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Puberty in girls – Top best foods for puberty | what should they eat in puberty

Puberty is the sign of beginning of fertility and is a reproductive years. The puberty in girls happens at the age of 10 – 16 years. Coming to female, puberty is accompanied by a large increase in the production of hormones. The puberty in girls begins with a physical and emotional change in womanhood. As soon as the puberty begins, then your brain starts releasing hormones, which are called as a gonadotrophin releasing hormone. This is a releasing hormone, which helps in triggering out the pituitary gland to release luteinizing hormone and a follicle stimulating hormone. But, you can notice that boy’s hormones trigger in the production of testosterone and sperm in the testes. Whereas in girls, these hormones can stimulate the ovaries to produce oestrogen and progesterone. This is a large increase in oestrogen, progesterone, FSH and LH that causes the physical changes, which results in periods. Periods starts as and when two and a half years after the girl’s breasts start to develop. The onset of periods is called as menarche.

Hormones and breast changes

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You may notice that you’ll get taller and fill out at this stage. There are lots of girls that have a growth that can spurt during puberty. This is usually just before the period time. It’s not an unusual thing and can grow a few inches in height over a year. This helps to raise in the female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. This leads to a change in body shape with hips getting wider in proportion up to your waist. Your breasts develop and you can even observe breast tenderness. This is normally seen in girls, where they can gain more weight at this time.

Unwanted hair growth

During puberty, a girl can notice that there is a growth in hair starting around your genitals and under arms. Thus, it is usually occurring and are seen after the breasts that have started forming. This hair is fine and can begin by thickening and are becoming curlier. As the puberty goes on, then there is a development in hair growth even you can observe to them and develop hair on your legs and arms. This is completely normal. Your mom, sister, or any of the relatives can show you on how to remove unwanted hair. There are different ways to remove unwanted hair on your legs or you’re under arms.


Menstruation is the most major change of course every month. This starts with puberty and will continue until the menopause, around the age of fifty one. The average age for the first period is at the age of twelve and half, but everyone’s different. This is the time that you’re likely to start you’re around a similar time and your mum did. This is a worth keeping some sanitary protection at home or school bag. So you should be ready to take care of all the things in the guidance’s of your mom. Sanitary towels are easiest for the first time, but some of you may want to start using tampons after a while. Thus, you’re mom, friends or sister will help out in these issues.

Symptoms during menstruation

The change may sound scary, bit harder, but it’s perfectly natural and the things to be celebrated rather than feared in some places. For this the girl should follow some different diet that helps to be healthy. A good nutritious food and healthy diet are very important in everyone’s life.

Nutritious foods for girls during puberty

The best way to improve your food habits is by following a healthy diet. The food habits affect your future health of your body. This is mostly seen as skin, bones, reproductive health and organ development are major factors that affects with your diet. The healthy foundations within your body are bone health, skin, organ development, reproductive health. They may not be the forefront of your mind as a teenager, but good habits that can reap rewards over a lifetime. As a teenage girl grows faster during adolescence, when compared to other time in her life. You can save your time for infants. But, you also should be careful with vitamins and minerals which are the best food to ear and you need to take an average of 2,200 calories a day.

Top best foods for puberty

Fruit and vegetables for good health

Eat five to eight portions of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Most of you talk about your five-a-day, but really this should be a bare minimum that is good for health. You should choose a good diet that is high in fruit and vegetables that will make you less susceptible to many diseases. This is because they’re bursting with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other important nutrients that are called as antioxidants.

Veggie meals to be fit

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The vegetarian meals for a week or any animal protein, which is high in saturated fat. This is hard to digest and is often constipating that increases your risk of developing illness may be later on. It is better not to eat meat and change your diet. You should make sure your diet with vegetable meals that contain protein. Thus include beans, quinoa, eggs, pulses, eggs or cheese.

Water for hydration

Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day, which helps in hydration and it is very important for all aspects of health. This helps to flush out toxins from the body and can reduce the body temperature. This helps in easy and quick digestion. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, which helps you keep your lungs clean, helps in digestion, skin glowing and reduces excess fat.

Calcium for women

Calcium is also very important for women. As you grow, your bones becomes weak. Thus, every girl should eat calcium rich foods like milk, egg, curd, yogurt and pannier, leafy green veggies such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage and mushrooms.

Iron deficiency

Iron is very important for everyone as it helps to be fit and keeps yourself to fight against infections. The immunity power and resistance power are main to fight against the infections and bacterial growth. Most of the girls have iron deficiency, this results in menstruation breaks. This is mostly due to improper and poor diet. This every girl should think of good food to be healthy.

Whole grains for human health

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Whole grain is refined food, which is richer in fiber and nutrients than refined counterparts. The fiber rich food is good of health. Fiber food is good for hormonal health, blood sugar balance, digestive health, cardiovascular health. This makes you feel fuller and make you eat less and helps in reducing overheating.

Healthy greens

Green vegetables are great to be healthy! Eat plenty of green vegetables to provide calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B. The eating of green vegetables has a vital change in female hormone balance as well as blood sugar balance and energy.

Essential fats for teenagers

Omega-3 and omega -6 are essential fatty acids that are called due to vital for hormone, skin, nail and hair health, energy, brain function and cardiovascular health. Thus, it is mostly found in oily fish, shelled hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds and walnuts. Thus, the cold pressed oils of the nuts and seeds are also good nutrient foods-. You should eat them daily for better health.


Home remedies for water retention – How to cure water retention during pregnancy

Women often have a complaint at the time of pregnancy like “I am growing fat.” And one of the most common is “My feet always look swollen.” Such condition is medically termed ad edema or in common language is called as water fluid retention. It may be due to excessive accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body. It occurs in feet and legs and even in other parts of the body as well too. The major factors may include high sodium intake, poor circulation of blood, lack of exercise, deficiencies of various types of vitamins, venous insufficiency, stress, pregnancy, heart issues, kidney problem, chronic lung disease, liver disease, thyroid disorder use of certain medication and even oral contraception’s. Water retention mainly causes swelling and puffiness on affected body organs. It also causes stiffness in joint, change in weight of the body, bloated feeling and even increases in blood pressure and even pulse rate. Following are few home remedies that will help in water fluid retention at the time of pregnancy.

Home remedies for water retention during pregnancy

Coriander seeds for water retention

Coriander seeds are diuretic in nature. This helps to prevent and eliminate water retention. Coriander is rich in potassium that helps in removing the fluid retention. The other main components of coriander seeds are Vitamin A, C and K, riboflavin, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium and other small quantities of niacin. This is also rich in Vitamin B6, phosphorous and zinc. The Ayurveda recommends coriander for faster elimination of water retention. Take 3 tablespoons of coriander seed and add them in a glass of boiling water. Boil it until the water remains to the half. Strain the solution and let it cool down before drinking. Repeat the process once or more. Drink this coriander seed, water twice a day for better results.

Onions for water fluid retention

Onions are rich in diuretic that helps for blood cleansing. This helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Take a raw onion in four cups of water. Boil the water and add salt to taste. Strain the solution. Drink two or three cups of it for a few days to relieve from water fluid retention. You should eat more diuretic foods such as cabbage, cucumbers, watercress, celery, bananas, pineapple and watermelon. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, limit your salt intake. Drink less alcohol and exercise regularly.

Dandelion for water retention

Dandelion is an herb available at very rare places has been noted to have a diuretic effect. It is best in the removal of excessive water from the body. It also comprises of potassium as well as help in reduction of sodium level in the body. It is also rich in magnesium content and is good in relieving pre-menstrual bloating

Steep one teaspoon dried dandelion in a cup of hot water for almost 10 minutes. Strain and drink tea almost thrice a day. You can even intake supplements or tincture of dandelion. Before using any herbal remedy such as dandelion tea it is advisable to consult a doctor as may get mixed with drugs.

Parsley to get rid of water retention

Like that of dandelion, parsley is also one of the excellent diuretic agents. It is comprised of calcium, magnesium, etc., elements that are every much essential in water retention at the time of pregnancy.

Take some parsley leaves and prepare a tea of it by adding two teaspoons of dried parsley leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Drink it thrice a day for better results.

You can even intake parsley juice or lemon juice as per your convenience for water retention treatment during pregnancy.

Epsom salt for water retention during pregnancy

A bath of Epsom salt is best in getting rid of water retention and a bloated tummy or swelling of feet with the help of reverse osmosis. It may draw out excess fluid and toxins in the body. This relaxing bath also helps in soothing sore muscles and also calms the nerves.

Take two cups of Epsom salt in a bathtub comprising of lukewarm water. Soak the affected area in it for almost 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this for almost thrice a week for better result with regular intervals.

Lemon juice for excess fluid

Lemon juice helps in flushing off the excess fluid as well as toxins from the body.

Take two tablespoons of lemon juice in a cup of warm water. You can even add honey to it. Drink the solution. Continue the remedy once daily for a few days till you see proper improvement.

Fennel seeds to get rid of water retention

Fennel seed can be considered as the best diuretic agent which may help in increasing sodium and water output from the kidneys. It helps in preventing the toxins from the body, and aids digestion and even relieves gas, so that retention of water takes place easily.

Take few fennel seeds in a cup of hot water. Cover and let it steep for 10 minutes, then strain it. Try this thrice a day till improvement is observed.

Nettle to prevent water retention

Nettle too is diuretic agent that will work well in the prevention and reduction of water retention at the time of pregnancy.

How to use it?

Use tea prepared from nettle root. Boil a cup of water and add powdered nettle root in it. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Drink this tea thrice a day till the improvement is observed.

Pregnancy is the best stage of woman’s life, One should take care of herself during this stage so Try this few home remedies and get rid of water retention from the body at the time of pregnancy specially.

Reduce your salt intake

Sodium is an essential mineral because it’s used to regulate the fluid levels in body tissues, excess intake of sodium that cause excessive fluid retention in the body tissue. Try to avoid foods that contain high amounts of salt, such as potato chips. Avoid processed foods like tinned and canned meat that helps to reduce the amount of salt you add to the food you eat.

Drink more water

Drinking more water can solve the water retention problem. If you are dehydrated, your body reacts by storing water that it can cope with what it sees as a dry spell. Drinking more water helps to excrete more salt from your body. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Ironic foods seem to be excess in water with the body that are usually in a sign and has the body to be afraid that losing even more water and thus attempts to hold on a precautionary measure. This is the best way to cure water retention that is by drinking more water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water in taking should be evenly spread over the day. Drink too much water that too in a short period of time and can lead to intoxication. This is a water poising or hyper hydration. That, you should even take a better, that is to drink more water that is purified of dehydrating with salt or minerals. Drink more water that is most effective to cure PMS related water retention.

Increase the amount of Vitamin B6

If you notice that water retention before your period, it is advisable to take 100 milligram of Vitamin B6 everyday for five days before menstruation. This helps you to excrete more urine and as a result reduce the water content of your body. It helps to balance your progesterone and estrogen levels. Bananas, spinach, fish, chickpeas, poultry, and avocados are foods that are rich in Vitamin B6.

Yogurt to reduce water retention

Yogurt has high amounts of protein and many nutrients. Lack of protein is the main cause of water retention, so increase the amount of protein into your diet that helps to relieve you from this problem. Yogurt is rich in potassium and protein. The sources of protein include cottage cheese, fish, milk, and tofu.

Eat fiber foods to digest food

Fiber foods help to digest easily. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and helps to relieve water retention. Fiber absorbs a lot of water as it passes through the small and large intestines. Foods that contain large amounts of fiber are seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Garlic for water retention 

Garlic helps to release excess water and flushes toxins from the body. It helps to lose weight and reduces fat in your body. Eat 2 – 3 raw garlic cloves in the morning and at night. But be sure to chew thoroughly. In another way, blend fresh garlic to make a paste and add melted butter to mix them well. Spread on bread and enjoy garlic bread. Third way of consuming garlic has added them to all your meals.

style Women

Top best Indian hairstyle for saree

Sari is traditional attire which almost 8 out of 10 women wish to adopt for formal and occasional purpose. But only wearing sari won’t be enough when you are dressing up for an occasion, rather you must adopt stylish hair that will suit with your face and image. Even the hair style must suits in such a way that it ideally can be carried on with your image. You must have seen ladies in a party adopting variety of hairstyles with the trendy sari they wear. By viewing them with beautiful hairstyles, even you will be eager to get the best combination of the hairstyle which will go with your image. Let us have a look at some of these varieties.

Hair styles are just as important as accessories to saree wearers. Hairstyles add charm and elegance to the person who wears it. Beautifully designed hair decorations in the form of flowers, hair pins and long draping jewelry would be used to keep the hair in place. The popular hairstyles we found in women who dress in saree are chignon hairstyle, long hairstyle, braided hairstyle, short hairstyle.

Hindi best Indian wedding hairstyles to compliment your saree ]

Hairstyle or haircut, it’s a fashioning of hair can be considered as an aspect of personal neatness and for fashion, although cultural, practical and popular known as an influence some hairstyles.

Women regularly tie a ponytail style while regular days in offices or at home. If your hairs are longer one braid at the back and if they are shorter would like to keep their hairs open, straight feathery hairs.

Trending hairstyles for pattu saree

1. Simple-side-swept-open-hairstyle

The hairstyle is simple and is with simple light curls. Try this hairstyle for the wedding and on any other occasions. The simple side swept hairstyle is good looking with soft and smooth hair. The layered low curly hairstyle with dark shade eye blush gives a bold look. The hairstyle is simple and takes less time compared to other stylish hairstyles.

Hairstyle on saree for elegant look

2. aishwarya-rai-saree-set-bollywood-glamor-photos-hair-1283336324

The hairstyle is simple and side swept bang with loose hair. The wide open loose hair to one side on shoulders looks beautiful. This hairstyle is simple and beautiful, that makes you look awesome. The straight loose hair with a layered haircut makes her look awesome in green and maroon bordered saree. This hairstyle with heavy necklace and huge earrings adds more beauty and are beautiful.

Stylish updo hairstyle for saree


The hairstyle looks delightful updos hairstyle for saree. The updo hairstyle is best always for every type of women, mostly the Indian women. They are very much addicted and can updo hairstyle that makes her look beautiful. When the woman chooses for saree and that too with updo hairstyle which makes her look gorgeous. The stylish fashion, hairstyle with heavy trendy jewelry looks beautiful.

Wavy hairstyle on Indian hairstyle for saree

4. Wavy-hairstyle

The most stylish hairstyle with side bangs. All the hair is side swept on shoulder with a low curl wavy hair. This hairstyle with makeup and huge earrings is beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle in golden and pink colored saree adds more beauty. The hairstyle looks awesome with slight blond highlights. The hair looks in heavy volume with a bouncy look on one side.

Trendy & stylish hairstyle to look fabulous at the wedding

5. beautifull

The hairstyle looks stylish and modern. The side swept long curled ear locks are beautiful. Thus, the hair is brushed and is pinned centered like a bun with little hair strands out. This stylish hairstyle looks extraordinary with an awesome jewelry. Try this stylish, fabulous hairstyle for wedding. The hairstyle in a pink colored saree is more attracting with a simple smile on her face. Try this beautiful look with a trendy fashion looks more beautiful.

Side swept hairstyles for sareesside swept hair style

Side swept hairstyle looks simply curl your hair with your favorite method of curling and then brush it to one side. You can then pin your hair in place if you want to make sure it stays put or leave it loose if you don`t mind moving it back in place occasionally. You can brush your hair to either side, left or right, whichever you prefer. Although, you may want to have your hair come over the same shoulder that you drape your saree over.

If you don’t have natural curly hair, you can try to curl your hair you can place it in hair rollers overnight. You may also use a blow dryer over your hair rollers if you can’t do it overnight.

Long hairstyle in bridal wedding dress

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Women who wear saree usually have long tresses which are one of their beauty assets. So, women prefer to tie their long hair in a bun hairstyle while others may leave it as it is, long and flowing covering the shoulders and neck. This hairstyle is mostly worn to parties and weddings. If you want to try something very simple and then leave your straight hair open. Opt for the center-parting line. It will go well with the casual cotton sarees to.

Curly hair style for sarees


Curly hairstyles are parted in the middle or on the sides to give the face a thinner look. Curly hairstyle will complement the unique angles of your bone structure. It looks good when paired with stunning gem ornament to complete the look. Comp through a leave-in conditioning spray to moisturize curls. First divide the hair into four sections. Rub a small amount of styling product between your hands for each section, separate fingers on one hand like a rake and through from roots to ends, spreading the styling gel through the section. Gently shake hair back and forth to create waves or curl, then drop the section. Continue until all sections are gelled, raked and shake. Determine your face shape, then decide if it is round, oval, square or heart.

Updo hairstyles for sarees


Updo hairstyles are mostly preferred hairstyles for sarees. This hairstyle is a wonderful way to bring attention and draws the eye upward, creating the illusion to make you appear taller. It looks slick and stylish. It is perfect when decorated with a tiara as well for any special occasion. Updo with small flowers for decorations and lovely curls make a beautiful display.

Braided hairstyles to give a traditional classic look

Braided hairstyles are a common sight of many women and girls in countries like India. The hairstyle is favored since it gives a neat appearance and is a deal hairstyle for women with long hair living in hot. It is easy to attend to their day to day chores, since the hair strands won’t feel out of place as they work. A braid is one hairstyle that never fails to make an impression. You can also adorn your hair with some fresh gajras and a maang-tikka. You can never go wrong with this one.

Front braids and ponytail for sarees6

A regular ponytail look a couple of small braids have been added at the front around her forehead and brought over one side together, then wrapped around to the back of her head giving a crown like appearance. Start braiding on the front of your hair near one of your ears and then braid across the top of your forehead, around the other ear and then towards the back of your head. Pin this braid at the back and then start the next braid the same way, just behind the first braid, bringing it around the same and pinning it at the back also. You can then make a ponytail, you prefer.

Teased hairstyle for sareesTeased-hairstyle-for-sarees

This type of hairstyles looks amazing on saree. The hair is teased up in front to give it volume and pinned at the back of the head to hold it in place. In such cases you can also add ornaments to the back of the hair like a fancy hair comb or pretty clip. The rest of the hair is left hand naturally at the sides and the back. If you want to change the style you can change by curling or straightening. In order to tease your hair you need a fine toothed comb. Comb out the section of your hair. Then, as you wish to tease and then back comb it underneath to create volume to your hair. After that smooth it out carefully. Leave the thickness and make sure not to comb out the teasing. Spray will helps to stay your hair stiff.

Styling side parts hairstyle for sareesStyling-Side-Parts-Hairstyles-for-Sarees

This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair that the hair will be parted on one side. Simply part your hair on one side and add curls for added volume. This will be straightened your hair rather than wearing curls. When you want to part your hair part the same side that you will drape your saree. You can also do it on the other side to spice things up a bit for a nice change. This is a simple and fast rule to part your hair as you wish to the middle or as far to the side as you dare or are comfortable with.

Classic bun hairstyle for sareeshigh-bun-for-sareer

A classic bun is nothing but chignon which is useful to flaunt your shoulders and neck. If you are planning to wear a huge neck piece or strapless blouses or even large earrings, then this is the right choice. You need to take all your hair. Pull back your hair rolling it into a bun to look gorgeous. This hairstyle will suit for any face shape. Now pin it high and tight, almost to the closer to the center of your head or blow to that. Low bun tied almost nearly at the nape of the neck and it can decorate with beautiful flowers to give an ethic Indian diva.

Half braided hairstyle for sareesHalf-braided-hairstyle-for-sarees

This hairstyle is stylish when you wear on saree. The front hair has been braided and pinned. Then the remaining hairs have to be left loose on the side. So, that you can wear accessories with a mangtikka.

Half up half down hairstyles for sareeshalf_up_half_down_hairstyles_indian

This hairstyle is very easy and simple. You can just pin up half hair up while leaving remaining half hair down. Or else you can have a half hair weaved up into a French pattern and pinned up. You need to just create bouncy waves to leave the hair super straight. Hair accessories with sparkling stones add a more attraction to this simple hair style.

Simple layers hairstyle for sareesSimple-layers-hairstyle-for-sarees

Layers make the hair seem to be more volume. It is very easy and you need to get your hair cut in neat layers. You need to maintain natural curls and straight hair of your hair. Blow dry makes the hair look even more bouncy. The best to maintain this style would put them into two half’s. Let one half fall one shoulder and the other shoulder left open.

The plait hairstyle for bride with Indian traditional saree

The plait hairstyle for bride with Indian traditional saree

This is one of the wonderful hairstyles adopted by many ladies who wish to get traditional attire. Along with this hairstyle, you can easily put flowers on the backside of hair along with beautifully zari bordered traditional sari draped in a classic style. This is one of the most simple and traditional Indian hairstyles which can be done by even a novice. You can go for the traditional silk sari to suit with this hair style.

Fishtail hairstyle for bridal wedding sareeFish tail hairstyle

Fishtail hairstyle is not a new combination; rather it was present in the fashion industry for a long time. From the primitive time this hairstyle was really famous which goes really well with traditional attire? You can go for different combination of such fish tail braids hairstyles that suit you in all traditional occasions. Even you can adopt this when you are going for the western wear.

Loose waves hairstyles for traditional sareeLoose waves hairstyles

If you want to keep your hair open along with saris or western wear, the loose waves hairstyles will suit you in a perfect way. If you have long hair, but straight in appearance, this loose wave will add volume to your hair. You can do this with styling drying with a round comb over which hair is overlapped and then applied heater. You can get perfect volumized hair with these loose waves hairstyles.

Side swept hairstyle with less curl for saree

Side swept hairstyle with little curl

You can look really great and gorgeous with the side swept hairstyle which is quite similar to the loose waves but has a little different appearance. If you are willing to adopt one of the easiest hairstyles that goes with your image, this side swept hairstyle along with less curl will be ideal. Use your curling rod to curl your hair first and use a rubber band or pin. Now sweep your hair in a side and pin up your hair available in curling rod at the back. Keep this for an hour and open to view beautiful curls with side swept hair.

Updo hairstyle with mang tikka

Updo hairstyle

An updo hairstyle looks really well when you are willing to get an elegant finish of your hair. This will look great when you are going to get a rich appearance of your attire for weddings. This updo will be really attractive when you make a puffing style at the front of your hair. You can now get an elegant updo style with this particular hairstyle. If you think your hair is too light and soft, use Bumpits to create puff at the front portion of your hair.

Messy bun with curl hairstyle with flowers

Updo hairstyleThis is an extraordinary variety of hairstyle where you can see curly hair over the bun that you have formed. After creating the puff over the front portion of the head, deal with the ones that are right at the back. Now tie your hair up to a ponytail and take hair strands, one after another to twist and form the curl. Now pin up those curly hair over your pony tail by making a bun like appearance. Do not tie the end of the hair. Keep is casual and as it is. Also make some strands of hair falling over your cheeks to create a different look.

French roll hairstyle with hair accessories French roll

French roll is rather a very neat hairstyle which is also quite easy to make. First of all comb your hair very well such that there is no knots or lump. Thereafter, take all your hair from top and bottom and pull it at the back. Now roll your hair from the back and tie it back at the side with the back clips neatly. This is one of the wonderful hair styles that goes with all types of dresses you wear and attire you consider.

Messy low side bun with waves hairstyle on saree

Messy low side bun with waves hairstyle on saree

Well this classic hairstyle can actually accentuate your looks in a saree. Make a low bun at the side of your head. Tuck it in well with the help of Bobby pins just behind your ear. Let the front hairs on the side of the bun hang loosely on your forehead before reaching the bun. The beauty of this style is that, here the hair is not pulled tightly.

Super high folded bun hairstyle to try with saree

Super high folded bun

This style is often donned by our favorite actresses when they appear in a saree. Here the bun is made at a high position over the head. The hair is essentially back bruised and it is well settled with a hair spray while the bun it looks quite messy. This hairstyle can be ideal for any party and it can give your neck a longer appearance making you look taller.

Knot bun hairstyle for traditional wedding sarees

Knot bun

As the name suggests this bun looks like a collection of knots. The bun is loosely placed around the neck and all the hairs from the front and back are tidied into it. The bun itself has a mess and carefree look and it can give an ideal touch to your total appearance particularly when you are wearing a saree. You can also make the bun gorgeous with some small embellishments.

Side bun with flowing curls hairstyle with bridal sarees

Side bun with flowing curls

This hairstyle can actually go pretty well with any type of saree and also with other ethnic dresses. This hairstyle is ideally suited for long haired girls, but even the short haired ones can also opt for extensions to get this hairstyle. Here you do a messy side bun and then the curls are left flowing naturally on the shoulders to the front. Check out the picture.

High bun with front fringes hairstyle for traditional wear

High bun with front fringes

This hairstyle can look exactly perfect with sarees. If you have front fringes, all you need to do is doing up to your hair in a neat and tight high bun at the back. You can also side swept the fringes as shown in the picture or opt to leave them naturally flowing over your forehead. This hairstyle looks more amazing when paired with long earrings.

One side roll up hairstyle with a classic look

One side roll up

Well, this is a fairly easy hairstyle to achieve and can make you look like a diva when paired with a saree. Part your hairs at the side, and roll up the heavier part to pin it at the back of your head. Make sure that the hairs at the side you pin flow in front of your shoulders. Simply tug the other side of the hair with a clip just above your ear and you are done.

The simple side-do ponytail hairstyle on traditional saree

The simple side-do

This hairstyle can be achieved with ease. Simply tuck the hairs below your ears on both the sides. Take the hair to the left side that is the opposite side of the pallu, and then use a gorgeous band to constrict the hairs in the middle. Ensure that the remaining part is curly and the hairs flow down from your shoulders.

Best fashion casual bun hairstyles for sarees

Best fashion casual bun hairstyles for sarees

The top best hairstyle gives a beautiful look to you with long and loosely hair hanging down. This hairstyle looks simple and can lose bun with different hairstyle on saree. This hairstyle best suits for saree. The front hair is twisted and twisted back. Pin them back that and are located bottom on the back of your head. There are a few strands that help to lose your hair that adds sexy look and best quality that is having a very appealing look. So, style your hair by looking this hairstyle. This also looks like a styled casual hair on saree. You can have more approachable and fun loving look to your face. This adds more beauty to your in saree. You can wear this in party, weddings, and on any occasions. This gives another stylish look and adds extra beauty with ornaments or flowers that you add.

Hairstyles that you should try as puff and a bun for sarees


Nowadays puff hairstyles became fashion and are suitable for any people that to mostly for those who have a big forehead. This hairstyle is tried by many of celebrities in most of the movies. The front puff gives you a longer face look with your hair volume. You can wear this hairstyle with a bunch of flowers rolled around bun. You can have this type of hairstyle on sarees or any traditional wear. Puffy bun hairstyle makes you look with a longer neck. With this styled hair on saree gives a beautiful look of traditional jewelry and makeup. Indian hairstyles for long straight hair that includes these buns that made in different styles with puff bun. Try this hairstyle on the occasions, wedding, festival or any get-together party.

Short hairstyles for saree


The best short hairstyles with fashion tips on saree. This is one of the simplest, easy and quick hairstyle that you need to try on any traditional wear. Short hairstyle is popular and takes very less time to make. Pin your hairs on back by making a mid partition. Tie a back bun and pin it. It is best to wear in party and on any occasion with simple jewelry and makeup.

Rolled hair strands with open hair

Rolled hair strands with open hair

The hairstyle best suits for night party with rolled ear locks. The hairstyle is best with a traditional fabric to sarees. The mid parted crown hairstyle with side rolled open hair up to shoulder make you look beautiful. Try this stylish fashion, hairstyle with shimmery sarees for evening and night party. This hairstyle with saree is attractive and looks bold and beautiful.

Side swept bang hairstyle with wavy hair

Anushka sharma Lehenga Saree Dress Collection 1

The medium length hair which is brushed to a side on shoulder with side bang make you look beautiful. The Lehenga saree with a modern collection make you look beautiful. Heavy earrings and matching bangles with designer blouse make you look fashion with this loose open side swept hairstyle.

Trendy loose half curly hairstyle with side bangs


The best curly stylish hairstyles to try with designer sarees that make you look beautiful. The side swept hair with low light curl makes you look stylish.  The side curly bangs with designer blouses can make you look beautiful. Dark brown hair color ideas with a stylish hairstyle, make you look gorgeous.

Wavy layered hairstyle on saree


This is the best stylish hairstyle with saree to uphold a natural look. The wavy layered hairstyle with a curling tool and are spring back to bouncy wavy look. Try this hairstyle with hair on forehead crossed up to shoulder and lingering at the back. This hairstyle is pretty cute and simple for saree.

Stylish different sporty ponytail hairstyle for saree


The side swept bangs with mid part hair on and sport ponytails with saree. The hairstyle is best and just as twisted bang hairstyles with ponytail and rolled bun with beautiful earrings and designer blouse on saree make you look gorgeous. Try this hairstyle to have celebrity look.

Side swept bang with loose open and curly hair


The best stylish hairstyle that best suits on red saree with simple jewelry looks beautiful. The loose open stylish hairstyle attracts everyone’s attention in wedding and other occasions too. The side swept hair with low curls on shoulder and medium length hair make you look fashion and stylish.

Best bridal hairstyles for Indian traditional saree in Hindi ]


How to groom your breasts beautiful

The bust is surely a point of feminine beauty and many women wants to groom them in the right way so that they can help them to flaunt that perfect figure. You can actually groom your breasts to give them shape and firmness without using anything chemical or hormonal pills or going under the knife. Just a little bit of care can give your breasts that look more beautiful. However, always have realistic expectations. If you have a smaller bust size you should not expect to increase them permanently to double cup size through natural ways. However, you can surely groom and turn them so that they look better and more beautiful. Here are some tips for grooming your breasts and to give them the best look. How to shape our breasts to look beautiful? Tips to groom your breasts.

Tips to get perfectly shaped breasts

Get the right posture

One of the first steps to groom your breasts and to make them appear beautiful is to have the right posture. You should practice sitting and walking, keeping your shoulder and neck straight. A proper posture can actually help your whole figure to look more pronounced and at the same time make your breasts appear fuller and well groomed. Always keep in mind that the right posture can help you look slimmer and more confident. So give your best to adopt it. You can find guidelines to get the right posture from different online resources. Practicing yoga can also be helpful to get the right posture.

Try to get a slimmer waist and flat stomach

If your stomach is flat and your waist is slimmer, your bust is sure to appear more prominent naturally. The best way to get a slimmer waist and flat stomach is to have the right diet and to resort to adequate amounts of regular workout so that there is no fat storing in the body. With regular exercise and proper diet, you can also burn out the extra fat in the stomach and waist region. There are some particular exercises that can be practiced regularly to tone up the muscles of the stomach and also of the waist, which will naturally make them appear slimmer.

Opt for exercises that involve the chest muscles

Toning of the chest muscles through proper exercise can be very helpful to get shaped and well-groomed breasts. Exercises are one of the most effective ways to make your breasts look more beautiful and taut. However, for the best results that stay with you forever you need to continue doing these exercises always; because if you stop doing them as soon as you get the expected results, it will not take much time for those muscles to transfer to their previous condition again. So, get yourself ready to take up the challenge of doing regular exercises that can build your chest muscles and can help you to get more beautiful breasts.

Some exercises which are a must to include in your regime to have a more pronounced bust line include, pushups, incline fly with dumbbell, bench press, dumbbell cross punch, chair dips and other exercises that work out your shoulder and chest muscles. To get maximum and quick effects increase the number of repetitions of the exercises with time and also include variations, so that your muscles do not get accustomed to the same type of workout. Consulting with a fitness trainer can be very helpful to know about the exercises that can actually help in building and toning the chest and shoulder muscles quickly.

Oil massage

To groom your breasts, along with the exercise and proper posture, massaging can also be very effective. Oil massage helps to build muscles and they can be helpful to make your breasts look in shape. Use coconut oil for massaging the area for 15 minutes daily. Coconut oil includes fatty acids with a small molecular structure that can be easily absorbed into the skin. Other oils, like olive oil and mustard oil can also be helpful to get fuller and well-shaped breasts.

Get the right undergarment

To have well-groomed breasts using the right undergarments is very important. While buying the lingerie always consider your cup size along with your size; and do never opt for anything that is one size smaller or bigger. The bigger undergarments do not make your bust line appear pronounced, but make them look unnatural and can also make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, the smaller undergarments can be highly uncomfortable and can even cause health issues. So, always opt for an undergarment that is about your size and can give you the best look.

Another option that many women follow to make their breasts appear fuller and shape is using padded bras. This is surely an easy way to make your breasts look beautiful instantly. However, while picking this type of undergarment always keep in mind the size that will fit you perfectly; and these bras might not be appropriate for wearing under all the types of garments. So pick according to the use.

The right dress and accessories

Wearing the right outfit can help a lot to make your busts appear groomed. If you are trying to look curvaceous opt for dresses that highlight your neck and bust line and help to hide any extra fat in your stomach and waist region. A deeper neckline can also be very helpful to make your breasts appear pronounced. While choosing a dress always pick only the one that is a perfect fit with your size, a size bigger or a size smaller, both of them will make you uncomfortable and will not help to look better. Another thing that can attract the attention to your bust line that makes it appear groomed is to wear a pendant that ends just above the cleavage. This can be a tricky way to put on your accessory, but can be really helpful to get that perfect look.

Use makeup

To make your breasts appear groomed applying makeup is a handy option. However, this trick can work only when you have put on a dress with a deep neckline. Just apply some bronzer on the cleavage area and then blend it well with the surrounding skin. This can instantly make your breasts appear groomed and pronounced.

If you have realistic expectations, the above tips can actually help you to have well-groomed beautiful breasts irrespective of their size.

Notice how you sleep

The most important thing is that there is a huge impact on the looks of your breasts while you are sleeping posture. You should notice that the women who sleep on their side or stomach tend to lead to develop breast wrinkles faster. For this reason, you are supposed and suggested that you should try to sleep on your back, if you want tight breasts. Thus, the sleeping postures, plays a major role in your breast care.

You should work out regularly

Breast exercise work out well. This will definitely feel healthier and sexier. You can tighten your entire body with the physical fitness. There are numerous breast firming exercises and you should try them out. This can tighten your entire body and keeps you fit. This is the simple and easy way to work out regularly for perfect fitting. The breast firming exercises and yoga are the best ways to get beautiful breasts.

Choose your perfect bra

You should choose a perfect bra that helps to suit you a perfect key that makes you look perfectly. So, it is better to select your bra that is easy and thus it has numerous do’s and don’ts that you need to respect. Most of the girls think to select and choose smaller bra sizes that make their boobs larger. Thus, it is extremely foolish and is unhealthy. You can feel terrible pain will make you uncomfortable. Many women with small breasts try stuffing their bras. This is even to wear two of them, which could end up with an embarrassing experience. You don’t want one of the socks from your bra and is seen while wearing two bras is very painful.

The perfect bra can be chosen by taking your size into consideration. This happens when you take perfect breast sizes and cup size. First, take the bust size tightly and then over the nipples loosely. Then, take the breast size by considering cup size. You can pick the model that you feel comfortable and feel free. You can find the various amazing bras according to your shape, choose the entire silhouette perfectly with padded, push up and supportive ones.


Best Bust/Breast firming Creams/Lotions

There are numerous products when you are looking for breast firming creams in the market. Of course, all of them claim to be the best, but how can you really if they’d actually work for you? You have to take some time to know the ingredients which should be presented in a breast firming cream. This way you will be sure of the product you’re ordering and you can easily firm your breasts within less time.

Some things to keep in mind before ordering the apt cream

  • Make sure that you buy a good product and a reputed brand. You could go for natural products or normal creams, but you have to make sure that the brand is good when it is a sensitive issue like breast firming. If you don’t get reputable brands like the products below, you might not get visible results, and simply have your money wasted.
  • Always go through the list of ingredients for breast firming. The last thing you’d want would be an unsafe product which doesn’t work, and probably has side effects too. If you know all the ingredients mentioned, and you also know that they are the necessary ones, then it would be safe and useful.
  • Make sure that the creams are within your budget. Money should always be a concern and you must get the best quality product within your specified budget.
  • Do not purchase a breast firming cream only because it is FDA approved, until you have got similar reviews or you have had proper research on them. As a matter of fact, breast firming creams are cosmetic and if there are products which say it is FDA approved, they are probably false.

These are just some tips to keep in mind when you are purchasing breast firming creams. When you have so much to choose from, you have to keep in mind what exactly are you buying. If you take some time to research it would be easier for you. You can also rely on the products and descriptions we have below, if these are sufficient and pleasing enough.

Breast feeding creams are going to keep your busts firmer, make them look nice. You just have to be sure that the products you are investing on being safe. At present, you would get numerous products which enhance breasts, so when you buy your desired product, make sure that you check the ingredients well. Best quality breast firming creams are formulated with such compounds that they are potential to improve breast size and uplift them. Thus, it would take some time and the results aren’t always ideal. Quality breast firming creams would have ingredients which are approved by quality and safety. The breast firming creams we have below have all proven to be shy away the substantial quality products!

Pueraria Mirifica – Breast Firming Serum


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FyneLift Serum with pueraria mirifica extract with sustainable ingredients that are formulated by highly skilled dermatologists. This anti sagging property can lift and tones your bust which results in more youthful and beautiful appearance. This is truly confidence and boosting with an age corrective youthful appearance. This hypersensitive component of its Phyto-estrogen effects with caution. This is a breast firming serum with a natural lift better than any other cream powder or any lotion.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract Breast Firming Cream


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Pueraria Mirifica is a quick breast firming and enlarging breast cream within 3 weeks.  Simply, you need to massage daily with some cream on the breasts, and repeat the process after a week. It has main ingredients such as Phystoestrogens that helps to stimulate the breast cells for firming and enlarging breast. This consists of lipofirm, algae extl, centellia asiatica ext., bioflavonoids, carnitine, D-panthenol. This helps for breast to get firm and also gives you better results. This can solve tiny breast, slack breasts firming and an increase in natural hormones. Simply, apply the cream over breasts and massage around 5 – 10 minutes, until the cream has been absorbed.

GK NATURALS Bust Firming


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The bust firming cream helps for skin tightening and toning process. This result in the presence of tissue body massage, aroma carrier oil combo and base oil. This helps to clarify, detoxify, exfoliation, firming, hydrating, moisturizing, purifying, and lifting. But, it should be used directly on the skin. You can use it by diluting it with chemicals, fillers, additives or with a base carrier oil. This is available with a premium aroma essential with 20 ml pack of 2.

AIVOYE Best Enlargement Firming Cream


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Aivoye is manufactured from wheat germs that contain lecithin. This helps to nourish and accelerates the cell activation. This helps to uplift of bust and is best product with perfect results in a short period of time. The firm and beautify is to show your charm. This can be used as massage, essential oil for Women with 30ml.

Phyto 152 Firming Treatment Cream For Body And Bust 125ml/4.41oz

Phyto 152 Firming Treatment Cream For Body And Bust

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This cream acts like a drainer and detoxifier for your breasts and body. It improves the tone and reshapes your body and breast. It has been formulated with the goodness of rosemary essential oil, which firms the body. It is further added with bud peptides which restructure and regenerate skin. It has been loaded with aloe vera, plant glycerin and hazelnut oil which nourishes your skin and tightens it. It also has Vitamin E which acts as a great antioxidant and fights the free radicals. Finally, you’d be glad to know that it also helps you soothe your tired legs and remove stretch marks! Unveil the prettiness of refigured breasts and have a revitalized skin!

Clarins Body Care Bust Beauty Firming Lotion 50ml/1.7oz – Rs 5,417.98

Clarins Body Care Bust Beauty Firming Lotion

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Buy this cream to support your breasts! Have them back in their younger form and give them a better shape. This is a nighttime treatment which has the goodness of Vu Sua and Bocoa extracts. These two ingredients are known to acts like a ‘natural bra’ which instantly firms and tones your breast zone. Replenish your skin and tighten it by getting the best possible results. It will keep on continuing till you get your desired shape.

By late eve, start applying the cream from the base of the breasts, and apply it up to your chin. Concentrate more on the skin between the base and neck. Let the cream soak in and do the needful!

Palmers Bust Firming Cream 125g – Rs 11,041

Palmers Bust Firming Cream

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You can firm and tone your breasts with this cream, even after weight loss or pregnancy. It is a specially formulated cream, which is in gel form. It has a unique blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E. It helps you stay hydrated and improve the collagen and elastin content. Tone your body and have a youthful look.

Orico London Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir 30ml/1.01oz

Orico London Full Cup Bust & Neck Enhancing Elixir

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This is a natural breast firming treatment which is certified to be organic by Ecocert. It is paraben-free and has been clinically proven to be bioactive. It helps you increase breast size by 2-4 cm within 2 months. Antioxidants and moisturizers have been added for toning and firming, while it reduces sagging and wrinkling. Improve to busts to make them, smoother and softer, and help them look young and healthy. Apply and massage all over your breast, sweep hands alternatively upwards towards your neck.

Shahnaz Husain Shapeach, 40g

Shahnaz Husain Shapeach

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The cream has herbs of vitamin A and D which acts as a great nourishment for body and busts. It works like a skin toner which tightens and brightens the skin. Have a suppler skin tone with improved conditions from stretch marks and treat your busts to be firmer.

Dermelect Cleavage Contour Cream 113.4g/4oz

Dermelect Cleavage Contour Cream

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This is a rejuvenating cream for your cleavage. It includes concentrated herbal elements which enhance your breasts. It has been clinically proven to have coenzyme Q10 and essential oils for supporting the improved structure of your body. It has vitamins like A, C and E which tones and reduces skin sagging. Help your busts fight the signs of aging and revitalize the skin. You will get a softer and smoother feel which would make your breast more elastic.

Mama Mio Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer 100ml/3.4oz

Mama Mio Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer

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This is a firming treatment for neck to your breasts. It has been formulated with CoQ10m – an antioxidant, which prevents the degradation of collagen. It has been created with Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and it is also high in Omega 3, 6 & 9. The skin gets intense moisture as it penetrates fast and it is loaded with Shea Butter which reduced wrinkles and skin sagging. Help yourself have smoother and younger looking breasts. For application, apply for neck to the chest and massage well.

Thalgo Bust and Décolleté

Thalgo Bust and Décolleté

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This is a fluid which would help you reshape your breasts. It includes algae, oats and rye and it is popular for their bust firming power. Add volume to your breasts and moisturize your décolleté.

Mio – Boob Tube Plus Multi-Action Bust Firmer 100ml/3.4oz

Mio - Boob Tube Plus Multi-Action Bust

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This is an amazing treatment for improving your bust and décolleté zone. It includes vitamins, antioxidants and hydroquinone for making the treatment effective. Prevent your body from losing its collagen and improve the cell turnover. The cream has sweet almond oil, avocado oil and primrose which better the skin’s elasticity. It also includes a fenugreek extract which protects your body and helps it firm up. Help your skin have a soft and firm look, have your breasts lifted and shaped.

NEW Mio Your Fit Skin Kit

NEW Mio Your Fit Skin Kit

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If you want smooth and gorgeous skin you would like to buy this kit. These would be your overnight skin firming agents which would help you keep your body bouncy and strong. The kit is for over entire body, and it has a tube for breast firming too. Help yourself have an advanced body firming kit.


Advantages of wearing bra

Bra is a commonly worn undergarment by the girls and ladies. It is primarily worn with the objective to support the breast tissues so that they do not sag.  Wearing bra has its benefits. However, some recent studies on the topic has highlighted on some interesting facts related with wearing a bra. We will take a look on that as well, but first let us start with the advantages of wearing bra.


Breasts are made of adipose tissues and they have no muscles. So wearing a bra can provide effective support to the breasts. Which on the other hand can be helpful to reduce breast sagging. Sagging of breasts can even cause a downward pull to the skin of neck and chin; hence providing support to the breasts can be effective to ensure that your skin is not stressed continuously.

Proper posture

Wearing bra can be very helpful to get the right posture. Having a good posture is important for overall health and wellbeing. By wearing proper bra one can easily improve her posture and mitigate the ill effects of a drooping pose. Maintaining a proper posture is more important particularly during the growing period and hence for the girls below 18, wearing a bra seems to be a wise thing to do. For women with larger bust size not wearing a bra can even cause back pain, which can damage the normal posture.

The right figure

The bust line plays an important role in the total figure and appearance of a woman. By wearing a bra one can easily make her figure appear more pronounced and attractive. It becomes even more effective for women with larger bust line as the brassiere helps to keep the breasts in position making one look slimmer and toned. Wearing the right kind of bra can also be helpful for women with smaller breast size, who wish to have a bigger bust line, because bra can be helpful to give the illusion of a larger breast size.


Wearing a proper brassiere can actually be more comfortable for women. It stops the slapping of breasts with the body and also restricts the formation of sweat under the breasts, which can be very uncomfortable otherwise, and can even cause fungal infection on the skin. During exercises and heavy physical work wearing a bra can actually add to the comfort and ease of movement. So, comfort is surely one primary advantage of wearing a bra.

The look factor

Brassieres are now available in different interesting designs, colors, patterns and with laces, frills and all the things that a woman is sure to like. So, if you are using bra you can actually indulge yourself into all these. They just make another garment that adds beauty to your wardrobe.


As reported by many women, they feel more confident when they are wearing a bra. However, this might be a result of long habit, but according to some studies, using a bra can make one feel more comfortable and confident in her day to day work.

Now having said about the benefits of wearing a bra, let us take a look at what the latest researches on the topic are saying. According to a study performed by Dr.StaffordBroumand who is a working plastic surgeon at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, in younger women, not wearing a bra can improve the growth of the breasts and can also add to the lift of the breasts. As explained by the study, in younger women not wearing a bra can increase the production of collagen and also the natural elasticity of the breasts, which can improve the lift of developing breasts. The tension caused to the ligaments and connective tissues due to not wearing a bra can be actually beneficial for preventing breast sagging in growing girls.

On the other hand, the same research points out that the effects of not wearing a bra are not the same in case of older and pregnant women, because in older women the amount of collagen in the breasts is already less and the supportive tissues are already weaker compared to the younger girls. So, a bra can provide the support needed by the busts that has been lost due to age, helping the breasts to retain their proper shape and to prevent drooping.


Safety precautions for the pregnant women

You need to take proper care during the first trimester of pregnancy. As it is very sensitive period as the fetus is in its early development stage. It’s the time when the major organs are in the initial formation stage, not to forget the development of the body systems. Therefore, you need to take adequate precaution that the fetal development is not disrupted at any cost. Be careful about using alcohol, drugs and medication.

Eat nutritious food, drink safe drinking water, avoid alcohol, smoking, sleep for 8 hours at bight, do not do manual work like lifting heavy weights, travel by bus or car, wear comfortable footwear with flat heels to avoid falls, do not take medicines without consulting a doctor, have regular check up with a doctor and plan to deliver in a hospital.

Avoid the lifestyle habits which can prove harmful during pregnancy.


Avoid alcohol while you are pregnant. The people who drink, beer, wine or hard liquor each day is likely to have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It causes slow mental and physical growth. Do not drink if you breastfeed your baby. Alcohol can pass through breast milk. If you are concerned about your use of alcohol, talk to your doctor or nurse.


Caffeine is a strong stimulant and can have different effect on different individuals. It is thus best avoided during the first trimester as the exact effect of caffeine on the fetus is still under research. Caffeine consumption by the mother is said to cause a premature birth and the baby weighs less than normal and they are also found to have a series of birth defects.

There are many adverse effects of caffeine on pregnant women are sleeping disorders, anxiety, irritability, nervousness and irregular heartbeat. It is better to cut down beverages and food with caffeine content. Also avoid non-prescription medicines that have caffeine content, mostly pills that are used to treat cold, allergy and headache.


Avoid smoking at any cost. Smoking during pregnancy is like putting the cigarette to your baby’s lips and expecting him to puff. You will pass harmful carbon monoxide and nicotine to your baby if you smoke. Also steer clear of people who smoke.


Avoid hot tubs and saunas which are dangerous during pregnancy. Since these involve staying in an environment that is above normal body temperature. The high temperature in fact hampers the normal development of the fetus.

Avoid seafood

Fish and seafood are excellent low fat sources of many nutrients and an important part of a healthy diet. There is a concern about eating fish and seafood during pregnancy, since some types may contain high levels of mercury. To be safe, choose wisely among types of fish. Stay clear of unpasteurized cheeses and milk, raw eggs, undercooked fish etc. You should avoid eating swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tuna steak. These precautions during pregnancy should be taken so as to avoid any food borne idleness.

Herbs and medicines

Certain herbs can be detrimental to fetus development like, passion flower, saw palmetto; pennyroyal and black cohosh are known to cause miscarriage, premature birth and painful contractions. Similarly, over the counter medications during the pregnancy must be avoided at all cost, regardless of how minute the ailment is. Always take medicines after consulting your physician. Also avoid X-rays as the rays can severely harm the development of the fetus.

Avoid junk food

Junk food tends to increase your weight and since you would naturally be gaining weight due to growth of the baby, unwanted fat would lead to health problems for both you and your baby. You should remember that weight is directly related to blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy. Stay hydrated always.

Fiber rich foods

Fiber rich foods such as fruits will help ease constipation problems and regularize your stomach functions. Fruits like strawberries are rich in folic acid and consuming them inadvisable. You could also take sprouts, cereals, spinach and legumes in your diet. It is always better to have small meals several times a day during pregnancy. As it will help you stay filled, fit and healthy.

Physical relation

Avoid physical relationship in first 3 months and last 10 weeks, even in between depending upon presence of any complicating factors during pregnancy.


Epidural – Pain relief during labor or delivery

Labor pain feels different for every woman. Some women may feel a lot of pain and others may not. The size and position of your baby and the strength of your contractions can affect the amount of pain you feel. Some women are helped manage their pain by using breathing and relaxation techniques.

An epidural delivers continuous pain relief to the lower part of your body while allowing you to remain fully conscious. It decreases sensation, but doesn’t result in a total lack of feeling.

The medication is delivered through a catheter – a very thin, flexible, hollow tube – that’s inserted into the epidural space just outside the membrane that surrounds your spinal cord and spinal fluid. An epidural is the most commonly used methods of pain relief for labor.

First, you’re given a small “test dose” of medicine to be sure the epidural was placed correctly, followed by a full dose if there are no problems. Your baby’s heart rate is monitored continuously, and your blood pressure is taken every five minutes or so for a while after the epidural is in to make sure it isn’t having any negative effects.

The medication delivered by the epidural is usually a combination of a local anesthetic and a narcotic. Local anesthetics block sensations of pain, touch, movement, and temperature, and narcotics blunt pain without affecting your ability to move your legs. Used together, they provide better pain relief with less loss of sensation in your legs and at a lower total dose than you’d need with just one or the other.

You’ll start to notice the numbing effect about ten to 20 minutes after the first dose of medication, though the nerves in your uterus will begin numbing within a few minutes. You’ll receive continuous doses of medication through the catheter for the rest of your labor.

You may also have the option of patient-controlled analgesia, which means that you can control when you get more medication via a pump that’s connected to the catheter.

After you deliver your baby, the catheter will be removed. Having the catheter removed doesn’t hurt at all beyond the sting of having the tape pulled off.

Best time to get an epidural

Many practitioners wanted a woman to be in active labor before starting an epidural due to a concern that it might slow down her contractions. These days, most caregivers will allow you to start an epidural whenever you ask for it.

If you arrive at the hospital before you’re in active labor and you know you’re going to want an epidural, you can ask the anesthesiologist to place the catheter as soon as you’re settled in your bed. Then you can wait to start the medication when your labor becomes active.

Or you can wait and see how you feel. It’s never too late to get an epidural unless the baby’s head is crowning. The only risk of waiting is that the anesthesiologist may be busy and you may have to wait a bit longer for her to arrive once you decide you want the pain medication.

Advantages to have an epidural

  • An epidural provides a route for very effective pain relief that can be used throughout your labor.
  • You may still be aware of your contractions, and have a clear mind, but you’ll feel no pain.
  • Unlike with systemic narcotics, only a tiny amount of medication reaches your baby.
  • Once the epidural’s in place, it can be used to provide anesthesia if you need a c-section or if you’re having your tubes tied after delivery.
  • If you have high blood pressure, it can help to lower it.
  • It can be topped up with stronger local anaesthetic if you need an unplanned caesarean.

Disadvantages to have an epidural

  • It may make you feel shivery.
  • It may cause itching, particularly if you have a CSE, but it’s not usually severe.
  • You may develop a fever.
  • You will need to stay in bed, as your legs are likely to feel weak or heavy. Even if you are able to shuffle around on the bed, you won’t be able to walk around. Not many hospitals offer true mobile epidurals.