How to tattoo | Beginners guide to the tattooing process

A tattoo is a marking made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Most of the people love to have tattoos that look lovely. They give a new look, but you have to tolerate a little pain. If you are ready to have a tattoo then you need to come the time to select a body part where you are comfortable with the presence of a tattoo. Select a design and these can help you have where with it.

Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification. Tattoo temple believes that tattooing can be a passion. This may be favorite painting, song or movie invokes an emotional response.

Beginners guide to tattooing process

Back tattoo: Back is the finest part and which suits best for tattoo beginners. If you are new to tattoos then going for small patterns, it’s better not to choose big patterns. This cute little sunflower is perfect for you. You need to take a small flower of symbol that you like or have a flower or sunflower according to your choice.

Finger tattoo: If you want a funny line inked on your finger looks unique. Snap those fingers when you have a tattoo on. Go for some artsy pattern on your finger. Tattooing rings is a very popular option but it’s really unique.

Tummy tattoo: You have decided that you need to go for bold on your outing itself, then belly is a good option for tattoo placement. Here there is a music symbol that flower or butterfly can be good choices for you. You can get a tattoo on sides of belly or near your navel.

Foot tattoo: Bows, anklets and words are very popular to design to adorn feet. You have to choose that it inspires you or anything. Anklets can be floral or geometric. Bows are a favorite among the girls that look very lovely.

Neck tattoo: You can place a tattoo on the neck that is more passion nowadays. Place a tattoo at various places. A tattoo can be made on the nape of the neck. You may have it on the sides or the front of the neck. Jewelry patterns are quite common for neck tattoos. There are many more options when it comes to design and this is one here you have to get a good choice.

Types of tattoos

Abstract tattoos: Most derived from archaic styles of tattooing. You should not involve much artwork. Abstract tattoos include tribal and Celtic styles, old English lettering, and Chinese symbols. Most of them are done in shades of black and classic gray color. These tattoos are commonly made around the navel, chest, and calves, though the arms and upper back are also emerging as a popular choice.


Naturalistic tattoos: When an attempt is made to portray the tattoo in a realistic style. It should be in the natural form. With cost a little on the high side. It involves minute detailing, shading, and perspective. Naturalistic tattoos are more popularly comprised of faces that are Native Americans and religious leaders. It can be done in such a way that imparts a tattoo design as much realism as possible.


Gang Tattoos: Gang tattoos consist of many symbols and even going to explain finball tats.


Tribal tattoos: Traditional tattoo artist aims to reflect the social and religious values of the tribe in his tattoo designs. Tribal style is an originate from various old tribes like those from Bornea, the Native Americans, the Haida, the Celtic and other Polynesian tribes. The shapes and motifs of these tattoos are deeply rooted.


Dedication tattoos: It involves the use of the sailor based designs. For example the heart and name banner, the insignia of a military regiment, and the anchor with a ship name. It is main because they are among the more standard designs offered at a tattoo parlor.


Simplification tattoos: Simplification tattoos do not have any limiting boundaries for the designs. It is from action figurines and animals to flowers and hearts. Anyone with every shape and size can be included in this type as long as it is stylized by the tattoo marker. Popular designs in standard simplification tattoos are dragons and zodiac signs that rule the roost in custom made stylized tattoos.


Complex tattoos: These are also known as combination tattoos. It is an amalgamation of various tattoos. Make them much more impressive than other types of designs. This is tradition in Japanese body that suits them most.


Safety precautions before and after tattoo

The best way is to take safety for both you and your clients with a primary concern. The body artist will be working with blood. This is the best way to seek out an apprenticeship, which make sure all of your vaccinations are up to date. If you are not received with a vaccination for hepatitis, do so. This vaccination requires three shots that are going to be delivered over several months.

A tattoo artist can expect to be exposed to the infections that can be transferred by contact with blood. Thus, the infections may include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. For the protection of client and self, the tattoo artists are required to have a blood borne pathogens certificate. This certification can be obtained by taking a training course and test. This is usually over the internet. This certification is not required in your area as it can make sure with the apprenticeship that can cover training in how to deal with blood borne pathogens.

Along with them, there are certain addition to blood borne pathogen training. The tattoo artist should learn about how to keep their work environment safe and being sterile. The mentors should train them on the topic, with certain tips to keep you safe.

  • Rinse your hands with an antibacterial soap before and after each tattoo.
  • Wipe the skin where the tattooed with a pad that is covered with green soap.
  • You should wear latex gloves.
  • Tattoo artist can make sure to work with a circular motion with inside and out.
  • Use an individual and sealed needle. This is the tubes for each client.
  • Clean a too bigger area than a too small area.
  • You should sanitize your work space between tattoos.
  • Make sure to shave or even if you may be are not able to see the body hair.
  • Make sure and dispose the needles, tubes and other equipment that are medically approved fashion.
  • Choose or use a disposable razor for this purpose.
  • After shaving, you can wash the area one more time with alcohol solution or antiseptic solution.

How to choose the right foundation | Best makeup base foundation for your skin tone

People with different skin types have the different steps to follow while doing makeup. So, it is better to follow the below tips to get rid of different skin type issues that you have. It is important to get the right steps to wear foundation with the right color of your skin tone. The point of foundation is not to look like the layers of makeup, but to help the skin look pretty cute.

How to find the best foundation for your skin type?

The best steps to find a product is right with your individual skin type. A tinted moisturizer doesn’t offer as much coverage as a foundation. This is the only choice of a heavier foundation for your skin that can truly warrants it. Thus, the skin is oily or weather near you and is particularly hot and humid for this choose an oil free foundation, which is best.

Best shade for your skin type

The best trick if by finding the right shade of foundation. This is best to match that your chest, which is good at protecting your face and neck with SPF. You can test the color of foundation on the back of your hand. This walk outside is to trust the store that is lighting. Thus, leave it for a few minutes and then you can notice the changes as it is absorbed by the skin. But, don’t afraid to mix colors. The foundation color is best with summer and winter that is best with the mixture together in between those based on season type.

Foundation application tips

You should follow certain necessary precautionary steps to apply foundation to un-moisturized skin. The skin is on the drier side and is best to want to exfoliate prior by applying any products. You should make sure that moisturizer or foundation doesn’t have SPF and is better that you’ll want to slather on sunscreen pre-makeup too. Thus, warm the foundation cream in the palm and then sweep it across your face and neck. Make sure to clean your face and hands before applying foundation. It is better to use a foundation brush or a beauty blender. Fingers works best for hitting hard to reach spots. Apply foundation but don’t forget about the spot where your jaw line meets your neck. You should make sure that your face and neck should match the foundation blend into the top of your neck as well.

Foundation for dry skin type

Dull, flaky and ruddy is often used to describe dry skin. Your best beauty regimen is one that infuses parched skin with moisture and masks any redness, leaving you with a glowing, gorgeous complexion.

It’s possible that due to age or genetics your sebaceous glands aren’t pumping out enough oil. The stratum corneum, your skin’s outermost layer, is made up of overlapping dead cells that seal moisture into the skin. Hot water, cold, dry air or harsh cleansers and scrubs that can cause the stratum corneum to break down. That result? Your skin loses the moisture that it needs to stay supple.

Steps to perfect your complexion

  • Prep your skin, the most important step is to infuse skin with moisture, so it stays smooth or else foundation will cake. Apply a rich cream right after you get out of the shower to lock in moisture. Or start with a moisturizing spray, followed by cream. Wait a few minutes to let your skin absorb the cream.
  • Get even used your fingers or a concealer brush, spot-apply a creamy concealer like under your eyes, along the corners of your nose and over any blemishes. Next, apply a cream foundation. If a natural look is more your speed, go for a tinted moisturizer like. Use your fingers and start in the middle of your face and blend outward. Set with a light dusting of clear powder, or, if your skin is very dry, skip the powder.
  • Pick a powder bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer. Using a large, fluffy brush, dust it where the sun would naturally kiss your face: your forehead, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin. Sweep what’s left on the brush over your neck so it all blends in evenly.
  • Go rosy your most natural shade of blush is the color that you can blush naturally. Load up a blush brush, shake off the excess, and sweep it over the apples of your cheeks. Soften and blend the color with a clean powder brush.

Foundation for oily skin type

No one wants to walk around with an oil slick on their face, but getting oily skin under control can be a real challenge. Cutting down on shine around the forehead, nose and cheeks and setting your makeup properly so it doesn’t disappear by lunchtime becomes challenging. If you’re battling blackheads or inflammatory acne like pimples and cysts, it’s important to choose an oil-free formula with plenty of coverage. Oily skin is the result of over-active sebaceous glands, which are triggered by the hormone DHT, a derivative of testosterone. Genes play a role, but anything that affects the delicate hormone balance stress, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, birth control pills, diet, or certain medications can cause your DHT levels to spike and send your sebaceous glands into overdrive.

Steps to perfect your complexion

  • Prep your skin while you can’t slow down your skin’s natural oil production, wiping your face with a toner will soak up excess oil without stripping the skin. Apply a light, oil-free cream and wait a few minutes to let it absorb.
  • Use your fingers or a concealer brush to spot-apply a creamy concealer even under your eyes, along the corners of your nose and over any blemishes. Next, apply a matte foundation.
  • Go for a matte powder bronzer using a large, fluffy brush, dust it where the sun would naturally kiss your face: your forehead, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin. Sweep what’s left on the brush over your neck so it all blends in.
  • The powder is easiest to apply and lasts the longest. Load up a blush brush, shake off the excess and sweep it over the apples of your cheeks. Soften and blend the color with a clean powder brush.
  • If your face gets oily after a few hours, lightly dust your T-zone with powder—or soak up oil without adding another layer of makeup by dabbing your T-zone with blotting paper.

Foundation for combination skin type

If your skin had its oily and dry. You risk over drying the parched side when treating the oily sections and chance clogging pores by applying a heavy moisturizer to hydrate your dry skin. But by choosing your skin care products wisely and knowing the best way to apply them, you can bring your face back into balance.

Covering blemishes and cutting down T-zone shine while keeping dryer areas like your cheeks and temples, smooth and hydrated seems like a mission impossible.

Your skin can be oily in some areas (usually the forehead, nose and chin) and dry around the cheeks because you have more sebaceous glands in your T-zone than the rest of your face. When these microscopic oil factories pump out too much sebum your skin becomes shiny and can break out. Dry, flaky cheeks and temples, on the other hand, can be genetic, a sign of dehydration or the result of a damaged protective barrier caused by harsh cleansers and scrubs or exposure to cold, dry air.

Tips to perfect your complexion

  • Apply an oil-free moisturizer right after you get out of the shower to lock in moisture. Or start with a hydrating spray, and then follow with cream. Wait a few minutes to let the cream absorb.
  • Apply a pearly highlighter underneath the foundation and dab it high on the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose and lightly across the forehead and blend.
  • Using your fingers or a concealer brush, spot-apply a creamy concealer under your eyes, along the corners of your nose and over any blemishes. Next, apply an oil-free foundation like. Use your fingers and start in the middle of your face and blend outward. Set with a light dusting of clear powder.
  • Pick a powder bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer like using a large, fluffy brush; sweep it where the sun would naturally kiss your face: your forehead, the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and chin. Dust what’s left on the brush over your neck so it all blends in.
  • Your most natural shade of blush is the color that you, will, blush No matter your skin type, powder is easiest to apply and lasts the longest. Load up a blush brush, shake off the excess, and sweep it over the apples of your cheeks. Soften and blend the color with a clean powder brush.

Foundation for sensitive skin type

Sensitive skin can get irritated faster than your man at the mall during the holidays. If your complexion reacts by stinging or turning red and angry whenever you apply most skin care products, you’ve got sensitive skin. By treating it with some TLC and knowing which products to pick, you can get a healthy, glowing complexion. The challenge is finding skin care products that won’t cause a flare up. The problem with skin that’s red, flaky or tends to sting is that trying to cover it up can irritate your delicate skin even more. If you’re not sure what ingredients you’re allergic or sensitive to, head to a dermatologist for a skin allergy test. In the meantime, stick to products labeled “hypo-allergenic” and “fragrance-free” and simplify your skin care routine. That way, you’re less likely to put something on your skin that will inflame it.

While it’s not strictly a medical term and the causes are unclear, “sensitive” simply means that your skin is easily irritated, especially by cosmetic products. Reactions range from a stinging sensation with no visible irritation to redness and flaking to a full-on rash. Other common triggers are lactic, glycolic, benzoic and alpha hydroxy acids, Vitamin C, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate, as well as certain essential oils like chamomile and Calendula.

Tips to perfect your complexion

  • Go for a fragrance-free moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin or, if your skin tends to get ready, try any perfecting lotion with SPF 15. Apply it right after you get out of the shower to lock in moisture. Wait a few minutes to let the cream absorb.

Hairstyles for different faces |Tips on how to style for face types

Various hairstyles are adopted by people with varied types of face shapes as it is really important to adopt the right hairstyle for the right face. The fashion industry and the hair stylists have adopted variations of hairstyles with their innovative attempt which are getting materialized on individuals having different face and shapes. Before choosing the hairstyle to be adopted, it is very important to define your face shape and fit the hairstyle according to the type of face. Just selecting a hairstyle randomly and putting in on you can be dangerous. Whether you have round face or square, the perfect hairstyle must be on your platter. Let us have a look at some of the hairstyle ideas for different faces.

Hair style for round face

A deep side part Asymmetrical hairstyle

A deep side part Asymmetrical hairstyle

If you have a round face, that means you are symmetrical from all sides’ right from the forehead, jaw line as well as cheeks. Thus, an asymmetrical hairstyle will go really well with this particular face. Along with the asymmetrical cut, you can get a wonderful look.

Long layers

Long layers

Long layers are one of the perfect cut when you are considering the hairstyle for the round face shape. Ladies with round face shape can go well when they adopt the central part hairstyle along with the long layered hairstyle. But it is important to prevent the short layers from frizzing as this can make your round face rounder.

A pony tail

A pony tail

If you want to get a clean and clear look on your face, a sleek ponytail will be an absolutely great combination. Try not to make the hair too bouncy as this will create much more volume with the look. The hair style is recommended even for a formal meeting.

Hairstyles for square face

Thinned out Bob

Thinned out Bob

You can now get a creative thinned out bob that is ideal of hitting around the cheeks. This will be a very soft, sophisticated and tapered bob that can make a square face look much more beautiful. A great texture will be added to your face with this hairstyle.

Tousled shag

Tousled shag

You can also create wonderful shag on your hair when you have an oval shaped face. You can use a serum or styling cream to do this. Try this and be stylish.

Hairstyle for heart shaped face

Bouncing bob

Bouncy bob

There are many ladies who have adopted heart shaped face by birth. Even for them an ideal hairstyle must be adopted for creating a fashion statement. The hairstyle named as bouncy bob will be one of the attractive hairstyle.

Layered waves

Layered waves

If you have heart shaped face and straight hair that goes down the shoulder length, the hairstyle named as layered waves can be easily adopted. The top portion of the hair will be little bulged out and the end portion will create a bounce out.

Sculpting waves

Sculpting waves

Another hairstyle that can be adopted by all those who have got a little longer face is the sculpting waves. You can also punch this hairstyle with the side swept bangs to make it look much more attractive. You can try this to hide your narrow forehead.

Cheeky pixie

Cheeky pixie

This is another type of hairstyle that can be adopted by ladies with many facial types. The square shaped face is one among them that will make them look really attractive. You can also get a wet hair look with the help of the styling product. You can also blow dry hairs with the help of your fingers. A perfect definition and looks can be defined right now.

Hairstyle for Oblong face

Wavy hairstyle

Wavy hairstyle

Since Oblong shape face is among the longer variety of face, a wave will create an illusion that it is roundish. This is such a hairstyle that is ideal in creating the width to the face. If you already have curly hair, creating straight hair with straighter is not advisable.

Hairstyle with fringes

Hairstyle with fringes

The fringes on your face can be really commendable, especially when you are having heart shaped hair. This is one of the creative hairstyles that is adopted by the ladies in the oblong shape face. The face shape is constructed in such a way that the individual will have a large forehead. Thus, the fringes will easily cover the broad forehead.

Hairstyle for Oval face

Blunt Bangs Blunt Bangs

The oval shape face is one of the perfect face shapes that are suitable for almost all the hairstyles. You can make this little trendy by cutting the hair vertically just above the brow. This hair style can break up the length and create a wonderful illusionary effect.

Bob with side bangs

Bob with side bangsAnother great hairstyle for people with an oval shaped face is bob haircut with side bangs. To this erotic side bangs, you can get a breakup on your long face and also help create softness to it.  Pea size drop along with the bang will be much more attractive.

Edgy short cut

Edgy short cut

This is a little different variety of hairstyles that is adopted by ladies who can create a bold makeover of their face. If you have become too tired of your long hair, this edgy short cut will be a great collection for you.

Hairstyle for tall face

Shoulder length hair

Shoulder length hair

If you have a tall face type, the shoulder length hair will be an ideal collection. These will easily suit your face as the jaw line that used to look too steeper can now get extension over the side. You must have seen this hairstyle over many of your actresses face.

Long bob with a wave

Long bob with wave

It is really important to create an illusionary effect that your face looks a bit rounder and dominant with the hairstyle you choose for log shape face. The length of the bob should be just below your jaw line so that the bone structure can be easily displayed. The bob with shorter angle will be really an ideal collection of the individual with a long face.

Hairstyles for triangular face shape

Short hairstyle with triangular face shape


The short hairstyle with the perfect hair, thus make you look beautiful. The hairstyle for triangular face shape looks like a balanced and proportional. The heavy top layers will allow hairs that are rounded and fuller above the ears. This has no bangs and will make the face shape appear longer. This hairstyle will bring attention towards the forehead and has away from the jaw line. This hairstyle best suits for triangular face shape

Hairstyle with medium length hair

Elon-Salon_148 (1)

The hairstyle is common and is very nice for the shape which suits our models and is triangular in shape to a tee. The hair from the sides fall softly onto and away from the jaw line. This will creates and cover in the right places. The side swept bangs work well that can create diagonal direction and is drawing attention everyone eyes at you. The zig zag hair part creates some height and can build the length into the look. This will cover rounded face shape frames and has the very rare face nicely that looks beautiful.

Long softy hairstyle for triangular face shape


The long soft wavy hairstyle best suits for triangular face shape. The soft wave with natural curls, soft waves appears and is nicely due to the layering. The mid part helps to divide the face into two long narrow portions. This can create the illusion of length. The hairstyle with this shape will work as a straight and is curly texture. This hairstyle best suits for you and make you look beautiful.

Hairstyles for diamond face shape

Best short hairstyle for diamond face shape


The hairstyle best suits for diamond face shape and helps to shorten the length of our model’s face. This diamond face shape will need a side part that helps to make the face appear and is wider by creating the illusion of one larger shape. This hairstyle is eye focusing because the sides are soft and wispy. The curve into a round shape works with any other texture.

Long and straight bangs hairstyle



The best and superb hairstyle that suits for diamond face shape. The hair bangs are so long that hides her eyes. This is the best way to use instead to bring them out. Thus, what they do bring out are her cheekbones and chin, but not in the best way. Thus, if she pushed them off her face, we would be able to appreciate the prettiness as it is very cute and attracts every one’s attention with a unique and different look.

Bardot bangs hairstyle for diamond face shape


The Bardot bangs are the variant unique hairstyle. The variation in the center parted bangs are observed in this hairstyle. This Bardot-esque fringe is fuller on the sides and is softly with the parts in the middle. This can be seen on how the tapering on the sides. This helps to hide her narrow forehead. This exposed that the forehead and can ensure her small face that isn’t overwhelmed by the hair.

Side swept bangs hairstyle


The side swept bangs hairstyle are best to get wearing with another version of the side bangs. This is better to accept the fuller, shorter and sweep over one eye. Thus, you should bring out the eyes even more, while the bare part of the forehead is still elongates the face. Thus, you need to notice on how to side part isn’t that far off to the side. You can even experiment to find the best spot that where your hair is likely to stay put. Thus, you need to know and try this stylish hairstyle that may take more beautiful attention at you with a gorgeous dress.

Tousled waves hairstyle


You can try this hairstyle that can add more soft and wavy hair look. The hairstyle looks soft and even the angles are along with the adding volume to thin or fine hair. Thus, it is better to get an excellent post that can drive you on how to learn more with this stylish hairstyle for wavy hair. The stylish and trendy look hairstyle in golden hair color looks awesome for fairer skin tone.


Hairstyle ideas about oval face – Find perfect haircuts for oval face shape

Oval faces are comparatively longer and wide. Forehead and jaw line have almost the same width and the chin is rounded with no hard lines. Oval faces are widest at the cheekbones and can be suited with numerous hairstyles. In this article, we will go through some lovely hairstyle options which you can choose from if you have an oval-shaped face. These are not just to help yourself style better, but also to rectify the mistake you had probably been doing all through the years. Suiting hairstyles with face shapes are important as when they complement each other, they make both the features look better.

Best shoulder length wavy hairstyle


The length of the hair matter’s when you go to style your hair. You should choose the hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The wavy hairstyle for oval face shape can add extra volume and can draw out your cheekbones. This makes an oval face look slightly rounder and can rather than lengthening it. Thus, you should make waves work on fine hair and can also add volume at the hair roots.

Boho waves hairstyle for oval face shape


The Boho hairstyle is the classic look with an each side fullness and is the top of a little bit lifted, which helps to balance out and has a great look. The bone straight style would accentuate her longer face frame. This is best and can get a roughed up texture look. The hairstyle looks a mist to your hair with a beach spray that is loosely curly with a large barrel curling iron. This can run your hands through it.

Side swept layered wavy hairstyle


The oval face shape looks longer that it is wide and cheekbones are slightly wider with forehead than chin. This is better and don’t fear if you think you should fit that bill with the face shape and is the most versatile when it comes to pull off a whole host with different hair looks. The brown hair beauties mostly tend to opt for long tumbling styles and so other things that you can consider is when trying to find the perfect hairstyles for oval faces. Thus, the A line side fringe and messy curls are perfect for adding shape to an oval face that is around the cheekbones.

Wavy polished texture hairstyle for oval face


The best and stylish hairstyle that is because as it looks softening. This is better and helps to look as a third day wave that she just brushed out and looks great. This will add texture by spritzing a thickening spray to your roots. This is one of the best before you blow dry and wrapping random sections of hair. Thus, this hairstyle is better and simpler with hair around a large barrel curling iron.

Classic bob

Classic Bob

The classic bob hairdo gracefully falls on an oval face and makes you look good. If you have medium-length hair, it is time to switch over to something that suits your face. This hairdo will not only look to make your facial features expressive, but also get better prominence. Have you medium-length straightened and then slightly curved for the bob. If you have fringes fall on the face, it just adds some more grace to the look.

Fringes with messy waves

Fringes with messy waves

Fringes really compliment oval faces. Since oval faces are long, fringes hide the forehead zone and make the face shape look a little smaller. If you have medium to long hair, you can try to opt for fringes in front. They not only make you look good, but let you carry a nice style regularly. Part your hair from one side. Let the heavier section let the fringes fall on the face. Let the rest of the hair fall in front. Now have it nicely waves and unevenly combed. This will give the messy effect and make you look adorable.

Top knots

arrives at the Myer Autumn/Winter 2013 collections launch at Mural Hall at Myer on February 28, 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

When you want to let your oval face flaunt the best, you should try out the top knot. Topknots are not like the usual buns, they make a huge plump on the crown zone and that alternatively leaves an effect on your facial features. To compliment both of these you can try this hairdo, as it does suit the oval faces. Has your hair nicely straightened to make a neat top knot. Brush your hair to the back and then roll your hair to create the knot. These would surely look good with casual clothing.

Fringes with puff

Fringes with puff

This is yet another example to assure you that fringes look good with oval faces. This lady has lovely hair and her fringes fall on the face. This is with the help of letting the front section fall in front, while the rest has been back-brushed for the puff. Have your hair sectioned with a way for the fringes of the side bangs and then brush the rest back to create the puff. Let the rest of the hair fall down naturally or have it slightly waved up.

Straight hair parted from the middle


This is a medium-length hairdo which is easy to do and can be followed for regular times. If you are growing your hair from medium to long, this is one hairstyle which you can stop with, in between. Have your hair nicely straightened and part from the middle. Now take small sections from both the sides and pin them up behind the ears. Let it flow in front as it is. It will not fall on the face due to the pinning up process.

Side parted ponytail

Side parted ponytail

The picture makes the girl look really adorable and pretty. The pair of eye-glasses she carries adds some more charm to the look. To follow this hairdo, have your hair nicely straightened from root to tips. Part the hair from the one side and up the crown zone. Take the entire hair around the nape of your neck and tie a ponytail. Make the ponytail fall of the heavier side of the sectioning. Let some bangs falling on the thin side to make a look a little better.

Middle-parted messy hair

Middle-parted messy hair

This hairstyle happens to be really intriguing. People might think that it looks like that, naturally, but you would have to bring in a lot of effort to make it look how it is. Has your hair nicely washed and then use a curling iron to unevenly wave your hair. Use a comb and run it up and down through the strands. Let the messy effect come in after which you can part the hair from the middle. Pair this look with casual clothes and for casual occasions.

Half up straight and half down curls

attends the 'Lovelace' Photocall during the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival at Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 9, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.

This is also a hairstyle which you can try with your oval face. This is not just manageable, but also gives you a lovely finish. Have you had nicely washed and then straightened entirely. Put it from the middle and then use a curling iron to wave up the last 3-4 inches of your hair. Have them nicely sectioned and then styled. Let the hair fall in front equally and down both sides of your shoulders.

Chinese fringe with messy waves

Chinese fringe with messy waves

You can also opt for the Chinese fringe hairstyle and not the regular one. This one will have the hair in front, chopped off just above the forehead. This will make you look really nice and make your facial features to grab more attention. Let the rest of the hair fall down equally from your shoulders. Now use an Instyler to curl up the hair messily. Have it combed to make it look unruly. This hairstyle will make you look sexy and different!

Side-parted and back clipped waves

Side-parted and back clipped waves

Has your hair nicely waved up in horizontal sections. This will not make the hair look very curly, but just slightly waved. Now, let the bangs in front fall on the face, while you part the hair till the crown zone. Let the hair be neatly brushed at the back and then clip it up. Let the hair fall down from the heavier side of the partition.

Straight or wavy hair for oval face shape



If you have straight or wavy hairs then, it will be good to go to the edge of the layers. This will spotlight in some specific areas of the face. So, cut your hair with layers up to the cheeks or lips or chin. It may depend upon your feature you want to highlight. This is the best way to get a very creative with the way you cut your layers to fall on that has around the face. You can also try with pairing bangs that are a length that hits at the collarbone. It is simply a portrait, just like a frame up to your cheekbones. Try side swept bang and a crisscrossing angle to reach a natural, beautiful look with different hairstyles.

Long wavy layers with simple look


You can have long layer hairstyles with straight hair to get a gorgeous look. Try this long layer that may cover to start at your chin. So, you need to hit your face on your chin. It helps to style your hairstyle frame of your face shape perfectly. So, it is better to wear a longstanding hairstyle with simple layers hairstyle on any western dress with simple accessories. It is easy to wear and looks pretty.

Try simple soft waves for oval face shape


You can try some simple hairstyle for different look. Try this soft wave’s hairstyle to give a unique look and identity with a beautiful hair. This wavy shape has a skimming fringe and lusciously beautiful hair that gives an amazing stylish hair that looks luxurious. You can try his thick brow skimming fringe hairstyle with your hair. So, get with a soft wave that is masses of texture and has a clever layering that can fall below the jaw line. This helps to prevent the style from becoming weighed down hair.


How to apply foundation | Tips to apply perfectly blended foundation on face

Foundation is a cream or liquid that covers blemishes, dark circles, black spots and other skin problems. If you may wear perfect eye makeup or lipstick, but you have a patchy like face, it will spoil everything. So, it is important to follow some tips for applying foundation.

First, choose the right foundation that best suits your skin tone. The foundation gives a flawless finish to your skin. You have to select a shade lighter than your skin tone. Silicate mineral based foundation for oily skin and cream based foundation for dry skin.

Steps to apply foundation

  • Wash your face and hands before applying foundation. Wash your face with a cleanser that helps to remove impurities and leave the skin clear. Apply toner by cotton that can decrease your pores and leave skin toned and firm.
  • Apply a moisturizer to make your skin supple and soft, if you have a dry skin.
  • Spot primer to give your skin a more even finish. And it is easier for applying the foundation.
  • Apply dots of concealing around dark circles and blemishes
  • Dot your face by foundation on chin, cheeks, under eyes, forehead, and neck.
  • Take out foundation on backside of your fingers or wet sponge or brush. It is better to have wet sponge as it helps to blend foundation evenly on your face.
  • Blend wet sponge evenly to correct the nose and face corners that will make you look perfect and give a natural finish.
  • Then, blend evenly on neck in up strokes. Blend hairline and jaw line to give a natural look.
  • Finally, you can blot the powder evenly to control oil secretion throughout the day.

Choose the right foundation that makes your skin tone look more even. These are some makeup tips to apply foundation. The foundation makes your complexion look healthy and alive.

  • Squeeze a nickel-sized amount of foundation onto the palm of your hand to slightly warm it up with your body temperature. Dip the brush into the product to load it up.
  • Start in the center of your nose. Draw each star point by tracing the brush in a line from the center of your forehead.
  • Then, back again from the center of your left cheek
  • After from the center to your jaw, then from the center of your chin, etc.

Once you’ve drawn all of the star points, do not re-load the brush with product, but simply use it with the help of your fingers or a sponge to blend and distribute what you’ve already applied to include the rest of your face.

  • Finally, go back and re-load the brush into the remaining foundation in the palm of your hand make sure that there shouldn’t be much left and apply it all over your neck. It’s important to make sure your face and neck match, but if you’re wearing a collared shirt or a turtleneck sweater, make sure to blot your neck with a tissue after so it doesn’t transfer onto your clothing.
  • If you can just suck in your cheeks, just going to apply along the lower half of the cheekbone and blend upwards and then just along the sides of the nose to create a sharper nose, then with a pointed fluffy brush, we are going to go with the lighter color.
  • Touch the tip of the brush end and we are going to highlight the top of the cheekbone and along the nose and there you go. By using the dark and light powders, you can create more definitions and actually use this contouring makeup to bring out features of your nose and cheekbones.

How to choose the right foundation for your skin tone

The foundation is the basic step of your makeup. So, you should make sure that it can act as a blank canvas, by choosing a foundation that can identically match your skin tone. You should try multiple shades of foundation on your face and stick with the color that matches your skin tone without blending. The foundation is designed for oily, normal or dry skin. The oil free formulations are meant that can keep oily complexions shine free and can moisturize or hydrating blends that are designed to make your dry skin look dewy. The following skin tone and foundation tips are to be followed.

For normal skin type: The normal skin types look as it is not prone to blemishes and is smooth in texture. They can use any type of foundation.

For oily skin type: The skin has large skin pores and helps to become shiny and oily quickly. They can use an oil free foundation and long wearing foundation.

For dry skin type: The skin type is mildly dry that helps to look dull and matte, which can severely dry skin that may look flaky and rough. They can use BB cream, tinted moisturizer and moisturize foundation.

For combination skin type: The combination skin type looks oily and is in the forehead, nose and chin. Dryness on the cheeks. Thus, the BB cream, long wearing foundation is to be chosen.

For mature skin type: The skin looks mature or ages. This is to become thinner and can lessen with oily look. They can use BB cream, anti-aging foundation and moisturizing foundation for a better look.

Right tools to apply liquid foundation

Sponges: The cosmetic sponges looks smooth, velvety texture to create a similar fine surface on the skin. Sponge users prefer to dampen the sponge with clean water and squeeze it mostly dry before applying foundation with it. This results in a lighter application and prevents wasting foundation by keeping less it from soaking into the sponge. All makeup, application tools must be kept scrupulously clean, by wash or dispose of sponges regularly.

Brushes: The satiny finish by applying liquid foundation with a flat foundation brush works well. The similar painting on a canvas with pout of a small amount of foundation onto the back of hand. Dip the tip of brush in it, then use small, light strokes are to dab the foundation that is needed.

Fingertips: Apply foundation with the fingers that helps in eliminating the need with special tools. Makeup artists opt for fingertip application with a warmth of the hands and helps to keep the liquid spreadable. The smooth foundation is as if it were a moisturizer and can tap the fingers on the area of unevenness to blend them thoroughly. Thus, the hands are the most convenient tools, as they still require cleanliness, always wash it before applying foundation.

Some more tips to follow

  • Use a moisturizer along with the foundation if you want a dewy finish. Take the foundation on the back of the hand and add a bit of moisturizer to it. Blend them together and apply to get a glowing dewy finish. It is better not to apply loose powder.
  • Use a sunscreen underneath if you do not have SPF in your foundation and if you have plans to stay outdoors for long.

Fall beauty makeup tips | Makeup essentials for women during fall

A fall makeup essential brings you some interesting beauty trends. Cherry red lipsticks are out and the burgundy lips are the one that will look better on you. You can also try the fashion accessories for your hair and it is the ear muff that can also act as hairline de-frizzier. Flick it upwards and make it a bit thicker to make it perfect. The hair can be made up in braid to look stunning and fashionable. Fall is the perfect time to play with dramatic shades, bold color, and rich textures, like a bright blue eye or a stormy gray nails.

Make up beauty fall essentials for women

Moisturizer: With the weather changing, your skin is surely going to get affected. Hence to fight dry skin, make sure you’re equipped with a super hydrating moisturizer this fall.

Concealer: This is good for keeping away dark marks around the eyes and other small marks on your face. The proper application can give your face a blemish free soft look. This is non greasy and you can dab it on the black marks. Spread it with your finger and allow it to start working. Then blend the edges with the foundation. Use feather touch strokes of your fingers to blend the concealer.

No show foundation: This foundation is good for keeping your face out of shine. The matt look is the trend and this foundation can help you with it. Test the foundation on your jaw line and take the one which is barely seen on your face. Now when you have it, you can apply the foundation after cleansing the face properly. Blend the dots and you are ready for the show.

Eyelash curler: This is for curling your lashes. You must make sure that you curl the lashes before putting on mascara. Place them near to the base and then press on for a few seconds. Now they are curled and you can apply mascara so that they remain in the curled position for a longer period.

Dramatic lashes: Big is in this fall and long lashes can be your best accessory. Dramatic lashes can elevate your look instantly. Applying mascara on your lashes will keep them curled upwards. You must apply the wand upwards and turn it backward and forward while going upwards. This makes sure you apply the mascara for each of the lashes.

Eyeshadows: Must be a few shades darker than your facial skin tone. If you have fair skin then it should be in lighter shades of pink and the dark skinned should go for light brown or taupe gray shades. Blend the shadows with the pencil lines in swift and light strokes of your fingers.

Eyeliner pencils: The use soft pencils on your eyes will be helpful. You must check if the product says it is ophthalmologist tested. Hold on to your upper lid’s lash line gently and then apply the pencil to place dots on the lashes. Then blend the dots to get a smoky effect.

Natural blush: This blush will give you a light shade of wearing blush and should not have shimmer. Use a brush for applying this on your cheeks. The apples of cheeks are the right place. You should not find out where the color starts and where it ends. This will be the right kind of application.

Highlighter for effects all over: This must be a cream highlighter that can lift the brows or slim down the nose. They should be in soft shades like peach, soft nude or pink.

Nude lipsticks: These shades are neither brown nor shades of pink, but they are completely free of any color. The lips must be moisturized with a good lip balm if you have chapped lips before applying the lipstick.

Extreme hair color: Make a statement with brighter strands. This autumn, hair color is pretty extreme with red hair and a whitish cool platinum blonde making a statement.

Nail polish: Take your nail color from bright to bold. When it comes to darker colors, gel polish is an absolute essential because any slight chip becomes immensely exaggerated. Just a good, classic black shall do the magic.

Best and beauty essential things to keep in your bag this fall

Deep conditioner for hair care

Buy best hair products in this season to condition your hair. This is because of hair strands that are often suffering from moisture and can loss during the fall. Make sure to opt for a conditioning treatment for at least once a week for added hydration. This can leave in product from midshaft to ends. So long, frizz is with conditioning of your hair.

Choose solid perfume for your body

Make sure not let your favorite fragrance can get carried away with the heavy wind in this season. So, it is better to try a concentrated solid perfume that is instead for a hint of moisture and is a whole lot of scent.

Try lip salve for your lips

Keep your lips a tin or tube of your favorite lip balm. This is easy and can on the go way to heal your driest areas. Thus, lips, elbows and cuticles can offer all benefit from the added hydration. This is a plus and can work in a pinch for stray flyway.

Better body butter for soft skin

If you don’t use body lotion on a daily basis, then it’s time to get your seasonal tube of body butter. This is the rich hydration that will do your body good and helps to leave dry, flaky patches for another day.

Foundation’s choice

The foundation is very important to bring out a heavier foundation for the colder months. This helps to give your skin and can also add protection and coverage it craves. Thus, the plan to keep face powder nearby is to maintain the matte makeup that can look that’s on trend in this season.

Dark lipstick color

Then go to color cosmetic can fall as it is a deep, wine stained lipstick. This can think oxblood red, which helps to leave the rest of your makeup, natural for a fresh take on the style.

Metallic eye shadow

You should brighten up with a neutral look and is a bit of jewel to be toned as a shadow or eyeliner. Thus, the eyeshadow is chosen as Sapphire blue, emerald green or an amber tinged bronze that will all fire up your fall makeup palette.


Best hair highlights ideas | Hair color trends for 2016

When you are planning to give your look a fresh touch, but you are not actually interested about going for a full hair color, the hair highlights can serve you best. Hair highlights can be done in different ways, with different colors and through different techniques to get different looks and the best thing about it is that they do not need a complete long time commitment. Hair highlights, when done according to your skin tone, facial features and natural hair color, can look gorgeous, and can easily add that extra edge to your overall appearance and personality.

Hair highlighting is a popular trend now and it is certainly our celebrities who have brought this style into the limelight. There is huge scope of experimentation with hair highlighting and it can suit anyone starting from the youngsters in their teens to the matured ladies. So, if you are interested to add something new to your looks without going through a lot of hassles, hair highlighting can certainly make your best choice. Here is a bunch of hair highlighting ideas that can help you to make the right choice.

Nice hair highlight color for brown hair

CBS, CW, CBS Television Studios & Showtime TCA Party - Arrivals

The best light brown hair highlights on black hair looks beautiful. The highlights on black hair with low curls looks amazing. The best hair color suits for fair skin tone and adds a beautiful look to your. Try this natural hair color with highlights on curly shoulder length hair. The golden hair color highlights, mid part and fringe haircut look awesome. Try this stylish hairstyle with highlights that can add more beauty at you. The low curls with a beautiful look adds a trendy look.

Brown hair highlights

Best Kelly Clarkson Hairstyle 3

The brown hair highlight ideas with a long brown hair is beautiful. Try this stylish hair highlight that can give a long brown hair look. The hair highlights with a light brown idea with short hair is looking amazing. The hairstyle with long brown hair, highlights and is three colored such as brown, golden and black hair color idea adds a trendy look to your face.

Burgundy streaks hair highlights

40 best hair color ideas hair trends 2015 | caramel highlights within black hair with burgundy streaks Stylish As well as Stunning black hair with burgundy streaks Intended for Your hairstyle

The stylish look with a stunning black hair and burgundy streaks is intended for your hairstyle. This can add a level of haircut with a popular haircut. The hairstyle seems to be straightforward and is never monotonous. Thus, contribute a number of versions that can suit your style with a plush look of your hair. Thus, the various methods help to create your hair and is better to look more stunning as well as wonderful. Thus the most crucial factor that is usually exchanged and can outdated hairstyle. This helps to locate different stylish look. The hair is looking stunning black hair with a burgundy streaks that are intended for your hairstyle.

Balayage highlighting

Hair highlight idea #1

Balayage highlighting is in trend and the best thing about it is that it can have so many variations. This light brunette balayage highlighting on brown hairs look absolutely gorgeous. The highlighting is more prominent towards the ends and follows a natural, but a streaky pattern at the upper part to get the lavish look.

Blonde with light silver highlights

Hair highlight idea #2

This one is a perfect example of blonde highlighting. Here the light silver highlights have been used to give the locks an edgy and highly defined appearance. The balayage pattern gives the highlights a totally new dimension. This style of highlight can be perfect to get a casually beautiful look.

Blonde highlights with copper low lights

Hair highlight idea #3

When it comes to hair highlights you can actually play with the shades even without going too bold. This highlight idea presents a perfect combination of rusk copper low lights with blonde highlights. The highlighting and low lighting makes the curls more prominent and can be an ideal hair highlight idea for the winter.

Brown highlights

Hair highlight #4

When you are planning to add a new definition to your hairs, shifting from the monotone to a more lively shade can always help. Here brown highlights have been used for natural black hairs. The highlights match very naturally with the natural hair color and look absolutely gorgeous even without adding any high tone to the hairs.

Purple winter hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #5

Well, this purple highlight on the black hairs does not look natural, but when you are putting on purple color of your hairs you surely not meant it to look natural but gorgeous and trendy. Here the purple highlights are deeper in the middle section of the hairs and become more subtle towards the ends. This highlighting can be a perfect winter highlight for any college going student.

Luxurious hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #6

Going subtle with your hair highlights can add a naturally luxurious look to your hairs. This subtle warm highlight looks natural and can give your hairs a totally new dimension adding to your overall appearance. This hair highlight gives your natural hair color more depth and vibrancy by adding a warm touch to the hairs.

Caramel highlights with natural hair color

Ombre Hair 2015 Ombre Hair Color Ideas For 2015 Pretty Designs Ombre Hair Brown Ombre Hair Brown - HAIR BEAUTY AND TREATMENT

This one is a perfect example of the Ombre highlighting technique. Here light caramel highlights have been added to a deeper natural hair color. The highlights cover the ends of the locks completely and also focus on face framing. This one can be a perfect summer highlight for your hairs.

Hair weaves highlights

Hair highlight idea #8

Hair weave highlights look absolutely gorgeous on any hair length and hair color. The specialty of this hair highlighting is that hair the shade of the highlight graduates sidewise on a particular bunch of hairs instead of graduating according to the length. This type of highlighting can be ideal to get a new ravishing look that can add a lot to your overall appearance.

Flat blonde highlights

Hair highlight idea #9

Flat blonde highlights look absolutely gorgeous on dark hairs. Here the highlighting has been done to accentuate the curls on the hairs and the natural color of the hairs works as a perfect lowlight beside the highlight. This one can be a perfect hair highlighting for the summers or winter to get a fresh look.

Caramel dark brown hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #10

This subtle caramel highlights on dark brown hairs looks just perfect. The point to notice here is that the caramel highlights are more concentrated towards the middle section of the hair length and not towards the ends. This hair highlight can give you a perfect look for any special occasion and can be ideal to add more definition to the curls.

Low light balayage hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #11

This is a perfect example of low light balayage highlighting. Here the caramel highlights graduate lengthwise as well as side, wise on the hair locks. The highlight starts as streaks from the top and finally covers the whole of the volume by the end. The natural deeper hair color works as a natural lowlight against the highlighting making the hair look gorgeous and different.

Multi highlight with light caramel on brown hairs

Hair highlight #12

This chunky multi highlight with light caramel on brown hairs looks gorgeous, and can give anyone a completely different look. Here the highlights have been used on particular bunches of locks and covers most of those bunches. Use of the caramel highlight on the face framing locks completes the look.

Red and violet hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #13

If you love experimenting with new trends, this hair highlighting with red and violet can actually be the right one for you to opt for. The streaky red and violet highlights on the natural black hair color looks absolutely gorgeous and vibrant. This hair highlighting might not be the right choice for ages, ladies, but can make the best one to go with for teenagers and college goers. So, give this new trend a try and you might actually like it.

Cherry red highlight on black hair

Hair highlight idea #14

This cherry red highlight on natural black hairs looks absolutely classy and gorgeous. It gives a very trendy look without adding any much high note. The hair highlight covers the locks more towards the ends, but it never covers the whole of the volume. This hair highlight idea can be just perfect for fall-winter and can add a lot to your overall looks. If you have a special occasion to attend, this hair highlighting style can actually get you lots of compliments.

Peek-a-boo highlights with red, purple and blue

Hair highlight idea #15

If you love colors on your hairs, this hair highlighting idea can actually make your best choice. Here light blonde highlights have been used along with peek-a-boo highlights with red, purple and blue. The caramel highlight has been used throughout the length and the multiple colors have been added at different sections of the hairs to give it a more vibrant and defined look. This colorful highlighting idea can be the best fit for college goers.

Peak-a-boo caramel highlights

Hair highlight idea #16

This bright red ombre hair color with peak-a-boo caramel highlights look absolutely gorgeous, and can add a totally new dimension to your overall appearance. This hair highlighting adds definition and more volume to the hairs and can be ideal for short to medium length hairs to get during winter or fall.

Balayage lighter shade of caramel on dark hair color highlights

Hair highlight idea #17

Subtle balayage highlights with lighter shades of caramel on darker hair colors can look not only classy but is sure to add totally new definition to your overall look. Here the highlights have been used sparsely, more as a hint to get the right look. If you are planning to get hair highlights for the first time, this type of subtle use of caramel highlights on dark hair color can be the right pick for you in any season.

Pink dip-dye highlighting on blonde hairs

Hair highlight #18

You must have already heard about the dip-dyed hair highlighting style, and this one is a perfect example of pink dip-dye highlighting on blonde hairs. This highlight style can update your overall look and is actually easy to get. Dip-dye hair highlights are now in trend and you can get them even in your home, which is certainly one of the primary reasons for their popularity.

Chocolate dark hair color highlights

Hair highlight idea #19

Perfect chocolate highlights on dark hairs can look gorgeous and natural. Here the highlight adds dimension and volume to the hairs and can give a fresh look to the beauties with olive skin tone.

Face framing brown hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #20

Face framing highlights can always make your best choice if you are planning to add that fresh look to your overall appearance. Here the light caramel shade has been used for the whole length of the locks framing the face and on the lower sections of the length on the hairs at the back.

Caramel black hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #21

This caramel highlighting on the black hairs looks gorgeous, and can give a new definition to your overall look. The highlights follow balayage technique and are more concentrated on the locks framing the face.


Natural makeup look that every girl should know

A fresh face always gives a natural look. Natural makeup looks good when you want to go to work, school, and everyday outings. Women spend most of the time on their makeup. If you are dealing with flaky, dry, irritated skin which in turn gives bad appearance. You have a fair complexion, chances are it’s also looking pretty and ghostly right about now. Beauty products that available in the market are high in chemical. So take care while choosing a product the suits you and your skin complexion.

The key to taking your natural makeup to the next level is a gorgeous glow. The secret weapon is shimmer and highlighting. The liquid luminizer looks like a nail polish, and the brush gives great application control. Light up your face with a few light dabs on your brow bone and in the corners of your eyes to open up your peepers. Thus, with this your cheek bones glow.

Top best essential make tips for every girl

Moisturize the skin 

  • Start preparing your skin with oil free moisturizer. It will give a bit of slip so that your makeup goes on smoother.
  • Apply a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone. For this you have to issue free skin. Use a liquid foundation with a dewy finish to cover it.
  • Apply the moisturizer or foundation with the help of a sponge. It is in stippling motion. Make sure there are no visible lines at the edges with extra puffing. Real skin will never matte, so finish it by powdering area that gets oily throughout the day. Make more help while creating flawless-looking skin.
  • Spritz your face with a facial mist to tone down any chalkiness, and to keep your skin looking dewy and fresh.

Camouflage for everygirl

  • The natural makeup means using concealer on blemishes, around the nostrils and under the eyes.
  • For foundation, skin in its natural state is not flat and matte, so when emulating a natural makeup look incorporate some of this inherent brightness.
  • Choose the right color that you are in between shades, go with the dark on because of going lighter to almost always look chalky and artificial. Apply foundation onto areas where you have redness, uneven tones or discoloration and blemishes.
  • Be sure to blend the edges and down onto your jawbones so you don’t look like you are wearing a mask

Color cheeks to try every girl

  • The most natural, healthy glow that it is opting for a cream blush. Use your fingers to apply three dots of blush on the cheeks. Blend them towards the temples.
  • A natural tan can be used to powder bronzer and brush it into a 3 shape along the sides of the face, hitting the forehead, under the cheekbones and under the jaw.

Natural makeup look for eyes 

  • Natural eyebrows never look penciled in. It is better to ditch your eyebrow pencil and use a powder that matches with your hair color. Apply with an angled brush and blend it with a clean mascara wand or a brow brush to soften the look.
  • Skip eyeliner and really work the mascara wand into the roots of your lashes to make them appear fuller. Wear eyeliner that keeps the line thin and stick to softer colors (brown or gray). Try lining the inner rims of your eyes with a cake eyeliner. Lift up your eyelid gently and push the eyeliner into the rim of your lids with a flat brush.
  • Apply one to two coats of mascara and run a lash comb through your lashes to get rid of clumps. Swiping your lashes gently with your fingers works just as well.
  • Add a pair of thin, long fake lashes. The trick is that it uses the right glue and wait until the glue turns tacky before you apply.

Lips tips for every women 

  • Exfoliate your lips with an old toothbrush and Vaseline to get rid of nasty dead skin.
  • If you forget lip liner. Use a tinted lip balm for a subtle pop of color and shine.

Prepare your skin with natural tips

The best and natural look of starts is great for skin care. Make sure to wash your face every night by using a makeup remover to scrub off with your war paint. Once you receive a clean face and moisturize them, you can make sure to choose a moisturizer made for your skin. This is a sensitive skin that can dry or to be oily. The foundation or concealed base is better to hold on to with a makeup primer. This can blot away excess oil, soothes skin and improves the foundation application.

Natural glow girl

The key is to take a natural makeup to the next level that is a gorgeous glow. The shimmer and highlighting glows is with liquid luminizer. This looks like a nail polish and even can brush gives great application control. The light up to your face is with a few light dabs on your brow bone. The corners of your eyes are open up to your peepers and along with your cheekbones to give a beautiful look

You can set the skin in right and forget it

The best part of your skin is with an oily or makeup prone to sliding off the middle of the day. This is best to set it with a light dusting of sheer powder. If you have dry skin, then it is better to skip it.

Check with your skin tone

The most important for every skin type is that to check with skin tone. The skin tone is great for tinted moisturizer or just cover up red spots and slight discoloration by lightly patting concealer on the spots. Apply a light, pea sized layer of foundation all over your face. Use your finger to apply pinky to lightest application.

Simply add a touch to color

The fine line is between eyebrow that line is an eyelash curler and a coat. Thus, the mascara is to step away from the eyeliner and shadow for this understated look. Add a pinch of color to your cheeks. Choose a cream or liquid blush for a natural and blended look.


Ways to impress in an interviews – How to dress up for a job interview

Getting your foot in the door for a job interview is an accomplishment within itself – but once you’re in, that’s when the pressure really sets in.

Dressing properly for an interview can earn you extra brownie points which will help you to get that dream job. It is true that a lot can be said about you by not only the kind of clothes you wear but also your footwear, jewelry, and accessories say a lot about you.

How to dress for an interview

Wear something you’re comfortable in the interview

One of the most basic but the most important rule is to opt for clothes that are comfortable enough. “Be you” may be the most trite, overused piece of advice ever, but it certainly rings true here. However, that doesn’t give you a reason to hold yourself in your pajamas. Women on the apprentice may trot around town in four inch heels, hip hugging peplum dresses and a stack-load of makeup and succeed. Pre-plan and research a little before going for the interview. Lay out your best options and if you don’t raid your buddy’s closet or even your sibling’s closet. Opt for a comfy cotton leggings and a pleasantly bright colored kurti. Or you can even opt for trousers and a smart shirt with a stole. Don’t wear heavy bordered and brighten color dress. Make sure that you don’t wear a dress with a plunging neckline or a dress where you have to adjust your neckline or sleeves every five minutes.

Choose the right color dress for an interview

A pleasant color doesn’t necessarily means bright colors that pricks the eyes of the interviewers. It is true that you don’t always have to stick to regular colors like black or grey. You can experiment with pastel shades and lighter shades like blue, peach, cream, beige and more. It is better not to wear most dark colored dress, but if you are opting for a dark colored outfit adds a little hint of color by opting for a bold colored scarf/stole or a bold colored small piece of jewelry.

Accessories ought not to be an afterthought

Accessories add up a lot to your plaid look a lot of it causes distractions. Don’t carry a huge bag, a small tote or a box bag will suit such occasions. Accessories play into the projection of self confidence and status that goes with your behavior. Also, if you are wearing heels make sure that aren’t broken or makes a lot of noise. Wedges are best suited here. It is better not wear dangling jewelleries. A small pendent along with shiny studs and a watch works great here. Men make sure that their footwear is well polished and wear a darker shade of same colored socks. No bright socks or ones that have smiles and bright colors. Ties and jackets should be placed right and should be ironed. If you have got tattoos, cover them up. Follow these tips to overcome in an interview.

Ways to impress at a job interview with hair and makeup 

Let your makeup define your best features. Apply minimum makeup; define your eyes, but don’t go overboard with kohl pencils. Make sure your hair is clean; your nails are freshly manicured. Lip balm or a gloss in nude, peach or the lightest shade of pink looks great for such events. Avoid any out-there trends. For men apply moisturizing cream on your face and hands, especially in winters.

Formal or informal interview

A lot depends on how you are going to be interviewed which is formal. And a more formal interview calls for crisper and formal attire, while a casual interview held in a coffee shop can have more chilled out attire. You should focus on the things that actually come out of your mouth.

Tips on how to dress to impress at an interview

With an appropriate key: The best way to get best impression is being appropriated. You should consider the industry of the company and does a bit research with roles in the financial and corporate sector. This generally means to be suited and can boot well. You should be smart enough and well groomed with a pair of trousers and shirt or dress and top. Make sure the clothes are not tightly fitted; they make you feel free and more relaxed. This is always better to gain proper benefit.

You should not reach for failing or safe black: The most and memorable ways to wear colors that are particularly for taking part in a group of interviews. The colors indicate some psychological properties, so, some color can help invigorate you to give a good energy. Be careful in wearing garish or clashing colors which are not preferred.

Maintain a minimum amount of stuff: You can maintain a minimum amount of stuff that is an essential item and helps to get a neat and compact handbag. This helps to rather than using a lugging or an oversized bag bulging full of tissues such as makeup receipts. Men should make sure not to fill your pockets with their keys and wallets that can spoil the look. So, you should be carefully selected outfit that gives a smart and simple look. Either it may be bagged or folder, which is neat, put your CV and other documents that make you look far more professional.

Well groomed hairstyle: If you are having long hair and are prone to nervous fiddling, the its better to wear a usual back hairstyle from your face. Try to avoid detracting from what you are saying. If you have a short haircut, then put it off on or before your interview. These take time in your grooming to wash and style your hair. For both men and women should have clean and tidy nails. Having dirty nails or old nail varnish is one of the important things an interviewer remembers about you.  


Best new ways to wear a ponytail – Ponytail for your face shape

The ponytail hairstyle is simple, takes less time and is suitable for all hair types. It is suitable for women with short, long, curly or straight hair. There are a various ways in which ponytail hairstyles can be adapted from simple to complex and classic ponytails suiting the occasion.

Ponytail hairstyle is the simple and beautiful looking hairstyle that anyone can try. If you don’t have time to tie your hair, then you can follow these tips to get the beautiful looking hairstyle in seconds. Ponytails are the simplest of updo’s that is a no brainer when you are lounging around the house on weekends, headed to the gym or just need a quick fix on a bad hair day. This is the easy process to do and look beautiful by adding a little extra something to your hair. Fashion & style is a common word in today’s world. Here, you have four beautiful different hair styles with a ponytail  that is a no brainer when you are lounging around the house on weekends, headed to the gym or just need a quick fix on a bad hair day. This is the easy process to do and look beautiful by adding a little extra something to your hair. Fashion & style is a common word in today’s world. Here, you have four beautiful different hair styles with a ponytail.

Hairstyle 1

Comb your hair free. Comb your hair back and tie them tightly in the center of the head.  Then, tie a tight ponytail with at the center of the head. Make sure it is tight. Take out left corner hair from the ponytail and twist them round around the rubber band and keep bobby pins to the twisted hair. So that they won’t leave the twisted pair. Bobby pins in the twisted hair. So that they won’t leave from the twisted pair to the twisted hair. So that they won’t leave from the twisted pair to the twisted hair. So that they won’t leave the twisted pair.

Hairstyle 2

Comb your hair back and take some upper part of the hair from the center to top. Then, tail up to two steps and again take some hair from the bottom of the tail side to make another two more tail steps. Then after, tie all the hair together to get a tight ponytail.

Hairstyle 3

Comb your hair and divide them into two parts from the center. Then, tail your hair on both side and combine them in the center of the head with a bobby pin. Take all the hair along the tail ended up here and put them together to tie a ponytail. Bobby pin. Take all the hair along the tail ended up here and put them together to tie a ponytail.

Hairstyle 4

Comb your hair back side and tie a ponytail by leaving some hair at the bottom. Take the left over hair and tail it tightly and twist it round from the top of the head to the bottom to make it look like a hair band. Then, pin that tail hair under the ponytail with a bobby pin.How-to-wear-ponytail-in-dif

Side swept ponytail

5. sideswepthair2

Soft swept ponytail is a little on top, pin back the top. Then secure the ponytail right on top or close to the pins. You can also wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail too. This gives a fancy look.

Double side French braid pony


Double side French braid is for the punk rocker. This is on the side with less hair. The braid all the way to the end and wrapped them around the pony for a little extra touch.

Triple French braid pony


Triple French braid looks like a big chunky French braid on top and on each side. Secure the braids with bobby pins as you go and then secure the ponytail up high.

Messy ponytail


A Messy ponytail is pieced and messy on top. You can just pull it back with your fingers, loosely and held it where you want it while securing the hair. Then pull out pieces as you need to pin pieces in place. After that pin, the front twists proof.

Big pompadour ponytail

Big pompadour ponytail


Big pompadour looks pretty and classy. You just do the big pompadour like you would on your hair normally. Then twist pin to secure it. Create a ponytail with the rest of your hair that’s down. After that, wrap the top hair around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

Tips for ponytails

  • Ponytail every single day can damage your hair.
  • Ponytails are often easier to style when hair is slightly aged from the last shampoo.
  • You can also tease the top for added height.
  • Make a double pony look your hair long.
  • A high ponytail provides an instant facelift.
  • Short ponytail for longer hair to enjoy.
  • You can have fun with your accessories of decorative bobby pins.

Ways to wear a ponytail

The twist ponytail

The twists

This is a simple hairstyle with twin ponytails that is ideal for medium length hair. It is done by dividing the hair at the back and twisting it into two parts. Secure the two twists at the neck with elastic. Hide the elastic with strands of hair from both the twists and keeping the hair secure with bobby pins

Side winder ponytail

The Side winder

It is a very sophisticated ponytail hairstyle for long hair. All the hair is collected near one ear lobe and tied loosely with a rubber band to give volume on the scalp. Hide the band with strands of hair picked from the ponytail and secured with bobby pins

Topsy Turvy ponytail


Topsy turvy pony can secure your ponytail where you want it. It is a simple chic look pony which can be tied high or low. The ponytail is loosened with a little and create a hole in your hair. A hole is created in between and the hair is looped under through the hole and up around so that they fall back like a waterfall. Then loop your hair under, through the hole and up around so that your hair is like a waterfall over the top. You can tease at the base for a little more volume.

The long ponytail trick

The long ponytail trick

It is a simple way to make two pony tails one below the other at the back of the head and one near the neck. The previous ponytail will give a longer look with the second one hidden underneath.

Double side braids

Double Side Braids

It this is another easy and clean ponytail hairstyle. Just make two braids on one side and tie the ponytail at the back. The braid can be wrapped round the pony and secured with bobby pins. The two braids can be done on both sides or even on one side only.

Puff up ponytail

1. 062311-Kim-400_0

Puffy ponytail is the latest trending hairstyle that is haired for girls that can add a clip in extension to create this hairstyle. Start your hairstyle with washed hair. Apply some finishing cream to washed hair before blow-drying it smooth. Take some top section of hair from temple to temple and then clip it to gather the rest into a medium high ponytail. This helps to secure it with elastic. Then, unclip the top section, spritz with Volumizing spray by teasing them with a brush. Pull the section back and then fasten it atop the ponytail with elastic. Now, you can try it on any of your favorite party!

Pinned, high and curled hairstyle

2. 07115757_3912

The hairstyle is awesome that is because of its both adorable and functional look. The higher up ponytail hairstyle don’t have sweat sticking to your hair up to your neck. Clip your hair at the mid of the head to secure them. Pull your hair back into a ponytail that is used as a hair tie or clip on the top. Now, simply curl them at the bottom of the ponytail in long strands.

Bombshell bumps hairstyle

3. 13174055_8272

The bombshell hairstyle helps to blow away anyone that you can try, when you are going to the gym. This is because that, why not to throw in a little bump to your ponytail? Prepare a little high crown of your head. Pull your hair back into a ponytail for a beautiful look.

Slick braid ponytail

4. 13175807_4327

A slick braid ponytail is best with an amazing look. Simply, just slick down the front of your hair. Then, braid the back of your hair into a pony. This gives a fabulous look and will work out at the same time within less time. This sounds and appeals to some of you, but if you are going to work out in a public place or while out with your partner, which can add a look a little nicer. This hairstyle gives a cute look with a slick braid ponytail.


How to choose right color that matches your skin tone

A dress or a shade of makeup will make your face look vivid and full of vibrance. It is pretty, much that the same exact shade of the first look, only to realize that the second shade makes your skin appear so dull and washed out. But there will differentiate between surface tone and undertone. Our skin’s surface tone is the color you would typically identify with when choosing foundations, concealers, etc. Skin tone is categorized as ivory, light, medium tan, dark tan, etc. Your skin’s undertone is what lies underneath the surface which is broken down into three groups like cool, warm, neutral.

First, you need to determine the skin tone that highly essential helps to you at the right look. Here you have steps to find out your skin tone.

Analyze the veins of your arms

Just you need to take a moment to push your sleeves up and check out the veins on the inside part of your wrist. It appears to be more green or blue. If it is blue, then you have cool undertones. If you are having greenish, then your warm, yellow-toned skin creates this effect.

Take the neutral test

You need to determine what neutral shades are most flattering on you. You need to question yourself that makes my eyes, skin, and overall face appear better in stark black and white hues, or creamy, off-white and brown or tan shades? It is a good chance that you cool your toned gal. You would like definitely fall under the warm toned category.

Traditional jewelry trick

Women with cool undertones will find silver to be more of their true match, while gold looks much better on warm tones. You need to know which tone of jewelry gives you a more vibrant glow.

Examine your eye and hair color

It is great to determine that identifying your natural eye and hair colors. Cool tones are reserved for the people with blue, gray or green eyes and having blonde, brownish eyes. Black hair with blue or ash undertones are also good looking. Warm toned girls have brown, hazel or amber eyes with strawberry blonde, red, brown or black hair, with an almost red or orange undertone.

Examine your skin after a day in the sun

If your skin slowly turns to a golden brown, do you burn or turn immediately pink? Women with very warm tones will turn into a golden brown easily very cool toned girl will inevitably burn and medium skinned, cool toned girls that they may burn at first and then tan.

Choose a range of colors that look best on you

There’s no denying that warm toned girls will look their best in shade of yellow, warm reds, oranges, browns, greenish-yellows, creams and camels. Cool toned girls are glowing in blues, rich greens, purples, pinks, bluish-greens, fuchsias and reds with a very blue base.

Choosing clothing that will complement your skin tone is not hard. You must choose to wear clothing according to fashion and trends instead by picking them based on our natural colors. Choose the right shade that best suit you look great, little makeup or accessories to look and feel confident.

Seasonal color analysis

A general notion that there is a lack of color variations among women of color, however, that there is not always the case with ethnic women with lighter characteristics.

Winter colors

If you have a dominant winter quality of your coloring, then your skin, hair and eye color combinations are in general very deep and vivid which is why you shine in black and other colors that have a strong jewel quality to them.

Spring colors

Select bright colors that are generally warm. The majority of red heads falls within this season because of dominant warm, red hair color.

Summer colors

Pick light and muted quality coloring. You must have delicate and coolest season of all 4 in the seasonal color analysis.

Autum colors

Choose a lot of depth to get golden undertones that you have an Autum coloring.

Choose the right skin complexion based on clothing choices

If you are confusing in finding the right clothes for your skin color or tone, then it is better to select with your skin tone as given below. This helps to give a shopping for new clothes or pairing outfits from an existing wardrobe. This is instantly brightened up your complexion by choosing clothes with a right skin tone.

Colors for dark skin tones

Dark skin tone is most leeway to choose clothing because of looking washed out. This isn’t part of the equation. The important choice of your colors is wise, however. So, stick with dark blue, black or charcoal as a base for our wardrobe. But, add in accents of bright colors and jewel tones. Avoid deep brown that is especially with its similar to your skin tone. They can even try for muted and pastel shades that look good on you.

Best choice of colors for medium skin tones

The medium skin tones are best for both light colors and deep or dark or rich colors. So, it is better to choose colors from opposite ends of the spectrum like white, pale beige, stone gray, black and deeper jewel tones. This helps to avoid wearing colors that are too closely matched to your skin tone like light brown, mustard yellow or olive green. Thus, the darker side of medium, you can experiment with brighter, medium toned colors.

Try right colors for fair skin tones

The fair skin tone not only easily washed out, but also with the wrong color choices. For this, you have to stick to the base of darker colors such as navy blue, deep brown, black, charcoal, burgundy and dark green. The colors that fairer skin tone people should avoid are soft pastels, light beige and anything else close to your skin tone. You can also choose some bright colors like yellow or orange. The rich jewel tones combined with lighter touches of camel, slate gray or sand. This enhances your skin tone than drown it out.


How to find the perfect hairstyle ideas for curly hair with oval face

Individuals with oval shape face does not have to get a second though about the dress they wear or the haircut they make as almost all types of hairstyles goes with their image. If you have curly hair, most of the curly hair styles will absolutely be fine on your face cutting.  Yet there are many fascinating styles that will suit you really well. You can go with bangs, layered as well as parting. You can now choose the best among the list of hair styles deemed for individuals with an oval face shape. Since oval face shape is symmetrical from all sides, there is nothing left in the face which should be enhanced. Thus, any hairstyle would suit.

Hairstyles for curly hair with oval face 

Side parting hairstyleSide parting

If you have medium or long curly hair, making a side parting in one side and allowing locks to fall from one side of the hair will be perfect. If middle parting is done on an individual with oval shape face with curly hair, there is an illusionary effect that your face appears longer. But, if you can do side parting, a perfect oval shape will be acquired.

Layered hairstyle

Layered hairstyle

Though layer cut goes best with straight hair, these days’ people with curly hair are also adopting. Belief me,  it suits really well with individuals with oval shape and curly hair.  Whether you want to get a short layer or long, both can be adjusted in oval shaped face.

Side swept bangs hairstyle

Side swept bangs

Ladies having an oval shape face with wavy hair can consider the side swept hairstyle. You can also try this with curly hair, but for that you would require the hair iron that can make your hair little wavy but not totally straight. You can also use hair serums for a while in order to get the natural look.

Shaggy wavy hairstyle

Shaggy wavy hairstyle

You can now have a different mood about your attire, the shaggy wavy hairstyle will be appropriate. This will give you a dreamy look with a careless finish. Even you can dress up very casually with this shaggy hairstyle on your oval shape face.

Short wavy bob hairstyle

Short wavy bob

Another popular hairstyle that was always having a great appearance among the public is none other than the short wavy bob.  You must have seen your favorite Hollywood artists adopting this hairstyle.  This can be tried on your face as well as you have an oval shape face.

Shoulder length cut with front bang hairstyle

Shoulder length cut with front bangIf you have curly hair, the best way of adopting this hair style will be application of heat at first and dealing with the entire procedure of hairstyles. This hairstyle looks really great with all types of haircut, especially when you are wearing a casual attire to hang out with your friends.

Long straight cut with middle part hairstyle

Long straight cut with middle part

Sometimes people with curly hair cut also like to have a tall finish to their face. If you too fall in this category go to the middle part and keep your hair as it is falling from two sides of your head, such as from the forehead and the cheeks.

Curly hair with back pin

Curly hair with back pin

You have to take hairs from two sides of your hair and make braids with both the strands of hair one after another. Once the braid is formed, take both the braids from two sides and place it at the back, making a long braid in a horizontal which joins both at the Centre. Place a very attractive pin in the middle as well.

Curly hair with horizontal braid hairstyle

Curly hair with horizontal braid

You can also take some hair from the top and sides of your head and take it back by pinning them in one place. This will make you look attractive when you are attending a party of an occasion. You can also place a very attractive hairpin at the back where you have pinned it.

Twisted curly hair with bow hairstyle

Twisted curly hair with bow

Whether you have very short hair or a mid length hair, go for a twisted hairstyle to create a dramatic finish to your image. You can also place a bow after twisting your hair and forming a lump over it. Go for this hairstyle and you will enjoy load.

Rope like a twist on curly hair

Rope like twist on curly hair

Another wonderful twisting hairstyle appears as a rope. From two sides you have to take bunch of hair that should be twisted in a rotary basis till the time it gets into the rope like appearance.  Thereafter, you tie the both forming a club at the back.

African braided Updos hairstyle

African braided Updos

This hairstyle is very popular among the Africans that makes braids taking very steeper hair from the top till bottom making a very neat finish. The long braids so formed will be placed at the top of the head to for an African Updos. You can place a small hair pin or a flower in one corner to make it look attractive.

Front French palate

Front French palate


Getting an extraordinary finish is easy over your hair when you have a curly hair and have adopted the French palate.  If you have an oval face shape, you can show your forehead by creating the French plate at one side of your hair which will make your face look fuller. You can make this at one side of your hair or both the sides making an extraordinary look.

Fashion curved bangs hairstyle for oval face shape


The bang hairstyle is a great and best choice for oval face shape. Try this because the hairstyles can change the face shape. The hairstyles can shorten the face length by covering them with hairstyles. These aren’t blunt and are instead as they curve on the sides. So, add a frame around the eyes. The sleekness has been just like a blow drying hair. This hairstyle adds a pea size amount of smoothen just like a fashion of Italy hairstyle as a pure design of pure water drops. Simply comb your hair and leave the front bang on the forehead. This hairstyle covers the forehead. Leave side straight long hair open and remaining on the back. Hair ends are curled and side fringes are shaped as ‘S’ on both sides.

Trendy curly short hair with short bangs to try for oval face shape


Try this hairstyle that best suits for you’re instead of trying hairstyles that not suits for your face shape. The different fashion and trendy hairstyle that best suits for your face shape with bob cut hairstyle. If you have a bob cut with curly hair then you can try this hairstyle. Simply, comb your hair and form front fringe to cover the forehead. The remaining curly hair is brushed and left zig-zag which gives a gorgeous look. The hairstyle looks unique and also turns everyone’s attention at you when in a party. Slight make up with this hairstyle looks beautiful. You should remember that bangs are just an option can be wavy, curlies, and kinkies for an oval face shape.

Straight wavy hairstyle for oval face shape

Straight wavy hairstyle for oval face shape


The straight & wavy hairstyle with wavy hair falls is best for oval face shape. The images shows the edge layers as the way to spotlight specific areas of the face. So, cut the layers to the cheeks, lips, or chin, that may depend on the feature. So, if you may want to highlight the hairstyle, then you can try this creative way to cut that can have layers that are around the face. Form the pairing bangs with a length that can hit at the collarbone. Swept bang instead that can create a crisscrossing angle and make you look more beautiful with your loved cheekbones.

Short hairstyles with bangs for oval face shape

1. 8bf46642353cc267724a663fef98d397 Curly bangs are amazing features to shine your hair. The layered haircut or curly bangs hairstyle with side swept bangs. Curly and kinky bangs have a tendency to shrink that need to often be heat styled. This can maintain the look. Heat styling is unhealthy for your locks and is the best way to stay away from daily use. This bangs may be an option for wavy, curly and kinkies. This is best for oval face that is something to show off. This covers your forehead that should shine.

Curly hair in brown color

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 07: Singer/musician Shania Twain arrives at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 7, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

The curly hair tends to be the right now that is good and natural for your face. This adds a layoff to those flat irons. Thus, it this makes your hair natural. This works for your face shape. This is better to cut your curly hair too short. The brown colored hair color with curls and side swept bangs are good looking. This hairstyle is best for any outings.

Long beach wavy hairstyle

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 13: Brooklyn Decker visits Fox And Friends at FOX Studios on February 13, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

The wavy light brown hair best suits for oval face with fair skin tone. This long wavy hairstyle is the best and perfect hairstyle with a classic look. This is not too long, which is super long hair that is not always a great choice for oval faces. This makes the face appear longer. This can mix wavy and long hairstyle with low curls.

Two colored curly hair for oval face

4. curly-hairstyles-for-oval-shape-faces

The two colored hair color has an oval face, which is having a curly look. This is nicely blessed in the locks of department that can unsure this to your face shape. This can assess your face shape and has some characteristics of all the face shapes. Thus, this curly hairstyle gives an elegant look. Try this hairstyle for a natural and has an amazing look to look beautiful.


Curly hairstyle for long face shape – Ideas for long face hairstyle

Most of the models and ladies belonging to fashion world have a long face. Even the girl next door to you might have a long face. If the lady has curly hair over her long face, some hairstyles work really well. If you have a long face, it means the cheek bones are narrow and both the jaw and forehead are steeper. The hairstyle must be chosen in such an order that can make your face fuller or roundish.  Both short and long hairstyles can suit you as you don’t have to think about your broad cheeks. This article to speak about some of the interesting hairstyles that will prefer individuals with a long face. 

Hairstyles for curly hair long face 

Ombre wavy hairstyle for long hair

1. Ombre-Wavy-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair

The Ombre wavy, curly hairstyle gives an amazing look. The curly hairstyle for long hair looks special and attracting.  This stylish hairstyle with blunt bangs and light, low curly hair is beautiful. Style your hair with this stylish look. Try this beautiful hairstyle to look beautiful. This wavy hairstyle with blonde highlights adds more beauty to your long face.

Curly hairstyle for long face

2. b04941e604dafb53589c6883d8e5e9ff

The hairstyle looks blessed with natural curly hair. Try this hairstyle for a longer need due to the helps of the flat iron. This stylish hairstyle looks trendy and is beautiful with a modern trendy look. Lighter colored soft hair with this hairstyle attracts the people with a pleasant look. This is one among the curly hairstyle that best suits for your long face shape.

Pure curly long face shape

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 24: attends the British Academy Television Awards and British Academy Television Craft Nominees Party at The Corintia Hotel on April 24, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

The hairstyle best suits for oval face shape which is similar to long face shape. This hairstyle best suits for long face also. The curls in golden hair color look beautiful with fair skin tone. The complete curls with a bouncy hair are awesome. Use the curling iron tool to curl your hair for a pleasant look. Try this stylish hairstyle with golden brown hair color.

Natural wavy low curly hairstyle for long face

4. 16-sideparted-wavy-lob

The natural waves look great for the women who has short on time. This is the best hairstyle to look elegant and takes less time when you rush to the office. This hairstyle is simple and is quite low curls are attracting. Wash your hair air dry with a bit of product that is worked into the ends of your locks for some of the statement texture. This is simple and good looking.

Rounded fringe hairstyle with wavy hair

5. 24028

The natural beautiful wavy thick dark hair best suits for longer face shape. The hair is deep, gentle waves and is thick rounded with a fringe which is a perfect look for your face shape. The hairstyle is best with the fringe and its length of the cut with a wavy texture will help to frame the face. This can add a width and can detracting with the length of hair.

Short messy mob hairstyle

Short messy mob hairstyle

Even if you have a long face cutting, a short messy bob can be a wonderful consideration as the hair will be volumized with a limit till your cheeks and will make the sides of face much more attractive. This will make your long face look fuller and attractive.

Ring style updo hairstyle

Ring style updo hairstyle


Ladies with longer face can go for an updo when they wish to look different on their wedding ceremony. Since their hair is already curly, they don’t need to use a heating iron to make rings over the updo’s. These are the random curled locks, accompanied by an attractive hair styling pin.

Curled out the styles for 40’s hairstyle

Curled out the styles for 40’s hairstyle


Even if you have crossed 40 years of age, adopting great hairstyles should be always in fashion. If you have a long face and medium curly hair this particular hairstyle can also be tried as it is really easy to be maintained because of its length and also the style fits you really well.

Layered gentle curls hairstyle

Layered gentle curls

Ladies with longer face can also try out the layered hairstyle as this ideally suite their face cutting in making them look volumized.  This hairstyle can also be adopted by all those who have crossed 50 years of age. Look how beautiful this elderly lady looks with this hairstyle.

Spiral cuts hairstyle

Spiral cut

It is really amazing to look when you have adopted a spiral cut hair when you have a longer variation of face as this will create a roundish circumference and depict an illusion that your face is broader and roundish. This hairstyle can be adopted by people with coarse, curly as well as medium curl hair shape along with a long face.

Messy medium curl hairstyle

Messy medium curl

The options for long faced women with curly hair are also open when they wish to adopt the messy medium curl on their hair. After having a hair cut from the professional hair stylist, it will be important to make a re frame of hair with the hot blowers and create an absolute messy look.

French plate braid hairstyle 

French plate braid hairstyle

The hairstyle named as French plate looks really great when you have a curly hair and a long face as this would not make any single hair strand to appear over your face and make your face look fuller and attractive even if you have any trouble with your long face.

Horizontal half French and braid hairstyle

Horizontal half French and braid

Look how beautiful the lady looks from the back with the attractive Horizontal half French and braid hair style. The curly hair looks really attractive at the back where the horizontal half French and braid is constructed. This hairstyle can be adopted by yourself or you can ask your friend to do it.

French braid with curls hairstyle

French braid with curls hairstyle


If you have curly hair that is just a bit above in length over the waist, getting a French braid from one side of the hair and pull it to the other side. It looks just like a hair band from the back. The long curly hair must be open wide at the back. You can get a wonderful look from the back.

A twist to form a lump with French hairstyle

A twist to form a lump with French

Make a French plate from one corner of your head that makes the diagonal plate that drops down to a corner of the back. A lump will be formed in one corner of the hair right at one corner. It will be like a messy bun where some hair is falling out and some are molded. This looks really attractive for individuals with curly hair.

Simple loose bun hairstyle

Simple loose bun hairstyle


Ladies with a long face also look great when they tie their hair forming a bun at the back. This hairstyle will be really wonderful when you are going to make yourself indulged in a variety of occasions. You can take it as casual attire as well. This goes really well with the western as well as traditional dress.

Loose red carpet hairstyle

Loose red carpet hairstyle

It is always not mandatory that ladies going to get a red carpet image should get a neat and tied hair. The loose red carpet look will really suit well. The ladies with medium curl hair can go for this look if they have longer face. Create a loose hair with a pin at the back to get a red carpet touch.

Wedding Updo hairstyle

Wedding Updo

During the wedding season, you must be looking out for the hairstyle, those suits you the purpose. A fantastic wedding updo makes you look really attractive when you have a long face. This attractive updo is also quite similar to that of the classic updos. You can try this to surprise your guests.

Latest fashion long & loose hairstyle for long face


The hairstyle that best for long face shape is loose hair or bob haircut. The long face shape feels they should try this short hair that is because of long hair. This hairstyle can drag their faces down. The long layers are styled in soft waves that are definitely work and can benefit you. So, create a volume on the sides of your face. These hairstyles are better and are flattering hairstyle. The long face has widths of brow, cheekbones, and jaw line. The length of your face from forehead to chin is simple. So, try this hairstyle that best suits you.

Streaky straight & wavy hairstyle for long face

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The unstructured haircuts make your looks wider and thicker. So, try the time saving hairstyles that make you look cute. The hair cuts with neat, one length, and sophisticated hairstyle suit for long face and will also give an edge of sleek glam. The hairstyle is best supplier and sassy. The uber on trend for long bob is perfect for a long face. Try full of volume and body that to add width to the face. Yet the super smooth and sleek to seal the style. The blunt fringe hairstyle can detract the length as the sensational red coloring around adds more dimensions and texture to your long face. This essential long shaped face will give  a more beautiful look to you.

Toffee curly hairstyle for long face shape


The best up do’s that are best and are common for formal occasions is sleek and bouncy curls. This hairstyle with a polished style adds more glamour to your face shape. Sometimes, the best to just stick to the tried and true hairdos which make you look more beautiful. This hairstyle best suits for your face shape. The hairstyle can add layers and can stop past the chin. The hairstyle is perfect complement to long faces. These hairstyles for long face shape and break up the length with any king of hair length and volume. Some of the hairstyles can add an increased volume look to your hair.


Best short hairstyles – Cute hair cut guide for round face shape

You must have viewed many round face women with short hair in your way to the office or within your friends and relatives. Some look very attractive whereas others are not up to the mark. The difference in looks is just due to the fact that not all hairstyles suites with ladies with rough shape face. Thus, it becomes really important for you to know and choose the appropriate hair style or hair cut design that will go well with your face. If you can consult with one of your hair styling expert, he/ she will be the best person to speak about the right hairstyle that will easily suit your face and looks. We have some very appropriate hair style collections for ladies with round face structure.

Hairstyles for round face women short hair 

Simple short bowl cut haircut for round face

1. 7-short-haircut-for-round-face-bowl-cut

The bowl haircut has horizontal edges. This best suit for round faces and keeps you’re styled with a different look. Try this styled straight in vertical streaks that gives a natural look. The deep bangs that start practicing from the crown creates an illusion of a high forehead. This keeps attracting the attention to your eyes. The bowl cut with white soft silky hair looks beautiful. Try this stylish different hairstyle to get a unique look.

Quick nice blunt ends with bob hair to look cool

2. Best-Short-Hairstyles-for-Round-Faces_25

The stylish modern nice blunt ends bob hair gives cool and subtle layers for a unique look. Try this stylish and trendy haircut with a round face. The hairstyle that best suits for round face are layered bangs, long layers, nice curly hair at the crown and short sides. This is easy to style with your short hair for your charming round face. This hairstyle does not enhance your look that is easy to work out for your hairstylist.

Asymmetrical bob haircut for short hair

3. 5489f6c8c4204_-_rbk-round-hair-julianne-s2

This is as an asymmetrical bob haircut with uneven short layers, which is a perfect for those looking to define their face. A bob haircut that is easy to style in the midst, when you rushed in the morning. The side swept bangs with soft straight haircut is easy to style your hair. The side swept soft bangs hairstyle. This hairstyle gives a professional look and is good for office or any official party.

Best flattering haircut for round face

4. round-face-shape-hairstyles-adele

Grazing cut has a balancing effect that gives a beautiful look. This haircut has fullest part of a round face at the cheeks. The haircut keeps the weight at the ends of strands that can enhance angles along the jawline. Thus, this gives a short layered hair cut at the bottom and adds thickness to your hair. This has a gorgeous retro feel. But a bit wary of over styling with heavy makeup. You can style your hair with hot rollers and brushing through curls that takes their own shape.

Middle part waves hairstyle

Middle part waves

If you have chubby cheeks, it means that the middle parting hairs will suit you in a wonderful way. If you have a short length hair that touches just your shoulder line, just part it from the middle and create curls over the two sides. Since your hair falls over two sides of your face over your cheeks, the wider cheeks will be covered making your face look slimmer.

Short edgy hairstyle

Short edgy hairstyle

If you have a round face with blonde hair, short edge hairstyle will be a wonderful consideration. The hair cut is done in a way that it settles at the neck length bob with some layered hair cut throughout the hair that is short in length. The lady with this hairstyle will easily get a super sophisticated look. This is one of the professional hair styles that will create great attire.

Short layered bob haircutShort layered bob

Generally there is an impression that bob cut means the haircut that is just above the neckline where at the lady will look absolutely like a boy. But, this particular short layered bob is little different where the hair falls down in an equal length till the neck with inward curve till the ears and outward curve at the end. Even the hair falling over your face will cover your cheeks and you will look slimmer.

Wet look in short layered haircut

Wet look in short layered

Most of the ladies must have adopted the short layered hairstyle but have you ever tried the wet look on it? Yes, try this and get a total different attire of yourself in front of the crowd. Go for the layer cut that is neck length shorter and apply the good quality hair gel. You can either use your fingers to back brush or simply use a comb to deal with the same.

Short layer flips with a bang Short layer flip with bang

This is another very interesting hairstyle for ladies with short hair and round face shape. Go for the cut where the actual length of your hair is till the neck. Cover your forehead with some hair strands and go for the outward curl of the layer around the cheek bones of ladies. This is a sophisticated hairstyle that can be adopted by ladies of all age groups.

Ear length hair with side bangs choppy

Ear length hair with side bangs choppy

If you have a round shape face, ear length hair can also go with your image really well. But, it is important to note that you must keep your side bangs choppy. The viewers will be drawn towards you once the bangs of your hair are swept. If you are among those ladies who wish to show the color of your eyes, this hairstyle will be a wonderful alternative.

Natural messy short hairstyle 

Natural messy short hair

You can also get a messy look over your short hairstyle if you have a round face shape. This will ideally fit you with the natural waves along with a simple and touchy style of rocky texture. Today, most of the ladies are adopting messy hairstyle as this takes very less time to frame it and also create a trendy look in a very less time.

Sleek angled Lob haircut

Sleek angled Lob

If you have a wavy hair, you can use a flat iron to get it straight in appearance. Sleek angled Lob is a wonderful hairstyle that will suit ladies with round or plump face. Just go to the parlor today and get this hairstyle for creating a total makeover of your image.

Cropped Bob with Jagged edges haircut

Cropped Bob with Jagged edges

Another very cute hairstyle with ladies with round shape face is cropped Bob with Jagged edges. This will add a great volume to your hair, especially at the top portion of hair. This hairstyle will suit well for all ladies in the age group of 20-30 years. This will give a fresh look to your face with the short tousled locks.

Pixie cut with the tapered sideburns haircut

Pixie cut with Tapered sideburns

If you can go from side burn set, this will easily create frames for the round face. This will also go well with the blonde hair as the darkened roots will create an elongated look. This is such a hairstyle where the top boundary of your face will start with a particular line of the hair growth. But you can also go to the dark roots.

A line bob with side parting haircut style

A line Bob with side parting

The chin length hair looks really attractive when you have a round shape face provided you have bangs and curls hanging over your face. The casual waves are really attractive with the effortless style. Your cheeks won’t look broader with this side parting.

Style your hair cut like tight braid


The simple, short edgy braids on the sides of the hairstyle, make the sides tighter. This also removes the volume on the sides and can add more width to a round face shape. This hairstyle best suit for the women who have a long face and also the height on top with hairs make your face look longer. You should apply a styling tool to wet your hair after a head bath. Blow dry hair to the top of the head. Form two rows of braids on each side. Style your texture into the hair by using a styling product. Style with the top into a pompadour and set with Hairspray. Medium hair texture and density with round face shape will suit for this hairstyle.

Best short haircut with ringlets


The hairstyle is perfect for women who have curly and ring hair. This hairstyle best suits for round face shape. This needs a visual correction with a hairstyle. It is to be fair and not suits for every round face. You need for visual correction with your hairstyle. The sweet, cute, and charming look for round face is with only for round face. The hairstyle really looks good with any haircut and is best for playful ringlets. The hairstyle for her is lovely with a wonderful smile and is just adorable. This hairstyle is good in modern western wears and sports dress.

Top best trendy piecey bob haircut


The hairstyle best suits for who have shoulder length hair. This hairstyle is imprecisely to style and can try it that make you look beautiful. The soft bob with layered cut is beautiful. Try this hairstyle for a thickening spray and make you look around brush on damp hair. This hairstyle is simple as wavy, straight hair and is easy to style your hair. The hairstyle makes you look different. Comb your hair and slightly left your mid part hair and side swept your straight hair. Leave a fringe of hair on forehead and leave them around as they are that make you look simple and beautiful.


Hairstyle ideas for round face – Best haircuts for round face

You can easily view many women who have a round face shape, but choosing an appropriate hairstyle is an important factored altogether. Most of the women wish to keep their hair long and attractive, but without adopting a proper style, getting an attractive look becomes a trouble. Thus, you must have been always looking for the hairstyle that will go with your round face backed with long hair. Let us have a look at some of the interesting hairstyles which have been adopted by the celebrities with elegant look. With rounder face shape, you can easily adopt a variety of hairstyles. 

Hair style for round face women with long hair 

Cure simple hairstyle for long hair with bangs

1. Cute-Long-Hairstyles-For-Round-Faces

Try this simple, stylish hairstyle with cute long hair. Mid part your hair and try it with bangs. The hairstyle look special and layered haircut makes you look stylish and simple. This hairstyle is good looking with trendy haircut. The hair on shoulders with layers looks beautiful in light brown blonde hairstyle. This hairstyle best suit for round face shape and is beautiful.

Long hair with a trendy haircut

2. haircuts-for-long-hair-and-round-face-55cd5a5da80da

The layered haircut with a stylish look gives a special trendy look. Try this trendy look with a teenager looks beautiful. The hairstyle is simple and beautiful. Thus, the hairstyle looks good with light brown hair color. This hair is beautiful with side swept bangs covers half of the face and gives a stylish trendy look. The hairstyle gives a trendy look. The long hairstyle ideas are best that is beautiful with a trendy look.

Wavy blunt bangs long haircuts for round face shape

3. bella-thorne-wavy-with-blunt-bangs-long-haircuts-for-round-faces

Try this stylish hairstyle with blunt bangs and is beautiful with a fashion look. The front blunt bangs look great with a trendy look. The stylish wavy haircut looks good. The stylish hairstyle makes you look trendy and are beautiful. The haircut best suits for round face shape. This is great long haircut with a different hair color idea. This wavy hairstyle with blunt bangs long haircuts is great for round faces.

Hairstyle ideas for women

4. hairstyles-for-round-face-women-2014

The straight hairs with perfect haircut that make you look great. Try this haircut with straight dark black hair that gives a trendy look. This stylish hairstyle makes you look beautiful. The front blunts hairstyle with side swept bangs shoulder length hair looks good. The stylish hairstyles that make you look trendy for round face shape. This hairstyle best suits for round face to look elegant.

Cute ponytail hairstyle idea for round face

5. Ponytail-Hairstyle-for-round-face

The top & curly rolled hairstyle best suits for round face. Try this stylish hairstyle for parties and other occasions. The side swept bang in front makes you look good. This hairstyle is stylish and trendy. This simple hairstyle makes you look good and beautiful. The stylish hairstyle makes you look good. The bouncy hair with tight up ponytail hairstyle with rolled curls attracts the people.

Soft and wavy hairstyles

Soft and wavy hairstyles


If you have a plump face with broad cheek and round facial appearance, go for the soft and wavy curls over your long hair as this will hide your cheeks and give rise to an extra-ordinary slimming hairstyle. You can do a centered parting of hair with soft waves falling over two sides of your face. These are basically the face framing layers that will change your look.

Bulky Bun hairstyle

Bulky Bun hairstyle


Generally bulky ladies tend to get round and fuller face. Not all ladies would like to keep their hair fall down as it creates irritation over their skin. Also, they feel really hot to make their hair falling down from the face and back touching their neck. You can easily go for the hairstyle named s bulky bun as this will create a gorgeous look for you whenever you have plans to attend a cocktail party or an official gathering. This is a wonderful hairstyle that helps making your face look longer.

Lose up do hairstyle

Loose up do hairstyle

If you are pregnant and have put on weight, do not worry about your looks as certain hairstyles can make you look really attractive even if you have put on much weight. This Loose up do is one of the wonderful hairstyle that will bring out your femininity even when you are pregnant. You can also bring out some strands from your face, which can also be the wet locks with the application of gel. You can also use a round brush and a blow dryer to create the perfect style.

Up do with long diagonal bangs

Updo with long diagonal bangs

If you have a round shape face, it means that you need to make your cheeks appear longer in shape as those are the portions which make your face look broader. You must have seen this style being adopted by many of your favorite Hollywood stars. This will help your round face look slimmer in appearance. This is also an easy hairstyle which can be done easily by you. Rather, you won’t require help from a professional.

Voluminous half up and half down style

Voluminous half up and half down style

Plump ladies with long hair would also wish to have a trendy hairstyle. This voluminous half up and half down style will add volume to your hair and at the same time would lengthen your round face. You can lift the front portion of your hair with sufficient lift along with a support of up do at the back. The bangs that are constructed with the rest of your hair makes you look really pretty with the balance of your round face.

Messy wispy up do hairstyle

Messy wispy updo

Sometime we don’t have much time in hand in order to give a neat touch of hairstyle after creating it. This messy wispy updo hairstyle will be a wonderful combination for all ladies who have a round shape face and long hair. You will simply have a ravishing look with your messy updo hairstyle.

Long and curly hair look

Long and curly hair look

If you are having a bulky body structure with a round face, this curly long hair looks wills ideally suited you. Even if you have gained pounds in some years, this is the time when you can flaunt the beauty in plump look. The curly locks falling over your face will make your heavy cheek well balance with coverage. This will help you look very attractive and adequate body shape along with roundish face. Try this today and get yourself look attractive in front of the crowd. Your round face will look really attractive with this exclusive hair cut.

Long layers hairstyle

Long layers

Round faces complements really well with longer layers as the hair strands forming in each step will cover your cheek bones and even the bulging appearance that is formed in the lower portion of the cheeks. You can now ask your hair stylist to get you a long and layered hairstyle.

Seventies shag hairstyle

Seventies shag hairstyle


This is a hairstyle where the round faced lady can get very attractive geometrical layers which will be step in with attractive face cutting without making your face look very round. The layer will go through the Accenture on your chin and cheeks. It is really important to keep your hair straight with this particular hairstyle. Thus, you should apply a thermal styling spray and get your hair dry with blow until all the moisture is sucked.

Long tresses with mid layers Long tresses with mid layers

If you have long plain haircut, getting a mid layer cut will be ideal. The long tresses along with it will look really amazing. The round face will get a softness with this hairstyle which will be accompanied with the framing of long faces. After towel drying this hair, you can apply mousse and thermal spray.

Side swept layers with waves

Side swept layers with waves

Just after cutting layered in your hair, use a comb to make a side swept design. The hair that has fallen down to your shoulder and even below that will be portrayed with creation of waves. You can easily do it at home with the help of your styling iron. You can either ask your fringed to do this for you or go to the hair stylist.

Long mermaid shag Long mermaid shag

This can also be known as a long and curly hairstyle where you can look like a flirty lady who is also accompanied by no fringe or shag. This is one of the cutest hairstyles which can also portray a glamorous look of yours in front of the mass. You can make it look much more attractive by using curl cream and serum.

Classic long hair style Classic long hairstyle

If you have long hair, you would hardly wish to cut your hair short. This is the time to adopt your long hair in a stylish look. This classic long hairstyle will absolutely go with your round and plumy image. A side swept bang with little heat and styling iron application can make it look really amazing.

Best fashion braided hairstyle for long hair


The hairstyle is best for a wedding. Try this braided beautiful hairstyle for wedding. This hairstyle creates a great way to have a pretty look for face and can try a new hair color. Start your hairstyle with dry hair and parted to one side. Curl your hair into section by using a medium sized curling iron tool of your hair. Once your curling is completed, then start a French braid which is started from the outer edge of one eyebrow and are ended behind the opposite ear. Safely secure the braid with Bobby pins. Finally, use Hairspray to hold the hairstyle tightly. This hairstyle best suits for the loner faces and can form framing layers with a great look.

The Bardot or top hair bun for round face

The Bardot or top hair bun for round face




The long bob hairstyle looks stunning and is perfect for every round face woman. You can try this up do hairstyle that can make your face look wider. This hairstyle makes you look chic and flattering. This also adds more volume just like a crown. Try this hairstyle to make your face look longer and off less wide. Side swept bangs helps to cut across the face and make you look full cheeks like a slimmed down. This hairstyle works pretty much better than any hair type. This hairstyle is great for the round face shape. The top fact is that you can be a master within ten minutes with this stylish hairstyle. You’ve got yourself to be a new favorite style. Side swept your front hair to form a bang. Then, prepare an up do bun in the middle of the head. Secure your bun with Bobby pins not to move or loosen.

Best cute easy hairstyle for women with round face


The hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut is the best styling terms to be used to style your hair. The fashion of hair is an aspect of personal grooming with cosmetics. The braid hair is often elaborately and carefully dressed in special ways to make her look beautiful. Simply part your hair into three sections. The front section is used to form a crisscross bangs to cover the forehead. Second section part hair is rolled and pinned as a crown. Pin it securely not to move and loosen. Third parts of hair are rolled and are free to hang up to the shoulders. Pin the remaining hair up with full of curls. In the front section, while making bangs, leave the ear locks that form as fringe.

style Women

Top best Indian hairstyle for saree

Sari is traditional attire which almost 8 out of 10 women wish to adopt for formal and occasional purpose. But only wearing sari won’t be enough when you are dressing up for an occasion, rather you must adopt stylish hair that will suit with your face and image. Even the hair style must suits in such a way that it ideally can be carried on with your image. You must have seen ladies in a party adopting variety of hairstyles with the trendy sari they wear. By viewing them with beautiful hairstyles, even you will be eager to get the best combination of the hairstyle which will go with your image. Let us have a look at some of these varieties.

Hair styles are just as important as accessories to saree wearers. Hairstyles add charm and elegance to the person who wears it. Beautifully designed hair decorations in the form of flowers, hair pins and long draping jewelry would be used to keep the hair in place. The popular hairstyles we found in women who dress in saree are chignon hairstyle, long hairstyle, braided hairstyle, short hairstyle.

Hindi best Indian wedding hairstyles to compliment your saree ]

Hairstyle or haircut, it’s a fashioning of hair can be considered as an aspect of personal neatness and for fashion, although cultural, practical and popular known as an influence some hairstyles.

Women regularly tie a ponytail style while regular days in offices or at home. If your hairs are longer one braid at the back and if they are shorter would like to keep their hairs open, straight feathery hairs.

Trending hairstyles for pattu saree

1. Simple-side-swept-open-hairstyle

The hairstyle is simple and is with simple light curls. Try this hairstyle for the wedding and on any other occasions. The simple side swept hairstyle is good looking with soft and smooth hair. The layered low curly hairstyle with dark shade eye blush gives a bold look. The hairstyle is simple and takes less time compared to other stylish hairstyles.

Hairstyle on saree for elegant look

2. aishwarya-rai-saree-set-bollywood-glamor-photos-hair-1283336324

The hairstyle is simple and side swept bang with loose hair. The wide open loose hair to one side on shoulders looks beautiful. This hairstyle is simple and beautiful, that makes you look awesome. The straight loose hair with a layered haircut makes her look awesome in green and maroon bordered saree. This hairstyle with heavy necklace and huge earrings adds more beauty and are beautiful.

Stylish updo hairstyle for saree


The hairstyle looks delightful updos hairstyle for saree. The updo hairstyle is best always for every type of women, mostly the Indian women. They are very much addicted and can updo hairstyle that makes her look beautiful. When the woman chooses for saree and that too with updo hairstyle which makes her look gorgeous. The stylish fashion, hairstyle with heavy trendy jewelry looks beautiful.

Wavy hairstyle on Indian hairstyle for saree

4. Wavy-hairstyle

The most stylish hairstyle with side bangs. All the hair is side swept on shoulder with a low curl wavy hair. This hairstyle with makeup and huge earrings is beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle in golden and pink colored saree adds more beauty. The hairstyle looks awesome with slight blond highlights. The hair looks in heavy volume with a bouncy look on one side.

Trendy & stylish hairstyle to look fabulous at the wedding

5. beautifull

The hairstyle looks stylish and modern. The side swept long curled ear locks are beautiful. Thus, the hair is brushed and is pinned centered like a bun with little hair strands out. This stylish hairstyle looks extraordinary with an awesome jewelry. Try this stylish, fabulous hairstyle for wedding. The hairstyle in a pink colored saree is more attracting with a simple smile on her face. Try this beautiful look with a trendy fashion looks more beautiful.

Side swept hairstyles for sareesside swept hair style

Side swept hairstyle looks simply curl your hair with your favorite method of curling and then brush it to one side. You can then pin your hair in place if you want to make sure it stays put or leave it loose if you don`t mind moving it back in place occasionally. You can brush your hair to either side, left or right, whichever you prefer. Although, you may want to have your hair come over the same shoulder that you drape your saree over.

If you don’t have natural curly hair, you can try to curl your hair you can place it in hair rollers overnight. You may also use a blow dryer over your hair rollers if you can’t do it overnight.

Long hairstyle in bridal wedding dress

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Women who wear saree usually have long tresses which are one of their beauty assets. So, women prefer to tie their long hair in a bun hairstyle while others may leave it as it is, long and flowing covering the shoulders and neck. This hairstyle is mostly worn to parties and weddings. If you want to try something very simple and then leave your straight hair open. Opt for the center-parting line. It will go well with the casual cotton sarees to.

Curly hair style for sarees


Curly hairstyles are parted in the middle or on the sides to give the face a thinner look. Curly hairstyle will complement the unique angles of your bone structure. It looks good when paired with stunning gem ornament to complete the look. Comp through a leave-in conditioning spray to moisturize curls. First divide the hair into four sections. Rub a small amount of styling product between your hands for each section, separate fingers on one hand like a rake and through from roots to ends, spreading the styling gel through the section. Gently shake hair back and forth to create waves or curl, then drop the section. Continue until all sections are gelled, raked and shake. Determine your face shape, then decide if it is round, oval, square or heart.

Updo hairstyles for sarees


Updo hairstyles are mostly preferred hairstyles for sarees. This hairstyle is a wonderful way to bring attention and draws the eye upward, creating the illusion to make you appear taller. It looks slick and stylish. It is perfect when decorated with a tiara as well for any special occasion. Updo with small flowers for decorations and lovely curls make a beautiful display.

Braided hairstyles to give a traditional classic look

Braided hairstyles are a common sight of many women and girls in countries like India. The hairstyle is favored since it gives a neat appearance and is a deal hairstyle for women with long hair living in hot. It is easy to attend to their day to day chores, since the hair strands won’t feel out of place as they work. A braid is one hairstyle that never fails to make an impression. You can also adorn your hair with some fresh gajras and a maang-tikka. You can never go wrong with this one.

Front braids and ponytail for sarees6

A regular ponytail look a couple of small braids have been added at the front around her forehead and brought over one side together, then wrapped around to the back of her head giving a crown like appearance. Start braiding on the front of your hair near one of your ears and then braid across the top of your forehead, around the other ear and then towards the back of your head. Pin this braid at the back and then start the next braid the same way, just behind the first braid, bringing it around the same and pinning it at the back also. You can then make a ponytail, you prefer.

Teased hairstyle for sareesTeased-hairstyle-for-sarees

This type of hairstyles looks amazing on saree. The hair is teased up in front to give it volume and pinned at the back of the head to hold it in place. In such cases you can also add ornaments to the back of the hair like a fancy hair comb or pretty clip. The rest of the hair is left hand naturally at the sides and the back. If you want to change the style you can change by curling or straightening. In order to tease your hair you need a fine toothed comb. Comb out the section of your hair. Then, as you wish to tease and then back comb it underneath to create volume to your hair. After that smooth it out carefully. Leave the thickness and make sure not to comb out the teasing. Spray will helps to stay your hair stiff.

Styling side parts hairstyle for sareesStyling-Side-Parts-Hairstyles-for-Sarees

This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair that the hair will be parted on one side. Simply part your hair on one side and add curls for added volume. This will be straightened your hair rather than wearing curls. When you want to part your hair part the same side that you will drape your saree. You can also do it on the other side to spice things up a bit for a nice change. This is a simple and fast rule to part your hair as you wish to the middle or as far to the side as you dare or are comfortable with.

Classic bun hairstyle for sareeshigh-bun-for-sareer

A classic bun is nothing but chignon which is useful to flaunt your shoulders and neck. If you are planning to wear a huge neck piece or strapless blouses or even large earrings, then this is the right choice. You need to take all your hair. Pull back your hair rolling it into a bun to look gorgeous. This hairstyle will suit for any face shape. Now pin it high and tight, almost to the closer to the center of your head or blow to that. Low bun tied almost nearly at the nape of the neck and it can decorate with beautiful flowers to give an ethic Indian diva.

Half braided hairstyle for sareesHalf-braided-hairstyle-for-sarees

This hairstyle is stylish when you wear on saree. The front hair has been braided and pinned. Then the remaining hairs have to be left loose on the side. So, that you can wear accessories with a mangtikka.

Half up half down hairstyles for sareeshalf_up_half_down_hairstyles_indian

This hairstyle is very easy and simple. You can just pin up half hair up while leaving remaining half hair down. Or else you can have a half hair weaved up into a French pattern and pinned up. You need to just create bouncy waves to leave the hair super straight. Hair accessories with sparkling stones add a more attraction to this simple hair style.

Simple layers hairstyle for sareesSimple-layers-hairstyle-for-sarees

Layers make the hair seem to be more volume. It is very easy and you need to get your hair cut in neat layers. You need to maintain natural curls and straight hair of your hair. Blow dry makes the hair look even more bouncy. The best to maintain this style would put them into two half’s. Let one half fall one shoulder and the other shoulder left open.

The plait hairstyle for bride with Indian traditional saree

The plait hairstyle for bride with Indian traditional saree

This is one of the wonderful hairstyles adopted by many ladies who wish to get traditional attire. Along with this hairstyle, you can easily put flowers on the backside of hair along with beautifully zari bordered traditional sari draped in a classic style. This is one of the most simple and traditional Indian hairstyles which can be done by even a novice. You can go for the traditional silk sari to suit with this hair style.

Fishtail hairstyle for bridal wedding sareeFish tail hairstyle

Fishtail hairstyle is not a new combination; rather it was present in the fashion industry for a long time. From the primitive time this hairstyle was really famous which goes really well with traditional attire? You can go for different combination of such fish tail braids hairstyles that suit you in all traditional occasions. Even you can adopt this when you are going for the western wear.

Loose waves hairstyles for traditional sareeLoose waves hairstyles

If you want to keep your hair open along with saris or western wear, the loose waves hairstyles will suit you in a perfect way. If you have long hair, but straight in appearance, this loose wave will add volume to your hair. You can do this with styling drying with a round comb over which hair is overlapped and then applied heater. You can get perfect volumized hair with these loose waves hairstyles.

Side swept hairstyle with less curl for saree

Side swept hairstyle with little curl

You can look really great and gorgeous with the side swept hairstyle which is quite similar to the loose waves but has a little different appearance. If you are willing to adopt one of the easiest hairstyles that goes with your image, this side swept hairstyle along with less curl will be ideal. Use your curling rod to curl your hair first and use a rubber band or pin. Now sweep your hair in a side and pin up your hair available in curling rod at the back. Keep this for an hour and open to view beautiful curls with side swept hair.

Updo hairstyle with mang tikka

Updo hairstyle

An updo hairstyle looks really well when you are willing to get an elegant finish of your hair. This will look great when you are going to get a rich appearance of your attire for weddings. This updo will be really attractive when you make a puffing style at the front of your hair. You can now get an elegant updo style with this particular hairstyle. If you think your hair is too light and soft, use Bumpits to create puff at the front portion of your hair.

Messy bun with curl hairstyle with flowers

Updo hairstyleThis is an extraordinary variety of hairstyle where you can see curly hair over the bun that you have formed. After creating the puff over the front portion of the head, deal with the ones that are right at the back. Now tie your hair up to a ponytail and take hair strands, one after another to twist and form the curl. Now pin up those curly hair over your pony tail by making a bun like appearance. Do not tie the end of the hair. Keep is casual and as it is. Also make some strands of hair falling over your cheeks to create a different look.

French roll hairstyle with hair accessories French roll

French roll is rather a very neat hairstyle which is also quite easy to make. First of all comb your hair very well such that there is no knots or lump. Thereafter, take all your hair from top and bottom and pull it at the back. Now roll your hair from the back and tie it back at the side with the back clips neatly. This is one of the wonderful hair styles that goes with all types of dresses you wear and attire you consider.

Messy low side bun with waves hairstyle on saree

Messy low side bun with waves hairstyle on saree

Well this classic hairstyle can actually accentuate your looks in a saree. Make a low bun at the side of your head. Tuck it in well with the help of Bobby pins just behind your ear. Let the front hairs on the side of the bun hang loosely on your forehead before reaching the bun. The beauty of this style is that, here the hair is not pulled tightly.

Super high folded bun hairstyle to try with saree

Super high folded bun

This style is often donned by our favorite actresses when they appear in a saree. Here the bun is made at a high position over the head. The hair is essentially back bruised and it is well settled with a hair spray while the bun it looks quite messy. This hairstyle can be ideal for any party and it can give your neck a longer appearance making you look taller.

Knot bun hairstyle for traditional wedding sarees

Knot bun

As the name suggests this bun looks like a collection of knots. The bun is loosely placed around the neck and all the hairs from the front and back are tidied into it. The bun itself has a mess and carefree look and it can give an ideal touch to your total appearance particularly when you are wearing a saree. You can also make the bun gorgeous with some small embellishments.

Side bun with flowing curls hairstyle with bridal sarees

Side bun with flowing curls

This hairstyle can actually go pretty well with any type of saree and also with other ethnic dresses. This hairstyle is ideally suited for long haired girls, but even the short haired ones can also opt for extensions to get this hairstyle. Here you do a messy side bun and then the curls are left flowing naturally on the shoulders to the front. Check out the picture.

High bun with front fringes hairstyle for traditional wear

High bun with front fringes

This hairstyle can look exactly perfect with sarees. If you have front fringes, all you need to do is doing up to your hair in a neat and tight high bun at the back. You can also side swept the fringes as shown in the picture or opt to leave them naturally flowing over your forehead. This hairstyle looks more amazing when paired with long earrings.

One side roll up hairstyle with a classic look

One side roll up

Well, this is a fairly easy hairstyle to achieve and can make you look like a diva when paired with a saree. Part your hairs at the side, and roll up the heavier part to pin it at the back of your head. Make sure that the hairs at the side you pin flow in front of your shoulders. Simply tug the other side of the hair with a clip just above your ear and you are done.

The simple side-do ponytail hairstyle on traditional saree

The simple side-do

This hairstyle can be achieved with ease. Simply tuck the hairs below your ears on both the sides. Take the hair to the left side that is the opposite side of the pallu, and then use a gorgeous band to constrict the hairs in the middle. Ensure that the remaining part is curly and the hairs flow down from your shoulders.

Best fashion casual bun hairstyles for sarees

Best fashion casual bun hairstyles for sarees

The top best hairstyle gives a beautiful look to you with long and loosely hair hanging down. This hairstyle looks simple and can lose bun with different hairstyle on saree. This hairstyle best suits for saree. The front hair is twisted and twisted back. Pin them back that and are located bottom on the back of your head. There are a few strands that help to lose your hair that adds sexy look and best quality that is having a very appealing look. So, style your hair by looking this hairstyle. This also looks like a styled casual hair on saree. You can have more approachable and fun loving look to your face. This adds more beauty to your in saree. You can wear this in party, weddings, and on any occasions. This gives another stylish look and adds extra beauty with ornaments or flowers that you add.

Hairstyles that you should try as puff and a bun for sarees


Nowadays puff hairstyles became fashion and are suitable for any people that to mostly for those who have a big forehead. This hairstyle is tried by many of celebrities in most of the movies. The front puff gives you a longer face look with your hair volume. You can wear this hairstyle with a bunch of flowers rolled around bun. You can have this type of hairstyle on sarees or any traditional wear. Puffy bun hairstyle makes you look with a longer neck. With this styled hair on saree gives a beautiful look of traditional jewelry and makeup. Indian hairstyles for long straight hair that includes these buns that made in different styles with puff bun. Try this hairstyle on the occasions, wedding, festival or any get-together party.

Short hairstyles for saree


The best short hairstyles with fashion tips on saree. This is one of the simplest, easy and quick hairstyle that you need to try on any traditional wear. Short hairstyle is popular and takes very less time to make. Pin your hairs on back by making a mid partition. Tie a back bun and pin it. It is best to wear in party and on any occasion with simple jewelry and makeup.

Rolled hair strands with open hair

Rolled hair strands with open hair

The hairstyle best suits for night party with rolled ear locks. The hairstyle is best with a traditional fabric to sarees. The mid parted crown hairstyle with side rolled open hair up to shoulder make you look beautiful. Try this stylish fashion, hairstyle with shimmery sarees for evening and night party. This hairstyle with saree is attractive and looks bold and beautiful.

Side swept bang hairstyle with wavy hair

Anushka sharma Lehenga Saree Dress Collection 1

The medium length hair which is brushed to a side on shoulder with side bang make you look beautiful. The Lehenga saree with a modern collection make you look beautiful. Heavy earrings and matching bangles with designer blouse make you look fashion with this loose open side swept hairstyle.

Trendy loose half curly hairstyle with side bangs


The best curly stylish hairstyles to try with designer sarees that make you look beautiful. The side swept hair with low light curl makes you look stylish.  The side curly bangs with designer blouses can make you look beautiful. Dark brown hair color ideas with a stylish hairstyle, make you look gorgeous.

Wavy layered hairstyle on saree


This is the best stylish hairstyle with saree to uphold a natural look. The wavy layered hairstyle with a curling tool and are spring back to bouncy wavy look. Try this hairstyle with hair on forehead crossed up to shoulder and lingering at the back. This hairstyle is pretty cute and simple for saree.

Stylish different sporty ponytail hairstyle for saree


The side swept bangs with mid part hair on and sport ponytails with saree. The hairstyle is best and just as twisted bang hairstyles with ponytail and rolled bun with beautiful earrings and designer blouse on saree make you look gorgeous. Try this hairstyle to have celebrity look.

Side swept bang with loose open and curly hair


The best stylish hairstyle that best suits on red saree with simple jewelry looks beautiful. The loose open stylish hairstyle attracts everyone’s attention in wedding and other occasions too. The side swept hair with low curls on shoulder and medium length hair make you look fashion and stylish.

Best bridal hairstyles for Indian traditional saree in Hindi ]


Hairstyle to compliment your saree in engagement

You must be looking out for the best hairstyle on the day of your engagement which will again give you an attractive look along with your attire and other wedding accessories. You should be the center of attraction and thus, people must glue at you and make you look attractive in all ways. There are varieties of ways through which you can easily get a very attractive look. Hairstyle is an important element which will definitely add great value to your dignity. The hair stylist is here with a variety of hairstyles from where you can choose the best one for your special occasion.

Hairstyle ideas for engagement saree

Bun hairstyle for engagement

1. Indian-Bun-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair-On-Engagement

The tight and lower back bun hairstyle looks beautiful with natural flowers. Back brush your hair and prepare a soft back low bun on a traditional wear to look good. The hairstyle is then decorated with beautiful flowers, on the side of the bun. This adds more beauty with trendy jewelry and dress. Thus, style your hair for a traditional party.

Engagement traditional wear with stylish hairstyle

2. shilpa-ahuja

Wedding is the most beautiful part of every woman’s life. That’s the reason every woman wants to be beautiful on her wedding and engagement day. Style your hair to look unique. The updo bun hairstyle on an engagement gown makes her look trendy and fashion. This stylish, trendy outfit looks awesome with this hairstyle. Decorate the hairstyle with a hairpin at the center of the hair.

Bridal hairstyle for engagement

3. indian-bridal-hairstyles-for-engagement-11-06-2014-09-57-016

The bridal hairstyle makes you look stylish and trendy for her engagement. The manga tikka on this stylish hairstyle that the hair strand with a side swept bang looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle with simple matching jewelry for traditional outfit attracts the viewers. Try this stylish look with a beautiful Mehandi design and unique hairstyle.

Indian open hairstyle for long hair

4. Indian-Open-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair-On-Engagement

The best side swept bangs with a bouncy hair at back to support the pallu is good. Try this stylish hairstyle for engagement. The remaining hair left on shoulder. The lower hair is rolled and twisted which looks like a fish braid. Style your hair with a hair pin flower. This makes her look trendy. The simple jewelry and manga tikka with a traditional outfit is awesome.

Stylish side bangs loose hair with flowers

5. indian-bridal-hairstyles-for-engagement-11-06-2014-10-02-055

The hairstyle looks beautiful with natural white flowers. Prepare a side swept bang and leave the remaining hair back. Take a part of hair and place them on one shoulder. The hairs are with lowered curls. Decorate with fashion, jewelry and manga tikka. A white flower on the other side adds more beauty to your hairstyle. The pink colored saree with green border and stylish fashion, hairstyle and jewelry looks awesome and turns everyone’s looks at you.

Messy hair with braid hairstyle for saree

Messy hair with braid

Look at this hairstyle adopted by the lady in red saree. She looks beautiful with her presentation which also includes the lovely hairstyle that has a very attractive messy look at the front hair portion and a braid with the rest of the long hair that is taken in one side.

Front bump hairstyle 

Front bump hairstyle

A bump in the front portion of the hair has become a fashion today. Some ladies make it by teasing their hairs whereas others use Bumpits to support their hair and form a front Bumps. Look at the lady looking great with the front bump hairstyle. You can also adopt this hairstyle for your engagement.

Braided bun with flowers hairstyle for engagement saree

Braided bun with flowers

Ladies with south Indian origin has a custom putting flowers over their hair in almost all special occasions. Even in this engagement party she will look stunning with flowers over her hair. The lady is looking really dynamic after making a long straight braid and overlapping it in a spiral way to form a bun. If you have less hair use a false hair.

Back pinned hair in front curls hairstyle for traditional outfit

Back pinned hair with front curl

You can also take some portions of hair from your front, comb it and tie it in the back by leaving the rest of your hair open wide. Take two strands of hair from either side and use a curling iron to create curls. This is a simple hairstyle that will look amazing during your engagement.

Simple untied hair with waves hairstyle for saree

Simple untied hair with waves

Look at the lady in pink and blue keeping her hair open wide with big curls at the tips of her hair. The lady originally does not have totally straight hair, but the hairstyles you created make her look lovely. This particular hair style will look really amazing for a lady who has extraordinarily beautiful hair.

Modern style hair for engagement saree

Muslim style hair for engagement

There are times when you can get inspired by the women with the Muslim religion. You can see the beautiful woman adopting the very simple hairstyle with a pallu placed at the back of her hair. The lady probably has created a bun at the back which is covered by the cloth.

Messy hairstyle with rolled hairstyle for engagement saree

Messy hairstyle with rolled hair

An attractive messy hair is created with the hair strands placed at various locations. You need to twist your hair and make a base over your hair. The hair strands from various portions must be accumulated and placed at the back. The rest of the hair must be made curl with rollers.

Side part with neat bump hairstyle for engagement

Side part with neat bump

The side parting is done and the thick portion of the hair is taken and made a bump. The hair which is lengthier is created with braid hairstyle. Some beautiful pink hair is used to make it look attractive. You must try this an extraordinary style for your engagement party. Try this today and see the difference.

Retro bulges with straight waves hairstyle for saree

Retro bulge with straight waves

Look at the lady with the bump hairstyle which looks really amazing with a light color pre wedding dress. The simple yet attractive hairstyle adds value to her looks, especially when small curls are adopted at the back. This will really make here the center of attraction at the engagement party.

Spiral bun hairstyle for traditional outfit

Spiral bun hairstyle

The image above gives an overview of the hairstyle adopted by the lady for her engagement ceremony. After making a heat tie at the front portion of the hair, the lady has created a bun with the rest of the hair that is made spiral with a hot iron. A bun is created with those hairs and beautiful white rose is placed at the left side of the hair.

Side fringe hairstyle with up bun hairstyle on saree


The simple hairstyle with side up bun hairstyle with fringe makes you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your hair. The light gold color satin cloth plain saree with sleeves is simply beautiful. The pallu swept to the right with different hairstyle makes you look something different. Try this different saree draping style to give a different look. Side swept your hair and leave, fringe hair on two sides. Remaining hair tied to form a bun. This hairstyle with simple long big pendent necklace and matching earrings are perfect for this saree and hairstyle.

Mid parted two bangs rolled and low back bun hairstyle

sonam hair 5

The orange colored saree with red border and full sleeve looks beautiful. Take front half part of your hair and mid part it. Mid parted your and tie a bang rolled and pinned back the ear. Similarly, do on the other side. Brush back the remaining hair and tie a tight lower back bun. Decorate the bun with natural flowers rolled around the bun. This hairstyle with simple accessories gives a beautiful look. Try this hairstyle for engagement to have a different look. You can also use some simple hair accessories to decorate your hairstyle or else simply leave it as a simple one. Wear this hairstyle on any occasion of a festival, wedding, engagement, and party which give a traditional look.

Side swept long wavy free hair on saree for engagement

kajal blue art silk saree

The simple hairstyle that best suits for heart shaped oval face shape. This simple hairstyle is easy to try and can wear when you are in a rush. Try this simple hairstyle on engagement with printed pattu saree. The saree in peacock blue color with this hairstyle gives a beautiful look. This simple hairstyle which the hair is side swept and left freely with one side. Leave the wavy long hair on shoulder to have a good look. Try this hairstyle with the shoulder length hairstyle. Simply wear this hairstyle when you don’t find time to have it which can add more beauty with simple jewelry.


Trendy Indian hairstyle ideas for engagement

Saree is one of the most beautiful Indian ethnic wears that can make any women look not only gorgeous but also the most noble. If you are not sure about what to wear on the special day of your engagement, settling for a suitable saree can always make the best option. However, to dazzle on the day, it is not only the saree that you need to be perfect, but you also have to plan about the right accessories, makeup as well as the hairstyle to get a complete look. Hair style plays a very important role in the overall appearance of any women and if you are wearing a saree on the day of your engagement you actually need to settle for the right hairstyle that goes well with the saree and complements the total look. To help you chose the right hairstyle for your engagement here is a collection of hairstyles, of different hair lengths that can go perfectly with a saree. Read on,

Traditional South Indian bride hairstyle

1. f39e0a5cfee8a945ca4964b4023e411c

The simple hairstyle with a front puff decorated with manga tikka. Pin the puff and leave the remaining hair on the side shoulder. Decorate with jewelry and roll the lower end of the hair. Simply, roll at the low hair looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle for the party. The simple side swept front puff hairstyle with lower rolls looks beautiful. This stylish hairstyle is best on saree with a traditional look.

Stylish outdoor wedding hairstyle

2. 6156996f7ae76b256299a0cfa3cf95a1

This hairstyle is a Pakistani hairstyle. Simple prepares bangs on both sides and pin the step by step braids which looks as rolled hair. Style your hair with a stylish look. Decorate the hairstyle with flower hair pins. This will add more beauty to your hairstyle. This hairstyle adds more beauty for a wedding party. The hairstyle makes you look stylish and trendy.

Traditional bridal updo hairstyle

3. 8848872_f520

The wedding hairstyle with updo and decorate it with beautiful manga tikka. Style your hair with a braided top updo tight bun. This hairstyle adds more beauty to your face and saree. The hairstyle with two bangs covering the two side foreheads. Thus, the stylish hairstyle makes you look beautiful with makeup. The hairstyle with trendy jewelry adds more beauty.

Trending Indian hairstyle with flowers

4. Hairstyle-video

The best hairstyle best suits for a traditional look. The side swept twists and loose braids from mid of the forehead to the side and prepare loose bun with hair streaks. This hairstyle looks awesome with a beautiful flower. So, style your hair with a trendy look and is more with a trendy additional attracting look with your gorgeous dress. This hairstyle with a fashion dress will be more beautiful. Try this hairstyle for party or any other traditional occasion.

Rare bang with puff and crown hairstyle5. 6a4b01e164c6b32b11bf4de530b40812

The pink colored unique saree draping attracts the people more. Along with this the stylish hairstyle with a bang in front and a puff at the mid of the head adds more beauty to the saree. The hairstyle decorated with a beautiful crown and low bun with side strings pinned at bang along with bun. This hairstyle and gorgeous saree draping style are simply superb.

Low bun with back puff hairstyle

Low bun with back puff

This hairstyle can be done on long, medium or even shoulder length hairs. Here the hairs at the front have been parted sideways and the back part has been back brushed to come up with a light puff that covers the whole back of the head. The bun is loose and it lies just on the neck. This hairstyle can give a very soft touch to the look, which is ideal for an engagement and can go nicely with a perfect saree.

Neat back bun with hair accessory for engagement

Neat back bun with hair accessory

If you are wearing a saree on your day of engagement, a neat hair bun packed with layers of hair accessories that match with your saree can always look good. As shown in the picture the neat bun is present in the neck and layers of hair accessories have been used to cover the bun. A single Kundan hair accessory has also been added in the middle of the bun to complete the look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that, even if you have very small hairs, you can easily get this hairstyle with a false bun.

Long plait with light crown puff traditional outfit

Long plait with light crown puff

This hairstyle again looks gorgeous with sarees and the best thing about this hairstyle is that, you can get it irrespective of your hair length if you are ready to use falsies. In this case the hair is parted at the front and the hairs on the crown have been puffed to get the right look. The plait is simple and it has been decorated with garlands of flower at the upper part. This hairstyle can look very well on girls with shorter neck, as this style will expose the neck area fully making it appear longer.

Simple puffed up plait hairstyle on engagement

Simple puffed up plait hairstyle

This retro hairstyle can look really glamorous with saree and can be ideal for an engagement look that is simple and classy. The hair on the crown has been back brushed right from the hairline and then they have been collected at the back to make a simple plait. The hair has been puffed on the crown to get the perfect retro look. This hairstyle can give a very stylish look and can be done with short or long hair.

Doughnut bun with floral decorations hairstyle

Doughnut bun with floral decorations

If using flowers in hairs is a custom in your culture, this engagement hairstyle can be your perfect choice. Here the doughnut bun has been done at a middle position which is not an up do and neither lies over the neck. The bun has been encircled with flower garland and there is also a light puff on the crown. If you have small hairs but you want to don this hairstyle on your engagement because you will be wearing a saree on the day, you can easily opt for a false bun.

Open hair style on saree

Wavy curls

This simple open hairstyle can go perfectly with a saree on your day of engagement. Here the hairs have been parted in the middle and the partition is present across the head. The hairs have been hanged on both the sides from over the shoulders. The hairs have curls starting from the shoulder length, giving the hairstyle a nice cascading look. The addition of the mangtika completes the look; but if you do not want to opt for such a gorgeous mangtika on your engagement, you can easily replace it for a light one without hampering the hairstyle.

Low bun hairstyle with hair accessory

Low bun hairstyle with hair accessory

This low bun hairstyle can nicely complement your engagement look in a saree. In this case the hairs have been collected at the back and the bun has been placed covering the neck nicely. The hairs have been used in sections to cover the bun which gives it a unique look. Light puff is present on the crown. The addition of the hair accessory right on the stalk of the bun completes the look.

Back open hairstyle for sarees at engagement

Back open hairstyle for sarees

This full open hairstyle can look very beautiful with saree. Here the hairs have been neatly combed to the back and has been left flowing unbound for all its length. A layer of plait is present at the back of the head and the addition of the stone based accessory just below the plait line highlights the overall hairstyle. As during engagements in sarees you will most probably not use a veil or dupatta to cover your head, hence this hairstyle can be the right one to pick.

Floral -bud side bun with floral enhancements

Floral -bud side bun with floral enhancements

This hairstyle can be perfect to get the soft pre-wedding look during your engagement. This hairstyle is bun based and can go very well with a saree. This bun has been done on one side of the head, which makes it partly visible even from the front and adds a soft touch to the look. The uniqueness of this hairstyle lies in its floral-bud design which looks absolutely gorgeous. Flowers have been added on the other side of the head to give the total hairstyle a balanced and accentuated look.

Open hairstyle with back puff on saree

Open hairstyle with back puff

This easy hairstyle can look really gorgeous when paired with the right saree. In this case the hairs have been puffed at the back part of the head and one section of the hair comes flowing through one side of the shoulder, while the other section is settled covering the back. The hairs on the crown, before the puff, have been side swept and tresses also rest on the other shoulder to give a voluminous look to the hairs. Soft curls are present in the lower section of the locks.

Side swept open hairstyle with lower curls

Side swept open hairstyle with lower curls

This hairstyle can look simply beautiful on the day of your engagement when paired with the right saree and accessories. Here the whole hair has been back brushed and then side swept to be collected on one shoulder. The hairs have light curls on the lower half of the length and look stylish. This hairstyle can look best on medium length hairs.

Layered hairstyle with saree

Layered hairstyle with saree

If you have long hairs you can go for a layer cut before the day of your engagement and get this hairstyle which will look perfect with a saree. The hairs have been parted at the side and one section has been left flowing over the shoulder through the front while the other section rests on the back. This layered hairstyle can look more beautiful on girls with a long neck.

Side fishbone plait hairstyle for engagement

Side fishbone plait hairstyle for engagement

If you have long hairs, you can opt for a side fishbone plait on your engagement day to get the right look for the occasion. Fishbone plaits look classy and a side plait flowing through one shoulder can actually add the right touch of glamour to your overall look. In this picture the hairs have been puffed at the crown, but you can even go without the puff if you feel so. Again, you can add hair accessories to accentuate the plait or you can just let it flow without any added embellishments to get the simply beautiful look.

Up do bun hairstyle for engagement

Up do bun hairstyle for engagement

This up do can look gorgeous and flawless with saree and makes a perfect hairstyle for the occasion. Here the hairs have been parted at the side at the front and the heavy up do covers the whole of the back side of the head. Use of a plait of hairs to tie up the front of the up do gives the whole hairstyle a special touch. As seen in this picture all the hairs have been pulled at the back to make the bun, but you can also leave a few curled locks flowing at the sides to get a softer look.

Traditional engagement looks of the South Indian bride


Engagement is the best, happiest part of every woman was she is going to start her new life. Looking gorgeous and tuning every ones attention towards you is important. Choosing best saree is not a part of your beautiful look, the hairstyle; makeup and jewelry also play an important role to be good on your special day. So, try this simple hairstyle on your engagement with a saree turns everyone’s attention towards you. Comb your complete hair to back and tie a long strand braid tightly. Decorate with a manga tikka on the middle of hair with simple jewelry look good.

Indian bride engagement hair style with front puff and long braid strand18b8bc5e1bcfcb5277cd043d6bf


If you are in a hurry and fixed an engagement suddenly. Don’t worry, you can try this hairstyle that makes you look beautiful even in simple chudihar also. Comb your hair and divide your hair into upper and middle – lower section into two parts. Prepare a front puff by combing your hair back and pin them. Take little part of the hair on the right as a fringe. Braid your hair with side swept your hair. Braid with strands on left shoulder. This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair and semi-curly hair.

Trendy engagement open Indian hairstyle simply superb


The lovely combination of lehenga choli with open hairstyle looks beautiful. Try this simple hairstyle to be perfect on your engagement special day. Not only beautiful perfect color matching,but also the hairstyle and the jewelry you were also important to be gorgeous. So, try this open long waves hairstyle on your special day. Part your hair into front and mid-back sections. Pin your front part hair in the middle and leave your remaining hair. Simply long waves on the right shoulders with beautiful orange and green color dress makes you look beautiful. Try this simple, easy hairstyle of your day and turn all audiences look towards you. Be simple and beautiful with less jewelry and you feel comfortable too. Simply try this hairstyle with long wavy hair and slight fringe on the left also makes you look beautiful.

Mehndi Designs

Latest beautiful bridal mehndi designs for full hands: Wedding mehndi designs

Now-a-days Mehndi design became a fashion for any occasion. It is very important in weeding day to wear a beautiful Mehndi design on hands with different colored cones, glitter, and accessories. Here you have some collection of beautiful Mehndi designs to look your hands awesome. The beautiful bridal mehndi designs for full hands front and back are as show below. Try this beautiful designs at wedding.

Beautiful Mehandi designs with kundans

The big flower on back hand decorated with blue big kundans gives a beautiful look. The flower petals are decorated with white studs and the entire hand with curves and flower petals filled with red color cone and black color cone border lines gives an awesome look to your hand. The fingers and hand Mehandi design is fully decorated with colorful studs and beautiful ring for the finger.

1. Indian-Mehandi-Designs-5

Latest stylish floral fancy design

The simple floral fancy design makes your hand look beautiful. The Mehandi design with flower petals and lines, curves, diamond shape looks good. The fingers are designed with half flowers and diamond curves with lines and dots. This fancy Mehandi design looks awesome and beautiful.

2. Dulhan-Mehndi-Designs-600x800

Beautiful Amelia henna pattern

This is a bridal Mehndi design which is the most beautiful patterns that is along with all Mehndi styles collection. This is the most beautiful henna Mehndi image that you can try for a simple party. The design is full of flowers, curves, dots and a bunch of flowers. The fingers are also filled with flowers and curves. Flowers at the tip of the fingers give a fancy look.

3. very-beautiful-amelia-henna-pattern

Top best Mehndi designs

This a stylish Mehndi design with cures and line. It is just like an Arabic design pattern. This floral design can add more beauty to your hands. The Mehandi design is decorated with studs and pink color nail polish. This patterned Mehndi design best suits for parties as well as wedding. This is a black colored Mehndi design with glitter. Thus, it is most popular for teenagers and is quick to attract easily. This popular and quick glittery effect gives a modern and traditional combination Mehndi design.

4. Fancy mehandi design

Stylish Arabic Mehandi design collection

This is a stylish Mehandi design to make you to get beautiful hands. The stylish look for hands and feet look fancy. This stylish and trendy look will be attracting. The half flower design is the curved lines and beautiful floral with dots. The stylish look for flowers and gives a trendy look. Try this simple and easy design to make your back hand attracting.

5. Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-13

Fancy beautiful bridal Mehndi designs

There are many famous henna artists, designers to get wonderful designs for brides. This is the most beautiful bridal Mehndi design for full hands. It is fully hand design on front and back side of the hand. The design is filled with flowers, curves, circles, and dots. It is designed by lines and finally it is decorated with small balls at the center of the flower and the borders of the lines.Fancy-Beautiful-Bridal-Mehndi-Designs

Stylish front and back mehandi design

Here you have a stylish mehndi design drawn on the specific hands that are having medium wrist and fair in color. The design is filled with flower, leaves and curves around it on the front and the back of the hand. The borders are decorated with green color glitter. Fingers are crossly lined and made to look beautiful.Stylish-front-and-back-mehandi-design

Dual shade mehndi design

Dual shaded mehndi design is in full of hands that are more brittle curves and dots. Black cone dark dots are made with black cone. The hands are done with black cone mehndi and making borders and lines with different style. Fill the spots with a mehndi that will give beautiful and stylish dual shade that will look really amazing colors. Put the mascara or some other colors in it to give a fancy look to your hands and feet mehndi designs.Dual-shade-mehndi-design

Mehndi design with glitters

The design is looking alternative flower, curve, and squares. Mango shaped design is rotated at different angles that made the design very special. Simple curves are jointed diagonally. They are filled with small balls to give more attraction. The borders are filled with gold color designs that are made more beautiful.Mehndi-design-with-glitters

Beautiful mehandi design

Beautiful designs and curves are joined to get the extract line in which the curves are drawn. Dots are filled with black cone that is highlighted in it. The front and back side of the hand is designed with doting curves and nails are polished with dark brown color nail polish which gave a beautiful look to the design.Beautiful-mehandi-design

Floral mehandi design

The design is filled with two big beautiful flowers which are made easy to draw and simple. In the middle of the design the glitter is filled with the green color glitter. The mango shaped design is drawn side by side which is repeated on the bottom of the flower. Fingers are filled with curved lines.Floral-mehandi-design

Fancy bridal mehndi design

The fancy bridal mehndi design is completely filled with small curves and dot at its center. The dark black lines are more attracting which highlights the border on the front hand design. The back hand is filled with flowers, curves, dots. The borders and overlines with different color glitters. This made the design full of the lines.Fancy-bridal-mehndide-design

Bridal full hand design

The bride full hand design is repeated on both hands front side. Try a mango shaped curves side by side in one hand and positioned oppositely in the other hand. The remaining design is filled with curves, small dots, circles etc. Fingers are cross lined and made half circles.Bridal-full-hand-design

Full hand mehndi design with cone and glitters

This design is completely different from other designs as the repeated design over right hand with flower shape from top to bottom. The cone is spread over the empty space and rounded with small circles and dots. The back side of the hand with a diamond shape and it is filled with shades. All the borders are filled with blue color glitter.Full-hand-mehdi-design-with-cone-and-glitters

Fancy bridal front and back mehndi design

The front handle design is filled with two flowers and circled around the flowers. They are slightly lined according to the design. Glitters are filled on the borders of the design. The back hand is completely filled with two mango shaped designs. The hand is full of designs. Red color nail polish on the hand made it look beautiful with blue glitter color also.Fancy-bridal-front-and-back-mehndi-design

Easy and stylish bridal mehandi designs

This is the best stylish Mehandi design on your hands with circles and lines. The wedding mehndi designs with similar design on two hands make you look stylish and colorful. It is important to style your hands and legs with beautiful mehandi designs in wedding or any other occasions. The easily printable mehndi designs are available in the market. Try this stylish mehandi design on your hands with bright color nail polish to make your hands looks beautiful.

1. Latest-Easy-And-Stylish-Bridal-Mehandi-Designs-of-20161-1

Best simple front and back hand mehndi designs

This mehandi design for women on any traditional functions can be preferred and can be decorated beautiful mehndi designs. The best way to design their hands and arms is by following this design on the front and back of the hand. The flower design with filled circles and different shapes gives a beautiful look.

2. Arabic-Mehndi-Designs-For-Hands-2016-Free-Download-Front-and-Back-Hand

Arabic mehndi designs for hands for the wedding

The perfect and painless way to look beautiful is by adoring the hands with beautiful mehandi designs. The Arabic mehndi design is most popular design than any other mehndi designs. The mehandi design is about the big and simple floral pattern design on the feet and hands. The mehandi design looks decent with highlighted floral patterns to be beautiful with jewelry.

3. Beautiful-Arabic-Mehndi-Designs-For-Hands-2016-Free-Download-for-Bridals

Bridal wedding mehandi design

The best bridal mehandi design with beautiful hands, feet and arms are important for a bride. Try this stylish mehandi design for the bride to look gorgeous. Mehandi is a traditional fashion in wedding, festivals, and parties. This makes your hands and feet look special and are decorated with jewelry adds more attraction.

4. new-stylish-wedding-bridal-arabic-henna-mehndi-designs-images-for-brides-dulhan-hands-feet-3

Henna mehndi design for bridal fashion

The best collection of mehndi in a wedding ceremony became common in everyone’s tradition. This is the spirit of the event with and has no outstanding use of henna hand. The bridal fashion collection of arms and legs are best to celebrate the strange with a beautiful henna design. It is decorated with hands and feet mostly on the eastern part of the wedding ceremony with morals.

5. new-stylish-wedding-bridal-arabic-henna-mehndi-designs-images-for-brides-dulhan-hands-feet-4

Mehndi Designs

Beautiful bridal mehndi designs for full hands

Mehandi design is a common traditional art form of India has evolved today into a cosmopolitan design sensibility. Mehandi is the design of a beautiful pattern with different colors on hands and feet, which can be applied to the fashion. Special Mehndi parlors have evolved nowadays. Whereas a unique Mehndi designs are drawn on the hands and feet to add beauty to them. Mehandi has been the keen interest to the women of every class. Thus, today Mehndi designs, a traditional art work which can show a definite break from the very traditional roots. Thus, the Mehandi designs are responding heavily to the modern western influences. In this article you can also see Rajasthani bridal mehndi designs for full hands.

Now as the other fashion has progressed in other things which is similar to the fashion industry of Mehndi. This will also grow to its present extent for trendy look. Some daring youngsters also apply Mehndi to their waist, upper arm, upper back etc., for making a hot impact. The Mehndi design has been the keen interest to the women of every class. The designs are inspired from everyday life, such as flora and fauna as well as inscriptions.

Bridal mehndi designs are beautiful. At the wedding, the value of Mehndi is so much increased, as without the mehndi the wedding can never be completed without the Mehndi. Mehndi is a beautiful art for every festival, like wedding ceremony, marriage, parties, Diwali, Rakhi etc.

Full arm mehndi is much preferred by brides. This is because that it makes their arms look gorgeous in wedding ceremonies. The ceremony of mehndi has lots of hidden customs like the color of Mehndi which reflects the love of the husband towards his wife or the future compatibility between mother in law and daughter in law. In India, the new bride is not allowed to do any work at home till the auspicious Mehndi has faded from her arms.

Here, we have some beautiful mehndi designs of full hands for ladies. The very beautiful mehndi design of that you can see.

Rajasthani bridal Mehndi designs for full hands

1. Best-Rajasthani-Mehndi-Designs-with-Photos-600x445

The beautiful Mehandi design on the hands back gives a good look. The peacock design with the filled boxes and linked covered lines look beautiful. The stylish looks with the empty space filled with kundas make them look beautiful. Thus, the stylish look makes you look gorgeous and is decorated with red color hair polish. The long shaped nails with red color nail polish are decorated with a white stone at the tip of the nail for beautiful fingers.

Simple bridal Arabic Mehandi design

2. e1e40d72b3e9150d618422e7829eb186

The bridal Mehandi design makes them look beautiful with a trendy look. The simple peacock design and arch like curves filled with dots looks good. This stylish look makes your hands look awesome. The hands are filled with a queen and king faces followed by peacocks on both the hands gives a creative look. The Mehandi design best suits for bride on her wedding.

Latest beautiful Rajasthani Mehndi design

3. Latest-Rajasthani-Henna-Designs-for-Eid-2016

The time for festivals where most of the women prefer to get ready and starts with Mehandi designs for hands and legs. Try this beautiful mehndi design for wedding or any festival to give a beautiful look to your hands. The curved lines, peacock design and flower in the hands looks awesome. This design is like a tight and closed design filled total hand with curved lines. Thus, the stylish design attracts everyone. This is a wonderful, lovely design to try for the wedding.

Bridal floral Mehandi design for wedding

4. 10-Bridal-Mehndi-Designs-for-Hands-Free-For-Your-Marriage-7-650x776

The beautiful floral Mehandi design in the hands backside makes your hands look awesome. The Mehandi design with full sleeve dress make the hands look beautiful.  The big flower on the hand back with filled dots and curves is good looking. The fingers are designed with half flower and filled caps and leave the nails naturally to nail polish them for an adorable look.

Floral mehndi design to the back of hands

5. 2016 - 1

The big floral design on the back of the palm looks attracting with two different designs on hands. The big floral design at one hand and flower with leaf design on the hand. The fingers are filled with curved designs and give an elegant look to be beautiful.  The nails are left as it is for nail polish which matches your saree.

Arabic mehndi design

mehndi designThis design shows the heart symbol which makes the braid to show her love and affection towards her family. The Mehandi design is for which and can make you look a beautiful flower in the palm and diamond shaped design near the arm.

Bridal colored design on the back of the hand

arabic-mehndi-designs-for-full-hands-2The design is completely closed and is made of so many flowers with a beautiful ring at her finger. Beautiful flowers make this mehndi design more interesting which can be impressed by everyone to be having it.

Beautiful mehndi design for bride


This bridal mehndi design has everything that a bride mehndi should have. Here it shows the half circular shape on the palm with a flower. From floral motifs, to betel leaf designs, intricate patterns, and clarity of design what all it has! Truly, it’s a sure choice for a bridal mehndi.

Stylish mehndi design for wedding

Bridal-Mehndi-DesignsIf a bride wishes to have a great uncomplicated design on her hands, then this bridal mehndi design is the one to go for. The mehndi design is simple, and gorgeous. It leaves no space empty, and uses a connected pattern.

Rajasthani bridal mehndi design

rajasthani-bridal-mehndi-designs-for-full-handsThese are the attractive mehndi designs, look awesome on hands, arms, and feet for a groom. As we know that fashion trends are changing with time and evolving with time. These can blend with numerous different styles that has evolved the trends of mehndi designs in a real innovative and stylish manner.

Stylish mehndi design for groom

Bridal-Mehndi-DesignsAgain a Rajasthani style, this bridal mehndi has a tiny motif of a bride and groom drawn on each palm. The beautiful mehndi is in the fact that it has a hint of Arabic Mehandi of it, that is, in the Jali work of the hand. It ends with a carved leaf design which makes it even more beautiful. The Dulhan mehndi design looks more beautiful with flowers which is designed in one arm and curve in on another palm. And the arm is filled with flower around petals and design around it.

Peacock Mehandi design for wedding

Stunning-mehndi-designsThe wonderful henna design which makes you to has it, as it is more interesting. Peacock Mehandi design on one palm and arm is fully filled with curves and designed on figures to look more beautiful which are rare designs. The other arm has been curved with cross curves and looks like a flower pot filled with flowers on the palm. Then, the arm is filled with peacock design and some curves along with that.

Dulhan mehndi design

Henna-designsThe beautiful henna design where peacock shape in one arm. The other arm is with a shank shape. Beautiful bride and groom who are facing each other are looking  pleasant on bride’s arms.

Bridal mehndi design for marriage

The Dulhan mehndi design looks awesome where the bride and groom are drawn on her palm with flowers. The arm is fully filled with V shaped design, flowers and curves which make us look beautiful.


Bridal mehndi designs

1. Bridal Mehndi design photo 33

The bridal Mehandi designs for wedding are very important for a bride. Try this bridal Mehandi design for a wedding with curves, filled squares, circles, and mango designs. The design is heavy with different shapes which add beauty to your hands. The V shape on the top of the finger with full filled Mehandi in red color looks beautiful. The Mehandi design for wedding looks beautiful with a peacock design on both the hands.

Punjabi Mehandi design for hands and legs

2. punjabi-bridal-mehndi

The beautiful Mehandi design on hands and legs looks beautiful with different designs. The mango shaped designs with floral curves looks awesome. This adds beauty to your hands and legs. If, you decorate them with accessories, then it will be amazing with rings, bangles, and anklets. Try this amazing Mehandi design for wedding to look beautiful.

Latest marriage Mehandi designs for the groom

3. heavy-mehndi-designs-for-men-wedding

The latest trendy design with crossed lines and curves on hands are eye-catching. The mango design on the palms with filled squares and are extended upto fingers. The bridal Mehandi design up to the elbows with flowers and extending curves are beautiful with a trendy look. Try this traditional Mehandi design to look beautiful.

Floral Indian bridal Mehandi designs for Dulhan

4. Indian-Bridal-Mehndi-Designs-for-Dulhan-Images

The bridal Mehandi design with flowers and leaf structures looks beautiful.  The flowers on the fingers with red color nail polish makes your hands look awesome. The floral design on the back of the palm with beads like shape around the curved lines is beautiful. This special design for a wedding can add more beauty with rolled circles at the wrist.

King and queen Mehandi design for Indian bride


The best stylish Mehandi design for Indian bride in traditional attires adds more beauty. Try this king and queen design at palms with different shapes looks beautiful. Along with them the queen with a Venna in hands designs at one hand. The queen and king design on the other hands with traditional wear and jewelry Mehandi designs looks beautiful. Try this traditional Mehandi design for an Indian bride to add more beauty.


North Indian brides wedding hairstyle ideas

North Indian states are formed up with 5 states in the northern region of India, and it also includes two union territories. So, you can observe that there are a lot of similarities in their way of living, along with their traditional values. Thus, the North Indian bridal styles are with a mixture of sarees, suits and lehengas, which also lets them choose from a wide variety of hairstyles. Here, we will go through some nice Noth Indian bride hairstyle ideas which have been followed by North Indian beauties. This article will give you a vivid concept of how these hairstyles can be created, so that they can be incorporated for your use as well.

Low big bun hairstyle with trendy & simple jewelry

1. big3

The simple and stylish jewelry does look beautiful. Mid part your hair and prepare a low bun. Secure the bun with pins and clean & smooth brushed hair looks good. If you want, you can decorate the hairstyle with beautiful designed hair pins and natural flowers. Place a manga tikka on the mid of and wear simple designed jewelry which adds more beauty with a beautiful dark colored saree. The bangles and designer blouse make you look good.

Indian wedding style to look gorgeous


The brides mostly cover their head with pallu and try to style their hair to stick pallu over it. The bride bun hairstyle with manga tikka and jhoomar with eye makeup make her look pretty cute. The jewelry with red stone adds more beauty with the trendy heavy pallu. The bride dresses with matching jewelry is good and make her look gorgeous. The hairstyle with slight simple makeup with a pleasant look makes them look more beautiful.

Top tight bun hairstyle with elegant look


The top bun hairstyle with beautifully decorated natural flowers looks awesome. The hairstyles with manga tikka make her look pretty simple and cute. Try this stylish hairstyle to look beautiful and trendy. This simple hairstyle with green studs in the face like a tikka looks beautiful. Heavy necklace matching earring matches the saree. The hairstyle with red colored saree and blouse of green border makes her look stunning. This hairstyle with beautiful flowers adds more beauty.

Tight front blunts and back bun hairstyle

4. traditional-north-indian-bridal-makeup-kamarbund

The bride is in red colored saree with simple trendy jewelry. The hairstyle looks her more stunning with a simple jewelry. Try this stylish look with a beautiful. Prepare a tight plaits on both sides decorated with chain and manga tikka. Style your hair with a simple jewelry makes her looks elegant. The heavy bordered pallu on the head with the help of bun and are pinned not to loosen the pallu.

Front puff small parts of low braids

5. Best-Bridal-Jewellery-designs-2012-in-Pakistan-01

Brush the hair back and make sure to tangle free. Prepare a front puff and pin it to secure. Prepare a small briad with the remaining hair and bring them on one shoulder. Cover the hair with a heavy pallu. Decorate with a good bridal jewelry set or kundans. This gives a new trend of luxury and jewelry that will be warmly welcomed by many of indeed. This gives an interesting look chic, fun and elegant line. Thus, the wedding jewelry makes her look beautiful with a stylish trendy beautifully.

Back pinned hair with half-down waves

Back pinned hair with half-down waves

In the picture below, we can see a lovely bride who has been dressed up very glamorously. She has worn a navy blue suit matched with a golden odhni. The hairstyle with added jewelries can enhance the look. It proves that she doesn’t have to do much with the hairdo. But here’s the catch, as there is a tradition that a lot of North Indian women can carry odhnis over their head, so we need to see how we can still enhance the look.

You can make three sections of your hair, so that you can back-brush the zone in the middle and pin it up below the crown. Prepared that the rest of the hair falls from two sides equally. Use an Instyler to make it wavy but not curly. The waves should be to the right on the external side and are not to the left.

Side-brushed hairdo with bun

Side-brushed hairdo with bun

A lot of North Indian bridal styles gets inspired by Pakistani styles. The countries have a blend of each other, especially in the Northern region. This is due to the geographical closeness. The hairdo in the picture below is made into a bun because of the odhni, which hides most of the hair. The hair has been straightened and then brushed from one side. It has been brushed without any sectioning. Thus, it has been given a slight lift. At the end, there is a mang-tikka attached to the opposite side of combing.

Middle parted hair with bouffant and bun


The North Indian bride has a style of having an odhni over the head. Thus, hair bun is the safest option. It is not just manageable, but it gives us more space to accessorize ourselves. Follow the hairdo in the picture below, first have your hair straightened. Part your hair from the middle to keep a section for mang-tikka or mang-tikka chain. Create a bouffant at the back and attach at the crown zone. Prepare a bun with the remaining hair, which falls down thereafter.

Wriggled curls with pallu over head

Wriggled curls

When you use an Instyler then it is better to go for absolute curls, they make your hair curly. But when you use to keep making waves at every section. Thus, it is more of a wriggled form  which is not completely curly. A subtle printed and dark colored lehenga choli might suit such a hairdo. Thus, the hair has been open and parted from the middle. An Instyler will help you make the wriggled hairdo. Then you have to set it free and wide open. Even if you have an odhni put over, you can flaunt the hair from both sides of your shoulders. Place a beautiful mang-tikka for sure!

Half up waved with half down curls

Half up waved with half down curls

The hairstyle can be prepared by parting your hair from the middle. The half up wave is straightened hair with a convex bent towards the middle. The rest of the hair is being curled up nicely. You can try to keep the spaces between the curls or have it completely curled to the tips. Finally, add a mang-tikka which is not let the forehead look bland. You can also have your odhni and let the hair fall down the shoulders.

Bouffant and bun with stylish curves in front

Bouffant and bun with stylish curves in front

Section out the first one and half inch of your scalp. They are parted hair from one side. The rest of the hair should be back-brushed to create the bouffant. Thus lets a nice section of hair fall in front, and you get a nice idea to have to shape in waves. Now, you can make your bouffant and tie a bun. For the front area, take the strands of hair and use an Instyler to create the waves. Plan the hairstyle as if you are wearing a chained mang-tikka like the picture below, it will flaunt on one side. The other side will be hidden by the waves. The thinner section will be dominated by the accessory.

Messy bun hairdo hairstyle

Messy Bun Hairdo

Messy hairdos add an amazing contrast to perfectly dress-up brides. They also add a sensational aspect because it makes you look natural and sassy. Now, section out your hair in front and part from the middle. Let the rest of the hair is back-brushed for the bun. Thus, the sectioned portion will be untidily brushed. The strands right at the front can make some locks. While the other ones at the back can be twisted and pinned up.

Side braid hairstyle for traditional wear

Side braid

To authentically create a side braid. For this, you must section out your hair from one side and then make the braid. For this you will have to brush it back on the fuller side. Even though, you can also give the front portion of a fuller side a slight light and then pin it up on the side of the braid. Choose the type of braids you want to opt for, which can be a fish tail, French styles, and etc. Just make sure that it falls down from the heavier side of the section.

Back-brushed hair with curls on one side

Back-brushed hair with curls on one side

When you can carry your odhni heavily on the side. Then you can flaunt your hair on the other side! The picture below perfectly explains this. Have your hair back-brushed properly. So, now pin it up in the crown zone and then make the curls. Depending on the length of your hair, you will have to leave 3-4 inches after the pinning up. Then, you can continue with the curls. Let all your hair fall from the opposite side of where you odhni has been placed.

Messy curled bun with flowers

Messy curled bun with flowers

Alike South Indian bridal hairdo, whereas even North Indians wears flowers in their hair. There are also common with the messy bun hairdo. Where the hair is twisted into shapes with the sectioned hair strands. Back-brush your hair so that it doesn’t look messy at the front. Part the mid of the hair to the middle of a mang-tikka. Curl up your hair and make a messy bun, or add twisted sections with more expertise. Finally, add flowers to one side of the hair and make it look more glorifying!

Easy best North Indian bridal hairstyles


Side swept fringe hairstyle with high bun gives a gorgeous look at wedding. Thus, the bride can wear this hairstyle with pallu on his head. It is easy to wear and supports odhni over the head. Now, you can part some hair from the front and side swept like a fringe on the left from the side. Then, tie bun with the remaining hair. So, side part with the fringe is decorated with artificial flower hair accessories. Tie tikka from the middle, which gives a simple look. Odhni over the tied bun with this simple accessory makes you look beautiful.

Braided high bun with mang tikka


The North Indian wedding hairstyles mostly focus on the mang tikka. So, now pick a beautiful ornament to decorate your hair and neck. Simple crown is the best choice to decorate your hair. With this braid an intricate woven bun is prepared with your hair. So, place them if you have a freestyle. Mid part your hair  and side swept to the place a mang tikka can be placed. Try to wear the mang tikka and just tie your hair high bun.  The high tight bun looks beautiful. The bun helps to carry over pallu on it. Simply decorate this hairstyle with mang tikka, and side parted tikka. Thus, it is just like a flower with matching earring, neck and hand chain. This hairstyle looks simple, but when decorated with these flower accessories, and also gives a gorgeous look.

Loose hair with curl fringe on front


This hairstyle is simple, but when you decorate with kundana manga tikka, it looks cute. Earring with a hanging chain makes it look beautiful. This hairstyle best suits for round face. Simple comb your hair and mid part your hair to place manga tikka. Leave a left side fringe from a front part section of hair. Comb the remaining hair on your right. Simply, curl the left fringe to give a beautiful look. Leave all your remaining hair on your left shoulder. And, curl your hair and roll them on down. This simple braided hairstyle looks awesome. Decorate them with natural white flowers. Just pin the flowers in a row.

Trendy fashion bride hairstyle with Manga tikka and Jhooma


The bride hairstyle with a bun and loose opened wide hair looks cute. The hairstyle with manga tikka and the jhomma is trendy with a fashion look. The hairstyle with a bouncy bun and mid part hairstyles looks cute. The mid part back brushed hair with loose wide opened hair looks beautiful with different hair accessories and pallu over the head.

Bridal wears hairstyle with plates at the front


The plaits at the front just like a puff make you look stylish. The hairstyle with plaits around the head, which are braided and tightly tied at the front of the head, looks beautiful. Try this stylish braided plait hairstyle with manga tikka and chains pinned back of the ear. The pallu over the head with heavily designed looks beautiful.

Mid part loose wide open hairstyle


The dark black hair with wide open hair. Decorated with hair accessories looks cute. Try this stylish hairstyle with heavy manga tikka with chains and earrings. The hairstyle for brides with bunch of flowers in her hand looks awesome. The traditional jewelry and outfit with this hairstyle looks trendy and fashion at her wedding.

Mid part bouncy crown back bun hairstyle


The hairstyle with mid part and manga tikka over, it looks beautiful. The bouncy hair with back bun covered with pallu looks gorgeous. Try this stylish hairstyle that looks beautiful with a mash up of the North Indian bride. Try this stylish hairstyle on wedding day with beautiful accessories and jewelry.


Fringe hairstyles that you can look flaunt in winter

Fringe Hairstyle or Bangs hairstyle is often associated with the cuteness. Fringes are also popularly known as Bangs. Winter is the season for fashions and styles of layers of attires and bold hairstyles. There is no need of tying hair up like in summers. So winter is the time to experiment with long, short hair that you like without caring.

If you have been changing up your look, bangs are an easy way to do the trick. There is no better time than during the colder seasons to take the bang. In summer, the problem with bangs is they can easily get caught up in the heat and drive you to look crazy. During summers your forehead is sweating and you can notice that your hair sticking to it. You can go for side swept bang that is best suited for spring and summer.

There are different types of Fringe hairstyle to suit different personalities. And it all depends on the right way to cut and carry.

Fringe hairstyles

Bangs also knows as fringe which is a shaped cutting of the front part of the hair so that it lies over the forehead. Bangs are usually cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows, but it can also be ranged or ruffled, spiked up with hair gel, swept to one side or the other, or cut longer to fall over the eyes.

Hairstyles that feature bands have come and gone out of fashion as frequently as other hairstyles and they can be worn in any number of styles.

Bangs on the front look good with any hair length and in fact will enhance the overall look of layers or steps in the hair. Side-swept, blunt or short; all bangs will make you look hot this winter.

Best ideas about fringe hairstyle – latest winter hairstyles

Simple tweaks hairstyle for parties

The hairstyle best suits for parties. The stylish simple tweaks hairstyle make you look beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle and makeup to get a new look. This is simple hairstyle to try in less time. This makes you look formal daily with a simple makeover. You can simple try this hairstyle for any parties to be gorgeous with hanging earrings. The hair in light brown and gray mixed color best suited for fair skin tone.


Chic hairstyles for winter

The chic hairstyle with fashionable outfit idea is best to look beautiful. The chic hairstyle gives a casual look that works great with spring outfit ideas. This also gives a spring’s inspiration look. Prepare loose braid from the mid of head and tie a low bun with streaky hair. Thus, the hairstyle looks beautiful and is better to reach a trendy and fancy look. The bun is tied with some loose streaks flowing round the loose bun.

2. Chic hairstyles for winter

Fringe hairstyle with two braids

Mid part your hair and prepare two braids on both side. Loose braid with small part of hair on both side near ear looks good. The side bangs in the front section covers some part of face. Loose hair spread evenly on both shoulders. The hairstyle looks beautiful in modern fashion dress. The fashionable clothes with this hairstyle adds beautiful look to you.


Simple gorgeous medium curly hair with center parted fringe

The hairstyle is soft and need to look as elegant. Thus, you can try with these medium curly hairstyle. Try this stylish center parted winged bangs that gives a perfect shape to the face. The mid parted soft low curls make you look beautiful with an elegant look. The texture gives a natural hair volume that makes it as an enviable hair and looks for divas! This gives a stylish look with shoulder length or medium length hair. The rolled curls on one another side with slight make up is beautiful.

4. Layered-Shoulder-Length-Hairstyles

Straight haircut with fringe

The best and stylish haircut based on atmospheric change is quite hot in these days. Thus, this will add life to the fringe which can work well and make them look stylish. This hairstyle looks fantastic and gives a younger look. Thus, the natural layers and curls are added to the hair with its final hair look makes them fashionable. The straight and low layered cut hairstyle up to shoulder length hair looks beautiful.

5. bangs-hairstyles-fuadvvqu-long-hairstyles-with-bangs-for-round

Stylish straight bangs 

A very geometrical rounded bang that is contoured to the face and starting from the very top of each check bone. Creating a dramatic bowed shape, similar to a rainbow.

You can apply styling crème when wet and blow dry with hands and seal down with a flat iron if needed. After drying apply a small amount of hair spray on your hands to smooth your bangs down.

Blunt bangs hairstyle

If you have a heart shaped face this style may make your face look top-heavy. Blunt bangs are super trendy at the moment and suit many people. Depending on how short your fringe is and how quickly your hair grows.

Side swept fringe hairstyle

Side swept bands are popular hairstyles because they work with almost every face shape and haircut. Hair that gently swoops forward and to one side is a universally style that anyone can wear with flair, regardless of face shape or hair length.

Pin up bangs hairstyle

If you are looking for classy and glamorous hairstyle for some family special events or wedding, Pin up curl up for medium length hair or the vintage or retro hairstyle is perfect. A little goes a long way to pin up hairstyles. Keep hair soft and simple and enhance your look with dramatic makeup.

Parted fringe hairstyle

Parted fringe is a great way to update a tired hairstyle. It is perfect for women born with natural straight hair both with thick and thin hair texture. It is side parted with long thin bangs that nicely blend with the shoulder length hair. Some layers add great finished for more sophisticated hair ends.

Choppy fringe haircut

Choppy bangs really change the look of any haircut. Bangs can be styled with a curling iron for volume or straightened with a flat iron for a totally different look. They can be side swept and blended into any haircut when less is more.

Brow skimming bangs for gorgeous look

Brow skimming fringe can bring a fresh style to your old cut, without a major chop. Even better, the right bangs can transform your face, minimizing a high forehead, bringing out your cheekbones, accenting your eyes. It gives perfect bangs for women who have different face shapes and hair textures.


Best Indian bridal makeup | Tips on how to do Indian wedding makeup

The biggest day in the life of a girl is her wedding day. Brides should understand the difference between everyday makeup and the type of application that will enhance their beauty in wedding photos. It is the day when all your dreams are about to come true and we are sure that nothing else matters.

The wedding day is one time event in man and woman’s life and it is something they fantasize many times. Here are some simple Indian bridal makeup tips to help you look your gorgeous best so that he falls in love with you all over again! Of course, the desire to look and feel our most beautiful, inside and out, is at its peak on our wedding day. But, make sure you only use products that suit your skin tone and are not out of date. You want your skin to glow and your smile to be the brightest of all. You may choose to do your bridal makeup yourself or pick a stylist you can trust.

Tips on Indian bridal makeup

Pre-wedding preparations

You should always keep yourself prepared so as to avoid any last minute surprise that may ruin your day. Every bride of having a radiant and glowing face on her wedding day. Simple beauty tricks like using a gel foundation as base makeup, muted and lighter tones for a radiant look. For this, follow a simple routine of cleansing your face 3-4 times a day. Use a moisturizing lotion to protect your face from dust that may cause dull spots and blemishes. The right lip brush or avoiding too many coats of mascara can assure an appearance worthy of many compliments. Get rid of the oiliness and dullness by applying a face pack, but make sure it does not cause irritation of skin, making it red.

The steps followed to achieve this look are quite simple.

  • Start with preparing the skin with moisturizer.
  • Start by applying a lip balm.
  • Begin with eye makeup so that you can clean up fallouts with a makeup remover later.
  • Apply eye primer and follow up with a rich gold pigment.
  • Add a cranberry shade in the outer corner of the eye up to the crease. To intensify the corner a bit more, apply black eye shadow on the outer corner only.
  • Apply a highlighter on the brow bone.
  • Fill the eyebrows with a matte brown shade.
  • Add some glitter glue on the eyeball and follow up with glitters.
  • Apply Kajal and then some gel eyeliner with a pointed tip brush and wing it out if you’d like.
  • Curl lashes and apply mascara.
  • Clean the eye shadow fallout’s with a cotton pad and makeup remover and then begins with the foundation routine.
  • Apply face primer.
  • Add foundation and concealer and finish up with a loose powder.
  • Contour the cheeks. Apply blush and highlighter.
  • Go back to the eyes and smudge some black eye shadow below the waterline to intensify the Kajal even further.
  • Add some gold pigment in the inner corner so that the eye is highlighted even further.
  • Moving on to the lips, take off lip balm with a tissue and line the entire lips with a lip pencil.
  • Top it over with the same color lipstick and a lip gloss if required.

How to do bridal makeup?

Face makeup tips

Pick the right foundation shade. While doing so, remember that your skin tends to become drier during winter and stick to a classic look. Use a Bronzing powder to warm your skin tone. Hence, you might need to change your foundation shade. Also, since you’ll be spending a major part of your wedding day in daylight, make sure to check the color of your foundation in natural light. Give your foundation staying powder by using a gel foundation primer before you apply your makeup.

While the foundation will mostly cover the blemishes and marks, a concealer is still a bridal beauty essential to get rid of any unwanted marks and especially to hide those dark circles. Select more golden-toned bases and concealers. Use the concealer and apply it on the spots/marks.

While you may not use powder on a daily basis, a little bit of powder is essential to set your foundation and to keep it in place. Since you’ll be out in the sun all day and since you’ll be the focus of all photographers, dab some clear glow pressed powder over your foundation and concealer.

To look flawless in pictures, blush is a must. Your natural radiance should be on display, not a bright color. Smile in front of the mirror to locate the apples of your cheeks and then apply the cheeky glow blush on the apples of your cheeks. This will also add a hint of color to your look and make you look fresh. These flattering shades will not look washed out and the contrast will not be too great with your dress. Use a brush to blend the color on your cheeks smoothly.

Eye makeup tips

To begin your eye makeup, start by applying a light eye shadow base. This will help open up your eyes. Once you set the base, proceed with applying an eye shadow color of your choice. Use neutrals to contour and highlight your eyes. Make sure the eye color matches your outfit. Line your eyes with a gel-based liner as it lasts for over 1 hour and comes with a brush for precise application. Get lush lashes by first using an eyelash curler and then applying two coats of lengthening mascara. Mascara is a must for lashes that look stunning and luscious. Apply mascara which is waterproof and smudge proof always.

Lip makeup tips

Whether you want to wear lipstick or lip gloss is up to you. Both are sure to look equally nice. However, to keep your lipstick in place, make sure that you line your lips with the color sensational lip liner in a shade that matches your lip color. When applying the color, focus the blush on the apples of the cheek and blend the excess back and up toward the hairline. You can also try out the different shades of lip polish as it has the benefits of a balm, lip color, and gloss.

Make sure the lip color matched your outfit. In case you have very thin lip, avoid using a lip liner to outline your lips and just use it to color them. For oily skin, powder blush is the perfect choice, but if your skin tends to be a bit dry, try a cream blush to achieve a dewy natural glow. Apply lip gloss more towards the center to give your lops a fuller pout. Choose a lip color in a warm, fairly bright shade. Roses, pinks, and reds look great in photos. Pinks, reds, and corals are the most common used shades but you can always try browns or beige shades if it suits your face.

Hairstyle tips

Your hairstyle is what will define your overall look. Bridal hairstyles need to reflect the brides’ personality and personal style. So make sure you try out different hairstyles months before your wedding day. Coloring your hair may add flattering touches to your overall look, especially in photos. Accessorize it with clips, bands, and tiaras for that extra gorgeous look.

If your hair is long and you wear it pulled back most of the time than an elegant ‘Updo’ would be just the look. If you wear your long hair down most of the time, then try wearing some of it up away from your face and leave the rest to cascade around your shoulders.

If your hair is medium in length it can be curled and worn with a sparkly headband or tiara to dress it up. You can use one of the very popular decorative hair clips to hold it back.

If you have short hair then you need not worry because you can do lots with your hair. Don’t curl the front, it won’t look like you. It is also important for the style you choose to hold up through the ceremony and reception, but using too much hair spray can make your hair look stiff and unnatural.

Precautionary tips for bridal makeup

Every bride wants to be perfect and beautiful in wedding photos. So, she has to make sure with the everyday makeup and the type of application to enhance their beauty. It is better to get in contact for a proper technique from a makeup artist before the wedding.

For better photos

Apply foundation evenly with a long lasting finish till the end by using a dusting of pressed powder. You should make sure to keep a pressed powder in handy for touch up, that you don’t want a shiny nose of forehead in photographs. Make sure to match powder to the foundation color. Blend them well along your jaw line.

Avoid using heavy eyeliner

Eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller and can pass on false eyelashes. Thus, you can cast a shadow beneath the eyes that are accent to the outer corner of eyes with black or gray eyeliner.

Choose best professional bridal makeup artist to look good. The skin tends to break out or it may look flushed after a facial, and then be sure to schedule your facial for at least one week before the wedding. Make sure to take off your hands. Keep your hands soft, start using a non greasy hand cream before going to bed and then put them in a pair of white cotton gloves. You should sleep by having gloves that helps to hold in body heat and help the hand cream penetrate. Your hands will feel softer and smoother for a beautiful look.

Good choice of color

  • Light color is a pastel reflects with more light and hence enhances the volume of a person advisable for persons on the slimmer side.
  • Avoid wearing clothes of contrasting colors to short persons.
  • Avoid using dark colors such as burgundy with the virtue of reflecting lesser light that can diminish the volume of the wearer and are advisable for persons on the stout side.

Fabrics to choose

  • Banaras koras, brocades and silks have always been intrinsic to dressing for weddings. They remain with the designers as they are versatile and lend to unlimited possibilities as far as embroidery is concerned.
  • Stain looks luxurious and is used as a lining for all expensive outfits. Thus, satin is a versatile material for embroidery that can carry considerable embroidery weight.
  • Use laces or net fabric to convey a fresh, young, pretty, dream like feel with a preferred on lace. While this lends to a wider range of embroidery.

Most important makeup tips for girls who wear glasses

Eyeglasses make a big impact on your appearance. It can be quite difficult to create dramatic eye makeup when you wear vision aids. First, it comes to your personal preference to complement your eyeglass frames. The type of vision problem you are correcting plays an important role as well. There are a few trendy tips to help you look your best way. Check out your eyes may look too small or too large. Then eye makeup may interfere or imprints in the makeup that can be seen on your skin through the glasses. Here, you can see make tips to girls who wear glasses.

A pair of glasses may be a beautiful fashion accessory. Especially women who want strong lenses do find it a challenge to pair their glasses with makeup.

Maintain proper foundation

Use a proper foundation for your face. Make sure your makeup is weeping and water resistant. Select a foundation that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone in these areas. Apply a thin layer to the lid and beneath the eyes. If it’s your oily skin tone, then use a light powder that will help to reduce shiny areas on the forehead, chin, and nose. Find the right foundation for a dark complexion to be easier that many hues are too light and end up resembling a mask. Skin tones on the forehead and chin differ from those on the cheeks, using two shades of foundation usually works best. Use gold or copper powder that is highlighting the cheekbones that gives the face a radiant look. Concealer or even camouflage makeup is very important for women with surface irregularities and pigmented spots on the skin.

Eye makeup for a glass wearing girls

Farsighted women wear glasses that they opt for dark, matte eye shadow to achieve a visual minimization of their eyes. Eye shadow is liquid or creamy in consistency that it is a better product for you to powder, because the glasses amplify the small loose color particles powder that contains. Refrain from using shiny or glittering eyeshadow that it is given these effects that are also emphasized by the lenses. Emphasize the fringes of the lid using dark eyeliner or a pencil. Thus, it will make your eyes look smaller. Apply everything with great care that the enlarging effect of your lenses will make makeup bloopers more evident. Apply lots of mascara to further increase the size of your eyes.

Eye makeup for far and near sighted women

Short sighted women should avoid dark eye shadow and thick eyeliners. Choose bright and shimmering colors such as rose, lavender, beige, light grey or white. Apply a lighter colored eye shadow to the interior corner of the eye to make your eyes look wide open. Choose a slightly darker hue as the center of the lid. Apply liner only from the last third of the width of the eye to the outer corner. Don’t apply too much mascara on the top and use no mascara or very little on the bottom.

Eyebrow tips to wear glasses

Eyebrow styling depends on the size and shape of your eyewear. Arched brows are in vogue to wear big, bold frames you might want to avoid heavy eyebrow makeup. Naturally light up or thinner eyebrows. Fill in your eyebrows with a color that’s too dark or make them appear too full. If you wear small frames, fill in your eyebrows with your natural color that can help to draw focus to your eyes and look. Use an eyebrow powder with a thin brush; lightly fill in your eyebrows using short, dash-like strokes. The natural arch of your brow that is more attracting.

Eyelids makeup tips when you use frame

Natural looking eye makeup that doesn’t always the best choice. Eyeglass frame advertisements will demonstrate that you can go bold with your makeup. Eyelashes and pops of eye shadow color are all great ways to play up your eyes. Choose a bright eye shadow color, to complement the color of your frames. If you don’t want them to clash, then it can cheapen the look.

Lips highlighting for girls who wear glasses

It is best to highlight either your eyes or your lips that can overdo. Eye-catching eyeglasses and love dramatic eye shadow skip the bold lip and pair your look with a colorless gloss or slightly tinted lip balm. The dramatic eyes and wear thin eyeliner, mascara and a fun, bright colored lipstick. It is especially cute with vintage style glasses.

Lighten up for eyeglass frames

You can observe that some of the eyeglasses frames can show a dark shadow around the eyes for some different lights. Now, you use a blend of lighter toned foundation under your eyes and similarly at the down center of your nose, which is called as contouring. The contouring makes you appear fresher and can highlights your eyes. You can take this one step further and fully contour your face by bronzing your cheek bone, forehead and both sides of nose. You should be careful that it is fully blend with the highlighting foundation and bronzer with a natural colored face makeup.

Eyebrow styling with shape and size of frame

Select the eyebrow styling that best suits for size and shape of your glass wear. This is thick and contour your eyebrows. The trendy eye brow styling are full, arched and defined. Try to avoid heavy eyebrow makeup for big and bold frames. Similarly for natural light hair or thinner eyebrows also. This makes you fill in your eyebrows with a color that’s too dark for them to appear too full. This helps to wear smaller, subtle frames and that fills your eyebrows with a natural color. This also helps to draw focus to your eyes and can enhance your look. Thus, use an eyebrow pencil or powder and it is better to use a thin brush. Use a short brush for lightly fill in eyebrows. Dash with the strokes and follow with the natural arch of your eyebrow.

  • Choose a sparkly navy or a deep burgundy liner. Avoid using black color as this black color is flattering to everyone. Black eyeliner is too heavy, but sparkly navy or a deep burgundy liner makes you look good. Thus, there is no matter what ever the skin tone or hair color you are having. This will brighten up your eyes and gives a cool look.
  • You should switch your looks with a sultry and smoky burgundy eye. The best way is to skip eye shadow and smudging a liner in a warm color like a deep plum that is close to your lash line for a sexy effect. Thus, the shades might be a bit much when magnified.
  • You can use a tinted moisturizer to cover the red marks that glasses leave behind on your nose.
  • Remove excess foundation using a blotting paper to keep your makeup onto your frames.

Creative hairstyles ideas for curly hairs

Curly hair is one of the common type of hair type that is viewed I at least 5 out of 10 females. There was a time when people used to hate curly hair as this is one of the hair types that cannot be modified to different variety of haircuts. Only a few haircuts can be adopted by the ladies who have curly hair. But today, the fashion world has adopted many innovative ideas along with the thought of the renowned hair style artist which got transformed into amazing hairstyles for curly hairs. Let us have a look at some of the fascinating hairstyles for curly hair.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Curly pony tail hairstyle

1. loose-curly-ponytail

If you have got curly hair, try out tiding up a curly pony tail as this will create less effect of curls over the front portion of your head and also there will be a curl ball at the back of the hair where you have tied to make a pony tail. A high centered pony tail will make you look trendier.

Messy curls look

2. look-curls

You can now get a messy curl hairstyle to look over your face with your hair indulged in a moody appearance. The layered pieces of hair will be ideally tumbled down with an elastic appearance. These careless strands of hair will create a beautiful frame of your face. You can also use gels to make it more attractive.

Curls at the end hairstyle

3. Tamannaah-Bhatia-Medium-Hairstyle

Another fascinating curling hair idea is getting curls at the end of the hair. At the top you can create side swept or a zigzag line to make a swept. The bottom of the curl must touch your shoulder to get a beautiful look. You can attend any party with this unborn look.

Step cut hairstyle

Step cut hairstyle


Another very common hair cut that suits people with curly hair is none other than the step cut. The back portion of the hair will be made steps by cutting it layer after layer from top to bottom. Even if you tie your hair you can get a round ball with fascinating look.

Half down curl hair

Half down curl

The half down curl idea is another interesting variation that can be adopted by many ladies willing to have a stylish hairstyle even if they have curly and coarse hair. Since your hair is to curl, you can comb your hair from the top and sides and tie them just at the back. The rest of the hair will be placed as it is dropping at your back and front shoulder line.

Clean bun hairstyle

Clean bun

As compared to ladies with straight hair, individual with long hair can get a clean but by taking all hairs from sides and bottom and tie up a clean but at the back. This hairstyle will keep you stay neat and beautiful. The stylish haircut and the attire will keep you looking trendy all the time.

Back pinned curly hair look

Back pinned curly hair look

You can now get a curly hair look with tiding your hair from the front portion of your hair and tie it just below the top of your head. You can also put a very stylish hair clip at the back so that you look very attractive even from the rear view. The rest of the curly hair must be open wide which will create a voluminous look.

Retro curls hairstyle

Retro curls

If you want to get you go back to the olden times, the retro curls will be a wonderful hairstyle to be considered. This is one of the classic Hollywood styles which have been adopted by many ladies around the world. Get a retro look with your curly hair and surprise your friends.

Volumizing curly hairstyle

Volumizing curly hairstyle

If you are willing to go for the volumizing hairstyle, the curly hair will be the best option in front of you.  This hairstyle will make you look lively and attractive. Go for a very trendy designed big earring and grace the occasion with dynamism. The western wear will also suit with you.

Side curls hairstyle

Side curls hairstyle


You can now go for the curly hairstyle that is backed with the side curls from both the sides. Even if you have a straight hair, the side curls dangling down your shoulder will make you look attractive. A side part hair and a little makeup will really look good.

Side swept curl hairstyle

Side swept curl

If you have curly hair, a side swept will be a wonderful idea as well. You can easily dress up for the ramp or a discotheque with this fascinating side swept curl idea. A sexy dress that shows your cleavage can complement with this amazing hairstyle.

Shoulder curls look

Shoulder curls look


You can now get a shoulder to curl look with the hair strand dropping down on one shoulder. Just create a curl over the downside of your hair and pull it and place at the right or left side of the shoulder so that people viewing art you can see the curl down your hair.

Wavy Faux Bob hairstyle



The tailor swift signature curls will look really great on you if you have curly hair. This wavy Faux Bob will easily create a glam look. You can attend a formal party after adopting this particular hairstyle. Even if you roll your hair under, getting a spectacular look will be ideal. This will give you a trendy and gorgeous look in every hairstyle.

Top blunt banged bob hairstyle for curly hair


If you have straight hair and you need to try for curly hair with bob hairstyle, then this hairstyle suits you perfectly. Try this hairstyle to add some flare to your curly bob. Straight across bangs are best to look more beautiful. Style the bangs as you desired by using a flat iron tool. You should use a medium sized curling iron to curl sections of your hair. Use your fingers to separate the curls and that can look more natural. Spray the light hold finishing spray. This hairstyle best suits for round face shape.

Trendy soft side curls for long hair


The soft & long hairs with curls are so versatile. The way you dress up and the way you add extra make up gives a beautiful look along with the choice of hairstyle. You should apply a curl cream that can damp hair and can be used a wide tooth comb. After that, use a product that is equally up to the root ends. You should part your hair at a slight angle that is from the side towards the top of your head. This will keep you appear as too heavy on one side of your head. Then, dry your hair by using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer set with a high heat. But you should follow high heat that is low of the air force and can avoid frizz. Simply lift the front fringe section that will add extra volume. Finish it with your curly locks off, try this hairstyle for heart and diamond face shapes to look beautiful.

Simple & short and sweet classically sassy hairstyle


The hairstyle with soft and flowing curls to try and twists them to give a classic look. You should begin with a dry hair that can be parted on one side to look good. You just simply spray everything and use them with a 1 ¼ inch of curling iron. This is used to curl small sections and is sure for all the curly hair types that can be used for going the same direction. This is away from your face. So, once you have done with the curling, then brush through your hair and soften the curls. This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair and square face shape.

Simple flexible curly hairstyle

4. Curly_Hairstyles_2014_for_Women01

The hairstyle looks very simple and is full head of fantastic springy curls. The simple blending hairstyle is into your mane, while others are quite defined. Thus, we can feel that the hand of a talented stylist for a different look. The simple stylish look with natural curls make you look stylish. Try this stylish hairstyle for any occasion with simple makeup and stylish jewelry.

Curly sass of color hairstyle

5. 9-high-curly-pony-updo

The trendy fashion hairstyle is highlighted and can be fun to wear this hairstyle. You can choose this curly top hairstyle with a burst of blonde look. This hairstyle is adorable pile with curls, which is perfect for both office casual look and on any special occasions.

Curly bob hairstyle

6. keri-hilson-hairstyle-2

The curly bob hairstyle is to add a new look to your personality. You can check with Hollywood celebrities in our big gallery. Thus, this will impress you with a definite look and if you want still more recent styles, you can browse all the bob hairstyle in short length and medium length. Thus, they should use high quality products for a critical hair do. Try this stylish different hairstyle that make you look trendy and good. Thus, this hairstyle gives you a real hairstyle look and also need much more care to your hair color. This is best to choose best beauty products to style your hair, otherwise your hairstyle may be changed due to bad products.

Myraid short curly hairstyle idea

7. short curly hairstyle for black woman (1)

The short curly hairstyle looks beautiful with a trendy look. This hairstyle best suits for short curly hairstyles for black women. The hairstyle is simple and takes less time to style your hair. Side swept with a bang and have a zig zag line with curls. Thus, the hairstyle is simple and can be best and stylish. Thus, the stylish look makes them look simple and cute.

Curly hairstyle with a bouncy look

8. short curly hairstyle for black woman (11)

The hairstyle looks stylish and unique. This is a simple and stylish look with curls. The curly hairstyle with a bouncy look makes you look stylish and trendy. The bouncy like hairstyle is simple and brown hair looks trendy and cover the forehead with curly hair strands. Try this stylish trendy hairstyle to look beautiful for a party or any other occasions.


Tips for applying liquid foundation

Knowing how to apply liquid foundation can be the difference between having flawed and flawless makeup. Applying liquid foundation seems pretty simple but there are still plenty of ways that liquid foundation can go wrong, so the following are just a few tips for how to apply your liquid foundation like a professional.

Most people aren’t born with perfect-looking skin, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. Are you dealing with dryness? Then transform dry, parched skin by applying a heavy-duty moisturizing cream. If you suffer from oily skin, wipe up excess oil with a toner and use a matte foundation. Mask blemishes with a light dab of creamy concealer and lighten up dark, under-eye circles by using a brightening moisturizer with sunscreen. Following a smart skincare regimen and using makeup designed to work with your particular skin type can help you get the flawless complexion you crave.

How to apply liquid foundation

Prep and prime tips for foundation

Any kind of foundation can look flaky and uneven if applied to dry skin. When looking at how to apply liquid foundation, make sure your skin is moisturized and try using a primer beforehand to create a smooth base.

Get the color right to get right foundation

You’d be surprised at how many people are wearing the wrong colored foundation! To get the best color match, it’s best to test out foundation on your jaw line rather than the back of your hand or arm. For a more professional approach – ask a beauty consultant!

Keep it clean for applying foundation

Always use clean tools to apply your liquid foundation, whether they are your fingers, sponge applicators, or makeup brushes.

Apply in areas evenly to face

When looking at how to apply liquid foundation, distribute it evenly by dotting on small amounts on different areas of your face – your cheeks, chin, and forehead. Use the back of your hand as a palette to pour a small amount of foundation on and then using your fingers, a sponge, or makeup brush, dab the foundation on to your face.

Blend well to look fresh

Nothing looks more unnatural then when you can see a line between your foundation and your actual skin color. Avoid this look by making sure you blend your foundation well. Don’t stop at your jaw line and remember to blend foundation properly onto your neck. You could opt to use sponge applicators or makeup brushes to blend but I find that your fingers are better tools.

Move in circles across your face

Blend your makeup by moving in a circular motion, working in small areas across your face. This will help create even coverage. Some prefer to use your middle and ring fingers to blend as they provide a better touch and therefore better coverage than the index fingers.

Set it for right liquid foundation

When it comes to how to apply liquid foundation, it’s important to let it set. Keep it in place by setting it with loose or pressed powder. This will help you to make sure that it stays on all day. Wait a few minutes to let the liquid foundation set and then swirl on some translucent powder with a large powder brush.

Clean and moisturize your face before applying foundation

You should make sure that you need keep clean always. You should apply to a clean canvas. Wash your face using a normal cleanser and pat them dry. Apply a moisturizer and leave for a few minutes before applying foundation. Make sure before applying foundation to give the moisturizer a chance to work well. But, don’t apply too much moisturizer to your face, if you are in hurry and applied too much moisturizer. Then, blot your face with a tissue and remove the excess moisturizer before applying foundation cream.

Test on your skin with the foundation

Take a dime sized amount of liquid foundation onto your palette of choice. Now, you can either use the back of your hand. A small dish or even a folded up napkin is used to get skin whitening effect. Make sure not to pour too much amount onto your skin. You can even add more later for better results.

Use the proper tools to apply foundation

You should be careful while using liquid foundation with the ease of application. This method is better to apply foundation and all of them sounds good.

Use sponges for smooth effect

A cosmetic sponge gives a smoothing effect with a velvety texture and can create a similar fine surface on the skin. Some sponge users can prefer to dampen the sponge with clean water. This helps to squeeze out it mostly and dry and just before applying foundation with it. The method results in a lighter application and helps to prevent wasting foundation. This keeps less of it from a soaking into the sponge. All you need to makeup application tools that must be kept scrupulously clean and wash or dispose of sponges regularly.

Brushes for applying liquid foundation

This is the best way for coverage and a satiny finish. Apply liquid foundation with a flat foundation brush works well. Thus, the technique is similar to the painting on a canvas. Pour a small amount of foundation onto the back of the hand. Dip the tip of the brush in it. Use a small and light strokes to dab the foundation where needed.

Fingertips for proper application

Apply foundation with the fingers and eliminate the need to buy with special tools. Prepare that makeup artists opt for fingertip application. This is because of the warmth of the hands that helps to keep the liquid spreadable. Now, smooth foundation on as if it were a moisturizer, and then tap the fingers on areas of unevenness to blend them thoroughly. Although hands are the most convenient tools, thus the still require cleanliness, always wash it before applying foundation.


Make up and home care tips for winter

Changes during the winter months can significantly affect your skin, resulting in dryness, flaking, itching, and scaly patches. Itchy, dry skin can be very uncomfortable. Hence it is necessary to take extra care of your skin during the winter season as the low humidity causes dehydration of skin and makes it dry and irritated. Due to these harsh and cold weather conditions your skin starts looking dull and flaky, and in severe cases, even fishnet like cracks may appear.

Living in the city worsens the situation even further as you’re exposed to harsher elements than normal. Not only do you deal with chill winds, constant exposure to germs, and pollution, but you are also probably falling victim to old heating units in apartment buildings and at the office, which is basically the reason behind flaky skin, dry eyes, and redness.

That means you have to show extra love to your complexion during colder months, especially if you’re prone to dryness. The chilly weather brings completely new challenges when it comes to choosing products and treatments as you now have parched skin, and brittle nails to bother you.

Hence to look beautiful in the winter, you have to use makeup strategies that are different from the ones you use in July. Winter’s light is whiter and less yellow than summer light, so it’s apparent your color boost came from the products you used rather than the sun.

Cost-effective home care methods for winter season

Banana/Papaya/Avocado paste: Dry skin can be treated by applying thick paste of one ripe banana, half a papaya, and one avocado. Apply this paste on the face, neck and other dry areas and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. This is an effective home remedy for dry skin as it not only nourishes the skin but also lightens scars.Home-care-methods-for-winter

Honey: One of the most effective home remedies for dry skin in winter is honey. It has soothing and moisturizing properties, and it can be used with various other ingredients to tone and hydrate the skin. Mix one tsp of honey with two tablespoons of milk powder and one tsp egg yolk and mix well to apply all over your skin and neck, leave it for 15 minutes and wash away with lukewarm water. Also honey and rose water mixture can act as an effective moisturizer.

Almond oil: Almond oil is a natural ingredient that keeps the skin smooth and moisturized. Massage almond oil over your skin and leave it overnight for soft and supple skin.

Lemon: Lemon is rich in vitamin C. Applying lemon and avocado mixture on dry skin not only reduces dryness, but also cleanses the skin, giving it a natural glow.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera provides all the essential nutrients to the skin and makes it smooth and glowing.

Homemade mask: Mix two tsp of gram flour, two tsp of milk, and a pinch of turmeric, and apply all over the face and neck. Wash it off when it dries with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Makeup tips for winter’s bold new face

Oil-free moisturizer first: One of the most important winter makeup tricks that you have to do every day is put on an oil-free moisturizer. This will ensure that your skin stays beautiful and avoids skin getting dry.

Light foundation: When you are putting on your foundation in winter, make sure that the foundation is light and airy. Just because it’s winter, don’t get into the heavy liquid foundation!

No heavy glosses: What most women do when the temperatures drop and the snow hits is stock up on heavy lip glosses. That isn’t the solution for this winter so drop the heavy glosses and instead, opt for something that is light; even some chap stick shall do the trick for you.

Skip the dark shades: Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean that you have to dress all in the dark or do makeup in dark colors. This season you need to skip all of the dark shades. Instead, opt for something that is lighter, something that is a little more colorful and will make you pop.

Two coats of mascara: Mascara is extremely in this winter. This winter makeup trick is about adding in at least two coats of mascara until your lashes are plump and long.

Pinky/Peach blushes: Want to know what blushes are in this season? Blush colors depend on exactly what your skin tone is, but don’t go with anything too dark. Instead, go with the coral or even something with a tiny bit of orange base.

Pastels: The light blues, light pinks and even light yellows and oranges are all in for the winter. Whether you are trying to make your eyes pop or you are trying to ensure that your cheeks stand out, go with some pastel colors.

Waterproof liner: To beat out the snow and rain, make sure that you are using waterproof eyeliner.

Nails: Use blackberry and copper color polish to darken your nails. It is perfect for this season and looks best on short nails.

Fragrance: It is best to stick to essence of essential oils, spices and other natural aromas.

Use an oil free makeup for skin in winter

This is the most and very important tip to be followed by everyone. It is recommended and is the base thing with an oil free and water base. Most of the regular makeup products are composed of oil. There are suitable for skin. Instead of these products with matte effect, you can stay longer. This keeps you well moisturized. The best natural moisturizer is milk cleansing. This helps you a lot in winter season and removes skin dryness due to dehydration.

Skin exfoliation in winter or during makeup

Skin exfoliating is very important to get natural & glowing and fresh skin. Some of you may be suffering with oily skin and are with pimples. These are over skin which is the best key that skin exfoliating to cleanse the skin. Thus, the skin exfoliating regularly gives a natural glowing skin, which is good to give a fresh look. Choose the good skin exfoliating gel that has Vitamin E. This is blessed with good results. Vitamin E is the best way and is essentially good for your skin. This is the natural essential ingredient that can enhance the skin health without causing any skin pore blockage. This also helps to get soothing and soft skin and also prevent skin irritation caused by cold.

Always stay hydrated

Try to consume lots of fluids such as fruit juices and 8- 10 glasses of water. This keeps your skin hydrated. Thus, it gives a skin brightness and bacteria free. Drinking less water tends to turn dry skin. Flawless skin is because of the hot drinks and winter winds. Don’t forget that your skin needs more hydration. A little warm water with lemon is very effective drink to get refreshing and hydrating skins.

Improve your complexion with a blush

This is the most important tip not to forget the blush. It’ll make your washed out face come into life. This gives a fresh look. It’ll make a washed out face look life. It is recommended to sweep a soft, peachy hued or warm works for fair skin, terra cotta toned blush works for darker skin. Thus, the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and are blended towards your cheekbones.

Finally, hydrate your skin from within by drinking lots of water. You need to carry a bottle with you when you go outside. Herbal tea is also great when it’s really cold. For your skin to have a healthy glow drink lots of water and don’t let your skin go thirsty.


Makeup tips for flawless foundation

It may sound easy, but sometimes getting the perfect, flawless finish foundation is harder than it seems. From choosing the right products to getting the tools that will help you achieve the best coverage seems like a mystery unsolved. Creating a flawless foundation is often easily said than done. Here, you can see tips on how to apply foundation.

Tips and trick on how to apply foundation

Hydrate or moisturize

Even if you suffer from extremely oily skin, it’s very important to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and night. Regardless of your skin type, stick to a moisturizer which is fragrance-free and won’t interfere with your skin care regime. This means that you won’t find your skin breaking out anytime soon, and you can benefit from a flawless base all day long. Look for a moisturizer with an added SPF, so your skin can feel amazing and be protected from the sun while you’re out. A good all rounder is best when choosing a daily moisturizer. When preparing your skin for make-up try to wait at least 10 minutes before applying make-up so that it has time to absorb into the skin properly.

Makeup brushes for a natural look

Sometimes your skin doesn’t work too well with stippling brushes. Just imagine, constantly rubbing the product to make it flake over dry spots and look like it’s peeling off. If you identify with any of these symptoms, then you to stay away from the stippling brush – at least in the colder months.

Instead, try cosmetic sponges as they are much kinder on skin, because they are used damp, and won’t have you spreading the same old product all over your face. All you need to do is simply dot your preferred foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Bounce the cosmetic sponge over your face. Be careful when it comes to your eyes, since this is the number one place foundation is prone to crease. Dampen the sponge, and then press over this area to avoid your foundation from cracking.

Concealing to get the perfect look

Choose a creamy, easy-to-blend formulation in a shade lighter than your skin tone, and look for something with a yellowish undertone to help neutralize the purple tones common in under eye circles. Next, pat the concealer into the skin, allow the product to dry, and repeat if you still need coverage. For pimples, choose a cover up that’s the same shade as your skin.

Foundation for a flawless skin

For a flawless finish, apply a foundation primer before starting your makeup. Choosing the right foundation shade is the KEY! Try out a few testers at the store. But in the case there is only a shade lighter or darker, go with the lighter shade. To get the best color match, it’s best to test out the foundation on your jaw line rather than the back of your hand or arm.

Now this can be tricky since there are a variety of foundations in the market which claim to revolutionize the look and feel of your skin. The best advice is to get your skin matched by a professional, as they will tell you the kind of foundation you should go for.

The most popular finishes are matte and dewy, and if you want to keep your skin from creasing and peeling throughout the day – then stick to dewy foundation instead. Apply foundation sparingly to areas such as the nose, around the mouth and over the pores, since it’s often difficult to achieve a flawless finish here. Use your finger and gently tap the product over these places to avoid the foundation from peeling and flaking. Gently dab your face with a setting powder to keep it all intact.

How to apply?

Dot your foundation on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Using a sponge, begin at the center and work outward, making sure that you’re blending downward. For more coverage, use a dry sponge and a stippling motion. For less coverage, use a wet sponge with long, smooth strokes. Always blend your foundation onto your neck to avoid your makeup to look like a mask. Outline or contour and highlight to emphasize on your features.

Bronzer should only be applied in certain areas. We all love a good tan, but do not over do it. Apply a bronzer on your cheekbones, around your forehead, under your chin & all over your neck. Don’t apply this under your eyes. It will make your face appear muddy, and highlight all the shadows on your face.

Apply some foundation everywhere

This is the best process to get a perfect look. You should make sure to apply foundation around your jawline and neck. This is best to blend the color and there too. Don’t forget to apply to ears. To get fair skinned complexions that are very particular is that to redness in the ears. This is best to fake a tan with the foundation cream. Make sure to blend a light layer of the foundation over your eyelids and lips. This makes your eye shadow and lipstick shades go on truer to their shades.

Pixie cream base brush and fresh

The brushes are very classic for a reason that can create a smooth finish. Make sure to look while shopping, choose a nylon bristles and natural hairs are porous that allows the foundation to soak them into the shaft and ruin the brush. You should dip for a brush into the foundation and then paint it in downward strokes starting at the center, that you need the most coverage and working outward. If you’re changing the direction of the brush, then fill them actually by fluffing all the little hairs on your face and making them visible. So, go for downward stroke that allows the product to skim over pores and fine lines. This gives more natural looking coverage.

Use a wedge sponge

Wedge sponge has a variety of edges to use one tool for your whole face. This will avoid heavy handed application beyond the smaller pores. Dip a flat side of foundation on the back of your hand. Apply it to the larger areas of your face, which is starting from the center. This will work out in a patting motion. Wedge sponge can achieve the coverage you want, flip the sponge on its side that to with a little more makeup. This hit the corners of your nose under your nose and other tricky curves and contours.

Remove the makeup and cleanse your face before applying foundation

You should treat the skin with a cotton pad that can cleanse water. This is used for both makeup remover and a way to prep the skin. This is the best way to make sure that the skin is completely clean that is prepped before applying moisturizer. Even though you aren’t wearing makeup, cleansing is important always to remove dirt, leftover makeup and grime from the skin. This gives best fashion of the week that can cleanse your water that’s what makeup artist use to remove makeup.

Eyebrows to get lighter look

Fill in the brows without overdoing it as the foundation lightens your eyebrow hairs, making them appear lighter.

Blush your cheek bones

A tiny blush goes a long way! Only apply this on your cheek bones. Then, with a foundation brush blend the lines so it fades evenly from a paler color to the blush, to the bronzer.

Smoky eye look

Be careful with the smoky eye look. The key is understanding your eye shape and knowing where to apply the darkest colors. Always apply mascara to your lower lashes.


Stylish Braid Buns to Try This Wedding Season

Winter weddings are always about looking Stylish and Colourful … For hair, think no further than braids and Buns. Style your hair like a braid bun with lowlights. Style your hair with a stylish bun in the wedding season.

This season brought a new Trend that Women around the world are experimenting with. Here a mix of your favorite Braids and Bun. Here are a few wedding braid buns that you must try!

Wedding Braid Buns hairstyles

Here we are presenting 9 specialist Braid Buns from around the world that you can try at the earliest.

Side braid bun braided hairstyle

Everyone knows that the most important thing to your look is your hair. Braids always look trendy and stylish. Take a look and change your hairstyle today. Make a side part and bring your hair all to one side. Take three small pieces nearest to the part and start a braid going down the side of your head towards your ear. Once you get down to just below your ear, gather the rest of your hair and make one long side braid. Twist the braid as you want it and pin into place.

Loose French Braid Side Bun

Create two loose French braids on either side of your head and then secure each section with elastic for a French braided bun. Part your hair asymmetrically and begin French braiding from the temple of the side of your head with less hair to directly beneath your ear on the opposite side. Continue braiding down like normal for an inch or two and then tie off the end with a clear elastic hair tie. Using a curling iron, wrap the rest of your hair away from your face to create loose. To balance out your French braid, grab a few random pieces from the opposite side of your head and do a loose twist. Join the French braid and twist together to fashion a very organic, loose French braid side bun. Secure your bun with several bobby pins and to add a bit of texture, spray your up do with hairspray.

Top Braided Bun

Start a French braid at the base of the neck. Continue braid upwards. Add all hair below the ears into French braid. Continue braid to crown of head. Secure braid with an elastic. Gather remaining hair and twist top knot around braid elastic. Secure top knot with pins.

Fishtail Braided Bun

A high bun is definitely may go to hairstyle when you have dirty hair. Start by putting your hair into a high ponytail. This is about where you bun to sit. You can do it higher or lower if you would like. Use the hair in the ponytail to do a fishtail braid. Secure the end of the braid with small elastic. Use your fingers to loosen and widen the braid. Wrap the fishtail braid around the base of the ponytail. Tuck the end of the braid under the bun and secure the bun with bobby pins.

Waterfall Braided Bun

Waterfall Braided Bun is the braided hair flows diagonally across your head into a bun. If you know how to make a French braid, you’ll be able to make this one in seconds! With some loose bangs in the front and some hairspray to hold your locks in place, it would give a professionally done look no matter how messy it turns out! It’s fit for every occasion – from the daily school girl look to high end fashion events!

Feather Braided Bun

You can use for a little flower girl at a wedding, or probably just about any special occasion you’re attending. It really is quite simple but looks rather fancy we thought! Make a basic ponytail wherever you want on the head, and secure with a rubber band. Begin making a basic 3 strand braid but pulling sections out for a cascading or feather braid. Use wet hair which is a bit easier, but you’ll want dry hair for this style, since you’re curling the sections you pull out. Braid all the way down to the ends of the hair. You pull hair out from each side of the braid. Secure the end of the feather braid with a little rubber band. Then wrap the hair to make a basic bun. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins as needed. Be sure not to push bobby pins in anywhere where you have the loose sections of hair hanging out. You want those to be free. Take a small curling iron & start curling all the sections of hair that hang off the bun. Lightly spray each section of hair with hairspray before you curled it too. Be sure to curl them in opposite directions sometimes so you don’t end out with one big ringlet.

Low Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch braids are my absolute favorite because they are easy to do and always look so chic! Start by parting the hair; a side part or middle part works fine for this look. Now part the hair the hair into two sections by tracing a line down the back of the head. Tie off the right side so it doesn’t tangle with the left.  Take a section of hair, on the left side, at the front of the head, and divide it into three sections. Cross the side strands under the middle, pulling in hair as you go. Tie off the braid when it reaches the back of the head. Repeat it with the right side. Make a ponytail with the leftover hair at the center of the back of the head. Take a section of hair from the top of the ponytail and tuck it into the hair band creating a loop.  Repeat the hair into two sections by tracing a line down the back of the head with the rest of the hair creating 4 to 5 loops. Pull the loops tight by gripping the center of the bun and pulling in opposite directions.

Side braided bun hairstyle for wedding

This is the flawless side braid bun that best suits for glamorous autumnal affairs during winter wedding. This gives a duplicate and easy look. This helps to separate your hair into two high pigtails that are braided with one section of your hair. This helps to pull it back along the rest of your hair. You just need to wrap it into a loose bun and secured them with a pin. This is the best versatile and stunning braided bun that is easily tweak to get a romantic look.


Braid bun hairstyle for wedding

The front puff low braid bun hairstyle looks unique and different. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for long face shape. The braid bun from top to end at the center of the head makes you look stylish and good. The braid hair with some sliver colored hair extensions and light brown hair color make the hairstyle look more beautiful. To try this stylish hairstyle like a fishtail braid looks awesome with a clean and neat comb. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for your face shape.


Best rope braid hairstyle

Loose low flatting hairstyle looks awesome. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for oblong face shape, as it covers one side cheeks with a stylish look. This is best known as it is more popular with a stylish look. Style your hair with a different low braid bun. The hairstyle which gives a special look in party of low flowing pinned loose hairstyle. Tie a low loose braid bun pinned securely and loosely to easily flow the hair like a bang. This hairstyle best suits for parties and other occasions like wedding.


Braided bun up do hairstyle

This is the stylish braided hairstyle that best suits for your face. Side swept the low braid along with a bang. The stylish hairstyle with a side swept bang and braided around the head like a hairband. This low bun stylish hairstyle best suits for your face. Bun the lower hair like rings and are pinned securely. Style your hair with a different look to get an elegant look.



Tradition and modern ways to drape a saree

Saree is the most traditional garment worn in India. It is one garment that is continuously undergoing transformation. There are many new types of sarees that are being innovated every season. Together, these new types of sarees represent the changing face of Indian fashion.

Women who have great bodies – flat stomachs, slim waists and curves in all the right places – look sensational in well draped saris.

Apart from the blouse designs, the patterns and colour palate of sarees are also changing. The new styles of sarees have a different colour scheme and use unusual colour combinations.

A saree makes every woman look beautiful and elegant. But it is very important to drape the saree in a way that it brings out the best in you. Saree comes in different densities of fabric and the body of the saree is often lighter than the pale, so as to let it wrap around the body easily. Now, you can follow any of the following saree draping style to have a trendy fashion and traditional look. These are the best stylish and complementing saree draping styles to look beautiful.

How to wear saree in different style

Casual way sarees draping style

The causal doti style sarees draping gives a different look. These sarees styles make everyone’s look. This is the perfect fashion trendy dressing style for a perfect occasion. If you are thinking of what to wear for a traditional wedding, then this saree draping style makes you look trendy and stylish.


Cowl drape skirt style saree draping

This cowl drape skirt saree draping style is beautiful. This makes you unique and gives a beautiful look. Try this stylish saree with an embroidered dupatta with an attached blouse. This saree draping style seems to be different and is beautiful. This saree draping style best suits for any occasion to turn everyone’s attention on you when you are in a party.


Double saree draping style

The thing is different and most of the people don’t know that we can drape two sarees at a time to have a different look. So, here we go with double saree draping styles. The style is different and gives a beautiful look. Drape a saree in normal daily saree draping style and wear another saree on it with a different two pallu style. First saree pallu is on the left shoulder with loose open flowered single pleat. Another is with small pleats pinned on right shoulder. These double saree draping comes with practice and gives a wonderful look for wedding parties.


Two colored dyed ombre saree draping style

The saree is in two colors and is dyed with an ombre saree. This saree looks beautiful with one dark and one light color combination. This saree draping is something different as drab as normal saree, but there is a difference in pallu. Form small pallu pleats and place the pallu on the right shoulder instead of left shoulder. Pin it securely. This gives a different look and is beautiful with a stylish look.


Ghagra saree draping style

Ghagra saree draping style is a latest trend with a printed petticoat. Most of the ghagra saree is pre-stitched and is easy to achieve a different look. You can also drape ghagra style with your loved sarees. This gives you the same effect with a drape. But, you need to use 9 yards saree. Make small pleats all around your waist. Tuck them tightly and make sure don’t slip. Then, drape the pallu as you like. This is simple and easy to wear, whereas you can also try this style with an embellished or sequined petticoat under a net saree.


Butterfly saree draping style

The best Bollywood saree draping style is to wear a saree in different style. Butterfly saree draping is easy as to style and has a slight twist to the regular draping style to wear a saree. The difference is that the pallu is made very thin like a midriff or just like a navel as seen. The best material of the saree for butterfly saree draping style is like a chiffon and net saree with a heavy embellished blouse. Thus, the ace designer here is like a pro pleated sari with an expensive that is for you. So, you can have a pleat just before the hand and put them on a stitch.


Lehenga saree draping style

The lehenga saree draping style is the best way to style which is the current trend. Wear your saree for a close one’s wedding with a saree draped in the lehenga style. You just need to have several pleats tucked around the waist, which gives the illusion of a lehenga. It is easy to convert the regular saree to a more celebrity look. There is another option where we go completely as lehenga is with a big billowing skirt. This looks like a half sari drape around it.


Half saree reinvented saree draping style

The half saree draping style is to come back with a feminine charming look. The latest trendy fashion look with a stylish look. This saree draping makes you look unique and can turn everyone’s attention at you.  This complements you with an awesome look. So, wear this by a first regular pleating the sari. Make the longish pallu fall over the left shoulder and then let it go round your waist. This makes you look back and then tuck it at the hip with the pallu. This is clearly as shown in the picture.


Gujarati way of draping a saree

The Gujarati style saree draping is a very traditional and elegant way of draping a saree. With this style, you get to show off the intricately bordered palace in full. Well suited for any occasion, be it for casual wear or for special occasions, the Gujarati style saree wearing adds a touch of Western India to your style.

Yuck the saree in the inskirt starting from the right to the left and bring it around to the front. Then make the pleats & tuck it neatly with the pleats facing right side. Hold the pole end and make Pallu pleats. Take the pallu around from the back over to the right shoulder and pin it up neatly leaving pleats hanging in the front. Pin them on the left side of your waist.

Maharashtra method of saree draping styles

The women of Maharashtra wear instead of five-and-a-half meters to eight meters. It is worn like a dhoti at the bottom while the upper portion is worn like a normal saree with the pallu tucked in the waist. Worn without a petticoat underneath, this saree is rarely seen now-a-days except on festive occasions. In this the saree the pallu drapes the shoulder or is used to cover the head.

Tamilian version saree draping

The saree is of 9 yard length. You can wear slacks instead of petticoat inside. Take one end of the saree and make around 10 small pleats. Keep the pleats as starting point and place them at the back from your left hand and wrap one complete round from left to right and reach to left on the backside. Now the rest of the whole saree is onto your left. Bring the saree to little front and tie a knot with the first layer. Tie the loose end of the saree to the backside from under your legs, tuck the saree at the back at the waist. Bring around the saree to your left after tucking the shorter edge slightly to the right. Wrap one complete round from waist to down and get the pole on the right shoulder. Take the loose end and wrap it around the waist on the right.

Bengali style saree draping

Bengali food, dressing or their tongue, there is an element of sweetness that one just cannot ignore. There is an aesthetic that is stereotypical of Bengalis reflected in their dressing. The saree is worn pleatless; it is wrapped around the waist, brought back to the right side and the Pallu is thrown over the left shoulder. The Pallu is then brought up under the right arm and once again cast over the left shoulder. Often an ornate key bunch is added to the edge to complete this very feminine and elegant drape.

Kodagu style with a single pleat

Worn mainly by women from the Kodagu district of Karnataka, this style is distinguished by the pleats being in the back. Tuck the one end of the saree into the petticoat at the backside of your right hand. Bring rest of the saree from the front and complete the round from the left side. Make 6-7 plates like you do the regular saree and tuck the whole bunch at the backside. After tucking the pleats, bring the rest of the saree from your right side to the front, go horizontal covering the torso, so that the distinct border is seen at the chest level. Continue to the back and bring the pole on the right shoulder from your back. Secure it with a brooch.