Chicken leg piece fry – Spicy drumstick chicken fry recipe

How to make spicy drumstick chicken fry with chicken leg pieces? Today’s hot recipe is drumstick chicken fry. This spicy dish is usually eaten as a starter. Chicken drumstick fry is the Indian food recipe that is easy to prepare. It is favorite food item for all the non vegetarian lovers. I got a chicken leg pieces while buying the raw chicken, so started to do something special with this chicken leg pieces. Those who want to taste the chicken without the bones then they prefer this leg pieces. You can also cook this drumstick chicken fry in oven. But I used natural method for preparing these chicken legs.

For preparing the chicken drumstick fry I have used only little ingredients, this makes you to prepare the quick non vegetarian recipe. Collect the ingredients properly and start making the tasty drumstick fry. I have chosen food color so that the dish will look great. After cooking the taste of this chicken leg pieces would be awesome and mouth watering too. The outer layer of the chicken drumstick fry piece would be crispy since it fried deeply and the inner layer would be smooth and tasty to bite. Finally this chicken drumstick fry with chicken leg pieces are a best starter to serve in the meals. The crispiness of the chicken leg piece will be getting from the ingredients which we have used in making of the dish like corn flour and maida flour. Why I have used these flours in making of the chicken drumstick fry? First thing is by adding the flours the masalas wont leave the chicken pieces after dipping them into oil for frying. Second thing is these two flours will give crispiness to the chicken leg pieces. So why delay start preparing this tasty chicken drumstick fry by bringing some chicken leg pieces from market. Are you ready? Here you go with cool recipe.

Chicken leg piece fry – Spicy drumstick chicken fry

Chicken leg piece fry – Spicy drumstick chicken fry recipe


chicken leg piece fry


  • Chicken leg pieces – 3
  • Curd – ½ cup
  • Red chili powder – 1tbsp
  • Garam masala – 1tbsp
  • Corn flour – 1 tbsp
  • Maida powder – 1tbsp
  • Lemon – 1
  • Salt (required)
  • Oil – 2tbsp
  • Food color – 1 pinch
  • Egg – 1
  • Ginger garlic paste – 1tbsp

How to make

Step 1: Take a bowl and add washed chicken leg pieces into it.

chicken leg pieces


Step 2: Now add ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, curd, salt, lemon and food color to the chicken leg pieces.

add garlic paste



sprinkle food color

Step 3: Add maida and corn flour powder also.

add cornflour


Step 4: Mix all the ingredients well. Add egg liquid and garam masala powder to it.

add garam masala powder


Step 5: Mix well all the ingredients so that the masala flavors absorbs the chicken leg pieces.

mix the masala



keep this as side

Step 6: Take a bottom vessel or khadai on stove.

keep oil on stove


Step 7: Add required oil for fry. Heat it in a low flame.

Step 8: Dip the marinated chicken leg pieces into the oil slowly.

dip the chicken pieces



Step 9: Keep a lid on the vessel and let the chicken leg pieces cook nicely.

keep a lid


Step 10: After 10 minutes turn the pieces to other side and fry.

turn the pieces


Step 11: Fry the chicken leg pieces till the pieces turns golden brown in shade as shown in figure.

fry them nicely


Step 12: Don’t forget to turn the pieces for every 10 minutes till they get roasted.

Step 13: Take the pieces into a plate containing tissue paper.

Step 14: Excess oil get absorbed by the tissue paper.

Step 15: Now remove the tissues and decorate the pieces with coriander, carrot, cabbage and onions.

final chicken drumsticks


Step 16: Garnish with coriander leaves. Tasty chicken leg piece fry is ready to eat.

Note: Keep the marinated chicken in refrigerator and then fry it in oil. So that the chicken leg pieces will taste nicely.

Most of the people prefer making non vegetarian dishes on Sundays. So why can’t your Sunday fill with joy by introducing your family members with this crispy, spicy, delicious, mouthwatering and yummy chicken drumstick fry. How to make wishes you a happy and healthy weekend.


Green chilli chicken with cashewnut – Non vegetarian starter chilli chicken recipe

Green chili chicken with cashew nut is a crispy and spicy Indian recipe. It is very popular indo-chinese dish of chicken. Using of green chilies gives the dish a spicy taste. This mouth watering recipe uses the cashew nut powder for making the dish more delight. People use bone or boneless chicken for preparing the chilli chicken. Some made it dry or some prepare in liquid form. Here we prepared a dry item that can be eaten as a starter. How to make focus not only on taste but also for a healthy food.

To taste the real flavors of this green chili chicken dish then adding correct ingredients is must. Look at our ingredients list and gather all the items and start preparing. It will take less time but once you marinate and kept on the stove then no need of standing in kitchen for continuous stirring. You can serve this tasty spicy dish to family members and gain the impression. Green chilies are added in this chilli chicken. You can also eat the green chilies along with chicken because green chilies will get fried and gives nice taste. Cashew nut powder gives the recipe a slight sweet taste. Since the onions also added in the dish you can serve it even in hot rice or chapathis or as a starter.

Everyone will order the starters when they visit the restaurant. So why can’t your family members taste this spicy green chilli chicken at home itself. Serve them with spicy starter. Here you go with the recipe.

Green chilli chicken fry with cashew nut powder

Green chilli chicken with cashewnut

green chilli chicken ingredients


  • Chicken – ½ kg
  • Cashew nuts – 20
  • Dry coconut – 2small pieces
  • Green chilies – 20
  • Red chili powder – 2tbsp
  • Salt (required)
  • Onions – 2
  • Curd – ½ cup
  • Turmeric – 1tbsp
  • Ginger – 1 big piece
  • Garlic cloves – 20
  • Lemon – 1
  • Cinnamon stick – 2
  • Cloves – 10
  • Cardamom – 3
  • Oil – ½ cup
  • White poppy seeds / gasagasalu – 2tbsp
  • Aniseed – 2
  • Coriander leaves
  • Garam masala powder

Procedure for preparing cashewnut powder

cashew nut powder

  • Take a thick bottom pan, keep it on stove.
  • Give a light flame to it. Pan gets hot.
  • Now add cashew nuts to it and fry it for 5 minutes.
  • Collect it into a jar.
  • Now in the same pan add poppy seeds also let them fry for 2 minutes.
  • Collect them also into a jar.
  • Same way fry coconut also and collect it into a jar.
  • Grind all these ingredients into a fine powder.
  • Keep this a side.

obtained cashew nut powder

How to cook chilli chicken

Step 1: Take cutter and start cutting the onions and green chilies as shown in figure.

cut the onions and chillies


Step 2: Wash the coriander leaves and keep them a side.

Step 3: Take a big bowl add washed to chicken to it.

Step 4: Now add ginger garlic paste, curd, slat, turmeric, red chili powder, garam masala and lemon.

ginger garlic paste


Step 5: Add 2tbsp of oil and start mixing the ingredients along with chicken.

Step 6: Marinate the chicken so that the flavors mix with the chicken.

Marinate the chicken


Step 7: Take a bottom pan vessel on stove and add oil to it.

Step 8: Give a medium flame to the vessel. After oil getting hot add cinnamon sticks, cardamom and cloves to the oil.

add spices


Step 9: Wait for 2 minutes let the oil absorbs the flavors of spices.

Step 10: Now add marinated chicken to the vessel. Spread completely to the vessel.

spread the chicken


Step 11: Cover the vessel with lid. Allow it to cook for 15 minutes. Don’t stir in between.

cover the lid


Step 12: Open the lid and check whether the water in the chicken disappeared or not.

fry the chicken


Step 13: Then give a light stir and again cover the lid. Cook it for 5 minutes.

Step 14: Fry the chicken till it changes the color and turns it into golden shade.

Step 15: Do it in low flame. Now add onions.

add onions


Step 16: Mix the onions in chicken and cook it for 5 minutes, so that the onions will fry.

Step 17: You can observe the change of onions color.

Step 18: Now add green chilies and cashew nut powder.

add cashewnut powder


Step 19: Mix them well. Leave it for 5 minutes and turn off the flame.

Step 20: Garnish the dish with coriander leaves.

gree chilli chicken ready


Note: After marinating the chicken if you keep that bowl in refrigerator for 2 – 3 hours then the taste will be nice.


How to make fish tikka

Fish tikka is a popular recipe in all the restaurants. This recipe is very spicy and crispy with delicious taste. It is simple to prepare this recipe at home. Let us see how to make this recipe.


  • Fish pieces medium sized- 250gms
  • Turmeric powder- ½ spoon
  • Ginger and garlic paste- 2 spoons
  • Salt to taste
  • Black salt- pinch
  • Yogurt- 1 cup
  • Chilli powder- 2 spoons
  • Fennel seeds- 1 spoon
  • Fenu greek powder- ½ spoon
  • Lemon juice- 2 spoons
  • Melted butter- ½ cup
  • Oil- ¼ cup
  • Green chillies- long halves- 3
  • Onion slices- ½ cup
  • chopped coriander leaves- 1/2 cup


Step 1: Take a bowl, add fish pieces, lemon juice, chilli powder, turmeric powder and mix it well.

Step 2: Add ginger and garlic paste and stir it well. Keep aside for 15min

Step 3: Heat pan fry mustard seeds, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds.

Step 4: Using mixer makes them into fine powder.

Step 5: Add some salt to powder.

Step 6: Add this powder to fish mixture and mix it well.

Step 7: Add yogurt to fish mixture to make recipe soft.

Step 8: Heat oil in a pan and off the flame. Keep aside till the temperature reduces.

Step 9: Add oil to fish mix and stir it well.

Step10: Roast them in oven at 200 degrees centigrade for 5min.

Step 11: pour melted butter on fish and heat it for 10-15min.

Step 12: serve the recipe in a plate and sprinkle coriander leaves

Enjoy the taste of spicy fish tikka!!


How to make chicken lollipops

Chicken lollipops are favorite dish to all. Chicken lollipops are spicy recipe with delicious taste. It is easy and simple to prepare at home. Let us learn how to make chicken lollipop.


  • Cheese- 1/2cup
  • Chicken pieces- 6
  • Fresh basil leaves- ¼ cup
  • pinch chilli powder
  • food colour-pinch
  • Salt to taste
  • Chopped onions-1/2 cup
  • Bread crumbs- 2 cups
  • Oil as required
  • Tarragon leaves- 1 spoon
  • Garam masala- 1spoon
  • Coriander leaves- 1cup
  • Lemon pieces- 2
  • Silver paper to roll the chicken


Step 1: Take a bowl, add chicken, tarragon, salt, pinch food colour, pinch chilli powder and mix it well.

Step 2: Add half of bread crumbs to chicken mixture and stir it well.

Step 3: Add chopped basil leaves, cheese to chicken mix.

Step 4: Make bread crumbs into fine powder. Coat chicken with powder.

Step 5: Heat oil in kadai, fry the chicken pieces.

Step 6: Sprinkle garam masala on chicken lollipops.

Step 7: Take a pan, heat oil fry onions, green chillies and tomato slices for 2min.

Step 8: Serve the mix along with chicken lollipops and role edges with silver paper.

Step 9: Sprinkle coriander leaves and place lemon slices.

Enjoy the taste of chicken lollipops.


How to cook south indian fish fry

South indian fish fry is a popular recipe with spicy and delicious taste. It is easy and simple to cook at home. Sea foods are of different types that differ in its taste but this recipe is very delicious. Prefer fresh fish to make recipe tastier. Let us learn how to cook south indian famous recipe.


  • Fish pieces- 5
  • Ginger and garlic paste- 2 spoons
  • Chopped chillies- 1 spoon
  • Chilli powder- 1 spoon
  • Coriander powder- 2 spoons
  • Turmeric powder- ½ spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Lemon juice- ¼ cup
  • Coriander leaves- 1 cup full
  • Curry leaves- 2 springs
  • Onion-cut in round shape
  • Oil to deep fry


Step 1: Take fish pieces and crystal salt in a vessel and scrub them.

Step 2: Later clean fish pieces thoroughly with water.

Step 3: Take fish pieces in another bowl, add turmeric powder, chilli powder.

Step 4: Add lemon juice, required salt, ginger garlic paste and mix it well.

Step 5: Add coriander powder and mix it well.

Step 6: Marinate fish pieces for 15min.

Step 7: Heat oil in kadai, drop the fish pieces into the oil.

Step 8: Fry fish pieces until it turns into brown shade.

Step 9: After getting fried, serve the fish pieces in a plate.

Step 10: Heat 2 spoons of oil in pan and fry the green chilli for 1min.

Step 11: Garnish fish fry with coriander leaves, curry leaves, onions and green chillies.

Enjoy the taste of south indian fish fry!!!


How to make chicken kebab

Chicken kebab is made of chunks/wedge of chicken, marinated in unique. Easy in preparation, it the most flavored and aromatic appetizer. Kinds enjoy this food. Try this at home and serve for this weekend.


  • Chicken 500grms
  • Curd 2tb-spoons
  • Cornflour 4tb-spoons
  • Black pepper powder 1 ½ t-spoon
  • Ghee 3cups
  • Ginger paste 1tb-spoon
  • Green chillie paste 1tb-spoon
  • Vinegar 2 tb-spoons
  • Garlic paste 1tb-spoon
  • Salt to taste

For garnishing

  • Coriander and min leaves.

Method of making

  1. Clean the chicken thoroughly and make them into medium size chunks.
  2. Marinate with salt,vinegar and black pepper for about 10-15 mins.
  3. Dilute the cornflour in a cup of water.
  4. Add this cornflour mixture, ginger, garlic and green chilles paste, mix it well.
  5. Add one tb-spoon of ghee, cover and refrigerate for 10-15 mins.
  6. Add the remaining ghee into the pan.
  7. Now, add the chicken pieces then make it to high flame.
  8. Fry until the pieces turn into golden brown in color.
  9. Make sure that all the pieces are done.
  10. Once if done take all the pieces into the plate.
  11. And garnish with the fresh coriander and mint leaves.

How to cook the palak ki shammi kebabs

Palak ki shammi kebabs is a vegetarian snack recipe with delicious taste. Palak ki shammi kebabs are very easy to prepare at home.


  • Chopped spinach – 2 cups
  • Chopped green chilies – 3 spoons
  • Lemon juice – 1 spoon
  • Chopped ginger- 1 spoon
  • Chopped garlic – 1 spoon
  • Garam masala powder- ½spoon
  • Chat masala – ¼spoon
  • Roasted Bengal gram ( chickpea)  powder- 1 spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Nutmeg powder- ¼ spoon
  • Oil – ½ cup


Step 1: Take 3 spoons of oil in pan and fry ginger, garlic and green chilies.

Step 2: Add spinach and Bengal gram powder (chickpea) to it and cook it for 10 min.

Step 3: Add nutmeg powder, lemon juice and salt to it and mix it well.

Step 4: Divide the whole spinach mix into equal parts.

Step 5: Heat the oil in a non-stick pan.

Step 6: Fry the spinach kebabs till it turns into brown color.

Step 7: Sprinkle garam masala powder and chat masala powder on kebabs.

Enjoy the taste of palak ki shammi kebabs..


How to cook the matar panner ki tikki

Matar paneer ki tikki is the vegetarian starter and very popular Indian recipe. Let us see how to cook this matar paneer ki tikki at home.


  • Grated paneer(cheese)- 1 cup
  • Boiled and smashed pieces of green peas– 1 cup
  • Chopped coriander- 2 spoons
  • Mint leaves – 2 spoons.
  • Green chilies- 1 spoon
  • Yellow chili powder- ½ spoon
  • Cumin seed- 1 spoon
  • Cashew nuts- 2 spoons
  • Ghee- 2 spoons
  • Corn flour- 3 spoons
  • Cardamom powder- 1 spoon
  • Roasted cumin powder- 1 spoon
  • Fried raisins- 1 spoon
  • Oil for frying


Step 1: Heat ghee in a non stick pan, fry the cumin seeds, green chilies.

Step 2: Add green peas, roasted cumin powder, yellow chili powder and salt to it. Mix them well. Cook it for 2 min.

Step 3: Add paneer(cheese), cardamom powder, coriander and corn flour of one spoon to it. Mix them well.

Step 4: Add cashew, raisins and chopped coriander and mint leaves. Mix them well and keep aside for 5 min.

Step 5: Later, divide the stuff into equal portions.

Step 6: Take a non stick pan, pour the oil into it and heat the oil.

Step 7: Coat the tikkis in corn flour evenly

Step 8: Fry the tikkis till it turns into brown color.

Enjoy the taste and spicy matar panner tikki..


Delicious chicken recipes: make your family delighted

Chicken dishes are all time favorite for people around the world, especially children and husbands. But, same type of curries can make the dinner or lunch boring. You need to try out some wonderful dishes with the help of chicken thighs and flesh. Your family can now enjoy wonderful family dinner with delicious recipes. This can be consumed over egg noodles or simple boiled rice. If you want to make the dinner richer, consume the delicious curry with fried rice. Let us have a look at delicious chicken recipes for a home party.

Chicken dipped in creamy mushroom sauce


This recipe will be more successful if you get thigh pieces of the chicken. The chicken pieces should be taken in such an order that all the meats get cooked in the same order.

  • Butter – 1 tablespoon
  • Small onion – chopped
  • A few cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 1 and ½ teaspoon of kosher salt
  • ½ cup of sour cream
  • Fresh mushrooms, thickly sliced
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme
  • Heavy cream -1/2 cup
  • ¼ cup of chicken broth
  • 3-4 pounds of chicken thigh pieces with bone, which is trimmed of excess fats

Take a shallow bowl dredge the chicken pieces in the flour mixture. You need to add the ingredients like ½ cup of flour, 1/4th teaspoon of pepper and ½ teaspoon of salt.

Now, preheat the oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit. Let the oil get heated in a large frying pan. As soon as the oil becomes hot place each chicken pieces one by one. Fry it till it becomes brown in color.

Now take a toasted pan and apply butter over the roasted ones. Make a single layer and then arrange the chicken pieces. You must make a note that the skin side of the chicken pieces must be kept above. Now, you need to pour the chicken broth over the same and bake it at the temperature of 350 degree Fahrenheit. You can also use the meat thermometer to check whether the meat is cooked. You can also try checking the cooking with the help of a knife. If the juice is clear with no pinkish part, it means that the preparation is done.

Now in another pan, put some olive oils. Fry some chopped onions till it becomes translucent. Now add mushrooms, crushed garlic cloves, thyme. Now increase the heat and try cooking the mushroom till it turns out to be dark in color. Sauté the mushrooms in such a way that it brings out the juices. You can also view that all the moisture has evaporated from the mushrooms. You must add the chicken sauce right now get the entire volume, reduce by two third.

Now the next step will be to add the creams one after another. Reduce the flame and let the sauce get inside the mushroom pieces. You can check the sauce taste by licking a drop. If needed, you can add additional salt and pepper in it.

Your recipe is prepared. Now, you can serve it on a plate, put the fried chicken breast and then pour the mushroom white sauce in it.

Lemon and garlic chicken with mushroom


We have another wonderful recipe of chicken, which is punched with mushroom. It will take only around 30 to 45 minutes for cooking. With very simple ingredients, you will be able to make some delicious dish.

  • Chicken pieces
  • Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil- 3 teaspoon
  • Rosemary
  • Salt
  • Plastic wraps
  • Mushrooms – 100 grams
  • Pepper
  • Parsley
  • Thyme
  • Coriander leaves

In a bowl, take the ingredients such as garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, rosemary and salt. The chicken pieces must be cut into two equal pieces. Place the chicken pieces in a bowl and start refrigerating. Once the chicken is marinated pat dry the pieces. Now you need to place two sheets of the plastic wraps. Now brush it very lightly with the olive oil. Now you must cover the chicken with the plastic wrap having a wider layer.  Now you need to put enough seasoning to the pound chicken pieces.

Take a frying pan and put the mushrooms in it. Keep them as it is in the pan without using a spoon or anything else. Now, stir it with a wooden spoon to deglaze. As soon as mushroom becomes soft, add some wine to it. You should also add the ingredients like pepper, salt, parsley and thyme.  Now you must continue stirring the ingredients till the wine gets evaporated from the mushrooms.  Now you can serve the chicken and prepared mushroom over a plate and serve hot with thyme or coriander leaves.

This recipe is not only tasty, but have a variety of nutritional ingredients. You can get, sodium, dietary fibers, carbohydrate etc., in the recipe which will be ideal for your health as well as your kid’s health. Protein is also present here in an adequate quantity.


Spicy crunchy chicken bites

This spicy crunchy chicken bites is very delicious and easy making starter or a side just takes 10-20mins of your time.Give your family a hot and spicy treat with the spicy crunchy chicken bites in this cold and shivering rainy season. Enjoy the taste of spicy crunchy chicken bites with tomato ketchup.

Spicy crunchy chicken bites

Spicy crunchy chicken bites


  • chicken-250gms (cut them into small cubes)
  • ginger,garlic paste-2tsps
  • lime/lemon juice-2tsps
  • olive oil-1 tbsp(you can use any oil)
  • pepper powder-1/4tbsp
  • coriander paste-1tsp
  • green chilli paste-1/2tsp
  • salt to taste

Step 1: Take chicken into a bowl and wash it thoroughly.

Step 2: To marinate take another bowl with chicken, add ginger garlic paste,lemon juice, chilli paste, pepper powder, fresh coriander paste,salt and mix it well.

Step 3: Leave it for at least 3 to 4hours (until its nicely marinated).

Step 4: Take a oil in a frying pan, once the oil is heated add the marinated chicken into it.

Step 5: Stir it well and keep tossing the chicken until the chicken gets fried on both the sides.

Step 6: Now go a head turn off flame,serve in a plate.