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How to get rid of dark neck- Home remedies to lighten dark skin

Dark neck can be due to various causes. One of the major ones is because the skin gets exposed to sun and pigmentation issues. It can also be caused due to diabetes, genetics, and poor hygiene. Our weight loss or gain abruptly also turn the neck dark. Post effects of pregnancy also cause this problem. Any issue has a home remedy unless you don’t want to use it. Let us take a look at these remedies. Here, you can see on how to get rid of dark skin quickly.

Home remedies to lighten dark neck

Aloe Vera gel for skin problems

You will repeatedly see aloe vera in most skin related issues. It contains such good compounds. Aloe vera gel lightens the skin. It moisturizes the skin. This is a great way to reduce various skin spots. Aloe vera gel is rich in antioxidants that can repair and produce new skin cells.

  • Take out the aloe vera leaves, peel the leaf, you can see the gel. Apply this gel to dark area on the neck. Leave it for less than 30 minutes. Wash with cold water.

Oats act as a natural scrub for dark neck

Guess what? Oats is not only for good health, but also used as natural scrubber. Oats are great as scrub that helps to exfoliate the skin. This is the effective way to reduce dark complexion around the neck.

  • Extract tomato juice, make oat powder by grinding it. Prepare a mixture of this, apply this twice in a week and watch out for the results.
  • Add milk to powdered oats, add honey and make a good mixture. Apply it to the dark area of the neck and wash after 25 minutes with warm water and pat dry.

Baking soda lightens skin

Baking soda is a natural bleach and lightens the dark color. Baking soda acts as natural skins exfoliate that can cleanse the skin. This helps to remove dark and discolored patches. It has an effective home remedy in removing hyperpigmentation around the neck.

  • Add water to baking soda and make a fine paste. Apply this in the dark area. Wash it after it dries.

Orange peel reduces dark skin to light

Orange peel is an effective one in treating the dark area on your skin. Orange peel is rich in Vitamin C that helps to lighten the skin tone. Orange peel helps to cleanse and bleach the skin.

  • Make a powder of dried orange peel. Add milk to this powder. Apply the paste and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash with cold water.
  • Applying orange pulp directly to the dark skin on the neck also helps. Wash with cold water after a while.

Chik peas as a scrub to treat dark neck

Chik pea flour can be used as a natural scrubber. Chickpea flour is an excellent scrubber to get rid of dark skin. This gives a clear skin on neck. Chickpea flour in combination with turmeric has antiseptic properties to treat various skin problems.

  • Mix chickpea flour with a pinch of turmeric and add water to make a fine scrub.
  • Apply it to the dark area, wash after it gets dried.

Potato natural home remedy for dark neck

One of the easily available vegetable at home is Potato. The bleaching formula lightens the dark spots on the neck. Potato is rich in an enzyme called catecholase. It has natural bleaching property. This helps to lighten dark skin on the neck.

  • Take out juice from raw potatoes and apply on darker skin, wash after 10-15 minutes.
  • Extract juice from potatoes, add lemon to it. Stay relaxed for a few minutes and wash with cold water. 

Banana mask best to improve skin tone

The banana has natural vitamins and enzymes that enrich the skin texture.

  • Make banana pulp, add olive oil to it. Apply the mask on the dark area of the neck and wash it after 20 minutes. It is good to use ripe bananas.
  • You can use papaya, orange, banana alternatively. These fruits make a good fruit mask for skin.
  • Make a mixture of strawberry pulp and papaya. Apply this in the dark on the neck. Wash with cold water and pat dry.

Cucumber to clear dark skin around neck

Cucumber is an excellent skin moisturizer. Cucumber is used to give the clear appearance of your neck. Cucumber has natural soothing property that helps to repair skin cells. This can remove dead skin cells and can add a glow to your skin.

  • Apply cucumber pulp on the dark skin of the neck. Keep it for about 15 minutes and wash with cold water. Post this step, rub the skin with rose water.

Yogurt moisturizes your dark skin

Yogurt or as a matter of fact milk and cream is also very good agents for the skin issues. Yogurt is the best byproduct of milk. It has many nutrients that are good for the skin. This is rich in lactic acid that acts as a bleaching property.

  • Take yogurt, add little turmeric and make a fine mixture. Apply it on the darker side and wash off with lukewarm water.
  • You can also add lemon juice to this mixture and follow the same procedure.
  • After this step, apply cream from the curd. Stay for a while and wash with lukewarm water.

Dry fruits acts as a natural scrub

Dry fruits are great in acting as a scrub. Dry fruits such as almond and walnuts acts as a natural scrub.

  • Grind walnuts, Make sure it is a bit coarse, so that the scrubbing effect acts well. Add milk to it and scrub on the neck. Wash with cold water.
  • Alternatively, you can use almonds too. Follow the same process.

Milk for cleansing your skin tone

Milk acts as a natural cleanser with its moisturizing property.

  • Take some fresh cream and apply them on the neck. Massage with fresh cream and rinse it off with warm water. Repeat this process daily in order to moisturizer to brighten your neck.
  • Secondly, it can used with gram flour. Prepare your mixture with gram flour and mix it with fresh cream. Apply this mixture on your dark neck and gently scrub to moisturize your skin. Wash it off with warm water.
  • Thirdly, you can use turmeric and fresh cream. Prepare a mixture of turmeric and fresh cream to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your neck and massage to get rid of black neck. This helps to get natural glowing skin around your neck.

Alternatively, you can mix fresh cream with yogurt. Simply massage with the mixture of yogurt and fresh cream. Apply it daily and rinse it off with warm water.

Almond scrub to lighten dark skin

Almond are rich in Vitamin E and helps to improve skin that is effective to lighten dark skin. It has the skin discoloration property when mixed it with milk. Almond oil is used in most of the beauty, skin care products and cosmetics.

  • Take 5 – 8 almonds and grind them to form a thick paste. Add a teaspoon of milk powder, a teaspoon of honey into the paste. Mix them well and apply it on darkened areas of the neck. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with water by massaging. Repeat this for 3 -4 times a week. You can also use almond oil to your darkened neck that helps to improve blood circulation.

Skin lightening with turmeric and milk mixture

Turmeric has the best antiseptic property that is used to treat some skin problems. Turmeric can be used in different forms for skin lightening. Use turmeric to get rid of dark neck.

  • Prepare a mixture of turmeric powder and milk to form a thick smooth paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Instead of turmeric and milk, you can also use the combination of milk, yogurt, and honey to reduce darkness around the neck.

Honey and tomato pack for neck whitening

Honey helps to lighten skin and acts as a natural moisturizer. Tomato and lemon are rich in acids and Vitamin C that helps to lighten the dark neck. Take honey and blend tomato juice. Add lemon juice into it and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off with water. Repeat the process daily for better results.

Lemon juice to treat dark skin

Lemon is rich in citrus. This acts as a natural bleaching agent. If you have sensitive skin, then you can use diluted lemon juice. It is recommended not to use directly on the skin as it causes skin irritation.

  • Squeeze out fresh lemon juice and apply it on the dark skin by using a cotton ball. Leave it for about 10 – 20 minutes. Rinse it off with water. It is best not to expose your skin to sunlight after applying lemon juice.

All the above remedies work excellent. I have used almost all the tips because my skin on the neck turned dark as an after effect of pregnancy. Take out some time and use these tips. The scrubbing remedies I mentioned can be used by all and not only for lightening the darker skin. It makes the skin on the neck softer.