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Carrot kaddu halwa recipe

Carrot halwa is the most popular recipe as it is a classical indian desert. And i am sure each and every one in your family like it most and its the best way to give your family a good health as carrot improves your eye vision, its helps in preventing cancer, gives you a beautiful skin and so on…and coming to the bottle gourd it has many vitamins and minerals filled in it like vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium.
It is good for better digestion, helps urinary system by reducing burning sensation and also it help in weight loss. So just imagine just having one cup of carrot kaddu halwa how helpful it is.

Carrot Kaddu Halwa recipe

How to make Carrot Kaddu Halwa

Carrot Kaddu Halwa

Carrot Kaddu Halwa ingredients

  • Carrot(grated)-1cups
  • bottle guard(grated)-1/2cup
  • cardamoms-3 or 4(powdered)
  • milk-1cup
  • ghee-1small cup
  • dry fruits-1cup
  • sugar-1cup

How to make

Step1: Wash the carrot under running water and chop the top and tip of the carrot, then using the vegetable peeler remove peel of the carrot.

Carrot grate

Carrot grate 1

Using the hand grater, grate all the carrots  and take it into a bowl.

Step2: In the same way take 1/4 piece of kaddu/bottle gourd peel the skin of it by using the vegetable peeler.

bottle gourd peel the skin

vegetable peeler
Grate the kaddu/bottle gourd and take it into a another bowl.
Step3: Lets begin the preparation of our carrot kaddu halwa.
preparation of our carrot kaddu
Take a pan and add 3 to 4tbsps of ghee
Step4: When the ghee starts heating

pan and add

When the ghee starts heating
Add all the dry fruits and lightly toast then.
Once the cashews, almonds turn brown and raisin are puffed up take them into a bowl and keep aside.
Step 5:​ In the same pan which we have used to fry our dry fruits, add the grated carrot-1cup and kaddu/bottle gourd-1/2 if you like to add more kaddu you can take it even 1cup also.

same pan which we have
​Give a nice mix and fry it until it losses all the water content from it.
Step 6: Then add cardamom powder​ and sugar to it.​

losses all the water1 losses all the water2keep string the content, add milk into it and cook until it losses all the moisture(sorry i forgot to take the picture while adding the milk).

add cardamom powder
Step7: ​Now at last add the dry fruits which we have toasted very before and mix it well

add the dry fruits

add the dry fruits1​Then here you go with the yummy delicious carrot kaddu halwa.