Latest best hairstyles for traditional sarees/sadis

Sarees are Indian garments for women and are always in trend. When you decide to wear a traditional saree for an important event, you must also complement it with contemporary jewelry, footwear and hairstyle. In this article, we will go through some of the best hairstyles which would suit traditional sarees. These are authentically Indian, so you just have to suit your look according to the occasion. These hairstyles are classic and they will bring out your Indian origin.

Hair bun with flowers hairstyle


Classic buns never go out of style with sarees. This is a neat hairstyle which lets you flaunt your attire and keeps your hair manageable. These are apt for wedding occasions and make you look subtle. In the picture below, we see a low bun-hairdo which has been surrounded with flowers. The hair has been neatly back-brushed and then pinned up below the crown zone. This also gives the hair a slight puff and leaves enough space for the bun to form.

Messy bun hairstyle with beautiful designer saree blouses


After the classic and neat bun, let us look at what Indian beauties have revamped the style like. Messy buns are just so on trend and they look lovely if they are nicely tied up. These buns look nice with waves and twists, which intertwine with each other. You twist parts of your hair with one another, and then shape the entire volume into a bun. The style has to properly pin and can also be enhanced by letting bangs fall from the sides.

Back braid and flowers hairstyle for saree


Braids are very common among Indian women. We have been time and again asked to keep our hair healthy and strong by tying braids every evening. These are not just a regular hairstyle for you, but they can be amazingly paired up with traditional sarees. Take an example from the picture below and give it a try. Part your hair from the side, and make the lifts with the twisted strands from the sides. Take the hair of your crown portion and puff it up. Pin up the puff to fasten it and then make a braid. Finally, pin up the flowers and you’re done!

Side-swept braid with jewellery hairstyle


After the back braid even the side-swept braids are popular. What is a little more alluring about this style is that you can flaunt your hairdo in the front. We see a pretty South Indian Bride in this picture, which looks extremely adorable in the Kanchipuram saree. She has made a side puff with the front portion of her hair, and has pinned it on the right side. She takes the rest of her hair and makes a side-braid. The hair is further enhanced with jewelry, which is also common instead of using flowers.

Side-swept curls hairstyle for traditional outfit


Side-swept hairstyles are not just good to look at but also easy to do. You can help yourself when you’re in a hurry and you don’t have anyone to attend or help you. Curl your hair with a curling rod, and then sweep it to one side. Secure the back of your hair with pins or hair accessories. Finally, use a medium-hold hairspray to settle it and to make it manageable. Your hair should be long enough to go beyond the shoulders. This will make the side-swept look prominent. This is perfect when you have to put the aanchal over your head and hide the rest of your hair, like we see in the picture below.

Straight and long hair for saree


When you look ‘royal’ enough to have a heavy saree paired with heavier accessories, you can skip out on making your hair look too extravagant. You can leave it as simple as possible and make the entire look stand out. Traditionally, Indian women have many times chosen to keep their hair open, and then have the anchaal over it. In this picture below, we get to see a lady keeping her hair open and contrasting her hairdo with the attire that she is carrying. The hair has been parted from the middle and then side-swept. A mang-tika in the middle adds to the beauty.

Half up straight hairstyle for saree


We have seen plenty of half up hairdos, but I am sure, you weren’t much aware of how it’ll suit with a traditional saree. Well, we have a nice example in the picture below. They lady has dressed herself in the authentic South Indian look, which includes a Kanchipuram saree and some patent accessories. She has made a half up hair do and pinned it well. The rest of her hair is straight and open. She lets half fall down from one shoulder and the other half to stay at the back.

Open hair with a multi-chain hair accessory


When we have lovely hair accessories we can go easy with our hairdo. This picture includes a happy bride who has worn a mutli-chain hair accessory and has kept her hair open. Her lovely traditional saree calls for a simpler hairdo, which contrasts the look and makes her look more attractive. Her hair has been parted from the middle, so that the mang-tika beautifies the look, and also makes the rest of the chain fall their respective places to be tied.

Medium-length hair with curls


If you have medium-length hair, and you don’t want to opt for extensions, to make the above hairstyles possible, you surely opt for something as quirky as this. We see a lady in hand-dyed mul saree, who has paired it up with a sleeveless black blouse. The saree is ethnic due to the material, but trendy due to the cycle prints. Her hair is of mid-length and she has curled it up. Parting your hair from one side, and letting it fall down in curls, would surely help you make a style statement.

Permed hair loosely tied


You have definitely come across ‘Bong beauties’ that wear elegant Malkha sarees, but do not care about how their hair looks. Yes! It can go as weird as you can imagine, but their beauty lies in ‘keeping it real’. On the contrary, there are women with straight and wavy hair, who crave to have a curly and permed hair, just like we see in the picture below. If you think you can carry it off well, you can perm your hair and keep it loosely tied. It suits subtle and sober prints like these malkha sarees, as the hairdo will give your look a contrasting interpretation and also make you stand out among the rest!

Side swept puff long braid fish tail hairstyle for saree


Puffy hair is the latest trend in teenagers. Side swept puff on the left side and decorate a manga tikka in the mid of heat with chains pinned back to the hair. Mid low puffs at center and tie the puffy hair back and pin them. Tightly soft braid fish tail with long hair slait to the end and tie it at the end. Decorate fish tail with choti. Fishtail braid makes your hair look heavy in volume. Braid your hair tightly and decorate them in choti to give a beautiful look. Wear long and short necklace and earrings which give a tradition bridal look and adds more beauty to you.

Side swept shoulder length open hairstyle

Ileana D'Cruz Wallpaper 9

This hairstyle looks fashion and can be tried western and traditional outfits. The medium length hair gives a beautiful look to you. Side swept your hair with a slight puff on front. Leave the hair as fringe and lightest puff in the middle of the hair. Brush your hair back and leave side swept hair on shoulders. This hairstyle is simple and is easy to wear. Try this hairstyle and it makes you look more special. Low curl with this hairstyle gives an attracting look. Try this hairstyle on any western outfit is good. If you decorate this hairstyle with hair accessories on a traditional saree or lehenga choli is more beautiful.

Side swept medium length puff hairstyle on saree


The simple curled hairstyle with medium length hair to try on saree. Try this hairstyle with side swept puffy bangs. Simply side swept the hair softly and smoothly. Leave your side swept hair on your shoulders.  The hairstyle best suits to round face shape. The side swept hair with medium length on the shoulder on a traditional outfit gives a gorgeous look. You can also try this hairstyle on saree. If you want, you can try them the same hairstyle with high bun by rolling the loose hair in a slightly low bun with a flower decorated with it.