Creative hairstyles ideas for curly hairs

Curly hair is one of the common type of hair type that is viewed I at least 5 out of 10 females. There was a time when people used to hate curly hair as this is one of the hair types that cannot be modified to different variety of haircuts. Only a few haircuts can be adopted by the ladies who have curly hair. But today, the fashion world has adopted many innovative ideas along with the thought of the renowned hair style artist which got transformed into amazing hairstyles for curly hairs. Let us have a look at some of the fascinating hairstyles for curly hair.

Hairstyles for curly hair

Curly pony tail hairstyle

1. loose-curly-ponytail

If you have got curly hair, try out tiding up a curly pony tail as this will create less effect of curls over the front portion of your head and also there will be a curl ball at the back of the hair where you have tied to make a pony tail. A high centered pony tail will make you look trendier.

Messy curls look

2. look-curls

You can now get a messy curl hairstyle to look over your face with your hair indulged in a moody appearance. The layered pieces of hair will be ideally tumbled down with an elastic appearance. These careless strands of hair will create a beautiful frame of your face. You can also use gels to make it more attractive.

Curls at the end hairstyle

3. Tamannaah-Bhatia-Medium-Hairstyle

Another fascinating curling hair idea is getting curls at the end of the hair. At the top you can create side swept or a zigzag line to make a swept. The bottom of the curl must touch your shoulder to get a beautiful look. You can attend any party with this unborn look.

Step cut hairstyle

Step cut hairstyle


Another very common hair cut that suits people with curly hair is none other than the step cut. The back portion of the hair will be made steps by cutting it layer after layer from top to bottom. Even if you tie your hair you can get a round ball with fascinating look.

Half down curl hair

Half down curl

The half down curl idea is another interesting variation that can be adopted by many ladies willing to have a stylish hairstyle even if they have curly and coarse hair. Since your hair is to curl, you can comb your hair from the top and sides and tie them just at the back. The rest of the hair will be placed as it is dropping at your back and front shoulder line.

Clean bun hairstyle

Clean bun

As compared to ladies with straight hair, individual with long hair can get a clean but by taking all hairs from sides and bottom and tie up a clean but at the back. This hairstyle will keep you stay neat and beautiful. The stylish haircut and the attire will keep you looking trendy all the time.

Back pinned curly hair look

Back pinned curly hair look

You can now get a curly hair look with tiding your hair from the front portion of your hair and tie it just below the top of your head. You can also put a very stylish hair clip at the back so that you look very attractive even from the rear view. The rest of the curly hair must be open wide which will create a voluminous look.

Retro curls hairstyle

Retro curls

If you want to get you go back to the olden times, the retro curls will be a wonderful hairstyle to be considered. This is one of the classic Hollywood styles which have been adopted by many ladies around the world. Get a retro look with your curly hair and surprise your friends.

Volumizing curly hairstyle

Volumizing curly hairstyle

If you are willing to go for the volumizing hairstyle, the curly hair will be the best option in front of you.  This hairstyle will make you look lively and attractive. Go for a very trendy designed big earring and grace the occasion with dynamism. The western wear will also suit with you.

Side curls hairstyle

Side curls hairstyle


You can now go for the curly hairstyle that is backed with the side curls from both the sides. Even if you have a straight hair, the side curls dangling down your shoulder will make you look attractive. A side part hair and a little makeup will really look good.

Side swept curl hairstyle

Side swept curl

If you have curly hair, a side swept will be a wonderful idea as well. You can easily dress up for the ramp or a discotheque with this fascinating side swept curl idea. A sexy dress that shows your cleavage can complement with this amazing hairstyle.

Shoulder curls look

Shoulder curls look


You can now get a shoulder to curl look with the hair strand dropping down on one shoulder. Just create a curl over the downside of your hair and pull it and place at the right or left side of the shoulder so that people viewing art you can see the curl down your hair.

Wavy Faux Bob hairstyle



The tailor swift signature curls will look really great on you if you have curly hair. This wavy Faux Bob will easily create a glam look. You can attend a formal party after adopting this particular hairstyle. Even if you roll your hair under, getting a spectacular look will be ideal. This will give you a trendy and gorgeous look in every hairstyle.

Top blunt banged bob hairstyle for curly hair


If you have straight hair and you need to try for curly hair with bob hairstyle, then this hairstyle suits you perfectly. Try this hairstyle to add some flare to your curly bob. Straight across bangs are best to look more beautiful. Style the bangs as you desired by using a flat iron tool. You should use a medium sized curling iron to curl sections of your hair. Use your fingers to separate the curls and that can look more natural. Spray the light hold finishing spray. This hairstyle best suits for round face shape.

Trendy soft side curls for long hair


The soft & long hairs with curls are so versatile. The way you dress up and the way you add extra make up gives a beautiful look along with the choice of hairstyle. You should apply a curl cream that can damp hair and can be used a wide tooth comb. After that, use a product that is equally up to the root ends. You should part your hair at a slight angle that is from the side towards the top of your head. This will keep you appear as too heavy on one side of your head. Then, dry your hair by using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer set with a high heat. But you should follow high heat that is low of the air force and can avoid frizz. Simply lift the front fringe section that will add extra volume. Finish it with your curly locks off, try this hairstyle for heart and diamond face shapes to look beautiful.

Simple & short and sweet classically sassy hairstyle


The hairstyle with soft and flowing curls to try and twists them to give a classic look. You should begin with a dry hair that can be parted on one side to look good. You just simply spray everything and use them with a 1 ¼ inch of curling iron. This is used to curl small sections and is sure for all the curly hair types that can be used for going the same direction. This is away from your face. So, once you have done with the curling, then brush through your hair and soften the curls. This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair and square face shape.

Simple flexible curly hairstyle

4. Curly_Hairstyles_2014_for_Women01

The hairstyle looks very simple and is full head of fantastic springy curls. The simple blending hairstyle is into your mane, while others are quite defined. Thus, we can feel that the hand of a talented stylist for a different look. The simple stylish look with natural curls make you look stylish. Try this stylish hairstyle for any occasion with simple makeup and stylish jewelry.

Curly sass of color hairstyle

5. 9-high-curly-pony-updo

The trendy fashion hairstyle is highlighted and can be fun to wear this hairstyle. You can choose this curly top hairstyle with a burst of blonde look. This hairstyle is adorable pile with curls, which is perfect for both office casual look and on any special occasions.

Curly bob hairstyle

6. keri-hilson-hairstyle-2

The curly bob hairstyle is to add a new look to your personality. You can check with Hollywood celebrities in our big gallery. Thus, this will impress you with a definite look and if you want still more recent styles, you can browse all the bob hairstyle in short length and medium length. Thus, they should use high quality products for a critical hair do. Try this stylish different hairstyle that make you look trendy and good. Thus, this hairstyle gives you a real hairstyle look and also need much more care to your hair color. This is best to choose best beauty products to style your hair, otherwise your hairstyle may be changed due to bad products.

Myraid short curly hairstyle idea

7. short curly hairstyle for black woman (1)

The short curly hairstyle looks beautiful with a trendy look. This hairstyle best suits for short curly hairstyles for black women. The hairstyle is simple and takes less time to style your hair. Side swept with a bang and have a zig zag line with curls. Thus, the hairstyle is simple and can be best and stylish. Thus, the stylish look makes them look simple and cute.

Curly hairstyle with a bouncy look

8. short curly hairstyle for black woman (11)

The hairstyle looks stylish and unique. This is a simple and stylish look with curls. The curly hairstyle with a bouncy look makes you look stylish and trendy. The bouncy like hairstyle is simple and brown hair looks trendy and cover the forehead with curly hair strands. Try this stylish trendy hairstyle to look beautiful for a party or any other occasions.