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Home remedies for jet lag

If you are a frequent flier and even international travelers then jet lag is a very common problem you may face. Some symptoms are disturbed sleep, daytime fatigue, there appears difficulty in concentrating and even functioning and even there might occur some digestion problem too. You may not avoid jet lag if you are travelling in multiple time zones, it will lessen the effects but needs time to cure fully. Jet lag can be observed any time while travelling across two or more different time zones. The more you travel the more tiredness and sluggishness you get. Jet lag can be considered as a temporary sleep disorder, but it may be difficult for all time travelers. If you are an adult then the jet lag symptoms may hit you harder than ever and even the recovery may take a very long time. Jet lag is a problem caused when the body’s internal clock or which is called as circadian rhythms that will help in introducing and guiding the body when to stay awake and when to sleep in the old time zone. The more you travel the more you feel the effect of jet lag hence there are few home remedies that will help in getting rid of jet lag.

Tips and home remedies for jet lag

Cumin seeds to cure jet lag

Cumin comprises of medicinal property which can be addressed as a culinary spice in the aid of digestion problem while the jet lag. It even helps in inducing sleep. It also is a tranquilizing agent.

Take cumin powder and a banana. Mash the banana and then mix it with cumin powder, eat this mixture before going to sleep. If you don’t find powder, then you can even dry roast the cumin and then grind the cumin seeds to make powder from it.


Make cumin tea that will help in getting rid of tiredness and fatigue of travelling. To make tea, Take a teaspoon of cumin seed on low heat for 5 minutes and then add one cup of water and boil it. Turn off after some time and cover the container and let it cool. Drink this twice a day for better result.

Nutmeg to prevent jet lag

Nutmeg comprise of sedative property which will help with natural sleep aiding property too.

Take half teaspoon of nutmeg powder in a cup of warm milk. Mix it properly and drink it before going to bed.


Add half teaspoon of nutmeg to cup of warm water or any type of fruit juice. Drink this mixture before going to bed.

Saffron for sleeping disorders

Saffron had mild sedative characteristics that will help in getting rid of sleeping disorder you suffer from jet lag.

Take two strands of saffron dip it in a cup of warm milk. Mix it properly. Drink it before going to bed.

Chamomile tea to treat jet lag

Chamomile tea is the best home remedy for treatment of sleep disorder due to jet lag. It comprises of apigenin in chamomile that will be responsible for the sedative effects.

Take a chamomile tea and try adding honey to it as it will help in inducing sleep and even relaxation. Even cinnamon can be added as a taste budding effect.

Bananas to get rid of tiredness

Banana can be very useful in sleeping disorder as it comprises of tryptophan that will raise their serotonin level which regulate the pattern of sleep. It helps in elevation of mood and even regulate appetite. It comprises of iron, calcium, potassium that is useful in inducing sleep and get rid of tiredness.

Try using banana. Smash it off. Add it with milk. Make a smoothie of banana or even you can induce banana in your daily diet.

Warm milk for inducing sleep

Warm milk can be an excellent home remedy as it relaxes our mind as well as body. It also comprises of tryptophan that induce sleep.

Take some cinnamon powder in a cup of milk and then drink it one hour before going to bed. Try this remedy daily for better and positive results.

Try this a few home remedies it you are suffering from jet lag. It will reduce the symptoms of jet lag to an extent that will relax your body.

Sunlight to get rid of jet lag

Sunlight is the best way to reset your internal clock. This is the most powerful natural tool that helps to regulate the sleep wake cycle. Plan ahead in order to determine the best times for light exposure. This will be completely based on your departure and destination points. This is due to overall sleeping habits. The morning light exposes helps to adjust an earlier time zone. This also lightens and helps you to adapt to a later time zone. Thus, light exposure with some exercises such as walking or jogging helps to adapt the new time even faster. This will avoid light at some certain times and is important too.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, the day before your flight, during your flight and the day after your flight. These causes dehydration. Disrupt sleeping schedules and trigger nausea and general discomfort. Avoid drinking caffeine before, during, after the flight. Caffeine causes dehydration and also disrupts sleeping schedules. The caffeine can rattle your nerves and intensify any travel anxiety.

Melatonin effective treatment for jet lag

Melatonin aids sleep during times that are normally resting, making it beneficial for people who are suffering with jet lag. Treat your body with melatonin as darkness signal and generally gives the opposite effect of bright light. Take melatonin is important to reset to your body at a later time. For example, flying east and should take melatonin at bedtime nightly until it become to local time. You need to try to reset your body clock to an earlier time, like flying west, melatonin in the morning. The dosage is as suggested by your doctor. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking melatonin.

Eat sensible food

The food you take is some frequent fliers swear by jet lag diet suggestions. This is just like eating a heavy diet for a few days before travel and fasting on flight day. No diets have been proven that is more effective for preventing jet lag. It is best recommended not to eat a high carb or fatty diet close to bedtime that is because that can be disruptive to sleep.