Effective home remedies to treat mucocele – How to treat mucoceles

A mucocele is a painless cyst which forms the inner side of the lip. This occurs due to the accumulation of clear fluids on the inner lip surface. Sometimes the disease may be small but due to our ignorance, it takes the face of huge, incurable disease. Mucocele is not harmful, but the pain is not what can be ignored. Mucocele are small bump inside the mouth, which can be observed on the lower lips, or the floor area of the mouth. Sometimes it isn’t painful, they have almost healed with time, but when painful it’s unbearable. It may result in excess saliva production of mouth which may cause speech problems and even in eating habits.

When you contact a dentist with a complaint of mucocele. A dentist uses a scalpel and other different types of equipment’s that may remove cysts.  Following are few home remedies which will help you in getting rid of mucocele.

Causes of mucocele

The best causes that lead to the mucoceles in the body are due to the blocked or damaged salivary gland. The ductal obstruct one of salivary glands also leads to oral mucoceles. This can be caused due to biting or plucking or sucking of the lower lip area. This also increases due to the increase in the collection of clear liquid in the inner lip area, which leads to a mucous cyst.

  • A repeated biting of the inner lip area
  • Some mouth infections, trauma, inflammation, burns
  • Oral lichen planus disease
  • Drugs that can thicken saliva
  • Lower lip piercing


Mucoceles are often inside of your lower lips, gums and roof of your mouth or under your tongue. Thus occurred on the floor of the mouth are called as ranulas. This is rare, but due to larger, that cause more problems with speech, chewing and swallowing.

  • Moveable and painless
  • They may be 2 – 10 millimeters in diameter
  • Soft, round and dome shaped
  • They may be semi-clear surface or bluish in color.

Home treatments to get rid of mucocele naturally

Tea tree oil to get rid of mucoceles

Tea tree oil is an effective home remedy to cure the mucocele. Tea tree oil is best to use a topical antifungal and antiseptic treatment. Take a few drops of tea tree oil and mix them well with a spoon of honey. Apply this on mucocele. Leave it on your mucocele overnight for better results. It is recommended to use tea tree oil only for topical treatments.

Castor oil to treat mucocele

Castor oil is best and effective home remedy to treat mucocele. Apply some castor oil on mucoceles. This helps to soothe the affected area and can make the mucocele vanish it soon. Mix some castor oil with honey and apply it on the affected area. Apply it by using a cotton ball. Leave it for some time and then rinse it off with water. If you like, then you can leave it overnight for best results. Repeat the process 2 – 3 times a day for better results.

Glycerin to remove mucocele

Glycerin is the most effective home remedy to treat mucocele. Glycerin is rich in antiseptic and healing properties. Glycerin works as great on mucocele. This process is best to take and is an effective home remedy to remove mucocele. Apply glycerin in straightaway on the mucocele. Allow some glycerin to sit on the mucocele for some time. Let them release from your mouth. Rinse it off using water to get rid of mucocele.

Orange and lemon juice to treat mucocele naturally

Orange as well as lemon is rich in Vitamin C. This helps to treat mucocele from swelling. The Vitamin C present in them helps to cure the mucocele. This the best choice to drink the juice. Apply the lemon or orange juice on the affected area. This way helps you to get rid of mucocele at home quickly and naturally.

Herbal honey treats mucocele

Honey can fight with the contamination as well as having antibacterial properties to which highly accelerates the mending process. It decreases the swelling too.

Apply honey directly on the cyst for almost a week till you find that there is a reduction in the inflammation. You may also apply honey on the cyst before going to sleep every night. This is regarded as the most beneficial remedy as honey, has many benefits.

Alum prevents cysts

The alum is a mixture of potassium aluminum sulfate, which is the very best and effective against ingredient available at home for curing mucocele. Alum can be as good as aloe vera gel.

Apply alum on the bursting cyst easily which will prevent the recurrence of cysts. Keep the alum on cyst and keep it off for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Warm salt water reduces pain of a cyst

Salt has pain, healing, germicidal and disinfectant properties. Consequently, you can utilize the fixings independently or in a powerful mix to cure mouth ulcers or blister.

Include two teaspoons each of salt to a glass of warm water. Blend it well. Use it as a mouth wash. Repeat it twice to thrice a day. Please do not swallow it. Within a few days the cysts will vanish.

Natural evening primrose oil 

Evening primrose has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties as well as it has potent type of therapeutic factors that will be used in the treatment of mucous cysts. It is same as alum.

Apply this oil on the cysts directly. Try this twice to thrice a day and within a few days the result will become visible. The evening primrose capsules are also available in the market. All you need to do it crush the tablet make a paste of it with water and apply the mixture on cyst straightforwardly.

Turmeric to get rid of mucocele

Turmeric comprise of a decent measure of a compound known as cucumin, which help in enhancement of blood stream through the body. Turmeric has calming properties that may help in diminishing the burning sensation and also help in getting rid of mucocele

Blend one to two teaspoons of turmeric in a glass of warm water and beverage it. Do this twice day by day for best results.


Make  up a paste of two tablespoons of turmeric and enough water and apply it on the influenced territory more than once every day for a couple of days. However, remember that this cure can help in getting rid of mucocele in a few days.

Baking soda to treat cysts naturally

Baking soda, which is also called as sodium bicarbonate is very helpful in the treatment of mucocele which can be many times painful. It is very much useful in those mucocele which are created with the acidic nourishment as baking soda kills the microbes which are causing mucocele in the mouth. Baking soda decrease the pain and irritation caused due to germs and microbes while using baking soda as a remedy of mouth ulcer you should note that it may cause burning sensation while use.

Blend baking soda with a little water to make a slim paste of it.  Spot it on the influenced territory. Repeat this a few times each day. Then again, you can just apply baking soda specifically on the influenced zone that is affected with mucocele.

Try this a few home remedies which can be useful in the treatment of symptoms and even mucocele in just a few weeks and have spicy food without any hurdle of mucocele.

How to reduce mucoceles with Ice pack

Ice is easily available at home, which is a highly effective treatment. This helps to relieve you from the pain which is associated with the cyst. Simply take an ice and rub them to the affected area to get relief from pain. Put an ice pack on the cyst which is best in curing mucocele. The ice pack can reduce the pain and burning sensation. You can also try to suck the ice if you want to reduce the pain and size of the cyst.

Plain yogurt treatment for mucoceles

Yogurt is the best probiotic which is available easily at home. This helps to reduce pain by adding yogurt into your diet. Yogurt has a healing property to reduce mucocele faster, which helps to prevent the recurring again. Yogurt helps to relieve from pain, discomfort while eating and drinking. This is effective in curing mucocele faster. This helps to prevent the spreading of mucocele any further.

Consume Vitamin C foods for faster relief

Consume large amounts of Orange and lemon juice. They are rich in Vitamin C that helps to restrain the mucocele from swelling. Vitamin C helps to heal the mucocele which can be preferred to drink the juice. If you can bear the pain, then you can simply apply lemon juice on the affected area. This helps to get rid of pain and also heals faster.


Ways to prevent cold sores | Home remedies to get rid of canker sores

Cold sores are the blisters that come anywhere on the body, face, genitals, lips. It is caused by a virus. There are 2 types of these sores. Type 1 is recurring problem than Type 2. They are caused by direct skin contact. These are very common in nature, most of us do not know it is a cold sore. When affected, you tend to get mouth ulcers, in throat and on the lips too. At times, you may also have fever. It comes as a blister and burst later making the area very raw. You need to be careful while treating it. You need to get enough rest and sleep, use good sun block creams, most importantly a good healthy diet.For facial sores, keep yourself clean, meaning do not constantly put your fingers on the sores, it would cause irritation. Oral sores, also come due to acidity. Ensure that you take good balanced foods. Few remedies are listed below are very effective.

Home remedies to get rid of cold sores

Cold treatment home remedy for cold sores

Use an ice cube and place it on the sore constantly till the ice melts. Ice cubes are to numb the pain and applied directly on the sore for as long as possible. Dab petroleum jelly that helps to keep bacteria out and lessen the tight, skin splitting sensation. This reduces blisters and gets too dry by using ice cubes. This works well on how to lick chapped lips that makes them worse. Continue it for an hour. Make sure this procedure has to be followed when the sore is new.

Healthy tip with tea bags to get rid of cold sores

Use warm moist pre brewed tea bags onto the skin. This is best for affected pinkeye. This can reduce canker sores, fever blisters, plantar warts. Tea bags are best for similar infections to reduce pain and helps to speed the healing process.

  • Apply warm tea bags.
  • Lemon balm tea. Put crushed lemon balm in a tumbler of boiling water. Moist the cotton swabs and rub on the sores through the day.
  • You may also use green tea bags on the sores.

Cold diary best ingredient for canker sores

Consuming cold yogurt is very good. It is not only good for the stomach, but good for cold sores too.

  • The antibodies present in the milk fight the virus.
  • Dab the cotton in cold milk and put it on the sores.

Oils to remove virus to reduce cold sores

The anti-septic property present in oils help to fight the virus. They dry the area and control further damage.

  • The cooling effect in peppermint oil helps to cure cold sores. Put the cotton swab dipped in the oil on the sore. Try this for a couple of days.
  • Make a paste of peppermint and apply to the sore.

Hydrogen peroxide for cold sores

Hydrogen peroxide is best to lessen canker sores. This hurts as bad and can grow up a bit. This is an effective home remedy to reduce cold sore. This helps in healing up speeding and makes it hard for surface sore to spread or worsen. This reduces skin blisters and infections that are least viral and keeps it clean to make it go away faster. Soak cotton in this solution and keep on the sore for about 5 minutes. Wash it with water thoroughly.

Honey on infected area for fever blisters

Honey is a natural wound healer that helps to heal cold sores by applying some honey on the small blisters. Repeat it twice or thrice a day. Do not lick the honey from your lips. Apply honey to the affected area. You may also mix lemon water with honey and apply it to the affected area.

Petroleum jelly to clear and cold sores

Petroleum jelly helps to speed up to the healing process of cold sores. This helps to opt out and reduce cold sores. Apply petroleum jelly to the sore post the cold treatment helps to prevent further irritation caused by the allergens in the air. Alternatively, you may also use honey to cover the cold sore.

Home remedies for oral sores

Garlic to treat fever blisters

Garlic has an enzyme to treat antiviral agents. This helps to treat fever blisters. Garlic is one of the best home remedy to get rid of fever blisters. This is rich in antibacterial properties to help disinfect and can decrease the healing time. Gently crush two to three garlic cloves to prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on fever blisters. Leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes. Repeat it 3 times a day for two days. Garlic is potent to sting a bit when applied.

Whole milk to reduce fever blisters

The home remedy helps to treat fever blisters with whole milk. Whole milk contains immunoglobulins and calcium. This helps to fight against the virus that causes fever blisters. This is a type of fat that is known as a monocarpic with antiviral properties. Milk helps to accelerate the healing process. Soak a cotton ball in cold whole milk and apply the milk on the affected area. Leave it for about 10 minutes. This can reduce the pain and soothe the tingling sensation. Repeat it several times a day for three to four days. Alternatively, drink a glass of warm whole milk with one teaspoon of turmeric in two times a day for a week. Turmeric helps to reduce the pain associated with cold sore or fever blisters.

Echinacea best natural herb for cold sores

Echinacea is a flower. This is available in the stores.

  • Mix this powder in water and boil it. Take this solution until the cold sore is suppressed.

Echinacea is a natural herb and best home remedy for cold sores. Echinacea has a strong immune building property that helps to cure cold sores. Take few drops of Echinacea tincture with some water. You have to read the instructions given on the bottle of Echinacea tincture, just before you take it. Echinacea tea bag is also easily available nowadays in the market. So, enjoy this tea in your mouth and let it cover them with sores by flowing over. You can also use Goldenseal extract to prevent cold sore instead of that you use Echinacea mixture.

Easy tip with vegetables

  • Vegetables are good for health, take salads like broccoli, cabbages and cucumbers.
  • Green vegetables contain Vitamin E. Take lots of them, make sure you consume them at least 3 times in a week.

Lysine to cool stomach

  • Lysine and amino acids are present in meat, fish and dairy products.
  • Consume milk, curds after our meal. Any acidic content will be neutralized by taking yogurt post your meal. It keeps your stomach cool.

Salt and lemon juice are a natural ingredient

  • Extract lemon juice, add salt. Use a cotton swab to apply to the sore.

Peppermint for cold sore

  • Either chewing peppermint or applying to the affected area is beneficial.
  • Make a fine paste of peppermint and apply it to the sore.

Vitamin C and E

Vitamins play a curial role to treat cold sores. Vitamin C helps to boost cold sores which are caused by white blood cells. Thus, Vitamin C helps to protect the body from infections. Vitamin E is best in relieving the irritation and reduces discomfort that arises and results in cold sores.

Flax seeds are the best natural home remedy

Flax has a type of oil, which reduces inflammation. It suppresses the irritation and fights the virus.

  • Flax seeds can be mixed with your food and consumed if you cannot have it directly.

Bananas and lemon juice

Bananas are rich in water content. They are rich in property of potassium that helps to protect you from dehydration. Enjoy eating water, fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Eat some watery vegetables like cucumber and bottle gourd.

Take some freshly squeezed 1 teaspoon of lime juice, a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mix all the ingredients in plain water. Drink this juice several times a day to keep you hydrated.

Tea helps to treat cold sores

Teas such as green tea, white tea, and black tea. This helps to reduce cold sore and are rich in tannins. Tea has the property of anti-viral which can prevent cold sores. Drink some tea a day can directly reduce cold sore.  You can also directly apply the tea prepared by steeping or soaking tea leaves or tea bag in plain water. This extract flavor and helps to soften your cold sores.  Apply this solution directly to your cold sores. Otherwise, you can also use tea bag and keep it in a refrigerator. Take out this cool tea bag. Apply this cool tea bag on cold sores. Leave it over there for 5 minutes.

There are few things to avoid. When you get a facial sore, do not use cosmetics, it will only aggravate the problem as it contains chemicals.Oral and skin infections spread easily. Toothbrush is the source by which infection may spread easily. Hence, separate your brush from the lot. Avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes, vinegar in your food.Stay away from citrus foods. Take zinc substitute, multi-vitamin tablets also help, they do not cause any harm. Sprouts, broccolis, and all the leafy vegetables are good to curb this problem. I eat a lot of vegetables and cucumbers are my favorite in salads. Follow a healthy routine and stay away from these kinds of issues.


Home remedies for mouth ulcers | How to get rid of canker sores

Mouth ulcers have been a regular guest at our home (Body). It is painful, sometimes irritating, and even sometimes red marks are observed which are very much painful. They are observed within the cheeks, lips and many a times under the tongue and sometimes on floor of mouth.

There are various reasons that can be responsible for mouth ulcers like nourishment, obstruction, sometimes hormonal change. Anxiety or may be due to deficiency of vitamin B, iron or many other supplements. Mouth ulcers are normal and can normally vanish in seven to ten days if proper care is taken.

The common symptoms when you can say you are suffering from mouth ulcers are redness, pain, etc., depending on the severity and size of the mouth ulcer and even the location of mouth ulcer can affect you in making it difficult to eat, swallow even drink and talk.

Ulcers can be caused, ranging from  minor disease of major illness. Majorly a mouth sore can be developed due to biting of the tongue, cheek or lip part unknowingly. Burn of tongue due to immediate intake of hot drinks or food, irritation from braces, dentures, etc. Even brushing too hard can even cause mouth ulcers, chewing tobacco are the most serious reason of mouth ulcer. Sometimes infection with herpes simplex virus is too a reason for mouth ulcer.

Every time depending on medicine for even small diseases may cause harm, so here are few home remedies for mouth ulcers which are as below.

Home remedies to get rid of mouth ulcer

Licorice root for mouth ulcer

Licorice root acts as a defensive covering on the mucous linings that opposes the pain and irritation caused in open pores which is the best herb that can cure mouth ulcers. It has pain, calming as well as antimicrobial properties.

Splash into one tablespoon of smashed licorice establish in some water for a few hours. Use it as a mouth wash a few times each day.

Eat yogurt to recover from mouth ulcer

Yogurt is made with the fermented milk and is delicious. This helps to produce bacterial fermentation by using bacteria or yeast to convert carbohydrates into organic acids. This results in tangy bacteria, which is a rich substance. It can restore a healthy balance to gut flora, but eat daily yogurt for canker sores. This is simple, healthy remedy that helps because of its balance out the bacteria in your mouth, if it was out of balance. This can contribute to cause a canker sore. Eat plain yogurt, and make sure to select yogurt to confirm as it contains live cultures. This is better to make sure to get plain not vanilla yogurt. Eat 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt 3 times daily. Eat around a cup and add a little bit of raw honey to taste and has an extra healing boost.

Coconut milk to get rid of canker sores

Coconut milk can be considered as profoundly advantageous in calming the pain of mouth ulcers and even help in eradicating it.

Blend a bit honey in  coconut milk. Massage it on the influenced zone with it. Do this three or four times each day. On the other hand, you can just wash your mouth with crisp coconut milk  or massage the coconut oil on the influenced zone.

Warm salt water to get rid of canker sore

Warm salt water is better and is around cells that is greater on outside than the osmosis that takes place with water being drawn from the cells that helps to balance out the concentration. The painful puffiness with excess fluid can cause a diminished. The canker sore is puffed up and can keep rubbing or just keep on biting, gargling with salt water. This helps greatly and can reduce sore throat. The warm salt water helps to reduce painful swelling of the cells in the mucous membrane. This is back of the throat. The warm water can produce a general sense of soothing relief, while the salt help to keep the area clean. Take ¼ cup of warm salt water and ½ teaspoon of salt. Mix them well and swish it around your mouth for 3 times a day until the canker sore is reduced.

Salt to protect from mouth ulcer

Salt has pain, healing,  germicide and disinfectant properties. Consequently, you can utilize the fixings independently or in a powerful mix to cure mouth ulcers or blister.

Include two teaspoons each of salt  to a glass of warm water. Blend it well. Use it as a mouth wash. Repeat it twice a day. Please do not swallow it.

Hydrogen peroxide to treat canker sores

Hydrogen peroxide is strong disinfectant and helps to protect your canker sore from infections. Take hydrogen peroxide in the same way of using mouth wash. Make sure not to swallow the liquids. Try to make a disinfecting mouth rinse treatment by mixing ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of water, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt. Mix them well. Thus, the baking soda is an alkaline, which give extra relief by neutralizing acids. Hydrogen peroxide and salt that will both help the sore to heal.

Coriander seeds to decrease pain

Implantation of coriander seed with some water is a good remedy that can bring about significant help and decrease in pain.

Heat up one teaspoon of coriander seeds in some water. Strain it, and permit it to cool. Grind it and then Gargle it around in your mouth. Do this three or four times each day.

Ice chips for mouth ulcers

Ice chips help to reduce the swelling of the sore and numbing pain. Use your tongue to hold a chip directly against the canker sore. Carry around a cup of chips, if you can and that helps to keep them in a coffee thermos or a Styrofoam cup that helps to prevent rapid melting. This is best to use them throughout the day. Drink cold water in case ice chips is too cold and you are not able to try it. Drink cool water throughout the day to relieve from pain.

Baking soda treatment for mouth ulcer

Baking soda, which is also called as sodium bicarbonate is very helpful in the treatment of mouth ulcers. It is very much useful in those mouth ulcers which are created with the acidic nourishment as baking soda kills the microbes caused due to ulcers. Baking soda decreases the pain and irritation caused due to germs and microbes. While using baking soda as a remedy of mouth ulcer you should note that it may cause burning sensation while use.

Blend baking soda with a little water to make a slim paste of it.  Spot it on the influenced territory. Repeat this a few times each day. Then again, you can just apply baking soda specifically on your mouth ulcer.

Honey to get rid of canker sores

Honey calms the mouth ulcers and is best in holding moisture and helps in recovering from the mouth ulcers. It has the most important cancer prevention agent and anti-microbial properties too.

Basically plunge a cotton swab in honey and spot it on the influenced region. You can likewise utilize glycerin or vitamin E oil in the same way.

The home remedies here will help you get rid of mouth ulcers, within a week or two if properly taken care of. Do not let yourself be sad, if you can’t eat spicy food or drink hot drinks like tea, coffee, just apply the remedy get rid of ulcers in a few days.


Natural home remedies for bad breath quickly – How to fight bad breath

Bad breath is mostly caused due to poor dental health habits and other health habits. The medical name of bad breath is halitosis. The food you eat and unhealthy lifestyle habits also affect the breath. It can be caused by the foods you eat, dry mouth, tobacco products, or a medical disorder, diet, medication, poor oral hygiene, and diseases or conditions such as diabetes, GERD, lactose intolerance, gum disease. Maintaining proper oral health can help reduce or eliminate bad breath.

Home remedies for bad breath. Anyways, rinsing your mouth with plenty of water after meals are always desirable. You can also take certain natural mouth freshening ingredients that can instantly combat your bad breath. Some of them are liquids while others spices or herbs. So, drink them, chew them or have them in whatever way they are meant to be taken.

  • Cardamom – one whole cardamom or a few seeds of it
  • Fennel seeds – chew a pinch or two of the fine ones
  • Anise seeds- chewing them will help in digestion too
  • Fresh mint – chew just a leaf or two
  • Green tea – its antibacterial compounds fight off the germs in your mouth
  • Clove- only a pod is too much

Natural ways to prevent bad breath

Cloves to treat bad breath

A clove helps to treat antibacterial properties. This helps to get rid of bad breath. The best and easiest method of clove treatment. Take a few pieces of cloves and pop them into your mouth. Chew them thoroughly. This eliminates bad breath in a few minutes. Alternatively, prepare clove tea by boiling a cup of water. Add one teaspoon of ground cloves to boiling water. Simmer it for about 5 – 10 minutes. Drink this tea or use it as a mouth wash twice a day for better results.

Baking soda for bad breath

Baking soda is best known as bicarbonate of soda. This is a great solution to get rid of bad breath. Baking soda helps to prevent bad breath quickly and helps to balance the levels of acid. Baking soda fights against oral bacteria that cause bad breath. Take one half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Mix them well and rinse it once a day for better results. Brush your teeth with baking soda that helps to reduce the acidity in your mouth. This can prevent bacteria from building up on your tongue.

Chewing gum to prevent bad breath

Chewing gum with a minty flavor will mask their bad breath. But a stick every now can do even more. This helps you to make more saliva and the sugar free kind of sweetened with Xylitol fight with the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth. This is a good idea to stay away from gum with sugar. The sugar mints or chewing gum as and when you eat them the bacteria in the mouth extra sugars to burn the bad breath.

Include probiotics into your diet

Along with these as same lines, but poor gut health is the common cause of bad breath. This helps in the digestive tract that is overloaded with built up toxins. The routine antibiotic use and poor dietary habits left your digestive system in shambles bad breath. This is merely being a side effect of the underlying problems. The supplement with this probiotic flora is by eating more probiotic rich foods such as yogurt, fermented sauerkraut and Kombucha tea. This helps to replace odor that causes oral microbes with beneficial varieties, this effectively nipping with bad breath in the bud.

Cinnamon to protect from bad breath

Cinnamon contains cinnamic aldehyde which is a kind of essential oil to reduce the bacteria in your saliva. Boil 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water. You may add some bay leaves and cardamom too. Strain the solution and use it as a mouth rinse to refresh your breath.

Fenugreek to get rid of bad smell

Fenugreek tea is effective when bad breath is caused by catarrhal infections. Boil a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water. Strain and drink this tea.

Apple cider vinegar bad breath treatment

Gas exiting from the mouth makes the breath smell due to excessive gas in your body results in bad breath. Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mix it with water before every meal makes the digestion process to run more smoothly.

Baking soda to clean your teeth

Baking soda is an effective treatment for bad breath. It helps you to clean your teeth properly and get fresh breath. In order to get fresh breath, dip a damp toothbrush into baking soda and brush your teeth.

Tea tree oil treatment for bad breath

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that act like a powerful disinfectant for your mouth. Brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing tea tree oil. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on your toothbrush along with your regular toothpaste. Mix equal amounts of tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lemon oil in a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash.

Vegetables to get rid of bad odor

Fresh vegetables help you to get rid of bad odor. Vegetables like celery and carrots and celery fight against bacteria and plaque which makes your breath smelling good.

Parsley to control bad breath

Parsley has chlorophyll that can help to control bad breath. Dip a handful of fresh leaves in vinegar and chew them thoroughly for a minute or two. You can also take parsley leaf juice anytime you need to refresh your breath. It will aid in digestion by reducing the production of intestinal gas.

Lemon juice for bacteria removal

The high acidic content in lemons prevents growth of bacteria on your tongue and gums. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice into a cup of water and rinse your mouth with it thoroughly. You can also add a bit of salt to it and rinse your mouth before going to bed.

Banana and apples to treat bad breath

If you are in dieting, then fat ketones are created which smell very bad. Some of these ketones that are released in the mouth cause bad breath. To avoid this eat card rich foods such as bananas and apples. Remember that foods like garlic, onions, coffee and cheese stink badly. So avoid eating these notorious foods.

Gargle salt water to remove bacteria

Gargling salt water will help you in eliminating bacteria present in your tonsils and throat. Crystal salt is highly recommended for salt water gargle.

Herbs to eliminate bad breath

Herbs like stinging nettle will help to eliminate toxins from your body and also helps in purifying the blood. It stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts the uric acid excretion through your kidneys, and improves adrenal function, to get rid of halitosis.


Natural effective home remedies for dry – How to get rid of sore throat

Sometimes do you feel scratchy, itching type of sensation in the throat?

The main cause of dry throat is drying of mucus, it may often be due to often exercise, sleep with mouth open. It may also be caused due to living in a dry habitat, but the most important is due to less intake of liquids.

Causes of sore throat

Many a times dry throat can be caused due to heavy intake of tobacco and marijuana types of drugs, sometimes may be due to vomiting, allergies can affect too, coughing. Cancers of the throat and oesophagus are too a reason provided for dry throat. Dry throat gives company to various other diseases, disorders or conditions like respiratory infections, circulatory infections, digestive infections, etc.

Symptoms of dry throat

Some of dry throat symptoms which accompany with other diseases like coughing, heartburn, vomiting, fatigue, hypotension, weakness in muscles, blurred vision or double vision, fevers and chills, body aches, difficulty in breathing, swallowing too becomes difficult can be one of the reason too. Dry throat is likely to observe in more than 10% of the population. It is mainly observed in women as compared to men. To restrict the dry throat, a proper mouthwash selection is must. A selection of mouth wash which is free from alcohol based products should be ignored as it will be painful for the person having a dry throat due to red patches. Care should be taken and water intake should be frequent to avoid dryness. Coating the lips with Vaseline or balm is the best way to keep the moisture intake proper.

In most cases, it would be better to consult a doctor, cases are

  • Hay fever – a person suffering from hay fever or allergies may get other symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and even post nasal drip.
  • Laryngitis – Dry cough, pain in throat are some major symptoms of Laryngitis
  • Cancer- Dry throat can be the result of cancer of salivary glands.

Frequent dry throat and tired of consulting a doctor every time. Try these home remedies for dry throat and get rid of throat infection.

Natural home remedies for dry or sore throat

Garlic to treat sore throat

Garlic is the best way to get rid of sore or dry throat quickly. Garlic is the natural home remedy to treat sore throat for a painful swollen tussah. The garlic is rich in a compound called allicin. This helps to kill the bacteria that cause strep and fights against the germ which causes pain and irritation.

How to use it?

Take a fresh clove of garlic and cut into half. Place each piece of garlic in each cheek and suck the juice to reduce coughing. If you like, you can also crush it with your teeth against it to release the acllicin. Eat 1- 2 clove once a day daily until you found that there is a reduction in sore throat.

Cloves in the mouth to treat dry throat

Cloves treatment is a traditional Chinese medicine that is used to help and ease out the pain in the mouth and throat. The dentists use an anesthetic, which is a successful pain killer that acts as an anti-bacterial.

How to use it?

Chew some cloves that will help to release the eugenol and hopefully numb the pain in your throat. Take some cloves and a glass of water. Pop some of the cloves or two into your mouth. Suck it until it becomes soft. Chew the clove, when it becomes gum. Then, swallow them afterwards that is not harmful.

Ginger to reduce throat pain

Ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory property. This helps to treat cold and sore, inflamed bronchial tubes.

How to use it?

So, prepare a mixture by adding a teaspoon of pepper, ginger powder and cloves. Add a little amount of mixture into milk or honey. Drink it thrice a day to relieve from sore throat. Alternatively, prepare a powder of ground ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Mix them well and take a half teaspoon in a glass of hot water. Mix them well and drink this mixture. This helps to relieve from dry throat.

For quick and instant relief, you can drink herbal tea. Prepare an herbal tea by adding one teaspoon of black pepper and ginger powder in a cup of boiling water. Allow them to steep for a few minutes. Add honey into it and stir them well. Drink this herbal tea two times a day for better results.

Licorice root to prevent cough

Licorice root is effective to diminish cough symptoms. Therefore, they are very effective against a dry throat.

How to use it?

Wash the Licorice root. Crush them or blend them and mix it with water. Gargling with it will surely give you a clear voice and soothe your throat and diminish cough.

Cure sore throat with slippery elm

It is a traditional remedy for sore throat. The gel of slippery elm, which is very effective against dry as well as sore throat.

How to use it?

The mucus like substance should be extracted from slippery elm and mixed with water, after mixing it looks stick gel like substance which coats and soothes. If you are using it to pour boiling water over the bark, stir it well and drink.

Salt water gargling

Mummy’s all time recommended and best therapy to get cured of dry throat is gargling with salt water.

How to use it?

The salt water solution should be prepared by mixing a half teaspoon of salt in a full glass of lukewarm water. It is the best remedy to reduce swelling. It kills bacteria.

Herbal tea reduces itchy throat

Herbal tea has special ingredients like licorice roots, eucalyptus leaves, mint, etc., which soothe the throat and help in the reduction of itchiness.

How to use it?

Herbal tea is best to soothe the dry throat as the ingredients included in the tea are clove, mint, licorice tea, eucalyptus leaves, etc., are best.

Relieve sore throat with apple cider vinegar mixture

The apple cider vinegar mixture has the best power of relieving sore throat.

How to use it?

Gargling is one of the best methods to get rid of itchy sore throat so gargling with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water mixture will help to fight against bacteria’s present in the throat.

Avoid caffeine and other irritants

Avoiding things that hurt your throat is the best way to take care of the throat so avoid things which are spicy and other things like caffeine so that it cannot hurt you till the throat infection is cured.

Honey best way to prevent dry throat

Honey is the best natural ingredient to treat health and beauty issues. Honey prevents soreness which is caused due to the friction on the walls of the throat. It acts as a natural moisturizing agent and prevent dry throat.

How to use it?

Take some fresh organic honey and mix it in a cup of warm water. Mix them well and drink this solution 2 – 3 times a day. Dry throat is due to scratchy, tickly and lack of moisture.

Natural home remedy for sore throat with turmeric

Turmeric helps to reduce dry throat with its strong anti-bacterial, anti viral, and anti inflammatory properties. Turmeric is more effective in treating viral infections such as cold and cough. It has curcumin, which can prevent infections.

How to use it?

You just take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with a teaspoon of carom seeds. Add this mixture into boiling water. Let them boil until the mixture becomes half of it remains. Let it steep and become cold. Add a little amount of honey into it and mix them well. Drink this solution thrice a day.

Alternatively, you can drink warm milk with little amount of turmeric into it. Drink turmeric mixed milk before going to bed works better.

Citrus fruits or juice to cure cold

The fruits and juices those are rich in Vitamin C helps to prevent dry throat. Citrus fruits have antioxidant properties. Dry throat is due to cold and throat infections.

How to use it?

Take a fresh lemon and squeeze juice from it. Add that juice into a glass of warm water. Add a tablespoon of honey into that mixture and mix them well. This helps to boost the immune system and prevent cold, cough. It also helps to clear nasal blockage and can lead to dry throat. Orange juice is also best instead of lemon juice with the same properties.

Drink more water and hot fluids

Drinking more water is the best ways to reduce dry throat. Warm water helps to replenish the lost moisture and can immediately remove the discomfort and pain. This helps to reduce with the surface form a dry throat. Drink more water to prevent throat itching, dryness, and irritation. Warm water helps to soothe dry throat and also leads to well moisturized. Drinking fluids helps to relieve dehydration.

So now, less visits to the hospital and less medicines to be consumed. Try home remedies for dry throat and soothe your throat.


Natural home remedies for mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcer or sore is painful inside the mouth. It is hard to eat and drink. Here you have some home remedies to treat mouth cancer that can cure and speed healing.

It appears on tongue, lips, gums, inside the cheeks. It is a sign of tingling, burning sensation in the mouth. This is due to singly or in clusters. Usually they are white or yellow in color surrounded by red halos. There are three types of ulcer they are Minor, large, Herpetiform ulcers.

The cause of ulcer is poor dental hygiene, nutritional deficiencies like iron, vitamin, especially B12 and C, food allergies, stress, infections, biting the cheeks, skin diseases.

Natural home remedies of mouth ulcer

Honey for mouth ulcer

Honey helps to soothe ulcers helps to retain moisture and accelerates the healing process. This has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Honey helps to retain moisture and prevent dehydration. It helps to reduce scarring and hastens the process of tissue growth. Dab a little honey onto the mouth ulcer or mix it with turmeric. Apply this paste on them.

Coriander leaves to relieve pain

You can also use the coriander seeds that bring you relief and can reduce inflammation. Take one teaspoon of coriander seeds and add them in a cup of water. Boil the seeds. Let it cool down and strain the solution. Swish the water around it in your mouth. Repeat the process 3 – 4 times a day. Boil some coriander leaves in water that are simple and reduce mouth ulcer. Let it cool and gargle lukewarm water for about 3 -4 times a day.

Tulsi/basil leaves natural herbal treatment

Basil leaves help to heal the process for mouth ulcers. Basil leaves are rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Tulsi helps to give a medicinal property. Chew some leaves of tulsi and follow with some water for about 3 – 4 times every day. It helps to get rid of ulcers faster than preventive action.

Gargling best home remedy

Warm salt water content around cells is greater outside than the inside osmosis that takes place with water being drawn from inside the cells that helps to balance out the concentration. Water is a painful puffiness that excess fluid can cause diminished. This helps to reduce pain and puffiness with the excess fluid that causes diminished. Gargle with one glass of cold or chilled water and one glass of lukewarm water alternatively. This gives more relief and helps to reduce mouth ulcers.

Coconut natural way to reduce pain

Coconut oil is rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This helps to get rid of canker sores. Dry coconut or coconut oil and coconut water are very useful to treat mouth ulcers. Drink coconut water that helps to cool the body. Apply a little coconut oil directly into the mouth or chew some coconut helps to reduce pain and inflammation.

Fenugreek leaves for mouth sores

Fenugreek leaves are best to treat mouth sores. Thus, the mouth sores are painful and increases puffiness. Take one cup of fenugreek leaves and boil them with two cups of water. Strain the water and keep it aside for some time. Cover it with a lid. Gargle the water 2 -3 times a day.

Poppy seeds to reduce body heat

Poppy seeds have cooling effect to the body to reduce body heat. This reduces mouth ulcers. This is the best home remedy. Mix some sugar to crushed poppy seeds and consume this solution to get relief from mouth ulcers. Poppy seeds can reduce too much heat in the body.

Aloe vera gel to get rid of mouth ulcer

Aloe vera helps to promote healing and alleviates pain. This acts as a natural antiseptic. Thus, aloe vera gel is rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. This helps to treat oral problems like mouth ulcers, cold sores, lichen planus and gingivitis. Aloe vera is a natural home remedy for mouth ulcers. Take at least two tablespoons of aloe vera gel thrice daily to get relief from ulcers.

Liquorice for mouth ulcers

Liquorice is rich in anti inflammatory properties that are responsible for its action against painful mouth ulcers. Rub the stem with a little water on a grinding stone and apply the paste to the ulcerated area. Apply to the mouth ulcer directly. You can also mix it with a little liquorice powder with turmeric into a glass of warm milk and drink it 3 – 4 times a day to get good results.

Camphor and sugar candy to reduce blisters

Apply the mixture of camphor and sugar candy on the blister. Mix it with 7 parts of mishri and one part of camphor. It is one of the simplest home remedy for curing mouth ulcers. Alternatively, take some sugar and mix them with 1 part of camphor. Mix them well and apply this mixture to the blisters. Thus, this mimics effects of the glycerin and relieves from pain.

Honey and turmeric to relieve from pain

Turmeric has antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties. This helps to promote healing. Honey is best to treat infections and also limits the growth of bacteria. Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it with ¼ teaspoon of turmeric to prepare a paste. Rub it on the canker sore. This gives relief to repeated use.

Coconut oil and honey for mouth ulcers

Coconut oil treats mouth ulcers and reduces mouth ulcers. Honey helps to soothe pain. Apply honey on the affected area to get rid of mouth sores.  Massage the gums in the mouth with a mixture of honey and coconut oil. It cures your mouth ulcer with great ease.

Mouthwash to prevent mouth sores

Mouthwash kills the bacteria and inhibits your mouth sores. Prepare an antiseptic mouthwash at home. Take 10 drops of tea tree oil in 1/3 cup of water. Swish this mouthwash for more than 30 seconds and spit it out. It helps to cure the infection and heals the sore.

Indian gooseberry to reduce pain

A bark of the Indian gooseberry plant and powder mixture helps to soothe mouth ulcers. Mix this root of Indian gooseberry powder into honey to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your blisters. This gives relief from mouth ulcers. Alternatively, take a gooseberry and grind them into paste. Apply the paste directly. Repeat the process for at least twice a day. This gives quick results.

Banana and curd to soothe mouth ulcers

Avoid eating crunchy and spicy foods like chips, dried bread; it is better to include fruits such as bananas, apples and papaya as snacks. This helps to soothe and achieve a quick recovery from mouth sores. This helps to provide great relief from the burning sensation and reduces mouth sores. This is the most effective way to treat ulcers. Eat a banana with curd in the morning can give you better results.

Turmeric powder and glycerine for ulcer

Turmeric powder has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. This helps to promote in healing bacteria and infection. Glycerin is the best way to treat mouth ulcers. This is most effective and best home remedy to treat blisters. Apply the mixture of turmeric powder and glycerine. Prepare a mixture of one pinch of turmeric and one teaspoon of glycerine. Apply it over mouth ulcer. This can reduce the ulcer.

Tomato to prevent mouth sores

Tomatoes are rich in nutrition and cover the deficiency of vitamins in your body. The tomato is rich in Vitamins that helps to prevent mouth ulcers. Consume one raw tomato also helps to get rid of mouth ulcers. Try to gargle with tomato juice 3 – 4 times a day.

Foods to eat to prevent mouth ulcers

Consume lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin B such as banana, citrus fruits, cereals, wheat grains and leafy vegetables. This is a proven effective home remedy to treat mouth ulcers. Vitamin B12 and folic acids promotes the production of red blood cells. Thus, it helps the immune system to strengthen your immune system and fights against bacterial and viral infections that cause mouth ulcers.


Home remedies to stop gum bleeding

Bleeding gums and inflammation is also known as gingivitis. Sum bleeding is a common problem for many people suffer from it. This can cause due to poor oral hygiene, and health conditions like pregnancy, vitamin deficiency, leukemia, scurvy and other infections. Here you have a natural treatment at home that works wisely with a little bit of common sense. Here are some to treat your bleeding gums.

Bleeding gums can occasionally indicate some serious ailments like platelet disorder or leukemia. The symptoms of bleeding gums were bleeding at the time of brushing, blood in your saliva, eating fiber rich foods lead to bleeding, bad breath.

Home remedies for gum bleeding

Citrus fruits to treat gums

The major reasons for bleeding gums are due to Vitamin C deficiency. Eat citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and vegetables like broccoli, cabbage that can prevent you from bleeding gums by providing adequate amounts of Vitamin C. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and helps to maintain healthy gums. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water and rinse your mouth after meals. This is an excellent mouth freshener that helps in arresting bleeding in the gums.

Raw vegetables for gums bleeding

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and low in calories. Chew raw vegetables that can clean the teeth and it includes blood circulation in the gums. Add some raw vegetables to your diet every day. Eat fresh raw vegetables to treat bleeding gums. This is the best habit that helps to clean your teeth. This will make your teeth and gums healthier.

Baking soda to prevent blood from gums

Baking soda helps to kill bacteria by making the micro environment of the mouth acidic, and can be applied to the gums with your fingers. Baking soda is the best and easy way for bleeding gums. Take a toothbrush and dip in baking soda powder. Brush your teeth normally similar to toothpaste. Alternatively, you can use a solution of baking soda and water that can swish around your mouth for two times. This easy home remedy stops gum bleeding.

Sage and peppermint oil to control bleeding gums

Brush your teeth with both peppermint and sage oil that helps to control bleeding gums. It also helps to keep your mouth refreshing and clean. Most of the mouth washes are rich in sage oil, peppermint oil or chamomile tincture. They are prepared by containing these oils that are beneficial for teeth and gum health.

Saline to reduce swelling

Saline improves blood circulation in the mouth and also reduces swelling. You can use a saline solution to rinse the morning and evening effectively that cures, prevents and stops gum bleeding. Saline helps in gargle after brushing your teeth with lukewarm water and a pinch of salt to it. This helps to treat bleeding gums.

Salt gargling best home treatment

This is one of the simplest home remedies to gargle with salt water. Take some lukewarm water and add a bit of salt. Gargle with this water thrice a day. But make sure that the water is not hot as it leads to scalding.

Honey for bleeding gums

Honey is sweet and beneficial for gums due to anti-bacterial properties. It is rich in minerals and vitamins that provide the necessary nutrients for maintaining healthy gums. Take some organic honey and rub them on your gums twice a day.

Garlic and honey paste to prevent bleeding

Garlic has anti-biotic. Mix honey to garlic to form a thick paste as it has anti-bacterial tonic. Rub these gum on your paste. Make a note not to feel a burning sensation. It helps to reduce the burning sensation and mix them well with half a clove of garlic into one tablespoon of raw honey and apply this paste on gums to get rid of gum bleeding.

Milk and milk massage to strengthen gums

Milk is a rich source of calcium that needs to replenish to strengthen your gums. You should drink on a regular basis for preventing bleeding gums. Milk is the best process for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. This contains calcium and proteins that are essential with vitamins. Drink 500ml milk daily to treat bleeding gums.

Milk can be used in another process as massage with milk. Milk is rich in calcium, which is the essential nutrient for your teeth and gums. These gums require healthy and strong milk. Milk is the best source of calcium and helps to prevent bleeding from gums. Massage your gums, gently with milk on a daily basis for better results.

Cranberry and wheatgrass juice to clean gums

Cranberry juice or wheatgrass juice will give you relief for those who have bleeding gums. Cranberry juice can do the same by exerting its antibacterial properties that can clean the gums of excess bacteria.

Cloves for fresh mouth

Cloves help to keep your mouth fresh and controls bleeding gums. Chew them slowly and you can rub them on the gums. It can help you in all kinds of dental problems.

You can use clove oil that helps to reduce inflammation of the gums and stops gum bleeding. Take a little clove oil and rub it on your gums or chew 1 – 2 cloves. This gives a slight burning sensation that will reduce the inflammation to a greater extent.

Calendula leaf and chamomile tea to relieve from bleeding gums

Tea from the leaves of calendula and chamomile can give relief from bleeding gums. Prepare a special tea with chamomile and Calendula leaves in water. Boil the mixture and drink the tea that helps to improve the condition of the gums.

Aloe vera gel to reduce gum inflammation

Aloe vera gel has a medicinal property that has one of the properties to reduce gum inflammation. Make bleeding, less gums with this. Take a small aloe vera and massage it on your gums. Let it settle on your gums and rinse your mouth. Consume liquids that have natural aloe vera in it.

Black seed oil to fights against bacteria

This is also known to treat any condition as it has anti-microbial properties and fights against harmful bacteria. Brush your teeth and massage your gums with a few drops of black seed oil. You can also swish the oil around your mouth and then spit. Add a few drops of black seed oil in a warm glass of water this is the most effective oral hygiene solution.

Alum for bleeding gums

Gum bleeding cause’s gums to be red and sore. Alum works perfectly against the redness of bleeding gums. Dissolve some alum in warm water and gargle with the solution. Repeat it 3 times a day.


Natural home remedies to cure bad breath/Halitosis

Bad breath is an indication of bad hygiene. I see many people who dress up so well and look neat, but have pathetic breath. One should realize that it is unhygienic. One must have that consciousness to check the breath. People who suffer from acidity also have bad breath and people who have gum issues and cavities in the mouth also have bad breath. Such issues can be treated with simple remedies, except that one needs to be really conscious and do a self check. I would like to share some remedies which are absolutely handy in our homes.

Home remedies for bad breath

Cinnamon top best home remedy

The reason we use so many spices in our dishes is because all these spices have ample medicinal properties, however, over usage may not be good.

Cinnamon has an oil – cinnamon aldehyde which controls bad breath.

  • Add 2 small sized cinnamon sticks in water and boil. Once you see the color of water changing, turn off the flame and have after it becomes cold, rinse your mouth with this solution.
  • You may also use these sticks in tea, it tastes good and also helps in controlling bad breath.

Fennel seeds to reduce bad breath

Fennel, commonly known as saunf. A lot of people chew this to control bad breath. Fennel seeds also fight the bacteria.

  • Chew fennel soon after your meal or as and when you feel the breath in the mouth is turning bad.
  • Fennel tea is also good for this issue. You just have to add fennel seeds in the water and boil, it is an option to add tea powder. Drink fennel tea once it is fully boiled and you feel the aroma.

Cloves good for tooth and bad breath

Cloves are another spice that we use in our dishes, you also get toothpaste out in the market which contains cloves.

  • To avoid bad breath, put 2 cloves under your tongue or chew it.
  • Clove tea, boil water and add about 6 cloves and simmer the flame. You can drink this in the same form or use it to rinse your mouth. This gives so much of freshness.

Fenugreek to control bad breath

  • Soak fenugreek seeds for about 2 hours, boil it in water and drink it as it is by straining the seeds.
  • Use fenugreek seeds in the curries too, which again controls bad breath. Of course, not many would like the idea.

Lemon Juice to give fresh odor

  • It is an age old remedy. Citrus in the lemon juice kills the bacteria. It gives a good breath.
  • You can also use lemon juice as a mouth wash. Just rinse your mouth with the lemon juice. It gives fresh odor.

Prevent bad breath using mouthwash

Mouthwash helps to get rid of bad breath and protect you from oral diseases. Try to pick the best mouth wash from several products. It is recommended never to use alcohol based mouthwash. This is because alcohols make your mouth dry and also make your problem sever. So, it is better to choose alcohol free mouthwash.

Stop smoking to prevent bad breath

Smoking is one of the major causes of bad breath and also dangerous to health. It causes numerous diseases such as periodontal disease and dry mouth. Try to avoid habits of drinking alcohol, smoking and dieting that make you suffer from chronic anxiety. There are some other exacerbating prescription medications which are prescribed for the condition of chronic anxiety.

Try to include raw foods into your diet

Eat raw foods such as celery, apples, and carrots. This helps to scrape out plaque build-up. These are the causes of bad breath. Also consume some of fresh vegetables, preferably organic, fruits that are crunchy will make you prevent bad breath from the mouth. This is because they are rich in fiber content and that helps to fight against bad breath causing bacteria. This type of food adds up extra dose to improve immune boosting nutrients. So, adding these foods into your diet helps to trigger and increase the production of bacteria that fights along with saliva in your mouth.

Lemon and some raw vegetable juices for bad breath

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which fights against bacteria causing agents. Take a fresh lemon and squeeze it in a glass of water. You can use this solution to wash your mouth by gargle frequently with lemon juice. Drink lemon juice that helps to get rid of bad breath.

You can also drink fresh vegetable juices that help to reduce bad breath. It is also good for health. Drink vegetable juice 3 times a day. Instead of vegetable juices, you can also drink fruit juices. Because, they are effective to prevent bacteria in your mouth. Vegetable or fruit juices make you to ensure the body to be supplied with essential nutrients. This makes you feel free and treats bad breath from the mouth.

Apple cider vinegar to treat bad breath

The bad breath is due to the pH balancing effect that makes a wonderful home remedy. You can now try with any of these home remedies that depend on your preference. Take one tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. Drink it before eating meals. Vinegar helps in digestion, as well as cure bad breath. You can also gargle with the help of apple cider vinegar that is mixed with a cup of water.

Baking soda to prevent bad breath

Baking soda gives a bicarbonate of soda, which is the great solution to get rid and prevent bad breath. This helps to balance the levels of acid that contribute to bad breath. This fight against oral bacteria that cause bad breath. Mix one and half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth daily until you are satisfied with the results. You can also brush your teeth with baking soda that helps to reduce the acidity in your mouth and prevent bacteria that are building up on your tongue.

Always keep your body hydrated

Drinking required amount of water is the simplest step to take of curb bad breath. When your mouth doesn’t have enough moisture that helps to produce saliva and an odor that causes bacteria and can develop. These side effects from certain medications and medical conditions and diseases can deprive you with the necessary moisture. Getting enough water that can contribute to get rid of dry mouth with the healthy people. So, it is better to stay hydrated with a particular day before and after heavy exercise. This is a rapid breath that can increase dry mouth. This is well with a healthy practice in and of itself, this is better sure to drink water when you first wake up. Thus, the dry mouth occurs while asleep, so hydrating first thing in the morning gives you a jump on a night’s worth of bacteria collected.

Clean your tongue to cure bad breath

You should clean your tongue which is very effective and helps to decrease halitosis, which is the major cause of bad breath. These compounds form on your tongue and in your mouth as and when bacteria and amino acids combine by emitting unpleasant sulfur like smell. So, clean your tongue regularly, which is very important in fighting halitosis. This is unique tongue cleaner that can remove up to 96 percent more odors that causes bacteria and helps to eliminate bad breath.

Foods causing good & bad breath

Coffee and alcohol are bad. It makes the mouth dry and produce acidic juices due to which bad odor develops.

Onions: Onions are good for health, but eating onion in the salads are a bad idea as the odor stays in the mouth for a long time.

Garlic: Garlic also has a very pungent smell. It develops a bad odor.

Yogurt: Most Indian families have a habit of finishing the meal with curd rice, or yogurt. There is a reason behind it. Yogurt neutralizes the acidic juices produced in the mouth and hence controls bad breath.

Sugar free candies: Sugarfree candies and chewing gums suppress the bad odor.  Get minted gums, which are good to control the bad odor and helps in suppressing the bad breath for a long time.

Black tea: Black tea is nothing but tea decoction, boil tea powder and do not add milk, add honey or sugar based on your choice.

Peppermint: Chew peppermint leaves, sounds funny right, but it helps really well. It also helps in digestion.

Stay hydrated: Keeping your mouth dry for a long time too is a bad idea. It not only causes bad breath, but also develops acidity. Just fall back on liquids or just water. Keep bottled water on your desk and gulp water every now and then. Yes, you may have to make frequent trips to the washroom. It is good to remove toxins from the body this way.


Top best home remedies for sore & cracked tongue / fissured tongue

Do you feel your tongue becoming dry frequently?

Then do take care because you may be suffering from sore cracked tongue. Fissures appear in tongues. So eager to know what makes you tongue such waste. It is mainly caused due to yeast infection. It is mainly due to Candida fungus which lives in the linings of our mouth. Main symptoms include loss of taste, pain in mouth, lesions. The tongue gets accompanied with grooves, irritation, mouth pain, etc. It may be hereditary cause, biotin deficiency, tongue abnormalities and sometimes even due to injury and trauma. Consuming spicy food is very difficult when it’s coming to sore cracked tongue. It is common complaining now a day of many adults as well as children. Following are some of the home remedies for sore cracked tongue.

Causes of cracked tongue

  • Some allergic reactions and stress
  • Medication and disease condition
  • Genetic problems and systemic yeast infection
  • The habit of chewing on the tongue while sleeping
  • Deficiency in Vitamin B (Biotin)
  • Acid reflux, hot and spicy food.

Home remedies for sore & cracked tongue

Ice to treat sore tongue

  • The ice gives cooling effect to tongue and lessen the irritation.

How to use it?

Apply ice on the tongue directly. It reduces burning sensation in the tongue and pain in the tongue.

Toothpaste to cure cracked tongue

Chemicals used in the toothpaste specially a little amount of alcohol. The toothpaste will scrape the tongue and kill the yeast, fungus and bacteria present on the tongue which caused cracking of the tongue.

Sometimes cracked tongue is caused due to anaerobic bacteria. Using toothpaste provides bacteria oxygenated environment. Therefore, killing the bacteria and tongue returns backs to its normal state.

How to use it?

  • Apply the toothpaste twice on tongue daily to get rid of cracked tongue.

Try Margosa leaves as an herbal treatment

Margosa  tree is very useful herbal and medicinal plant. Each and every part like bark, stem, flower, fruit, leaves and even roots of this plant is very useful medicine. It’s none other than neem as we normally call it. Being a multipurpose medicine, it is very healthy for our immune system too.

How to use it?

Take 10-15 leaves of Neem. Wash them properly and crush them and make paste of it, then brush with that paste twice a day, as it has anti-bacterial property along with cracked tongue, it also prevents from bad breath and other dental problems too.

Garlic and ginger gargling to kill bacteria

Garlic and Ginger both have great importance in building a healthy immune system. Garlic and Ginger both have anti-bacterial and anti- viral properties which kill the bacteria present on the tongue which are causing cracks in tongue and gives the painful and burning sensation of the tongue. Water of Garlic and Ginger used for gargling to treat cracks in the tongue.

How to use it?

Take an onion and almost four to five cloves of garlic, crush them and make a paste of it, then add the paste to a glass full of water. Gargle with it twice a day, this will help you to fight with bacteria present on the tongue which stop you to eat spicy food.

Lavender oil for relief from burning sensation

Lavender oil is a natural complex mixture of naturally occurring phytochemicals, which includes Linalool and linalyl acetate. The best lavender oil, which can be used is the Kashmir lavender oil because it is developed from the lavenders of the foothills of Himalayas.

How to use it?

Lavender oil applied directly to the tongue can give relief from the burning sensations of the tongue and painful sensations too. Lavender oil is beneficial to lesions and even better for all the dental problems

Mint leaves for cooling

Mint leaves a clean effect on mouth as it has cooling effect and is healthy for the immune system. It is taken up with different dishes prepared. It lights up the burning sensation on the tongue and help to reduce the lesions on the tongue and all the area where mouth lesions have appeared. It is useful for many dental as well as intestinal problems too.

How to use it?

Take 10-15 leaves of mint. Wash them properly. Take some water in a vessel, add leaves to it and let it boil. Drain it after it cools down, then refrigerate it for few hours and drink twice a day to break off with worst pain and burning sensation you get while having spicy food due to sore cracked tongue.

Try spicy food and don’t get afraid of cracked tongue. Use this home remedies and enjoys spicy food without any pain.

Drink plenty of fluids and water

Body dehydration is one of the reasons for dry mouth. So, increase the fluid intake to keep your body hydrated. Proper hydration helps to make it easier and the body to produce more saliva and helps to get rid of the symptoms of dry mouth. Daily consume sufficient amount of water throughout the day. You can just suck a small piece of ice to reduce the pain. Eat some frozen chunks of water that are based with fruits, vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, and pineapple. Drink fruit and vegetable smoothies. You should drink 1 – 2 glasses of coconut water daily. Drink some herbal teas like chamomile tea and green tea. Eat more soft and liquid foods that can stews and soups,

Aloe vera gel to treat cracked tongue

Aloe vera gel is the best natural herbal home remedy to treat cracked tongue. This helps to protect the sensitive tissues in the mouth and increases the taste buds. So, drink ¼ cup of aloe vera juice daily to cure dry mouth. Rinse your mouth with aloe vera juice daily for a few times a day. Apply some pure aloe vera gel around your mouth by using a cotton swab. Leave it for several minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. Repeat this for 2 – 3 times a day.

Fennel seeds to increase saliva

Fennel seeds are used to stimulate the saliva flow. It helps to get rid of dry mouth. This aromatic flavor helps to combat bad breath and accompanies dry mouth. Chew some fennel seeds several times a day to treat a dry mouth. You can also mix them together with equal proportions of fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds. You should dry roast them in a pan and grind them thoroughly to add a little salt. Eat ½ teaspoon of this mixture after each meal.

Steps to follow on how to relieve a cracked tongue

Most important is dental hygiene care

The fissures of cracked tongue have lots of bacteria which are stored in your mouth. Regular brushing of teeth and tongue cleaning that helps to clean microorganisms. This will remove food particles left over after eating, which turns to bacteria and damages tongue as well as causes smell.

Keep yourself hydrated always

You should keep yourself hydrated that can deprive your tongue with the necessary moisture levels. You should be careful to have a proper fluid that is necessary for your body. Drink a few glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Know the foods that are irritants

You should have an idea of foods that irritates such as spicy, acidic, and salty foods. Cracked tongue can be resolved by keeping away yourself from further trauma. Consult your dentist or orthodontist to get out of less prone poling of your tongue. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth in your sleep, then wear a mouth guard during the night.

Foods you need to take

Follow a proper diet to reduce the pain which can trouble you from biotin or due to iron deficiency. Boost your intake of chicken, cauliflower, eggs, mushrooms, and high nutrient foods.

Foods to avoid for sore and cracked tongue

You should avoid taking coffee, tea, alcohol, or tobacco. These foods can irritate your tongue and promote staining in certain cases. So, it is better to avoid them.

Proper medication is the best way to treat fissured tongue

Anti-fungal is one of the most important ways to treat oral thrush. Antibiotics are another way to treat hairy tongue. This causes discomfort as counter pain and mouth rinses have anesthetic.

Cracked tongue prevention measures to be avoided

  • Proper maintaining of dental hygiene
  • You should maintain the adequate amount of biotin and iron intake.
  • Limit the intake of drinking alcohol, coffee, or tea
  • Some people have a habit of biting the tongue which leads cracked tongue, so, try to avoid biting your tongue
  • Bad habits like smoking and chewing tobacco should be avoided
  • Always keep hydrated to prevent cracked tongue.



How to get rid of canker sore? Effective home remedies of mouth ulcer naturally

Wondering what are canker sores? It is the mouth ulcers. I am sure most of you are the victims of this problem. The causes of these sores can be due to stress, genetics, and acidity. Sometimes, you tend to bite your cheeks, inside the mouth and lips, they also turn into ulcers. Ulcers make our lives so difficult. We can’t eat food or even talk. At work, it is even more painful, especially when we work for long hours. Today, let us see some home remedies that numb the pain and work in healing the sores.

Home remedies for canker sores

Chamomile tea to reduce inflammation

Chamomile is a flowering plant. The commonly called daisy plants are chamomile plants. These flowers have anti-septic properties, also work in reducing inflammation.

  • Soak these dried flowers in water for about 5 minutes.
  • Take the soaked flowers and place it on the sore for not more than 10 minutes.

Sage to treat canker sores

Sage is an herbal, shrub. This can be used for cleansing the mouth and also to treat the sores.

Boil the water, add dried sage, instill for 10 minutes. Take the solution in your mouth and allow it for a minute, then rinse your mouth with cold water after you spit it.

Alternatively, you can keep the fresh leaves in an airtight jar for 24 hours, make sure it is placed in a dark place. Take the liquid in your mouth for a minute. Then take the leaves and make a fine paste. Apply it to the sores. Clean it with cold water after 5 minutes.

Try peppermint home remedies

Peppermint again is a very age old remedy used in most home remedies like our dear aloe vera.

  • Make a fine paste of peppermint and apply it to the sore.
  • Additionally, you may add olive oil or eucalyptus oil to it and apply.

Coconut to soothe canker sore

Chewing dry coconut helps to heal the wound. Coconut and its water have a few medicinal properties. It is said to be anti-inflammatory.

  • Coconut oil melts real quickly. Add beeswax to thicken the oil. Apply this on the sore with a cotton swab.

Best tips of tooth with cloves

  • Clove oil suppresses pain. It contains an oil called as eugenol.
    Add a half spoon of olive oil to 5 drops of clove oil. In this mixture, soak cotton it. Now keep this cotton on the sore for less than 10 minutes. Before you put the cotton swab, make sure to clean your with salt water prior to applying the soaked cotton swab.

Cayenne to heal sore

Diamonds are cut with the diamonds. Likewise, the heat of cayenne helps to heal the sore.

  • Cayenne pepper powder is mixed with a little bit of water to make a fine paste. Apply this mixture with a cotton swab.

Yogurt gives cooling effect

Yogurt has yeast because of the fermentation process. Yogurt or buttermilk is very good to give a cooling effect.

  • Yogurt is prepared by fermentation process or yogurt cultures.
  • Add honey to the yogurt and eat it.
  • Plain yogurt is better than the flavored ones.

Salt water to treat ulcers

Salt water helps to heal the process of excess fluids. This helps to flush out toxins from the skin. Take 2 teaspoons of salt and mix it in a cup of warm water. Use this solution to rinse your mouth. You can also directly apply salt to the canker sore. Repeat this process 3 times a day to prevent aphthous ulcer.

  • Add salt to the warm water and gargle. It gives an immediate relief.

Aloe Vera natural home remedy

Aloe Vera is an age old remedy used in most problems like skin issues, hair, cough, cold etc.

  • Take equal quantities of water and aloe vera gel. (spoonful). Apply this mixture to the sores.

Turmeric and honey paste

Honey helps to soothe damaged skin. Turmeric has antiseptic that fights against germs and causes canker sores. This helps to reduce pain and inflammation that can be caused due to canker sores. Take a teaspoon of honey and mix it with ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix them well to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on canker sores and leave it for about 5 minutes. Wash it off with water and repeat the process for 2 times a day.

Baking soda to relieve sore pain

Baking soda clears canker sores and can neutralize acid that helps to relieve the pain. Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with water to form a thick paste, make sure to avoid lumps. Apply this paste on sores and leave it for about 5 minutes. Wash it off with water for quick recovery. Mix baking soda with warm water also helps to prevent canker sores by rinsing with this solution. Rinse your mouth several times a day.

There is another way to use baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and salt. Mix them well and you can use this solution to wash your mouth.  Rinse your mouth with it 5 times a day. Alternately, rinse your mouth with aloe vera juice instead of baking soda. Apply some baking soda directly to the sore and leave it until it gets dissolved. Repeat this 2 times a day to reduce canker sores.

Tomatoes best for food allergies

Tomatoes are rich in water content that helps to cure food allergies. This helps to stop causing of canker sores. If you are suffering with frequent canker sores, then include tomatoes in your diet as salads or mix them in combination with curries you eat daily. Lesions are the cause of canker sores that helps to sort the allergic reaction to some foods. So, include nuts, chocolate, shellfish, and water content vegetables or fruits helps to reduce canker sores. It is better to stop eating very hot food that can tender canker sore and avoid allergic foods like chips, fat content foods, junk foods etc.

All the remedies are pretty much easy to follow. Most of the things will be available in our homes. Our lifestyle plays a very important role in our health. If you are one person who get affected by the ulcers must be eating too much of spicy food. Spices are good for us, but not over usage of it. Over usage of anything turns into poison (not in the literal sense), meaning too bad for us. Our lifestyle definitely includes eating outside regularly or over the weekends more so. Have a routine like eating out on occasions or just a fortnight at a good place. This will as well save a few bucks in your pockets. Remember health is wealth. Stay healthy and eat as much as you can. Cut down on spicy and oily foods. End your meal with a cold yogurt, treating your taste buds like this keeps your stomach cool and does not end up producing acidic content. Try out the remedies and figure out what works best for you.