindis are apt with the mid part hairstyle. The opt for Bindis with a decorative motifs looks gorgeous. This hairstyle is better at planning to wear a saree for the party. The side bangs with back bun hairstyle on traditional wear styles. This hairstyle on saree with jewelry looks gorgeous.

Stylish hairstyle with a puff ponytail


The hairstyle with a front puff hair looks good. The puff hairstyle with a tight ponytail looks gorgeous. The hairstyle adds complementary look with a designer blouse and blue color plain saree. The hairstyle looks beautiful with a heavy designed saree on the oval face looks beautiful.

Side sept banged with bun hairstyle on pattu saree

Sania Mirza Photos in Blue & Gold Kanjeevaram Saree

The bun hairstyle with side swept bang looks beautiful in pattu saree. The hairstyle with heavy jewelry make you look beautiful. The hairstyle with large earrings and neck tight necklace are best for Indian pattu saree. The hairstyle looks beautiful with a stylish hairstyle that make you look good. The hairstyle with this pattu saree is beautiful.

Front puff plait hairstyle

Best-Different-Hairstyles-For-Saree4Front puff hair with plait like a fishtail hairstyle looks beautiful. The hairstyle looks beautiful in black color fancy saree. The hairstyle with Fishtail and tied elastic bang hairstyle looks beautiful. Tie the elastic band with twisted hair to cover elastic bang. This is a stylish hairstyle looks beautiful.