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Home remedies for black knees| How to get rid of dark elbows

Dark skin on the knees and elbows is very common.  The thick dead skin due to pressure on the knees and elbows turns dark over a period of time. All those women who want to dress up in westerns cannot do so, because of this persistent issue. It is essential to take some extra care to these sensitive areas. The skin on the knees and elbows is thin and so damage is caused easily. Follow these few remedies to lighten the darker area.

Home remedies for dark knees and elbows

Almonds for dark knees

Almonds are good for your skin as they are rich in skin nourishing properties. This helps to get even and healthy, glowing skin. Take some almond oil and gently massage it for about 5 minutes. Repeat it daily before going to bed. This results in better improvement for a few days. Another way, prepare a mixture of 1 – 2 tablespoons of coarsely powdered almonds with a little amount of yogurt. Mix them well to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the darkened elbows and knees. Allow them to dry and wet your fingers. Rub it in circular motion. Rinse it off with cold water. Repeat it once or twice daily for a few weeks.

Turmeric, milk and honey treatment for dark elbows

This pack helps to clear the dark knees and elbows. Milk in it acts as a natural bleaching agent. Turmeric has antiseptic properties. Honey acts as a moisturizer. Mix them well together to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the dark areas and leave it on the skin for at least twenty minutes. After this time, wet your hands and rub the paste in a circular motion for at least two minutes. Rinse it off well and notice the huge difference in the color and health of your knees and elbows.

Mint leaves to get rid of dark elbows and knees

Mint contains several volatile oils that can promote collagen in the body. This helps to maintain an even skin tone that makes your skin healthy and glow. Take a handful of fresh mint leaves and boil ½ cup of water for about 2 – 3 minutes. Add the juice of ½ lemon to it, strain and allow the solution to cool down. Soak a cotton ball in that solution and rub it on your elbows and knees. Leave it for about 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water. Repeat it 1 – 2 times daily until you get better results.

How to lighten dark skin with baking soda

Baking soda has a natural bleaching property.

  • Add milk to the baking soda to make a paste. Apply to the knees and elbows. Leave it for a few minutes and wash off. Follow this procedure every alternate day. Check if that has an effect or not.

Gram flour and lemon for dark elbows

Gram flour acts as a cleanser and lemon as bleach.

  • Mix lime juice with gram flour, make it a paste. Apply to the dark areas in circular motion. Wash after it gets dried.

Turmeric to treat dark knees

Turmeric is a natural anti-septic spice. Milk combined with honey makes skin softer, honey acts as a moisturizer and turmeric removes dead skin.

  • Add honey, milk to turmeric and make a fine paste. Apply it to the affected areas. Keep it for 25 minutes, check if it dries. With your palms, rub it, you can see dirt flakes falling off while rubbing. Wash with lukewarm water.

Lemon and honey to get rid of black knees and elbows

The acidic property of lemon removes the dead skin, honey makes the skin softer, and it moisturizes the skin.

  • Squeeze the lemons, add honey. Apply it to the affected area and leave it for about 25 minutes. Wash it off with water. There is no harm in doing this every day before bath.

Sugar and olive oil for dead skin cells

Sugar and olive oil are a natural homemade scrub. Olives moisturize the skin, whereas sugar works as a scrub to remove dirt and dead cells.

  • Add olive oil and sugar and make a thick paste. Take equal portions while making a mixture. Apply it on the affected area rub it. Wash it off using a mild soap and water.

Olive oil to remove dark elbows and knees

Olive oil is not to cure ashy knees, but can soften the skin on the knees. You can use warm coconut oil instead of olive oil for massaging the dark knees. Coconut oil is effective home remedy and massage daily your knees. The natural moisturizing agent present in olives makes the skin softer. Just massage the dark area with olive oil till you feel the oil is absorbed and dry. You can do this every day.

Vinegar and yogurt to lighten dark skin

This combination lightens the darkness. Make a mixture of vinegar and yogurt. Apply it to the affected areas. Leave it till dry. Rub it with the palms in a circular motion for a while and wash off.

Pumice stone to whiten dark elbows

Rub the dark areas on the elbows and knees with pumice stone to remove dirt and dead skin. You can do this every day while bathing.

Fruit bleach for glowing skin

Lemon, tomato and grapes work as wonderful bleach.

  • Take lime juice and apply to the darker part of the elbows and knees.
  • You can use any of the above fruits alternatively.

Aloe vera to get fairer skin

Aloe vera is very good for skin and hair treatments. By using this gel, the skin becomes softer and darkening can be prevented.

  • Peel the leaves of aloe vera plant. Take the gel from the leaves and apply it to the dark knees and elbows. Just leave it for 40 minutes and wash off with cold water. Apply olive oil to the area and leave it.

Cocoa butter for soft skin

Butter makes the skin softer.

  • Apply cocoa butter to the dark skin and leave it overnight.

Fullers earth for lighter skin

Fullers Earth removed dead skin and also lightens the skin.

  • Add milk to the fullers earth and make a paste. Apply it to the affected area. Wait till it gets dry, rub it and later wash with water.

So, these are the remedies that really impact and give some positive results. However, do it regularly for a quick result. I have a very dry skin and it is common to have such kind of issues. I have treated this issue with gram flour and pumice stone tips, it worked well for me. It is not only about using the remedy, but also, maintain the same by applying good moisturizers and using sun block creams, if you wear short length dresses. All you need to do is to take some out and treat yourself.