Hairstyle ideas for oily/dirty/greasy hair – Long and Short

People are getting unlimited options in front of themselves in the way of their hair cut and hair styles. Thus, there is confusion among them about which one to leave and which ones need to be adopted. But, deciding the right hairstyle for right hair tone is an important consideration. If you have dry and frizzy hair, you cannot go for the hairstyles that go with the oily hair. Similarly, if you are born with oily skin tone, the hairstyles for others with a variety won’t be adopted. One of the major problems with oily hair is the fact that the hair becomes too much greasy and sticky. The hair experts by providing you with some effective tips with the help of which you can maintain your hair without the effect of grease. After maintaining hair, you must be eager to know about which hairstyle will suit you the best. Let us learn some hairstyles for oily hair.

Hairstyle ideas for oily hair

Half up twist hairstyle

Half up twist

If you have oily skin tone, automatically your hair tone will be greasy and oily.  There are certain varieties of hairstyles that will make you look really gorgeous. The half up twist is also one of its kind that will easily help you flaunt your face and facial feature.

Twisted topknot hairstyle

Twisted topknot

If you are having oily hair, it will be really important to hold up your hair in such a way that it does not get much exposure to the air as the carbon deposit over your hair can make it greasy and much oilier.  This is a very easy variety of hairstyle that you can adopt just by twisting your hair and tidying up at the top.

Side braid hairstyle for dirty hair

Side braid

Another hairstyle that can be considered by ladies who are having oily hair is side braid. Since there is a tendency that your hair will become greasy in texture with much exposure to moisture, the braid hairstyle will be a popular one that will help your hair get perfect tone. Try this today and get free from oil and greases on your hair.

Long curls with unwashed hair

Long curls

The long and curly hair will be another variety of hairstyles that is adopted by people with greasy hairstyle. This will keep your hair intact as every single hair is interconnected with one another which bind together to make a compact hairstyle. If you have long and greasy hair, try this long curls which will definitely suit you.

Straight hair with straightening hairstyle with oily hair

Straight hair with straightening

Keeping the hair straight can also reduce greasing effect over your hair. You can go to a salon and go ahead with the permanent straightening so that your hair can be lustrous and non greasy. You can make a middle parting and place the hair in two sides as well. Go for this hairstyle and remove grease, totally from your hair.

A pixie cut hairstyle with greasy hair

A pixie cut

If you have greasy hair, there will be the hairstyles that will suit your hair with low maintenance. Look how beautiful the lady in the picture is looking with the short pixie cut. This creates a wonderful effect on all those who have greasy hair as this is such a haircut that can be done with low maintenance.

A ponytail with side braid hairstyle

A ponytail with side braid

Another lovely hairstyle that can be adopted by the ladies with greasy and oily hair is none other than the ponytail with the side braid. You can go in the sun and dusky weather after adopting this hairstyle as this looks really attractive and smart. Even the greasy hair will remain well maintained with this particular hairstyle.

Easy plaited Updo hairstyle

Easy plaited Updo

This is one of the easiest varieties of Up do hairstyle that can make your hair look good framed and astonishingly in a good condition. Even in the greasy hair it looks really well. To adopt this hairstyle, you have to divide your hair into two parts. One is from the top layer and the second one is on the lower side. Take the group of hair and create braids. Similarly, take the rest of the hair and make braid with the lower portion of the hair. Now manage to make a hole above the braided hair that is in the lower layer and then put the upper braid inside and twist together to make a healthy updo.

Chic bun hairstyle for oily hair

Chic bun hairstyle

Another very easy and effective hairstyle that can be adopted by the ladies with greasy hair is chic bun hairstyle. This is the particular style that will keep your hair placed in  the same position for a long time. Even the wind and breeze cannot create any disturbances over this particular hairstyle. Ladies with oily hair can go for this hairstyle if they wish to keep the hair intact without violation. This hairstyle can be easily adopted by the ladies who are going to attend a marriage party.

Creative updo hairstyle with top bun

Creative updo

The creative updo is having some ring style design that is tied up at the top of the hair. You can look really elegant and dynamic with this particular type of hair. Even if you have too much grease and oil over your hair, this hairstyle can easily suite your purpose. Whether you go to attend a wedding party or that of formal deal, this is a wonderful hairstyle which will suit you in all ways. Once you have created this hairstyle there won’t be any second thought to it.

Short bob with texture hairstyle

Short bob with texture hairstyle

If you have oily hair, this means your hair is very capable to soak dust from the air. It is important to get such a hairstyle which will keep it free from dust. Try this short bob hairstyle with gel that gives textured look. You can also go ahead with the diagonal fringe within the look. Since you have oily hair on face, you need to width to the jaw line as well as the forehead.

Tight ponytail hairstyle

Tight ponytail hairstyle

You must have viewed wider designs of the ponytail, which suites with a variety of textured hair. If you have oily and greasy hair, the best way to get it into a proper shape is to adopt the tight ponytail. This will cover every hair from front, bottom as well as sides and make a hold of entire hair right at the back. This hairstyle really suites with all types of individuals and will be exclusively for those who are having oily hair.

Short fringe hairstyle

Short fringe hairstyle

This is another fascinating short hairstyle that suites with almost every face cutting. If you have oily hair, these hairstyles will suit you as this does not need much maintenance. You can frequently wash your hair with shampoo as drying it is also very easy. You can get this hairstyle and go with your friends for exclusive hangout. A casual party also goes really well with this particular hairstyle.

Choppy medium hairstyle

Choppy medium hairstyle

This is another exclusive hairstyle adopted by the ladies with oily hair tone as extreme weather can spoil their hair making it much greasier and rusty. This is the particular hairstyle that will make you dominant and exclusive in every occasion. Put a little light make up with this hairstyle in order to attract attention.

Short curly windy waves hairstyle

Short curly windy waves hairstyle

Look at this short hairstyle adopted by the lady with blonde hair. This helps a lady get a smart look and eradicate the problem of oily and greasy hair. This can be a very rare hairstyle that can make you smarter, especially when you are facing the crowd. After getting this hairstyle, ask your special one and get vivid complement. This is actually a very simple hairstyle but the waves created in it make it look complete. You can go for party in order to enjoy your golden look in short attire. Try it today.

Simple top bun hairstyle with greasy & dirty unwashed hair


Sometimes your hair will be rebellious and you will lose our hair due to greasy and dirty hair. When you don’t find time, and then don’t have an idea to style your greasy hair. Here, we have some hairstyles with greasy or oily hair. Try these hairstyles to look good. Completely back brush your hair and roll part of the hair into two back. Similarly, on the other side and tie them. Finally, tie a big bun with the two tied hairs on the back. This hairstyle is simple and easy when you are busy with your work at home and suddenly someone is going to meet you.

Simple unwashed last moment hair style idea


Easy hairstyles for long hair that is cute and will be look beautiful with oily hair. Simply comb your hair and leave all your hair free. Leave them free with a straight hair. Brush front fringe hair on forehead. Leave side fringes and leave the remaining long straight hair on the shoulders and back. This hairstyle is quite pretty with the dirty unwashed hairstyle. If you don’t have an idea to style your oily hair, then you can try this hairstyle which makes you look simple and good. These are some of the tricks to hide your greasy hair.

Simple short bob haircut style to style greasy or oily hair


Bob haircut is the best choice for women. You can see some bob haircuts such as short cut bob, bob cut with bang, layered hair style, sharp edge blunts bangs hairstyle, short bob hairstyle etc. If you are ready to have a makeover with your short bob hairstyle? Then, this is the best idea to have a bang hairstyle. This will accentuate your eyes. This may depend whether you have a short haircut or a long hair that is not forgettable to take care of them. This is because of the first and most important factor with the beautiful hairstyle with the healthy hairstyle. Try this hairstyle and have a pretty look to your face.