Best valentine gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is really close now and if you are reading this article it certainly means that till now you have not decided what you should gift your  special man or woman on this special day of love. Well, don’t worry as long as you are with us, we will help you to get the best gift for him or her to signify your love. We understand that your budget for the Valentine’s Day gift can vary, and hence our gifting ideas include the budget friendly ones as well as the most expensive lot. Browse through this list; pick the gift that matches with the taste of that special person in your life and also your relationship status.

Personalized transparent photo key ring

Personalized transparent photo key ring

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This is a very budget friendly option and if you are still a student, this one can actually be the right one for you to pick. This heart shaped transparent key ring personalized with the picture of your loved one and a Valentine’s Day quote can actually be ideal to gift on this special day of love.

Stone pebble with a message

Stone pebble with a message

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This stone pebble can make a unique gift for the person you love on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. What makes this pebble special is the quote on it, which comes with a life time printing warranty. This small budget friendly gift can actually mean the world for the person your love.

Poster guy best husband valentine’s day love mousepad

Poster guy best husband valentine's day

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This cure gift with a message from you can actually make the day for your husband. A mouse pad has wide use in everyday and it is sure to make him remember of you every time he scrolls the mouse on it. So, approve the endeavors of your husband this Valentine’s Day with this cute gift that will cost you only INR. 199.

Romantic led candle bear decal

Romantic led candle bear decal

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This unique and beautiful LED candle set with bear decals look cute and very romantic. This item can brighten up your rooms as well as your mood, so if you are looking out for a great gift that is a bit different and can make the perfect mood for the day this one can make the right choice. This product is available for a price of over INR. 15,000.

Puriso heart shaped soaps- Valentines day gift pack

Puriso heart shaped soaps

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This handmade soap collection is a Valentine’s Day special product. The beautifully hand crafted heart shaped soaps in multiple colors look very cute within the cane bucket and can make a nice gift for the women you love. The soaps are made from natural products and they are free from harmful chemicals, hence your love is surely going to love using them. This special item is available for a special price of INR. 500.

Wood & Aluminum silver colored jewellery keepsake box

Wood & Aluminum silver

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This handcrafted 11 x 8 inches jewelry box has been made from high quality wood and with the aluminum foil embossing it looks absolutely luxurious. The eye catching traditional designs on the top makes this box a unique gift for her on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This beautiful jewelry box comes for a price of around INR. 1100.

Heart shaped chocolates

Heart shaped chocolates

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This is a very typical gifting item for Valentine’s Day but still there is hardly anyone who will not be happy to get a beautiful box of heart shaped chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift. You can gift the chocolate box only or add it in a bundle with other gifts. In chocolates you also have wide range of options, but do not miss the red heart shaped ones.

Jewel fuel valentine special rose in 24k gold

Jewel fuel valentine special rose in 24k gold

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Make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your love with this 24 karat gold plated rose which comes with a life time warranty. This gift can convey the sense of love beautifully while making a valuable possession for your loved one. This golden rose is available for a price of around INR 1500. There are also less expensive variants and you can easily pick one according to your budget.

Teddy and the card

Teddy and the card

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Well, this certainly makes one of the most common and most loved gifting options for Valentine’s Day. You can always express your love for her and add to your relationship by gifting a beautiful red teddy along with a greeting card to her on this day of love. You can also bundle some other gifts with the teddy to make it even more special.  Teddies and cards both are available in different price ranges, so pick one according to your choice and budget.

Smiley night lamp cum aroma diffuser

Smiley night lamp cum aroma diffuser

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This cute budget friendly gift can make an ideal pick for this Valentine’s Day. This smiley night lamp has a unique look and the aroma diffusing feature is sure to add to the mood of the day. This small gift can make your special man or women really happy and will also convey your love for him/her.

Cute smiley sunflower

Cute smiley sunflower

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Here we come with another most budget friendly Valentine’s Day gifting option that is sure to be liked by all. These cute smiley sunflowers look quite interesting and they can actually work as great mood lifters. The best thing about these sunflowers is that they can be placed just anywhere in different ways. Opt for a bunch of these cute flowers of different colors to bring instant smile to his/her face.

Hangout latest HBT-201 waterproof bluetooth speaker

Hangout latest HBT-201

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Blue Tooth speakers have wide application and they can make a very useful item for anyone who loves music. This speaker is water proof and plays the music really loud. You can use it even in the shower or swimming pool. This small gadget also has a very unique look and color which makes it an ideal gifting item for Valentine’s Day.  Right now you can get this product online within INR. 800.

Zonman water droplets shape charm pendant

Zonman water droplets shape charm pendant

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This Agate stone and alloy made pendant is a unique handmade piece that can look gorgeous and can be an ideal gift for the special women in your life. This necklace can make any women look more charming and it is sure to be cherished by her. So, if the budget is not a constraint, pick this necklace for her on this day of love.

Elegant compact mirror “Nesting Peacock” with ” Hearts N Flowers”

Elegant compact mirror

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This double sided mirror with locking clasps look really beautiful and the hand crafted colorful design is sure to be liked by every women. If you are looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, this unique mirror can always make a good choice.  This mirror comes in a perfect gift box and can be ideal for the occasion.

Dedicated to the one i love box set CD

Dedicated to the one i love box set CD

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This “Dedicated to the One I Love” CD set can make an ideal gift for him or her on this Valentine’s Day. This collection includes some gentle melodies as well as energetic romantic compositions to suit every mood. This collection can be a fantastic present for anyone and it conveys the theme of Valentine’s Day really well. This set is now available for a price of around INR.3000.

Half heart couple

Half heart couples

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This can be a very sweet gift for Valentine’s Day. The cute little dolls and the love symbol in their hands look absolutely beautiful. You can also place the dolls apart with their parts of the heart. Add a chocolate bar with this cute half heart couple and the right Valentine’s Day gift for your love is ready.

Silver look trendy couple heart lockets with chain

Silver look trendy couple

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This stainless steel made silver color heart pendant with two necklaces make an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for couples. This is a joint gift that will vow for your togetherness for the whole lifetime. This unique item is available for a very pocket friendly price.

Laser cut floral corner photo frame

Laser cut floral corner photo frame

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This stylish photo frame can make an ideal gift for your partner on this special day of love when added with a perfect picture of you two. So, just get the photo frame and add a memorable picture of you two in it to make it really special for your love.  This unique laser crafted photo frame comes for a price of around INR 2000.


How to make this christmas so special

Christmas is the commercial festival of tradition from the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas traditions perhaps accumulate the beginning followed by the Christmas tree. Europeans marked the year for longest night –winter solstice as the beginning for long days and rebirth of sun.The celebration consists of carnival, period of feasting, gambling, gifts giving and upended positions. By the fourth century Christians need a December holiday to rival celebrations Christmas gained a ground over seven hundred years ago. Christmas is the full fledged festival with lot of traditions like Santa clause visiting house to give gifts, Christmas tree, star in front of house. People wait for this festival to enjoy with all the near and dear ones.

Christmas season is really a special time to make fun around. People believe to think in positive manner and remember the true meaning of the season. The decorations that are made by us at home makes us feel Christmas season. Children play a major role in every ones house they even love to enjoy all the time. In school, at this particular season management will provide holidays for this huge festival.  Children love to enjoy at this festival time.

Christmas music is very important part of the Christmas festival. Keep all the devotional Christmas songs blasting on the stereo on Christmas feel you great.

  • Send Christmas cards to family members, friends and colleague’s etc. Send as many cards as possible to share the happiness.
  • Purchasing gifts at Christmas time for our family of our own taste, color and size makes us feel good with lot of memories.
  • Plan a great Christmas meal according to our own taste.  We can get our favorite foods, deserts, drinks etc.
  • Go to church in the morning spend some time in church which means the Christmas festival. In the evening go out to spend the Christmas day.

How to make christmas cards at home

Christmas is huge festival celebrated all over the world by hundreds of millions of people. The nature of Christmas was officially acknowledged in the year 1870 when United States made it a federal holiday .Everyone are fascinated about this festival and follow the traditions during the festival time. Christmas festival has its own customs some are unique and some are universal. Christmas play a major in the particular season. Everyone likes to convey their wishes to near and dear by distributing the cakes, Christmas greeting cards, sweets. Some people prefer homemade sweets, cakes, cards that are very easy to prepare. Let us see few techniques to make Christmas cards at home.

Card 1

Card 1

  • Take some different color charts. Cut into different sized circles.
  • Take a white chart and paste the circle sized chart to the white chart.
  • Paint the back ground with light color to height the circles that are pasted.
  • Take one ribbon of any color at tie a Knott and paste it to the card.
  • Card is ready with multi colors and easy to make at home.

Card 2

Card 2

  • Take one light color chart. Cut the chart in book shape of medium size.
  • Take another chart of dark color. Cut the chart in book shape of very small size
  • Paste the small card on the center of big card.
  • Take a ribbon and paste on the small card.
  • Homemade Christmas card is ready.

Card 3:

card 3

  • Take a light color chart and cut the chart in card size.
  • Take green color chart and cut the chart like a Christmas tree. Paste on the red color card.
  • Paint on the tree to resemble gifts, stars etc. right corner prepare bells with silver paper and paste them
  • Card is ready in short period of time.

How to make this new year so special

New Year gives special opportunity to change our lives for every year. However January 1st we are no better off than we were last year. New Year is an exciting eve that everyone waits for. Every year every one fined the new ways to celebrate this eve. On that day every one starts with party along with their dear ones. Create a good atmosphere on this special eve to enjoy the parties. An inexpensive way to enjoy the romantic feel is candles. They give quite and cascading glow.

  • For decoration, use traditional decors of noise makers, horns around the table. Let the guests feel comfort to enjoy the eve by choosing the items.
  • Balloons are elegant and classic view for the New Year. Allow the balloons to float and dance freely from ceiling.
  • Place the camera throughout the party to have memories of the party. Ask the guests for new ideas and implement them to make them feel comfort and impressive.
  • Play some games in huge number like role play, musical chairs etc. We can write New Year resolution for the upcoming year on a paper.
  • Try to buy mini gifts for yourself. Make sure that your presents won’t get expiration date. Write notes of your own which is so precious and what you value about yourself to read them later.
  • On New Year check all the resolutions you completed for the previous year and plan for the New Year and enjoy the day.

Whey protein? Is it safe? What are the side effects? How to use it?

What is whey protein and what are its uses?

Whey protein is the by- product of cheese separated from whey which is a liquid material left over when milk is coagulated. It is available in the market in the form of dietary supplement.  It is used as a medicine in alternative medicine fields. The protein is separated from the whey through membrane filtration. It is the source of protein that helps in increasing the nutrient properties of the diet. Whey protein is used as a dietary supplement to enhance athletic performance, replacing baby’s formulas as milk and supplying the requirements of milk to people who are intolerant to milk. This protein is used to prevent allergies, asthma, high cholesterol; weight loss and weight gain both

Whey protein helps infants in their early months 3- 12 months from developing red itchy skin. These children have less chances of developing allergies as compared to babies who take normal milk. Other skin diseases like psoriasis can also be controlled by taking whey protein as a dietary supplement.  It helps to decrease weight loss in people suffering from HIV and AIDs

Whey protein helps to increase muscle strength and reduce fat mass.  The best results can be achieved by consuming whey one hour before or after conducting workouts. Whey is filling and reduces hunger which in turn helps to reduce weight. It helps in losing body fat.

Several studies have revealed that whey protein is helpful in fighting prostate and colon cancer. But the inclusion of whey protein in the diet must be done only after proper advice from medical professionals.

Whey protein also helps to cope up with stress and depressed feelings. Regular intake of whey protein helps to decrease the symptoms of depression and helped the individual to be in a better mood.

Is whey protein safe?

Whey protein is found to be safe for most adults and children when the required dose is taken by mouth. Sometimes when high doses are given it can cause some problems like diarrhoea, excessive thirst, and lack of appetite, bloating of the stomach, muscle cramps, headache and tiredness.

Pregnant and feeding mothers may be at a risk to take this protein. It is better to avoid the use during this period to be safe. People who are allergic to cow’s milk can also be allergic to whey protein as the properties are similar in both. Overdose of whey protein or when it is combined with carbohydrates it can lead to certain dangerous problems 

Side effects of Whey protein

Weight gain

When whey protein is taken for lean muscles it can come with added sugars when combined with carbohydrates which are added fats as well. There can be excessive eating while taking whey because it may not be enough to satisfy hunger when taken as a diet supplement. There are also some whey protein supplements which are labelled as “gainers”and are used by body builders to increase their muscle strengths. These supplements can have extra carbohydrates to help the lean body to build fat. The e side effect of gaining weight can be avoided by not taking more meals after taking whey protein as a diet supplement. Always be careful in noting the label of the whey protein supplement.

Kidney Stones

it has been observed that whey protein can develop kidney stones but there is no scientific evidence to it. There are chances of the condition of kidney stones becoming worse in persons who already have kidney stones, if excessive doses of whey protein are given. Kidney stones can be avoided by taking large quantity of fibre diet along with whey protein. This will help to prevent the extra deposits which may lead to kidney stones. People who are prone to kidney stones must take balanced whey protein and eat a balanced diet along with whey protein.

Digestive Problems

the lactose content in whey protein can give digestive problems to persons who are intolerant to lactose. These people should take whey protein concentrate which is prepared after removing the lactose content.   People who are intolerant to other milk powders are likely to be sensitive to whey protein as well. These people should avoid whey protein and take the other forms of protein powders like rice protein, soy protein or hemp protein which are 100% lactose free. Whey protein on its own is difficult to digest. It can develop problems like flatulence, bloating, gas trouble, and indigestion. In such cases protein with more fibre content must be chosen


Another possible side effect of whey protein can be development of gout in persons who have a family history of gout or who already have gout before starting the use of whey protein. In such cases less concentrated whey protein must be taken and the dosage must be properly consulted with a medical professional to avoid the risks of gout.

Osteoporosis or bone loss

This can be caused by excessive use of whey protein.Excessive use of proteins can release acidic products in the body which are not tolerable in the body. The body tries to neutralise this effect with the help of calcium from the bones. This in turn will lead to loss of calcium from the bones and slowly develop the problem of Osteoporosis

Liver problems

Whey protein powder is found to have negative effect on liver function. There as a risk of liver damage due to the urea nitrogenous products in protein.  There are some heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium and mercury in protein powders which can damage the liver

Acne and pimples

Whey protein supplements are concentrated forms of protein and other nutrients which can have an adverse effect on the skin. It can lead to deposit of toxins which can develop acne. Access production of oil in the oil glands can also lead to acne. Outbursts of acne can be prevented by taking whey protein supplements with vegetables and vegetable juices because the phytochemicals in the juices are helpful in getting rid of the toxins and free radicals from the body.

How to use whey protein?

Whey protein can be can be made into shakes and smoothies by adding fruits and fruit juices. Whey protein powder can be blended with banana, peaches, mango, pears, milk, coconut milk to alter the flavour and nutrient content according to one’s preference.  Ice cubes can be added to protein shake to thicken and cool it.  Fruits can be frozen and then taken with the protein shake. Ice cubes can be made from milk and added to the shakes.   The flavour of whey protein shakes can be enhanced by adding ingredientslike honey, cinnamon, yogurt, dry fruits chocolate vanilla or strawberry powders

Whey protein powder can be added to the breakfast oatmeal cereal along with peanut butter. It is the best way to take whey protein for body building. It is advisable to take whey protein 30 minutes before exercise and workout as the muscle fibres will be broken down and the deposited carbohydrates will be dissolved. Whey protein taken before workouts will provide more energy. Whey protein taken after exercising will help in strengthening the muscles as the protein synthesis increases during exercise.

Ideal for breakfast

Whey protein can also be taken with the last meal of the day the powder can simply be sprinkled over the food of the last meal. This will help to elevate the amino acid level while sleeping and will help in strengthening the muscles. Alternatively protein drink can be taken before going to bed. This will prevent the natural protein breakdown during sleep and increase the synthesis of muscle protein.

Encourages weight loss

Whey protein need to be included with low calorie diet  to encourage weightloss.  The meals should not be replaced with whey protein  but whey protein is recommended as a supplement to diet as it will reduce hunger and reduce the normal diet which will lead to weight loss. Fruits like berries  and other fruits with high fiber and low sugar must be added in the whey protein shakes taken for weight loss. Honey, syrups and other sugar contents must be avoiided to sweeten the shakes for taste. Protein shake taken before the meals will satisfy the hunger  and reduce the desire to eat more during the meals. This can also reduce the blood glucose and help in improving the insulin level.


Baby skin care in winter

Babies are very sensitive and are prone to diseases. Their skin is too tender. During winter they are particularly affected by the irritated and dry skin over the face, hands and all over the body. This dryness leads to reddening, itching, cracking, and flaking. Finally, this makes baby uncomfortable, so here we are discussing some tips for baby skin care during winter.

Moisturize frequently

As oil based contains oil, they protect skin from drying more. In winter, especially   the moisture is retained by applying these creams. Emollients are used frequently in a day in order to prevent from moisture loss.

Avoid wet baby gloves, socks, kerchiefs

Wet clothes, anything may lead to irritation, itching, and cracking, redness which may finally lead to bleeding or any infection. So avoid it.

Hydrate the body

Drinking more keeps the skin and body healthy and glowing. As the baby’s skin is young and growing make a habit of drinking water.

Massage the baby body

Massaging the body with baby lotions helps the baby to improve the blood circulation and look the skin healthy and glower. It also retains the moisture over the body and to increase the immunity power of the baby. Also notice that the oil is cleaned off totally during bath because left over may also cause skin rashes.


Adding coconut oil to the water before bath acts as a moisture retainer. After rubbing the skin during baths by the soaps may lead to drying the baby delicate skin more. Instead, go for a warm water bath of mild baby soaps. Prefer for a sponge bath than a normal bath during winter. The hot water run has been used in the bathroom for a while helps to create a warm environment during the baby bath. Also check the windows are closed or not due to heavy wind blow during winter. Cover the baby completely with the clean towel after the bath and also don’t allow the baby to play in the tub for more hours.


Overall family members and if any house maids present in the home are tidy and clean enough while feeding or touching the baby. Keep the home and surroundings, any leftover gaps, windows, doors, floors, bathrooms in the home also clean. Avoid smoking in the home as the sensitive baby may easily affect by this habit.


Woolen clothes are good for a child during the winter. Baby hats, socks, gloves, whatever the baby clothes are made of wool are very comfortable to the child. This keeps the body warm. Don’t cover complete with woolen clothes because they block sweat pores and cause sweating and rash. Cover them with a soft cloth.

Minimize nappy rash

Changing the nappies is done frequently in order not to be affected by the rash. Also use the creams to protect the skin. Allow the baby skin to air indoors maximum. It helps the baby to feel cozy and comfort.

Pre winter check

Check the heaters, geysers and all the heating appliances whether they are in good conditions are not. Check out the power points to avoid any short circuits. Baby bed sheets, blankets are cleaned before they are used up. Winter is prone to spreading of many diseases like cold, cough on direct contact so avoid the baby to that condition.

Night cream

Apply petroleum jelly as a coating over the baby nose because it prevents dryness in the nose, which may finally lead to bleeding even. Over rubbing is avoided. Apply lip care jelly or pure coconut oil for babies to prevent dryness of lips.


Make sure about vaccination of baby is up to date or not as they prevents serious diseases from bacteria and virus.


Have a food containing green leafy vegetables, fruits, carrots, spinach, liver, cod liver, nuts in your daily diet. Make sure that enough fat, protein, and vitamins in your daily diet which is good for baby skin. Food rich in Vitamin A and C has antioxidants which are good for baby skin during winter. It prevents all sorts of eye related issues such as dryness, inflammation and further improves the vision of a growing baby.


Keep regular hours and maintain plenty of sleep for the baby, as they are in the growing stage sleeping is done most of the time and they feel relaxed of the body.

These are winter based tips for a baby skin care which can be easily followed at home without causing any serious effects.