Hairstyle ideas for bride/dulhan in wedding outfits

Indian bride always looks gorgeous on the day of their wedding ceremony. If you are on the verge of your marriage day and the idea of right hairstyle is haunting you, this article will help you with a wonderful collection of hairstyle ideas for bride/ Dulhan. Some women wish to get an extraordinary bun style bridal hairstyle, whereas others wish to get half open styled hair. Since it is the occasion when you will be of prime attention, wearing some hair jewelries or traditional hair pin will add value. You must create the hairstyle in such a way that people should be spell bound to see you at the wedding occasion.

Hairstyle ideas for bride/ Dulhan

Low bun with puff in front hairstyle with accessories

Low bun with puff in front

Bun hairstyle is one of the simplest yet very attractive which can also be tried by ladies of all age groups. If you don’t want to go ahead with too much experiment with your hairstyle on the day of your wedding, low bun with puff in front will be the best. You can also add hair jewelry right in the middle of the bun to make it more attractive. Try this and surprise your prince charming.

Long braid with beautiful pearls hairstyle

Long braid with beautiful pearls

If you have long hair and wish people to know that you actually have long hair, the long braid hairstyle can be considered. This hairstyle is so simple that no hair stylist will be needed to tie it. Rather, you can do this easily at your home. This hairstyle is adopted mostly by the south Indian Bride as they have a custom of wearing the costume jewelry everywhere and even over their hairs.

Messy curls bun with hair pin for traditional outfit

Messy curl bun with hair pin

If you want to adopt messy curl bun as your wedding hairstyle, this will be quite different from the rest of the crowd, while other ladies with the wedding attire would like to tie traditional type of hairstyle, you are here to go with a contemporary style. This trendy and modern hairstyle would absolutely make you different during your wedding day. Also the attractive hair pins around your hair makes you look fresh with the image of a flower.

Open hairstyle with heavy Maang Tikka for dulhan

Open hairstyle with heavy Maang Tikka

It is not always mandatory that bride’s needs tie their hair, rather the open hair style has also become a great fashion these days. This is a jhoomar look adopted by the Indian bride to fascinate her invitees. A little wave on your hair will be much more attractive as the large, heavy necklace tikka won’t be effective in total straight hair.

Spiral wedding hairstyle for wedding

Spiral wedding hairstyleA wonderful wedding hairstyle is again displayed here with the spiral curves all over. A bun is created with some hair, leaving hairs from both the side aside. Once the bun created holds perfectly, the side hairs are collected with phenomenon of making big curls. The curds are then overlapped over the bun that has been since before to make a base. This hairstyle will be perfect for your wedding occasion.

Soft curls with back pin hairstyle for wedding

Soft curls with back pin

Though, the hairstyle for the bride looks very simple yet the presentation along with the makeup and jewelry looks it gorgeous. The side parting hair is taken from the front and pinned at the back. The rest of the hair that is falling down is curled with rollers and blower. The maang tikka and earring that can be viewed from the side of the hair makes the bride look really attractive.

Simple flat ball bridal hairstyle ideas for wedding

Simple flat ball bridal hairstyle ideas for wedding

This is one of the simplest hairstyle that can be tried by many individual today by themselves. You can also ask your friend to do it if you are not accustomed to make this. All you have to do make a pony tail with all your hair and keep it in the middle position. Then take a sponge roll and roll your hair from the bottom to up. Once it has reached your head back, mound the sponge roll and make a circle and then put clips in the joint so that it does not fall out. You can also put attractive hair accessory along with this.

Front swept bend hairstyle for dulhan in weddings

Front swept bend hairstyleThe hairstyle looks really gorgeous as it is not similar to that of old traditional hairstyle. This makes the lady look trendy with s sophisticated look. The guests attending your wedding party would look at you gazing as the hairstyle that you have adopted is unique and different. No one has ever thought about adopting this different and very stylish hairstyle.

The wedding updo hairstyle for dulhan

The wedding updoThe Updos are also a wonderful fashion when it comes to weeding. There are different updos that you can adopt based on your requirement and the length of your hair. If you have shoulder length hair, updos will be great as this hairstyle is exclusively made for all those with short hair. You can add beautiful clips with stones over this spectacular updos.

Wedding curl hairstyle idea with a curly high bangs

Wedding curl hairstyleThis particular curly wedding hairstyle is created with big and spectacular curls. Whether you have are an Indian bride or Christian, this particular wedding hairstyle will be perfect. This hairstyle will also be adopted for all those who have a long hair. The curls will make your hair look short in length and trendy as well. Try this today and surprise people you know.

Bun and braid wedding punch hairstyle

Bun and braid wedding punchThis is yet another beautiful hairstyle which can be adopted by ladies willing to look good during their wedding occasion. From the back portion, as you can see that a bun is created at the back with very tiny braids that looks really neat over the simple but. The hairstyle looks very complicated, but it is actually very simple but attractive in looks.

Front bump wedding hairstyle

Front bump wedding hairstyleSee how beautiful the lady looks with the front bumper style that is clipped at the back with the rest of the hair open wide. The beautiful big tikka at the front and earring looks really attractive with this hairstyle. Even if you are not the lady of the occasion, but an invitee, this hairstyle can also look appropriate. Apart from the wedding day, this can be one of the hairstyles that you can flaunt in all occasions.

Veil half up wedding hairstyle

Veil half up wedding hairstyleLook how beautiful the lady looks with this great hairstyle which is appropriate when you are willing to look different on the day of the wedding reception. You can easily try this particular wedding hairstyle on the day when you wish to look very beautiful along with the dress and other accessories. You can also ask the hairstylist to tie this for yourself.

Dulhan bridal hairstyle top bun for lehenga choli


The top bun hairstyle that best suits for your long hair. Top bun with hair accessories are good looking. First comb your hair and prepare a long, wide hair top bun on the back. Pin it tightly and place a manga tikka to give a beautiful look. Decorate this hairstyle with a Jhoomar on side to give a beautiful look. Cover your hair with duppata. Place a necklace with matching heavy earrings. Had an angoothi to your finger and haath, with beautifully designed bangles. The red color dress with this heavy jewelry gives a beautiful look. This hairstyle is best suited for wedding brides. Try this new latest fashion trendy hairstyle to look more beautiful.

Mid parted top braid soft hairstyle

bridal mehandi-7

The hairstyle that best suits for your hair is top braid. Comb your hair softly with mid partition. Brush all your hair back and prepare a high bun. Roll your hair and wrap a bun. Pin the bun tightly not to loosen your hair. Decorate it with a manga tikka, matching earrings and heavy necklace. This hairstyle and make up with light color saree gives a braid look. Mehandi is important for a wedding. Have a beautiful Mehandi on hands and foot that gives a real bride look with jewelry and slight make up. Top bun hairstyle best suits as most of the traditions wear dulhan dupatta over the head. It supports the duppata to stand easily and is pinned not to move. This simple hairstyle looks good.

Top bun hairstyle with a bridal look in pink dress

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The top bridal bun hairstyle in pink dress looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle on your wedding day. Comb your hair with mid parted and decorated with a manga tikka. Brush your hair to form a bun smoothly. Pin them not to loosen the bun hair. Jhoomar is the best way to decorate your hairstyle and is mandatory for some customs. This hairstyle best suits of long hair. High bun is a best choose hairstyle for wedding as it helps to easily handle duppata on the head. Decorate with beautiful beads necklace and matching earrings. Try this hairstyle for any traditional outfit.