Simple daily office appropriate hairstyles you can do in less time

Getting ready for office doesn’t give us the liberty to take a lot of time. We have to choose what to wear and how to set our hair, while the clock keeps alarming us about how late we get! In this article, we have listed some of the commonly done hairstyles that we usually follow, and that they could be incorporated for your office look. Since we have done these hairstyles some time or the other, they wouldn’t take up more time than new ones would. These will also give you varieties to choose from and help you look stylish every day.

Simple hairstyle to get ready to office quickly

Short hair bob hairstyle

Short hair bob

Official hairstyles can have all lengths of hair. It doesn’t really matter if you have short hair. In fact, short hairstyles are more suited with official look. In the picture below we see a short bob cut, which has been perfectly matched with those geeky glasses. Her hair is silky and smooth, and the fringes fall in front. She has side-swept the hair to make the bob cut get prominence. When this hair grows a little longer, it will look like the perfect bob.

Side-parted hair with waves

Side-parted hair with waves

When you have medium length hair, you can try out easy hairstyles like this. The lady in the picture has parted her hair slightly beside the mid-zone. This makes her hair have a little more of the sectioning on her right than on her left. The hair falls straight down and up to her shoulders. She lets the hair fall straight and uses a curling iron to get the waves in her tips.

French braid hairstyle to get into office quickly

French Braid

One of the stylish and easy hairstyles would be follow the French braid. French braids have different types, but in here, we concentrate mostly on ‘sagar choti’ which we usually follow in India. This is a stylish way to reverse an ordinary braid to make it look a little complicated and stylish. It has got a certain amount of life before the mid-scalp zone, which adds some puff and makes the hair look fuller. Follow this hairstyle and keep your hair manageable all day.

Waved hair with curled tips

Waved hair with curled tips


By looking at the picture below you might have already noticed that it is a commonly followed hairdo. It is easy and made more manageable by the bobby pin attached. Has your hair straightened with a convex shape to make it look slightly curved to the interior side. Make the partition from one side and let the hair flow in front. Use the curling iron to have the last 2-3 inches of your hair curled. Finally, add a bobby pin on the heavier side of the section so that it doesn’t fall on your face.

Simple ponytail hairstyle to get ready to office

Simple ponytail hairstyle to get ready to office


Ponytails happen to be the easiest hacks that you can follow for official look. The longer the hair is, the more stylish you can make it look. In the picture below, we see a lady with a quarter of her hair straightened, followed by a wavy effect and then finally curled up for the rest of it. This is definitely one option than you can choose for when you feel that your ponytail it just too simple. Back-brush the hair and then pin it up before the crown area, this locks up the shorted strands in front. Follow it up with the ponytail and style it how you like.

Asymmetrical long bob hairstyle

Asymmetrical Long Bob

When you have medium-length hair, you make it look like a bob by following this hairstyle. The lady looks lovely in this hairstyle and the geeky glasses adds some more charm to it. Her hair is straightened and parted from one side. The heavier section has been made to fall in front, while the thinner section has been twisted and pinned up at the back. The thinner section also has the hair set behind the shoulders, giving a contrasting effect to the opposite side. This also creates two separate lengths of two separate sides which justifies the bob.

Sectioned front with side twist

Sectioned front with side twist

We do follow this hairstyle for occasions, so why not try it out for office? This keeps our hair manageable and makes us look stylish too. Has your hair half up to straighten and half down curled. Part it from one side and then let the heavier section fall as it is. Use the opposite side for creating a twist or a braid and then pin it. Back-brush the rest of the hair and let it fall on the back. Your curled tips will be the final bit of attraction.

Quick braids hairstyle for the office


Braids are easy to do and even easier to manage. You can follow this stylish hairdo which we have always followed in India. This looks lovelier with more length and can be diversified due to the varieties. So, all you need to do is spare some time and make create. In the picture below, we see a regular braid which has been made and let down from one side of the shoulder. These can be further styled into French plaits, fishtail braids, etc.

Topknot hairstyle for office

Top knot

Topknots are easy hairstyles which can be followed. If you tie this hairdo like a ballet bun, i.e., by using a hairband, and then you might just take a few seconds to have it done easily. A ballet bun looks prim and proper and can suit most official wears if you choose them wisely. It can something very different than what you usually do, so make sure you know what to exactly wear with them. This hairstyle will keep your hair manageable and also protect from sun exposure if you have to go out for meetings.

Medium-length straight hair

Medium-length straight hair

Medium-length hair gives us reasons to fuss about tying the hair up. Bun hairstyle can’t be properly created and you don’t have to tie braid and ponytails to make the length shorter. Trying out something as easy as this can surely make it look manageable and healthy. Have your hair nicely straightened and add some shine. Part it from the middle and let it flow from both the sides and up to your shoulder.

Simple & classic pony hairstyle idea for office

2 You don’t find time to style your hair in a busy schedule. If you are in rush with an office meeting. Simply have a classic pony hairstyle that gives a unique and attracting look at you. Simple ponytail hairstyle with formal wear is best to try. In your busy scheduled life, you can try this simple pony hairstyle that gives an elegant look at your office. This hairstyle best suit for longer hair length and that makes you look stylish for the office. A classic, simple ponytail is a great way to keep your hair neat and clean. Maintain a stylish look to your hair with these fashionable ponytails. Comb your hair with a side swept that can hang over one shoulder.

Try braided bangs half up hairstyle for office

Try braided bangs half up hairstyle for office


This hairstyle looks something different from regular hairstyles. If you have semi-curl, medium length hair, then you can try this hairstyle. Try this different hairstyles on weekends to your office to surprise your colleagues.  This hairstyle is simple growing out your bangs. Try this chic way to finally get them off your forehead. Try this different braid hairstyle that can add a special touch to the traditional half up style. This will stand out on weekends at the office with a unique different look.

Curly hair with half up do works best for office


Textured half up do hairstyle works best if you have curly shoulder length long hair. Try this hairstyle by applying curl enhancing gel to damp your hair. Let the curls dry naturally to get the perfect hairstyle look. Pull the top half of your hair back just like a half up ponytail. It is easy to wear and takes less time to try this hairstyle which looks good for an office. Secure your hair with a work appropriate clip and then fingers to rough up the pinned section to add more texture to your hairstyle.

Headband bouffant hairstyle for office


The hairstyle best suits for office. The hair accessory such as headband with a bouffant hairstyle and short hairstyle looks beautiful. The hairstyle best suits for a professional look. This hairstyle with a trendy, stylish dress make you look gorgeous. This looks like a retro bouffant. This is not necessary to tease and hairspray, along with it. This headband is to fake out and rock your office.

Side swept bangs hairstyle to get ready to office with less time


The side swept bangs with ponytail hairstyle best suits for medium length hair. This hairstyle makes you look stylish and are better to wear those who have shoulder length thick straight hair. Start with your hair by applying it with a lightweight shine serum to dry hair. Crown your head with a section out of a circle about 4 inches in a diameter that is lightly back comb and is underside with your brush. Have 2 -3 strokes down the shaft of your hair give you all the lift you need. Now, create a side part and leave it about two inches of face framing hair that is hanging on that side out as you loosely brush hair back neatly and mid height ponytail.  Secure them with an elastic band that matches your hair color that won’t slip out. If you have loose hair behind your ear, then secures them with bobby pins that are hanging at the front section of hair.

Short bob haircut with beautiful hair


The short bob haircuts with smooth layers that make you look cool and are luscious. This is created on many face shapes. It is effortless to style and maintain. It sleek longer, applies a bit hairspray to look smooth and stylish hairstyle. The simple bob haircut with straight hair makes you get ready soon and rush into the office quickly. The golden brown hair color with this stylish look gives a professional and elegant look. This hairstyle best suits for official meetings.